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Dark Comics About Kevin The Horrible Optimist

Most optimists can be a little pessimistic at times, and no matter how much they want to believe their glass will always be half full they know sometimes it's just plain empty- and there are no more free refills.

But Nick Fisher's eternally gleeful guy Kevin sees the silver lining on every mushroom cloud and the gold nuggets in every pile of poop, and his comic strip Kevin & Friends shows how sickening the eternal optimist can be.

Kevin & Friends is demotivational, dark and disgusting in all the right ways, and even though life sucks for saccharine Kevin his misfortune makes us smile, so that makes it all worthwhile, right?

See Dark Comics About A Horrible Optimist Kevin here

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Rage Against The Machine's Killing In The Name Performed On Children's Toys

When Rage Against The Machine hit the L.A. music scene back in 1991 their hybrid sound and intense lyrics made them popular with metal heads and hip hop fans alike but left some parents feeling scared.

Their music was angry and radical, so parents were afraid Rage's aggressive songs would turn their kids into fiery anarchists, but THE WACKIDS grew up listening to Rage and they turned out all right.

And if Rage had played songs like Killing In The Name on a Spider-Man drum set, a plastic guitar and a kooky looking Otamotone parents wouldn't have been afraid of the Rage.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Comical Coincidences Caught On Camera

(Image Link)

Perfectly timed coincidences can make you feel crazy when you're the only one who saw the moment happen and nobody believes you, which is why perfectly timed photos of these moments are priceless.

(Image Link)

Of course, not all coincidences happen in a fleeting moment, some just sit there and wait for the camera to capture their good side.

(Image Link)

And finally there are those sightings that are called "coincidences" for lack of a better term, like seeing two signs which may or may not have been put up together on purpose. I mean, did the city sign installer really not see the extraterrestrial connection?

(Image Link)

See 15 Perfectly Timed Coincidences Caught On Camera here

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Japanese People Try To Speak English To Siri

Siri has a hard time understanding English speakers who mumble or have an accent, so imagine how hard it is for Siri to understand someone to whom English is a second language.

On second thought don't imagine it- watch these videos full of Japanese people trying to talk to Siri in English and you'll see how frustrating it can be!

(YouTube Link)

These candid social experiment videos shared by YouTuber NeKo JGT are from the late night variety show Otona No Kiss Eigo, which apparently translates to Adult's Kiss English? Okay then! Here's part 2:

(YouTube Link)

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These Mysterious NeatoShop T-Shirts Will Spark Conversations Wherever You Go

Kabuto by AndreusD

There are all kinds of benefits to wearing funny, cute or just plain geeky tees, but nothing sparks imagination and starts conversations like a mysterious shirt design that appeals to both the eyes and the mind.

And among the thousands of designs available at the NeatoShop you'll find many mysterious designs that tell a strange and wondrous tale, designs that'll make people stop and stare and

A mystery tee always tells a visual story

Doctor Where? by ikado

One which is often left open to interpretation by the viewer

Mermaid Skull 2 by Qetza

And gets those wheels spinning as their minds try to figure out what is going on in the design

Depths Below by Max58

Continue reading

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Dad Photoshops His Baby Daughter Into Marginally Dangerous Situations

Despite what people who don't know the story behind these photos believe redditor Steec is a good dad, a caring dad, one who wants to shield his baby daughter from danger so she lives a long and healthy life.

But Steec's photos are making people think he's a careless creep and a bad parent- which is exactly what he wants them to think.

Steec is using his Photoshop skills to prank the internet, and when people inevitably fall for the prank and cry "for shame!" you'll be in on the joke and ready to put those tsk-tskers in their place!

-Via Bored Panda

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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I Really Need A Day Off

Blogging is a daily affair 365 days a year, and after a while you stop caring about weekends or holidays because you never really get a day off.

And yet I totally relate to this comic by Jacob Andrews in a different way- because when every day is a work day that means every day is potentially a day off too, as we juggle free time and work time to keep those posts flowing...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Two Ventriloquists Swap Voices And Carry On A Conversation

Ventriloquism is often seen as cheesy, campy and outdated because people always relate it to dummy acts like Jeff Dunham, but the art of ventriloquism goes far beyond a mere puppet show.

