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Experimental Animation Meets Pottery

(Video Link)

Experimental animation and pottery may seem like two completely different artistic mediums from two totally different worlds, but when the Crafts Council was looking for an effective method of advertising themselves they turned to animator Jim Le Fevre and decided that fusing animation and pottery would not only be eye catching it would be a juxtaposition no one had ever seen before.

The result is a mighty interesting two minute long short that showcases RAMP Ceramics, a company whose name acronym stands for, appropriately enough,  Roops and Al Johnstone Make Pottery, and features a simple yet effective phonotrope animation created on the side of a ceramic bowl.

Via Booooooom!

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

A Children's Book That Teaches Kids About 3D Printing

There’s a new children’s book out there which is both classically simplistic and totally cutting edge, a book that explains 3d printing to children.

It’s called Leo the Maker Prince by Carla Diana, and kids not only learn how to print out objects in 3d when they read this charming tale of Carla, the accountant who wants to be an artist, and Leo, the 3d printing robot that will make her dreams come true, they can print out models of the main characters- if they have a 3d printer on hand.

If not, then they’ll discover another facet of the 3d printing revolution- buying a printer for yourself is still too darn expensive, and if you go to a printing service they will charge you an arm and a leg!

Via DesignTAXI

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Boonie Bears- Second Ever CGI Film Made Entirely In China

(Video Link)

Everyone assumes the Chinese are responsible for Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks ripoffs such as Life's A Jungle, Kiara the Brave and The Little Panda Fighter, but surprisingly these films come from Brazil, India and Canada, not China.

The first fully Chinese CGI film was released in the U.S. as Legend Of A Kung Fu Rabbit, and was clearly glossed over as a Kung Fu Panda knockoff, for good reason. But now Chinese animation studio Fantawild Animation Inc. is about to release their second ever CGI film called Boonie Bears, and it looks like they're really getting the hang of the medium.

Sure it’s got the Yogi Bear/Open Season look about it, but at least they're trying hard to create uniquely Chinese content, which is more than can be said about the studio that released the ripoffs Ratatoing and What's Up.

Via Cartoon Brew

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Turbulent Book Installations By Alicia Martin

Anybody with a massive collection of books has dealt with a time when a pile of books came tumbling down around their head, perhaps when they were transitioning the volumes between bookshelves or moving in to another house, but artist Alicia Martin has made the crashing waves of written words into an artform with her turbulent book installations.

They really feel like the books are about to crush you to death when you view them in person, but anybody who appreciates a good read will find the power of the written word alive and well in Alicia’s works.

We featured one of Alicia's works here on Neatorama before, but this time around you get to see a bunch of different examples of her amazing installation art, and a detail pic that shows her sitting inside one of the massive works for a sense of scale.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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The Ninja Way To Avoid Carbonated Beverage Fizz-Tastrophies

(Video Link)

Don’t you hate it when you’re at a social function and go to open a carbonated beverage only to have the whole thing explode all over you, turning you into a sticky mess? It can be a total buzzkill, and may ruin any chance you have of successfully partying the night away.

Luckily a guy named Grant Thompson, aka The King of Random, made a video that shows you how to avoid getting Sprite all over your face like a totally inept loser. He calls his trick the Soda Ninja Swipe, and learning this technique may save your life one day, or at least make you look like less of an oaf at your next shindig appearance.

Via Lifehacker

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Designer Creates One Balloon Sculpture A Day For A Year

Twisting balloons for a living may seem like a cushy job, but believe you me it can drive you right into the arms of a straightjacket, what with all the squeaking and popping and children crying everywhere. It’s enough to drive a clown to drink, but you don’t have to be a bozo, or looking for a quick buck, to be interested in the art of balloon modelling.

In fact, many very sane and financially stable people have twisted a balloon or two, like graphic designer Meghan Coleman. She twisted a balloon sculpture a day for a whole year, and kept her day job and her sanity to boot. No idea how she found the inspiration to make so many awesome balloon sculptures, but it sure is fun to look through all of the pics in her series 365 Days of Balloon.

