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Ben Affleck Stars In - The Sad Batman Meme

His nickname may be the Dark Knight, but Batman usually has an intense, or angry, or coldly analytical look on his face, but the recently released photo of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit shows an emotional range that makes for a great new meme- Sad Batman.

Maybe he misses J.Lo, maybe he’s upset about the puffy muscle suit he has to wear, or he deeply regrets starring in Daredevil, or maybe he just misses his Matt Damon bromance days.

Whatever the case, when Affleck assumes the role of Batman he brings a newfound sense of depression to the character- which is hilarious!

Eat your hearts out Clooney, Kilmer, Bale and Keaton, there’s a new Batman in town- and he’s gone full blown Emo.

-Via Kotaku

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Watch The Failed Pilot For The 2001 Reboot Of Electra Woman And Dyna Girl

(Video Link)

There was once a superhero TV show reboot that simply didn’t make the cut, a show which could have led the way to the new television golden age of superheroic media franchises but simply fell flat with test audiences.

The show was called Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, starring Markie Post (of Night Court fame) and  Anne Stedman, based on the old Sid & Marty Kroft show of the same name that aired in the mid-1970s.

The show was developed by a young exec at the WB, and because it was to air on the WB it actually took place in the DC Universe, predating the hit show Smallville which would premiere one year later.

So what happened to this reboot? Was it simply too cynical for audiences to enjoy? Is this show another example of TV and movie execs passing on a superhero show with female lead characters? Watch this unaired pilot and see for yourself.

-Via ComicsAlliance

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Real Dandelions Turned Into Remarkable OLED Lights

Despite the revelations revealed about some Japanese fisherman by a recently released dolphin based documentary the Japanese have always had a healthy love/respect of nature, and often incorporate natural motifs and elements into their design work.

Japanese designer Takao Inoue chose dandelions as the inspiration for his OLED light creations, but instead of simply making a lamp shaped like dandelions he illuminated the plants themselves, creating a visually interesting light source that's sure to drive botanists wild.

He calls these dandelion lights OLED Tampopo, and here’s how they were made:

The production process for these curious and graceful lights seems fairly difficult. First, Inoue carefully harvests a springtime dandelion, careful not to disturb its feather-light seeds. Then, the flower is sealed in a block of acrylic plastic (and how he manages to do so without capturing air bubbles is beyond me). Lastly, the OLED light is embedded inside the plant’s stem, although we haven’t figured out exactly how he does this or how the light is powered.

“Production testing could only be done during a small time in the spring of the year. Dandelions need a very long time to be encapsulated. Plus, it took a few years until I reached the quality that I liked,”

-Via Bored Panda

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Afraid Of Clowns? You'll Love This Prank Video!

(Video Link)

Clowns are fun to have at a birthday party, maudlin when they’ve had too much to drink, and downright terrifying when they pop out from around the corner wielding a massive wooden mallet!

DM Pranks knows how to create a scenario that will scar people for life- start with a lonely parking structure late at night, add some unsuspecting people walking through said structure, a dummy body with an exploding head, and a clown willing to go the extra mile for a scare and you’ve got a recipe for big-top inspired terror!

(NSFW due to gore/graphic violence)

-Via SourceFed

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Oh The Fun Those Toons Would Have Had At Marvin Acme's Funeral

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is one of those beloved films that fans like just the way it is, and with the popularity of the film as a whole it’s probably best that one major scene was deleted from the final script of the movie- Marvin Acme's toon-filled funeral.

Despite the damper this morbid scene would have put on the movie as a whole, it would have made for a pretty entertaining scene to watch play out, according to these original storyboards from the film which were recently put up for auction on Ebay.

The funeral scene starred Foghorn Leghorn as a preacher, cast Goofy, Bluto, Felix the Cat and others as pallbearers, and contained a shot where Yosemite Sam angrily tosses Acme’s coffin into his grave, making it the most hilarious fake funeral ever proposed!

-Via io9

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Japanese Man Arrested For Having Guns Made With 3D Printer

So far 3D printing technology has been used to create harmless, if not extremely useful, plastic items, but since it was discovered that 3D printers can be used to print working firearms, which can make it through metal detectors undetected, the powers that be are up in arms.