And truly gifted ventriloquists are capable of doing some amazing things with their voices, like swapping voices with another ventriloquist as demonstrated by Rudi Rok and his friend Sari Alto in this fun video.

There ain't no overdubbing or audio tricks involved folks, just pure ventriloquistic vocal magic!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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How To Film One Scene In Four Different Genres

Directors use lighting and color to set the emotional tone of their film, changing these things up during the film to emphasize the way certain scenes should make the audience feel.

Usage of these elements is most effective when they're hardly noticed by the audience at all, so viewers feel the tension, dread or laughter welling up within them without really knowing why.

(YouTube Link)

This episode of 4 Minute Film School by Aputure shows what a difference these elements make to the mood of a film, and how lighting and color are used differently according to genre.

-Via DesignTAXI

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Some Of The Most WTF Things People Have Seen At College

(Image Link)

Going away to college is exciting, terrifying and earth shattering all at the same time, and as teens turn into young adults they sow their wild oats like never before, resulting in epic memories both good and bad:

“In the first week of December, I saw a man dressed as Santa Claus sprinting across campus while being chased by a man in a green morph suit wearing a Grinch mask. They were both yelling and screaming about Christmas as they ran. It was so close to finals week, literally no one even turned their heads.”

“The BDSM club – Bible Discussion and Study Meeting. I literally had to go back to make sure I read that correctly. I go to a Christian university and yes, people are THAT innocent. After that, we now have to send all flyers to be reviewed.”
—Ariana Coyne, Facebook

(Image Link)

College days are chock full of surprises- pop quizzes, instant crushes, parties in the middle of the week, spontaneous makeout sessions and sudden breakups that leaves the dumpee feeling desperate:

“I once woke up to a drunk bagpiper, in his full uniform (kilt and all) playing a medley of Lady Gaga hits in my apartment complex’s parking lot. It was around 4am. He was trying to win back a girl who dumped him.”
—Katie Copley, Facebook

And more often than not college craziness is fueled by alcohol and a sense of freedom most students have never felt before:

“Some friends and I were apartment hunting, and this guy was showing us his place. He moved this giant cardboard beer advertisement cutout and showed us a giant hole in the living room wall. We all looked at him simultaneously and he just shrugged and explained ‘battle axe’.

(Image Link)

But the memories that really stick out for most college students are those moments when being free meant letting your freak flag fly high, knowing no one would judge you for nerding out:

“I was walking in the quad and I saw a tightrope strung between some trees. Then a big group of furries in full fursuits congregated around it, taking turns trying to walk the tightrope.

(Image Link)

See 23 Of The Most WTF Things People Have Witnessed At University here (NSFW)

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How Far Can You Drive Your Vehicle On Empty?

Many drivers start to worry when that little red gas pump light comes on, and unless they know their car's fuel usage well they start to wonder how far they'll be able to go before they totally run out of gas.

Most cars have about 1 to 3 gallons left when the gas light comes on, which is why it's good to know how many miles per gallon your car gets so you know how far you can go before it sputters out.

This handy chart created by YourMechanic shows how much gas is remaining, and how far the car can go, when the fuel warning light is triggered in the 50 best selling cars in the U.S., so you'll never have to pull a Kramer to find out.

(YouTube Link)

See full sized chart here

-Via Good Housekeeping

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Actors Who Began Their Careers On Miami Vice

Miami Vice launched the career of Don Johnson while simultaneously destroying the career of Philip Michael Thomas, but did you know the hippest of all 80s crime shows also introduced the world to Jimmy Smits, Benicio Del Toro and Ben Stiller?

Jimmy Smits appeared on the first episode of Miami Vice as Crockett's first partner Eddie Rivera, in Jimmy's first on screen appearance.

Miami Vice was also Benicio Del Toro's first stop in a storied career when, at age 20, he appeared on the show as "Pito, an ex-con-turned-thespian with a local theater group, Mi Vida Loca."

