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The Most Heartwarming Cast Reunion Photos

(School Of Rock cast- 2003 and 2013)

Cast reunion photos can look like a bit of a train wreck when the actors who reunite haven't aged well, making fans feel bad for their favorite stars instead of rekindling their passion for the project.

But when the cast is looking good a decade or three later the reunion photos make us want to cheer for those stars all over again.

(The Goonies cast 1985-2015)

It was great to see that most of the cast of The Goonies hadn't gone off the deep end since the film's release thirty years earlier, and seeing the School Of Rock kids all grown up was truly heartwarming.

But to me the most heartwarming cast reunion photo of them all was the Hook 25th Anniversary Reunion, because of Rufio Rufio Rufio Rufiooooooooo!

See The 12 Most Heart-Warming Cast Reunion Photos here

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Over 150 People Try To Draw Famous Company Logos From Memory

The corporate logos created for companies like Starbucks, Footlocker and Target were created to be simple yet memorable, a logo that is easily identified by both shape and color from afar.

But how well do people actually remember those famous logos they see every day?

Signs.com challenged 156 people to draw these famous logos from memory, and even though the Target logo is just a target and the Apple logo is just an apple people struggled to perfectly recall their logos.

They called their little experiment Branded In Memory, and it proved that some people simply cannot accurately recall what a logo looks like no matter how simple the design or how many times they've seen it.

See Over 150 People Try To Draw Famous Company Logos From Memory here

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Deep Inside Us

Whoever came up with the idea that people are multilayered like onions was definitely on to something, but instead of an onion I'd say the average person is more like a Tootsie pop, with two layers at most.

Then I'd say about ten to twenty percent of the populace is like a candy apple covered in sprinkles with about four layers of depth, some of which may be crunchy, chunky or sickly sweet.

And then there's the three to five percent of the population which this Pie Comic describes to a "T", and they are the strangest bunch of people you'll ever meet- especially when they're having a hipster tree day!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Performers Who Died In Front Of An Audience

Whoever says "well, at least they died doing what they loved!" when a performer dies on stage clearly doesn't get why that would suck- because all of your accomplishments in life are overshadowed by the way you died.

'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott was one hell of a guitar player and a heavy metal god thanks to his role in creating Pantera, and in 2004 he was set to become an even bigger star with the debut of his post-Pantera band Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio.

But Darrell's career came to an abrupt and tragic end when ex-Marine Nathan Gale walked up to the stage and shot 'Dimebag' dead, all because Nathan was upset about Pantera breaking up.

Now people know 'Dimebag' Darrell's name because of this tragic event rather than because of his incredible guitar playing, which is a real shame because 'Dimebag' truly deserved his guitar god title.

See more Performers Who Died In Front Of Their Audiences here

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Things You Might Not Know About Denny's

Denny's is one of the only restaurants open 24 hours a day even on Christmas, it's the place where teenagers go to drink coffee and eat french fries for hours, and in keeping with the American diner tradition Denny's is always affordable.

What started out as a donut shop called Danny's Donuts that opened in Lakewood, California back in 1953 has grown to become Denny's- one of the largest and most successful restaurant chains in American history:

The 24-hour doughnut shop grew quickly, expanding to a larger menu and roughly 20 locations by 1959, and changing its name to Danny’s Coffee Shops along the way. But the founders worried that the mini-chain was at risk of getting confused with nearby Coffee Dan’s, so they switched one letter to create the Denny’s we know today.

Up close and personal with superstar Grand Slam. #dennys #grandslam #food #delicious

A post shared by dennysdiner (@dennysdiner) on Aug 15, 2014 at 1:26pm PDT

The Grand Slam Breakfast debuted in Atlanta in 1977 with a name inspired by legendary baseball player Hank Aaron, and the Grand Slam has been about the same price my entire life- which is probably why it's Denny's most popular dish.

When Denny's says they're "always open" they mean it, and their 24-365 status almost became an issue when most of the restaurants decided to close for Christmas back in 1988:

When almost all the Denny’s locations closed for Christmas Day in 1988, many stores realized that they didn’t have any keys, or even locks, since they never used them. All told, 700 of the 1221 restaurants needed to get new locks installed for the holiday.

