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Ukranian Man Had Compulsive Graffiti Syndrome

A Ukranian man named Mitasov lived here, a man who suffers from a hyper-obsessive personality disorder which causes him to compulsively cover every surface in his house with layers of  inscriptions.

He can't help but etch his bizarre graffiti into everything-the fridge, walls, piano, doors, even the ceilings are covered by Mitasov's strange inscriptions.

However, some of his inscriptions are not so strange, like his sadly inspiring street art that can still be seen in Ukraine-"Happiness! I'm waiting for you here!"

--via Animal NY

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Skywalking Is Not As Fun As It Sounds

(YouTube Link)

Why does something called Skywalking have nothing to do with Luke or Leia, or Star Wars for that matter? Because it's dumb, that's why. Skywalking is not the same as Planking, so don't even go there kiddies.

But that doesn't stop "daredevils" from risking their lives for attention and internet acclaim by Skywalking from such great heights that I tremble at the thought of looking down from way up there.

Not that I have a phobia or anything, it just isn't natural for people to be up that high without a net or a parachute!

--via Gizmodo

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Absurd Illustrations Based On Tweets

Absurd Overheard brings Tweets to life with a bit of color, and an illustrated twist on the words being magically Tweeted through the air by the interwebs.

The drawing above is from a Tweet by Matt Saunders (@rabbitportal) via Twitter--"Someone should make a dog chew in the shape of a pipe so when they are carrying it around they look like dapper gents." I concur, fine sir!

Check out these hilarious illustrations at the link below, they'll put a smile on your face-which will replace the other expression you had on your face before you looked at them all.

Link  --via BuzzFeed

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Custom Arcade Cabinet That Plays Super Nintendo Cartridges

Well, I think the title pretty much sums this article up-this custom made arcade style cabinet plays any and all of your Super Nintendo cartridges like never before.

Arcade style SNES? Yes please! One player only gameplay? Noooooooo! Now I can't play Mortal Kombat, Clay Fighter or any of my favorite fighting games properly!

It was built by Reddit contributor Echoobrain, who will be posting step-by-step photos of the process shortly.

It looks like fun, but these console cabinets are bound to get better from here, right? Like maybe a four player cabinet? *wink*

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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3D Rage Faces--Forever Alone Statue

Designed to proudly share your Forever Alone status with the world, this Rage Faces inspired statue was first 3d printed then cast in an extremely limited run, so the creators Matt Scone and Sanden Henning could get a sense of what producing their own toy would cost.

Hopefully Matt and Sanden will consider casting another batch since the Forever Alone statue sold out so quickly, or maybe they'll continue the Rage Faces series so we can collect 'em all!

Link  --via Boing Boing

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This 14 Year Old Has A Great Voice For Movie Trailers

(YouTube Link)

14 year old Jake Foushee wants to become a professional voice actor, and from the look of things this kid is going straight to the top.

Watch as he nails that classic movie trailer voice without having to change his normal speaking voice that much, and hit the link below to see him doing an amazing impression of Optimus Prime.

He's the voice of his generation, I tell ya!  *shakes fist*

--via Geek Tyrant


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Swanky Cat House Shaped Like An AT-AT Walker

If your cat is a Star Wars fanatic and enjoys the finer things in life then they're going to love this AT-AT shaped feline condo.

With all the amenities a cat-about-town needs- fully stocked light up mini bar, wall-to-wall carpeting, and mounted bird head trophies-this custom made AT-AT condo is so cool your cat might want to stay inside it forever!

Or, if they're like some cats I've owned, they'll go inside it once and want nothing to do with it ever again. Oh you finicky felines!

Link  --via Geekologie

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Cutting Edge Saw Blade Driver Crossbow

Have you ever been hanging around your workshop and thought to yourself "Gee, I sure wish I could launch circular saw blades at high speed, preferably from a crossbow with an awesome laser sight"?

