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Now This Is How You Game Like A Boss

Gaming while seated at a computer desk is so 2001, nowadays it’s all about lounging on the couch while you game, and using your chubby little dog to hold up your mousepad like a total boss.

The best part about using a pug enhanced computer configuration is that the pug can help give you pointers when you’re having trouble beating a boss, and dogs love to bark at the competition so make sure your dog is wearing a mic when you play your favorite multiplayer games.

The only drawback we've found with the pug enhanced configuration is the dog will occasionally have terrible gas, which can bring an entire gaming session to a halt as everyone is forced to evacuate the house for some fresh air!

-Via Kotaku

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Fast Food Facts You Won't Believe Are Actually True

(Video Link)

Wherever you go there’s a fast food restaurant lurking around the corner, waiting to fry up pounds of delicious fatty foods for you to stuff in your gob, and yet these ever present restaurant chains are surrounded by secrecy and mystery.

They all claim to be number one, but who’s telling the truth? Where do Subway sandwich shops get all of their avocados, and what’s the farthest distance a pizza chain has ever gone to delivered a cheesy pie?

These tasty factoid nuggets and more can be found in BuzzFeed’s low calorie video 9 Fast Food Facts You Won’t Believe Are Actually True, winner of the 2014 award for Most Exaggerated Factoid Video Title.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Death Defying Skater Jumps Across Subway Tracks In NYC

The guy in this video took the phrase “skate or die” way too literally when he decided to jump across the 145th Street subway station tracks in Harlem, but it’s a good thing he captured the whole thing on video because you rarely get a second chance at a deadly stunt like this:

(Video Link)

The daredevil who completed this leap of faith for Colin Read's skate video Tengu: God of Mischief-Subway Skating is Koki Loaiza, and he was able to pull off this trick on his second attempt, without the aid of antigravity boards or self lacing sneakers.

It’s unlikely that anyone will be trying to follow in Koki’s footsteps anytime soon, especially because MTS officials were probably put on red alert when they witnessed this stunt, but it’s a sure bet that Koki is super stoked that he's alive to skate another day!

-Via Sploid

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Former Disney Animator Is Back With Beautiful Short Film - DUET

(Video Link)

Former Disney artist Glen Keane has contributed his incredible skills as an animator to classic features like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, and it appears he hasn’t lost his touch since he left the studio that Mickey Mouse built.

He recently released a hand drawn short film called Duet as part of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects Group, one of three short films "designed to explore the possibilities of interactive animation on mobile devices", meaning you'll be able to explore content in three dimensional space on tablets and smartphones.

Glen's ethereal short celebrates the power of imagination, and the joys of sharing life experiences with someone you love.

-Via Cartoon Brew

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What Drowning Really Looks Like

It’s summertime, so people are going to be stripping down and hanging out in bodies of water way more than usual, and with the act of swimming, or in some cases floating,  comes the inevitable conclusion that some people are going to drown.

Drowning people tend to look an awful lot like swimming people, so how are you supposed to tell when someone is a drowning person and not a swimming person?

Consult this handy infographic, brought to you by The Art of Manliness, so you’ll never wonder again whether that person flopping around in the water is a swimming person or a drowning person, and you’ll know which facial expression is the appropriate response to their predicament!

All kidding aside- the point of this infographic is to illustrate that drowning people don't always look like they're in distress, so keep your eyes open for signs of danger and swim safe this summer.

-Via Lifehacker

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Fun Entertainment Industry Job - Destruction Supervisor

Visual effects artists have a wide variety of jobs to do, from simple Chroma Keying to making extreme weather look as real as possible, but there’s one viz fx job that looks like a whole lotta messy fun- the destruction supervisor.

It’s their job to make sure the destruction we see on the big screen looks as realistic as possible without sacrificing visual appeal, plus they make sure the whole thing is understandable and doesn't become one big blurry mess to the audience.

Industrial Light & Magic's Michael Balog is one of these lucky artists who gets to spend his days destroying stuff for feature films, and he has torn all sorts of virtual environments down for all four Transformers films and Pacific Rim, just to name a few.

Michael shared all kinds of secrets with io9 about how he makes digital destruction look good for the big screen, and revealed some of the challenges he faced when plotting the destruction contained within each film.

The conversation is accompanied by some fantastic concept art by Wesley Burt, Robert Simons and John J. Park, which shows not only the destructive side of these films but also the characters who cause the chaos.