Along comes 27-year-old Yoshitomo Imura, a guy from Kawasaki City who unwittingly broke Japanese law by using his 3D printer to print guns, then created YouTube videos of himself firing the weapons.

Yoshitomo rightfully claims he had no idea printing the guns was illegal, and now he’ll become the first in what will probably be a long line of offenders who dare to print guns while the law scrambles to decide the legality of the entire process.

-Via Kotaku

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R.I.P. Alien Artist H.R. Giger

(Image Via Arno Balzarini/AP Photo)

It is truly a sad day for fans of the dark and mysterious works of H.R. Giger- the beloved artist has passed away at 74 years old from injuries suffered from a fall.

Giger is best known for his concept art work for the Alien films, his album cover art, his radical biomechanical surrealist paintings and his incomparable illustrative skills with an airbrush.

The Swiss artist was quite proud of the impact his art has made on the world of pop culture, and even though many in the art world saw his art as nothing more than "morbidly kitsch" his fans, myself among them, will always remember his works as an imaginative vision of the dark side of science fiction.

May he find the afterlife far more comforting than what he'd depicted in his paintings!

-Via ABC News

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Hello Jerry - Hello Newman - Life Is Like A Half Hour Sitcom

Hello Jerry and Hello Newman by poopsmoothie

Their friendship is tenuous at best, and even though they run into each other in the hallway all the time they can barely manage to say much more than "Hello Jerry" and "Hello Newman" to each other.They're the frenemies from down the hall, two seemingly normal cats content to live their lives like they're the stars of a show about nothing.

These classic sitcom stars are now starring on their own Hello Jerry and Hellow Newman t-shirts by poopsmoothie, pick one up and hear the audience roar with laughter when you enter a room!

Visit poopsmoothie's official websiteFacebook, then check out his NeatoShop for more adorably geeky designs:

Baxter's Back Find A Penny (classic) American Hunter Dean Cybertron Park

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Triforce Hero Club - A Link To The Golf Course

Triforce Hero Club by Azafran

There exists a club so exclusive, so hard to join, that there's only one member, and he's in it for life! The Triforce Hero Club isn't accepting any new members, nor are they taking quest requests at this time, but perhaps if you pledge allegiance to their Club the fates will smile upon you and a spot will open up for a hero like you!

Classic adventure games deserve fan clubs, start your own branch of the Link fan club with this Triforce Hero Club t-shirt by Azafran and watch the heart containers of people all around you fill up with happiness!

Visit Azafran's Facebook page and give him a Like if you like what you see, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more cool designs:

Bounty Hunting Club Duck Hunting Club Smashing Brothers Super Kart Racing Club

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The Last King - A Cinematic Kaiju Superstar

The Last King by ddjvigo

Legendary monster or savior of mankind? Killer kaiju destroyer or defender of the Earth?

He's any and all of these things, and he has made quite an impact on the people of Japan, and subsequently the world, ever since he walked out of the ocean sixty years ago. It's safe to say he's the King of Monsters, but are his days as ruler of the monstrous kingdom numbered?

Celebrate the cinematic monster who has crushed entire cities and once wrestled with an entire island full of giant monsters by picking up this The Last King t-shirt by ddjvigo. All hail the king!

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The Governor Tree Thrower Traveling Through Kanto Out of the Shadows

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Dark Knightmare - Even Superheroes Have Bad Dreams

Dark Knightmare by Harantula

The day that joker unleashed a wave of deadly laughing gas attacks across the city was the day he had officially gone too far. Caped and full of the flames of vengeance, the knight who had chosen to protect the city found himself under fire for the gas attacks, and he knew that chuckling criminal clown had to be stopped at all costs.

Would he awaken from this dark knightmare unscathed, or would his mind succumb to the twisted whim of the clown prince?

It takes a hero to defend a city against a murderous madman, but it only takes a keen eye for geeky fashion to appreciate this Dark Knightmare t-shirt by Harantula, it's the perfect shirt to wear while doing the Batusi!

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Spider's Nightmare Forest Dream Jack's Nightmare Captain Nightmare

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Know Your Turtle - From Tortoises To Mutant Ninjas

Know Your Turtles by Crumblin' Cookie

With all those mutagens falling in the water these days it's tough to keep up with the new reptile breeds emerging from the underground waterways. Turtles appear to be highly susceptible to the effects of certain radioactive mutagens, and a select few have even had their fighting abilties enhanced by the mutations. Even heroes in a half shell had to start somewhere!

