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Artist Ships Glass Boxes Inside FedEx Boxes To Create Unique Art Pieces

Shipping fragile stuff is always risky, because you never know whether the shipping company is going to handle the package with care or mangle it during transit.

And if you're shipping something as fragile as a glass box you'd have to be crazy not to swathe it in bubble wrap to protect it from getting smashed to bits by careless carriers.

Either that or the packages and the glass boxes are being used in an art project, and the shipping damage turns each glass box into a physical representation of the journey it took across the country.

Artist Walea Beshty created laminated glass boxes that fit perfectly inside FedEx shipping boxes then sent them all over the place, pairing each piece with the original shipping box to create pieces like FedEx Large Box, LA to NYC, 2007.

Here's a video of Walea describing the project at the 2008 Whitney Biennial:

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

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Why Do So Many Characters Drink Milk In Movies?

In the movie A Clockwork Orange Alex and the boys drink glasses of Moloko Plus, which are milk and drug cocktails that fuel the gang's wicked behavior, so they have a valid reason for drinking milk.

But why did Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men, Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds and Leon in The Professional drink milk by the bottle?

Because it's seen as unsettling when an adult male drinks milk, especially when they look all menacing or nutsy while they drink it.

And in Leon's case it's also a sign of his maternal nature, and a way to add a whimsical element that feels natural for the character.

(YouTube Link)

Now You See It explores the various reasons why characters drink milk more often in movies than whiskey or Coke, and once you've seen all those characters drinking milk you'll be looking for it in every movie you watch!

-Via Sploid

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The Deliciously Entertaining History Of Pizza In New York City

New York City is the birthplace of pizza in America, and pizza is so intrinsically tied to the city that many historical tours will include stops at pizzerias like Lombardi's, America's first pizzeria, which opened in 1905.

And that's what's kind of amazing about New York City pizza- places are serving up tasty slices all over the city, and some of these places have been in operation for a hundred years.

(YouTube Link)

Host Frank Pinello investigates the pizzas of Brooklyn in the premiere of the Munchies series "The Pizza Show":

New York is the birthplace of many things, but for today’s purposes, we’re sticking to pizza. Frank starts with a quick history lesson from Scott Wiener, the owner of Scott’s Pizza Tours. Then, we hit the streets to see and taste the history for ourselves. The best thing about the city’s pizza scene is that it’s relatively young, so you can still eat slices from the ovens of the people that started it all and put New York pizza on the map.

-Via Laughing Squid

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Americans Eat Over 500 Million Jack In The Box Tacos Every Year

(Image Link)

Jack In The Box is known for serving up fun food that isn't exactly good for you, but fast food fans don't worry about the calories- they just want something affordable that tastes good.

And at Jack's the entire menu is priced to sell, but nothing is cheaper than their tacos, which are often sold at the nice price of 2 for a buck.

Maybe this nice price is why Jack In The Box sells over 554 million crispy tacos a year, or maybe it's the fact that they're so easy to tack on to any order?

Whatever the reason Jack's is currently selling "the same amount of tacos as McDonald's sold Big Macs in 2007".

And even though many people think Jack's tacos are gross, claiming they'd never eat them, they're being sold at a rate of 1000 per minute so somebody's scarfing them down!

-Via Esquire

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Comic Book Characters Who Are Blatant Rip-Offs

Characters, storylines and art styles are all elements that are regularly ripped off in the comic book industry, which has been a standard practice even before the superfolks took over.

But once DC Comics and Marvel Comics started battling it out for the top spot they began to rip each other off at an alarming rate- which resulted in some of the most beloved comic book characters of all time.

Most comic readers know Deadpool is a blatant rip-off of DC's Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, but over the years Deadpool has evolved into an unique and hilarious yang to Deathstroke's dark and brooding yin. 

And speaking of brooding- Wolverine is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, but surprisingly he's a rip-off of the DC Comics character Timber Wolf (nee Lone Wolf), who has all but the adamantium skeleton.

Doctor Strange is another rip-off character who ended up outshining the original character he's based on, DC's Doctor Fate, but readers have a hard time deciding between the two because their stories are so darn mystifying.

And lastly there's the issue of Black Cat vs Catwoman- they're both virtually the same in every regard, from their powers to their penchant for burglary, but one kisses a bat while the other kisses a spider...you decide which is better!

