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A Water Bottle That Kills Bacteria On The Go

Want to make sure that you have clean drinking water at all times, without having to carry around a bunch of brand name water? Then you'll want to get your hands on one of these 'All Clear' water bottles by Camelbak. Here's how it works:

The LCD screen on the cap pretty much walks you through it. It counts down the 60 seconds it takes to purify the water and includes information about your battery life. The only thing you have to do is swish the water around while the bulb zaps your water to ensure all the water is treated and you are good to go. The UV bulb is supposed to kill the bulk of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa -- in fact all but .01 percent of each type of intestinal nightmare per 25 ounces of water, according to stats released by the company.

The UV bulb is projected to last for 10,000 cycles that should clean approximately 101 ounces of water a day for seven years. Plus, the battery is rechargeable.

This bottle is a must have for the adventurer who doesn't want to get caught with their pants down, or anyone who wants to make sure their water isn't full of nasty little critters.

--via Geekologie

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Oh, Internet-A Love Song

(YouTube Link)

You may recognize the star of this video from her other web series My Drunk Kitchen, but this time around Hannah Hart has put down the bottle and picked up a microphone to tell the world just how much she loves the internet.

Oh, Internet-A love song began as a song against SOPA but became so much more, and now Hannah has a new career option to fall back on, since becoming a chef clearly isn't an option.

--via Geeks Are Sexy



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Bear Cub And Wolf Pup Are Best Friends

(YouTube Link)

Disney animators, take note and make a movie based on these adorable little buddies NOW! Lil' Bear and Tala the wolf pup are best friends, and they play the day away at Farmington, Pennsylvania's Woodland Zoo in this heartwarming video.

They're so cute together, and even though it's been 6 years since this video was made the two are still best friends! Forget Disney, let's just make a feature length movie out of footage of these two unlikely best friends growing up together!

--via TDW

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Newly Discovered Chameleon Species Is The Cutest Thing Ever

One of the newest chameleon species discovered in the wild is so small it's no wonder they've slipped through the cracks for so many years. Found in Madagascar, the Brookesia micra is a miniscule 3cm in length, and is so cute that the Geico gecko has started looking for a new job!

Here's more on this little cutie:

Ted Townsend, of San Diego State University did some genetic testing on the little guys and has come to the conclusion that they probably trace their roots back to a smaller variety of chameleon than what most of us are familiar with. “Their size suggests that chameleons might have evolved in Madagascar from small and inconspicuous ancestors, quite unlike the larger and more colourful chameleons most familiar to us today,” he told the Daily Mail.

As for the smallest reptile overall, that title still belongs to 16 millimeter Jaragua Sphaero, or dwarf gecko, but even at twice the size, the Brookesia micra are tiny little guys.

If you ever visit Madagascar, tread lightly and check your pockets before you head home, because these chameleons are so tiny that they're easy to miss!

Link   --image credit: Animal Press/Barcroft Media


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Street Art Flyers Invite The Curious To Solve A Mystery

Artists Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim teamed up and hit the Danish city streets with a different kind of street art-surreal mystery flyers. Each flyer contains a different version of strange, from the discovery of a tiny door to an invitation to a sugar party just to name a few, and if  a passerby happens to take the mysterious author Jens up on his offer, the address is real, and KL. 14 means the meeting time is 2 p.m.

According to various comments, the listed address often has people gathered around outside, hanging about and drinking water of all things! Will these mini street mysteries ever be solved? Not until the next batch of flyers are ready to go up...

--via Booooooom!   -- Jody Barton LINK

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Tim & Eric Bring The Funny To Good Day Austin

(YouTube Link)

If you invite the comedy duo Tim and Eric, from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! and Tom Goes To The Mayor fame, on to a relatively conservative morning talk show, expect hilariously awkward and strange things to happen. But the host rolls along quite well with the guys, and T&E get to hang out looking all smiles and rosy cheeks.

Actually, this is one of the most tame T&E appearances I've ever seen, but the clips from their Billion Dollar Movie are pure hilarity, and well worth the price of admission.

