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Yoshidzilla For The Rescue! - He's Done Yolking Around

Yoshidzilla For The Rescue! by Georgeslemercenaire

We've all thought of Yoshi as a hero for years, respected him for saving baby Mario's life and for helping the Super Bros. end that big, bad Bowser's reign of evil, but that was before seeing Yoshi in his final form. When necessary Yoshi can become giant like his kaiju cousin Godzilla, and when he's fifty feet tall and full of eggs he's more than a match for even the mighty Donkey Kong! If only Mario had called for Yoshi's help sooner, we could have skipped those first few game appearances and gone straight to the super adventures...

Show your love for Yoshi in all his fantastic forms with this Yoshidzilla For The Rescue! t-shirt by Georgeslemercenaire, but beware- you might end up battling it out with your friends for this sweet shirt!

Visit Georgeslemercenaire's official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Space Cowboy Death Star Skull Souvenirs From The Moon Giger Tribute

View more designs by Georgeslemercenaire | More Video Game T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Famous Pirate - That Parrot On Your Shoulder Sure Is Ugly!

Famous Pirate by vinsse aka vintz

You don't have to be particularly mobile to be a good pirate, you just have to be ruthless, greedy, and surrounded by all the right scavengers and slaves. That's how Jabba came to be the star of a one Hutt galley of greed, and despite his wormy appearance most people know better than to start a war with ol' Jolly Jowl Jabba.

Spread some terror on the high seas of life with this Famous Pirate t-shirt by vinsse aka vintz, it's funnier than watching a Hutt get choked out by Leia!

Visit vinsse aka vintz's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Smoking Kills Wrong Way Explosive Cocktail And The Winner Is...

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The Time Bud Light Tried To Go Grunge

Nothing says 90s grunge like flannel shirts, goatees and sipping on an ice cold Bud Light, the watered down King of Beers.

Okay, that last bit is a lie, and it all sounds like a pack of lies if you know anything about grunge because, as far as subcultures go, grunge didn't really have many fashion constants.

But advertisers rarely understand subcultures, so when they're trying to stay on top of the latest trends they make ridiculous targeted advertisements like this "grunge" ad for Bud Light.

(YouTube Link)

Unfortunately heroin will always be more closely identified with the grunge scene than beer, if only those "grungers" had succumbed to Bud Light's cutting edge advertising instead of a highly addictive opiate...

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Crazy Cocaine Paraphernalia Ads From The 1970s

If you've ever wondered whether cocaine use was really as prevalent in the 70s and 80s as movies and TV shows claim then the short answer is yes and no.

Yes people were doing a heck of a lot more cocaine in the 70s and 80s than they are today, and doing it far more openly, but not everyone was in to cocaine.

Some people were into champagne, or yoga, or pina coladas and makin' love at midnight, and yet cocaine use was so popular paraphernalia companies were taking out whole page magazine ads to sell their sniffy goods.

Granted, these magazines were typically drug or subculture rags like Easy Rider, HiLife or head, but it's still hard to imagine a time when it would be okay to sell cocaine sniffing supplies to drug users without fear of repercussion.

See a massive gallery of these strange cocaine paraphernalia ads here

-Via AdWeek

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Shinigami - He'll Make You An Offer You Won't Want To Refuse...

Shinigami by Nasken

If you ever find somebody's notebook just laying on the ground completely unattended you'd better think twice about picking it up, or the Shinigami who put it there might take control of your life. They sway humans with promises of revenge and power, but their notebook bring nothing but death and misery. So if you find an abandoned notebook let that pad of paper lie, because you don't want all that death and destruction on your conscience!

Warn the world about the danger of making pacts with otherworldly creatures with this Shinigami t-shirt by Nasken, it's the creepy cool way to say "every power comes with a cost".