Read Yoink! 20 Blatant Comic Book Rip-Offs here

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How To Make Your Own Rogue One Stormtrooper Doll

Ever since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story came out people have been wondering where they can get their hands on a Stormtrooper doll like the one carried by young Jyn Erso in the beginning of the movie.

Since it's not the kind of licensed Star Wars toy that typically gets released, fans have been out of luck, but now we can make our own adorable Stormtrooper doll thanks to this Instructable by backwards lamb.

All you need to make this cute little guy is some clay, elastic or twine, a few simple sculpting tools and some paint.

Or, if you're not the crafty type, you can buy this little guy from Etsy seller StormtrooperCrafts, made to order for around $45.

-Via Nerd Approved

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The Most Kick-Ass Tea Commercial You've Ever Seen

People typically drink tea to relax, therefore tea is typically marketed as a relaxation-related product with calming commercials and soothing box art.

But according to this commercial bubble tea is a fun, youthful product that gets people so fired up they feel like doing some kung-fu fighting!

(YouTube Link)

This clever ad for Kung Fu Tea was created by Team Red Productions and stars the Shaolin Stooges, three guys who like taro bubble tea so much they study martial arts so they don't have to share!

Apparently they'll also fight to the death over the last slice of pizza...these guys need a bigger food budget!

(YouTube Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Short PSA Made By AT&T In 1936 To Help Familiarize Viewers With Dial Telephones

If you wanted to make a non-local call back in 1936 you typically had to speak to a switchboard operator, who would connect your call to a number that began with exchange letters related to the location you were calling.

But as phone technology improved the old system was phased out, replaced with the ability to dial phone numbers directly via automatic exchange systems and rotary phones, which totally freaked some people out.

Thankfully, AT&T was there for folks who were frightened by all that newfangled telephone technology, alleviating their concerns with this short PSA that explains how the dial telephone works.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Nobody Does Wannabe Celebrity Like Phoebe Price

Social media has made it easy for pretty much anyone to become a celebrity in their own mind, proving that if you try hard enough any wanna-be celeb can amass quite a few followers and get the likes they seek.

But something tells me model and actress Phoebe Price would have gotten attention with or without social media, because her gonzo diva persona demands all eyes are on her- and her burrito.

Phoebe can be seen hanging around Hollywood doing totally normal stuff like posing with a burrito, reading tabloids in a sultry manner, and strutting down the sidewalk with a giant sundae.

No wonder the paparazzi love to photograph Phoebe whenever they spot her in the wild!

See Phoebe Price Is Officially The Most Ridiculous "Celebrity" Of 2016 here (NSFW-ish)

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Why Does He Always Win? Because He's The Batman

(Image Link)

There's Bruce Wayne and then there's The Batman, the crime fighter in the cape and cowl who's capable of conquering any challenge physical or mental.

(Image Link)

He's the original Most Interesting Man In The World, the man who makes James Bond look like a Boy Scout, and the super guy whose silhouette is enough to strike fear into the hearts of wicked men- and sharks apparently.

(Image Link)

Brazilian comic artist Dragonarte continues his quest to reveal all the Bat-antics left out of the DC Comics Batman titles, and with each Dragonarte strip we come a little closer to figuring out Batman's biggest secret to success.

(Image Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Wild Animal Screams Replaced By Human Voices

Animal screams have such a distinct sound that other animals will react as if the screaming critter is in the room when they hear a recording of the unique vocalization, but human screams aren't so distinct.

That is, they're not so distinct we can tell them apart without using software, because they sound virtually the same to our ears, which is why sound effects artists are still using the same old Wilhelm screams.

But how would you react if you heard a human scream coming from the maw of a wild animal? Watch this ridiculous clip from BBC's Planet Earth 2, edited by Matt Amys, and find out!

(YouTube Link)

If you answered "I would react by laughing my face off" before you watched the clip you were correct!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Photos Of A Young Christopher Walken Dressed As A Clown

Christopher Walken slips effortlessly between playing a total badass and playing roles that require him to act super silly, but his acting range isn't something he just picked up.

