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This Kid's Over-The-Top Senior Pictures Are So Money

It's pretty common for high school seniors to write witty quotes and take goofy senior pictures these days, but every once in a while a senior comes up with a senior pic shoot that becomes the stuff of legend.

This year's legend in the making- Kris Costello, an 18-year-old senior at Combs High School in San Tan Valley, Arizona.

Kris aspires to be a comedian so he decided to show off his comedy chops by staging an epic senior picture shoot that started with Kris arriving at graduation like a true baller- in his own private jet.

The mayhem continued as Kris was covered in confetti by his adoring public at the graduation ceremony (champagne bottle sealed 'cause he's on school grounds)

And finally ended when Kris realized he'd had enough fun in one day to last him through his first year of college.

See more from People Are Loving This Teen's Over The Top Senior Pics here

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Drone Smashes Through 5th Floor Window And Smacks Guy In The Head

We don't have hundreds of drones cluttering up our skies (yet), and thanks to careless amateur pilots who keep crashing into stuff the skies above our cities remain drone free a while longer.

(NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

Professional race car driver David Perel had a pretty good sense of humor considering a drone crashed through his fifth floor office window and smacked in the head hard enough to make him curse.

At least he came up on a free GoPro camera!

-Via Laughing Squid

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When Iron Man Armor Becomes A Bit Too Specialized

When Tony Stark realized he could create specialized suits of armor that would help him take down the biggest and baddest opponents in the Marvel Universe he went to town.

He made Hulkbuster suits, Hydro Armor for superheroing under the sea, stealth armor, heavy duty armor and even a suit made to help him battle alien forces in deep space.

But as you can see in this comic strip by Luke McKay Mr. Stark soon discovered there's such a thing as too specialized, and his later suits started to look a bit silly. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Phil Collins Recreates Original Album Covers With His 2016 Face

Phil Collins has been making music for over forty years and yet he still manages to garner new fans every time he releases a new album, even if that new fan connection is sometimes facilitated by cartoons.

But Phil's look has also been updated ever so slightly by the passage of time, so he decided to recreate all of his original album covers with images of his now face for the 2016 reissues.

It's refreshing to see a famous face who's not afraid to embrace their actual age, and Phil looks mighty good considering he's been rocking and rolling for most of his life!

-Via Bored Panda

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The FSA Black Hole Photographs: Censorship As Accidental Art

Censorship is scary, and too much censorship results in very normal human things becoming alien and terrifying to eyes which have been shielded from the truth for too long.

But in the case of the collection known as the FSA Black Hole Photos censorship becomes a kind of accidental art, either that or these important images from the Great Depression era are totally ruined.

Roy Stryker, the director of the Farm Security Administration's historical section, was hired to assemble a photography dream team to document the lives of laborers during the Great Depression.

The photos, taken by Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks and many others, would be used to combat rural poverty by getting Congress to approve New Deal relief legislation, and Roy had control over all submitted photos.

So Roy used a hole punch on original negatives from these famous photographers to effectively censor them forever, choosing which images made the cut and which didn't with the click of the punch.

But what Roy was censoring remains unclear, as many of his decisions seem to be arbitrary at best as he punches out the sun, parts of people's faces, and things people are holding for no apparent reason.

Read more about Black Holes: Censorship's Handiwork Creates Eerie Photographs here

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Hotel Worker Horror Stories That Will Turn Your Stomach

(Image Link)

Working in the hospitality industry can be grueling, demeaning, and downright disgusting, but at least those who are exposed to humanity's gross side have some amazing stories to tell!

When I was a housekeeping supervisor, I got a call that sent me to the fourth floor, where I found a trail of poop leading from the elevators to the end of the hall. While a team of people were cleaning up the trail, an elderly woman walked out of the room where the poo trail ended, like everything was totally normal. The next day, the housekeeper called me crying because that lady’s bathtub was also filled to the brim with poop.


And no hospitality industry professionals have as many gross stories to tell as hotel workers, aka those who know all the gross things people do when you tell them to make themselves at home.

I was a housekeeper, and one day I went into a room after a guest checked out. It smelled a *little* funky, but I couldn’t find the source of the stench. I went to strip the bed, pulled the sheets back, and the bed was filled with coleslaw. COLESLAW! I had no idea why, and I do NOT want to know why!