For Ben Stiller Miami Vice was only his third appearance on TV, and yet he was already developing the kooky fast talking persona he's known for today when he appeared as Fast Eddie Felcher on episode 2 of season 4.

Miami Vice was also a major starting point for tough guy actor Dennis Farina, who worked as a consultant for exec. producer Michael Mann after 18 years with the Chicago Police Department.

Mann liked Dennis so much he not only cast him as recurring character Albert Lombard on Miami Vice- he cast Dennis as the lead in Crime Story, one of the best historical crime shows ever made.

Lastly we have Liam Neeson, who was already a bit of a veteran when he appeared on the first episode of Miami Vice's third season as a former IRA hitman who woos detective Gina Calabrese (Saundra Santiago).

Liam used his appearance on the show in 1986 to launch his film career in Hollywood, and he would play a similar character a year later in the film A Prayer For The Dying.

See 27 Actors Who Got Their Start On Miami Vice at mental_floss

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Dig This Crazy Pink Panthermobile

The Pink Panther was the coolest cat on television in the 60s and 70s, and even though he's had quite a few different shows he's best known for The Pink Panther Show, which ran on NBC from 1969 to 1976.

NBC obviously had faith that the show would succeed because they had this far out custom built Panthermobile made for the intro of the show:

(YouTube Link)

The Panthermobile measure 23 feet long, sports a seven-litre engine and a "Pleasure Capsule":

This part of the Panthermobile lives up to its name as it is tricked out with a bar; pink satin upholstery; pink shag carpet; an old school pink push button phone and seats already in the recline position. It was also equipped with a little black and white television and a camera that allowed the driver to spy on the party going on in the back.

Ten years ago the Panthermobile was sold at auction for $143,500, but when it reappeared at auction in 2011 the Panthermobile looked like something the cat coughed up.

Thankfully it was purchased by Galpin Auto Sports, who put in the time and money to restore the Panthermobile to its former fuzzy pink glory.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Pablo Picasso's Cubist Paintings Reimagined As 3D Forms

Pablo Picasso's Cubist paintings give the viewer a sense of depth and dimension despite his use of simplistic shapes, flat colors and minimal shading to render each scene.

This is a testament to his skills as a painter, as he gives our minds just enough information to see the scene as more than a bunch of 2D colored shapes, and his paintings even inspire the digital artists of today.

Pakistani artist Omar Aqil is one of the many digital artists who has been inspired by Picasso's paintings, but he has set himself apart from the rest by attempting to faithfully recreate each painting as a 3D render.

His series MIMIC features 3D scenes that are every bit as unusual looking as Picasso's original paintings but with much more textural interest and depth. Here's what Omar has to say about this unusual project:

MIMIC is a series of new visual experiments using art from the past. In this project I have randomly picked 6 paintings from the Pablo Picasso’s (One of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century) work and recreate them into modern 3D visuals. In this visual mimicry I have shown, how the skill responds when it come across the complexity of someone’s thought and how the meanings of the shapes and forms have been changed and create new physical qualities. It’s propose to give a new implication of Picasso’s artworks with a series of hyper-realistic visuals. I am trying to explore more to his geometric forms.
It’s really difficult to me to recreate the artwork of Pablo Picasso. I have been studying his artworks since I have started my career, his abstract visual language always inspired me and I have found new forms interacting with each other.

See Pablo Picasso's Paintings Get Recreated Into Absolutely Stunning 3D Forms here


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Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer

That old line "why don't you take a picture, it will last longer" is so tired and so clichéd people who use it might as well be saying "I don't like to be looked at- and I'm also not very witty."

I get that they don't want every slack jawed yokel staring at them while they're walking down the street, but does an altercation full of harsh words really accomplish anything good?

According to this strip by A Comik these encounters can sometimes lead to hugs and a deeper understanding of the human condition- and the photo op of a lifetime.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Being A Dog Is Like Being A Video Game Protagonist

Some dogs see the world as a great big canine roleplaying game full of human NPCs to feed them and scoop their poop, multiplayer trips to the junkyard to gain XP by eating gross stuff, and the occasional leashed "escort quest".