Read 10 Things You Might Not Know About Denny's at Mental Floss

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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How To Bark Down A Dog To Get It To Stop Chasing You

Being chased by a roaming dog looking for trouble can be humiliating, terrifying and frustrating since those curs don't know when to mind their manners, and people often make matters worse by running away.

Brendan Leonard from the Adventure Journal says running is a bad idea because dogs instinctively chase anyone who runs from them, so it's better to stop, turn around then flip the f$%k out on the dog.

According to Brendan staying calm and barking back at a dog trying to chase you down may confuse the dog and diffuse the situation:

What the dog has not seen is a human being going FREAKING CRAZY on it. Which is what you're going to do. For one second. When the dog realizes you have completely lost your shit, it will be shocked. You are unstable, possibly dangerous. And, ideally, the dog will stop chasing you.

I've seen the power of standing still diffuse a situation with an aggressive dog that was chasing my friend and I, but I certainly wasn't thinking about barking at the vicious Rottweiler as it sniffed my butt and tried to figure out why I didn't run away. Longest three minutes of my life...

-Via Lifehacker

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Celebrities Are Sharing Awkward Pics From Their Childhood To Raise Money For Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico still needs aid to repair the damage done by Hurricane Maria and restore some normalcy to the lives of the people devastated by the storm, so many celebrities are helping to raise money for the people of Puerto Rico.

But I guarantee no charity fundraiser will be as entertaining or endearing as the #PuberMe hashtag challenge started by Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll:

So, how does #PuberMe work? It’s simple—a fact that's allowed it to easily go viral. For each celebrity who shares (on social media) a picture with that hashtag as well as #PuertoRicoRelief, Colbert will donate $1,000 from his AmeriCone Dream Ice Cream Fund and Kroll will match it, too. All money raised will go to One America Appeal, a charity started by all five living former U.S. presidents that helps with hurricane relief.

Hey @nickkroll and @StephenAtHome, this photo was taken the day I replaced
David Letterman. #PuberMe #PuertoRicoRelief pic.twitter.com/J1013j4rbr

— Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) September 29, 2017

So far a bunch of funny folks have shown the world what they looked like at their most awkward, and I'm sure the submissions will continue to dazzle us with their dorkiness.

But the award for "most changed since childhood" definitely goes to Ryan Seacrest, who is unrecognizable in this photo from his "awkward phase":

See Celebrities Are Sharing Awkward Photos From Puberty For A Good Cause here

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A Whimsical Song About What Might Happen To Bill Wurtz If He Leaves His House

Going outside can be a real bum trip, as the bugs start to bite and the neighbors start to stare before you suddenly realize you're standing outside in your underwear, so cool kids like singer/songwriter Bill Wurtz stay indoors.

We all have our own reasons for wanting to stay inside, but Bill Wurtz's reasons are some of the "Wurtz" I've ever heard! You see what I did there? Yeah, I know...here's a taste of what to expect when Bill goes "outside":

A spaceship came to take me away. Into the moonlight. And they touched me in an interesting way and now I’m pregnant with aliens….Oh it’s a brand new day.

(YouTube Link)

-Via BuzzAnything

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Artist Turns Brand Logos Into Badass Weapons

Corporations have used their power and wealth to harm customers for profit in the past, and while this harm isn't as direct as a knife to the gut or brass knuckles to the chin their ability to harm with impunity makes corporations the ultimate weapon.

New York-based artist Tom Galle took the idea of corporate weaponization literally when he created a set of sharply satirical weapons shaped like brand logos for his series "Corp Gear"- the ultimate arsenal for corporate thugs.

Now corporations like McDonald's, Facebook and Nike can take class warfare to the street in style, fighting their way to increased profits by killing the competition.

-Via deMilked

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Vampire Slaying

Dealing with a polite vampire really sucks because they make you feel bad about wanting to get straight to the point and stake them dead, forcing you to find a more polite way to knock them off.

Should you ever encounter a polite vampire in the wild it's best you know garlic merely repels vampires and won't finish them off, oh, and they like their steaks extra bloody. (Comic by Napalm Soda Comics)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Hilarious Explanations Of Cat Behaviors Spotted At Veterinarian's Office

Cats are strange and inscrutable creatures, and trying to figure out their behavior or what they're thinking is like trying to solve the problem of world peace- it may be possible but nobody has done it yet.