Via DesignTAXI

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A Supercut Of Actors In Commercials Before They Were Famous

(Video Link)

Have you been losing sleep at night wondering where all those big name celebrities got their start? Are you going crazy trying to figure out the first televised appearance of Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Paul or Tina Fey?

Well, prepare to sleep easy my friend, because the crazed videophiles at Screen Junkies have put together one heck of a supercut that shows totally famous people before they were totally famous.

Before They Were Famous #2 is guaranteed to change your life, because you’ll get to see how uncool the rich and famous are before they become rich and famous...and cool. Everybody's got to start somewhere, why not start out selling some fried chicken or some Corn Pops?

Via Uproxx

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Man Dresses Up Exactly Like Gap Mannequins Then Poses Next To Them

Mannequins are pretty much just glorified clothes hangers, and even the ones that are given creepy faces or realistic hair still don’t actually look like people, yet somehow these headless mannequins from the Gap look just like Vancouver resident Steve Venegas.

Maybe he used to work as a figure model for a mannequin maker, or perhaps he actually had his flesh and blood torso replaced with that of a male mannequin, either way he’s hell bent on showing the Gap stores in his area that they should hire him as their full time display dummy.

Check out his ongoing photo series called The Gap Mannequin Project and you’ll see how much better it is to have a man hanging around the store rather than a headless mannequin.

Via 22 Words

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Mighty Marvel Calendar From 1975 Works For 2014

If you’re tired of putting up calendars featuring cute animals, last year’s big trends or the same old classic works of art and photography then we have good news for you- the Mighty Marvel Calendar for 1975 syncs with 2014!

So dust off your old box of calendars and search for those dated 1975 and they will magically work for 2014, and the best looking one of the bunch is, of course, the Mighty Marvel Calendar featuring illustrations by Barry Smith, John Romita Sr. and many other Marvel alum.

Each page has been carefully scanned by Chicago-based cartoonist Mark Anderson, who realized the calendars synced just when he was about to throw out this 1975 edition he had hanging on his wall all these years. I guess if you wait 28 years to change your calendar you’ll never have to buy a new one!

Via Dangerous Minds

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Strange Visions Of Human-Animal Hybrids From The 1930s

Surely some mad scientist has been hard at work trying to splice animal and human genes in order to create an army of ravenous rabbit men, or lazy three toed sloth people, but nothing currently known to science looks as far out as these images from the 1930s that imagine what human-animal hybrids might look like.

Mantis man is a very efficient farmer, and one heck of a climber, while firefly man is able to picnic in the middle of the night, which may be a dream come true for a nocturnal lover of outdoor dining. These fantastic images come to us courtesy of artist Lucian Rudaux, who would have been so disappointed to find out the future is devoid of the insect men and flying cars he so loved to draw for various publications in the early 20th century.

This series in particular was envisioned by his good friend Professor Rene Thevenin, who really believed scientific advancement would have made these monstrosities a possibility by the 21st century. Lucky us they're still well outside the realm of possibility!

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The President Of France Is Bad At Shaking Hands

Poor President Francois Hollande, he’s beloved by the citizens of France and yet can’t seem to get a handshake from anyone else he meets!

He’s always left hanging when he reaches out to take the hand of an esteemed leader or high profile figure, and his handshaking skills are so bad they’re going to name a form of solitary greeting after him, called the Hollande Handshake, which will consist of people waiting awkwardly for a few minutes before shaking their own hand.

It’s unclear whether it’s simply a matter of timing that makes Francois look the fool whenever he goes to shake someone’s hand, or if his hands are so clammy that nobody wants to touch them, but one thing’s for certain-his handshake failures make for hilarious photo ops!

Via 22 Words

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My Little Raptor- A Series About Cute Critters Who Like To Eat Ponies

They're cute, in a flesh eating, mouth full of fangs kind of way, and they're the answer to all those who are totally over the whole Bronie trend.