Visit Nasken's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

A Plant For The Future Ocarina Legends Forever Young Hot Smaug

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Absurd Life Quotes For Those Who Don't Take Inspirational Quotes Too Seriously

The great thing about firing off a quick inspirational quote or snappy slogan is it doesn't have to make any sense as long as the words sound good together.

Of course, it helps if it makes sense to someone, even if that someone is the voice inside your head.

Some inspiration quotes manage to be both inane and inspiring at the same time, and this is truly what all quotes should aspire to since nobody is going to remember them correctly anyway!

When you're looking for something witty to say that probably shouldn't be taken seriously then you should visit the Tumblr Absurd Life Quote, a repository of written words that caters to those who enjoy ridiculous repartee.

Absurd Life Quote is full of funny statements that will inspire you to say more silly things when speaking to people, because there is no better ice breaker than this quote:

See more Absurd Life Quotes here

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A Selection Of Silly Pics Picked Especially For Star Wars Fans

(Image Link)

As days go by and the premiere of Episode VII: The Force Awakens draws ever closer, Star Wars fans are getting more and more excited while the rest of the world goes “meh”.

(Image Link)

It's not unusual for fans to be singled out by their geeky passions, and the Star Wars mania that's currently rising in the world of pop culture is bringing out the lovers and the haters.

(Image Link)

If you're a hater then this post isn't for you, because BuzzFeed's collection of 26 Pictures Only Fans Of Star Wars Will Think Are Funny is definitely not the post you are looking for.

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This Girl Is Still Trying To Figure Out How To Properly Eat Pizza

Some young folks find it hard to scarf down slices until they've learned to account for things like cheese slide and flop factor.

So please don't judge the young lady in this video for her poor pizza skills, because she was still learning the ropes!

(YouTube Link)

She probably grew up and become proficient in the ways of pizza, since the video is dated 1989, but this slice of childhood struggle should serve to remind us all that our pizza skills were once poor too.

-Via Mandatory

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The White Zombie Rabbit - It's Far Too Late For Him...

The White Zombie Rabbit by NemiMakeit

Alice wasn't planning on returning to Wonderland after she'd narrowly escaped from losing her head, but something was telling me that her friends were in trouble and she wasn't the sort to sit idly by while innocent rabbits and Hatters died. It took her a full day to find the rabbit hole, but when she did there was no doubt something was wrong with Wonderland because the whole smelled like death. Alice pinched her nose and jumped for it, unsure of what she'd find on the other side, but if she'd had any brains at all she probably would have grabbed a weapon or two before starting her descent...

Anyone with a skull full of brraaaaaaiinns can see how cool this The White Zombie Rabbit t-shirt by NemyMakeit really is, slip it on and scare up some smiles from your fellow Alice in Wonderland fans!

Visit NemiMakeit's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Hulk Play Smashketball Super Mario Kiss Three Pokemonkeys

Ninja Bunnies

View more designs by NemiMakeit | More Horror T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Duel - Friends One Day, Squaring Off With Pistols The Next

Duel by Much The Same

When it's time to face your foes and battle for what you believe in the best thing you can do is square up and take the shot because quitters never win. But when that foe is a former friend and you're both locked in a duel to the death you might find your hand shaking and a knot in your throat. It's only natural to feel a little remorse when you've just gunned down an old pal, but remember what brought you to this moment and tell yourself- what good is a friend if you can't look him in the eye?

Show some love for your favorite punk band with this Duel t-shirt by Much The Same, it's the perfect fan attire whether you're going to a MTS show or just thrashing around at home while listening to their albums.

Visit Much The Same's Facebook fan page, official website, and Tumblr, then head on over to their NeatoShop for more rockin' good designs:

Dead Bird Self-Destruct Black Logo Drowning

View more designs by Much The Same | More Music T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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World's Largest Arcade Cabinet Built To Make Gamers Feel Like A Kid Again

Arcade games were a big part of many a gamer's childhood, but the cabinets on which we played our favorite games had to be small enough that it could share the arcade floor with all the other games.