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The Strangest X-Files Fan Fiction Crossovers

Fans of the seminal sci-fi TV show The X-Files haven’t lost any love for the far out adventures of Mulder and Scully even though the show went off the air nearly twelve years ago.

However, The X-Files superfans aren’t making animated shorts, or live action YouTube videos, because they’re too busy writing fan fiction featuring ridiculous pop culture crossovers and the obligatory romantic moment between Fox Mulder and (insert another popular main character's name here).

There's a fun tale about the time when Mulder and Scully met the apartment dwelling gang from Seinfeld, one about the totally plausible idea of Scully & Mulder being sucked into the Hunger Games universe and forced to compete in the games without any backup from Skinner or the Lone Gunmen, and the timeless tale Scully O'Hara meets Rhett Mulder.

The X-files crossovers only get stranger from here folks! Read all about these mind bending X-Files fan fic crossovers at Vulture.

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Rejected Princesses Are Too Adult For Disney

Disney has chosen to keep their animated content light and family friendly, which is why some legendary female characters will never make it onto the big screen under the Disney monicker.

Characters like Mai Bhago, the Sikh warrior-saint who led forty fierce women against the Mughal army and lived to tell about it, and Pasiphae, the immortal daughter of Helios who was cursed with desires to couple with a bull and gave birth to the Minotaur, are the stars of tales way too explicit for a general audience:

Illustrator, history/mythology buff and former DreamWorks animator Jason Porath is giving these hardcore heroines their day in the sun through his site Rejected Princesses, which is full of fun Disney inspired illustrations and a fairly comprehensive backstory on each character, so you can see what you're missing when Disney chooses some G rated gal over these fiercely capable femmes!

-Via io9

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Authors Dressed Up As Their Favorite Characters

Philip Pullman as Long John Silver from Treasure Island

Neil Gaiman as Badger from Wind In The Willows

Terry Pratchett as Just William

The Story Museum in Oxford, England approached photographer Cambridge Jones about contributing to an exhibition called 26 Characters, and Cambridge immediately came up with an extremely novel idea for a photo series- famous authors dressed up as their favorite characters.

The 26 portraits in the series show authors such as Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman and Malorie Blackman having a great time all dressed up and playing a role, and for many the simple act of putting on a costume seems to have brought out the kid in them.

Cambridge borrowed the costumes from the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theater, which explains why they all look so fabulous, and each portrait is accompanied by "audio of the authors reading extracts from their books and interviewed about their chosen character."

See many more portraits in the series, as well as some insightful comments from Cambridge Jones, over at BBC News

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The Dark, Sexy Polaroids Of H.R. Giger

H.R. Giger is generally known for his paintings, his concept art work for the Alien film franchise, and more recently for his amazing biomechanical sculptures, but when Giger wasn't working he was snapping Polaroids that reveal the man behind the ghastly machines:

Antennae Books recently released "Polaroids: H.R. Giger", featuring dozens of Polaroids from Giger's private collection, portraits which have somehow become more poignant, and insightful, since his passing:

Giger's photographs are just as sexy and experimental as his paintings, which can be seen in the background in many of these candid photos, and they share a side of Giger known well by his friends but relatively unseen by his fans.

(Some images may be considered NSFW)

-Via Boing Boing

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A Lyre Made Out Of A Human Skull

The lyre is a distant relative of the modern day guitar, yet it’s not really considered the type of instrument a heavy metal band would want to play onstage, but maybe this morbid instrument will change their mind.

This is a lyre made from a human skull, as well as antelope horns, guts, skin and hair, and it’s probably the most metal instrument I’ve ever seen!

It dates back to the 19th century, and is currently part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, at least until some extremely wealthy rock god snatches it up for their own wicked purposes...

-Via io9

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These Critters Are Ready For Their Close-Up

(Image Via Cute Animals)

Humans naturally assume that animals don’t understand cameras, or get what we’re doing when we point that box thing with the big glass eye at them, but these adorable pics prove they know all about how cameras work:

(Image Via Sad And Useless)

These pics are so perfectly timed you’d think the photographers caught their subjects unaware, but these blooper shots are considered the height of fashion in the animal kingdom because animals know that life is too short to take a boring picture:

(Image Via izismile)

Maybe these critters are on to something, maybe we need to take less duck faced selfies and stop taking ourselves so seriously in photos!

