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A Brief History Of Merlot

(YouTube Link)

Gundlach Bundschu Winery would like to share their take on the modern history of Merlot with you, and they've chosen to do so via comedy video. Bold move Gundlach, but the end result is a rather cheesy video that's laughably bad at times.

Still, it's an entertaining way to advertise your role in the expanding Merlot market, and I guess if you're a few bottles deep it might be the most hilarious video you've watched all day.

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Cacto-Matic Infomercial Is Comedy Gold

(YouTube Link)

The mastermind behind this hilarious infomercial for the Cacto-Matic is none other than Thu Tran, creator and star of the IFC show Food Party and one heck of a funny gal.

Here she is peddling a fake product by using her powers of comedy and hallucinogenic sorcery, both of which have definitely put me in a buying mood!

--via Everything Is Terrible!

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Amazing Stained Glass Artwork By Judith Schaechter

Judith Schaechter is bringing an antiquated art form into the 21st century with her fantastically imaginative stained glass artwork, like the piece pictured above entitled "The Battle of Carnival and Lent", which is on display at the Eastern State Penitentiary art installation program.

Judith's works are constructed using traditional methods and materials, incorporating glass painting techniques in order to tell a story which Judith describes as “addressing in a non-religious way the psychological border territory between ‘spiritual aspiration’ and human suffering.”

You can see detail photos from this amazing piece, along with some rather interesting process shots that show it all coming together, at the Creep Machine link below. And be sure to check out her website for more stunning works in stained glass.

Link  --via Creep Machine

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Medieval Monks Vented Their Frustration In Manuscript Margins

Having to endure the mind numbing monotony of duplicating manuscripts by hand every day of their cloistered lives, medieval monks vented their frustration by adding cartoons and statements in the margins.

Surprisingly, many of the statements are obscene and quite blasphemous, especially considering their source. What's not surprising is that historians are finding these unedited remarks quite illuminating, giving them a rare glimpse into the daily lives of the original office workers.

Hit the links for a sample of the comedy stylings of medieval monks, courtesy of Colin Dickey and the Lapham Quarterly.

Link  --via i09

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Batman Pulled Over For No License Plates On His Lamborghini

A man dressed as Batman was pulled over by the Montgomery County police department in Maryland for not having plates on his Batmobile Lamborghini, and what appeared to be nothing more than a silly photo op actually had a pretty heartwarming story behind it.

The Batman in question is an anonymous rich fellow who dresses up and visits sick children in the hospital to cheer them up, and he was heading home when he got pulled over, to the delight of the officers involved.

He explained that the suit's really hard to take off, and he was waiting until he got home to change back in to his rich guy clothes.  However, he offered no explanation for why he drives a car worth a quarter of a million dollars, yet can't be bothered to slap some license plates on the back.

Bruce Wayne would have known better, Mr. Rich Guy.



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Outrageous Vytautas Mineral Water Commercial

(YouTube Link)

This web spot by Lithuanian mineral water company Vytautas keeps coming at you like a comedy tsunami, with super cheesy animation to match.

The narrator has definitely taken a few pointers from the recent Old Spice ad campaign, but emulation doesn't stop the funny from raining down like water that fish haven't pooped in yet.

(NSFW due to coarse language)

--via Geek Tyrant

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Stand Up And Cheer For The Future Of Wheelchair Tech

People who go through life with limited mobility quickly realize that one thing most modern wheelchairs lack is the ability to help them stand up, thereby leaving many things in life out of reach.

Enter the innovative new TEK Robotic Mobilization Device, basically a wheelchair with a sling crane for your butt that can help the handicapped stand up and get what they need out of life.

The TEK recently began shipping in Turkey for around $15,000, which seems like a small price to pay for the huge improvement this device will make to people's lives.

Link  --via Geekologie

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Cardboard Hellboy And Abe Sapien Costumes

These delightfully square versions of Hellboy and Abe Sapien look so cool that I'm sure they were a big hit at whatever Con they were attending when these pictures were taken.

From the comic book inspired detail lines, to the bold colors and painstaking attention to detail, these guys really stand out, and when they're done with the costumes they can use them to store all their old junk!


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Political Posters That Urge You To Vote For The Villain

Seeing as how we are in an election year, it's not surprising that candidates are coming out of the woodwork and declaring their bid for various offices.

But with all the problems we're having in the world, financially and otherwise, wouldn't it be nice to elect someone who is up front about being full of bad intentions?

At least you know what you're getting into when we elect a supervillain, and who knows? Maybe they'll actually clean up their act just long enough to put this country back on track.

Peruse the assortment of election posters at the Comics Alliance link below and make up your own mind about electing a self-proclaimed villain for public office.


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Celebrities Read Tweets About Themselves

(YouTube Link)

To celebrate Twitters 6th anniversary, Jimmy Kimmel asked celebrities to read actual Tweets they've received, and it will come as no surprise that they're mostly hurtful and offensive.

Celebrities, like bloggers, really do have feelings folks, and apparently they get to sift through all sorts of mean spirited comments every day just like we do. Thanks Twitter!