Keep those reptiles in order from least to most badass with this Know Your Turtles t-shirt by Crumblin' Cookie, it'll help you differentiate between the normal and the mutant ninja when you're looing for your next pet.

Visit Crumblin' Cookie's official website, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more heroic designs:

Genuine Band Science Cats Leon and Mathilda Cosmic Turtle

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Meaning Of Extra Life - A Guide To Level Forty Two

Meaning of Extra Life by Retro Review

There's a rare breed of mushroom capable of giving humanoids a chance to live again, a green fungus that not only grants extended life but also carries the meaning of life in its cap pattern. The number 42 strain of toadstool is known for its interesting taste, remarkably green cap and the fact that it makes those who eat it feel like they are hitchhiking their way across the galaxy!

Don't panic, there are plenty of these Meaning of Extra Life t-shirts by Retro Review to go around, and you don't need to leave your couch to get your hands on one!

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Do A Barrel Roll Portal Kombat A Mighty Pirate War Has Never Been So Much Fun

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A Leader's Strength - Wisdom From The Sewers

A Leader's Strength by inkOne Art

Flash is good and all in a fight, but a strong leader knows when to bide his time and wait for the perfect moment to strike. A leader's strength lies in his sense of judgment, his past experience on the battlefield and knowing the perfect time to deliver a jump kick to the face while yelling "Cowabunga!"

Show the world your leadership potential with this A Leader's Strength t-shirt by inkOne Art, it's bold without being too showy, and wearing it may earn you a ninja clan of your own!

Check out inkOne Art's official website, Facebook and Twitter then check out his NeatoShop for more ninja powered designs:

Party Dude!!! Cool but Rude BATTLEMODE! Morphin Time!

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Go, Ninja, Go! - A Classic Tale Of Driving While Mutant

Go, Ninja. Go! by Blueswade

Go, go ninja go, go! Ninja be good! The radical heroes in a half shell look cool whether they're walking around town looking all slick in CGI, or when they're looking like something out of an old kid's book while driving a far out rumble rod. He may not look like the Teenage Turtles you know and love, but this rockin' reptile can rumble with the best of 'em, and when he puts the pedal to the metal boy can he go, daddy-o!

Keep your geeky wardrobe classic with this Go, Ninja Go! t-shirt by Blueswade, it's the doggone coolest way to show your love of ninja turtles and things that go, go, GO!

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Anchorhead Sandcrawlers Skelethor RFS Baconeers 121 Giga Wheats

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Remember When The Ninja Turtles Were On Oprah?

(Video Link)

The Ninja Turtles may have become pop culture icons, and remain instantly recognizable to most people, but back in the early 90s they were seen as a passing fad in children’s entertainment, one that parents just didn’t understand.

Nevertheless, the rubber suit variety of TMNT made all kinds of appearances, both televised and in person, in an effort to convince the general public that they aren't dangerous space aliens, or a bad influence on kids.

In this particularly colorful 1990 appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show they sing their teenage mutant hearts out, chow down on some Chicago style pizza, and generally drive the kids in the audience wild while their parents are left with that WTF look on their faces...

-Via Kotaku

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From Virtuous Foreman To Sociopathic Drifter - The True Story Of Phineas Gage

You may be familiar with the story of Phineas Gage, it's an enduring urban legend and fitting entry in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not canon, but his is a story that needs to be updated.

Phineas had an iron tamping rod driven completely through his head by a blasting cap while he was working as a railroad construction foreman, and he survived what should have been a life threatening injury with little more than damage to the frontal lobe of his brain. He was said to have changed overnight from a virtuous man to a terrifyingly sociopathic madman, but what really happened to poor old Phineas?

New evidence shows that much of what we know about Phineas Gage is fabricated nonsense, and that his story changes more often than an engineer changes his overalls.

Want to know the truth about Phineas? Read on to discover more about Phineas Gage, Neuroscience's Most Famous Patient

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Deliciously Clever Food Face Art

Playing with your food is an act which is frowned upon by our parents when we’re young, but as we grow older and gain the privilege of eating whatever we want come mealtime those of us who like a bit of fun with our food enjoy playing with our food whenever possible.

