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Ghost Photographs - Little Spectral Paintings On Found Images

Even though we can’t see them with the naked eye, there are ghosts hanging around everywhere we go, revealed in the developed photographic image. In fact, some of our friends and neighbors are ghosts, at least according to Angela Deane’s Tumblr site Ghost Photographs.

Angela ghostifies found photographs with a little paint and a lot of tongue in cheek, revealing the spectral side of the human world and using her skills as a ghost whisperer for good.

Turns out all those Halloween costumes we were right- ghosts really do wear white sheets with cut out holes for eyes, I guess those costumes weren’t so cheesy after all!

-Via Booooooom!

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Impressive Papercraft Phoenix Sculpture By Zim & Zou

Paper has been used as an artistic medium for centuries, with papercraft creations used as decorative elements and inexpensive works of art by many cultures across the globe.

This amazing papercraft phoenix sculpture created by papercraft superstars Zim & Zou looks like it could be the centerpiece for a fiery fall festival. However, this particularly vibrant work was created for a pro-recycling campaign put together by French environmental organization Ecofolio.

The phoenix looks so delicate, with intricately detailed layered elements that look like they’d end up ripped or wrinkled during transportation, but surprisingly this papercraft masterpiece was placed on display under glass at a bus stop in Paris. 

-Via Laughing Squid

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Morrissey And Phil Lynott Go Head To Head On Pop Quiz

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Pop Quiz is a star studded British game show that has been revived many times over the years yet never seems to live up to it's original incarnation from the 80s, mostly because pop stars were way cooler back then.

This totally rockin' episode from 1984 stars Kim Wilde, Derek Forbes from Simple Minds, rock legend Philip Lynott and the Moz himself- Morrissey!

Watch as Morrissey suddenly regrets his decision to appear on this painfully milquetoast show, laugh as the host in the funny shirt, Mike Read, tries to act like he’s totally New Wave while using hip lingo like “groovy” and calling people “captain”, and wonder how they got Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott to stay so mellow throughout the entire show. 

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Thomas Card Documents Tokyo Street Style

Tokyo’s Harajuku district is known as the place to go if you want to see outrageous street fashions and uniquely Japanese counterculture movements, and even those who are in the know can’t seem to keep up with all the iterations of style which are constantly appearing in this most fashionable district.

Photographer Thomas Card travelled to Japan one year after the tsunami devastation to document some cutting edge Japanese street styles for his book Tokyo Adorned, but unlike previous photo series featuring Harajuku style Card’s series documents the subjects in front of a white background, so their crazy clothes and accessories can take center stage.

There are so many different elements to their outfits that it may take a second or third look to see it all, and can you imagine how long it takes them to get dressed?

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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This Is The Corey Feldman Music Video You've Been Waiting For

(Video Link)

Don’t call it a comeback, he’s been here for years, you just haven’t been able to see him because he hasn’t been in any TV shows, or movies, he’s been playing music and trying to keep Corey from being so Corey.

Corey Feldman is back, with a new music video for his band Corey’s Angels called Corey Feldman’s “DUH!”

In the video we see Corey wearing his signature Michael Jackson inspired outfits, busting some MJ style moves and clowning around classic TV style with a bunch of scantily clad babes.

I'm sure you'll have lots of questions after watching the video, but unfortunately there are simply no answers to be found. This is, after all, a product of the enigma known as Corey Feldman.

-Via Cheezburger

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Images Of Bears Doing Human Things

(Image Via Imgur)

(Image Via Kevin Dietrich)

There’s a reason they chose a bear to be the star of so many cartoon shows, from Yogi to Baloo to the Three Bears in those Looney Tunes shorts, because very few critters act as humanistic as bears.

When a bear stands up and gives you a wave you can almost see your big, hairy uncle doing the same thing, and when they hold a newspaper, sit at a picnic table waiting for a basket full of goodies to come their way, or simply stick their tongue out at the photographer we instantly imagine a friend or family member doing the same thing.

