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Ministry of Silly Portal - Science Fiction Sketch Comedy

Ministry of Silly Portal by maped

When one is passing between dimensions via projected portals it is customary to do so while walking in a very silly manner, so as not to offend those who reside in the Python dimension. If you should meet a man named Monty on your trip through the aperture just remember- his house looks like a flying circus because he doesn't get very many visitors...

Take a walk on the wacky side with this Ministry of Silly Portal t-shirt by maped and let your sci-fi dreams become very, very silly indeed!

Visit maped's Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:

Batmonster Homer Invader C-Rex The Love Bug

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

How to Deal with Boos - This Ghost Ain't No Buster!

How to Deal with Boos by Thom2Maro

His name is Boo and he's here to say, that he hates those bros in a major way. They're always looking at him like he's a punk, but if they'd just turn their backs they would be sunk!

Boo hangs around the castle like a pile of dust, but when you wanna scare a plumber calling Boo is a must! Mario's in the castle, whaddya do? Call a sneaky scary ghost by the name of BOO!

Keep your geeky wardrobe funky fresh with this How To Deal with Boos t-shirt by Thom2Maro, it's the pixel-tastic way to show the world your love for the old school.

Visit Thom2Maro's official website, Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more totally radical designs:

A Pocket, Full of Pixels Like No One Ever Was The 107th Fight Festive Winner

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Heeere's Luuuigi - Don't Overlook This Shining Star

Heeere's Luuuigi by Zacly

He was tired of playing second fiddle to his bros super platformer star status, and the once all play and no work Luigi was starting to crack up. They reached a level which was set inside an old haunted hotel, full of hallways, cobwebs and shining mirrors, and Mario began to worry about the look he saw in Luigi's eyes...

Don't be a dull boy or girl, pick up this Heeere's Luuuigi t-shirt by Zacly and carve out a geeky style high score!

Visit Zacly's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Mr. Blast Ivy's Greenhouse Gizbo Plumber

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The Orange Side - Imprisoned For Using Force

The Orange Side by Laughing Devil

When Darth agreed to star on that show about the orange side being the new black, he had no idea filming it would involve being incarcerated in a space prison for three seasons and a colorful change of wardrobe. Still, he really needed the credits, since his long lost offspring keep popping up out of nowhere, and since he was currently at war with his former friends on the council locked up was the safest place to be.

Take your geeky wardrobe directly to jail with this The Orange Side t-shirt by Laughing Devil, featuring a unique mashup sure to make sci-fi fans smile!

Visit Laughing Devil's Facebook fan page, then head on over to their NeatoShop for more wickedly fun designs:

CATAIN AMERICA Sewer Wars Hermes Meets Gollum Fox and Friends

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Terror - The Kaiju King Is All Out Of Bubblegum...

Terror by daletheskater

The Beast from the East has an appetite for destruction and a knack for spreading terror wherever he goes, and even his fellow kaiju tremble when they hear his scream and see his giant green form stomping towards them. He's the god of giant monsters, a Japanese native and the last guy you'd want to see while on vacation!

Bring some big time kaiju flavor to your geeky wardrobe with this Terror t-shirt by daletheskater, it's a great way to show your love for classic movie monsters from the East.

Visit daletheskater's official website, Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more massively cool designs:

Forever The Quest City of Silence Eternal Winter

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Yoshi Prism - A Trip Down The Sewer Pipe

Yoshi Prism by Kannaya

Yoshi is one colorful fellow, and he lives with his bros in a world of vibrantly colored food he can wrap his tongue around whenever he wants a snack. He swallows coins, mushrooms, fire flowers, cookies, even turtles when he's feeling super hungry, and it would probably take an entire island full of food to satisfy Yoshi's dinosaur sized appetite!

Mario's friend looks mighty trippy on this Yoshi Prism t-shirt by Kannaya, it's a great way to show your love for friendly video game dinos and blow people's minds!

Visit Kannaya's official website, Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more eye popping designs:

RTweetD2 & C3PeepO Kawaii Marceline Infinity How To Train Your Experiment 626

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Tonari No Cheshire - Can Your Neighbor Stand On His Head?