Artist Noah Scalin has made food play into an artform, and he was recently asked to make food faces with the meals he was served at eight restaurants participating in the Broad Appetit food and art festival in Richmond, Virginia.

His clever linework via leftovers really shows off the character of each meal, and may inspire others to try their hand at creating a plate portrait the next time they're eating out.

-Via Laughing Squid

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Most Epic Way To Sell A '93 Volvo Station Wagon

(Video Link)

What’s the best way to sell a 1993 Volvo station wagon? Some might say local advertising, or through a friend or family member, or even at an auction, but Swedish art director Castor wasn’t about to resort to such mundane methods when it came to selling his beloved persimmon colored Volvo.

Castor went full epic with his sales pitch, creating a cinematic masterpiece that properly showcases his used vehicle for what it is- a mega machine built by mechanical wizards, which rolls around town on spinsy winsies and may or may not somehow contain hepatitis b. Shut up and take my money!

-Via 22 Words

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China's Strange Proposal For An Undersea Train That Connects To The U.S.

Chinese inventors are known for their wild ideas, like gun powder, ice cream and the compass, but now that China has established itself as an industrial superpower they’re taking those wild ideas to the end of the line.

A report in the Beijing Times states that China is developing a plan to build an 8,000+ mile railroad connecting China to Russia, Canada and the United States, with an over 125 mile stretch spanning the Bering Strait…along the bottom of the ocean.

This bold proposal may not seem like such a bad idea until you consider that the “proposed undersea route would be more than five times longer than the current longest underwater tunnel, the one under the English Channel", not to mention the mountains of red tape to wade through and billions of dollars needed to pull off such a feat of railroad engineering.

If railroads were made of dreams China would have a line that stretches clear to the moon and back...

-Via Gizmodo

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Artist Creates Portraits Using Single Sheet Of Mesh Fabric

Tulle is a sheer mesh fabric generally used for various crafts, or sewing projects where a bit of sheer color is needed, but an industrious artist named Benjamin Shine has discovered another good use for this niche fabric- he uses tulle to create detailed portraits.

Benjamin creates highly detailed, and incredibly realistic, portraits using a single folded sheet of tulle, creating the shadows on each portrait by layering the fabric and ironing it down in all the right places.

It's amazing what Benjamin is capable of creating with just one sheet of tulle and a regular old steam iron!

-Via My Modern Met

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A Cthulhuian Font You Can Download And Use To Summon Strange Beings

When the Great Old Ones have something to say they don’t wanna speak no English, they want a language that properly conveys their slime drenched derision for mankind, a language that makes humans think of tentacles and strange polyp shaped beings when they hear it being spoken aloud.

Few mortals have ever had the temerity to speak the names of the Great Old Ones aloud, much less try to speak in their native tongue, but a foolish mortal calling himself StapletonMcTavish has unlocked the secret of the Cthulhuian alphabet and he has released it upon mankind via the internet.

Download it, craft tales with it, and pray its very presence doesn't drive you insane!

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The Most Dangerous Game Of Crocodile Dentist Ever

(Video Link)

There was a time when any videos featuring sick and crazy games, whether from a televised show or simply played for the sake of recording on video, would immediately elicit the reaction “only the Japanese…” and a knowing nod from those who had seen the bizarre video hilarity being exported from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Since then we've made our very own American jackasses rich and famous, and we've fully embraced the gonzo show so much that it doesn't seem so crazy anymore.

Then some Japanese guys came up with the idea to install razorblade teeth in their game of Crocodile Dentist, and they brought that gonzo show grand prize home to Japan once again!

(It should go without saying but don't try this at home, unless you're tired of having fingertips!)

-Via Cheezburger

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A Cheerful Animated Introduction To The Apocalypse

(Video Link)

Everybody knows that the very concept of an apocalypse brings with it lots of negative connotations, and life after the apocalypse is going to be a rough affair, but don’t go getting all glum just yet!

Put on a happy face and prepare to face those end-of-the-world problems like a trooper, because you might as well wake up to the dark wasteland of the future with a smile.