The My Little Raptor series by artist Cherry Garcia shows us that just because a cartoon character has more of an edge, and likes to eat cute little ponies for lunch, doesn't mean they can't be adorable. Just don't try to give them a hug, or brush their hair, and you'll survive the encounter with your limbs intact.

I wonder what our resident My Little Pony fan John Farrier would do if his massive collection of MLP memorabilia was suddenly replaced by products featuring these carnivorous cuties?

Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Cute Ceramic Figurines Wearing S&M Gear

Nobody ever thinks about what cute cartoon characters do in their off time, when they’re not running around chasing each other with mallets or serving as mascots for fast food restaurants, but if you believe artist Richard Ankrom then they’re all into some pretty naughty stuff!

Richard’s sculptures are full of juxtapositions between cute and kinky, innocent and sadomasochistic, and his works somehow manage to look adorable even though most of the figures are sporting zipper mouthed gimp masks.

Looking through a collection of Richard’s works will make you wonder why the two totally contrasting themes have never been mashed up before, since his tongue-in-cheek works are playful without straying too far over to the dark side and somehow seem visually quite compatible.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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Martin Scorsese's Student Film- It's Not Just You Murray!

(Video Link)

Martin Scorsese is the undisputed master of the gangster flick, responsible for such greats as Casino, Goodfellas and The Departed just to name a few, but his career seems to have brought him full circle with his latest release The Wolf of Wall Street. To illustrate his return to his good old days of student filmmaking we present It’s Not Just You, Murray!, a film he made as a student attending NYU.

The story bears certain similarities to The Wolf of Wall Street- the main character breaks the fourth wall and speaks to the audience about how he made all of his money, and the two characters seem to be a similar breed of smarmy narcissist. Enjoy this slice of New York cinema history!

Via Geek Tyrant

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The Facts About That Most Evil Of Numbers 666

It’s a number that has vexed and troubled people for generations, a triple dose of the digit between five and seven thought to bring bad luck, and possibly the devil himself, when it appears.

That number is the dreaded 666, and up until six years ago there was an area code 666 that was sent straight to numerical hell by the mostly Christian residents of Reeves, Louisiana.

But did the Reeves townies actually defeat that most evil of numbers, or will 666 forever pop up wherever three digit numbers are used? Here are eleven curious facts about the source of all evil mathematics, the number 666.

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Nostalgic Short Film - FROM 1994

(Video Link)

Reminiscing about the good old days has now begun to include the early 1990s, which officially makes those of us who are over 35 feel old. However, short films which utilize the 90s as a point of reference in the life of a kid aren’t all bad, and they're often quite relatable by people of all ages.

From 1994 is a short film by Casey Warren and Danielle Krieger that isn’t really about the 90s at all, the 1994 referring to a year when the main character's mother wrote him a farewell letter. This film is simple and straightforward, yet manages to be so touching you may tear up a bit by the end, especially if you've experienced the loss of a family member. But don't worry, it's not all sappy, and it's one of the best looking indie short films we've seen in a while.

Via Geek Tyrant

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The Finest Sweded Movie Trailers Of 2013

(Video Link)

The one thing that always seems to make a movie trailer look even better is when it gets the sweded treatment, and 2013 was a very good year for both blockbuster films and sweded versions of movie trailers. From Iron Man 3 to Thor 2 to The Hunger Games Catching Fire, and every other over-the-top action title in between, here’s a recap of the year’s best sweded movie trailers brought to you by the good folks at Geeks Of Doom.

Watching these sweded trailers is like taking a bite of cheese you’ve been holding on to since last year- at first the whole thing seems a bit off, but as you surrender to the cheesy flavor you’re transported to a magical land where up is down, bad is good and people acting out scenes from movies while wearing homemade costumes are actually funny!

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Cuphead Is What Video Games Would Have Looked Like In The 1930s

(Video Link)

Stylistically speaking, the retro cartoon look has been done to death in short films, artwork and various animated series, but there’s one medium which hasn’t used this rubber limbed style of animation nearly enough- our old pals the video games.