(Image Link)

Hotel housekeepers have to clean up after their fellow human beings on a daily basis, which can cause them to start thinking of hotel guests as savage animals:

One time, while an older man was checking out, he handed my manager an extra $50 for the “inconvenience” — but didn’t go into detail. When housekeeping went to his room, there was blood everywhere: on the floors, the bathroom mirror, even the shower! We never figured out where it all came from. It legitimately looked like he murdered someone in there. We had to call the police and have a special hazmat cleaner come in.


The gross stories shared by members of the BuzzFeed Community who have worked in the hospitality industry will totally change the way you think of the phrase "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

I was working room service and got a call 15 minutes before closing. My co-worker disappeared an hour before, so I had to take the food. I went to deliver it, and a man answered in a towel — which was kind of shocking, but nothing new. I set the tray down, and the bathroom door opened. Guess who it was? My co-worker, BUTT-ASS NAKED. I set the tray down and slowly backed out. No words.


Read 15 Horror Stories About Working IN Hotels That'll Make You Gag here (contains NSFW material)

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Ten Weird Facts The People v O.J. Simpson Left Out

The FX series The People v O.J. Simpson filled in quite a few blanks relating to the cast of characters involved in the trial, but it also left us with a bunch of unanswered question.

What's the deal with Johnnie Cochran's secret second marriage, which was only hinted at on the show?

Turns out Johnnie led two lives with two wives in the 1970s- he lived primarily with his wife Barbara and carried on a secret relationship with his secretary Patty.

He married and had children with both women, and by 1995 he was trying to put his womanizing past behind him when his ex Barbara released her tell all book Life After Johnnie Cochran.

Being a womanizer definitely isn't cool, but that Judge Ito sure seemed like a cool cat on the show. What was his deal?

Judge Lance Ito is such a cool guy he picks up cops at crime scenes (he met his wife Margaret York at a homicide crime scene at 4 a.m.) and drives around with a vanity plate that says "7 BOZOS" (a stab at the California Supreme Court).

Read 10 Bizarre Facts 'The People v OJ Simpson' Left Out here

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Why Did The Chinese Government Launch Crude Oil Into Space?

China is now a fossil fuel guzzling machine we helped create, a golem powered by petroleum who is busy searching for fossil fuels to keep their engines running while we're trying to set the petrol aside.

And now China's National Space Science Centre and the European Space Agency have joined on a quest to see what happens to crude oil on a molecular level when it's exposed to the extreme conditions of outer space.

The Sorriet Coefficient in Crude Oil study involves launching titanium cylinders full of crude oil under 500 times standard atmospheric pressure into orbit to see how it reacts to intense pressure and uneven temperatures.

This study is meant to help scientists understand how crude oil behaves underneath the Earth's crust, so they can figure out more efficient ways to harvest the massive quantity of heavy crude underground.

-Via Gizmodo

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Teens Are Going Ape Over The Banana Peel Challenge

Teens have always participated in the latest trends in order to fit in with their peers, and whether it's the latest style of clothing, music or food product, teens will always follow the trends no matter how stupid.

The latest stupid trend sweeping through the teenage world is the banana peel challenge, where kids make like cartoons and literally slip on a banana peel.

The only difference is- teens aren't made of paint and ink, so they don't bounce back from a spill like a Looney Tunes character, and any trend that results in injuries becomes the subject of parental opposition.

As these videos show the #bananapeelchallenge usually isn't all that dangerous, but some teens won't stop until they've broken something for the sake of staying trendy.

-Via Daily Dot

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Alberta Mom Demonstrates Why Religion And Rapping Don't Mix

Religious extremists make great ranters, ravers, rabble rousers and rotten human beings, but they don't make very good rappers because they have a very limited vocabulary.

At the same time their hate filled lyrics make the most hardcore gangsta rappers cringe and cry uncle, their "holy" message making them more thuggish ruggish than the rest.

(YouTube Link)

A mom and born hater named MH Weibe grabbed a mic and talked trash about the transgender student bathrooms being installed in Alberta schools and ended up becoming the poster child for intolerance.

Now this is why real hip hop heads don't tolerate sucka emcees, and a perfect example of why religion and rapping just don't mix.