Christopher Walken's range comes from experience- he's been acting since he was 10 years old, when he was bitten by the acting bug after appearing in a sketch with Martin and Lewis on The Colgate Comedy Hour in 1953.

But young Ronnie Walken didn't make his official debut until 1954, when he and his brother Glenn began appearing on the soap opera Guiding Light- as the same character, Michael Bauer.

That may not have been a career highlight for young Ronnie, but these amazing photos taken by Al Barry in 1955 show us that Ronnie, who later changed his stage name to Christopher, was born to be an entertainer.

And seriously folks- if you're still scared of clowns after seeing young Ronnie Walken yukking it up in front of the camera your issues may run much deeper than mere coulrophobia!

See Christopher Walken. As a child. Dressed like a clown. here

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Why It Would Suck To Date An Anime Girl

Many Otakus think anime girls would make great girlfriends, because they're powerful and beautiful, with plenty of magical charm and cute little voices that can make a raging bull stop and smile.

But if these anime girls existed in the real world they would be virtually undateable, and any Otaku who made a play for them would instantly regret their decision.

Jealous boyfriends would rage when they're forced to watch as their anime GF falls on top of their male "friends" in suggestive ways over and over again, because that's how clumsiness is portrayed in anime.

The new BF would also have to deal with the brooding and sinister ex, who still somehow has a hold on that seemingly innocent little anime girl despite having tried to once tried to kill her.

But, as this comic by JHALL shows, the worst part about dating an anime girl would be the quest to find something to talk about, because they might be kick-ass warriors but they definitely aren't known for their conversational skills.

-Via Dorkly

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Film Directors Pick Their Favorite Movies Of 2016

The Other Side

There are a bunch of "best of" movie lists released at the end of every year, but the ones I always find most fascinating are the lists put together by film directors.

Their insight and exposure to many obscure movies makes their picks a cut above the rest, and since TV shows are becoming more like movies every day their lists are starting to include their TV show picks too.

Green Room

Creator of the edgy and compelling TV series Mr. Robot Sam Esmail picked an even mix of movies and TV shows for his top 10 list:

"OJ: Made In America"


"Horace and Pete"

"Black Mirror"

"Game Of Thrones"

"The Lobster"


"Manchester By The Sea"

"Green Room"

"Everybody Wants Some"


Meanwhile Jonathan Demme (of The Silence of the Lambs fame) chose films with more personal storylines about people with complicated lives:

“La La Land”
“Maggie’s Plan”
“Toni Erdmann”
“Gimme Danger”

Sausage Party

And comedian/film director Mike Birbiglia presented a list that seems to reflect his personality- part comedy, part touching drama, part documentary, all extremely enjoyable to watch:

11 faves (sorry, amazing year for movies, and there are a ton more I loved)

“Hell or High Water”
“Captain Fantastic”
“20th Century Women”
“Manchester by the Sea”
“Sausage Party”
“Where To Invade Next” (2015/16)
“Pop Star”
“Black Mirror” (S. 3 episode 4 “San Junipero”— I will fight people on this.)

Want to see many more movie lists hand picked by directors? Read 35 Directors Pick Their Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2016 at IndieWire

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Strange Food Products From The 90s You May Have Forgotten About

(YouTube Link)

We took all those strange food products on the store shelves for granted back in the 80s and 90s, never knowing those neon colored decades would be seen as the heyday for funny foods.

But now that Holiday Spice Pepsi, Hidden Valley Pizza Ranch dressing, Pop-Tarts Crunch cereal, Chicken Tonight and Nestle Bug Pops are no longer sold in stores people are starting to wonder if they were just a figment of their imagination.

It's arguable whether life is a little more bland without these funny food products, or if we're better off without these freaky foods dancing in our bellies.

But there's no denying the world is better off without that Chicken Tonight theme song dancing through our heads!

(YouTube Link)

See 21 90s Foods That You Probably, Definitely Forgot Existed here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Most Diabolical Looking Buildings In The World

Reiyukai Shakaden Temple-Tokyo, Japan

In the comics a building owned by a supervillain has a suitably evil-looking exterior so there's no mistaking who the building belongs to, but in the real world buildings aren't built to look evil- or are they?

Polygone Riviera-Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

Perhaps architects who read comics when they're kids have their designs influenced by comic art, or maybe they simply decided dark and foreboding is the best way to make their building stand out.