--via TDW

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Celebrate Valentine's Day, Twisted Metal Style

(YouTube Link)

This Valentine's Day why celebrate in a warm and cuddly manner when you can get twisted? Sweet Tooth from the Twisted Metal video game franchise is back, and he's looking for love in all the wrong places, like from a kidnapped victim in an abandoned building.

He's dark and scary and completely mental, just like love can be at times. Enjoy the true horror of Valentine's Day with this dark little tale!

--via Destructoid

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Torn Photograph Collages Show Life In New York

Several photos torn into strips then put back together-that's the basic concept behind this photography series by John Clang, but the end result is so much more than just a bunch of torn pictures.

These are snapshots of life in New York taken at all the prime spots, like the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Times Square and Wall Street, and they reveal how the lives of people from all walks of life intersect in the same place on a daily basis.

Here's what John has to say about this series-

Working on this series, I explore how time moves in this seemingly static urban space. The people become the moving energy flowing through this space, marking the changes, forming the time.

These images also explore my fascination that there are probably many time dimensions in this universe. We may have a ‘life’ that exists similarly on a different path, one minute before or after the one we’re living now. We merely just exist in this current dimension, and sometimes when time paths collide, we have déjà vu experience.

This series brings new meaning to the phrase "a slice of life", except there's nothing mundane about the way John Clang has chosen to present the lives of these New Yorkers.

Link  --via AnimalNY

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Join The Campaign Against The Mario Bros.

Just because the video games in the Mario Bros. franchise feature Mario and Luigi as good guys doesn't mean that the other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom don't see them as total jerks.From their penchant for destroying brick structures to their cold blooded turtle kicking tactics, the Mario Bros. just might be the enemy after all.

These propaganda posters from the Mushroom Kingdom urge you to take action against the moustachioed plumbers, and they ask the question the Shy Guys are afraid to answer- "The Koopas are fighting, why aren't you?"

Link  --via Super Punch

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Retro Valentine's Day Cards From Fleischer Studios

These cute, colorful and rather kitschy Valentine's Day cards were licensed by Paramount Pictures in 1939, and they feature characters from Max Fleischer's animated version of Gulliver's Travels.

They're charming and simply ooze retro cartoon charm, so it's no wonder these cards are highly prized by collectors of animation memorabilia, and Valentine's Day card enthusiasts, over 70 years later.

Anyone have a nice color printer and some cardstock, I want to give one of these adorable cards to my Valentine! *wink*

--via Cartoon Brew

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Hauntingly Beautiful Marble Sculptures By Barry X Ball

In the world of fine art there's always someone trying to radically change the game with their artwork. While this can lead to some  innovative and interesting pieces, it can also occasionally turn things into one big mess, and forced innovation sometimes causes artists to lose sight of how important traditionalism can be to maintaining artistic integrity.

Enter Barry X Ball, a sculptor who's decided to take it back to the old school by sculpting portraits and figures out of marble. He crafts these incredible works of art while paying attention to fine details, such as the natural flow of the veins in the marble and the retention of natural edges and form whenever possible.

You can check out a selection of Barry's marble works at the link below, works which somehow manage to be traditionally beautiful and utterly surreal at the same time.

Link  --via Beautiful Decay

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Portal Space Core Robot Lands In Skyrim

(YouTube Link)

Ever since Bethesda Studios released the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Toolkit, which allows users to freely modify their gaming experience, things have been getting a little weird.

From tiny Nords to Frostbite Spiders that resemble a deformed Spider Man to swords lit up like light sabers, gamers have been going to town with the toolkit, making the world of Elder Scrolls a much more colorful place.

Recently, Bethesda Studios teamed up with Valve, the makers of the Portal video game series, to celebrate the release of the Toolkit by introducing the cute little Space Core robot from Portal 2 as a time traveling visitor. But what does the little guy do, besides take up space in your inventory?

--via Kotaku

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WTF In Cartoon Form-A Giant Hot Dog Eats Batman

(YouTube Link)

Here's your WTF moment of the day, an animated short featuring a giant hot dog eating the Caped Crusader! The hot dog has no facial features save a giant maw, so it's hard to tell what it's thinking about as it chomps down on old Batsy, but I bet it wishes it had a giant beer to help rinse the taste of spandex out of it's mouth.