-Via Boing Boing

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Why Do Our Bodies Sometimes Jerk Awake Right As We're Falling Asleep?

Have you ever found yourself drifting off to sleep only to be rudely awakened by your body jerking violently?

You may have felt like you were falling or having a particularly aggressive dream, but it was just your brain causing your body to react to the fact that it moved through the first stage of sleep too quickly.

The hypnic jerk is thought to be caused by a battle between the brain systems concerned with sleep and those that try to help you stay awake:

During this transitional state, the sleeping mechanism usually wins, but the wakeful one sometimes puts up a fight. “One of the things that happens as you fall asleep is your muscles relax, but the awake part may still be stimulating enough that it will temporarily overreact and you get this jerk of muscle activity,” he says. And for reasons that are unclear, it’s sometimes accompanied by an image.

Read more about the hypnic jerk here

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People Share Stories About Meeting Their Partner's Parents For The First Time

(Image Link)

Relationships are full of hard parts, and if your mind just went to something dirty then yes they're full of those hard parts too.

His mom asked us if we were "dipping winkies" (please bear in mind I'm a female) and said if he ever needed condoms for us to tell her we're "hungry for Hardee's" and she'd know what we meant and wouldn't have to explain further, and that she would either give us money for or go out and buy us condoms. I was fourteen at the time. Found out years later that she became pregnant and had an abortion at thirteen, she didn't want us to have to make that decision, so she really was just trying to be helpful. But it was a little much the very first time meeting her.

(Comment Link)

But the hard parts of relationships are mostly those stress inducing moments that start on the first date, continue straight through to that awkward first kiss and keep coming when you're married and having children.

But well before you walk down the aisle you have to deal with one major hard part that's chock full of awkwardness- meeting your partner's parents for the first time.

My girlfriend had me over for dinner at her parent house for the first time. Steak dinner with all of the fixins'. I take my first bite, swallow, immediately start choking. I'm so scared that I'm going to make a bad impression, so I took a drink of water to try to wash it down. Didn't work, so after about fifteen seconds without a single breath my face turns red, so I start freaking out an point at my throat. So my girlfriends mom does the Heimlich maneuver and I throw up all over the floor. Her two miniature schnauzers start licking up the aftermath, girlfriend's dad puts his napkin down and leaves the room.

(Comment Link)

Redditors aren't afraid to share intimate details of their lives, so when AskReddit threads come up concerning this topic you know the tales told will be equal parts bawdy, bloodcurdling and utterly batty:

Brought my first college boyfriend home for Thanksgiving - we were greeted by my parents in full Star Trek uniforms, dad was wearing spock ears, both giving the "live long and prosper" salute. They ordered pizza and the delivery guy asks my dad why he didn't just have the pizza beamed over.

(Comment Link)

Read 25 Times People Met Their Significant Others' Parents And Lived To Tell The Horrifying Tale here (NSFW due to language)

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How To Tell The Difference Between Sweet And Creepy

When you're a warm-hearted person you grow up trying to be as nice to your fellow human beings as possible, but somewhere around puberty the rules change and sweet suddenly becomes creepy.

These changes to the niceness rulebook don't always involve things of a hormonal nature, but when hormones are involved it's pretty darn obvious...and totally creepy.

People who find it hard to tell sweet sentiments and actions apart from shiver inducing creepiness should take a note from illustrator Shea Strauss and learn to keep their creepy comments in their minds where they belong!

See The Difference Between Sweet And Creepy here

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Spread Warm Feelings Wherever You Go With These Funny Love Themed T-Shirts

King Of The Bacon by Dooomcat

Love is a very unique feeling, and it can make even the most stoic and cold-hearted person turn into a gibbering maniac when they're under the effect of that powerful emotional drug.

Deadpool Loves You by Lina Baby

Spring is in the air, and that means animals of all kind are once again discovering what it means to love, some seemingly for the first time

Masters Of The Meowniverse by Hillary White

A few find the desire to find love frivolous, while most find love is pretty much all they need to be happy

All You Need Is Love by Vincent Trinidad

Continue reading

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A Photo Manipulation History Timeline

People started manipulating images just a few decades after Niépce gave the world photography, and soon these altered images would change the face of history.