Tonari No Cheshire by ArryDesign

If you see a great big, grinning purple bus shaped like a cat staring down at you from a mushroom you'd better pinch yourself to see if you're dreaming. He's not a hallucination, he's just a friendly neighbor from an anime wonderland who wants to offer you a ride down the rabbit hole. Will you take him up on his offer?

Visit ArryDesign's official website and Facebook fan page, then check out her NeatoShop page for more far out designs:

Doctor Turtle Walking Plants fan4 Blackwater Octopus

View more designs by ArryDesign | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Strange Movie H.R. Giger Spent Decades Trying To Make

H. R. Giger’s dream of making a "unique love story" based on his extremely visual ideas, a movie entitled The Mystery of San Gottardo, sadly wasn’t realized before his untimely death, and fans of Giger's work are left wondering what could have been...

San Gottardo is an "unique love story", a surreal exercise in human form and its deconstruction, and a waking nightmare all wrapped up in a package that looks like it was sent straight from Silent Hill.

In fact, some creatures from Silent Hill were definitely inspired by Giger’s San Gottardo project, does this lovely creature look familiar?:

Giger's Mystery movie was based on an early sketch he drew in 1963, and even though he started working on the storyline in the 70s, and had written the entire screenplay, San Gottardo proved to be far too strange for Hollywood studios to produce:

"It is about a man and his love for a freak of nature, Armbeinda, which is really a sentient limb combining an arm and a leg. It is the further development of a recurring image in my work over the last 30 years."

The concept stems from a 1963 creation called "The Beggar," Giger's very first sketch, featuring a leg and an arm holding a hat. Giger has filled several sketchbooks with the stories of these "reduced" beings.

The story concerns a race of biomechanoids created by a military organization. The premise: your arms and legs are slaves that do your bidding, but what if they have a mind of their own and were set free? Ink drawings depict the disembodied parts attacking their creator (Giger's self-portrait) in the San Gottardo border tunnel which links Switzerland and Italy. To insure that his vision remains intact, Giger hopes to retain creative control as a producer on the film... and not be forced to rely on CGI.

-Via io9

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51 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Los Angeles

(Watts Tower/Image Via marknye/Flickr)

Living in Southern California means living in the shadow of Los Angeles, or more precisely Hollywood.

Friends and family from other states inevitably ask you about L.A. when you live in SoCal, and they somehow assume we all know famous people, probably because if you live here long enough that whole "six degrees of separation" thing rings true.

(Image Via likeabalalaika)

Living in La La Land is a delightfully surreal experience, a surprisingly mundane experience, and a frustrating experience all rolled up in days of sunshine, traffic and movie star sightings.

It's surprising how little those who live in L.A. know about the city, and as a descendant of four generations of Angelenos I was surprised to find that many of the facts on BuzzFeed's 51 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Los Angeles were news to me! Read on and discover what lies beneath the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

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Pley Is Like Netflix For LEGO Sets

(Image Via AllMyFaves)

For those who want to build LEGO sets without committing to the high cost of buying LEGO sets there is now a monthly rental option called Pley.

Pley is an online rental service that allows you, the builder, to rent sets for a monthly fee and return them whenever you’re done building them up and taking them apart again.

You get the joy of building (virtually) every LEGO set you've ever wanted to build without having to take out a loan, and they'll even forgive you for losing up to fifteen pieces, which is more forgiveness than you'd allow yourself after paying full price for a set.

The pieces are disinfected between rentals, their library is ever expanding, so any set you see is sure to show up in stock soon, and it serves as yet another example of how good kids have it nowadays!

-Via LifeHacker

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Crazy Planet Of The Apes Moments

The world has once again gone to the apes thanks to the new film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, so folks are trotting out all kinds of factoids from the original five films, remembering how much they hated the Tim Burton remake, and discussing whether the new film will faithfully add to the original franchise...

