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Raising Children Can Be A Terrifying Ordeal

(Image Via joindarkside)

Any parent will tell you that raising children can sometimes be a terrifying affair, they don’t call them the terrible twos for nothing (although they should rename them the terrible two-to-fives), but there’s a singular joy in surviving the nightmare and living to see them grow up to become terribly moody teenagers.

(Image Via hgtvdecor)

While they’re small you get to enjoy lots of messes, household disasters, and the occasional broken television set, along with lots of adorable moments that help you to forget those other nightmarish days.

(Image Via upandbuzz)

Don’t let the name of this BuzzFeed article fool you- 26 Important Reminders Why Birth Control Exists is just as much about how fun having a kid can be, despite the nightmarish days of mess and destruction, as it is a reminder to those who don’t have kids what it means to be a parent.

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Quirky Local Customs Every Traveler Should Know

(Image Via martinak15/Flickr)

Traveling abroad can be an exhilarating and life changing experience, if you’re not being snubbed and treated like an unwanted visitor by the locals...

Some places simply aren't very accommodating to travelers, but sometimes people will have a bad attitude towards you because they think you've wronged them by unknowingly going against one of their customs. Take this seemingly harmless "talk to the hand" type gesture:

(Image Via sport24)

This gesture is called a "mountza" in Greek, and it's just as insulting to the Greeks as giving someone the middle finger is in America, so don't get all sassy on the natives when you visit Greece or the gods will rain their displeasure down upon you!

Before you take your next trip abroad check out this informative and entertaining guide by Sherman Travel entitled 10 Quirky Customs Travelers Should Know and keep your hosts happy!

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Kids Make Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes

(Image Via Imgur)

Kids aren’t born knowing how to spell, which is unfortunate for them because there will inevitably be moments in their future when adults will make fun of them for not knowing how to spell:

(Image Via odalaigh)

If only they could figure out important things like alphabets and spelling while they’re in the womb they'd spare themselves embarrassment in the future, but it’s really hard to get books in there so we must forgive their lack of knowledge:

(Image Via Break)

However, as soon as they’re in school, and spelling their little hearts out, we break out the camera every time they make a funny spelling error, especially because a lot of these spelling errors are hilariously inappropriate:

(Image Via Twitter)

Enjoy this gallery of 22 Children's Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Mistakes, brought to you by Bored Panda, and remember- children are innocent until proven naughty!

(Please note that we have chosen the tamest examples in the group, and many of the misspellings at the source are downright dirty and NSFW)

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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How To Keep Your Dog Happy When The Fireworks Go Off

Humans really enjoy watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, but dogs just don’t get the appeal. They see fireworks as loud explosions in the sky that sound like the beginning of a major battle, and many dogs experience major anxiety when the fireworks start flying, especially if their owners aren’t home.

Animals on io9 asked a group of scientists/canine researchers to offer some advice on how to keep dogs from flipping out when the fireworks start booming, and they had some great ideas to share such as- comforting your dog with hugging (like the Thundershirt/Anxiety Wrap), using Dog Appeasing Pheromones, or simply exposing them to fireworks from an early age so they know not to be afraid.

Most of the solutions are simple yet effective, and they might be just the thing to help your furry family member enjoy the Fourth with the rest of their family.

-Via io9

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Why Shame Animals When You Can Shame Your Polyhedral Dice?

(Image Via Nerd Approved)

Dog shaming never made much sense to me, considering dogs can’t read English and therefore have no idea what their master has written on the sign hanging around their neck.

Chicken, guinea pig, baby and cat shaming likewise don’t make much sense for the same reason, but it’s really all about what’s written on the sign, right?

(Image Via Ian Davison/Kotaku)

Well now there’s a new form of shaming directed at inanimate objects, in this case polyhedral dice, created by frustrated roleplaying gamers who are tired of bad die rolls ruining a perfectly good campaign:

(Image Via Bishoop47/Kotaku)

That’s right folks- Polyhedral Dice Shaming is sweeping the RPG nation, and now we can let those low rolling dice know how we feel about their poor performance:

(Image Via LonoXIII/Kotaku)

So, the next time your dice don't live up to your expectations, take those low rolling suckers out of play and write up a die shaming diatribe of your own!

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So That's How Guile Keeps His Hair So Perfect!

(Image Via Dragonarte)

Have you ever wondered how Guile’s hair remains so perfectly flat on top, no matter how many matches he’s been in, or how many fireballs he’s been hit with?

No? Okay, maybe I spent a few hundred too many hours playing Street Fighter II at the arcades as a kid, but that was always my main question about Guile, that and “Does his haircut conform to military regulation?”

Brazilian comic artist Dragonarte presents us with a plausible explanation as to how Guile’s hair is so perfect all the time, but I think he left out the half gallon of hair gel they use to keep it in shape!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Bambi 2- Bambi's Revenge

Kraven the hunter thought he got away with killing Bambi’s mother, but he was wrong…

This fall, watch as the most unlikely duo ever to appear on the silver screen avenge the woodland's fallen with bullets of their own in Bambi 2-Bambi meets the Punisher.