But it appears the vet who came up with these clever explanations for cat behavior is on to something, and their explanations seem way closer to the truth than the opinions of so-called cat "Experts".

Imgur user ItsJayOrDan was visiting his local vet one day when he noticed some comics by Adam Ellis pinned to the cork board, and under each pic was an explanation of common cat behaviors which prove this vet really knows their stuff.

Now that this brilliant vet has begun revealing the secrets of felinekind we may someday truly understand the furry little savages living in our homes, but until then we need to keep our kittehs happy and avoid their traps at all cost.

See more from This Vet Put Explanations Of 15 Common Cat Behaviors On His Cork Board here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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An Interesting Look At Korea's Counterfit Streetwear Subculture

People assume all counterfeit clothing comes from China, where creating bootleg couture is a proud tradition dating back decades, but the bootleg clothing biz is booming so manufacturers in other countries have joined in on the fun.

In Seoul streetwear rules the counterfit clothing scene, and clothing obsessed Korean consumers are always hungry for new designers to step up and get weird.


A post shared by Kathleen Hanhee Kye (@kkye) on Feb 12, 2017 at 7:38am PST

This short documentary by Highsnobiety discusses the rise of K-fashion, the Korean youth obsession with streetwear, and the ever-growing global market for counterfit clothing:

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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Chainsaw Artist Carves Incredible Looking Octopus Out Of Fallen Redwood Tree

Carving animals and tiki gods into tree trunks with a chainsaw is an impressive way to sculpt wood, but chainsaw artists who are able to carve trees into realistic and free flowing organic shapes are a cut above the rest.

American chainsaw artist Jeffrey Michael Samudosky got his hands on a fallen redwood snag he saw as the perfect medium for a giant sculpture, and after staring at the wood for a while he started to see tentacles.

After hours of carving and sanding the tentacles started to take shape, as Jeffrey freed the giant octopus hidden inside the chunk of redwood tree provided to him by Redwood Burl.

Now the fallen redwood has been given a new life as a massive work of art, and Jeffrey is now the proud owner of a giant octopus that won't try to gobble him up!

-Via My Modern Met

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Curious Cockatoo Tries To Make Sense Of The Wacky Sounds His Human Is Making

While it has been proven that birds like parrots and cockatoos understand the difference between human words and mere noises they still don't understand why humans feel the need to mess with their heads.

And yet Onni the cockatoo seems to genuinely enjoy having his human Chet mess with his mind by making all kinds of strange noises with his mouth, noises that totally blow little Onni's mind.

(YouTube Link)

The duo have a strange yet extremely endearing relationship, which mom Rebecca Stout captures on video, and I'm pretty sure Onni thinks Chet is a bird too- a large, hideously deformed bird with no feathers whose beak fell off, but a bird nevertheless.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Stranger Things Easter Eggs You May Have Missed + The One We All Missed, According To Directors

Stranger Things is the ultimate homage to 80s movies like Goonies, Firestarter and Poltergeist, and directors the Duffer Brothers aren't shy about including easy to spot nods to their favorite 80s movies in each episode.

But in case you didn't catch them all the first time around, or you're just looking for a fun way to get in the mood for season 2, check out this video by Looper showing the Easter eggs from Stranger Things season 1 you may have missed.

(YouTube Link)

And in case you missed it- last year the Duffer Brothers revealed the one movie-related Easter egg that everyone missed in this very revealing interview with Esquire:

There's a scene in the second episode of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things in which Eleven is in Mike's bedroom looking at an old photograph of Will. She leans forward and points to the photo, somehow identifying the missing child. This scene, one of the few non-sci-fi or horror homages in the '80s referencing Stranger Things, is also among the only Easter Eggs in the series the Internet has missed, according to its directors the Duffer brothers.

It's a reference to the 1985 Harrison Ford movie Witness, directed by Peter Weir. In the original scene, a young Amish boy is walking through a police station when he sees the photograph of the man whom he identifies as the perpetrator of a murder investigation.

-Via Esquire and Looper

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Spinner's Life

You may think you hate fidget spinners more than anyone else on the planet, but do you know who hates the spinner trend more than any human ever could?

