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Could You Bring Yourself To Kill Baby Hitler?

(Image Link)

It seems no story of time travel can exist today without mentioning the idea of going back in time and killing Hitler, which sounds like a good idea even though it's one mighty big butterfly to step on.

The theory has evolved to killing Baby Hitler, thereby eliminating the Nazi era from even happening and possibly preventing World War II altogether.

But this creates a new conundrum- could you kill a cute little baby, even if that baby would grow up to be one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century?

Jeb Bush recently said he'd have no problem killing Baby Hitler (actually, he responded to the question with an enthusiastic "Hell Yeah I Would!), but he's not a very good example of normal human morality.

Personally I think the time traveler vs. Hitler debate could be solved without any bloodshed by going back in time and buying Hitler's paintings, thereby legitimizing his art career.

Hitler the artist will be too busy drawing Disney characters and painting portraits of German Shepherds to bring the Nazi party to power, and thirty years later we'd spot him hanging out with Andy Warhol in SoHo!

-Via Know Your Meme

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24 Of The Best Sarcastic Dialogue Options From Fallout 4

The dialogue options are one of the most enjoyable elements in the Fallout franchise, and the fact that your decision actually affects how characters treat and perceive you makes chatting both fun and functional.

But nothing beats those snarky sarcastic line choices, which were apparently made into a mini game of sorts in Fallout 4 as players must hit the X button as soon as the option comes on the screen to fire off a sarcastic remark.

(Video contains spoilers)

(YouTube Link)

Fallout 4 is continuing the tradition of letting gamers play as a post-apocalyptic smartass, and as this video by OutsideXbox proves sarcasm is sweeter than Nuka-Cola when you're making friends outside the Vault.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Veteran Moved To Tears When A Letter He Wrote To His Wife During WWII Is Found

Precious mementos such as letters, trinkets and photographs are far too easy to lose during your lifetime, and when one of these beloved items is lost it leaves a hole in your heart that never heals.

Veteran Bill Moore was lonely and missing his significant other, just like most guys stationed overseas during WWII, and just like the others he made himself feel less lonely by writing his beloved Bernadean letters.

When Bill came home he married Bernadean, the letters becoming part of their love's legacy, but somewhere along the way one very important letter disappeared, only to reappear 70 years later in a thrift store in Colorado.

(YouTube Link)

It's amazing that something as easily lost as a love letter would be discovered so many decades later hiding in the sleeve of a record, I guess they didn't play that album very often!

-Via ViralThread

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Gohan Dead - How To Squash A Saiyan

Gohan Dead by Albertocubatas

Messing around with the energy contained in dragon balls can be a dangerous affair, and those who are willing and eager to collect and unlock that magical energy are just as dangerous as the balls themselves. But Grandpa Gohan knew what he was doing when he taught Goku about the Oozaru transformation, and Gohan was well aware of how unpredictable the Great Ape form can be. But risk is the name of the game for the living Saiyans, and sometimes a few heroes will have to fall so that others may rise higher...

Add some mighty geeky color to your wardrobe with this Gohan Dead t-shirt by Albertocubatas, it's the slammin' way to show your love for the mighty warriors from the DBZ universe.

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Dragon Ball Vegeta Family Dragon Tunes Down Dragon Kart

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HQT - Gryffindor - Wizards Aren't Known For Their Athletic Abilities

HQT- Gryffindor by Deadround

It's hard to tell who you should root for in the fast paced world of quidditch, well, except for the fact that only jerks root for Slytherin. It may seem like a no-brainer to root for Harry's squad, but one player doesn't make a team, even if that player is young Mr. Potter. So when you choose a side as teams battle their way to the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup finales remember- don't let a sorting hat do your team picking for you, just watch them play and go with the team you find most enchanting!

Celebrate your favorite fictional sport with this HQT- Gryffindor t-shirt by Deadround, it's a bold way to declare your allegiance to the most chivalrous and courageous house at Hogwarts!

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Columbia's Vigors Sir Daniel Fortesque The Cult Of Rapture HQT- Slytherin

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The Eagles Of Death Metal Discuss The Paris Terror Attacks

The Eagles Of Death Metal never wanted to be associated with an event as tragic as the terrorist attacks on Paris, but since fate dealt them that dark card they're now forced to come to grips with what they witnessed.

