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The Drug Avengers Are Here To Save Us From Ourselves

(YouTube Link)

This hilariously bad PSA from 1988 is called The Drug Avengers, and centers around a group of time traveling squares who want to help humanity join the Galactic Federation by abolishing drug use across the globe, even though they never seem to get past the suburbs of America.

This short features some awful animation, ridiculous messages like "adults handle depression by eating cookies, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes", and really never seems to give a valid reason not to do drugs. And the alien creature that accompanies The Drug Avengers looks like a drug influenced hallucination, so I don't know what the creators were smoking when they came up with this little gem of a cartoon!

--via ComicsAlliance

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John Cleese Carefully Considers Your Useless Comments

(YouTube Link)

As a hilarious comedian, gentleman, scholar, and founding member of the seminal sketch comedy troupe Monty Python, John Cleese hasn't lost a bit of his prize winning wit, even after over 40 years in the business. Now, he's come back to answer to the worst kind of modern critic-the YouTube commenter. Sit back and have a laugh as John Cleese carefully considers your useless comments.

--via The Mary Sue

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Drivable R2-D2 Built For Make-A-Wish Kid To Enjoy

Matthew Grammer, a 7 year old who is being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, asked for one of the coolest things ever as his Make-A Wish Foundation request--a giant, drivable R2-D2 so he can roll around school pretending to be R2 in style. Here's a bit of info from the makers, Little Mountain Productions:

R2D2 was a fun challenge to build. R2 was fabricated with a simple joystick with massive on/off buttons inside. We also placed a large (kill it) button on the outside for parents. The computer is powered by 2 rechargeable gel batteries and guided by our proprietary software that is enclosed under the cushioned driver's seat.

After test-driving R2, popping wheelies and leaving tire marks in our shop, we decided it would be best if we slowed down the oversized torquey electric motors.

If you're interested, you can see a video of one of the coolest R2-D2 replicas ever in action at the link below. It looks like a lot of fun to drive!

Here's hoping Matthew the best of health, and a long life full of fun. The Force is strong with this one!

Link  --via Geekologie


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Radiohead 'OK Computer' 3.5 Inch Floppy From 1997

This rather unique piece of Radiohead memorabilia was given out in 1997 as a promotional item, and it contains an 'OK Computer' screensaver for Windows 3.1 or 95 on 3.5 inch floppy. Rather appropriate advertising technique, wouldn't you say?

It's funny how quickly these promo disks became obsolete after the '90s, and now they get thrown in the trash, or the donation pile, more often than they're kept as a collectible. But, like any music memorabilia, they'll continue to go up in value, and will always be sought after by collectors.

Link  --via Best Week Ever


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I Have No Patience For Patients

This word of the month PSA was spotted someplace where the people either have an ironic sense of humor, or they don't have access to a dictionary. Hopefully it wasn't found airing this ridiculousness on a college campus that specializes in giving out English Lit degrees.

If there's one thing I've learned from this PSA it's that you should never depend on educational committees to teach you the correct usage of a word.


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The Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone Is A Lifesaver

Are people getting tired of hearing you sing, and now they're starting to shoot dirty look daggers into your heart, causing you to lose faith in your future career as a singer?

Then you need to get this plunger looking thing and strap it on your noisemaker. It's called the Noiseless USB Karaoke Microphone and it just might save your life.

If you can't control the urge to belt out a tune in public your life might be in danger, because not everyone appreciates hearing your rendition of "Lady Lumps" "My Humps" while riding home on the subway.

Don't attract attention to yourself, sing your little heart out with this guy in place and, not only will you look like a crazy person and scare the bad people away, you'll avoid bringing the wrath of the tone deaf down upon your head. So Karaoke it up, in peace.


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Tired Of Traditional Massage Therapy? Then Get Some Goats!

(YouTube Link)

This guy has it all figured out-why pay a fortune having some professional masseuse work out the knots in your back and spinal column when you can have a bunch of tiny goats do it for free?