Enjoy this selection of images showing Bears Doing Human Things, put together by the animal loving folks at Bored Panda.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Stomach Churning Series Of Photographs

The best way to see what lies inside your stomach is to get a scalpel and split yourself wide open, or shrink a ship full of photographers down to the size of a pill and swallow them whole.

But the best way to see what your stomach acid will do to anything it comes in contact with is to swallow some film and see what happens.

That’s the idea behind “I turn myself inside out” by Luke Evans and Joshua Lake- frames of unexposed film were swallowed then retrieved after digestion (nicest way to put it), then the film was examined under an electron microscope and enlarged images, like the one above, were printed.

Here's the idea behind the series from the creators:

There is a physicality to film that we wanted to explore: the soft emulsion layer, its thickness, the way it reacts to touch and temperature. At this point we were really excited because there was absolutely no way to envision how the results would look, and that no two would be the same: would the film's gelatin content be completely digested by enzymes? Would we ever get the film back?

-Via Wired UK

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Photographer Captures The Strange World Of Creative Dog Grooming

The world of creative dog grooming revolves around color usage, contour shapes, and other design principles that feel right at home in print but are hard to imagine seeing on your pet.

Paul Nathan is a fashion photographer who was captivated by the strange beauty of creatively groomed canines, specifically those who compete in a national competition called Intergroom, so he put his pretty pictures of dogs looking rather ridiculous into a book appropriately entitled Groomed.

Dogs that have undergone a creative grooming makeover look fine on stage with the other colorful contestants, but they would look completely ridiculous walking around the neighborhood!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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PBS Off Book Examines The Rise Of Video Game Economies

(Video Link)

The billion dollar virtual economies created by massively multiplayer online video games are something very few people saw coming in the 80s, when video games were just beginning to hold their own against other popular forms of media.

Even more surprising is how fast these virtual economies sprang up, and how people around the world are now making a living farming for loot in video games like World of Warcraft and EVE Online.

This episode of the PBS series Off Book focuses on the strange virtual economies created by video games, and how this internal economic snafu has become quite a headache for both the game studios and international law enforcement officials. Dern gold farmers, dey tuker jobs!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Every Spider-Man Ever Will Appear In Upcoming Series Event

No other superhero has had as many imitators, incarnations or variations as that wisecracking webhead Spider-Man, and even though it’s hard to keep track of all the men and women who have donned the Spidey suit it’s easy to see why Marvel loves coming up with new versions of their most popular hero.

Series writer Dan Slott revealed an upcoming series event called Spider-Verse which will feature “every Spider-Man from every universe” in one big ol’ web slinging bonanza that will start in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and expand across multiple titles. And what's the best part about this crazy event? Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham will be there!!!!

-Via ComicsAlliance

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Mini-Doc About South African Train Surfers - Staff Riding

(Video Link)

When the railroad cars come roaring into towns in South Africa some of the locals see it as an opportunity to take a ride and advance the dangerous sport of train surfing.

Marc Casino’s mini-doc Staff Riding focuses on these rail riding rebels, revealing how these thrill seekers relieve their angst by throwing on some sweet Adidas gear and staring death in the empty socket.

It’s good to know these guys feel that train surfing is a better outlet than violence and armed robbery, but if they want to make train surfing into a real sport they need to get their hands on some Adidas helmets and athletic pads because athletes need to live to play again.

-Via Booooooom!

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A Terrifying Robot That Will Gyrate Her Way Into Your Nightmares

(Video Link)

Robots can build cars, take a spin on Mars and generally do some pretty cool stuff, but are we already running out of ideas for uses?

You might assume that if you saw this gyrating robot dancer doing her hypnotic hip sway for them and didn’t know the back story, but this scary robo-gal is an art installation created strictly for entertainment purposes by Jordan Wolfson in conjunction with special effects studio Spectral Motion, and not necessarily the next step in robotic evolution.

