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Why You Should Never Play Hide-And-Seek With A Cat

(Image Link)

Most dogs don't get the hiding part of hide and seek, although they are really good at seeking thanks to their keen senses, but if cats want to hide and stay hidden, even in plain sight, they have the power to do so.

(Image Link)

Cats have mastered the arts of camouflage, burrowing and diversion, and if all else fails they will just use their ninja like climbing abilities to head to higher ground, so they can ambush the seeker if need be.

(Image Link)

So if your cat invites you to play hide-and-seek you may want to politely decline and distract them with some catnip, or else you're playing right into their paws.

(Image Link)

See Photographic Proof That Cats Are The Greatest Hide And Seek Champions Ever here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Have You Had Your Stress Dream Today?

Our dreams transport us to a magical kingdom full of fun and imagination when we're young, but then our pragmatic adult minds come in and take a wrecking ball to the kingdom, killing our imaginary friends in the process.

This transition is sadly unavoidable because, as this comic by Dami Lee shows, we can't maintain a carefree state of mind when stress dreams keep reminding us magic kingdoms are expensive and really far away.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Photos Of Winter Weather Turning Cars Into Works Of Art

(Image Link)

Jack Frost is one amazing artist, but the cool, muted palette of winter is a bit limiting, so Jack has to go looking for places to put up his art other than a canvas or a city wall- so he slaps coats of cold on our cars.

(Image Link)

His icy art comes in many forms, from simple sheets to dangerously avant garde icicles, but my favorite car-based works by Frost involve feathers.

(Image Link)

But Jack refuses to restrict himself to any one style of art, and for every pretty and pleasant work he creates Jack counters with an edgier piece that really challenges the viewer.

This work challenges the car owner to open their door without shattering the window!

(Image Link)

See 10+ Times Winter Turned Cars Into Art here

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Kick-Ass Movie Poster Art By Frank McCarthy

Movie poster artwork is supposed to capture the feel of the film, but over the years creativity has been replaced with generic mass appeal, leaving movie posters looking dull and lifeless.

But it's hard to tell just how boring they've become until you check out these action packed movie posters by Frank McCarthy.

Frank's posters were made for people who like to watch movies full of action, and his posters are so dynamic they're often more exciting to view than the movies they're advertising!

Frank created amazing poster artwork for movies like Where Eagles Dare, The Dirty Dozen, The Dark of the Sun (aka The Mercenaries) and Thunderball, and his art style influenced generations of comic artists looking to put the "pop" back in pop culture.

See The Kick-Ass Movie Poster Art Of Frank McCarthy here

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Comic Characters Who Started Out As A Joke

Rocket Raccoon became a big hit with fans after appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy, The Tick is about to have his third TV show, and Howard the Duck got his own (albeit crappy) movie decades before Spider-Man.

Know what else these characters all have in common? They all started out as joke characters that became seriously popular.

Rocket Raccoon was initially named Rocky, created as an homage to the Beatles song, but after his first few guest appearances he became popular enough to get his own mini-series.

Then we didn't see him again for like 25 years...but now Rocket's one of the most popular Marvel Comics characters of all time!

The Tick started out as an absurdist parody of superheroes Ben Edlund created for the New England Comics newsletter, and folks liked The Tick so much he became the comic chain's mascot.

Ben began drawing Tick strips for the NEC newsletter, and then the company got into the business of making their own comics and started releasing The Tick as a series.

Lastly there's my favorite cigar chompin' duck Howard, who was created by Steve Gerber as a gag but became a pluckin' hero.

Howard came from an alternate Earth full of funny animals instead of humans, so he was the perfect everyduck to star in a comic series that satirizes American culture and genre fiction.

The original Howard The Duck series dealt with existentialist themes and life in a multiverse, and this is the series' main joke, according to Gerber-

"that life's most serious moments and most incredibly dumb moments are often distinguishable only by a momentary point of view."

