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The Crooked House Of Poland

Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your computer monitor, the architects who designed Krzywy Domek, the Crooked House of Sopot, Poland are just messing with your head!

This crazy warped vision of modern architecture was created in 2004 as a unique and magical place to shop, and the fun doesn't stop when you walk through the door because the interior is just as kooky as the exterior.

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Animated Music Video - Robo-Redneck

(YouTube Link)

Mike Judge is back, and this time he's directing the animated music video for Zac Brown Band's song The Wind.

The short is called "Robo-Redneck", so you know what you're in for-a kooky little cartoon full of Mike Judge's signature humor and a scifi spoof set in the deep south.

Git'er done, Robo-Redneck!

--via Cartoon Brew

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Vintage Chinese Firecracker Label Art

The delightful artwork found on these vintage Chinese firecracker labels almost makes the contents seem even more fun, but that's impossible right? More fun than fireworks, no way!

Now that I think about it some of these labels are a bit scary, so maybe the art is meant to serve as a warning against playing around with fireworks, like "be careful so you don't end up like the poor sap on this label."

Hit the link below to check out a massive Flickr gallery with over 300 beautiful examples of Chinese firecracker labels, they're really neat!

Link  --via BuzzFeed

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Puppet Neil Gaiman And Alan Moore Talk About Before Watchmen

(YouTube Link)

Alan Moore doesn't appear to be very cuddly in real life, despite the ursine beard.

Neil Gaiman seems a bit cuddlier, but his Jesus and Mary Chain style and dark wit cast him in a mysterious light.

But both guys look adorable, and quite cuddly, as puppets!

Let's play pretend time and imagine that their discussion about Before Watchmen is as nice as the one taking place in this video.

(Barely NSFW due to one word)

--via Comics Alliance

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Pencil Vs. Camera Process Video

(YouTube Link)

This interesting process video shows how artist and photographer Ben Heine creates his surreal Pencil Vs. Camera series, one torn sheet of paper and a subject at a time.

It's an interesting look at how Ben's videos and illustrations comes together, but the video makes the entire process look a bit too easy!

--via DesignTAXI

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Dreamlike Paintings By Kent Williams

Kent Williams has long been one of my top ten favorite artists, and his uniquely styled paintings have graced both the covers of comic books and the walls of fine art galleries across the globe.

His latest series is full of surreal, dreamlike imagery surrounded by painterly strokework and a sort of deconstruction that makes the whole scene feel even more real.

Hit either of the links below if you want to see the stuff dreams are made of....

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation

(YouTube Link)

Let us close out the celebration of America's birthday with a compilation video containing explosive examples of stupid humans playing with fireworks.

A firework fail is best observed via video, mostly because you don't have to worry about taking someone to the hospital or cleaning up afterwards.

(Barely NSFW due to language at the end of the video)

--via Laughing Squid

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The Thief Who Stole A Dali Then Sent It Back

A brazen art thief recently stole Cartel de Don Juan Tenorio by Salvador Dali, valued at over $150k, from the Venus Over Manhattan Gallery in New York by distracting the guard and walking out with the piece in broad daylight. Then he sent it back.

The gallery put the word out about the thief, but didn't expect to get the work back, until they received an anonymous email saying it had been sent back, and it was delivered to the gallery later that week via Express Mail.

Why would someone do such a thing? Your guess is as good as mine...


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Awesome Animated Short - Bizarro Classic

(YouTube Link)

This superpowered animated short is called Bizarro Classic, and it was created by Disney animator Robb Pratt as a follow up to his short Superman Classic.

I loved the style, the animation was top notch, I only wish this short was a bit longer because it left me wanting more!

--via Geek Tyrant

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Zombie Targets That Really Bleed

If you want to get the feel of actually shooting a zombie and watching him spring a leak without harming living humans then check out these grisly bleeding zombie targets from Zombie Industries.

Created with a sense of realism, and a morbid curiosity, in mind these ugly little buggers are just begging to be pumped full of buckshot, and may be enough to deter a zombie attack if placed around your property.

Guaranteed to creep out your in-laws and most door-to-door salesmen.

Link  --via Geeks Are Sexy

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Fourth It Up America!!

(YouTube Link)

This little ditty is dedicated to America's birthday, the fourth of freakin' July!

