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Photo Series Reveals The Last Meals Of Death Row Inmates

To an inmate waiting for the inevitable conclusion to their sentence, namely death by one of the five legal methods of execution, their last meal is guaranteed to be the best thing to happen to them since they were sent to death row.

Photographer Henry Hargreaves finds the whole practice of public execution to be "a remnant of an earlier era", which compelled him to recreate the last meals ordered by notorious death row inmates like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Timothy McVeigh, photographing the recreated meal next to a card that details info about each prisoner.

Each meal says something about the man who placed the order, and whether they used it to make a profound statement or simply wanted one last chance to chow down the meal will go down in history as part of their dark and mordid story.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

New Blog Pairs High Fashion Photos With Their Visual Influence

High fashion clothing designers create pieces of wearable art that are meant to garner the wearer attention from the public and bring a sense of wonder to an otherwise khaki colored world, and many designers draw influence for their fashion works from many diverse and surprising sources.

A new blog called WHEREISEEFASHION puts high fashion wardrobe shots next to works of art and photographs of natural elements, in a side-by-side comparison that attempts to show a possible influence for each garment.

Seeing the artistic, natural and elemental influences behind these fashion artworks clearly shows the design aesthetics and textural decisions that go into each piece, and may give you a better appreciation for fashion design.

-Via WeTheUrban

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Sesame Street Meets Street Fighter

The puppets that occupy Sesame Street all seem to get along pretty well on the show, but even furry monsters that eat cookies and sing songs all day need to blow off some steam every once in a while.

For that there's Sesame Street Fighter, a new, and of course semi-educational, game played with typing control mechanics similar to games like Typer Shark and The Typing of the Dead. As you type out words your Street Fighter inspired character throws balls of fuzzy fire or lays a cookie fueled smackdown on the opposition, all to a sweet chiptune version of the Sesame Street theme song.

So get yourself a cookie, give your knuckles a good cracking and prepare for the typing fight of your puppet life, which you can play at Flavourmachine.

-Via Gamma Squad

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Textural Sculptures Made From Strands Of Clay

The colorful works of Joseph Barbaccia have a delightfully textile quality about, looking like they’re made out of yarn with a texture similar to macramé,  but surprisingly these totally tubular sculptures are made out of polymer clay.

Joseph captures the likenesses of Charles Bukowski, a Poe inspired raven and everyone’s favorite neighbor Totoro with thin strands of colored clay, which he meticulously rolls out by hand then lays out in various colors to form sculptural 2D images infused with a sense of motion and writhing, squiggling life.

We previously featured a crayon self portrait created by Joseph here on Neatorama, and although he has shifted his style up quite a bit since then his new works are every bit as colorful as his crayon point portrait.

-Via My Modern Met

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Famous Movie Scenes Depicted In The Style Of The Ottoman Empire

Turkish artist Murat Palta blends the art style of his native land with pop culture scenes from his modern geek heritage, creating art prints that look like they would fit right in during the Ottoman Empire or a geeky fandom convention.

Each piece is rendered in Miniature Style of the Ottoman Empire, and Murat’s choice to keep the characters simple, with an aged and weathered aesthetic, really adds to the charm of pieces depicting iconic scenes from geek friendly films such as A Clockwork Orange, Star Wars, Alien, The Shining and Scarface, just to name a few.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Artist Creates A Different Kind Of Selfie

(Video Link)

When Spanish artist Eloy Morales wants to create a selfie, capturing a moment in time when he finds himself covered in various colors of paint, he doesn’t pull out his digital camera or cell phone- he grabs tubes of paint and some brushes and gets to work on a hyper realistic selfie painting.

His attention to details, warmth of contour lines, rendering of natural light and the colorful paint splattered across his face give each piece a hyper realism that fools people into believing they’re actually looking at a photograph, but Eloy’s selfies are so much cooler than some smartphone snapshot.

And if you think Eloy's incredibly realistic renderings are created using Photoshop watch the included video showing the master portrait artist at work.

-Via Bored Panda

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GIFs Compare NES Game Screens To Original Film Source

Gamers were blown away by the surprisingly detailed pixel art graphics created for the intros and cutscenes used in Nintendo Entertainment System games, especially the adaptations of movies and TV shows.