See 15 Popular Comic Book Characters That Started As Jokes here

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The All-Female Skate Crews You Can Follow On Instagram

Back in the day both guys and girls enjoyed riding skateboards, but by the time vert and street skating became a pro sport the boys ruled the skate park.

There were always a few female skaters around, but in the 80s and 90s girls just didn't seem that in to the idea of skating on the streets, and therefore had less of a presence during those "Skate or Die" years.

But now female skaters are riding out in full force and forming crush-worthy crews to let the boys know they came to SK8 hard.

Crews like The Skate Witches, Nefarious Skate Crew and the Santa Cruz Lady Lurkers are getting all kinds of love on Instagram, where they're inspiring a new generation of female skaters to roll out.

See The All-Female Skate Crews You Need To Follow On Instagram here

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Gamer Grandma Gets Gritty In Conan Exiles

Conan ain't your grandma's fantasy hero, and his adventures are full of the kinds of things most polite people try not to discuss with their grandmas.

But Shirley Curry ain't your average grandma, as established by her love of Skyrim, so she's not afraid to embrace the bloody and lustful world of Conan Exiles.

Just don't expect to see a pro gamer playthrough, because as Shirley says "I don't know meanings of things, I just play games!"

(YouTube Link)

I wonder how Shirley would feel about this game if she knew it had an "endowment" slider during male character creation and genital physics? Heck, I don't know how I feel about that!!

-Via GameTyrant

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The Faces Behind Your Favorite Comics Revealed!

Many comic artists reveal a bit (or a whole lot) about themselves through their comics, and yet they often remain unseen.

Sometimes this is by design, because they're shy or they want their comic to speak for itself, but more often than not it's because we're too busy posting their comics to speak on the creator.

So let's change that, shall we?

This grinning man is Brian Gordon, the guy who draws that duck you love in Fowl Language Comics.

And this gorgeous gal in the striped sweater is Sarah Andersen, the creator of Sarah's Scribbles, aka that comic you relate to and adore.

Neither of them look anything like the characters they draw, but Cassandra Calin draws a spot-on cartoon version of herself for her comic C. Cassandra.

The guy at the top of the post is Chris Grady, creator of Lunarbaboon, and he also looks a lot like his character, but the creator of Catana Comics, Catana Chetwynd, has a much smaller and more detailed head than her character.

See 10+ Faces Behind Famous Comics You've Probably Never Seen Before here

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These Colorful Illustrations Will Test Your Knowledge Of Hollywood Movies

Filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and David Fincher have had pretty eclectic careers in Hollywood because they don't limit themselves to any one genre or style of filmmaking.

And even though Abrams and Spielberg are best known for their sci-fi projects they've both done a great job of writing and/or directing serious dramas too, like Regarding Henry and The Color Purple.

Illustrator Maria Suarez-Inclan creates colorful montages she calls "Hollywood Kits", representing the careers of these writers/directors, which kinda ends up looking like a bunch of stuff laid out on a flea market vendor's blanket.

The movies and TV shows represented in each piece are listed at the bottom but it's still hard to figure out where all the symbols belong, and Martin Scorsese's is definitely the hardest.

See more of Maria Suarez-Inclan's Colorful Illustrations at JazJaz

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Vintage Photos From The Golden Age MGM Cartoon Studio

There are more animated shows and movies made today than ever before thanks to digital art and animation software, which speeds up the process and allows for a few people to do the work of a dozen.

But back in the pre-digital days cartoonmaking was a very hands on process, with gangs of animators doodling their way through reams of paper, painters painting cels and backgrounds, and zany noisemakers creating that iconic cartoon sound.

These fun vintage photos give us a behind-the-scenes look at how Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer cartoon studio made the animated series Tom & Jerry during its golden age, circa the mid-1940s.

The pics are from a chapter in the classic Gene Byrnes book The Complete Guide To Cartooning called "How Animated Cartoons Are Made", written by Executive Producer at MGM Fred Quimby.

It'll make you appreciate how much work went into those cat and mouse cartoons!