They have fun jumping on you, playing king of the hillbilly, and you don't even have to take off your shirt! And no, you don't have to pay extra for the *ahem* mudpellets, because your goats gladly throw them in for free!

--via TDW

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How Not To Perform CPR

I'm sure you've all been taught the proper way to perform CPR by now, but where's the fun in that? Sure, you might end up saving a life, but then what-a certificate of commendation, a handshake, a smile? LAME.

This chart shows you how not to perform CPR, and I think this should become the new approach to assisting those whose life is quickly fading away. I mean, look at number 6-Picture Life Together, are you really going to get a life partner, imaginary or not, out of regular boring old CPR?

And if the person dies while in your care, you're left with free Capri-Sun, instead of some pain in the neck lawsuit, so either way it's a win-win situation. Being inept can have it's perks...


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The 50 Most Ridiculous Outfits From New York Fashion Week 2012

Okay, so you should be able to tell from the headline that this was a particularly bad year for fashion at the New York Fashion Show.

Granted, there are probably at least 10 outfits every year that make people want to break out in fits of laughter, but to have a whopping 50 examples, many of which look like they're straight out of a Sci-Fi movie from the 1960s, makes 2012 the year of Fashiongeddon.

Bask in the ridiculousness, show your friends so you can share a laugh together, and imagine the price tags attached to these examples of when good fashion design goes horribly wrong.


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Not One, But Two, Zombie Bin Laden Movies (NSFW)

(YouTube Link)


(YouTube Link)

Even though Osama Bin Laden's life was terminated in May of 2011, his reign of terror lives on thanks to these cheesy horror movies starring Bin Laden in zombie form.

The first one is called Zombinladen, and it's not a movie being made but rather a fake movie trailer made for the French short film contest Panic!Reverse. It looks like it would have made for a fun, schlocky B-movie, and the visual effects are, surprisingly, pretty good for a goofy short film.

The second trailer is for a little gem called Ozombie, which (coincidentally?) has the same subtitle as Zombinladen-"The Axis Of Evil Dead". Ozombie is currently in production, but sadly has such awful looking special effects that the fake trailer blows it out of the water with no budget at all. Ozombie synopsis:

The story follows Dusty, a yoga instructor from Colorado, who is on a desperate rescue mission to save her crazy brother Derek, a conspiracy theorist who is convinced Osama Bin Laden is still alive, despite having been buried at sea. In Afghanistan, Dusty falls in with a team of NATO Special Forces on a secret assignment. Turns out Derek is not so crazy after all, and that Osama has returned from his watery grave and is making an army of zombie terrorists. When the group crashes headlong into the growing zombie apocalypse, Dusty and the troops must find and destroy the root of the zombie insurgency before it infests the rest of the world.

This isn't highbrow filmmaking by any means, but if you like your horror cheesy and full of zombie gore then you'll probably enjoy these Bin Laden exploitation flicks, even if only for the sake of historical hilarity. And, it probably goes without saying, but these clips are definitely NSFW, and not for the squeamish (or those who can't stand seeing terrible visual effects).

--via Twitch

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Bassett Hound In Slow Motion

(YouTube Link)

He's just so wrinkly and floppy all over that, if you pinned back his loose skin with clothespins, he would appear to be the size of a Jack Russell terrier under all those folds of skin. And when I say he I mean HE folks, this is an unmistakably male Basset Hound here, as you can tell by his *ahem* just watch the video and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Oh, and for best viewing pleasure, please mute the volume so you're not subjected to the awful song that accompanies this video. And another thing-yes, I'm aware that this video is from 2011, but if you haven't seen it before it's new to you!

--via TDW

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Out Walking The Dog When....WTF?!

Imagine seeing this hot mess of a duo out walking around your neighborhood dog park. Would you stop and take a picture, run away screaming in terror, or fall to the ground laughing at how that poor little dog on the leash isn't nearly as well groomed as the furry freak walking him? Me, I'd demand a hug from the furry dog walker, then snatch the leash away and head for the nearest Humane Society as fast as humanly possible.