That’s great and all, but what if you want to see some ape suited actors letting it all hang out? You need to check out this Variety article entitled 7 Crazy Planet of the Apes Moments You Won’t Believe, because it’s the swingin’ place to be!

There’s a young(ish) Cher hanging out with some simian pals:

Paul Williams in full orangutan makeup singing a soulful tune on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson:

(Video Link)

...and many more examples of monkeying around sure to make you screech with laughter!

It might be just the thing to get you in the mood to watch the original five movies again, and the perfect demonstration of why practical effects are sometimes way better than CGI- because animated apes can't make guest appearances on TV shows!

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A Tumblr Dedicated To Sad Brazilians

Brazil spent over $13 billion dollars preparing for the FIFA World Cup 2014, a controversial move that incited fiery protests against Brazil and the World Cup, and caused people around the world to wonder how they could spend so much money on building several stadiums when poverty runs rampant throughout their country.

Brazil played on despite the controversy, making it to the semifinals where they were soundly defeated by Germany 7-1, in a sport that regularly ends with less than three points total being scored during the game.

Needless to say this resounding failure made Brazilian futbol fans very angry, and very, very sad, which prompted some fan of sports fan sadness to create a Tumblr called Sad Brazilians, quite possibly the saddest sports related site ever created.

Sorry about your loss Brazil, but at least you have a bunch of shiny stadiums so you can practice and prepare for World Cup 2018!

-Via Dangerous Minds

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This Classic Car Pileup Sat In A Belgian Forest For 70 Years

(Image Via Theo van Vliet)

Think traffic jams are bad on your way to/from work? In Belgium, traffic jams are so bad one pileup left cars sitting in the same spot for 70 years!

Okay, so this isn’t your ordinary traffic jam, these are shots taken at the Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium- a final resting place for many classic cars which began piling up some time after World War II and was finally cleared, due to environmental concerns, in 2010:

(Image Via Rosanne de Lange)

Urban legend has it that these cars were left behind by U.S. soldiers who couldn't ship them home after WWII, but as one commenter pointed out many of these cars weren't made until the 1950s, so it looks like this is a case of passing the blame for an environmental eyesore to those who are no longer around to defend themselves.

Personally, I would have been fixing up and driving these mean machines rather than just letting them rot!

You can see more eerie images from the Chatillon Car Graveyard over at Bored Panda

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Bizarre And Hilarious Fireworks Packaging

Fireworks aren’t just for the Fourth of July, many people around the country, particularly those who don’t live in places that are at high risk of fire, enjoy shooting off a bottle rocket or igniting a string of firecrackers every once in a while.

Selling fireworks is a year-round business, and one store in Washington State is home to a bunch of fancy fireworks sporting wacky packaging, like this tribute to Patrick Swayze’s finest film:

There's even a variety aimed at reality show "stars" and singing show contestants:

These wacky packages were photographed by Cabel Sasser, a man who is clearly a connoisseur of funny fireworks package art since he has been documenting his findings on his blog since 2007, and if you dig these examples make sure you visit his site to see many more of his hilarious findings, so you don't end up feeling like this guy:

-Via Laughing Squid

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Massive Behind-The-Scenes Photo Gallery From Ridley Scott's Alien

Imgur member Valaquen recently posted the ultimate collection of behind-the-scenes photos from Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi/horror flick Alien, consisting of 253 pics with many more to come.

The photos reveal rarely seen concept art for the film, vehicle models, candid pics of the cast and crew, and costume designs created by Jean “Moebius” Giraud and Ron Cobb:

There are also some amazing pics of the late H.R. Giger hard at work on various aspects of the film, from concept art to painting models and costumes:

There are also a few shots of Giger putting the finishing touches on a model of the “starpilot”, a ¾ scale model which was sadly destroyed by fire soon after the film’s opening:

Valaquen has also posted behind-the-scenes galleries for Aliens, Alien 3, The Terminator and T2, and hopefully he'll continue to share more behind-the-scenes photos with the fans!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Trailer For Toby Froud's Short Puppet Film- Lessons Learned

If you love the darker works of Jim Henson, such as Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, then you’re probably going to be just as excited as I am to see the new short puppet film Lessons Learned.