Illustrator Anna-Maria Jung created this cute comic strip to show us how dogs play through the game of life, and it has inspired me to buy my dog more Worthless Costume DLC...which he's not going to be very happy about.

-Via Dorkly

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Hackers Cause Mayhem In Dallas By Setting Off All Of The City's Tornado Sirens

Unbeknownst to many there are sirens set up throughout the city of Dallas, Texas to warn the citizens in case of tornado or other natural disaster, a total of 156 emergency weather sirens to be exact.

These sirens are designed to go off a section at a time if a tornado decides to rip through the city, but at just before midnight on April 7th every single siren in the city started screaming:

It took city officials an hour and a half to realize they wouldn't be able to fix the problem- because the system had been hacked:

By 1:20 a.m., flummoxed officials had decided the only way to stop the noise was “to unplug the radio systems and the repeater, and pretty much turn the siren system completely off,” as emergency management director Rocky Vaz explained to reporters the next day.

At that same news conference (ironically drowned out at one point by ambulance sirens) city spokeswoman Sana Syed announced that the 95 minutes of howling had not been a glitch after all.

“It does appear at this time it was a hack,” she said. “And we do believe it came from the Dallas area.”

Officials have ruled out a remote hack — telling reporters someone gained physical access to a hub connecting all the sirens, which may not be turned on again until Monday as the city tries to figure out who, how and why.

Read Someone Hacked Every Tornado Siren In Dallas. It Was Loud. here

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How Two Different Guys Ended Up With Eyeglasses Tattooed On Their Faces

(Image Link)

This here's the story of two unlucky guys who ended up with a tattoo on their face shaped like a pair of glasses, and the craziest part of this tale is one of them actually got the glasses tattooed on purpose.

Matthew was tired of having his Hipster status questioned because he didn't wear Ray-Ban Wayfarers without lenses like all the other Hipsters so he decided to show them all- by getting a pair of Ray-Bans permanently tattooed on his face.

(Image Link)

It turns out Matthew did it all as a publicity stunt (hoax?) for a Ray-Ban ad, but this poor old sod from Swansea woke up this way after a stag party.

The Welsh man in his fifties has chosen to remain anonymous for reasons that are abundantly clear, and he claims he woke up with the horrible tattoo on his face after blacking out during a night of heavy drinking.

After receiving laser surgeries for two years the eyeglass-shaped eyesore has been completely removed from his face, leaving him with nothing but memories of his drunken mistake.

The world needs trailblazers like Matthew and the Man from Swansea- so we can show those who would dare to do such a thing that getting eyeglasses tattooed on your face is a really dumb idea!

-Via Daily Mail

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Incredibly Realistic Sculptures Of Ice King And Lemongrab From Adventure Time

The characters on Adventure Time are purposely drawn in a completely unrealistic style to suit the strange and silly tone of the show- and because they would look totally creepy if drawn to look realistic.

In fact, most of the characters on the show would probably look quite horrifying in real life and give kids nightmares, especially Simon the Ice King and that sourpuss the Earl of Lemongrab.

Sculptor Adam Edwards decided to show the world just how creepy Lemongrab and the Ice King would look in real life by creating unnervingly realistic busts of the two baddies.

This transformation has not only caused the characters to lose their cartoony appeal- it has taken them from the Land of Ooo and transported them straight to Westeros!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Guy Builds NERF Dart Gun That Breaks The Sound Barrier

NERF modders were obsessed with pushing their store-bought NERF guns to the limit, but once those limits were reached they ditched the guns and started making devices built to launch darts further than ever before.

Recently YouTuber Giaco Whatever created a pneumatic "gun" that launches NERF darts at such a high speed those little foam and plastic darts actually break the sound barrier, traveling at around 800 meters per second. The NERF wars are about to turn deadly...

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Hip Baby Name Ideas From The Dictionary Of Medieval Names

Preparing for parenthood means going through dozens of different names looking for a winner, and that means doing some digging to discover new names and weigh your options.

Unless you're a futurist like my dad was you'll probably look to the past for inspiration, so why not go way, way, way back and search for naming inspiration in The Dictionary Of Medieval Names from European Sources?