And so, the question remains-why would a giant hot dog do such a horrific thing? Because it's hungry, of course!

BTW this video (LINK) could well be the reason why the giant hot dog went after the Dark Knight in the first place. Apparently payback reeks of mustard and relish...

--via i09

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Awesome Matchstick Art Masterpieces

What started as an art form practiced by prisoners and tramps has become a really cool way for crafty folks to show off their modeling skills by building awesome structures, and sculptural works of art, out of a million or so little pieces of wood and lots of glue.

Hit the link to peruse a gallery featuring eight matchstick art masterpieces, full of fine detail and fantastic constructs, just don't light up anywhere near these highly flammable works of art or you can kiss them goodbye!


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Fan Edited Video Shows Why We Love Disney Animation

(YouTube Link)

Oh Disney animators, you know how to breathe life into characters in a way which makes them seem so real, from the dawn of the animated feature (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs) to your latest hit (Tangled) you've almost never disappointed, despite the fact that you've been so busy buying up franchises (Marvel Comics,The Muppets) that you haven't had time to keep your television programming (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) from becoming utter drek.

This video was created by a true Disney film fan (NkMcdonalds), and while it may not feature enough classics for my taste, it tugs at the heartstrings just enough to make you want to bust out the DVDs and have a Disney marathon. Great Mouse Detective here I come!

--via The Mary Sue

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Beauty Is Embarrassing Celebrates The World Of Wayne White

(YouTube Link)

You might not know the name Wayne White, but you're bound to have seen the works he has created over the last thirty years or so of his artistic career.

From stop motion animation, puppets and set design for PeeWee's Playhouse, to music videos (Peter Gabriel's Big Time and Smashing Pumpkins' Tonight, Tonight) to his fine art series, which features 3-D text painted into classic lithographs.

Wayne White is an amazing artist, his talent is such that he's left no artistic medium untouched, and there seems to be no limit to what Wayne can accomplish, so why has it taken so long for someone to make a documentary about him? Probably because all the money has been tied up in making supernatural teen love stories and Romcoms. Oh well, better late than never I suppose...

Link  --via TDW

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Star Wars Characters In A Post Apocalyptic Cityscape

French photographer Cedric Delsaux sees a different setting for the Star Wars saga when he looks through the lens-a post-apocalyptic wasteland full of ruined buildings and bleak landscapes.

It's the kind of place that seems perfect for devotees of the Dark Side, a world which leaves most droids feeling a bit lost. Here's a bit on how this photo series came to be:

In his series ‘The Dark Lens’, Delsaux first set out to highlight the decay of the post-apocalyptic modern world, but found the landscapes too plain.

That was when he incorporated notable scenes and characters from Star Wars, with the help of CGI maestro Pierrick Gueneugue, bringing to life two distant worlds.

We've featured the works of Cedric Delsaux here on Neatorama  over the years (Link and Link), and now he's back because his series The Dark Lens has been put together in a book, which features a forward by George Lucas (link).

What an interesting way to put a spin on a sub-genre and sci-fi series which are in danger of becoming an artistic cliche. And I quite like the idea of Darth Vader lording over the reconstruction of a massive skyscraper (Death Star Towers, maybe?), while Jabba the Hut is holed up in some rat infested slums, conducting his dirty business from the shadows.

Link  --via DesignTAXI


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Steve Jobs Is Back, And He Is Not Alone

By now you've discovered that the man in the picture is not Steve Jobs, but rather a mutton chopped Asian man impersonating the tech superstar.

However, that thing standing next to him has to be a cyborg, a real life cybernetic organism, although I'm pretty sure it must be quite underpowered since it's been constructed out of Mac parts.

In true Macborg fashion it won't be compatible with 80% of the world, it will be impossible to fix once broken, and don't even think  about upgrading- if you want more memory you're just going to have to break down and buy a new one every four or five years.

But it sure is shiny, and clean looking, with lots of white and silver bits and a fruit shaped logo, that counts for something, right?