It was created by Toby Froud, AKA the baby from Labyrinth and son of Brian and Wendy, and Heather B. Henson, Jim’s youngest child and founder of puppet friendly company Ibex Puppetry:

(Video Link)

The short and ultra mysterious trailer reveals little more than the main characters, a strange talking box, and the fact that it's a new puppet film made by a Froud and a Henson, so you know it's going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Speaking of amazing, here's Toby posing with his two ultra-talented parents Brian and Wendy Froud, the folks (partly) responsible for the overall look of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth:

They must be so proud of their talented son, who is continuing the Froud family legacy of creating stylish and imaginative fantasy worlds for fans to enjoy!

So far Lessons Learned has only been shown once, as part of the Handmade Puppet Dreams film series, but it's slated to return to the big screen as part of the 2014 Portland Film Festival in August, where it's sure to get lots more love from adoring puppet film fans.

-Via Portland Monthly

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This Is How Visual Effects Made Game of Thrones Season 4

(Video Link)

When you watch an episode of Game of Thrones the visual effects don’t really leap out at you or appear too obvious, except for the intro and the dragons of course, but there are a surprisingly large number of visual effects peppered throughout the show, and without those visual effects Game of Thrones just wouldn't look right.

This eye popping video from Mackevision, one of the VFX studios responsible for GoT's signature look, is not only incredible to watch and full of visual easter eggs, it will change the way you watch Game of Thrones, making you more aware of how flat the show would look without all the vfx.

As someone who has watched all four season of Game of Thrones I didn't really see anything in this video I would consider a spoiler, but if you haven't watched season 4 yet, and you're really afraid of having it spoiled for you, it's probably best you don't watch this video until you''re all caught up!

-Via io9

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What If Ingmar Bergman Directed The Flash?

(Video Link)

Ingmar Bergman was known for many things as a director, but directing superhero movies isn’t one of them, and it’s doubtful the master filmmaker would have even known what a superhero is when he was making seminal arthouse films such as The Seventh Seal and Scenes From A Marriage.

Still, his style does lend a certain sense of emotional depth and existential awareness to the genre, and if this parody short by Patrick H Willems entitled What If Ingmar Bergman Directed The Flash? is any indication a Bergman style film about The Flash wouldn’t be half bad, although it may leave poor Barry Allen seeking psychotherapy!

-Via The Mary Sue

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The Jurassic Park Theme As Sung By Goats

People love having goats around for all kinds of reasons, from their incredible ability to eat just about anything to the fact that they like to headbutt stuff and stand on top of barrels, but it's safe to say goats aren't raised for their beautiful singing voices:

(Video Link)

A goat's bleat can sound like someone screaming while being strangled, a baby crying, or just as sheepish as you'd expect from a crying kid, which is why using the bleat of a goat is the best way to give your theme song a suspenseful edge.

Jurassic Goats definitely brings an air of suspense, and hair raising goatiness, to the inspiring theme song from Jurassic Park, and once again Marca Blanca has proven that every good theme song needs a goat version!

-Via Nerd Approved

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Kids React To The Original Nintendo Game Boy

The original Nintendo Game Boy recently turned 25 years old, and even though mobile gaming has come a long way from the days of tiny green pixels, and screens so small you can hardly tell what's going on in the game, there’s still a whole lotta charm packed into that iconic Game Boy package:

(Video Link)

The Game Boy might look a little dated to the younger generation, but to those of us who were kids when the Game Boy was the new gaming hotness that little green screened Boy will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The Fine Bros present Kids React To Game Boy, and those Bros continue to do a fine job of showing us what's wrong with youngsters these days- they're way too hard to please!

-Via Geekologie

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Ten Fun Facts About Forrest Gump

Forrest says that life is like a box of shrimp flavored chocolates that make you run, Forrest, run to the nearest toilet when you’re done. Oh, and his love interest Jenny became a hippie and made some really bad decisions in her life.