Players weren’t staring at an abstractly arranged pile of pixels, they got high quality 8 bit art with their updated console gameplay, and the crowds went wild. But how close were those pixel art masterpieces to the actual movie footage?

Technologically advanced duo Brother Brain and Low Interest have created some scintillating morphing image GIFs as a futuristic form of side-by-side comparison.

The conclusion- game artists in 1985 were really good at replicating the original source with a limited color palette and a handful of pixels, and these morphing images would make totally rad wall art pieces.

You can see ten of these amazing morphing NES screen GIFs here.

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Epic Legend Of Zelda Cross Stitch Map

It’s a good thing Link didn’t have to wait for a map of Hyrule to be cross stitched while on one of his epic journeys, or he would have been waiting so long he probably would have given up the whole adventuring biz!

A dedicated geek, and meticulous crafter, who goes by the name tibtibs on Reddit spent nine long months of her life bringing this amazing cross stitched map from Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past to full term, spending around 500 hours working on this incredible piece based on a pattern free to download online here.

If you don't have anything to do for the next nine months, and need a new map of Hyrule for your guild lodge, then you should follow in tibtibs footsteps, but beware- creating this map is an epic adventure in itself.

-Via Nerd Approved

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Bringing The Monster Manual To Life Using ZBrush

When a newly initiated Dungeons and Dragons player cracks open a copy of the original Monster Manual and sees all the wild creatures that reside inside their mind begins to race with the gaming possibilities.

But those original drawings are sorely in need of an update, and although the creature designs have been re-drawn multiple times there’s nothing like the look of a good ol’ fashioned D&D dungeon dweller created in the shiny new(ish) digital sculpting program ZBrush.

Level 18 Paladin and epic level artist Patrick Farley has been working through the original Monster Manual in ZBrush, bringing the iconic creatures like the Beholder and the Gnoll, and the more obscure/oddball creatures like the Xorn, to life with his incredibly detailed 3D models.

The most amazing part of Patrick's series- he has only been working in ZBrush for a little over a month and has already created five creature models. At this rate he'll be on to the Fiend Folio by the end of the year!

-Via Boing Boing

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The Badass Motorcycle Girl Gangs Of Morocco

Morocco is known for amazing architecture, rich historical roots, and diverse cultural heritage, but I’ve never heard mention of the colorful gangs of motorcycle riding girls who roam the streets in awesome outfits and decked out bikes.

Photographer Hassan Hajjaj captured these wild girls in their native habitat in a series called Kesh Angels, and these badass bikers are sure to capture your heart with their fierce stares and colorful outfits. Each photo is framed by appropriately colored food products, with appropriated symbols present throughout to give these badass bikers some extra street cred.

Hassan's gloriously captivating photo series is being shown through March 7 at the Taymour Grahne Gallery in Manhattan.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Graphic Designer Creates Font By Shaving Letters Into His Beard

The first graphic designers had a dilemma- how can they create typography when art supplies had yet to be invented? The answer, it turns out, was quite simple- grow some facial hair, then trim it into the shape of each letter in your custom font.

This worked for individual letters, but writing a sentence meant involving all kinds of guys with shaved beards, and since there weren’t any picture etching pterodactyls around to capture each letter individually the whole process was a total pain.

Now we have computers and digital cameras and electric razors, so graphic designer Michael Allen had no problem creating his hairy font Alphabeard Beardface, although Michael does share this thought- "Many beards have been sacrificed for this project." Sacrifice, it seems, is the key to making a successful beard based font. That, and rapid growth.

-Via Nerdcore

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Pixel Art Celebrating Iconic Punch Scenes In Movies And TV

Iconic Punch Scenes from movies and TV shows have been overshadowed for decades by their more likeable siblings the Kiss, the Heroic Monologue and the Speech That Conveniently Ties Up All Loose Ends.

Artist and designer Aled Lewis has created a pixel art series dedicated to these underrated scenes, and it’s about time those “pow, bang straight in the kisser!” moments were given their day in the sun.