Cuphead is an indie game from developer MDHR which is going to be hand drawn and inked in the style of 1930s cartoons. In it you will play Cuphead, who runs and guns his way through wacky levels and over 30 bosses that look like they stepped straight out of your favorite old timey cartoons.  

The game already looks like a breath of fresh air in a market flooded with quirky puzzlers and hyper realistic combat simulation games, and we are eagerly awaiting its release some time in 2014.

Via Cartoon Brew

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Best Sci-Fi And Fantasy Short Films Of 2013

(Video Link)

There’s no better way to ring in the new year than sitting around nursing a hangover and watching a bunch of amazing videos online, unless you’re planning to party through New Year’s Day! io9 has put together a rather amazing list of the Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Films from 2013 and they are so much fun to watch it makes you wonder what sort of visual goodies await us in 2014.

From face melting Liquid Television inspired shorts like PostHuman by Cole Drumb to kinder, gentler shorts about robots like Dr. Easy by Shynola, there’s something on the list for every kind of viewer, and you won’t have to scour the interwebs to find them all because they've taken care of the gathering for you! (Some films may be NSFW due to language and/or violence)

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Internet Archive To Release Free To Play Retro Console Games

Lovers of classic video games rejoice, the Internet Archive is about to make your new year a whole lot more fun! They’re releasing a beta version of their Console Living Room,  a playable console simulator that when coupled with their Historical Software Collection will make tons of games from the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Magnavox Odyssey 2, Colecovision and Bally Astrocade free to play.

Soon you’ll be able to spend your days reliving a time when you were young, or time travelling to before you were born, while playing some great classic games like H.E.R.O., Yars Revenge and River Raid. So quit your job, plant your butt on a comfy chair and play your way through the 80s like a true retro gamer!

Via Joystiq

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Steve Comes To Life In This Minecraft Themed Short Film

(Video Link)

When someone says they made a live action short based on the video game Minecraft your mind probably goes straight to those block headed costumes and pixilated props you see every year at Halloween, but Benjamin Combes didn’t want to go the traditional route with his short film Pixel Passion.

Instead, he chose to imagine what main protagonist Steve would look like in real life, and how badass it would be if blood sprayed instead of pixels every time he killed a zombie.  

There are still some blocky stylistic elements, to keep the whole thing true to the game from which Ben drew inspiration, and the totally gnarly retro soundtrack by Arcade High makes the whole thing super rad to watch.

Via Kotaku

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Adventure Time Meets What Does The Fox Say

(Video Link)

Ylvis's video "The Fox" (What Does The Fox Say?) took the interwebs by storm a few months back, creating an upsurge in Google searches for the keyword FOX and a renewed interest in the film The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Now that the video has gone viral and stuck around for over a week the inevitable wave of mashup videos have begun to come crashing down upon us! Avalanche!

This mashup should prove to be the least annoying of the bunch- it's a melange of scenes from Adventure Time clipped together to go along with the song. The Fox may already be getting on your nerves, but look on the bright side- Adventure Time!

Via Nerdist

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Man Reenacts Movie Scenes With Boss's Dog

Ask a man to watch your dog for you at work and you’d better have someone check in on them from time to time, or you may not like the pics you find online. Reddit user mmsspp has been posting pics of himself and his boss’ dog Wrigley re-enacting scenes from famous movies, and the only real problem is they all seem to be from love stories or scenes of romance.

The dog looks cute and all but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to share photographic evidence of their creepy love affair with a dog online, but maybe mmsspp justifies it by claiming they’re just pretending to be in the movies. Yeah right!

Via DesignTAXI

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Strange Jobs And The Workers Who Love Them

Have you ever thought to yourself- "Gee, I wonder if there’s a person who samples dog foods, or dives into golf course ponds for balls, or evaluates human breath odor?" The answer is yes, yes and oh my yes! These are the odd jobs that most people wonder about, never sure whether they actually exist or not.

They’re odd occupations not normally found in your local job listings, and they are all featured in two books of photography by Nancy Rica Schiff entitled Odd Jobs and Odder Jobs. They range from “that’s weird” to “man am I glad I don’t have THAT job!”, and the mere existence of these niche jobs makes for a fun bit of trivia.