VICE sat down with the two guys at the core of the band- Jesse Hughes, who was present in Paris, and Josh Homme, who wasn't at the concert but is now raising money for the families of Paris Attack victims.

(YouTube Link)

People all over the world have been waiting to hear what The Eagles Of Death Metal have to say about that terrible day, and it appears our wait will be over when their VICE interview airs at the end of November.

-Via LAist

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Dogmuts - Backyard Brotherhood

Dogmuts by Olipop

It's hard to make friends in the Wasteland, and most animals you meet would rather take a bite outta ya than make friends, but that canine champ Dogmeat shows his loyalty with his life. Whether you're facing a squad of Super mutants or a pack of ornery Radscorpions he's the first to run into the fray, taking those fiends down and proving nuclear fallout is peanuts compared to the power of the almighty dog!

Sneak some snoopy style into your gamer-iffic wardrobe with this Dogmuts t-shirt by Olipop, it's pure gamer gold fresh from the vault!

Visit Olipop's Facebook fan page, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

I Have The Force Nuclear Beauty The Force Of The Family Unseen University

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Ellen DeGeneres' Greatest Celebrity Scares

 photo landscape-1448053832-gallery-1448038844-taylor_zpsbrgehz3z.gif

Ellen DeGeneres has truly enjoyed her time in the spotlight, bringing an infectious energy and loose fun to every project she's involved in, especially the day time talk show she's been hosting for twelve years now.

One of the most fun bits from her show is the scaring of celebrities, and to celebrate her 2,000th episode she shared a hilarious montage of her greatest celeb scares.

Continue reading

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Watch Tony Hawk Complete The First Ever Horizontal Loop

Tony Hawk is the undisputed king of sk8, and the fact that he's still creating then crushing tricks people never thought possible proves he's truly worthy of his skateboarding royalty status.

And even though we don't need further proof of his awesomeness Hawk keeps coming up with fun new ways to show off his amazing skills.

His latest feat of awesomeness is featured in this video: the gravity defying horizontal loop.

(YouTube Link)

This video obviously also doubles as an action packed commercial for the Sony Action Cam, which seems like a great idea because who better to help you sell your sports oriented camera than a skating superstar like Tony Hawk?

-Via Laughing Squid

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Creepy Dogs - The Canine Afterlife Ain't Pretty

Creepy Dogs by ManuelDA

Awwww, what a cute little...AAAGH! What the heck is that thing?! It looks like Frankenstein's dog, it's kinda cute and kinda disgusting, but what is that smell? Well, now that I've had a moment to realize this nightmare is real that weenie from before ain't so bad after all, but that bony fellow on the right is sending a chill up my spine! You could say that water goes right through a skeleton dog, but a ghost dog must have a thirst that can't be slaked! The fact that they're surrounded by Christmas presents makes zero difference, because one looks like it's made of scraps, one is scary as sheet, and the bony one won't stop grinning at me!

Share your love of cartoon dogs both living and deceased with this Creepy Dogs t-shirt by ManuelDA, and prove that even creepy dead dogs are still kinda cute somehow!

Visit ManuelDA's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Hell's Urn The Circus Three Brother's Tale (Black Magic Version) We're All Mad Here

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Adorably Punny Artwork By Arseniic

Everyone on the interwebs loves a wacky linguistic visualization, aka a funny pun pic, but when people try to bring puns to life with an illustration the funny tends to fall apart.

However, an illustrator who goes by the name Arseniic has begun drawing on her years of experience using pencils and pens to bring puns to life, and her punny little works of art are out of this world!

You can find Arseniic's bright and punny pieces on her Tumblr site Pundemonium, where the puns flow like turkey soup...

See more Cute And Funny Puns By Arseniic here

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Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces

Selfie obsession has taken vanity to new levels of low, and a few people have actually died while trying to take the perfect selfie during an extremely dangerous situation.

But selfies are generally safe, and the selfie obsessed really only have to worry about their reputation dying, as their posted pics cause people in their social media circles to lose respect for the selfie poster.

However, there's one seemingly backwards way to make the online world love you even more while you're constantly posting pics of your own face- post a before and after ugly face pic.

There's no better way to show off how good looking you really are than by posting an ugly face pic, and the fact that you're not afraid to laugh at yourself shows the beauty that resides within you!