Well, Patrick Priebe must have had the exact same vision, because he created the Blade Driver crossbow pictured above, and it looks like serious fun.

Hit the link if you wanna see this bad boy in action, and imagine how something like this could change the logging industry!

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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Trailer For An Amazing Looking Documentary- Samsara

(YouTube Link)

From the makers of Baraka comes a gorgeous looking documentary called Samsara, which takes you on a tour of some of the world's wildest places, and explores "the links between humanity and the rest of nature".

Director Ron Fricke shot Samsara on 70mm film, so it will look extra beautiful on the big screen when it premieres August 24th (hopefully) at a theater near you.

--via Geek Tyrant

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Ten Alien Species That Became Jedi Knights

Human Jedis are a dime a dozen, but Force sensitivity isn't limited to any particular race, species or planet, so all kinds of wild and wooly beings had their chance to wield a lightsaber.

i09 has put together a fun list of 10 aliens that represented their species and became one with the Force, any one of which would have made a great addition to the Star Wars movies.

Wookiee Jedi wielding a wooden lightsaber for the win!


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Wire Mesh Sculptures By Shi Jindian

These wire mesh works by Chinese artist Shi Jindian may look like the wireframe view of a 3d object, or some sort of digital art projection, but these fantastically fine sculptures are the real deal, and they're constructed inch by inch from woven mesh.

Here's more on the process:
Shi Jindian process involves wrapping the wires around every square inch of the object and then carefully removing or destroying the object, leaving only its wire mesh skeleton

It's amazing how much detail Shi put into each piece, and the look of each object must change a bit depending on the direction the viewer is facing. Nicely wired indeed!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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This Hamster Isn't Big On Sharing

(YouTube Link)

Can you blame this hamster for not wanting to share his snack with that greedy cat? If the tables were turned it wouldn't even occur to the cat to share his food with the little guy, so I can see why the hamster decided to pack it in and run.

What I don't understand is how he can let a cat get that close to him when their two species have been at war for centuries. Maybe the peace talks are working after all!

--via Unique Daily

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Trailer For Oddball Video Game Octodad: Dadliest Catch

(YouTube Link)

The indie game Octodad slipped under the radar for all but the most rabid gamers, but the premise sounds like pure gold-you are an octopus disguised as a human husband and father, who moves about like a....well, like an octopus wearing a suit and tie.

If that doesn't sound ridiculous enough, how about the fact that you somehow fathered human children in the game, and the goal of the original game is to build a mannequin so you can avoid having dinner with your wife!

A new, less buggy version is in the works, entitled Octodad: Dadliest Catch and it looks like a ridiculously good time, but check out the trailer and judge for yourself whether you'll be bringing Octodad 2 home when it comes out.

--via Joystiq


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A Mummy Made From McDonald's Burgers

Artist BenEverywhere decided to drop $200 on McDonald's hamburgers in order to make this mummy/skeleton monstrosity.

Why would he do such a thing, you may ask? Because he wants to prove that McDonald's no longer makes food, they make a medium for morbid sculptures.

He combined the burgers with a little bit of resin to show the world that McDonald's food is so full of preservatives that it will literally last forever.

Well, I guess I'm adding a trip to McDonald's to my will, who needs embalming fluid when you've got the Big Mac?!

Link  --via Geekologie

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15 TV Shows Based On Comic Books That Didn't Make The Cut

Our friends at Comics Alliance have put together a list of TV shows based on comic books that never made it on the air, a sad memorial to what could have been and a reminder of why some stories simply won't work as live action shows.

Titles like The Amazing Screw-On Head, based on Mike Mignola's one-shot comic about a Civil War era robotic secret agent, and Locke & Key, the ghostly horror series fans have embraced but the networks have not, would have been great fun to watch, but we're left with only a pilot episode for each to whet our appetites.