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Turtle Gymnastics And Other Oddities By YouTube Sensation Ray Sipe

Have you seen this wild man's videos posted on the interwebs before? If not, and this is assuming you're a lover of all things comedic in life, then you're in for a hilarious treat. Because Ray Sipe brings the funny in a way that is so pure and natural it can't be scripted.

And I know he writes his songs looking for a laugh, and that he's trying to be a comedian in all of his videos, but the things that make me laugh about Ray aren't the moves he's making to be funny, but rather the raw unintentional way that the man is simply a comical human being.

Between his clearly custom made Lady Gaga shirt, his super cheesy props and his deadpan delivery, what's not to love about Ray Sipe? Geekosystem has gathered a good selection of Ray's funnier videos, including his tribute to Amy Winehouse, STDs are not ABCs, Human Centipede and a song about Nyan Cat pooing rainbows.


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The Burton Star Wars Snowboarding Experience

Burton Snowboards has teamed up with Sierra-At-Tahoe Resort to create the Burton Star Wars Experience, a park aimed at young snow sport enthusiasts who want to tame some gnarly drifts with Chewbacca and a bunch of Ewoks cheering them on.

The park features an area known as Yoda's Riglet Park, which was created for kids as young as 3 to 6 to learn how to shred snow, and features some amazing chainsaw sculptures by Bob King. Here's more about this kid friendly snow park:

"The Burton Star Wars Experience at Sierra gives kids as young as 3 the chance to successfully learn how to snowboard in a fun environment," says Jeff Boliba, Burton's Global Resort Director. "Yoda's Riglet Park will combine Burton's industry-leading Learn To Ride hardgoods, teaching systems and Riglet Park features with Jedi Master Yoda's methods of balance, movement, and control. We are stoked to partner with Lucasfilm and Sierra to create this amazing experience for little groms."

And if breaking the age barrier isn't enough of a reason to lavish this park with kudos, all of the sculptures were made from fallen trees, and all metal used was made from recycled materials, so it's an eco-friendly woodland park to boot! Yoda would be pleased...

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Rotterdam Robbery Turns Into An Epic Fail

(YouTube Link)

This has to be the worst case scenario when it comes to armed robbery-you rush in to rob the place, gun drawn, ski mask on, and you're paid no mind at all. The patrons aren't even shaken, and a tense situation soon becomes quite awkward as you're forced to leave empty handed, tail between your legs and decades of counseling ahead of you.

This is exactly what a thief in the Netherlands experienced, when he rushed in to rob a pub in Rotterdam and got the cold shoulder instead. Maybe he was filming a bit for a sketch comedy show, or maybe the robber is such a pathetic worm of a man that even with a gun no one felt threatened by him. Either way, it makes for a classic fail moment in crime history.

--via Geekologie

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DeviantArtists Put Rage Faces On Their Own Characters

Who needs books and folders full of reference photos of facial expressions when you have a whacked out meme known as Rage Comics from which to draw inspiration for your characters?

Well don't look now, but DeviantARTists have discovered this treasure trove of odd expressions, and now they're applying Rage Faces to their own characters, with fantastic albeit strange results.

If your favorite cartoon characters start in with the old 'Y U No' or 'FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU' or even the priceless 'Me Gusta face', you'll know it's because DeviantARTists such as Chireiya have decided to bring the Rage to their 'toons. Cartoonists-Y U No do this with your own characters? NAO!

Link  --via ComicsAlliance


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MC Chris Is Finally Getting His Own Cartoon Show

(YouTube Link)

I've been a huge fan of MC Chris ever since he provided the voice for MC PeePants on the Adult Swim show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and this guy was one of the originators of Nerdcore Hip Hop, second only to the mastermind MC Frontalot, with songs like Fette's Vette and nrrrd grrrl, so it's no surprise that he's been given his own animated series.

It looks to be full of zombies, dorky humor and all manner of madness fresh from MC Chris' overactive imagination.You can't tell a whole lot from this teaser trailer, but it's a cartoon written by MC Chris, so I'm on board-twice.