The Max Planck Research Institute for Experimental Medicine-  Berlin, Germany

Take a tour of the world's most sinister looking structures via the subreddit /r/evilbuildings and see what people really mean when they say "chillin' like a villain".

MahaNakhon Tower- Bangkok, Thailand

See The Most Diabolically Evil-Looking Buildings In The World here

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Man Gives Street Dog Some Food, Which She Takes Home To Her Puppies

It's hard to say no to a stray dog begging for food on the city streets, and even though people can come up with all kinds of reasons why they shouldn't give a buck to a homeless person they can't deny a stray dog if they're animal lovers.

And, as the guy who shot this video in Bangkok, Thailand discovered, sometimes donating food to a stray means you're helping feed her family of pups as well, which we can all agree is a win-win-winwinwinwin situation!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Daily Mail

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Cthulhu's Witnesses

Don't you hate it when Cthulhu's Witnesses show up at your door while you're in the middle of an eldritch ritual?

It's like they know you're a faithful follower of Nyarlathotep and they're just itching to argue about which deity is superior, as if ol' Squidface could take down Crawling Chaos!

But, as this Optipess comic shows, Cthulhu's followers are an extremely loyal bunch, and they don't even mind if he chews on them a little as long as he's happy...which is an emotion he doesn't understand.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Little Girl Offers To Stand In For Big Ben While The Clock Is Being Repaired

Some kids are so conscientious they can't stand to hear about anything being wrong, broken or out of order, even if the broken thing is the clock attached to the Palace of Westminster in London. 

When 8-year-old Phoebe Hanson learned Big Ben was going to be out of commission for up to three years as part of a $42 million clock mechanism repair job she, like many Londoners, dreaded the impending silence.

So she wrote to the BBC with a solution- she offered to stand in for the clock and shout "BONG!" until the repairs are done.

(YouTube Link)

Her heartwarming letter earned her a return letter from the BBC, who had this to say about her idea:

“Re. Big Ben’s Bongs (lack of).

Dear Miss Hanson,

Thank you for your letter and your very imaginative idea about what to do when Big Ben falls silent for repairs early next year. Some of the cleverest and most important people at the BBC are scratching their heads, wondering quite what to do.

Once before, when Big Ben fell silent for repairs, we played different birdsong every evening. The listeners loved that. Then the people behind Tweet of the Day (that’s on each day just before 6 in the morning) stole our idea… so we can’t do that again.

I must say I was very much taken with your idea… and we have passed it on to those who make the decisions. As you know, the Bongs are live… and (you may not know this) the beginning of the Westminster Chimes (the bit that goes BimBom BimBom BimBobBimBom before the first BOOONNNGGGGGGGGGG!) is always at a slightly different time (which is why you sometimes hear someone accidentally talking when they start). It depends on things like temperature and atmospheric pressure and stuff like that.

So it would be quite a task for you, doing the Bongs: you’d have to rush in after school each day (and at the weekend), rush home for tea, homework, a bit of chillin’, then a quick sleep. And then – here’s the hard bit – you’d have to rush back again at midnight, because there are live bongs again before the midnight news. That’s an awful lot of work for someone who is still quite young. I know I wouldn’t like to do all that.

Thank you very much for writing to us. I’m very impressed that you listen to Radio 4. I wish my two children did.

Have a spiffing Christmas and a stupendous and lucky 2017.

Roger Sawyer.
Editor: PM, Broadcasting House, iPM – BBC Radio 4″

Maybe they should swap it out for one of those jumbotron screens?

-Via Warped Speed

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Girlfriend Secretly Creates Comic Strips Based On Life With Her Boyfriend

People show love for their significant others in many different ways, and for artists there's no better way to show love than with a drawing or painting.

Comic artists have a similar drive to show love with art, but their chosen artform also allows them to add words to the doodles, to paint a more complete picture of their affection.

Saratoga Springs-based artist Catana has been producing comic strips based on her relationship with her bearded beau that reveal how deeply she feels for this dude, and her affection may be considered stalking in some states.

And when her boyfriend posted these Catana Comics online they immediately went viral, which is either because people relate to their love or they find Catana's antics highly amusing!