Animation Domination High-Def presents Welcome To The Future, a cheerful intro video to the dystopia that is Earth 2055. There will be problems, there will be dying, but at least there won’t be any more parking tickets or bills cluttering up your mailbox!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Classical Sculptures With A Glitch - The Works Of Enrico Ferrarini

Italian sculptor Enrico Ferrarini has a unique style way of creating that bring classical sculptural techniques into the twenty first century, a way to incorporate new methods and techniques into the tried and true workflow of the past, and his progressive sculptures are also quite radical looking.

Enrico has studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, which houses Donatello and Michaelangelo’s David, so the classical influence on his work is undeniably present, but Enrico’s figures are caught in a sort of glitch state that makes them somewhat terrifying to behold yet so visually compelling that it's hard to look away.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Wish Upon A Super Star - All Your Plumbing Dreams Will Come True

Wish Upon A Super Star by swissette

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference where you are, the plumber that your heart desires will come for you. And if that star should fall to the earth, may he find it and use its power of invincibility to break down the walls that stand between you and him.

There's no guarantee your dreams will come true when you wear this Wish Upon A Super Star t-shirt by swissette, but you'll look dreamy in it, and maybe it'll be just the thing to spark a conversation with your destiny!

Visit swissette's official website and Facebook, then click on over to her NeatoShop for more magical designs:

Planet Pops Snow and Ghost amongst Crows Earth Mostly Harmless Neighbor's Moon

View more designs by swissette | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Bacon Pancakes - A Delicious Time For An Adventure

Bacon Pancakes by pigboom

Smells like something's cooking, but it ain't sugar crystals or a time sandwich, man. I'd know that smell anywhere, they're cooking bacon pancakes in that RV, and boy do they smell delicious! I bet if you drove around the neighborhood selling pancakes, with that smell emanating from your RV all day they'd probably sell like, well, hotcakes!

Share your culinary adventures with the world via this Bacon Pancakes t-shirt by pigboom, it's the perfect wardrobe for an afternoon full of adventure or an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet!

Visit pigboom's official Facebook and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delicious designs:

Frankensnoopie The Hunter Kaiju Alpha Curious Forest Spirits

View more designs by pigboom | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Beware Broadway - Here Comes Godzilla: The Musical!

(Video Link)

Godzilla is the most destructive dinosaur-like creature to ever stomp his way across the silver screen, and he doesn’t seem to care who he steps on as he tap dances across cityscapes full of helpless humans. Sounds like the makings of a great musical, doesn’t it?!  

Cinefix is bringing a new kind of monster to the musical stage with Godzilla: The Musical, a lovingly crafted tale starring singing scientists, an intrepid news reporter and the king of the kaiju himself, Godzilla!

Can the Broadway stage support the weight of this heavy musical theatre mashup?

-Via Geekosystem

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Early Morning Sober Raves Are Raging In Williamsburg

Glow sticks and furry boots weren’t generally considered an integral part of raves in the early 90s, but by the late 90s raves had become a dayglo nightmare full of drug addled lunacy and half naked people, and the dancing was replaced by heavy petting and selfies.

Enter the newest rave inspired sensation coming straight out of Williamsburg- an early morning drug free rave. Part dance party, part aerobics, all high energy without the high. It's called Morning Gloryville, and once a month it's the place to be if you want to dance your cares, and your fat, away.

To some this may seem like a ridiculous trend, but to those who don’t like gyms when they want to sweat, or clubs when they want to get down, these sober raves are a great alternative to traditional cardio workouts.

-Via Gothamist

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Chalkboard Art Masterpieces Created By Anonymous Students

Artists don't normally need to keep strict schedules, there are deadlines and milestone submissions but otherwise most graphic artists don’t need to punch a clock, but one particular pair of artists have a weekly schedule they're happy to maintain.

They call themselves Dangerdust, and they’ve been blowing people’s minds at Columbus College of Art and Design with their amazing chalkboard art pieces, which they create under cover of darkness for all to admire on a weekly basis.

This rogue art duo ain't doin' no harm, they're just trying to share their incredible art skills with their fellow classmates, and like their artistic idols they've chosen to remain anonymous, creating their chalkboard art masterpieces simply for their fellow classmates to enjoy.

-Via ViralNova

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