Okay, so I left out the part about him meeting Elvis and Nixon, his superstar ping pong playing and his eventful service in Vietnam, but is that all there is to know about Forrest Gump?

Well, according to GeekTyrant that’s far from the final word on this fan fave flick, and their Ten Fun Facts About Forrest Gump reveal what Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and John Travolta have to do with the film, as well as the bits which were based on actual events.

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Denny's Earns A Dining High Score By Teaming Up With Atari

Nobody serves up greasy spoon style food quite like Denny’s, home of the Grand Slam breakfast, Moons Over My Hammy and movie themed menu items like the Hobbit Hole Breakfast, but their latest team up with iconic video game company Atari left them with one major problem-how can Atari and Denny’s come together in a way that feels organic?

Denny's Chief Branding Officer Frances Allen came up with the brilliant idea to turn some Atari's most popular games, like Centipede and Asteroids, into food-related titles, and the best part is- you'll be able to download and play the games while you wait for your food to arrive, which is about as long as you'll want to spend playing an Atari game anyway! 

-Via Gamma Squad

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Most Common Common Complaints At Restaurants

Very few workers deal with as many complaints on a daily basis as those in the foodservice industry, and whether you’re a busser, server, or simply pouring drinks in a restaurant bar, you hear your fair share of complaints from customers who expect more from your establishment than they do from most anywhere else.

Many restaurant patrons want things done their way, because in their mind paying for a meal means paying for their idea of service perfection, so it was probably easy for Consumer Reports to create this infographic detailing The Most Common Restaurant Complaints.

Most people have no problem sharing their opinions about dining out, and if you eat out enough you're bound to have complaints, so how do your complaints about eating out measure up to the percentages on this infographic?

Click here to see an enlarged version of the infographic

-Via DesignTAXI

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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10 Villains And Evil Organizations Badly In Need Of A P.R. Makeover

Being a part of a villainous organization may seem like a glamorous lifestyle, when you're not getting shot at or punched in the face by the good guys, but the average citizen doesn't see the glamour and fame, they simply see a group which threatens their way of life.

Who can blame people for being wary when you name your group the Legion of Doom or the Masters of Evil? Maybe it's time for a public relations makeover, so people won't know what to expect from your evil organization until it's too late:

The nefarious baddies who made io9's list of 10 Villains and Evil Organizations That Badly Need P.R. Makeovers have been too busy subjugating humanity, battling the forces of good and simply doing what they do best, to consider how their image is affecting their success as a whole.

They need to take a lesson from successful villains such as Richard Nixon, Walter White and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man- paint a pretty picture of yourself to the public, and don't let them see the real you until you've sunk your claws in deep enough to leave a mark!

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Spelunking Gone Wrong- Man Gets Stuck In Cave As Water Starts To Rise

(Image Via YouTube)

Spelunking seems like an extremely dangerous hobby, and truly terrifying for people who have a problem with confined spaces, bats, and the dark.

Those who choose to take up spelunking spend a lot of time exploring underground to earn their stripes, and they learn to deal with unpredictable, and potentially life threatening, situations that often seem to pop up out of nowhere:

(Video Link)

The fellow in this video has clearly earned his stripes, and yet nothing could prepare him for the time he got wedged in between the walls of a narrow rock "tube", as water started pouring in all around him.

Apparently it took him three hours of crawling to make his escape from Lost John's Cave on Leck Fell in Lancashire, England, but I imagine at that point he was just happy he didn't drown!

(NSFW due to language)

-Via Cheezburger

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The 66 Gestures Chimpanzees Use To Communicate With Each Other

(Image Via Current Biology)

Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals, there’s no doubt about that, but a new study published in Current Biology reveals the extent of their intelligence in the area of communication.

It seems chimps have developed a rather elaborate intentional communication system that consists of nineteen different messages, ranging from Let’s Groom! to Flirt with me…, which are relayed using 66 different gestures.