The pieces in Aled's series "Pixel Punches" are reminiscent of character designs from classic beat ‘em up video games like Double Dragon and Final Fight, which is an appropriate era reference since many of the scenes are from classic movies like Groundhog Day, Back to the Future, and Ace Ventura, with a Joffrey slapping scene from Game of Thrones mixed in for geek color.

-Via Pleated-Jeans

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A Super Sexy Justice League Valentine's Day

(Video Link)

Valentine’s Day is the most fictional of holidays, made up to help sell greeting cards and as a way to make those who are unlucky in love feel terrible about themselves, so why not celebrate it with some fictional characters? Even better, let’s get cosplayers to dress up like their favorite fictional superfolks and pretend to be under the spell of some nefarious Valentine’s Day magic delivered via cookie.

What, Nerdist has already run with this premise? Well then, let’s share their Super Sexy Justice League Valentine’s Day video with the interwebs! It’s far cheaper than buying flowers and chocolate, way more fun than trying to go out to dinner on V-Day, and you’re guaranteed to get lucky!

(NSFW due to language)

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Photos Of People Hanging Out In Trimmed Trees

Viewing images of people hanging out quite comfortably in perfectly manicured trees may fill you with a sense of envy, perhaps even inspire you to seek out your own tree and prepare for a good perching.

We urge you to think twice before doing so, because dwelling in a tree may cause photographer Erwan Fichous to take your picture and include you in his series Miradors, and you don't want to be known as one of those tree dwelling weirdos, do you?

Erwan once mistook a person standing in a tree for a UFO, which prompted him to hire some gardeners, manicure some trees and encourage passers by in Mexico City to stand in them and have their picture taken. But what does it all mean? Only Erwan and the UFOs know...

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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The Music Video Inspired By The Man - The Digital Prophet

(Video Link)

David Shing, the guy who gets paid to be AOL’s “Digital Prophet”, is one strange little fellow who sports anti-gravity hair, painted nails and looks like he’s part vampire. David has the net all a-twitter over his mysterious messages of a future full of defriending and unfollowing, but we’re not here to discuss the enigma/New Wave popstar/digital prophet.

No, we’re here to discuss things being posted to the Net which were influenced by Mr. Shing, like this glorious music video by Jonathan Mann entitled (you guessed it!) The Digital Prophet.

Jonathan has two things in common with David Shing- he’s seen the far flung future, which is full of houses made from AOL discs and robots named Coke, and he’s a fashion forward kind of guy.

-Via BoingBoing

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Air Hockey Playing Robot Created By Hacking 3D Printer

(Video Link)

Do you have enough money to afford a full sized 3D printer for your home yet don’t have any friends or family members to play a game of air hockey with? Tired of playing solitaire when you own a full sized air hockey table? Will you submit willingly to the robotic overlords when the revolution begins?

If you answered yes to all or any of these questions then you really need to check out this video by YouTuber Jose Julio showing his amazing 3D printer hack that turns parts of the printer into a champion air hockey player.

If you can't make friends the old fashioned way put one together out of spare parts and a bit of AI software, but don't be surprised if it turns your major appliances and electronics against you!

-Via Uproxx

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Shoes Are Given A Set Of Teeth In Strange Photo Series

Shoes hang out on your feet, keeping your toes warm and giving your ankles a big hug, but they most definitely do not chew on your feet because they don’t have teeth.

Photo-retouching studio POP. Postproduction felt it was a shame that shoes would never have a chance to smile, or gnaw on someone’s ankle, so they ‘shopped in some choppers and let those loafers get their grin on in a series called "Running Gag".

The type of teeth were chosen based on the owner’s personality, from gap toothed goofball to golden grill loving gangster, and the visual is so effective you’ll be staring your shoes straight in the mouth every time you go to put them on!

-Via DesignTAXI

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A Google Maps Ebook For Kerouac's On The Road

Chances are those who read On The Road as a youngster dreamed of following in Sam Paradise’s footsteps as he crossed the country like one cool cat, but up until now this dream roadtrip would have involved lots of research, investigation and location interpretation.

Now all you have to do is download an ebook by Gregor Weichbrodt called On The Road for 17, 527 Miles, which was created using Google Maps directions, and you can hit the road like Jack did. But don’t expect any Kerouac inspired passages or character development between these 45 pages, because there’s nothing but actual directions in this ebook, however Gregor has made a print copy available in case you need something to pore over at various diners and coffee shops along the way.