So maybe she isn't the future of robo-tech, but it looks like Chuck E. Cheese is about to get a sexy new stripper to add to his animatronic band!

-Via io9

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First Episode Of Machinima's New Sci-Fi Web Series ENORMOUS

(Video Link)

Enormous is a web series with a mighty big name to live up to, and a highly competitive online market full of quality productions to vie against for viewers, but the Machinima and Prime Universe Films production looks like it might live up to its monicker.

Enormous tells a different kind of post apocalyptic tale- the world is overrun by monsters, and the remaining human survivors have to fight for survival or risk becoming a pile of critter crap.

It suffers from the usual first episode problems, namely generic dialog, slow pacing and actors still becoming familiar with their roles, but these problems are sure to be ironed out as the series gathers steam.

(NSFW due to language and violence)

-Via GeekTyrant

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A Boy Imagines A Day On The Town In This Animated Short - Around

(Video Link)

Around is the kind of animated short that some viewers may find disturbing, not because of mature content or language but because of the squiggly hand drawn animation style.

Around was created by Ryu Kato in 2010, and it's a visionary short full of living motion, lines and otherwise, with a rough illustrative style that comes off as a mixture of Bill Plympton style and the unnervingly twitchy look of Dr. Katz.

The premise is simply "A chain of dizzying images illustrate a day in an imaginary town as seen through the eyes of a boy", but there is a lot more to this short than a simple visionary trip around town.

-Via Cartoon Brew

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Real Life Tetris Art Installations By Michael Johansson

It can be a real pain to fit all of your stuff into a garage, storage space or closet, but thinking of the entire process as nothing but a big game of Tetris might make it easier.

Artist Michael Johansson is really good at playing Tetris in real life, with real life objects you'd find in storage, and his colorful puzzle game inspired art installations show his amazing ability to pack a bunch of junk into spaces of all shapes and sizes.

The objects in his installations fill every inch of space perfectly, and the color arrangement gives the whole arrangement a video game feel.

-Via Juxtapoz

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Blizzard Artist Gives Disney Movie Stills A Digital Painting Makeover

Animation has come a long way since the days of classic Disney animated features like 101 Dalmatians and The Sword In The Stone, and now that we use digital art and animation programs to make the whole process easier than ever before these classic films would have a very different look if they were made today.

Tyson Murphy is a lead character artist for Blizzard, and he decided to do a digital painting lighting study by painting over stills from old Disney films.

Tyson's versions look very painterly, and the characters definitely look more realistic, but for my money it's impossible to improve on the perfection of the original backgrounds. Tyson says he's planning to do more of these studies soon, may I suggest a scene from the Black Cauldron?

-Via Bored Panda

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Beware The Staten Island Clown

(Image Via Instagram)

(Image Via Instagram)

Coulrophobes had better steer clear of Staten Island for a while, until the local authorities take care of a certain creepy clown they’ve got lurking around the city streets.

He has become a bit of a local legend in the few short weeks he’s been clowning around the streets of S.I., because people claim he’s an elusive clown, appearing with a wave then disappearing back into the city before most of them can snap a pic.

Is this the same clown faced freak that has been haunting Northampton, England, or is this one of the British clown’s disciples? Whatever IT is, if you see the Staten Island clown prepare to laugh your head off!

-Via BuzzFeed

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Bizarre Helmets That Warp Facial Features

Helmets are worn to protect the head against flying objects and the elements, occasionally worn to keep a Sith lord alive and show the galaxy that he’s a total badass, but these are not the helmets you’re looking for if you need head protection.

These bizarre dome helmets distort facial features in fun ways, helping Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee create some truly unique portraits for a series called The Objectuals, a series where the subjects look like Space Age supervillains or something out of an anime series.

Hyungkoo definitely has an affinity for facial feature distortion, with another series called Face Trace you can check out on his site.