Let the funky sounds of patriotism wash over you as you enjoy the grillin', swillin' and chillin' with your loved ones.

Or maybe the interwebs is your loved one, in which case consider this video a great big old happy birthday hug!

Happy Fourth Of July music lovers!


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A Hot Air Balloon Shaped Like Darth Vader

This custom Sith Lord shaped hot air balloon is still casting the shadow of the Dark Side across the globe, flying high since 2007.

It was custom made for (surprise!) a huge Star Wars fan from the UK, who actually got approval from the crew at LucasFilm before making this beautiful hot air balloon.

The sweetest part about this custom balloon has to be the attention to detail, making the Sith Lord's helmet easily discernible from miles away.

Link  --via Juxtapoz

(Previously on Neatorama--Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon)

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Watch Danger 5, But Beware Of Nazi Dinosaurs

(YouTube Link)

Danger 5 is one of the funniest, if not THE funniest, show to hit the airwaves since (insert title of your favorite funny show here)!

It's full of comedic action, dramatic comedic action, suspense filled action dramedy, and NAZI DINOSAURS!

The only Danger viewers will encounter when watching Danger 5 is the danger of running out of episodes to watch!

Your first episode, which happens to be the second episode of the first season, is on the house! Exclamation!

(May contain material some viewers might find to be somewhat NSFW)

--via Topless Robot

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Wonderfully Natural Artwork By Olga Ziemska

Olga Ziemska is an artist who finds inspiration in the rhythm and symmetry of the natural world, and she creates works which attempt to create order out of chaos.

Olga uses materials sourced from nature, and some of her outdoor installations look like whimsical props for a fairy tale themed movie.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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This Hummer Has A Little Too Much Firepower

This way too heavily armed Black Knight Hummer H2 is the most extreme act of vehicular overcompensation I've ever seen on the interwebs.

Bristling with guns and bad attitude, this Hummer screams "get the hell outta my way!" while the driver holds himself and cries "love me, want me, hug me!" to a world hung up on outward appearance.

SRSLY, this thing is armed to the teeth, with a fierce fantasy paint job to match. Hit the link if you want to see the full list of on-board weapons and watch this wicked vehicular weapon let some rounds fly!


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Fireworks Safety PSA From The Early 90s

(YouTube Link)

This PSA from the early 90s was made by the Office of the California State Fire Marshal to warn kids about how dangerous it is to play with fireworks.

The ad has some terrible dialog and the overall cheese factor you've come to expect from retro PSAs, but the superhero star of the ad known as The Preventor has a pretty sweet costume!

--via Laughing Squid

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The Underwater Sculptures Of Jason DeCaires Taylor

Jason DeCaires Taylor is an eco-sculptor, an artist who has found a way to make his sculptures meld seamlessly with the natural world.

His works become one with nature and even support life, as demonstrated by the ring of sculptures shown above which now serve as habitats for coral and aquatic critters who fancy a human of their very own to call home.

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Street Art Style Advertising For Pest Control

These clever street art style installations were created by TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg as a fun way to advertise pest control sprays by letting people see the insects living inside the walls.

Mini furniture and real dead cockroaches were used to created comical dioramas of roaches living the good life, the idea being that the roach fogger can reach into the cracks in the walls and kill those happy little roach families where they live.

I've never felt so bad for a bunch of cockroaches in my life!

Link  --via Super Punch

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Ride A Bike, Shorten Your Prison Sentence

Inmates at  the Santa Rita do Sapucai prison in Brazil are being offered a deal too good to pass up-put in 16 hours on a bicycle and get a day knocked off your sentence.

It's an interesting way to encourage prisoners to cooperate and literally work towards their freedom, and the stationary bikes are being used to charge batteries which are then taken into the city and used to power streetlights.

Sounds like a great way to stay in shape, give back to society and whittle your sentence down while biking.


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Meet The Pyro From Team Fortress 2

(YouTube Link)

Man, the Pyro character class from the video game Team Fortress 2 is one sick puppy.

Seeing the world through his eyes is like taking an acid trip through Candyland, too bad his foes don't see things the way he does!

Watch this fiery personality burn a path through the competition in this awesome animated short.