See more pictures at Pleated Jeans.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Fifteen Fascinating Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic earned his nickname by running really, really fast, just like his buddy Tails earned his name by having two tails, and Dr. Robotnik earned a PhD in robotics and a nickname to boot, but how did SEGA settle on a hedgehog as the main character instead of a rabbit, armadillo or a chicken wearing overalls?

And as for Dr. Robotnik, did you know he was initially going to be the star of the game? The original concept design for the character looked like Teddy Roosevelt, which SEGA felt would be a great way to appeal to Americans:

Okay, now I really want to see a Dr. Robotnik in Dreamland game!

Read Gamma Squad's Fifteen Fascinating Facts You Probably Don't Know About Sonic The Hedgehog

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The Hot Summer Look For Really Hairy Guys

(Image Via Seriously For Real)

There’s a fun new personal grooming trend aimed at guys with lots of body hair, those lucky(?) guys with a thick coat of shag growing out of their torso.

Some call it the Redneck Bikini, others the Macho Mankini, but I like to think of it as the Curly Crop Top:

(Image Via Pinterest)

It's a classic look that will make your less hairy friends turn green with envy, as you strut around town looking like a total boss in your hairy bikini top:

(Image Via Tumblr)

Do you feel like the Mankini isn't manly enough to get you a date? Turns out ladies love the look of a hairy Mankini too, just ask this guy:

(Image Via WeirdNutDaily)

He's livin' large with six pack abs and a Mankini, and wherever he goes the Mankini party is sure to follow!

The Macho Mankini look is sure to be all the rage at your local (place where people take off their shirts) this summer, so if you've got the chest hair to spare why not try one on for size?

Bonus points if you can shave the straps going all the way around into your backhair.

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After The First Kiss Comes THE SLAP

He started his social experimenting days with a mushy video called FIRST KISS, featuring total strangers kissing each other for the first time, now filmmaker Max Landis is back to take his experiments even further- by getting random people to slap each other.

There’s something delightfully voyeuristic about watching a bunch of people slap each other across the face, and I can’t help but wonder if some of the participants became friends, or bitter enemies, after sharing a slap:

(Video Link)

Max insists that "none of the participants were pressured to do so and all of them were “hit as hard as THEY asked to be hit”, but a few of those slaps look like they really hurt!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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This Is A Really Crappy Look

It’s unclear whether the guy in this photo was trying to be ironic by wearing a necklace adorned with fake doggy doo to some (I’m guessing) fashionable event, or if he’s simply the proud owner of a novelty company that specializes in realistic looking dog mess.

Hopefully he’s just the proud owner of a gag gifts company, happily displaying his wares so the world can see how versatile rubber poop can be, but he's probably just some fashionable fop who thought he was being "edgy" by slinging rubber crap around his neck.

Well, if you see a new line of clothing called Crapay (or something equally odious) you’ll know who’s behind the label!

-Via Cheezburger

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Strange Entertainment Industry Job - Gimpsuited Green Screen Fluffer

There’s a gloriously anonymous job in the entertainment industry which combines a love of film with a love of gimping, or green manning if you're from Philadelphia, and leaves some of the on-screen talent identity free for eternity.

The job is affectionately referred to by some as "gimpsuited greenscreen fluffer", and it’s their job to keep that hair flowing “naturally”, or Superman's cape fluttering, during filming:

If you already have a chroma key green suit hanging in your closet you might as well get suited up and wander around a few Hollywood lots until someone offers you a job, or tells you to get back to work, because this is probably what you were destined to do for a living!

-Via Boing Boing

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Times Square Officials Calling For A Real Life Superhero Registration Act

(Image Via Gawker)

In a recent example of real life playing out like the plot of a comic book, officials in New York are about to make the Superhero Registration Act a real life thing…for Times Square characters.

(Image Via In Other News)

After years of reported problems with the superhero clad busker types who hang around Times Square posing for money, culminating in the recent arrest of "Spider-Man" for allegedly groping a tourist, heads of the Times Square Alliance are proposing a law requiring all street performers, especially wanna-be superheroes, to be licensed and regulated by the New York state government.

So it’s kinda like the comics, only the superheroes in this instance don’t have any powers, and this most certainly won’t lead to a Marvel Universe divided via the Civil War, although there may be a new batch of outlaw superheroes wandering the sidewalks of Times Square in the near future...

-Via ComicsAlliance

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Watch Plastic Litter Become A Pair Of Shoes

People are doing lovely things with trash these days, and whether you call it junk, garbage, rubbish or recyclable material it’s most likely something that can be upcycled and given a new life. 