-Via AnimalNY

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A Collection Of Creative Print Ads With Bold Visual Appeal

(Image Via Advertising Agency: Terremoto Propaganda, Curitiba, Brazil)

(Image Via Advertising Agency: DDB Tribal Berlin, Germany)

Ads are often created to evoke a thought or feeling from the viewer, and print ads are meant to capture the target audience’s attention with bold imagery, so when we think of ads as being creative or noteworthy it’s typically because they’ve succeeded on these levels.

The ads that make up Bored Panda’s list of “33 Powerful and Creative Print Ads” are bold, and the messages vary between serious and lighthearted, art and photography, but all are sure to get your attention and deliver their message quite effectively, even if that message is simply “wear a condom” or “get a dog so you can feed them this brand of dog food”.

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Action Packed Fan Film - Batman Evolution

(Video Link)

It’s hard to nail down this fan film entitled Batman Evolution, because it’s equal parts comedic and serious action, it transitions between classic TV show Batman and a sort of Dark Knight type Batdude, and it stars a guy who clearly knows a thing or two about martial arts, yet the choreography is a bit wonky at times which makes some of the fighting scenes laughably bad.

The star of the short Eric Gable studied ninjitsu in Japan years ago, and he wanted to make a film featuring Batman actually doing ninja moves, so this short has been his labor of love for years. But does it do the Batman justice? As far as fan films go it’s really well made, and fun to watch despite the occasional unintentionally comedic moment, so Batman would be proud of Eric's effort.

-Via CBM

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Proof That Cameras Really Do Capture Souls - LOT254

(Video Link)

Creating a good horror short is a tricky thing to do, since filmmakers are usually working with low budgets and very little time to create something that's supposed to elicit a dark response from the viewer.

There are plenty of dark atmospherics in this horror short by Toby Meakins entitled LOT 254, the story of The Camera Collector and The Phantom, but it feels more like the trailer to a full length film than an actual short. Still, if you've got three minutes to spare and like the spooky stuff this future feature length film teaser(?) is worth a viewing, and maybe if we're lucky there's actually a full length version in the works.

-Via GeekTyrant

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The True Story Of The Monuments Men

The special operations group known as the Monuments Men had a very interesting story to tell about their incredible efforts on behalf of arts and antiquity during World War II, a story that has now been made into a feature length film starring George Clooney, John Goodman and Matt Damon.

They were tasked with recovering cultural property by the Roberts Commission during and after WWII, property that was stolen by a Nazi force known as the Kunstschutz, and after the war ended they were sent in to previously occupied territories in hopes of finding these precious works of art and historically significant treasures before they were looted by troops or destroyed. They recovered many important works of art but sadly some, like Raphael's Portrait of a Young Man, have yet to be recovered.

You can read more about the Monuments Men, and see more amazing photos, over at 607Visual.

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McVities Wants You To Taste The Puppy In Their Digestive Biscuits

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

There have been ads that claim biting into the sponsored product is like eating a rainbow, a ray of sunshine, a flavor explosion, a taste sensation (whatever that means), and one claims eating the product is like having an orgasm.

They all seem too good to be true (although a few do sound rather appealing), but McVities Digestives compare the experience of eating their cookies to unwrapping a puppy or kitten, cause they make you feel all warm and fluffy inside? Or because you'll be surprised at how much hair comes wrapped up in every pack?

And when you want to get a little crazy you can unwrap one of their Jaffa Cakes and get the full alien-tarsier monkey handling experience, which seems an awful like one of those sensations we mentioned earlier...

Whatever they're putting in those biscuits must be pure magic!

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Bobblehead Superhero Photoshops Look About Right

The actors cast in superhero movie roles these days tend to have the biggest heads in the movie biz, that's not to say they have massive egos though that certainly applies in some cases, but overall they just have really big heads.

So when the team at Smashcave saw the cranial girth these guys were lugging around town they came up with a bright idea- increase the size of each head just a bit in Photoshop and voila! (Super) Human bobbleheads!