(Warning: Lots of animated blood and gore)

--via Gamma Squad

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Animated Short - FABLE

(Vimeo Link)

This beautiful and artsy animated short is called Fable, and it was created by artist and animation teacher Daniel Sousa.

Daniel brings the strange to the natural world, with wondrous results.

Fable is full of suspenseful moments, dark realism and a painterly look that makes it oh so nice to watch.

--via Cartoon Brew

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How To Make Your Own Amazing GIFs

Have you ever wondered how people create such amazing looking art GIFs, and want to make your own?

Master of GIF animation Anthony Holden has shared his secrets for creating amazing GIF artwork with the interwebs, so now you can create some awesome animated GIF art of your very own!

Hit the link to Anthony's website and he will guide you through the entire process, and even experienced GIF creators can learn a thing or two about the process. Yay for learning!

Link   --via Drawn

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Vintage TV Commercial For Atari

(YouTube Link)

Talk about gnarly to the max! This totally rad Atari commercial from the 80s has it all-a beach, a boombox, and babes galore!

Oh, and there's the bit about totally tubular old games like Ms. Pac-Man, Vanguard, Centipede and Galaxian.

Man, I totally wish I could just take my Atari console to the beach with me and plug it in anywhere, that would be totally bodacious!

--via Kotaku


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Hand Knit Monster Masks

Tracy Widdess has named her strange hand knit monster mask series Brutal Knitting, and they put the ITT in knitting!

They're full of monstrous details and ghoulish charm that only a mother could love, and when worn they will deter people from standing too close to you.

If you like them and want them for your very own, you can visit Tracy's Etsy shop and show the world how you really feel inside. I feel pretty...

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Josh Atlas And His Strange Sweet Tooth

Artist Josh Atlas clearly has a thing for the sugary side of life, and he expresses his love for the sweet stuff through sculptures and drawings that look decidedly less delicious than the real thing.

His strange works are like cautionary tales against eating sweets just before bed, and they've put me off of donuts and ice cream for the time being!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Mugshots Of Extremely Hip Troublemakers

The hipster baddies in these mugshots look so cool I wanna join their gang!

These rebels without a care were arrested in the late 1960s (and one in 1970) around Minneapolis, Minnesota, and probably set the fashion bar pretty high in their holding cells.

Being stylish isn't a prerequisite for a life of crime, but it doesn't hurt!

Link  --via Flavorwire

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More Japanese Woodblock Style Video Game Art By Jed Henry

I recently posted an article about the amazing Video Game Themed Japanese Woodblock Style Art of Jed Henry.

Well, Jed is back and this batch looks even better than the last one!

This time around we've got fierce Pokemon battling in the ring, a kabuki styled Mario battling a big ape named Donkey, and many more awesome works of Japanese style art!

Anyone who says that video game themed art can't hold a candle to fine art should take a look at Jed's woodblock works, they're simply wonderful!

Link  --via Geekologie

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The Gatling Gun Made Especially For Chinese Cops

Police officers in China have been dealing with quite a lot of rioting lately, but by the look of this soon-to-be standard issue Gatling gun they're preparing for war!

This 7.62mm Gatling machine gun fires up to 6,000 rounds per minute, and looks extremely menacing as it barks away, mowing down anyone in its path.

What do you think--doesn't this seem like an extreme way for the police to handle civil unrest?



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Causes Of Death: 1900 vs. 2010

Here's a nifty little chart from the New England Journal of Medicine that shows how far we've come, and how far we still need to go, in the field of medicine over the last hundred and ten years.

It's surprising to note how much more cancer we deal with nowadays, and how heart disease rates have risen despite all the advances we've made in the realm of cardiology.

Enjoy a weekend free of gastrointestinal infections everyone!


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Hanging Out At A Costume Party When...WTF?!

I don't know what this guy was thinking when he decided to show up at a costume party with a plush koala on his head, but he sure was a big hit with the ladies!

They kept saying "oh, he looks so soft and cuddly!" and "he's the cutest guy here!", but I took one look in those eyes and I knew there was something wrong with this miscreant.

Maybe it's my childhood fear of koalas, or the fact that his shirt makes him look like he just escaped from prison and is using the koala mask to conceal his identity, but I had to leave the party early.

So much for life in the fast lane of DIY cosplay!


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