Composting, paper pulping, reusing bottles both glass and plastic in numerous ways are just a few quick examples of what people can do with their trash besides send it off to the landfill. However, I bet you never thought of turning that plastic junk into a pair of shoes!

That’s exactly what the three guys behind Your Shoes Are Rubbish, namely Charles Duffy, William Gubbins, and Billy Turvey, have done with plastic litter they collected along England’s coasts and the banks of the Thames river, creating a rather cool looking pair of paint splattered low top sneakers out of the plastic waste:

(Video Link)

Our shoes may not be made out of rubbish yet, but someday soon this will be one more use for recycled plastics, and another eco-friendly way to create rubber from our everyday trash.

-Via Gizmodo

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Terrible Taxidermy, Now With Appropriate Slogans!

Taxidermy is hotly contested in some circles, personally I’m an animal lover who also grew up admiring taxidermy works, but when the poor stuffed critter ends up looking like something that escaped from the island of Dr. Moreau it makes me want to reconsider my thoughts about taxidermy:

People will say “well, you gotta start somewhere”, but in the case of these horrifyingly bad taxidermy pieces maybe the amateur taxidermists should have started by making something out of fabric, rather than destroying an animal hide:

Now, with the help of some meme style lettering and a snappy slogan these terrible taxidermy monstrosities will live on forever as examples of what not to do when you're trying your hand at taxidermy!

-Via The Soup

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Dangerously Fun Cliffside Slip 'N Slide

When slipping and sliding across your lawn no longer offers the thrills it did when you were a kid it's time to move on to something more elaborate, and much more dangerous.

If you happen to have a cliff nearby, one that hangs nearly fifty feet above a body of water, then you've got the perfect platform for a life changing experience- cliffside Slip 'N Slide!

A death defying dude who calls himself Devin Supertramp set up a slippery slide on a cliffside high above Lake Powell, and he invited a few friends along to risk their necks to make this cringe inducing video:

(Video Link)

It looks like a fun idea that will soon take a turn for the tragic when someone breaks their neck on the side of the cliff, but young Mr. Supertramp probably only has one thing on his mind as he launches into the water- YOLO!

-Via Geekologie

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Oddly Soothing Videos Of A Golden Retriever Eating Fruits And Vegetables

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

There’s something so soothing about watching this golden retriever named Coco-chan happily nibbling away on an ear of corn, or silently slurping away on a watermelon wedge.

Maybe it’s the way her eyes seem to stare into your very soul, maybe it’s the beauty of watching man’s best friend enjoy some fresh fruits and vegetables, or maybe the act of watching Coco-chan's videos is in itself a form of meditation.

No wonder Coco-chan has her own YouTube channel, which is chock full of videos that allow us a peek into the life of one gloriously zen golden retriever. Watch and reflect on your own love of produce...

-Via Boing Boing

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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America's Scariest Motel

(Image Via Librariananguish/Flickr)

There’s a lonely old motel out on Highway 95 that is downright terrifying to stay in, and considered by many guests to be haunted. This motel is home to thousands of clowns, and even if you’re not currently scared of clowns you will be after staying at Tonopah, Nevada’s Clown Motel:

(Image Via Imgur)

The clowns are just the beginning of the creepy factor found in this odd relic from the boomtown's past, and people who come for the clowns stay for the fact that it's graveyard adjacent.

(Image Via Imgur)

That's right- if the clowns don't get you, the ghosts of a bunch of gold miners who fell victim to the "Tonopah Plague" back in 1902 certainly will!

Personally, I'd be more comfortable sleeping in the graveyard than a dirty old motel full of clown "memorabilia", but that's just me...

-Via Roadtrippers

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How Long Will You Survive In The Chamber?

When you have time to kill online, like a whole lotta time, you can end up deep inside a clickhole- a word that means what it sounds like it means, and it's also the name of a website which is home to quizzes that are a total waste of time, like this hauntingly mysterious quiz How Long Will You Survive The Chamber?

Once you start clicking, reading, clicking, choosing then clicking again you’ll find yourself having some sort of adventure involving something called the Sightless Finder, which is apparently blind but can still find stuff, and a creeping madness threatening to overtake your mind...

Have fun storming the chamber!