But those of us who became fascinated with arcade games at a very early age remember arcade cabinets as giant noisy and colorful, with lots of fun sounds and flashing lights emanating from the machine.

We had to stand on a chair to see the screen, a feeling adults couldn't effectively recreate until arcade enthusiast Jason Camberis built the world's largest arcade machine.

The massive Arcade DeLuxe cabinet stands fifteen feet tall, contains over 200 playable arcade games and took Jason over two years to build, and it also earned him a Guinness World Record for Largest Arcade Machine.

Judging from the pics the cabinet has really made Jason feel like a kid again!

-Via Laughing Squid

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A Cool Collection Of Charming Airline Ads From The Jet Age

Vintage advertisements have a visual charm and nostalgiac allure that continues to influence artists and designers well after the ad has run its course.

Part of this longevity comes from the universal appeal carefully crafted by ad agency artists hired to evoke a feeling with their artwork, which is why the ads created for airlines during the Jet Age make you want to soar.

Designer Matthias C. Hühne has put together a wonderful collection of vintage airline ads in a book called Airline Visual Identity 1945-1975, which focuses on an important time in both airline and graphic design history.

See more of these amazing airline ads here

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Photographer Captures Unconventional Friendship Between Shar Pei And Cat

Shar Peis are known for being a fairly temperamental breed, one that distrusts strangers and doesn't easily make friends with humans or their fellow dogs.

They were bred to guard palaces not make friends, so they often have a hard time adjusting to the world of domesticated pet life where they're expected to be more snuggly than scary.

But it appears Paddington the Shar-Pei missed that memo, and his friendship with feline housemate Butler the cat proves that not all Shar-Peis are ornery towards other animals.

Paddington and Butler's adorable relationship is brilliantly documented by their pack leader, photographer Annie Jacob, and she shares the sweetest shots on her Instagram account @anniepaddington.

-Via DesignTAXI

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Video Essay Explains Why Vancouver Never Plays Itself In Movies

Hollywood has always been the hub of the entertainment industry, because it's where the whole biz of show began and where most movies and TV shows are filmed to this day.

But there's one place in North America that has earned the nickname “Hollywood North”- Vancouver, British Columbia.

(Image Link)

Vancouver is seen as an ultimate outdoor shooting location for TV and film because it can be made to look like nearly any major city in the world with a little digital compositing and some visual elements to show us we're in an American city.

The image above shows how easy it is to turn Vancouver into Seattle by adding the Space Needle in the background and a Pike St. sign over the road.

(YouTube Link)

Tony Zhou of Every Frame A Painting created this video homage to "Hollywood North", revealing how strange it is that Vancouver is the third largest filmmaking city in North America and yet Vancouver Never Plays Itself. (Video contains NSFW language)

-Via Tastefully Offensive

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Guy Recreates Photos Of His Late Wife With His Three-Year-Old Daughter

Grief usually makes people look at photos of the dearly departed in one of two ways- either they become the most important mementos in the world, or they get shoved in a box because looking at them causes too much pain.

When Rafael del Col lost his wife Tatiane Valques and unborn child in a tragic road accident back in 2011 he was devastated and left to raise their daughter Raisa alone.

Left trying to figure out how to raise a daughter and deal with grief at the same time, Rafael focused on raising Raisa and honoring Tatiane's memory, and together they overcame grief naturally.

When Raisa was three years old her loving father decided to honor her mother's memory by recreating a photo series shot a week before Rafael and Tatiane were married in 2009, with adorable daughter Raisa standing in for her mother.

The series is an exercise in overcoming grief and paying homage to a loved one who was taken away far too early, and even though Raisa will never really know her mother they'll always be connected by this heartwarming photo shoot.

See more photos from this father-daughter photo recreation series here

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Bat Blood Is Like Two Or More Animated Parodies In One!

Superman is a big fan of Taylor Swift, which drives Batman up the wall when they're carpooling to work together, and that's where the bad blood between them originated.