-Via Bored Panda

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Man In China Has Been Using A Hand Grenade As A Walnut Cracker Since The 80s

Walnuts are one hard nut to crack, so people use a hammer, rock or mallet to crack them open and get at the delicious meat inside, and when they find a good nutcracker they stick with it.

A villager from Shaanxi province, China thought the "mallet" his friend gave him in the early 80s was the perfect walnut cracking device, until he saw it on a government flyer- and found out it was actually a hand grenade.

Finding out his mallet was actually a Chinese Type 67 defensive hand grenade came as quite a shock to the man, who quickly gave it to the local police so he wouldn't get in trouble.

But he would have been even more shocked had it gone off in his hand while he was bashing walnuts!

-Via Popular Mechanics

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Photos Of Pets Before And After Being Praised

(Image Link)

Some people believe their dogs understand everything they say, while others claim dogs only understand facial expressions and emotional responses, but most animal behaviorists agree the truth is a combination of the two.

(Image Link)

Dogs can understand words their humans say to them repeatedly, and they begin to associate things like mealtime, praise and admonishment with those words, the most popular being the praise "good dog".

(Image Link)

Redditor JavaReallySucks posted a pic of his adorable dog before and after being called a good boy, to illustrate the way his dog's face lights up after being praised by his master.

The photographic exercise seemed like fun so others took to shooting before and after praise pics of their pets, which worked really well with the dogs while the cats continued to not give a crap one way or the other.

(Image Link)

See People Are Posting Pics Of Their Animals Before & After Being Called A Good Boy here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life - Siths Don't Smile

Always look on the Dark Side of Life by IdeasConPatatas

People are always telling us to look on the bright side, to see the silver lining and to keep our heads up so we can see that the sky is still blue. But if there's one thing you can always bet on it's that wars will spring up out of the blue, and the Empire can rain death and destruction down upon our heads anywhere and at any time. That's why it's better to stay cynical, so you can keep any new hope you may have in check and stay frosty when you're facing Darth's Imperial forces, because the stars aren't shining down upon you because they care about your well-being...

Sing a different tune, one that's more appropriate for the dark times ahead, by wearing this Always Look On The Dark Side Of Life t-shirt by IdeasConPatatas, it's a comedy anthem for a dark new world.

Visit IdeasConPatatas's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Instagram, then head over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Ricked in Wonderland Friday Face Best pals in the galaxy Dark God Rises

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The Salmon Mousse - Darling, You Didn't Use Canned Salmon

The Salmon Mousse by Stationjack

Souls who have left their physical bodies should feel lucky to still have any experiences at all, since many of them are stuck in the pitch black limbo of their own post-mortem minds. But some souls have yet to realize they're actually dead, so they sit there arguing with Death like a silly person until the surety of their demise finally sinks in. This is one of the reasons why humans can't seem to figure out the meaning of life, because they're about as familiar with the feeling of being alive as a python is with the feeling of having arms!

Add a cold, bony touch of classic comedy to your geeky wardrobe with this The Salmon Mousse t-shirt by Stationjack, it's the perfect way to show love for the Monty Python crew without slapping people in the face with a fish!

Visit Stationjack's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Zombie World Believe in Daryl Monster Hunt Club Don't Keep Calm

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I Would Walk 500 Miles - A Commitment To Catching 'Em All

I Would Walk 500 Miles by Rocky Davies

Ash didn't listen to music much while he was out huning for pocket monsters, because he needed to see as well as hear in order to track them down, but one song had earwormed into his head and wouldn't let go. It was from a Scottish band called The Proclaimers, who sang a catchy song about walking 500 miles to be back with the one they loved. This song really struck a chord with Ash, and so he started playing it over and over again while he explored regions with his pal Pika. Then came the day when the song became all too relevant to his own life, as Team Rocket had kidnapped poor Pikachu and were holding him approximately 500 miles away from Ash...

This I Would Walk 500 Miles t-shirt by Rocky Davies is music to your eyeballs, and it's sure to put that catchy song in people's heads wherever you go!

Visit Rocky Davies's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Bad to the Bone Another One Bites the Dust You Gotta Fight Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

View more designs by Rocky Davies | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Save The Galaxy - Do Real Trees Dance?