See 27 Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces here

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Pixar's INSIDE OUT Recut Into A Psychological Thriller

Pixar's Inside Out had it all- a colorful cast of characters, an emotionally engaging storyline about how our emotions work, and a perfect 90 minute length that kept audiences from losing interest.

One thing it didn't have, however, were any thrills or chills, since psychologically disturbing elements don't belong in family friendly, PG rated movies.

But funny enough the film actually works quite well as a dark psychological thriller, at least according to this clever recut by CineMash.

(YouTube Link)

There must be something sinister lurking around in the minds of Pixar's writers and animators, because it's way too easy to recut their family friendly features into horror movies!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Hopf Fibration - Geometrically Gorgeous

Hopf Fibration by Henry Segerman

If you're the kind of person who hates when people stare at your t-shirt then this isn't the tee for you, but if you enjoy blowing minds by wearing an amazing work of art on your chest then you'll love owning this shirt! This design is for the mathematically minded, for those who appreciate the beauty of a geometric figure generated using Python scripts rendered in Rhino then processed and printed out through Illustrator. It's also just a good way to get people to stare at your chest all day!

Share the wonder of geometry with the world by wearing this Hopf Fibration t-shirt by Henry Segerman, it's a sure fire stunner!

Visit Henry Segerman's official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more utterly mind blowing designs:

(7,3,2) Triangle Tiling (White) Fudge Flake Fractal {3,7,3} Hyperbolic Honeycomb Figure 8 Knot Complement

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Drunk Parents Are Monsters In This Disturbing PSA

When PSAs talk about all the ways alcoholism can ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones they have a hard time painting a picture ugly enough to match the real face of the eternally drunk.

But the horrifying PSAs created for Finland's Fragile Childhood campaign are terrifying enough to drive the point home- straight through the eyeballs.

(YouTube Link)

The PSAs were created to scare kids into looking for warning signs that their parents are drinking the day away, but they're so frightening that some kids might start thinking their parents are actually monsters in disguise!

-Via Boing Boing

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Fifty Things You Can Make With Wood Pallets

(Tutorial Link)

DIY tutorials that show you how to turn what is essentially trash into something functional or fun can be hit or miss, but when you've got fifty different tutorials to choose from you can't go wrong!

In this case they're all about how to reuse wooden pallets, the kind people usually burn in the desert or in a beach bonfire like so much scrap wood, and the projects are not only nifty- many retain the original pallet look.

Three of my personal favorites from Instructable user xxlauraxx's collection are the Pallet Nightstand pictured above, this incredibly fun pair of Pallet Dogs

(Tutorial Link)

And this Multifunction Coffee Table with hidden storage, which has that signature pallet style and yet will tie any room's decor together with a dash of DIY flair.

(Tutorial Link)

See 50 Things To Make With A Pallet here

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Leatherface Tree Service - He's A Real Hack

Leatherface Tree Service by Dansmash

If you're looking for someone to put on a bit of a show while trimming your trees then you need to call Leatherface Tree Service, with the most skilled chainsaw wielding maniac in the great state of Texas. Let Leatherface prune those fruit trees, trim that pesky pine, and shut up your neighbors when they complain about your tree dropping needles in their yard. With a skin mask wearing weirdo like Leatherface on your side you know you're getting the best cut for your buck! (Warning: company not responsible for any massacres that may occur, whether tree or human based...hire Leatherface at your own risk!)

You'll be the biggest cut up in the room when you sport this Leatherface Tree Service t-shirt by Dansmash, it's one howling good design!

Visit Dansmash's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more bloody good designs:

What'cha Want Santa Now Yous Can't Leave Captain Jamaica Donnie And Frank

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Six Behind-The-Scenes Supermarket Secrets

(Image Link)

It's hard to imagine urban life without a supermarket nearby, and knowing that mega food mart is always there to provide you with any foodstuffs you might need gives us a false sense of security.

I say false because these giant chain food stores are simply not built to last, and when giant retailers like Walmart and Target start carrying groceries the supermarkets start closing.

So it's no surprise that supermarkets are built to keep customers shopping for hours, with no clocks to remind us how long we've been there and a counterclockwise layout meant to make your trip take twice as long.