See full chapter on How Animated Cartoons Are Made here

-Via Cartoon Brew

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Lonely Widower Posts Ad For A New Fishing Buddy On Classified Site

The older you get the more you're forced to deal with loss- the loss of physical and mental prowess, loss of friends and loved ones, and the loss of interest in activities we once enjoyed.

But getting back to doing those things you used to enjoy can help you recover from a loss, and it might help you make new friends too.

Ray Johnstone of Lewiston South, Australia, used to be an avid fisherman, and after his wife and his best friend passed away the 75-year-old decided to hit the internet in search of a new fishing mate.

He posted his fishing friend request on Facebook first but got no responses, so he decided to post a request on the classified ad site Gumtree, with his friendship marked as "free":

Much to Ray's surprise his Gumtree ad went viral and hooked him a real life fishing mate from Brisbane, 22-year-old Mati Batsinilas, who treated Ray to an all expenses paid fishing trip off the Queensland coast.

-Via Good Housekeeping  and ABC

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Watching Robots Stuck Doing Repetitive Tasks Can Be Stressful

When robots are stuck performing repetitive tasks the part of our mind that anthropomorphizes objects starts to feel sorry for them, but bots don't know any better so your pity is wasted on them.

Still, it can be a bit stressful to watch helpless robots do mind-numbingly repetitive tasks typically done by humans, especially when you know the cycle won't end until their motors give out.

Vicious Cycle from Michael Marczewski on Vimeo.

This 3D animated short by Michael Marczewski makes you think about life, work, and whether it would be all that bad if robots did all those boring jobs for us, because they can be rebuilt.

-Via Sploid

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Some Of The Weirdest And Hokiest Minor League Baseball Logos

Minor League baseball teams don't have as much money as their Major League cousins, and they don't fill fancy stadiums built just for them like MLB teams either.

But the Minors try to even up the score with fun promotions, awesome between-inning contests, and by having the wackiest mascots and team names in baseball. 

Going to see the Ogden Raptors play ball sounds like an adventure, bringing jokes about naming the stadium Jurassic Park to mind.

But the raptor on their logo doesn't look like he can round the bases very fast or hit worth a damn- because his arms are all wonky and his feet are straight busted.

The Asheville Tourists, on the other hand, look and sound like a team you can get behind.

Thinking of baseball teams as tourists is a clever idea, and their logo is sweet like Cracker Jack popcorn!

The Daytona Cubs logo, on the other hand, is bad enough to get fans outta their seats and booing like crazy, because it looked outdated when it was created back in 93.

Lemme guess- the team's theme song is "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred? The bear says it all...

See Giving awards to 12 of the strangest, weirdest and most retro logos in recent Minor League history here

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8 Tips For Hosting A Board Game Night For Adults

The biggest problem with all the epic board games on the market today isn't the price, the complexity or the low print numbers, it's the fact that you typically need three plus people to play.

Games labeled 2+ players usually aren't as fun when played by just two people, and yet these amazing games tend to frighten potential players off with all their rules, dice and pieces (oh so many pieces!).

So do like this Cracked video suggests and invite the right people, pick a game that's easy to play, serve up some booze to lighten the mood but keep your drunk friend from ruining the game and you'll have a box full o' fun!

(YouTube Link)

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Facts You May Not Know About Diff'rent Strokes

Television shows like Diff'rent Strokes, Webster and The Cosby Show used the family sitcom formula to improve race relations in the 80s, picking up where shows like Good Times, The Jeffersons and What's Happening!! left off in the 70s.

But 80s sitcoms learned how to use the power of cute kids to their advantage, and Diff'rent Strokes star Gary Coleman was the cutest of the bunch.

(Image Link)

Diff'rent Strokes was built around 10-year-old Gary, who was originally set to star in a reboot of The Little Rascals declined by the network, and starring on the show made Gary the highest paid comedic actor for a moment.

This meteoric pay raise was thanks to his parents/managers, who bulldogged the network into giving Gary unprecedented salary bumps- he went from $1800 an episode in the first season to a staggering $70,000 per episode.