Save the Galaxy by Vincent Trinidad 

Rocket may not seem like an ecological type of guy, but it makes sense when you consider he is a raccoon and once lived in the forest like a savage beast. And he's also best friends with a tree man named Groot, so that tends to make him a bit more ecologically minded too. But mostly it's the fact that female mammals love an eco-friendly dude that makes Rocket want to tell everyone he meets to go green, plant a tree and help save the galaxy!

Become an eco-guardian on your planet with this Save The Galaxy t-shirt by Vincent Trinidad, it's the fun way to spread ecological awareness and show love for your favorite far out superhero squad at the same time!

Visit Vincent Trinidad's Facebook fan page, official website and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Scarif Vice Monster Cookie Dance Lord Crossing the Dark Path

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Follow Your Fate - The Crossover Crossroads

Follow Your Fate by Karen Hallion

She'd always known that in order to get where she wanted to go in life she would have to follow her fate and let the path which had already been set for her guide her to her heroic destiny. But she found it very hard to follow this path because a blue police box kept blocking her way! Merida was wary of the box at first, but since she was a brave and curious soul she couldn't help but wonder how the box kept appearing in her path, and what was inside the box. One day she finally worked up the nerve to knock on the door and see if anybody would answer, and to her surprise somebody did- an oddly dressed man who carried a magic wand the likes of which she'd never seen before, who called himself The Doctor...

Get geared up for adventure with this Follow Your Fate t-shirt by Karen Hallion, it's a fun and imaginative design that will make your fellow Whovians drool with delight!

Visit Karen Hallion's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more fantastically geeky designs:

Escape From the Dark Forest Emotional Heroes Part of Every World Paper Who

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Demon Of Morgoth - Somebody Get This Guy A Breath Mint!

Demon of Morgoth by Dr.Monekers

The hobbits were definitely tough little guys who were able to handle a lot more than anyone thought they could, and both the dwarves and the elves proved they had nerve and mettle to spare. But do you know who's the toughest character by far in Middle Earth? The wizard Gandalf, that's who, because the guy came face-to-face with a balrog and didn't even break a sweat! If anyone deserves to be thought of as a hero it's Gandalf, the guy in the pointy hat and robe who helped save the world time and time again.

Declare your love of classic fantasy creatures with this Demon Of Morgoth t-shirt by Dr.Monekers, it's one fiery design that's sure to blow your fellow fantasy fans away!

Visit Dr.Monekers's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Forest View God of R´lyeh Negan Major League v.2 Death Trooper

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Game Over, Little Dude - The Mini Alien Menace

Game Over, Little Dude by Pacalin

Those alien space invaders seem like they'd be awe-inspiringly massive in the classic arcade game, but in real life their little pixelated space ships are so tiny they wouldn't scare a house cat! But despite their small size their pew-pew squares can do some real damage, but those antiquated little suckers are stuck moving from left to right anyway so it's not that hard to dodge their shots. It's actually hard to imagine why game designers thought such silly little starships would pose a threat to the Earth, but they do get bonus points for being the first to blow the whistle on the invasion of the mini aliens!

Add a touch of 80s arcade magic to your geeky wardrobe with this Game Over, Little Dude t-shirt by Pacalin, it's a great way to celebrate the days when entertainment came a quarter at a time.

Visit Pacalin's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more gamer-iffic designs:

Super Meat Boy Grid Invader Orange County Astronomers Wanna Take A Ride?

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Who Would Win? - Always Bet On One Punch

Who would win? by Coinbox Tees

He doesn't look like much, and most people mistake him for a skinny, bald-headed twerp who would be blown away by a stiff breeze, but Saitama is the mightiest being on the planet. Heck, he might even be the mightiest being in the universe, he's not really sure because he's never actually left the planet, but nobody on Earth has ever been able to beat him, no matter how powerful they are. Superheroes, saiyans, mech, monsters and mega-sized kaiju all fall to his fists, and even though it has helped keep him alive this one punch thing is really starting to get boring!

Show the world that Saitama can't be stopped with this Who Would Win? t-shirt by Coinbox Tees, it's one powerfully cool design that will settle any superhero-related arguments once and for all!

Visit Coinbox Tees's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to their NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

1986 Big Bob's On an Open Bonfire Legend of Umaru

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Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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