Their meeting seemed like pure chance, but destiny had brought man and deer together to make sure that nefarious hunter paid for his crimes...

Sound like a movie you’d like to see? Too bad all we get to see of this marvelous mash-up is this fake movie poster created by artist Marco D’Alfonso for CBR’s The Line It Is Drawn gallery.

Still, Disney does own Marvel Comics now, so it's not entirely out of the question...

-Via MoviePilot

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Wonderful Moments In Closed Captioning

(Image Via The Mary Sue)

It must be tough to decide what to include when creating closed captions for movies and TV shows, because there are a lot of background noises, sound effects and character reactions that don’t really need to be included:

(Image Via Tumblr)

In fact, when you include these odd background bits in the captions it ends up making them really funny to read:

(Image Via Memeguy)

Having never consulted with someone who’s hearing impaired to find out if they like the inclusion of these sounds, I have no idea whether the folks who create the closed captioning include them because of popular opinion, because they’re trying to be as complete as possible, or simply to amuse themselves:

(Image Via Imgur)

Enjoy these 38 Wonderful Moments In Closed Caption History compiled by BuzzFeed, they might make you want to turn the captions on next time you're watching Neflix.

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Patriotic Tattoos So Bad They're Un-American

Want to show some love for your country this Fourth of July? Buy a t-shirt, fly a flag in your front yard, or simply make this country a great place to live by doing your part to help out your fellow Americans.

Sharing your patriotism with the world doesn’t mean chanting USA wherever you go, or acting xenophobic towards immigrants, and getting a terrible tattoo certainly isn’t going to convince future generations to follow in your patriotic footsteps!

Still, these folks went to the trouble of marking themselves for life with some awful-ly star spangled tats, so we might as well share their indelible bad decisions in order to teach young Americans what not to do to their bodies:

Check out the rest of these Bad America Tattoos over at The Soup

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Ten Fun Facts About Stand By Me

Stand By Me is one of those classic period piece flicks that makes you want to reminisce about the good old days, recounting tales of your youth to whoever is watching the movie with you, and it also helps remind people that Stephen King writes more than just “monster books”.

In fact, many people are unaware that Stand By Me is based on the classic King novella The Body, which was first published in 1982 as part of the collection Different Seasons.

Rob Reiner directed the film adaptation, and he did such a good job with this film that it's still fun to watch even if you’ve seen it a hundred times and known all the lines by heart.

Want to know more about this classic flick? Read 10 Fun Facts About Stand By Me, compiled by the fine folks at GeekTyrant.

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Famous People You Would Never Recognize Out Of Context

Celebrities become so familiar to their fans that their famous faces are etched into the mind of their adoring public, but many celebrities are unrecognizable when shown without their signature “look”, such as entertainer Boy George dressed down and without makeup:

(Image Via AuntieMeme)

This guy might not be a celebrity in the traditional sense, but his face has adorned hundreds of t-shirts and posters, and they've made a few movies about his life. However, without his signature look, which he apparently cultivated while out in the field, you'd hardly recognize this clean cut guy as a young Ernesto "Che" Guevara:

(Image Via RedConversation)

How about this sweet young lady? Can you tell from this photo that she would grow up to bare it all in her videos, and sport a dress made out of meat to the Video Music Awards? That's right, this smiling, seemingly well adjusted young lady, would one day become Lady Gaga:

(Image Via Ms.Zuneja)

And speaking of performers who really know how to put on a show, here's a rare glimpse of the Daft Punk guys without their signature helmets:

(Image Via The Machete)

Would you ever have recognized these punks without their shiny headgear?

Check out the rest of the 25 Famous People You Would Never Recognize Out of Context over at Cracked, it's surprisingly expletive free!

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The Saddest Used Video Game Cover Ever

There are good ways to declare your love for your gamer girlfriend- build structures that spell out her name in Minecraft, tell her “I will always be your Mario, and you’ll always be a Peach to me”, or simply declare your love to her on your headset while you’re blasting through the competition in a multiplayer game session.

And then there are the bad ways to declare your love, like writing your sentiments on the cover of a game she’s likely to trade in at Gamestop once she has played through it.

Maybe another gamer named Jamie will come across this sweet bargain and buy it for their girlfriend, and the video game love cycle will begin again!

-Via Nerd Approved

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Mick Jagger Makes Fun Of Upcoming Monty Python Reunion

The Monty Python boys are back and set to perform ten shows this July at the O2 Arena in London, and they’ve got an unusual spokesman spreading the news of their imminent arrival- Mick Jagger:

(Video Link)

Mick is tired of having so many deprecating jokes directed at him, so he decided to spread the jeers around a bit as he reacts to the return of the Python crew, commenting that they’re “a bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money”.