Images, like the one above featuring Abraham Lincoln's head superimposed on the body of Southern politician John Calhoun, stretched the limits of photography and became iconic images despite being a composite.

Image manipulation was a good way for people to control the messages their photos were sending to the world, as Mussolini proved when he had the horse handler removed from a 1942 photo so he would look more heroic.

And speaking of using image manipulation to shape a person's image, this infamous TV Guide cover featuring Oprah's head stuck on Ann-Margret's body caused quite a stir because it was such an obvious fake.

(Image Link)

Both Oprah's and Ann-Margret's people claim this cover was created without their permission, but are we really supposed to believe "the richest woman on TV" let this one slip by under her nose?

See Photo Manipulation Through History: A Timeline here

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Ten Bizarre Solutions To Serious Problems

(Image Link)

Problems need solutions or they become disasters, so when problems arise the solution minded leap into action and make the tough calls necessary to nip those problems in the bud.

Worried about a skyrocketing suicide rate in your country? Problem solvers in South Korea handle it by throwing funerals for the living, letting them lie in the coffin and attend their own funeral to better appreciate life.

Female workers too stressed out in the office? Japanese problem solvers came up with a suitably Japanese solution- hire hunks to wipe away their tears and make them feel better after work.

(Image Link)

Both of those strange solutions seem to actually work, but thinking outside the box doesn't always lead to an innovative solution, as performance artist Mark McGowan learned the hard way.

He heard Prince Philip beat a fox to death during a hunt and decided to protest this royal act of animal cruelty by eating meatballs made from a Corgi that died of natural causes, Corgis being the Queen's favorite breed.

(Image Link)

The stunt was largely ignored by the public, and Prince Philip was declared innocent of animal abuse, so it seems all Mark's stunt had succeeded in proving is Corgis are not a very tasty breed.

Read about 10 Bizarre Solutions To Serious Problems here

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How Los Angeles Became Known As A City Of Palm Trees

(Los Angeles c.1908, via Library Of Congress)

The palm tree has become a symbol of California and, more specifically, Los Angeles, but at the beginning of the 20th century pepper trees far outnumbered palms in L.A.

So how did this exotic tree become the symbol of LaLa Land?

It turns out L.A.'s association with palm trees wasn't an accident, it was an advertising gimmick crafted by Hollywood to make Los Angeles seem like a more exotic and fantastic place.

Combine the use of palm trees in advertising with all the old movies set in the Middle East and you've got the makings of Hollywoodland mystique.


As noted by Nora Mueller:

"the rise of Hollywood ushered in the city's aura of glamour and luxury. Many Hollywood films featured Middle Eastern locales, further imbuing Los Angeles with an exotic, 'dangerous' appeal. Just as the Victorians had allowed themselves to be seduced by their own constructions of Orientalism, so too did more modern Los Angeles residents fall under the embellished foreign allure of the palm tree."

Read The History Of How Los Angeles Became A City Of Palm Trees here

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Mesmerizing GIFs That Show How Things Are Made

 photo 87f5615c64e213ae3e9f0f25f1e7baca_zpsiec7sjag.gif

(Image Link)

Curious minds love to see how things are made, and watching machines crank out massive quantities of hockey pucks, beer, threaded bolts and crayons can be a lot of fun for both our eyeballs and our brains.

 photo 659f213000ab635514d26cdc994aadfc_zpswnx2nt66.gif

(Image Link)

These production processes can take hours to complete, but thanks to cutting edge Graphic Interchange Format technology you can take a peek at the key parts of the process in a flash.

 photo e04693a4218804d2c2adf2184ad35290_zpswfbnmfj6.gif

(Image Link)

These production GIFs are also perfect for winning arguments via email, improving your knowledge of modern production techniques and crushing haters during a heated chat online.

 photo 5c7a158e06e1b58e3d28ebc971cbe888_zpslp3tnmtz.gif

(Image Link)

See 12 GIFs That Will Make You Say 'So That's How They Make That' here

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English Diver Asks For Help With Twitter Cover Photo, Trolls Naturally Oblige

We must assume that anyone who asks the internet for "help” with their photo is looking to be roasted by Photoshop trolls, but is that actually what English diver Tom Daley had in mind when he posted this pic?

