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Pulp Novel Covers Based On Marvel Superheroes

These fun, pulp novel inspired cover designs are by an artist named Calamity Jon, a guy with a silly name who has designed some seriously stylish covers!

A Marvel comics series set in a pulp/noir styled universe would be rather fun to read, but might not make for top sales considering it wouldn't be as good without a mature rating.

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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Colin Mochrie Loves His Star Wars Toys

(YouTube Link)

Colin Mochrie is a comedian, Whose Line Is It Anyway alumnus, and an avid Star Wars toy enthusiast, at least according to this video which shows him re-enacting scenes from Star Wars with a bunch of toys.

Watch this video and you'll see that a grown man can become a silly little kid again at the drop of a hat when he gets his hands on his favorite toys.

--via Topless Robot

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Olympic Structure Which Can Be Played Like A Musical Instrument

This awesomely abstract piece of structural art is called the Coca-Cola Beatbox, and it can be played like a musical instrument by visitors who come into contact with its crystalline walls.

Here's how it works:
The Coca-Cola Beatbox, as its called, was designed by Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt and is made up of over 200 "interlocked translucent air cushions, each the size of a billboard." Those air cushions contain different sounds—which include athletes' heartbeats, shoes squeaking and arrows hitting a target—and will be triggered by people walking in and out of the Beatbox through gestures and movement.

Advertising gimmick or not, this is a pretty cool idea that's guaranteed to add a bit of color to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Link  --via Gizmodo

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Woman Had A Pen In Her Stomach For 25 Years

It's a story you hear every day- woman goes in to see her doctor due to rapid weight loss, and an x ray reveals that she's had a felt tip pen stuck in her stomach for the last 25 years.

Here's more:
On subsequent questioning, she recalled unintentionally swallowing a pen 25 years earlier. While she was interrogating a spot on her tonsil with the pen she slipped, fell and swallowed the pen by mistake. Her husband and general practitioner dismissed her story and plain abdominal films done at the time were reported as normal. A gastroscopy demonstrated a plastic felt-tip pen sitting in the lumen of the stomach without evidence of any gastric damage [...] The pen was still in working order (figure 2). This case highlights that plain abdominal x-rays may not identify ingested plastic objects and occasionally it may be worth believing the patient's account however unlikely it may be.

They should use this story to advertise those pens, because if it can still write after 25 years in somebody's stomach that's one heck of a quality pen!


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Did You Know Gaming - Legend Of Zelda Edition

(YouTube Link)

Here's an interesting little trivia video from Did You Know Gaming about the Legend Of Zelda video game series.

Even die hard Zelda fans will learn a thing or two from watching this video, and it will make you love the series even more!

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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A Guide To Recognizing Your Bread Cats

This handy, and adorable, illustrated chart will help you identify those pesky bread cats that have been hanging around your back door meowing their yeasty little heads off.

I don't know why but I find the idea of a cream horn cat to be quite disgusting, and I have a feeling that the rising dough cat isn't going to make it out of the oven in one piece!

The original artwork by Brittney Sabo and Britt Hammerberg is available for sale as an art print. Link  --via TDW

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Beck + Pyramid Attack = Sound Shapes

(YouTube Link)

Sound Shapes is a fun and timely project that brings artists and musicians together in the form of a multilevel video game.

Still interested? Then you're gonna like this- Beck teamed up with Pyramid Attack production studio to make a game that reveals three of his songs as you traverse the cool video game level visuals that correlate to the lyrics.

Video games and music = two great tastes that taste great together!

--via Juxtapoz

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Andrew W.K.'s Cheesy Custom Guitar

What could possibly make Andrew W.K.'s already cheesy persona even cheesier? A custom made guitar that looks like a big ol' sloppy slice of NYC pizza pie, that's what!

Andrew built and painted the guitar as an homage to one of his fav foods, and he made sure to include his favorite topping on the pizza- jalapenos.

That's one spicy slice of rock n roll memorabilia!