The Downey Jr., the Jackman, the Hemsworth, the Bale, even the Ledger (may he rest in peace) are all here to take up as much room on the movie poster as possible, and make their co-stars feel even more insignificant to the plot.

Does anyone else see the potential for a Galactus or MODOK movie here?!

-Via Gamma Squad

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Mechanical Taxidermy Creations By Jessica Joslin

When artist Jessica Joslins combines mechanical elements with the skulls and bones of dead animals it’s as if she’s giving them a shiny new life, one full of clicks and whirrs and new fancy metal legs to stand on proudly.

To call her mechanical creations "Steampunk" would be far too easy, because that overused genre is too broad for her pieces to fit in properly. It’s better to say her pieces are mechanical models from an age that never was, so they can retain their elegance and individual charm.

And though they contain the bones of dead animals Jessica’s models look very much alive, some even look like their picture has been taken while they play, happy as a lark despite their lack of flesh.

Jessica currently has a show entitled Animal Alchemy happening until March 1st at the Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

-Via Hi-Fructose

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23 Signs You're A Grown-Up Gamer

(Video Link)

Diehard gamers don’t grow up, we just need more experience points to gain a level and recover our hit points slower than those younger, lower level players.

But as we get older our hands are more likely to lock up into controller claws, we have to buy bigger televisions so we can read the in-game text, and we are more likely to adjust the audio options so the soundtrack music and sound effects don’t wake up our baby/partner/roommate/neighbors.

Let Tim and Alfredo from IGN show you the 23 signs you’re a grown-up gamer, and don’t worry- AARP video game tournaments are totally tha bomb!

-Via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Nerdist Recruits Over 50 Filmmakers To Help Remake Robocop

(Video Link)

It appears that a new mechanical sheriff is in town thanks to the Robocop reboot movie, but everybody knows that, despite the slick CGI graphics and updated storyline, the new movie won’t compare to the 1987 classic starring Peter Weller.

To celebrate the awesomeness of the Robocop that already was Nerdist got 50 or so budding Swede style filmmakers together for a full length remake, and their Robocop remake makes the original film look so much better!

You’ll laugh in all the wrong places, watch lines being read in a very unrehearsed manner, and cheer for what a bunch of geeks with too much time on their hands can accomplish. Yay creativity!

(NSFW due to language, just like the original!)

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Brooks Wheelan Shares His 2013 One Second At A Time

(Video Link)

Comedian Brooks Wheelan had an exciting year that he’d like to share with everyone, one second at a time.

His path from engineer living in Los Angeles to cast member on Saturday Night Live in New York took place over many seconds and minutes and hours during 2013, but he figured people wouldn’t want to watch a hundred plus hour long video.

So he edited the highlights of his year together into a seven and a half minute long short, much easier to watch in one sitting.

You’ll see the true power of that tiniest of time increments, and how much living a man can do in one amazingly busy year. Plus, it's funny!

-Via Laughing Squid

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This Russian Daredevil Looks Like He's Ready For Hollywood

Russian daredevils have been taking to dizzying heights to shoot selfies which they've been sharing with the world via the internet for a few years now, and if you can handle looking at these jaw dropping pics you’ll be left wondering how these guys haven’t killed themselves yet.

They call themselves city climbers, and one of the most daring of these fearless daredevils is named Kirill Oreshkin, and he should consider moving to Hollywood and becoming a stuntman before he slips up and falls to his death.

Kirill likes to hang around by his fingertips from incredible heights, posing like it’s all no big deal despite the obviously fatal distance that lies between where he's hanging and the ground below.

-Via 22 Words

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Artist Shares His Ideas For Cosplaying On A Budget

Lots of artists and designers sketch ideas for future projects when they’re not busy working on their main projects, but not many of them would refer to their ideas as “half assed”, nor would they be willing to share these one cheeked wonders with the internet in hopes that they might be of use to somebody.

But Patrick Dean isn’t like other artists, and through his Tumblr site My Half Assed Cosplay Ideas he’s encouraging others to give his simple costume on a budget ideas a try. And to be honest his ideas aren’t half bad, especially the first appearance Daredevil costume idea, which resembles what Matt Murdock might have worn during his first night out on the streets showing the bad guys that justice is blind.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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