While we're stuck in the supermarket we're treated to mountains of meat with expiration dates that have no meaning, showcased "special" items on the ends of the aisles, and a well lit stage for those beautiful bananas.

Read 6 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets Of Supermarkets at mental_floss

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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A Collection Of Webcomics For The Incurably Anxious

(Via Merc Works)

The ever present feeling of anxiety can make a massive impact on your life, altering how you perceive the outside world and those eerily calm people who populate it.

(Via Beth Evans)

With that loud mouthed anxiety monster in our ear we're prone to fits of worrying, fretting, doubting, panicking and hiding, and we're basically able to be anything but at ease and relaxed.

(Via Pie Comic)

Cheezburger put together a collection of anxiety themed webcomics designed to distract you from your fretting for a moment, so you can see you're not the only one living life under pressure.

Read a collection of anxiety themed webcomics here

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Seven Sexy Moves Street Fighter Taught Us

The Street Fighter franchise may not be the obvious place to go for advice on your sex life, but those bare knuckle brawlers Chun Li and Ryu are total knock outs so maybe they have some good advice to offer.

Dhalsim is surely a master of the Tantric arts, seeing as how he's so flexible, and Blanka, well, let's just say he's shockingly good in bed.


Thanks to Ross Snow's naughty yet nerdy mind we can now glean a sexy move or two from the Street Fighter crew, and while they're not all winners they're guaranteed to lead to round 2!

See 7 Street Fighter Sex Moves here (contains NSFW material)

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Awesome Dad Poses For His Son's Geeky Artwork

Any artist blessed with parents who support their creative passions and offbeat career choice should be thankful for their good fortune, and parents who actually want to be a part of the process are fewer still.

But one lucky guy has a dad who genuinely loves playing roles and posing for his son's illustrations, and their creative collaboration has led to the creation of some really cool looking artwork!

Illustrator Jason Edmiston creates creepy renditions of pop culture characters like Freddy Krueger, Ming the Merciless and The Joker, using posed pics of his father as reference:

"When I have a concept sketch for a piece worked out, I pop over to my parents’ house and get my dad to dress up like the character while I set up lighting to match the scene. He’s very accommodating, and willing to pose in all sorts of ways, and always manages to get into character. He never says no to a request and is always enthusiastic. I have yet to meet a better model.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Fan Club Memorabilia From David Bowie, Nirvana, Slayer And Many More

Before the internet people had to write in (and often pay money) to be a part of a fan club, where their burning flames of fandom were fueled by updates and bits of swag that arrived in their mailbox month after month.

Whether they were officially approved by the artist or not didn't really matter, because fans still felt closer to their favorite bands by having that fan club connection.


Cherrybomb from Dangerous Minds collected some cool bits of fan club memorabilia from classic rock royalty like Nirvana, Bowie and The Cure, just to name a few.

It's a fun look back at those bits of paper fans would send in along with a check in the hopes of receiving a little bit of magic in their mailbox.

See Fan Club Memorabilia From Nirvana, The Crams, Bowie, The Cure & More here

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How Some Video Games Are Like Drugs

Video Games are one of the most powerful gateway drugs on the planet, but unlike actual drugs gaming addiction rarely destroys lives or ends in sudden death.

In fact, video game addiction often introduces gamers to other forms of gaming, such as tabletop roleplaying or fantasy board gaming, that actually enrich lives while providing a purely mental high.

But any gamer who has plugged in long enough will want to come back for a video game fix now and then, because when a gamer is jonesing only the good stuff will do.

Let Julia Lepetit guide you through the process of choosing the video game medication that's right for you, but heed her warning about those games that might be severely habit forming...

See Video Games Are Drugs at Dorkly

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Custom Portrait Cookie Cutters Make It Fun To Get Baked

Has someone ever told you they'd like to eat you all up? Have you then imagined what that might look like, only to picture that person chewing on your head?

Then you'll probably appreciate these portrait cookie cutters created by Etsy vendor Copypastry, they're custom made to look like you, or you and a loved one, or your pet...basically anyone you'd like to see people chewing on.

Copypastry makes each cookie cutter to order with a 3D printer, and a single portrait cutter costs about $50 before shipping from Hungary.

It's a really cute idea that would make a great project for someone with a 3D printer and a desire to devour themselves.