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Artist Turns Pencils Into Rustic Wooden Vases

What can you do with a bunch of pencils besides sharpen them up and draw with them? Some people might start a pencil fighting league, others would glue them together and make a number 2 log cabin, but Finnish artist Tuomas Markunpoika uses them to create a unique take on home décor- wooden pencil vases.

The beauty of these vases isn't necessarily in their unique look, but rather in the ingenious way Tuomas goes about making each one:

Tuomas glues the pencils together into sheets, stacks the sheets up to a desired thickness then uses a machine lathe to carve them into a delightfully artsy vase, the combination of meticulously handmade element and a bit of machining giving each vase a uniquely rustic look and enhanced durability.

-Via Bored Panda

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The Most Ridiculous Schwarzenegger Compilation Ever Made

(Video Link)

Fartzenegger is one of those videos you find online that initially makes you wonder why anybody would spend time making such a thing, but if you have a silly sense of humor, a nostalgiac love of Ahnold’s old movies and a few minutes to kill you might just see the merit of making such a ridiculous video.

Distractotron Channel sure did, they're the makers of this fine compilation video, and they want you to know that no actual farts were used in the making of this video. None. Just some Foley sounds at the touch of a button and excellent comedic timing.

Fartzenegger is a bawdy little guilty pleasure of a video with some genuinely funny moments, and if you can hear the farts in your head it’s almost as funny with the sound off!

(NSFW due to language and content)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Meet Kodomoroid - The Android Newscaster Of The Future

(Image Via Yoshikazu Tsuno, Agence France-Presse)

Newscasters beware- a Japanese news-reading android is coming for your job! Newscasters used to be serious journalists, but nowadays they’re typically little more than a talking head reading from a teleprompter, so it’s only natural that robots would be considered the next step in newscaster evolution.

This is the Kodomoroid- an android built by Japanese professor of robotics Hiroshi Ishiguro and arguably the world's first news-reading android. The Kodomoroid is currently gathering data in Tokyo's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, where it hopefully will not discover artificial intelligence and gain sentience, or we're screwed!

Here's the robotics rebel posing next to his creation, which is pleasant looking enough not to scare away viewers, yet creepy enough to remind us that it's capable of singlehandedly becoming our robotic overlord:

(Image Via Dailymail UK)

It's hard to tell whether he is immensely proud of his newscasting creation, or if he feels like he should apologize to all the human newscasters in the world for bringing about their end-of-days.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Posters From The World Cup - 1930 to 2014

The World Cup is in full swing, and 2014 marks 84 years of the games that FIFA built, the games which are by far the most popular and widely viewed sporting event in the world.

Each year talented artists create colorful designs to help promote the competition that truly needs no promotion, their poster art setting a tone for the games, and looking through posters for twenty different competitions spanning eight decades is like taking a trip through the history of modern art.

This collection of official FIFA World Cup posters may not accurately reflect the turmoil, controversy and fervor created by the competition, but they're simply delightful to peruse if you're a fan of vintage posters and graphic design.

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5 Crazy Subcultures Not From Japan

Ever since photos started circulating through the internet revealing the crazy street subcultures of Japan’s youth people have assumed they’ve cornered the market on strange fashion, but Japan is no longer the king of kooky clothes.

Fashion subcultures are springing up all over the world that make most Japanese street fashions look tame in comparison, and the underlying theme seems to be that members of these subcultures stick out like sore thumbs in their chosen "territories".

For instance, the rockabilly Raggare of Sweden, who fly confederate flags, sport greaser hairstyles and love hot rods, now that's not something you'd expect to see in Stockholm! The cowboy metalheads of Botswana look equally out-of-place in their native country, but that doesn't stop them from banging their heads to a beat all their own...

Read more about 5 Real Subcultures Way Crazier Than Anything From Japan (NSFW due to language)

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Nick Offerman Narrates THE GUNFIGHTER

(Video Link)

Moustachioed macho man Nick Offerman has one of those faces, and personalities, that totally belongs in a Western flick. Couldn’t you just see him playing an old prospector/curmudgeon, or the newly elected sheriff of a small town, or perhaps the leader of a bandit gang full of ornery varmints?

Well, you're just gonna have to wait for another Western to come out with Nick in it if you wanna see him on camera, because in The Gunfighter he plays the role of The Narrator- a narrator heard by both the audience and the characters.

This hilarious short was written by Kevin Tenglin and directed by Eric Kissack, and the only thing this bawdy Western short is missing is a cameo appearance by Nick's moustache!

(NSFW due to language)

-Via GeekTyrant

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