Now the two most super of superheroes are about to square off on the big screen in Batman V Superman, but before that flick hits theaters they're going to war in an animated spoof of the music video for Taylor Swift's “Bad Blood”.

(YouTube Link)

Bat Blood was created by the How It Should Have Ended team to celebrate their 10th year on the interwebs, and what better way to celebrate ten years of star studded animated parodies than a super sized crossover parody of epic proportions?!

(And in case you were wondering how it compares to the original here's a link to the Taylor Swift video)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Show Your Favorite Famous Faces Some Love With These 30 Star Studded T-Shirts

Everyone loves watching movies, but the biggest draw at the box office are those objects of our fan affection- the stars!

Celebrities are the reason movies and TV shows become big hits, and there's no better way to keep your favorite famous faces close to your heart than by wearing a star studded NeatoShop t-shirt.

They are the stars who light up our geeky galaxy

Beyond The Stars by Spicy Monocle

The crazy diamonds who put a twinkle in our eyes

You Don't Say? by Olechka

The objects of our fan fantasies who prove fandom comes at a cost

Let Them Live by Prime Premne

And leave a huge whole in our hearts when they're gone

Robin Williams 1951-2014 by Lederman Studio

Continue reading

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Haters Gonna Hate - Ornery Old Puppets On A Mission To Heckle The World

Haters Gonna Hate by Inner Coma Clothing Co.

They're the original grumpy old men, the sarcastic hecklers sitting in the balcony who wrote the book on being a hater. Statler and Waldorf have decades of experience talking down to puppet performers, and human performers for that matter, so they know what to expect when they leave the comfort of the studio and greet their sneering public. But if you're gonna be a hater you gotta learn how to roll with those verbal punches, break and smash verbal sticks and stones, and always keep in mind that haters are gonna hate!

They're the puppet pair everyone loves to loathe, and now Statler and Waldorf are the stars of this Haters Gonna Hate t-shirt by Innner Coma Clothing Co., slip it on and show the haters of the world who's boss!

Visit Inner Coma Clothing Co.'s Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Blood Brothers All My Friends Are Dead Boy Dance Party Mr. Blue

View more designs by Inner Coma Clothing Co. | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Men Are Asked To Describe The Wedding Of Their Dreams

Somewhere along the way weddings became all about what the bride wants, and grooms were assumed to have little to no interest in the planning of a wedding from then on, but weddings in the 21st century are sure to be a bit different.

With the legalization of same sex marriage and more likeminded couples having geeky themed weddings than ever before, weddings are finally being planned the way they're supposed to be- by the couple together as one.

(YouTube Link)

BuzzFeed asked a few of their male staff members to describe their perfect wedding, and as expected they had a lot of fun and interesting new ideas about what weddings have been missing, like pinball and sliders.

-Via BuzzFeed Video

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League Shield - Justice To The Sixth Power

League Shield by Brinkerhoff

The core members of the Justice League had been working together for so long that they decided to create a crest that would reflect their unity and still represent each of them at the same time. The Bat symbol and Superman's mighty S shield came together to form the core shape, with Wonder Woman's wing accents and Flash's lightning bolt added for flavor. Then the two greenies Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter combined to finish off the piece in emerald style. They were as one, and now they had a hybrid symbol to represent their unified front against the Legion of Doom...

Show your love for that entire superhero squad at once with this League Shield t-shirt by Brinkerhoff, it's one bold way to bring all your favorite heroes together on one shirt!

Visit Brinkerhoff's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

Dr. Whomer Big Mario Ryu Hyabricka Vader From Vulcan

View more designs by Brinkerhoff | More Comic T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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He Loves You, I Swear! - Mo' Petals, Mo' Problems

He Loves You, I Swear! by Wirdou

When you're busy trying to determine whether someone loves you by ripping the petals off a flower it's probably safe to assume that bloom has no love for you at all! Who came up with the silly idea of killing innocent flowers in order to find out if someone is fond of you? Here's an idea- leave the poor little flower where it stands and go ask the person if they want to go out on a date. Problem solved, and no pretty little petals had to fall to help the two of you fall madly in love.