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The Best Smelling Bus Stop In Town

Nothing says "waiting for the bus" like the smell of baked potatoes. Okay, clearly that sentence didn't make sense, and people usually don't want to think about food while they're waiting for the bus. And the sad truth is this bus stop is probably going to smell like the worst scents a human beings can muster in a few weeks anyway, so why bother with a gimmicky ad?

Well, the folks at McCain Foods are betting that these bus stop ads, with the scent of a baked potato available at the push of a button, will help them sell their Ready Made Jacket Potatoes.And there are coupons available, in case you decide to grab a box on the way home.

Maybe they're on to something, but I've personally never wanted to think about food while waiting for the bus, and bus stops in my town tend to be akin to outhouses, without that crucial front door. But what do you think-are scented advertisements a good idea, or are they a real stinker?


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Get Your Kicks With The Karate Rap

(YouTube Link)

Back in the 1980s, the martial art Karate was all the rage among young and old, second only to the unattainable desire to be a Ninja. I took Karate classes, and so did almost every kid I knew, and even if there'd been actual Ninja training classes available I'm sure Karate would have remained every bit as popular, even though Ninja gear does look way cooler.

Everyone wanted to hit each other, break boards with their hands, and be like Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid. So is it any wonder that this charmingly hilarious video, featuring a rap about Karate and lots of flashy moves, made a big splash back in the day? Enjoy this bit of retro kitsch, featuring some true Karate masters getting down.

--via Obvious Winner

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Spider Man Cake Is Pretty Amazing

I'm a certified cake-o-holic, so when I feel like a cake is too pretty to eat it either means I'm running a fever, or the cake is truly a work of art. Enter the newest batter and fondant sculptural masterpiece, an Amazing Spider Man cake that definitely lives up to the hype.

It's shaped like my Web Headed hero, and look at the linework, oh the LINES! If this was an illustration people would be wowed, but when the lines are drawn with delicious, sugary frosting my stomach starts doing flips, begging for a slice.

But who has the nerve to cut into Spidey's head and take out a chunk? Better call Venom if you really want a slice of this super cake!


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Ultrasound Reveals Baby Venom In The Womb

Sometimes it's hard to see what's going on when you look at an ultrasound image of a baby in utero, but in this case the truth is plain to see-this woman's baby is clearly the supervillain Venom, and he's coming back for vengeance against Spider Man!

Giving birth to a supervillain might seem like a scary scenario, but really there are a lot of perks-your kid won't get picked on at school, they will generally be able to take care of themselves, and every time they knock over a bank you're in the money.

And at least her baby doesn't look like Green Goblin, now that would have been terrifying!


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Nothing Says Love Like Preserving Your Boyfriend's Severed Head

(YouTube Link)

In the newest NSFW trailer for the upcoming cheerleader zombie slayer video game Lollipop Chainsaw, we are introduced to the apple of the main character Juliet's eye-the severed head of her boyfriend, Nick, which she carries around on her hip, and uses to overcome obstacles in some very interesting ways.

As if chopping off Nick's head so he doesn't become a zombie isn't romantic enough, the couple remain very affectionate, discussing the possibility of having children someday, in-between bouts of dicing up the walking dead.

Awwwww, finally there's a love story for those of us who think Twilight is total drek. Way to keep that chainsaw engine revving Juliet!

(NSFW due to language)

--via Topless Robot

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3D Printing For Fun And Medical Applications

3d printing continues to take us boldly into the brave new world of the 21st century, and not surprisingly medical applications are at the top of the innovation ladder, since replacement parts are always in demand.

Recently, an entire mandible was created in a 3d printer by mixing titanium with the printing compound, and an elderly woman got a new lease on life thanks to the 3d printing of this replacement part. Here's the scoop:

The patient was an elderly woman of 83 years who had developed a chronic bone infection in her lower jaw. Reconstructive surgery would be risky (and expensive) at her age so they decided to try something new – an operation that is literally the first of its kind.

They crafted a brand new jaw for her, made from titanium powder fused in a 3D printer. The complex body part comes complete with articulated joints, cavities to promote muscle attachment, and grooves to direct regrowth of nerves and veins. It will also be equipped with a specially made dental bridge into which false teeth can be screwed into holes. That will happen later this month during a follow-up surgery.