It is a hefty work of scholarship that “aims to contain all given (fore, Christian) names recorded in European sources written between 500 and 1600, less the names of historical/non-contemporary people and names occurring only in fictional literature or poetry.”

It really is a treasure trove of long unused names that deserve to make a comeback, here are a few of the olde timey names that caught my eye:

2. Cherubina

This variant on the word cherub showed up as a name in Rome in 1527.

3. Aylward

There were spelling variations on this one, including Eilwardus, Aloardus, and Æðeluuard, but this one probably works best for the Kindergartener learning to write.

8. Everbern

For your dangerously cuddly cub, ever goes back to the Old High German for "boar," and bern goes back to the word for "bear."

10. Ysoria

The etymology is uncertain, “but perhaps related to Latin Isaura, an ethic byname derived from the region of Isauria in Asia Minor.”

16. Magner 

Feel like Magnus is too common? Go for Magner, which can be traced back to the Old High German for "mighty army."

17. Alleaume

This name of a 10th century French saint means "noble helmet."

See 23 Hipster Baby Name Ideas From The Dictionary Of Medieval Names here

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Waffle Iron Lets Out A Stream Of Farts While Cooking

We expect our kitchen appliances to be subservient and do their jobs as quietly as possible, and if one of them starts acting up or making a racket we replace them with a quieter model.

But something tells me redditor sillymuffincakes will be hanging on to his waffle maker despite the fact that it farts while cooking- because it really lightens the mood in the morning!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Kim Kardashian Is Now Selling A Pool Float Shaped Like Her Butt

(Image Link)

Kim Kardashian's posterior has arguably become more famous than the woman herself, and it's virtually impossible to read about Kim K. without some wiseacre commenting on the size of her rear end.

This fact is not lost on Kim, so she has decided to embrace the attention and use her company Kimoji to capitalize on her famous assets- by selling pool floats shaped like her butt.

The totally tasteless Kimoji Butt Pool Float will set you back $98, which is less than Kim's butt charges to sign an autograph these days!

-Via Huffington Post

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Strange Food Combos That Are Supposedly Delicious

Food hacks usually sound like an odd yet delicious combination of flavors, and you can tell the combo works just by reading about it, but the strange food combos shared by Cracked readers via Photoplasty sound strange...and scary.

I've tried a few of the combos on their list, like adding banana slices to ham pizza or adding some cinnamon to spaghetti sauce, and these odd flavor mashups just weren't my jam.

But there are some tasty sounding combos on the list that I really want to try now, like sprinkling powdered soup mix on popcorn or adding ground walnuts to mashed potatoes, so it does have merit.

But I'll be honest- I have no intention of adding garlic or onion powder to my coffee, and I'm really scared of what will happen in my mouth if I eat chocolate and kimchi at the same time.

But no matter how horrifying the other combinations may be the MuffinCup will make it all better...

See 17 Hacks That Make Boring Foods Delicious here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Studio Ghibli's Sound Director Brews Coffee In A Really Strange Way

Studio Ghibli films are great looking, with brilliant stories and amazing characters, but there's one element both newbies and diehard fans enjoy without paying them any mind- the amazing sound effects.

Sound director Koji Kasamatsu is the man behind the sounds in Studio Ghibli films, and believe it or not he creates most of the sound effects with his mouth or body.

Here's sound effect master Koji brewing a pot of coffee with his mouth to promote Japanese coffee brand WONDA:

(YouTube Link)

-Via Grape

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Trophy Wife Barbie

Barbie has come so far over the last few decades as both a (plastic) woman and a role model that she's ready to stop striving and see what life is like as a trophy wife.

She's tired of having to work all the time, sick of hiding all her guns, booze and drugs for the sake of the kiddies, and now she's ready to get baked and take a bite out of that trophy wife life.

Trophy Wife Barbie is a raunchy and ridiculous conceptual photo series by South African artist Annelies Hofmeyr, aka WIT MYT, who started shooting the series on the day of her divorce:

Her first photograph featured Barbie clutching Ken’s decapitated head with the caption “Yay! My divorce went through today!” underneath. She posts her pictures on her Instagram page. Hofmeyr uses Barbie to make satirical and politically-charged comment about gender and everyday sexism. As Hofmeyr has said:

She has been judged by her appearance and now that her situation has changed (and she’s no longer a wife) she needs to find her identity outside of her label.