-Via Hi-Fructose

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Dad Asks Three-Year-Old To List All The Bad Words He Knows

(Video Link)

Toddlers are delightfully innocent, and any rude words that come rolling out of their mouth sound pretty darn funny, especially when they’re trying to prove how grown up they are.

Redditor PirbyKuckett asked his three-year-old son to list all the bad words he knows, and the kid’s reply is just what you’d expect from a grown up toddler.

You guessed it- butts, lots of butts, and one actual curse word at the end which makes this video awesomely NSFW, but that's what you get when you tell a kid "Tell me all the bad words you know...GO!"

-Via 22 Words

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Frank Zappa Played The Pope On Ren & Stimpy

(Video Link)

Once upon a time, way back in 1992, a little cartoon show about a dog and a cat called Ren & Stimpy was making waves with episodes about rubber nipples, a toast headed superhero, and all sorts of gross out gags parents felt were too extreme for kids.

But Ren & Stimpy wasn’t really a kiddie show, John Kricfalusi’s seminal animated freakout simply fell victim to the cartoon stigma built by Disney decades earlier, which established the idea that all TV cartoon shows should be made for kids.

Proof that Ren & Stimpy was not made for kids lies in the episode where Frank Zappa voiced the Pope, who is rescued by Powdered Toast Man and has to cling on to Toast Man's speedo clad buns as they fly through the air.

Boy, they sure don’t make cartoon shows like that anymore!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Game Of Thrones Advertising Fail

A note to those in charge of advertising for Game of Thrones- be careful where you place your billboard ads or you might not get a very kind reception from the people.

It seems someone dropped the ball when they decided to put up this billboard advertising season 4 of GoT with the slogan “All Men Must Die”, because the billboard is located right above the Santa Monica Pavilion, a building that provides residential care for the elderly. 

I’m sure plenty of people will be watching when the show premieres in early April, but I doubt many of the viewers are going to be senior citizens with an advertising slogan like that!

-Via Nerd Approved

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Commuting Would Be Better If You Could Ride A Giant Cat To Work

(Video Link)

Morning commutes can be rough, especially when you're riding public transportation to work, but it would all be so much more enjoyable if you could ride a giant cat to work!

You'd finally be able to catch up on the sleep you've been missing, the cat would provide you with a bath if you didn't have time to take one before work, and if giant rats attack the city you're sitting pretty atop your own rodent devouring machine.

This pleasantly ridiculous Japanese commercial for Lotte's Fit gum, who claims chewing will put you in a good mood, but if you can ride a giant cat to work without being in a good mood you're either allergic to cats or you'd prefer to ride the puppy to work.

-Via Kotaku

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The Family Album Of Lucybelle Crater

Photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard spent the better part of the 50s and 60s putting together this apocalyptic family portrait series, using his own family members as the subjects in a creepy collection that was way ahead of its time.

His wife wore an old hag mask and played the role of Lucybelle Crater, while other friends and family members donned masks and played along, creating the kind of family portraits only the Manson family could love.

The entire Family Album of Lucybelle Crater was collected in book form in 1974, two years after Meatyard's death, and I can’t help but wonder how many people received the book as a gift or bought a copy on a recommendation, then found the whole thing too disturbing to keep in the house!

-Via Juxtapoz

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Geekapella Presents - Robocop Theme 1987

(Video Link)

What’s the one thing that was missing from both the original and the remake version of Robocop? Some will say wizards, others will say aliens, but a select few will claim that what both movies were sorely lacking is some good ol' fashioned a capella style singing.

They are the Andy Bernards of the world, the Burton Gusters, the Carlton Banks’s’s, and they are the target audience for Max and Sam’s Geekapella version of the Robocop Theme (1987).

The date’s there to remind you that this song is dedicated to the original movie, and the dancing in the video- well, that’s just there to remind everyone that Max and Sam really know how to get down!