Other titles, like Nick Fury Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. starring David Hasselhoff, and the Smallville spinoff Aquaman Mercury Reef, are probably better off in the discard pile instead of cluttering up the small screen.

Take a look for yourself at this fascinating list of unwanted shows, some entries complete with video clip, and see what you don't have to look forward to watching on television.


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LEGO Version Of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Now here's a LEGO construct that would make HAL 9000 proud: a LEGO version of the Discovery One from the seminal sci-fi flick 2001: A Space Odyssey, built from over 3,000 pieces at 1:60 scale, as well as a morbid Dawn Of Man diorama which is full of angry primates and a pile of LEGO bones!

The set was created by Jason Allemann, who was kind enough to include a construction guide PDF so that anybody with a pile of LEGO bricks and time on their hands can bring 2001 to their hobby table. Happy building!

PDF Link  --via Geek Tyrant   --Jason's Flickr LINK

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The Avengers (On A Budget)

(YouTube Link)

I know this is my second Avengers post in the last twelve hours but gosh darnit all to heck I'm just so excited to see this freakin' movie that I'm all over the net checking out anything Avengers related.

Join me in my celebration of all things Avengers with this hilarious parody by Table 8 Productions, featuring the saddest incarnation of this classic superhero team that I've ever seen.

--via Kotaku

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How To Make Your Own Fantasy Cosplay Helmet

If you've ever wanted to make your own fantasy or video game inspired helmets, like the Skyrim inspired number pictured above, then you have to check out this tutorial by Harrison Krix of Volpin Props. He walks you through his interesting method of creating custom helmets, complete with cast resin antlers, so you can become the ultimate warrior in your neck of the woods.

Link  --via Destructoid

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Frank Welker Is The Voice Behind The Toons

(YouTube Link)

I'm sure you're familiar with Frank's work as a voice actor, even though you might not recognize his face or know his name.

He was the voice of Fred Jones in Scooby Doo, Doctor Claw in Inspector Gadget, Nibbler on Futurama and can be seen in the video above letting out a mighty roar for The Lion King.

His vocal talents have netted him a boatload of cash, and now you can put a face to the voices in your head!

--via The Mary Sue


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3D Printed Darth Vader Lamp Shade

What could possibly make a lampshade shaped like Darth Vader even geekier? Why, printing it out with a 3d printer, of course!

Created by Zairy Zin (cool name!), this is one honey of a honeycombed helmet, and it sports an equally rich pricetag ($585).

Maybe, if all goes well,  Zairy will release the 3d file (for a fee) to the hungry Star Wars addicts across the globe who'd love to make this Darth Vader lamp right at home in their module.

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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All Star Bowling-Mad Men Vs. Nerdist

(YouTube Link)

The answer to the question that immediately came to mind when you saw this post is YES-John Hamm is a pretty good bowler, but he's an even better prankster, and he almost pulled off the old banana peel trick on Chris Hardwick!

Watch the two American institutions square off in that most American of indoor sports, and feel the Bromance brewing in the cold filtered air.

(NSFWish due to coarse language at the end)

--via Nerdist

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Corgis In The Sky And Other Oddities By Conrad Ruiz

Painter Conrad Ruiz will never be accused of lacking in imagination, nor will he catch flack for his misuse of color.

His watercolor paintings are an explosion of vibrant hues, pop culture references and an attempt to capture the look and feel of total chaos.

Conrad's other works employ repetition and rhythm to create an interesting optical effect, not necessarily an illusion as much as a field of fine detail for your eyes to get lost in forever.

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Levi Mandel Does Some Strange Things With Photographs

Most photographers are content with taking and editing photos, but Levi Mandel can't leave well enough alone.

He feels the need to print out said photos, then he folds and bends and wrinkles them into some strange semblance of the original subject, then he shoots the photo again so we have something delightfully creepy to stare at.

You can check out more of Levi's discarded portraiture at the links below, take a gander before they end up in a pile of trash!

Link  --via Booooooom!