The operation was done in June last year, but has only recently been publicized – probably because they decided to make sure it actually worked first!

And work it did: our lovely old granny got to walk away from the hospital only four days after a surgery that only took four hours – a fifth of the time it would have taken to do a traditional reconstructive surgery. The day after the surgery the woman was already able to swallow with her new mouth!

Now, doctors just need to team up with Pirate Bay and start sending bones to each other via torrent file. Modern medicine just keeps getting cooler and cooler!

Link   --image credit: organprinter

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Portal Gun Is About To Become A Real Thing

The iconic weapon wielded by the main character(s) in the Portal video game franchise is about to become a reality thanks to the team at Neca, makers of fine replicas and awesome action figures.

This 1/1 replica looks so good that your fellow cosplayers will be sooooo jealous when they see you sporting this bad boy! And the quite affordable $208 price tag makes it perfectly accessible to all who want to strap this sucker on during playtime.

You can see lots more pretty pictures of this cool life-size replica at the link below. I predict a flood of Portal cosplayers will be in attendance at Comic-Con this year, and every one of them will have one of these strapped to their arm. The world could use a few more Portal costumes, and about a thousand less anime cosplayers!

Link  --via Kotaku

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The Video Game Entertainment Curve

This illustrated chart by H. Caldwell Tanner shows how much time is needed to properly enjoy each genre of video game, from casual games to epic length RPGs, and in my opinion it pretty much sums up what all hardcore gamers know-each genre has a different level of commitment, and appeals to a particular type of gamer.

This chart is a great way for newbie gamers to figure out what kind of games they're looking for, instead of borrowing your copy of Mass Effect 3 for six months just to discover that they don't really like RPGs.

Link  --via Geeks Are Sexy

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A Street Artist Who Wants To Cover The World In Crochet

Meet Agata Oleksiak (aka OLEK), a "New York-based Polish artist" who's the world's first crochet street artist. Her works have been seen all over New York and London, and she's bringing a bit of crocheted color to the world with her psychedelic yarn works and twisted gimp-esque crocheted bodysuits.

Head to the link to see some of her awesome guerilla artworks, from a crocheted car to the Wall Street Bull and some seriously twisted yarn covered rooms in-between. Olek seems hell bent on making the world a warmer place, one bright pink skein at a time.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Watch All Eight Harry Potter Movies In 60 Seconds

(YouTube Link)

Are you tired of catching flack from hardcore Harry Potter fans about how you've never sat through all eight of the movies?

Do you want to check out all the films without committing more than a minute of your time to the task?

Is watching a recap of Harry going from apprentice wizard to defeater of Voldemort the only way you can start your day?

Well then this snack sized video should satisfy any/all of these requirements as quickly as possible.

--via The Mary Sue

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Hello Kitty X Hooters Restaurants = Innocence Lost

Hooters, the chain restaurant that is built around showing off women's *ahem* assets, is getting an extremely unlikely crossover in their Japanese restaurants as they introduce Hello Kitty elements just in time for Valentine's Day.

Apparently, the Japanese don't feel like characters intended for children should be kept separate from adult and sexually suggestive merchandising, which makes me wonder-where do they actually draw the line?

And were those Hello Kitty "personal massagers" I saw online actually licensed by Sanrio? Ewwwww!


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Show Him He's A Good Boy With A Boyfriend Badge

If your boyfriend has been looking for a little validation lately, a sign that shows you appreciate him and think he's a good guy, then you might need to get him a Boyfriend Badge this Valentine's Day. Here's what creator Ashley J. has to say about them:

My boyfriend is an achievement whore when it comes to gaming, so these buttons are a perfect v-day gift.

The ($8 -- or $1.50 apiece) set includes (from top left to bottom right): Drunk Make Outs, You've Accepted My Fetish, Breaking the Fart Barrier, My Pet Likes You, Met the Parents, and Moral Support While Puking.

These are one of the most relatable sets of relationship related merch I've ever seen, and I should have a set of these from each of my ex-girlfriends, except the one that had a dog that just did not like me very much, and that other one whose parents were dead. I'm still very good, I promise! *wink*

Link  --via Geekologie

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