-Via Topless Robot

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Fifteen Fascinating Facts About Metal Gear Solid

The mysterious man known as Solid Snake has gone from a straight forward Special Ops type dude to the star of a video game franchise that keeps getting more surreal with each installment.

His name, and later his eyepatch, may have been lifted from Kurt Russell’s character in Escape From New York, but did you know that he’s supposed to have the body of Jean Claude Van Damme and the face of Christopher Walken?  

This strange fact and many more await your eyeballs as Gamma Squad presents 15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About Metal Gear Solid, so you can get up to speed just in time for the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

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Animal Sculptures Made Out Of Plastic Beach Litter

Cleaning up the beach can be fun- if you’re planning to make an awesome sculpture out of the litter when you’re done! These colorful animal sculptures were created by French artist Gilles Cenazandotti, and each one is made from plastic litter and odd bits of trash the artist “recycled” from beaches.

He calls the series Future Bestiary, and the animals which star in the series don’t look trashy at all, in fact it’s crazy how much detail and expression Gilles is able to capture in a well put together pile of waste.

These sculptures are a great example of what can be done with a bunch of junk, a bit of creativity and a ton of glue, but it’s sad how much plastic trash he was able to find on his local beaches.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Papercraft Light Boxes Full Of Fairy Tale Magic

(Video Link)

Papercraft artists Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker, who call themselves Hari & Deepti for short, have taken the fairy tale from the written word to papercraft images that tell a story full of mystery and excitement.

Their multi-layered designs are created using sheets of stiff watercolor paper, which they cut and arrange in layers to give the viewer a sense of depth, then they complete the fantasy effect by shining a light through the back, giving their pieces a wonderfully warm glow rarely seen in papercraft art works.

The included video shows the making of a piece called Rise and Skate, which was created for AIGA Colorado's Bordo Bello skateboard art show.

-Via Bored Panda

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Happy Gilmore As An 8-Bit Video Game

(Video Link)

He went from the ice to the eighteenth hole, punched Bob Barker square in the face and saw what the old guy was truly made of, and brought the hockey fans to the putting green much to the dismay of the country club crowd. He’s Happy Gilmore, and he really should have been the star of his own 8-bit video game!

The game would've had so many diverse gameplay elements- with a hockey playing segment, a golf segment, and plenty of butt kicking on every level, with plenty of yelling at the screen for good measure.

Too bad we’ll just have to settle for this 8-Bit Cinema animated short created by CineFix, which is great fun to watch but only makes me want to play a Happy Gilmore game even more!

-Via Uproxx

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The Bizarre Religious Mini Comics By Jack T. Chick

(Video Link)

Anyone who has come across one of Jack T. Chick’s little religious comics knows they’re full of strange messages, weird art that looks like it belongs in underground comix from the 60s and 70s, and a heavy handed delivery that often relies on shock to convince the reader they should pray for their sins.

Ironically, there is even an issue dedicated to the evil of reading comic books, which seems to fit right in with the rest of Jack's ridiculous messages that often make no sense.

Jack started creating his Chick tracts back in 1961, and since then over 200 volumes have found their way into the hands of believers, collectors and curious comic book fans who, more often than not, trip out on those odd little comic books created by Chick Publications.

You can read more about Jack Chick's strange little comics over at Dangerous Minds.

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These Jerboas Look Like Real Life Pokemon

Jerboas are technically desert dwelling rodents who live primarily in Northern Africa and Asia, but let's face it- they might actually be the cutest animals in existence.

With their adorable bean shaped bodies, long spindly legs, huge ears and big, round eyes these little suckers are so darn cute that people have been keeping them as pets for years.

But what else is there to a jerboa besides their ultimate cute factor, and the fact that they look like real life Pokemon?

Head over to BuzzFeed and you can read 19 Ways Jerboas Will Instantly Win Your Heart, and don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly wanting a little jerboa of your own!

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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