He claimed to be running a contest designated #COVERDALEY, but could he possibly have been so naive he thought posting such a request online wouldn't end in image manipulation mayhem?

(Image Link)

While #COVERDALEY drew lots of Photoshop pranksters to the party it also attracted the attention of some pretty important people, and suddenly Tom was taking a ride through the countryside with Putin.

(Image Link)

Tom couldn't have known the contest would make his wildest dreams come true, nor could he have foreseen about all the fun new places he would go thanks to #COVERDALEY.

(Image Link)

And even though he settled on a boring cover photo after all was said and done, Tom's contest got him in touch with the most important person of all- Tom Daley.

(Image Link)

English Diver Tom Daley Asked The Internet For Photoshop Help And It Went Predictably Wrong

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He Took His Skin Off For Me

When we find ourselves in a relationship with a partner we feel is our soulmate, aka “The One”, we will go to great lengths to keep that person happy.

But how far is too far when you're trying to please your partner?

(Vimeo Link)

He Took His Skin Off For Me is a surreal short film by Ben Aston which is based on the surreal short story by Maria Hummer. Ben's "pearl of wisdom" about this piece:

if you take off your skin just to be with somebody? That’s only ever going to end messy…

-Via Laughing Squid

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Skyrim Player Goes On Epic Quest To Adopt A Dog

Skyrim is chock full of quests for eager adventurers, and there are so many things to do in the game players usually don't catch them all on their first playthrough.

But animal lovers were disappointed to find Skyrim sorely lacking in quests to find canine companionship, because players can't directly adopt a stray dog in game.

The lack of dog adoption options made most gamers shrug their shoulders and Fus Ro Dah on, but dedicated dog lover Patrick Lenton wasn't going to let the game squash his dream of adopting a virtual dog.

Patrick took on the glitchy quest to figure out how to adopt a dog in Skyrim, a quest that drove him to the brink of madness.

Read One Man's Mission To Adopt A Dog Is The Best Skyrim Story Ever Told here

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Rich Kids Are Foiling Their Parents Fraud Schemes By Posting On Instagram

Rich kids don't have to worry about much in life, and this lack of care is exactly what makes them become careless.

Carelessness may lead to accidents or messes to clean up, but careless criminals end up doing hard time or worse, so it's best anyone involved in illegal activity stay on their toes.

But what's a wealthy criminal to do when their kids are the ones who end up incriminating them via social media?

Posting to social media sites is a great way for rich kids to ruin their parents' lives by inadvertantly exposing their fraud schemes with flashy photos, as seen on the Instagram account richkidsofinstagram.

Investigators are using photos posted by rich kids to social media sites like Instagram to uncover hidden assets, shady business dealings and all the other criminal ways their parents are raking in the dough then lying about it.

Nowadays leading cybersecurity firms use posts and pics from social media in "75% of their litigation cases", because those little snobs are handing investigators all the evidence they need:

Another cybersecurity expert explained to The Guardian his firm recently was able to seize a "newly acquired private jet" by a fraudster because his son posted a picture of him and his father in front of the jet to Instagram. Similarly, K2 Intelligence in London solved a recovery asset case when a man who claimed to have no significant valuables let his children post pictures on their $25 million yacht in the Bahamas.

Read Rich Kids On Instagram Are Revealing Their Parents' Shadiness To Investigators here

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Comical Strategies For Leaving A Party Early

Going to a party is easy, and crashing a party is surprisingly easy too as long as you don't draw attention to yourself, but leaving a party can be a bit tricky.

But party escape is always possible, and if you need to update your book of strategies then study this comic strip by Christiann MacAuley of Sticky Comics and learn the ways of the leaving.

-Via Laughing Squid

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A Massive Collection Of Magazine Photoshop Fails

All photo editors use Photoshop these days, because aside from making basic touch ups a breeze it also makes it easy to radically alter a photo, perhaps a bit too easy for all those sloppy editors out there.

Whether they're changing a model's skin color, chiseling away at body contours or simply erasing someone or some thing from a photo entirely, it's easy for editors to make obvious mistakes when they're in a rush.

Even His Holiness the Pope can't prevent a Photoshop disaster from befalling one of his photos, unless this mysterious third leg is actually one of the Vatican guards going full ninja mode...