The fidget spinners themselves, and even though they're riding high right now because they're the hot new toy they know they'll someday go the way of the yo-yo, only worse- because we still enjoy watching people do yo-yo tricks. Fidget spinner tricks? Not so much... (comic by Sephko)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Historical Reenactor Demonstrates How People Walked In Medieval Times

People don't give much thought to the way they walk these days, and unless you're a runway model or you're trying to master a silly walk most people just walk the way they walk and talk the way they talk.

But back in the Middle Ages people had a ball heavy way of walking that looks a bit odd by today's standards, like a catburglar creeping silently across the floor or a ballerina about to kick up into a pirouette.

If those descriptions don't paint enough of a picture for you then watch historical reenactor Roland Warzecha from Hamburg, Germany demonstrate how to "Walk Medieval!":

The way that you walk is a very natural one. You put the ball of the foot onto the ground first. …the reason for this is pretty simple because… you sense your way, you feel your way. So like when I walk through grass I do it the same when I’m barefoot, if there’s a wasp or a slug or whatever, you sense it before your whole body weight is on falling onto it, as opposed to walking heel first.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Before And After Photos Reveal How Far Cosplayers Have Come Over The Years

(Images via Kinpatsu Cosplay)

Cosplayers who get serious about their craft never stop improving and refining their costuming skills, and after a few years of making costumes they look back at their first cosplay creations and have a good laugh.

(Image via maimai_cosplay)

It's fun to see how far a cosplayer has come with their costuming and prop building skills over the years, and the difference is night and day when their old and new costumes are presented side-by-side.

Some show marked improvement after only a few years, while others spent over a decade honing their skills so they can take the Cons by storm in their amazing costume.

(Image via Bethiichan Cosplay)

And while not every cosplayer will improve their skills so dramatically those who do prove they've got what it takes to make screen worthy costumes that stand up to scrutiny.

(Image via Alyson Tabbitha)

See 10+ Cosplay Artists Reveal How They Improved Over The Years here

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The Classic Animated Short That Inspired The Game Cuphead

The most anticipated video game of 2016 and 2017 wasn't causing buzz because of its cutting edge 3D graphics or VR rig compatibility- because the buzz was all about the hand drawn animated graphics.

(YouTube Link)

Cuphead was made to look like a classic cartoon from the 1930s, containing a mind-boggling amount of animated sequences that were lovingly drawn frame-by-frame as an homage to cartoon icons like Max Fleischer and Ub Iwerks.

In fact, animation historian Steve Stanchfield traced Cuphead's inspiration back to one particular animated short from 1935- Van Beuren's The Picnic Panic.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Cartoon Research

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How To Turn A Used Tire Into Upcycled Furniture

Have you ever sold your car and forgotten to include the full-sized spare tire you had sitting in your garage?

Or maybe you've acquired a rimmed tire in some other totally legit way but don't know what the hell to do with it, happens to me all the time!

Which is why I found this used DIY Tire Ottoman tutorial so appealing, because those tires in my garage ain't worth a damn and they ain't going anywhere, so I might as well turn them into something useful!

With a wooden plate, some screws and a bunch of rope that dirty old tire was turned into this super swanky looking ottoman, a piece which really ties a room together.

Taking the search a little further led me to this DIY Tire Table tutorial which turned the same rope covered tire into a little table, expanding the uses for an old tire and adding even more swankitude to our pads.

-Via Boredom Therapy and Hometalk

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All The Animated Trailers From Overwatch

Overwatch is a fun game and all, but I find myself going back to each character's animated trailer more often than I actually play the game- because they're so much fun to watch that Blizzard should make an animated Overwatch movie.

In each trailer we get an idea of what each character is capable of, their motivations in life, and how they fit in to the overall story of Overwatch which many players simply skip over so they can get to the action.

If you enjoy animated shorts, and don't particularly care to play a multiplayer shooter with a bunch of people you don't know, then you're not missing a thing by skipping the game and watching all the trailers instead. Thanks GameCin!

(YouTube Link)

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Architectural Designs For An Amazing Looking House Made Out Of Shipping Containers

Believe it or not people are starting to live in shipping containers by choice, and as the Stacks from Ready Player One become a reality the humble shipping container proves it can do more than just carry goods.