Link   --via Obvious Winner

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Animated Short - D.A.D. Digital Amusement Device

(YouTube Link)

Here's an adorable animated short about D.A.D., a digital amusement device who has a lot in common with human fathers, aside from the telescoping arms and antenna on top of his head.

I really liked this cutie pie of a short, and I think animator Mark Osberg should consider making it into an ongoing web series!

--via Drawn

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Adorable Animated Short - OZO

(Vimeo Link)

This neat animated short is called OZO, and it was created by a group of talented animation students from France.

It blends traditional and 3d animation into a delightful story that seems like it would make a great TV series, and it's so cute it'll give you dimples!

--via Drawn

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Water Flavored Alcoholic Beverage

This carbonated alcoholic water beverage called Air might be the future of booze, or else it's a really bad idea.

It's made to be tasteless, created with a malt fermentation process that renders it odorless, tasteless and colorless, so nobody will know that you're getting your drink on.

Thankfully, Air only has 4% alcohol, so it's unlikely to be used against you by your neighborhood practical joker.

Link  --via Gizmodo

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Mind Blowing Optical Illusion Art Installation

These art installations were created by Regina Silveira as a surefire way to blow the minds of all in attendance.

This Brazilian born artist has a way of making the senses reel, with simple linework and perspective tricks that really suck the viewer into the piece.

I hope she doesn't crack very many bottles of wine at her shows, or someone might get sick on one of her works!

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Terrifying Baby-Laughs-A-Lot Encounter

(YouTube Link)

Let this video serve as a warning- don't let Baby-Laughs-A-Lot's batteries run low, or she will not be happy little plastic girl.

This encounter with a darkly dying doll is the reason some people believe their old toys are haunted, and I sure as heck wouldn't want to run into this doll in a dark alley.

I know this video is a few years old, but if you've never seen this doll possession video it's new to you!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Awesome Mixed Media Works By Zach Johnsen

These fascinating mixed media works are by Zach Johnsen, a guy who figured out a fun way to add a new dimension to his artwork- by painting on contour cut pieces of wood.

I love the theatrical look of Zach's installations, they make attending a gallery show feel like taking a trip thru a theme park ride!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Graph Paper Inspired Drawing Exercise

This illustrated sheet is both a drawing exercise and a fun cast of square characters, created by Dan Meth to:
Combine the looseness of tiny ink doodles with the underlying order of graph paper.

This extremely square technique yields interesting results, and seems like a good way to get people thinking outside the box about character designs.

Link  --via Drawn

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Circular Graphic Representations Of Over 100 Years Of Sports

Are you looking for a way to boil down over a hundred years of professional sports championships into colorful, disc shaped statistical diagrams?

Well, look no further than these exciting and colorful sports stat discs created by Deroy Peraza from Hyperakt.

They reduce virtually every sports championship since 1903 into easy to digest colored pie pieces,  and they're way more fun to look at than the actual championship games!


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Animated Short - Bhavri

(Vimeo Link)

This cute little animated short is called Bhavri, and it was lovingly created by animation student Sonia Tiwari.

It's an aesthetically pleasing and colorful tale of life and death, and I love the combination of flash 2d and 3d animation.

--via Cartoon Brew

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Strange Dissection Murals By Nychos

Nychos is a street artist who knows his way around the inside of his subjects.

His dissection murals cut down a cast of colorful characters, baring it all so that passersby can gawk at what lies inside.

So, you get a colorful work of street art and an anatomy lesson every time you spot a work by Nychos!

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Whimsical Anatomical Works By Troels Carlsen

Multimedia artist Troels Carlsen knows just what to do to spice up those boring old medical illustrations- add whimsical accessories and cutouts which bring a tongue in cheek element to the dissected view of some guy's head.

Troels mixed media works are simple and understated, making those grisly human anatomy diagrams fun again.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Here's The Firefly Reunion Panel From Comic Con

(YouTube Link)

In case you care about seeing the hour long Firefly reunion panel from Comic Con, some geek samaritan has uploaded it to YouTube in five bite sized parts.

The sound is surprisingly good for a fan shot video, and I was kinda bummed about not being able to see it for myself, but now I'm glad I didn't wait in line for six plus hours just to see this panel.