--via The Daily What

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The Delightfully Strange Sculptures Of Littlewhitehead

The artistic duo known as Littlewhitehead have some strange thoughts behind the sculptures in their collections. Their unique view of the world is darkly comical, which only adds to the disturbing nature of what each piece has to say to the viewer.

I've subtitled the above image "I've fallen and I can't reach my juice box", but the piece is actually called "We're all going to lose", which is kind of like a kick to the face of any whimsical ideas you may have had about the piece.

You can check out more of Littlewhitehead's sculptural oddities at the Beautiful/Decay link below, along with a rather insightful video where the duo discuss "various pieces and their creative process". I'm just glad they don't use real people in any of their works.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Wonderful Animated Short-"Childhood Of A Circle"

(YouTube Link)

Childhood of a Circle is a whimsical animated short that will take you back to the wonder years of childhood. Created by French animator Kadavre Exquis, who also had a hand in creating the original soundtrack, Childhood of a Circle is a rare gem among modern animated shorts. With a soothing narrator, painterly backgrounds and a simplistic animation style, it's timeless fun for kids and grown folks alike.

--via JazJaz

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Smithsonian Showcases The Art Of Video Games

(YouTube Link)

Video games are finally being recognized as an art form, and the Smithsonian is celebrating with their Art of Video Games exhibit, featuring a staggering assortment of games both arcade and console, classic and cutting edge.

The exhibit will be featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum until September 30th, when it will begin a 10-stop nationwide tour. If the exhibit comes to my town I might actually have a reason to leave the house, yaay!

Link  --via Geekosystem

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Architect Proposes Building 30-Story Skyscraper Out Of Wood

The seemingly radical idea of building a skyscraper out of wood is not so strange after all, as architect Michael Green is quick to point out, because of two main advantages wood has over concrete and steel-it's eco-friendly and cost effective. Here's more on Vancouver's Tallwood project:
‘Tallwood’ would be made of large panels of ‘laminated strand lumber’—a composite made by gluing together strands of wood.

Trees are a renewable resource, and they help to reduce air pollution. Sourcing from sustainably-managed forests could be deemed more environmentally sensitive, according to CNN.

Unlike concrete—which produces about 6-9kg of carbon dioxide for every 10kg of concrete—wood sucks carbon out of the atmosphere.

And contrary to popular belief, wood actually is quite fire-resistant.

“It may sound counter-intuitive, but performing well in a fire is something inherent in large pieces of wood, that’s why in forest fires the trees that survive are the largest ones,” Green said.

I don't know why, but the preliminary photos of this project remind me of the tabletop game Jenga...


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Bollywood Version Of Assassin's Creed

(YouTube Link)

This video shows Bollywood's take on the Assassin's Creed video game franchise, and the assassin in this version is unstealthy and a bit clumsy, until he remembers that he's a badass and starts kicking some tail.

If you discover that this vid floats your boat, check out the rest of the four part series, they're bloody good!

--via ComicsAlliance

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Universal Construction Kit Is A Building Toy Dream Come True

The Free Universal Construction Kit is an innovative new product that lets you combine pieces of building toys such as LEGO, K'Nex, Tinkertoys, Zoob, Duplo, etc., thereby allowing your creative mind to run free.

Even better than the rock solid design of the adapters is the fact that the Universal Construction Kit is free to download and print via 3d printer. I'm not sure how much 3d printing costs, but the pieces are pretty tiny so it shouldn't be too expensive, right? *sheepish grin*

Link  --via Geekologie

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Gag Me With A Toon Art Exhibition

Gag Me With A Toon is a fun art exhibition celebrating its fourth year in Los Angeles as a showcase for artworks which cast a new light on some familiar fictional faces.

With works ranging from kooky (image above: Captain Planet Is A Doucher) to seriously cool (Dan Quintana's 80s inspired take on Cheetara from Thundercats), make your way to the WWA Gallery in Culver City now until April 14th if you want to see these pop culture oddities in person.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Thomas Kuebler-Sculptor Of The Bizarre

Thomas Kuebler has some serious sculpting skills, and his life size sculptures are so eerily realistic that they appear to be sizing you up, waiting for the perfect opportunity to spring to life and make you jump right out of your skin.

With gallery categories like Monsters & Madmen and Beggars & Freaks, this is one fantastic menagerie of figures that won't leave you looking for a refund. Take your eyes on a tour of Thomas' gallery pages at the link below, if you dare...

Link   --image via Tom Kuebler's gallery page

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The Itchy And Scratchy Supercut

(YouTube Link)

One thing I love about the interwebs is the fact that people are always posting their own custom compilation videos for us all to enjoy.

This time around it's a supercut of Itchy and Scratchy, the bloody cat and mouse duo from The Simpsons. Enjoy this over 48 minute long homage to slapstick comedy and extreme cartoon violence, thanks to YouTube user MrBestDeni!