Most shipping container homes are located in urban areas, but when architect James Whitaker was hired to design an unique shipping container house in the California desert his designs proved they look cool no matter where they're built.

London-based architect James Whitaker was hired by an unnamed Hollywood film producer to design a 200-square meter home that would fit in with the beautiful desert terrain near Joshua Tree National Park.

He succeeded in creating some incredibly realistic renders of a desert flower of a home he's calling The Joshua Tree Residence:

The 200-square metre house, which includes a kitchen, a living room, and three en-suite bedrooms, is made from several conjoined shipping containers set at various different angles, creating the illusion of a flower blooming in the desert or a structure more akin to another world entirely.

See more Architect Designs Incredible House Out Of Shipping Containers here

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The Experience Tube Lets You Put In Some Real Face Time With Your Friends

Social media is pretty impersonal if you think about it, since you're just staring at a screen reading something a person wrote without seeing their face or hearing their voice.

And as people begin to spend less time communicating with their friends in person and more time chatting with them via text online our bonds are becoming weaker, as we start to forget what our FB friends actually look like in person.

The New Mexico-based art collective Meow Wolf has figured out a clever way to fix all that- the Experience Tube, a "revolutionary analog device which connects one experience to another", worn to make sharing and liking personal again:

Using only soft striped fabric and the most sophisticated facial recognition technology ever developed (installed standard in current model human brains) the tube replaces all peripheral distractions with an unbridled visual feast of stripes and laughter! Simply upload a couple of faces into each end and make your own internet, instantaneously! Immediate vivid connection, with no subscriptions, user agreements, invasive advertisements, or spotty service!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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The Problem With Pennywise Targeting Adolescent Boys

If you think about it Pennywise chose the hardest group of kids to terrorize- pre-teen boys, who actually enjoy being scared, think blood and gore are cool, and whose rising hormone levels leave them eternally horny.

That's not to say pre-teen boys aren't easily haunted, but the hauntings would have to pertain to being embarrassed in front of a girl at school, or getting an "over eager visitor" during class, and Pennywise does sewers, not schools. (comic by JHALL)

-Via Dorkly

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Here's What Happened To A Boy Who Ate 25 Laxative Brownies In An Hour

Visual media makes pranking people with laxatives look like fun, but eating too many laxatives can lead to serious health problems including kidney failure, low potassium levels and severe dehydration.

A bonehead named BG learned this lesson the hard way when he decided to participate in some stupid online laxative-eating competition- but instead of eating one or two laxative-filled brownie he ate 25 in an hour.

Each brownie contained the recommended adult dose of 2 laxative tablets, so needless to say BG was stuck in the bathroom, but it's the other effects of a laxative overdose which he'll never forget:

This foolish move sparked a trail of events starting with massive dehydration and low potassium. It led to rhabdomyolysis and acute kidney injury. If left in this condition without aid, “your body, down to its bones, will rot away and eventually you'll die in a pool of your own waste that should have been in your urine," Chubbyemu explains. Nice.

(YouTube Link)

-Via IFL Science

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Listen To Comic Artist Neal Adams' Hilarious Audioplay For Batman Vs. Elmer Fudd

When DC Comics announced they were releasing a bunch of DC/Looney Tunes Specials I was excited to see what they would do with these beloved characters.

Then they released titles like Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam, Lobo/Road Runner and Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian which proved to be both crazier and cooler than expected when the concept was fleshed out with artwork and grim storylines.

But none of the DC/Looney Tunes crossover titles are as delightfully dark, or as bats#$t crazy, as the Batman/Elmer Fudd special, where we find Fudd giving up his hunt for wabbits to take down the Bat.

Comic artist extraordinaire Neal Adams liked the crossover comic so much he created this super fun audioplay as "An homage to my new favorite comic book", so we can actually hear the Fudd hit the fan.

(YouTube Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Giant Plot Holes Kids Shows From The 80s Left Unexplained

Kids shows aren't known for their attention to detail, nor do they normally care about continuity errors or plot holes, and even though they've gotten better over the years show creators were terrible about these things in the 1980s.

So many 80s kids shows left giant plot holes unexplained that we can discuss all the disconnects until the cows come home, and speaking of cows- was Barth's Burgery on You Can't Do That On Television actually serving beef?