Browncoats unite, and watch this five part documentation of geek history!

--via Geek Tyrant

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Surreal Superhero Art By Tim MacLean

Okay, so these paintings by Tim MacLean are only strange in character shape and appearance, the message they convey about modern superheroes being representations of ancient myths is pretty straightforward.

That being said, these are some incredibly cool pieces of pop art! They're colorful, the caricatures are fun and they don't all have a superhero as the subject, there's a Doctor Who in there too!

Link  --via Creep Machine

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Awesome Dark Knight Rises 3D Street Art

In a perfectly appropriate form of movie promotion, this awesome work of 3d street art was created to celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises in Madrid.

The Bane of my existence would be if some Joker thought about Robin the world of this fabulous street art by acting like a Two-Face and ruining this piece with a Deathstroke!


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A Collection Of Awkward Pregnancy Photos

Proud mothers-to-be please take note- awkwardly staged photos are even more awkward when there's a baby lump in your tummy!

The pics in this gallery are sure to make babies wish they were never born, and when they're old enough to recognize how incredibly awkward these prenatal photos really are they'll probably sue their parents for emancipation!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Claymation Cats Take On Evil Dead II

(YouTube Link)

Gumby fans are all grown up now, and looking for a bit more red clay in their claymation.

Thankfully, Claycat is here to enchant our eyeballs with goofy scenes of horrific clay-on-clay violence.

Watch this feline clump of plastilina take on the Evil Dead....part 2 even!

--via AnimalNY

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Seemingly Functional Cardboard Sculptures

These intricately designed cardboard sculptures were created by Bartek Eisner, a man who knows how to turn sheets of cardboard into stuff you might need around the house, like an AK-47, a fireplace and a chainsaw.

On the flipside, Bartek makes cardboard objects that he then integrates into the urban landscape, like a fully non-functioning security camera, or a bird that will never poop on your head.

These pieces are really cool looking, just don't get any ideas about cutting down trees with that cardboard chainsaw!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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A Japanese Version Of Russian Roulette

(YouTube Link)

Traditional Russian Roulette has one major element which tends to prevent repeat play- someone usually takes a bullet in the head.

This Japanese adaptation of the game won't kill you, it'll only sting a little when the thumbtack sticks in your head.

That's right, simply attach a thumbtack to the front of a Nerf dart and you've got one hell of a way to put your eye out!

--via Tastefully Offensive

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The Perfect Popcorn Tub For Horror Movie Night

This horrific holder of buttery popcorn kernels was created by an ad agency for the Detroit horror convention Motor City Nightmares, but I think they should start giving them out wherever scary flicks and extremely overpriced snacks collide.

This severed head tub would also make a handy holder for - strawberry Jell0, spaghetti, or beef jerky by the pound. Mmmmm...brain food!


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Steve Wozniak's Version Of Essential Stuff

Here's what Steve Wozniak, one of the uber-gods of computer technology, carries with him in his travel backpack as an essential array of gadgets.

It may make you feel a bit better about your own tech obsession, and will definitely send a cold chill down the spine of the techless.

So much information at your fingertips, but keeping them all charged seems like a daunting task!

Hit the link below if you want to read the full Wozniakian list of essential gadgets.


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Steve Ross Brings The Sexy To Art Instruction

(YouTube Link)

Happy little trees run in the family as far as painters Bob and Steve Ross are concerned.

Here's a brightly colored episode which shows us that Bob's legacy lives on in the hands of his son Steve, and boy can he paint mountain ranges like a boss!

--via TDW

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This Torture Device Is Truly Kafka-Esque

I'm not sure if the person who built the Harrow, a device imagine by Franz Kafka in his seminal work The Penal Colony, meant for it to be an art installation or an actual torture machine, but either way it looks soooo Kafka-esque.

Don't you hate when people say things are Kafka-esque?

I do too, but this thing is actually inspired by Kafka, so it's one of the only objects ever built which can be correctly identified as being Kafka-esque.

Link  --via AnimalNY

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