Via 22 Words

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Wolverine Ups The Ante With His Uncanny Epic Split

(Video Link)

First Jean-Claude Van Damme did the Epic Splits stunt in real life between two semi trucks, then an animated Chuck Norris outdid Van Damme with an Epic Splits stunt between two airplanes with a bunch of spec ops guys balanced on his head, Channing Tatum apparently did the splits too but I don't think anybody ever saw that one.

And now we have the only Epic Splits video that actually matters, besides the original that is because Van Damme's stunt was pretty darn cool, featuring some sweet action figure stop motion by Kyle Roberts- here's Wolverine doing the Epic Splits his way, complete with a grumbly little monologue and some Sentinel destruction.

Via Nerd Approved

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Eat A Pickled Turnip, Don't Get The Flu

When we think of flu prevention we normally think of shots, vitamins, and washing our hands before we eat. But what if you could make yourself unable to contract the influenza virus simply by eating a pickled turnip? Japanese researchers have discovered this possibility hidden in a commonly eaten food called suguki, a pickled turnip that is thought to be a “superfood” because of its health benefits.

When the Lactobacillus brevis bacteria found inside suguki was fed to mice it kept them from contracting the influenza virus, but the same bacteria has yet to be tested on humans. If it turns out to be a viable way to avoid getting the flu every year I’m sure people will start to appreciate the taste of pickled turnip much more!

Via Geekosystem

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Man Proposes By Building Three Story Tall Transformers Model

When a guy asks a girl to marry him the proposal is usually accompanied by flowers, dinner, champagne and a box with a ring inside. But one Chinese man felt that the only way he could get his geeky girlfriend to say yes was to construct a thirty foot tall model of Optimus Prime.

He built the Autobot leader out of over 40,000 rivets and almost $10,000 worth of iron and stainless steel, working through 400 drawings over the ten months it took him to transform a pile of metal and bolts into one amazing looking metal sculpture.

Via Uproxx

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A Private Theater Experience For Your Head

Unless you’re in the habit of entertaining lots of guests, or you have a large movie loving family, you probably don’t have a need for a movie theater-sized screen and stadium seating when you sit down to watch your favorite flick.

In fact, those who live alone have probably found themselves wishing for a private viewing experience that completely removes them from all the annoying distractions of the outside world, like friends and family for instance.

According to unfortunately-named Reddit user CertifiedPuppyRapist all you need is a smartphone, a razor blade and a cardboard box big enough to cover your head and you've got a private theater experience that will make you at one with your movie, and forever alone.

Via 22 Words

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The Thirteenth Doctor Has A Silly Little Film Secret

(Video Link)

Any actor who steps into the iconic shoes of sci-fi’s most famous time traveler Doctor Who knows they will have to deal with some far out alien species, strange storylines and as much weirdness as the writers can fit into one hour long episode.

However, it looks like the man who will be playing the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor, Peter Capaldi, is quite familiar with cinematic strangeness, and he wrote and directed a BBC funded short film entitled Franz Kafka’s It’s A Wonderful Life back in 1995. Take a gander if you dare, and try not to hold this surreal oddity against Peter when he takes over for Matt Smith in 2014.

Via Geeks Of Doom

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Stephen Colbert's Brief Appearance In The Latest Hobbit Film

(Video Link)

Patriot and celebrity conversationalist Stephen Colbert has been very up front about his love of The Lord of the Rings, both the movies made by Peter Jackson and the classic novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, and now his devotion to the series has resulted in a split second cameo in the latest film The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

I’m sure Stephen was super jazzed to be included in the film, but his appearance was so short it’s doubtful moviegoers even realized that the briefly appearing vagabond character in Laketown was actually played by Colbert, but now thanks to ScreenSlam you can bask in the momentary glory of Stephen’s Oscar worthy performance in a LOTR themed movie! You’re welcome America!

Via Gamma Squad

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