See more from Trophy Wife Barbie at Dangerous Minds (NSFW-ish)

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Totally Fab Pics Taken At Disco Clubs In The 1970s

Many aspects of the Disco era can be summed up with one Rick James quote from Chappelle's Show- "cocaine is a hell of a drug".

It's almost impossible to think of the Disco era without thinking of how  drugs fueled the seemingly never-ending dance parties and made people think it was okay to dress like this:

Clubs like Studio 54, club Xenon and FunHouse played host to those beautiful young people who just wanted to boogie the night away- and one free spirited senior affectionately known as "Disco Granny":

Now I'm not saying Disco, and those involved in the scene, needed drugs to survive and thrive, but how do you explain what's happening in this photo without including a reference to drugs?

See 29 Pictures That Show Just How Crazy 1970s Disco Really Was here (NSFW-ish)

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Cutting Open A Creepy FACE BANK To See What's Inside

Ever since I first laid eyes on FACE BANK, the creepy robotic bank that swallows change, I've wanted to dissect it and see what lies beneath that blank stare.

I wondered- does the little coin muncher have a creepy robotic skull like a tiny T-800?, Is its tiny jaw strong enough to bite off a human finger? and does that creepy little guy feel pain?

(YouTube Link)

Thanks to this video shared by father and son duo What's Inside? I don't have to spend my hard earned money on a FACE BANK to see what lies beneath its silicone skin.

And, most importantly, I don't have to explain to our robotic overlords why I sliced off the face of their offspring just to see what's inside...

-Via Laughing Squid

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Ten Things You Should Know About Spray Paint

(Image Link)

When you get serious about making stuff you start to appreciate one trusty friend who's there for you throughout your crafting career- the aerosol can.

Aerosol spray covers quickly and easily, with minimal mess and practically no clean up, and nowadays many different mediums are available in spray cans, from chalkboard paint to water proof sealant.

But the most popular medium is spray paint, which is more convenient to use than brush-on paint, dries evenly and leaves no brush strokes, so your project has a uniform coat and a professional look.

So why use spray paint instead of a regular latex or acrylic paint out of the can?

It adheres to damn near everything you want to paint (they even have a spray paint for plastic that works like a charm), you rarely have to sand or prime the surface you're painting, and you can apply multiple coats without caking or flaking.

Read 10 Things You Should Know About Spray Paint here

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The Beautiful Vancouver Beach Town With Only One Resident

Life in a beautiful coastal town sounds idyllic to those who love the beach life and consider a day spent staring at the sea as a day well spent.

But between pollution, erosion, tsunamis, rising water levels and earthquakes many coastal towns are discovered to be less than ideal places to live, so people move out and leave the beach be.

That's what happened in the Vancouver town of Jordan River- the frequent earthquakes, and floods triggered by the earthquakes, left the town empty- except for one resident who refuses to move.

72-year-old Hugh Pite divides his time between his homes in Jordan River and nearby Brentwood Bay, and even though he has been warned of the dangers of living in Jordan River he says he'll never leave:

"I'm right across the road from the water and I go out there and I go surfing," Pite told CBC News. "If I didn't have the place there, I'd have to drive an hour and a half each way, which is in my opinion far more dangerous than the very slight chance of an earthquake."

Pite first learned to surf while living abroad in Australia in his early 20s. When he returned home to Vancouver Island in his early 30s, according to the Times Colonist, he came to know the surfing community in Jordan River. He purchased a home there in 1987.

The town has changed a lot since then—in the last year alone, it has dwindled from 100 residents—but Pite isn't concerned. He's keeping his little slice of paradise, even if that means "it's going to be a bit lonely," he says.

"It's quite possible I become so decrepit that I can't surf anymore," he said. "But I can still come here and look out the window and surf vicariously."

Read Vancouver Beach Town Has One Resident here

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