(Image Link)

Gary made the show his own, tweaking the catchphrase into the "Wutchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" we know and love and working hard for a huge salary he would only see about 25% of, since his parents were "misappropriating" his funds.

He later sued his parents and won $1.3 million for their mishandling of his trust fund.

Read 13 Things You Might Not Know About Diff'rent Strokes at mental_floss

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When eBay Sold Longing And Loss

Back in the late 90s/early 00s, when eBay was young and most packages were sent without tracking, buying stuff online was a risky affair.

Auction winners sent in their payments, generally in the form of a money order, then sat around praying their package would arrive, preferably unmangled, in the next two to four weeks.

Some of these packages contained the stuff dreams are made of, and as this comic from The Odd 1s Out shows those lost and otherwise unreceived packages full of happiness will haunt us for the rest of our lives. AND NOW MY COLLECTION WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE! WAAAAAGGH!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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SEGA Has Uploaded An Entire Catalog Of Retro Game Music To Spotify

Retro video game enthusiasts love everything about those old school games- the gameplay, the silly storylines, the difficulty, the awesome pixel sprites and, of course, that uniquely cheesy soundtrack music.

Those simple and catchy chiptunes were made to get stuck in your head for days on end, and the songs created for SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog franchise are among the catchiest and the cheesiest.

If you're ready to let the sound of Sonic into your head for good then you'll be excited to hear SEGA has uploaded an entire catalog of music from their old games to Spotify, including songs from Sonic, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and more!

-Via GameTyrant

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Cat Jumps At Door Until Her Human Goes Out And Plays With Her

Cats want humans to leave them alone until they really, really want humans to pay attention to them, at which point they pull out all stops to make sure all human eyes are on them.

Some cats use the power of the meow to get attention, others knock stuff off shelves and counters to ensure they're not ignored, like furry little Nihilists.

But Nala the Norwegian Forest cat (previously at Neatorama) has a cuter method of calling her humans- she jumps at the door and peeks at them through the window until they come out and play.

(YouTube Link)

How could anyone ignore the call of the wild Nala?

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Wolverine's Craziest Retcons

When a comic series goes on for a really long time, and characters go through a bunch of adventures that change their story as well as the limitations of their powers, writers bring in the retcons to tie up all the loose ends.

Retcons are a cheap and easy way to explain away any discrepancies in a character's storyline, and few superheroes have had their story retconned as much as our feral pal Wolverine.

Wolverine was initially referred to as Weapon X, then Weapon X became the name of the whole super-soldier program that laced his bones with adamantium and temporarily broke his brain.

A few retcons later the "X" in Weapon X was ultimately revealed to be a Roman numeral, meaning Wolvie was project 10 and even Captain America is considered to be part of the "Weapon Plus" program.

That's some mighty convenient retconning, but not as convenient as Wolverine's healing factor retcon, because at first he took a lot longer to recover from grievous injuries, leaving Logan laid up for weeks.

By the 90s Wolvie's healing factor had gone mega, because according to writers it improved every time he used it, so he was able to recover from being fully incinerated in just a few hours.

But to me the weirdest and most ridiculous retcon of them all is the bit about Sabertooth being Wolverine's father.

Sabertooth became Wolvie's archenemy because they both have a very savage fighting style, but Chris Claremont tried to to serve up a fastball special by having Sabertooth reveal Logan was his son.

In the next issue Nick Fury conducts a DNA test and proves Sabertooth isn't Logan's father, making the whole thing feel like a bad episode of the Maury show! Sabertooth, you are not the father!

See Wolverine's 15 Craziest Retcons here

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Aurora, Illinois Is Celebrating The 25th Anniversary Of Wayne's World In A Big Way

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Wayne's World, the most excellent SNL movie adaptation of all time, and nobody is celebrating the anniversary like Wayne & Garth's home town of Aurora, Illinois.

In fact, Aurora is celebrating Wayne's World for six months straight, starting in February and ending on the fourth of July with the largest mass headbanging session ever- to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", naturally.