Break with tradition, wear this He Loves You, I Swear! t-shirt by Wirdou and show those swooning lovers that it's not okay to go plucking petals whenever they've got a crush on someone.

Visit Wirdou's NeatoShop for more deligtful designs:

I'm So HOT

Killer Bunny The Kinetic Theory Nightmare Soccer

View more designs by Wirdou | More Funny T-Shirts | New T-Shirts

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Holy Donut - A Baker's Blessing

Holy Donut by Moysche Designs

Blessed are those who partake of the baked goods, with the halo shaped donut chief among those tasty baked treats, so the man who eats a dozen in a sitting is twelve times as holy. So sayeth the fool from Springfield Homer Simpson, whose divine "D'oh!" can be heard all the way up in heaven and always makes God chuckle a little. Homer is truly pure of heart (except for all that fat clogging up his arteries), and he watches over the Simpsons like a drunken deity who never wants to get off his duff and help anyone!

For those who refuse to see eating baked goods as a sin there's this Holy Donut t-shirt by Moysche Designs, a tee that's sure to become one of your most sacred artifacts.

Visit Moysche Designs's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Splatoon Puff Blue Doom Avengermon! I Was In The Pool!

View more designs by Moysche Designs | More Cartoon T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Cute Postcards For Your Worst Enemies

When you hate someone so much you consider them an enemy you begin to consider sending them something awful, something that shows just how much you dislike that person.

But when boxes full of feces and strongly worded memos aren't enough you need something that cuts straight to the bone, like these hand painted postcards for your enemies by Killien Huynh of KAA Studio.

Killien's happily hateful postcards feature watercolor paintings of cute little critters delivering dark messages to your enemies, warming the heart of the hated before stabbing it with a snappy slogan.

See more of Killien's postcards for your enemies here

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This Contact Juggler Will Mesmerize You With His Magical Skills

Juggling is generally assumed to involve multiple objects (like balls or bowling pins) flying through the air, being passed from hand to hand in an overhead arc, but contact juggling isn't like ordinary juggling.

However, when you watch a true master contact juggler at work it's every bit as satisfying as traditional juggling, and may cause the viewer to go into a contact juggling induced trance.

(YouTube Link)

This new video from Kuma Films shows contact juggler AJ working his magic on a set of acrylic spheres that appear to dance around with a life of their own in AJ's magic hands.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Celebrities Who Underwent Extreme Physical Transformations For Roles

It's common for actors to obsess over a role, wearing the persona like a disguise while filming so they really sell the character on the screen.

But actors who really commit to a role are willing to put their physical health on the line to embody a character, gaining or losing an unhealthy amount of weight to help them get into the role.

Christian Bale has both lost and gained to properly fit into his roles-he lost over 50 lbs. for his role in The Machinist and gained 43 lbs to play Irving in American Hustle, a gain that resulted in two herniated discs.

Kevin James is known for being a “big guy”, and he weighed in at 285 lbs. before training for his role in Here Comes The Boom, where he played a high school teacher turned MMA fighter.

After training intensely for the role he'd slimmed down to 218 lbs. and was clearly in peak physical condition in the film.

See 19 Actors Who Went Through Insane Physical Transformations For A Role and 10 More Celes Who Underwent Extreme Physical Transformations For Film Roles

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The Weird And Wonderful Bus Stops From Soviet Era Russia

The Soviet era in Russia is known for its lack of civil liberties, business and industry being controlled by the Soviet government and the Communist party ruling with an iron fist.

But for some reason when it came to building bus stops local architects were given carte blanche, which allowed them to explore different artistic styles with the structures they helped bring to life.