Whatever Barth was serving up made the kids sick on a weekly basis, so you'd think they would have stopped eating there, but I guess they were sick of slime.

And speaking of sick- Gargamel chased the Smurfs because he wanted to eat them, and even though it was never fully explained it seems like Smurfs must be pretty tasty if Gargamel was willing to go to so great lengths for a Smurf Sandwich.

80s Kids looking for a regular meal could pay a visit to Punky's Place, where a teenage Punky Brewster fulfilled her dream of running a restaurant and sold sammiches and such instead of going to school.

So why would a kids show let their main character play hooky? Because any show that features a dog wedding as their final episode clearly had no idea what kind of message they were trying to send to kids!

See 19 Giant Plot Holes '80s Kids Shows Left Unanswered at BuzzFeed

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Odd And Rare Muscle Cars You Don't See Every Day

Muscle cars are the sexiest and most badass cars to ever rule the road, and even though they often have hybrid guts these days classic models like the Mustang, Camaro and Firebird are still released with classic muscle car-inspired bodies.

But there will never make a new muscle car that can compare to the mighty curves on the 1969 Chevrolet COPO Camaro:

Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Order (COPO) system was designed for fleet sales and special orders (taxis, trucks, etc.) to offer 427 cu in engines in the Camaro. Two COPO numbers, 9560 and 9561, were offered in the 1969 model year. COPO 9561 used the solid-lifter L72 big-block engine, making 425 hp while COPO 9560 used an all-aluminum 427 cu in big-block dubbed the ZL-1 which was specifically designed for drag racing.

The Dodge Charger Daytona also came out in '69 and is equally sexy in its own way, but the Daytona has not one but six NASCAR wins under its belt:

The Daytona was intended to be a high-performance, limited-edition version of the Dodge Charger produced in the summer of 1969 for the sole purpose of winning high-profile NASCAR races. It won two races in 1969 and another four in 1970 for a total of 6. The Daytona was built on the 1969 Charger’s R/T trim specifications. The Daytona was equipped with a 440 cu in Magnum engine as standard and it also carried a heavy-duty suspension and brake setup. Now, being very rare and highly collectible, 440-powered Daytonas reach into six-figure territory while 426 hemi-engined cars are passing the $300,000.00 mark.

But as badass as those two muscle machines are I'd rather drive the Boss- the 1969/70 Ford Mustang Boss 429 that is:

The Boss 429 Mustang is a high performance variant of the Ford Mustang that came out in in 1969 and 1970. Also known as the “Boss 9”, it is arguably one of the rarest and most valued muscle cars to date. Its origins came about as a result of NASCAR when Ford was seeking to develop an engine that could compete with Chrysler’s famed 426 Hemi in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. After much consideration, Ford decided that the Mustang would be the car that would house this new engine. These cars are highly sought after and can fetch up to $417,000.00 at auction.

See 25 Odd And Rare Muscle Cars You Don't See Everyday here

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Watch Bert And Ernie Squabble During The Debut Of 'Backyard With Bert'

Bert and Ernie have been cohabitating and doing their odd couple schtick together for nearly 50 years, and in that time they have somehow managed to remain friends despite Bert's uptightness and Ernie's boorishness.

But it appears the years are catching up with the Muppet odd couple, and the pressure of creating the new weekly vlog 'Backyard With Bert' is definitely putting a strain on their relationship. And how is it that Ernie has never noticed that Bert has a unibrow?

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Add Some Retro-Tastic Fun To Your Geeky Wardrobe With A NeatoShop T-Shirt

Uncle Vinny by Emilie Boisvert

People used to think digging stuff from back in the day was strictly for freaks and geeks, but nowadays everybody knows retro is where it's at, especially when it comes to pop culture.

So if you're a retro fan then the NeatoShop is gonna make you flip your wig- because we have hundreds of great designs available on all kinds of tees and hoodies, including lots of designs for those in a retro state of mind. And now through October 8th all shirts in the shop are on sale!

Back in the day popular music didn't bite like it does today, and by bite I mean it totally blows

Thriller by Vincent Trinidad

And even though many clothing styles were scary bad at least people didn't look like clones

Gorgeous! by Hillary White

Man, I miss so many things about those good old days I could fill a book!

Journal Of The Willis by Captain RibMan

Continue reading

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