(YouTube Link)

The event started off on February 3rd at First Fridays, "a monthly celebration of art, music, and culture" where guests were encouraged to wear their Wayniest and Garthiest attire for some righteous fun, including:

Santori Public Library, 101 S. River St., is open with several Wayne’s World activities including Stan Makita’s Donut Shop, “Take a Shot at Wayne and Garth” (goalie shots in the Atrium), Two Minutes of Excellent Fame: Don a Wayne or Garth wig, hat, glasses, flannel, and video a line from the movie. Flannel Impromptu Art Gallery: “WW’s Fashion Strut & Selfie.” 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

(Image Link)

Read The Hilarious Way Aurora, Illinois Plans To Celebrate Wayne's World's 25th Anniversary here

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Watch Deadly Animals Attack In Slow Motion

Deadly animal attacks are best viewed on a screen from the safety of your own home, because when you run into a deadly animal in the wild you should give them a wide berth or suffer the painful consequences.

That's not to say all animals deemed deadly will be looking to sink their fangs, bill, beak or bony ridge into you should you cross paths, but it's more pleasant to watch them strike when you're well out of range.

Oh, and watching it in slow motion looks really cool!

(YouTube Link)

This video from BBC Earth Unplugged shows how an owl, croc, chameleon, praying mantis and more look while they strike, in super slow motion so you can study their style before your next dinner party.

-Via Sploid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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These Existentialist Memes Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence

It doesn't take much to trigger an existential crisis for some people, just ask them the right question or say aloud their private thoughts of self doubt and watch the crisis unfold upon their face.

If you feel like you're on the verge of having an existentialist meltdown then you should probably refrain from reading the "thought provoking" memes shared by the Instagram account textsfromyourexistentialist.

This suggestion is for your own safety, because any one of these memes could trigger a crisis that will take you months, if not years, of therapy to defuse.

See Question Your Own Existence and Trigger Your Next Existential Crisis With 'Texts From Your Existentialist' here (NSFW language)

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The Strangest Things Andrew W.K. Has Done In The Name Of Partying

Partying is an integral part of the rock star lifestyle, and Andrew W.K. has turned the art of partying into an electrifying persona, a subject of song and a lucrative career.

And even though Andrew's version of partying is often far tamer than that of his fellow rockers he still spends a lot of time and energy maintaining his persona and staying pumped to party.

While those other guys are out drinking and doing drugs for days on end Andrew is partying his way- by playing drums for 24 hours straight in Times Square and breaking the Guinness world record for "longest drum session at a retail store".

He even got to hang with Lil Bub before setting a world record, which is what kept him going during that long day of drumming.

Andrew's partying once earned him an invitation to become the U.S. ambassador of partying to Bahrain, which he turned down because he had too much partying to do here in the States.

And to top it all off Andrew gives a great interview, watch him tackle a tough question with just one word. Nailed it!

(YouTube Link)

See The 13 Weirdest Things Andrew Did In The Name Of Partying here

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This Giant Panda Loves To Pose For Selfies With Tourists

Getting a wild animal to take a selfie with you is really hard to do, and the human often gets battered like an annoying paparazzo just for trying, but the giant panda in these pics clearly likes humans- and posing for selfies.

It almost seems like the giant panda posing for the pics, like it knows that thing on a stick is taking a picture of him, but that's impossible, right? It seems that way until you see this pic:

The panda is clearly looking into the camera!

Taking a selfie with a giant panda is one of the amazing services offered by the Dujiangyan Panda Base in Chengdu city, China, which may explain why this pretty panda is such a good poser.

See This Giant Panda Has Mastered The Selfie Game here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Forgotten China Girls Hidden At The Beginning Of Old Movies

Have you ever heard the term "China Girl" and wondered what it meant? It has nothing to do with race, at least not when used in filmmaking, and it has nothing to do with the David Bowie song.

The China Girl was a model photographed by a filmmaker to help the lab technician calibrate their equipment while processing the film, a reference plate to help the technician get the colors right.