Photographer Christopher Herwig spent over a decade documenting these artistic shelters in the Soviet sea of concrete, traveling over 8,000 miles through 14 countries and shooting all the stops along the way.

Christopher's photos of these unique and eye pleasing structures is about to be released by FUEL Publishing in the book Soviet Bus Stops, featuring "the most comprehensive and diverse collection of Soviet bus stop design ever assembled".

You can see more of these artsy and awesome Soviet bus stops here

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Biker Saves Kitten While On Cross Country Run, Names Him "Party Cat"

Bikers seem like the quintessential bad boys, and they sport this persona as proudly as their patches, but some of them actually have a heart and truly care about the living.

Pat Doody is no stranger to the live free biker lifestyle, and while he was heading home to New Jersey from the Born Free Motorcycle Show in California he proved he's also no stranger to loving kittehs when he scooped up a badly burned cat.

Here's how Pat met “Party Cat”:

“I was at this truck stop getting gas, and this little guy just needed help. He was pretty badly burned, so I picked him up and tucked him inside my vest. We’re feeding him regularly now, so he’s doing better, even though he’s sort of living on the road until we get home.”

No word on whether "Party Cat" has managed to grow a beard of his own, but with a clean bill of health and his burns all healed up it looks like "Party Cat" has a long life on the road ahead of him.

-Via Bored Panda

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Unsolved Mysteries Of The Wild West

The Wild West Era lasted about 60 years, but it seems like a million stories have been told about the rough riding cowboys, slick shooting gunslingers and tenacious trailblazers who settled the West.

But this grim and gritty era in American history left us with far more questions than answers, and even those who spend their lives studying the era have a hard time agreeing on things like- Did Butch Cassidy ever return to the U.S.? Did Sheriff Pat Garrett actually kill Billy The Kid? and What happened to Pancho Villa's head?

(Image Link)

mental_floss's Craig S. Baker interviewed Old West historian and treasure hunter W.C. Jameson about a year ago to get his take on some of the most enduring unsolved mysteries from the Wild West.

Jameson's theories challenge "traditionalist historian" views by proposing that Billy The Kid survived the Garrett encounter and actually returned to Texas in 1950 confessing his crimes.

(Image Link)

He also says Butch Cassidy wasn't killed by the Bolivian military after all, a fact which is supported by Butch's friends and family members who claim to have been visited by him after he'd supposedly died.

But what about poor Pancho Villa's head? Nobody knows the answer to that one, not even an old cowboy like W.C. Jameson.

Read 9 Unsolved Mysteries Of The Wild West at mental_floss

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Awe Inspiring Time Lapse Video Showing Illustrator Karla Ortiz At Work

Watching someone paint or sculpt can be rather tedious or boring in real time, unless it's accompanied by the soothing sound of Bob Ross's voice that is, but watching someone draw can be quite magical.

Masters of illustration make the creation of an amazing drawing look easy, their chosen instrument dancing and skating across the page laying down line and tone until eye pleasing forms appear.

(Vimeo Link)

San Francisco-based illustrator Karla Ortiz is bewitching to watch while she's working, and this time lapse video allows us to take a look over her shoulder as she creates a classically inspired piece for her show "Omens", taking place at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California from September 12th to October 3rd.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Filmmaker Pays Tribute To Stanley Kubrick's Singular Vision

There's no rule saying a film must contain a bunch of shots that look just as beautiful as still images as they do on the big screen, but sending viewers home with a head full of memorable shots ain't such a bad thing either.

These iconic, photographic shots are part of what made Stanley Kubrick one of the greatest directors in motion picture history, and when the shots came alive with dialog and camera motion audiences were entranced by Kubrick's singular vision.

(Vimeo Link)

Filmmaker and fan somersetVII created this homage to the director appropriately entitled "Kubrick" using shots and clips from his many iconic films to demonstrate Kubrick's knack for conveying emotion and mood through imagery and dialog.

-Via The Awesomer

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