This thought provoking research study was led by Dr. Catherine Hobaiter, who claims this is "the only example of an intentional communication system (in which one individual sends a message to another individual) amongst animals”, although the jury is still out on whether or not lemurs have their own unique system of intentional communication:

(Image Via Ztona)

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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50 Creepy Locations Straight Out Of A Nightmare

We often assume that the nightmarish places found in works of fiction are wholly a figment of the creator’s imagination, but to those explorers who have seen some of the darkest and most nightmarish places on earth firsthand, Hell is a very real place on earth.

Here's the Door To Hell in Turkmenistan, a natural gas field that has been burning since it was lit by Soviet petrochemical scientists in 1971:

Of course, we’re not talking about Hell in the biblical sense, just a place that scares the bejeezus out of folks, like the Isla de las Muñecas (Island of Dolls) in Mexico City:

People have been hanging dolls from tree branches there since at least the 90s, claiming they're a dedication to a girl who drowned in the canal decades ago.

And then there are the ruins which surround the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in Pripyat, Ukraine, which needs no explanation as to why it's considered a terrifying place:

There are even a few places that conceal sinister secrets behind their beautiful outer appearance, like Aokigahara, the "Suicide Forest", located at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan:

So many people have committed suicide in this otherwise lush and gorgeous looking forest (57 in 2010 alone) that the mysterious place has earned a nightmarish reputation, and is believed by many Japanese people to be cursed by Demons.

Are you brave enough to venture forth and discover more terrifying travel destinations? Read on to discover 50 Places Straight Out of Nightmares, compiled by The Weather Channel.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Unbelievable Products You Can Actually Buy At Walmart

Walmart has become the most mega of all mega stores, with new locations popping up all over the country like the Starbucks of retail stores, and now they’re even opening new locations in many countries around the world.

They claim to have everything you could possibly need under their roofs, but as it turns out Walmart also stocks a ton of stuff nobody should ever need, like this amazingly tacky toilet decal:

Or these truly awful "denim" panties:

Walmart also sells some amazingly magical crap, like this low fat Jellybean flavored milk:

And this bacon scented pillow, so you can have delicious dreams about your favorite fatty food:

Looks like Walmart really is a one-stop shop for all things right and terribly wrong in this world, no wonder they’re constantly opening up new locations!

Check out the rest of the 31 Products You Won't Believe You Can Actually Buy At Walmart, brought to you by BuzzFeed.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Lowcost Cosplay Is Back, And Just As Budget Conscious As Ever

Anucha "Cha" Saengchart has created his own unique version of cosplay, which doesn't involve fancy costumes, super realistic accessories created out of Worbla, or incredibly detailed make-up. In fact, Cha's Lowcost Cosplay is created with supplies he typically finds around the house:

Cha's vision of cosplaying means turning anything and everything into a cosplay element, such as this fancy Jason Voorhees mask fashioned out of a plastic spoon, or this "amazingly realistic" Mystique cosplay created with some sort of blue tape and a shower cap:

Now that's the kind of cosplay people who are too broke to buy supplies, or unskilled in the ways of the sewing machine and friendly plastics, can get behind- cosplay for the sake of your own amusement!

And the best part is- nobody has to see your creation when you're done, unless you're brave enough to post your own version(s) of Lowcost Cosplay to the net, in which case please share it with us in the comment section!

-Via Fashionably Geek

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Sixteen Hot New Eye Make-Up Looks

Looking to get potential love interests to actually look you in the eyes?

Then you should consult this handy illustrated chart featuring 16 Hot New Eye Make-Up Looks, created by Gemma Correll for the sake of those poor souls who keep leaving the house without some totally eye catching eye make-up slathered around their eyes.

With hot new looks like the Stormy Eye, Smoky Bacon eye, and (my personal fave) the Eye of Nietzsche you can knock ‘em dead with a wink, and the person you’ve got your eye on won’t be able to keep their eyes off of your eyes!

Grab some bacon, and a Sharpie, and a copy of the Necronomicon, and start applying your eye make-up the Gemma way today!

-Via Pleated Jeans

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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