The term China Girl is a reference to the mannequins made of porcelain (china) filmmakers used in this function, and eventually came to refer to the live models who posed for these test shots as well.

And even though the live models weren't always thrilled to pose as China Girls for a filmmaker, they must have liked knowing their photo was seen by audiences before the main feature!

In 2011 the Chicago Film Society began collecting China Girl portraits and sharing them online in their Leader Ladies Project, many of which can be seen in this surreal short by Julie Buck and Karin Segal.

(YouTube Link)

See The Forgotten 'China Girls' Hidden At The Beginning Of Old Films here

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See The Colorful Side Of Buenos Aires With A Street Art Tour

Every traveler wants (or expects) to see something different when they visit a foreign country, and these sights are often what draws them to that particular destination.

Personally, I like to visit places with an active art scene, and it's an added bonus if they have a bunch of awesome street art on the walls while I walk around town, which is what makes Buenos Aires seem so appealing.

The street art scene is exploding in Buenos Aires, so non-profit organization Graffitimundo is now offering a guided tour of the city that focuses on all the amazing street art popping up around the city.

Graffitimundo works with artists and galleries to bring the people to the freshest pieces and art spaces around town, and at about $25 a ticket it's an artsy trip anyone can afford!

(Image Link)

Read "See Buenos Aires differently with GraffitiMundo street art tour" here

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Dad Takes Photo Of His Baby Boy And His Beagle Every Month For Two Years

Taking pictures of your newborn baby alongside the family dog is a cherished tradition, and it's fun to watch the infant grow into a toddler and then a child alongside their furry family member.

British Army photographer Timothy Jones began this tradition when his darling son Stan was born, shooting the first pic of Stan alongside their beagle Jasper when Stan was just a few weeks old.

Twenty four monthly photos later Timothy had an adorable set of "baby and dog = best friends" pics and an unique documentation of Stan's growth during the first two years of his life.

And old Jasper looks like he hasn't aged a week!

-Via Shareably

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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How Rivals Mario And Sonic Became Friends At The Olympic Games

(Image Link)

Sonic the hedgehog and Mario the moustachioed plumber don't seem to have much in common aside from the white gloves and cartoonishly oversized shoes.

But both characters have one major thing in common that made them rivals for decades- they were the main representatives for competing gaming console manufacturers.

SEGA created Sonic to compete with Nintendo's superstar Mario, and the two companies had a rocky relationship until a global event brought the two rivals together- the Olympic Games.

(YouTube Link)

Did You Know Gaming? took a look at the decades of gaming industry rivalry that was magically transformed into a friendship between Mario and Sonic at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

-Via GameTyrant

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Vintage Photos From Amtrak's Early Days

The Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970 resulted in the creation of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, better known as Amtrak, and the new train on the scene came in full steam ahead.

Amtrak wanted their company to look as stylish and contemporary as possible, so they brought the latest fashion and a splash of color to the drab American railroad.

The train attendants wore hot pants and go-go boots, the trains featured modern decor, extremely luxurious first class seating, and lots of vibrant red inside and out.

This is the Turboclub car, a first class car with two-by-one seating, large viewing windows, reading lamps, flip down tables and the most luxurious velour seating.

Too red for you? Then you would have preferred the subdued browns of the Metroliner Club car, which featured swivel seats, a phone booth and food and beverage service at your seat.

See What Riding Amtrak Was Like In The 1970s here

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Airbnb Is Battling The Winter Blues With The "Outside In" House

Psychologists suggest we go out and get some sun to combat Seasonal affective disorder, but seeing some green with the sunlight is a lot more effective at curing the winter blues than mere sun alone.

So Airbnb and Pantone teamed up to create the "Outside In" house in London, where people can walk in from the grey winter outside and find themselves "glamping" in an indoor forest.

There's an adorable tent set up for the kids, stump seats so renters can chat with the trees, a two person tub, an herb garden kitchen and a greenhouse/dining space perfect for potting over pancakes.

-Via Bored Panda

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