--via Topless Robot

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15 Awesome Pixel Art Soda Displays

As a geek working at a grocery store, you do your work, bide your time and dream about getting back home to your beloved games. Or, you can bring your passion to work with you, and offer to set up one of these amazing pixel art soda displays and show the world just how cool and refreshing your favorite characters can be.

However, if you're anti-gamer for some odd reason, there are plenty of other characters to be found in this gallery, and they're  incredible works of pixel art on a grand scale, so there's that...


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Every Bart Simpson Chalkboard Quote To Date

To celebrate The Simpson's upcoming 500th episode, the interwebs is passing around this note straight from Krabappel's classroom- all 288 of Bart's chalkboard punishment quotes from the intro! But you have to hit the link to see them all, is the writing really small or is that one ridiculously long chalkboard?


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Artists Create Pieces By Burning Designs Into Wood

Artists Tim Simpson and Sandra van Gameren, from Studio Glithero, have come up with a unique way to create their intricate, highly symmetrical 'Fire Drawings' -by using flammable paint on wood then setting the lines on fire. Watching the flames race around the panel, burning the meticulously drawn lines into the wood, makes for a rather interesting process video, which you can check out at the links below.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Inspirational Ninja Warrior Audition Video

(YouTube Link)

Ninja Warrior is an athletic competition/TV show from Japan that features an insanely hard obstacle course and some of the planet's toughest, and some not so tough, wannabe ninjas. The show has garnered a huge American audience thanks to G4 airing subtitled re-runs from years past, and the show has become so popular here that an American version of Ninja Warrior was started in 2009.

Contestants must send in audition tapes, like the one featured above, in order to be chosen for the show, and the skills these wannabe ninjas display are most impressive.

This particular tryout video, made by Yen from Los Angeles, is more impressive than other tryout tapes I've seen because the guy is talented beyond being in peak physically shape, and he already seems like a good fit for American Ninja Warrior, both in attitude and performance.

Note to self: get your butt back in the gym right away, because lifting the remote with one hand and a beer with the other doesn't count as exercise.  (NSFW due to language)

--via Super Punch

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Snow Shoveling-The Video Game

(YouTube Link)

Just in time for a fresh batch of winter storms comes Snow Shoveling-The Video Game. If tired of having to shovel actual snow, or if you live in a region where there isn't any snow to shovel, then this simulation game is just the thing for you. It's all the hard work without the physical fitness, and you can play without ever having to leave your house!

--via Obvious Winner

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A Water Bottle That Kills Bacteria On The Go

Want to make sure that you have clean drinking water at all times, without having to carry around a bunch of brand name water? Then you'll want to get your hands on one of these 'All Clear' water bottles by Camelbak. Here's how it works:

The LCD screen on the cap pretty much walks you through it. It counts down the 60 seconds it takes to purify the water and includes information about your battery life. The only thing you have to do is swish the water around while the bulb zaps your water to ensure all the water is treated and you are good to go. The UV bulb is supposed to kill the bulk of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa -- in fact all but .01 percent of each type of intestinal nightmare per 25 ounces of water, according to stats released by the company.

The UV bulb is projected to last for 10,000 cycles that should clean approximately 101 ounces of water a day for seven years. Plus, the battery is rechargeable.

This bottle is a must have for the adventurer who doesn't want to get caught with their pants down, or anyone who wants to make sure their water isn't full of nasty little critters.

--via Geekologie

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Oh, Internet-A Love Song

(YouTube Link)

You may recognize the star of this video from her other web series My Drunk Kitchen, but this time around Hannah Hart has put down the bottle and picked up a microphone to tell the world just how much she loves the internet.

Oh, Internet-A love song began as a song against SOPA but became so much more, and now Hannah has a new career option to fall back on, since becoming a chef clearly isn't an option.