--via Best Week Ever

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Darth Knight Custom Action Figure Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Custom modeler John Harmon was inspired by Malmey Studios' Darth Vader/Batman Armor crossover costume when he created this custom hybrid action figure. Here's how the two figures became one:
Darth Knight has been using the body from a Dark Knight Movie Masters Batman figure, and the head, lightsaber, chest plate, and other pieces from a Star Wars Transformers Darth Vader action figure.

I transplanted the ears from the Batman head onto the Darth Vader head, and sculpted over them to blend them in with the sculpt of Vader’s helmet. He features a paint job that really helps him stand out as his own concept, with silver accents, and other various parts painted in flat and gloss black.

He has extra Darth Vader pieces attached to his belt, his chest plate has been implanted into Batman’s torso (and he still retains full ab crunch movement!), and his legs have been sculpted over with rectangular plates. He also features the classic Darth Vader waist cloak made from a sheet of vinyl. He comes with his lightsaber as well (or light baton if you wish for him to be as non-lethal as the real caped crusader).

Does this incarnation of the Caped Crusader still fight crime, or has he embraced the dark side and joined the ranks of Gotham City's criminal elite?

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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Bunny Licker Is One Adorable Animal Video

(YouTube Link)

Nothing is cuter than bunny love, and here's the video that proves it. Now, if we can get these little guys to crap Cadbury Eggs we've got some superstar talent in on our hands.

Hoppiness is a warm tongue and two long front teeth, and while this video is extremely short (and a few years old) it still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe I've had one too many cocktails this evening....

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Fred Rogers Emmy Acceptance Speech From 1997

(YouTube Link)

As we close out the Mr. Fred Rogers birthday celebration that is taking place in my head, here's a clip of the man, the myth, the best friend to children and puppet kings everywhere, humbly accepting a Lifetime Achievement Daytime Emmy Award in 1997. *sniff* I promised myself that I wouldn't cry...

--via Best Week Ever

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Teenage Metal Ninja Turtles Theme

(YouTube Link)

This video is dedicated to those TMNT fans who are still reeling from the nausea caused by Michael Bay's announcement that the Mutant Ninjas will instead be cast as edgy aliens in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles motion picture reboot.

YouTube user TheHumanTim has arrived, and just in the nick of time, with his heavy metal version of the classic TV show theme song. I'm off to drown my sorrows in some pizza and sewer skateboarding. Kowabunga indeed...

--via Topless Robot

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Laser Cut Omni Tool From Mass Effect Series

Did you spend the last two weeks playing Mass Effect 3 only to find nothing but bitter disappointment and frustration at the end of the game?

Well, hope is at hand when you strap this laser cut Omni Tool replica/cosplay accessory on your arm and create your own Mass Effect themed adventures all over town! A Laser resistant shield is not included, but at least you won't be accepting Commander Shepard's fate lying down.

Link  --via Geekologie

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Apocalyptic Animated Short-RUIN

(YouTube Link)

The animated short "Ruin" by Wes Ball and Oddball Animation is merely a sample segment from a full length feature they'd like to produce, but it works just as well in this abbreviated yet action packed form, so strap your eyes on and enjoy the ride.

--via Cartoon Brew

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The High Fiving Shark

This is the photo that proves just how cool Shark Diving magazine editor Eli Martinez really is. He's so cool, in fact, that sharks come from miles around just to give him a high fin five. Either that, or this particular shark likes to play with his food before he eats.


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Super Best Friends Forever Are Super Cute

(YouTube Link)

These animated cuties are part of the DC Nation animation block on Cartoon Network, and by the look of them they should be hanging out with the Powerpuff Girls, busting heads and batting their lashes. The DC Nation block airs Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network, check it out and get your weekly animated superfolks fix.

--via ComicsAlliance

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Battle Of The Batmobiles


(YouTube Link)

In the first episode of Machinima's new geek-tacular webseries Super Power Beat Down, the original TV Batmobile from the 60s TV show is set against the 1989 Tim Burton version in a drag race with some rather surprising results.

If you want to skip the chatter and get straight to the racing, jump ahead to around 7:45 and start your engines!

--via Nerd Bastards

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Doodles By Ronald Reagan

Here's a page of doodles which were drawn by Ronald Reagan as he sat beside Margaret Thatcher in 1981 at the G7 Summit in Ottawa.

From the look of these crude renderings it's a good thing that Ronnie had a day job, and movie star status to fall back on, because he certainly wasn't going to make a splash in the art world.

Still, I'd like to know who the cute little pipe smoking man on the bottom left is supposed to be, and is that center right drawing a self portrait?

--via Boing Boing

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A Yacht That Can Make Short Trips Across Land

This innovative new vehicle is called The Iguana-a sea and land vehicle that will not only make boating  a blast but also much more convenient. Here's more about this amphibious yacht:
The Iguana is a seaworthy boat even in rough seas, a fast boat (40 knots), a high quality good looking boat, a boat capable of traveling short distances on dry land across unstable land, at a low speed, but without the necessity to drive on roads, in the end, a boat easy to live with, both with family and friends.

The Iguana looks like a fun way to go from sea to land in a flash, just watch where you're going if you hit the beach during spring break, or you might make a bloody mess of some drunken co-eds.


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