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The Avengers Trailer From 1978

(YouTube Link)

This silly fan made movie trailer answers the question "what would a made-for-TV Avengers movie look like if it came out in 1978?"

The end result is all sorts of ridiculous, with Paul Lynde playing a schlocky version of Loki, and a guest appearance by KISS.

It would have been the best worst thing that ever could have happened to my childhood!

--via Digg

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Hokusai's The Great Wave Painted Using Coke

(YouTube Link)

Who knew that Coke and traditional Japanese art were the two great tastes that taste great together?

Watch Phil Hansen go to work on a gigantic reproduction of Hokusai's painting "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" using a most refreshing medium-Coca Cola!

He will even show you how you can try your hand at painting with Coke, complete with a downloadable template. I wonder if you can get the same results with Pepsi?

Link  --template Link

--via JazJaz

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Presidential Campaign Posters: Two Hundred Years Of Election Art


This fascinating look back at over two hundred years of Presidential campaign art is full of factoids and full color illustrations, and the Library of Congress has spared no expense in making this the granddaddy of all coffee table books.

From classy to kooky, this hefty book covers all the popular poster styles meant to catch the eye of potential voters, and it features:
100 ready-to-frame (official and unofficial) political campaign posters, as well as about 200 more photographs of political cartoons and campaign memorabilia

So, whether you're a politically minded person or simply someone who appreciates classic poster art, this book will definitely give you something fun to feed your head.

Link  --via Super Punch

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Bring The Clackety Clack To Your Desktop With The USB Typewriter Keyboard

If you're tired of how calm and quiet your office has become, bring a taste of the good old days to work with the USB typewriter keyboard.

Full of noisy key clacking and an undeniable charm, this stylish computer accessory is sure to get your co-workers talking about you, even if what they're saying is "shut that thing up!"

It might seem silly, but I like the idea of having that typewriter key feel beneath my fingertips, without having to use all that whiteout and transfer paper to clean up my documents, and I really like that they offer a DIY kit for the crafty consumer.

Link  --via Best Week Ever 

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Uncharted Video Game Trilogy Cut Into Feature Length Movies

(YouTube Link)

To say that the Uncharted video game trilogy is the most cinematic gaming experience ever would be an understatement, and crafty editor morphinapg has spliced together the proof and put it on YouTube.

Each game in the series has been cut into an epic length movie, which speaks volumes about the major role storytelling plays in each game.

If you're afraid of spoilers because you haven't gotten around to playing the Uncharted trilogy yet, then don't watch the entire two to three hours of each video and your game won't be ruined.

Otherwise pop some corn, turn up your speakers and enjoy cinematic adventure game cutscenes at their very best.

--via Geekosystem


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Roosevelt The Off-Roading Dog

Shelter dog Roosevelt was born with deformed front legs, which made running around impossible for the poor little guy until his new owner Stephanie created this wheelchair rig for him.

Now Roosevelt likes to take his wheels off road, tearing it up and playing like a pup again.

Here's an inspiring word from his owner:
The only difference between Roosevelt and other dogs is that instead of a collar I snap on his wheels to take him out. … People think he should have been put down because they think he’s suffering. But he wakes up happy every day. If you had a child with a disability you’d try to enrich them, give them opportunities. So why not do the same with a dog?

Roosevelt has a sweet set of wheels, and a pretty sweet owner in Stephanie as well. Not bad for a dog considered by some to be destined for euthanasia, eh?!


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An Unusual Way To Crack An Egg

(YouTube Link)

Artist Duane Keiser demonstrates a rather unusual way to crack an egg in this video entitled Yolk, from his A Painting A Day series of online videos.

Duane's painting series might be just what you need to fill that void left behind by Bob Ross' death years ago, and this little fluffy egg video is a great place to start your new painting show obsession.

Now grab your brushes and palette and paint the yolk outta that egg!

--via Ology

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