-Via Huffington Post

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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GIFs With A Twist You Won't See Coming

 photo 2eac9c7ba23f40047b13ea23fbfb0725_zpsejqthmik.gif

(Image Link)

GIFs are like sweet little nuggets of digital eye candy that sit there cycling through a series of frames, treating our eyeballs to a tiny visual tale we should, in theory, enjoy watching.

 photo 5e7d317b59821510038e15236a215bc3_zpsxk65qhzz.gif

(Image Link)

Truth is, many GIFs are sorely lacking in payoff, and viewers are left feeling like they wasted a few precious seconds of their lives watching that goofy GIF play out.

But those who enjoy their GIFs with a surprise twist will surely find something enjoyable to stare at in this collection of 10 GIFs Twists You Won't See Coming, where you won't have to wait long to be pleasantly surprised.

 photo 56bc60deaf5a5e8d9467f5b72ea46200_zps6sp2aq29.gif

(Image Link)

See 10 GIFs Twists You Won't See Coming here

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Comic Book From 1980 Revealed Doctor Who's Real Name

The Doctor's real name (or lack thereof) has been used as a running joke since the early days of Doctor Who, and even though Steven Moffat recently claimed The Doctor's real name is Mildred we know this is simply not true. 

But what about this unpronounceable, and totally mathematical, name that appeared in a Doctor Who comic book from 1980, could this be The Doctor's true name?

Redditor swanzie shared this earth shattering info, but many weren't convinced since comic book adaptations of movies and TV shows tend to stray from the show's canon as conceived by the creators. Still, it would explain why he would rather simply be known as The Doctor...

-Via Boing Boing

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Ten Turkey Myths Debunked

I'm thankful my mom taught me how to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal from scratch, and over the years I've volunteered to "do Thanksgiving" time and time again simply to gain experience.

And yet somehow I've been living, and cooking, with certain misconceptions about the meaty center of the Thanksgiving meal - the turkey.

Come Thanksgiving everybody trots out their favorite turkey related trivia, claiming you should rinse the bird before cooking it, and that white meat is healthier than dark and all that L-tryptophan makes them sleepy.

And then the budding animal expert begins talking about how turkeys can't fly, love to gobble and are so stupid they sometimes drown in the rain.

But this Thanksgiving you'll know better, and you can tell those sitting around your table that they've been chowing down on a plate full of LIES!

Read 10 Turkey Myths, Debunked at mental_floss

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Catholic School Marching Band Performs A Medley Of New Wave Hits

Many New Wave hits have lyrics that could be seen as marching band related, like DEVO's Whip It which urges band members to get it straight and go forward, or The Fixx's Saved By Zero, which is how the band feels when halftime is over.

So it makes sense that a cover version of a New Wave song would sound better when played by a marching band!

The Saint Pius X Catholic High School Marching Golden Lions proudly presents New Wave the marchy march way.

(YouTube Link)

Those plucky Marching Golden Lions really seem to be channeling that New Wave vibe, although they should probably cut off their sleeves, apply some eyeliner and feather their hair to truly go retro.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Russian Singer Burns His BMW Because It's Not Made In Russia

The West's relationship with Russia has been shaky at best since World War II, and when we're not arguing over who has the bigger nuclear missile we're pointing out what's wrong with life on the other side.

Extremists on both sides are constantly fanning the flames, but one Russian "singer" named Stas Baretsky is sparking controversy by declaring war on non-Russian goods- starting with his BMW.

(YouTube Link)

Baretsky acts like he's the poster child for altruism, but it's hard to take a guy who looks like Uncle Fester in a pimp suit from the 80s seriously when he decries the wickedness of the West.


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Maymo And Penny Are Perplexed By A Talking Pizza

Most dogs will scarf down a slice of pizza if you let them, but some dogs actually enjoy having a pizza party with their human friends.

My hungry little mutt gets into party mode whenever I come walking through the front door with a box full of that signature pizza smell, and apparently beagle buddies Maymo and Penny are pizza party fans too.

But why does this particularly peculiar pizza pie have a face? And why does it keep talking to Penny?!

(YouTube Link)

Maymo and Penny like their pizza parties sans talking pie, thank you very much, because nothing ruins a doggone good mood like a chatty piece of plastic pretending to be a pizza!

-Via Cute Overload

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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