--via Geeks Are Sexy



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Bear Cub And Wolf Pup Are Best Friends

(YouTube Link)

Disney animators, take note and make a movie based on these adorable little buddies NOW! Lil' Bear and Tala the wolf pup are best friends, and they play the day away at Farmington, Pennsylvania's Woodland Zoo in this heartwarming video.

They're so cute together, and even though it's been 6 years since this video was made the two are still best friends! Forget Disney, let's just make a feature length movie out of footage of these two unlikely best friends growing up together!

--via TDW

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Newly Discovered Chameleon Species Is The Cutest Thing Ever

One of the newest chameleon species discovered in the wild is so small it's no wonder they've slipped through the cracks for so many years. Found in Madagascar, the Brookesia micra is a miniscule 3cm in length, and is so cute that the Geico gecko has started looking for a new job!

Here's more on this little cutie:

Ted Townsend, of San Diego State University did some genetic testing on the little guys and has come to the conclusion that they probably trace their roots back to a smaller variety of chameleon than what most of us are familiar with. “Their size suggests that chameleons might have evolved in Madagascar from small and inconspicuous ancestors, quite unlike the larger and more colourful chameleons most familiar to us today,” he told the Daily Mail.

As for the smallest reptile overall, that title still belongs to 16 millimeter Jaragua Sphaero, or dwarf gecko, but even at twice the size, the Brookesia micra are tiny little guys.

If you ever visit Madagascar, tread lightly and check your pockets before you head home, because these chameleons are so tiny that they're easy to miss!

Link   --image credit: Animal Press/Barcroft Media


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Street Art Flyers Invite The Curious To Solve A Mystery

Artists Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim teamed up and hit the Danish city streets with a different kind of street art-surreal mystery flyers. Each flyer contains a different version of strange, from the discovery of a tiny door to an invitation to a sugar party just to name a few, and if  a passerby happens to take the mysterious author Jens up on his offer, the address is real, and KL. 14 means the meeting time is 2 p.m.

According to various comments, the listed address often has people gathered around outside, hanging about and drinking water of all things! Will these mini street mysteries ever be solved? Not until the next batch of flyers are ready to go up...

--via Booooooom!   -- Jody Barton LINK

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Tim & Eric Bring The Funny To Good Day Austin

(YouTube Link)

If you invite the comedy duo Tim and Eric, from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! and Tom Goes To The Mayor fame, on to a relatively conservative morning talk show, expect hilariously awkward and strange things to happen. But the host rolls along quite well with the guys, and T&E get to hang out looking all smiles and rosy cheeks.

Actually, this is one of the most tame T&E appearances I've ever seen, but the clips from their Billion Dollar Movie are pure hilarity, and well worth the price of admission.

--via TDW

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Celebrate Valentine's Day, Twisted Metal Style

(YouTube Link)

This Valentine's Day why celebrate in a warm and cuddly manner when you can get twisted? Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal video game franchise is back, and he's looking for love in all the wrong places, like from a kidnapped victim in an abandoned building.

He's dark and scary and completely mental, just like love can be at times. Enjoy the true horror of Valentine's Day with this dark little tale!

--via Destructoid

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Torn Photograph Collages Show Life In New York

Several photos torn into strips then put back together-that's the basic concept behind this photography series by John Clang, but the end result is so much more than just a bunch of torn pictures.

These are snapshots of life in New York taken at all the prime spots, like the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Times Square and Wall Street, and they reveal how the lives of people from all walks of life intersect in the same place on a daily basis.

Here's what John has to say about this series-

Working on this series, I explore how time moves in this seemingly static urban space. The people become the moving energy flowing through this space, marking the changes, forming the time.

These images also explore my fascination that there are probably many time dimensions in this universe. We may have a ‘life’ that exists similarly on a different path, one minute before or after the one we’re living now. We merely just exist in this current dimension, and sometimes when time paths collide, we have déjà vu experience.

This series brings new meaning to the phrase "a slice of life", except there's nothing mundane about the way John Clang has chosen to present the lives of these New Yorkers.

Link  --via AnimalNY

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