See the 52 Worst Photoshop Mistakes In Magazines here

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Don't Fall Asleep At The Wheel - PASSENGER

When you're the passenger you ride and you ride, you travel through the city at night, and if you're lucky everything will look good tonight.

But if you find yourself driving through the industrial part of town and you start to feel like you might fall asleep at the wheel take a note from the short film Passenger and get a hotel room!

(YouTube Link)

Passenger is a short film by Jazz Walker that warns against falling asleep at the wheel, even if you're parked on the side of the road.

-Via GeekTyrant

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British Stereotypes Versus Britain In Reality

Every culture on Earth has been stereotyped by now, often reducing a rich and diverse culture to a few funny quirks and a signature assortment of foods.

This is especially true of the stereotypes about British people, which claim Brits go all out for teatime, attend posh garden parties, and behave in a dignified manner while out in public.

However, here's what the typical teatime actually looks like for many Brits:

(Image Link)

And those posh garden parties? The Royals might party on the lawn like this:

But everybody else is used to seeing something like this after a neighborhood garden party:

(Image Link)

And lastly there's the stereotype about all Brits acting very classy and dignified while out in public, which makes them seem like a bunch of Beckhams:

But the truth is, it's far more common to see young Brits in love acting like this after a night out on the town:

(Image Link)

See British Stereotypes Vs. Britain In Reality here

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The Twelfth Doctor Draws The Twelfth Doctor

When Peter Capaldi was a young Doctor Who fan drawing cartoons of Tom Baker at the TARDIS controls there's no way he could have known he'd someday get to play the role dearest to his heart.

But now that his geeky dreams have finally come true his drawings of the Doctor have become drawings of himself all decked out in the Twelfth Doctor's garb.

Capaldi created this far out illustration as a thank you for illustrator Rachael Stott's hard work on the Titan Comics' Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Adventures series, which naturally sent her over the moon with good feels.

To further illustrate his cartooning prowess, and the fantastic effect Doctor Who has had on his life, here's a video of Peter Capaldi talking about his favorite Doctors while he sketches their portraits.

(YouTube Link)

-Via io9

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In Japan Working At McDonald's Is Like An Anime Adventure

The Japanese make American things look so much better when they apply their unique and weirdly wonderful view of the world to a product from the United States.

They make Kit-Kats seem like magic candy, turn Pepsi into a multi-flavored elixir of the gods, and make working at McDonald's seem like a grand adventure. (Subtitles by AnimeBird)

(YouTube Link)

McDonald's Japan is using this anime style ad as part of a new part-time worker recruitment initiative, enticing young employees to hire on by showing them that working at McDonald's is a blast.

-Via Geek Universe

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When Peter Dinklage Hosts SNL Some Seriously Funny Stuff Happens

Apparently all Lorne Michaels needs to do to resurrect the formerly funny SNL is bring Peter Dinklage in as host, because he nearly raised the show back to its former glory with his first appearance.

There was the obligatory Game of Thrones parody in the form of a “sneak peek” of the upcoming season.

(YouTube Link)

Then Peter stripped down to his birthday suit to do a sketch spoofing the Discovery channel show Naked and Afraid.

(YouTube Link)

And finally Peter got to show off his awesome singing voice and get weird with a wig on in the sketch called Mafia Meeting, a sketch in which Peter sings a super catchy song about Space Pants.

(YouTube Link)

Will SNL ever be as badass as it was when Dinklage sat in the driver's seat? It sure will, just as soon as they get Peter to host again!

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Street Artist Installs Secret Rooms Under Abandoned Manholes In Milan

People always assume manholes lead to a massive underground sewer system like the one we saw in Ghostbusters 2, but in truth they can lead to all sorts of interesting places, especially in Milan.

That's where Italian artist Biancoshock has been busy converting the spaces below manholes and the other metal shutter doors you sometimes see in the middle of the sidewalks, into little secret rooms.

Biancoshock's street art series "Borderlife" is truly underground, and aside from the slight danger to public safety posed by these open manhole covers they're sure to make Milan feel like an even more magical place.

Each little secret space has the comforts of home, and if Milan's gnome population suddenly finds themselves homeless they can move right in to Biancoshock's small artsy spaces!

-Via Colossal

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