It’s all in good fun, of course, and maybe the Monty Python crew will find a way to return the favor and mention Mick's similar interest in reliving his youth and making a load of money, you know, in the interest of equivalent retaliation.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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The Different Words Americans And Brits Use For The Same Things

Finally, when a British traveler is injured in America and needs something to stop the bleeding they should ask for some aid- a Band-Aid that is:

These charts might be just what we need to bring our two countries together in linguistic harmony, but if you're a fan of discord make sure you check out the rest of Samantha's informative charts, including the ones pertaining to slang and insults, over at 22 Words.

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Now This Is How You Game Like A Boss

Gaming while seated at a computer desk is so 2001, nowadays it’s all about lounging on the couch while you game, and using your chubby little dog to hold up your mousepad like a total boss.

The best part about using a pug enhanced computer configuration is that the pug can help give you pointers when you’re having trouble beating a boss, and dogs love to bark at the competition so make sure your dog is wearing a mic when you play your favorite multiplayer games.

The only drawback we've found with the pug enhanced configuration is the dog will occasionally have terrible gas, which can bring an entire gaming session to a halt as everyone is forced to evacuate the house for some fresh air!

-Via Kotaku

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Fast Food Facts You Won't Believe Are Actually True

(Video Link)

Wherever you go there’s a fast food restaurant lurking around the corner, waiting to fry up pounds of delicious fatty foods for you to stuff in your gob, and yet these ever present restaurant chains are surrounded by secrecy and mystery.

They all claim to be number one, but who’s telling the truth? Where do Subway sandwich shops get all of their avocados, and what’s the farthest distance a pizza chain has ever gone to delivered a cheesy pie?

These tasty factoid nuggets and more can be found in BuzzFeed’s low calorie video 9 Fast Food Facts You Won’t Believe Are Actually True, winner of the 2014 award for Most Exaggerated Factoid Video Title.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Death Defying Skater Jumps Across Subway Tracks In NYC

The guy in this video took the phrase “skate or die” way too literally when he decided to jump across the 145th Street subway station tracks in Harlem, but it’s a good thing he captured the whole thing on video because you rarely get a second chance at a deadly stunt like this:

(Video Link)

The daredevil who completed this leap of faith for Colin Read's skate video Tengu: God of Mischief-Subway Skating is Koki Loaiza, and he was able to pull off this trick on his second attempt, without the aid of antigravity boards or self lacing sneakers.

It’s unlikely that anyone will be trying to follow in Koki’s footsteps anytime soon, especially because MTS officials were probably put on red alert when they witnessed this stunt, but it’s a sure bet that Koki is super stoked that he's alive to skate another day!

-Via Sploid

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Former Disney Animator Is Back With Beautiful Short Film - DUET

(Video Link)

Former Disney artist Glen Keane has contributed his incredible skills as an animator to classic features like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, and it appears he hasn’t lost his touch since he left the studio that Mickey Mouse built.

He recently released a hand drawn short film called Duet as part of Google's Advanced Technology and Projects Group, one of three short films "designed to explore the possibilities of interactive animation on mobile devices", meaning you'll be able to explore content in three dimensional space on tablets and smartphones.

Glen's ethereal short celebrates the power of imagination, and the joys of sharing life experiences with someone you love.

-Via Cartoon Brew

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What Drowning Really Looks Like

It’s summertime, so people are going to be stripping down and hanging out in bodies of water way more than usual, and with the act of swimming, or in some cases floating,  comes the inevitable conclusion that some people are going to drown.

Drowning people tend to look an awful lot like swimming people, so how are you supposed to tell when someone is a drowning person and not a swimming person?

Consult this handy infographic, brought to you by The Art of Manliness, so you’ll never wonder again whether that person flopping around in the water is a swimming person or a drowning person, and you’ll know which facial expression is the appropriate response to their predicament!

All kidding aside- the point of this infographic is to illustrate that drowning people don't always look like they're in distress, so keep your eyes open for signs of danger and swim safe this summer.

-Via Lifehacker

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Fun Entertainment Industry Job - Destruction Supervisor

Visual effects artists have a wide variety of jobs to do, from simple Chroma Keying to making extreme weather look as real as possible, but there’s one viz fx job that looks like a whole lotta messy fun- the destruction supervisor.

It’s their job to make sure the destruction we see on the big screen looks as realistic as possible without sacrificing visual appeal, plus they make sure the whole thing is understandable and doesn't become one big blurry mess to the audience.

Industrial Light & Magic's Michael Balog is one of these lucky artists who gets to spend his days destroying stuff for feature films, and he has torn all sorts of virtual environments down for all four Transformers films and Pacific Rim, just to name a few.

Michael shared all kinds of secrets with io9 about how he makes digital destruction look good for the big screen, and revealed some of the challenges he faced when plotting the destruction contained within each film.

The conversation is accompanied by some fantastic concept art by Wesley Burt, Robert Simons and John J. Park, which shows not only the destructive side of these films but also the characters who cause the chaos.

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The Strangest X-Files Fan Fiction Crossovers

Fans of the seminal sci-fi TV show The X-Files haven’t lost any love for the far out adventures of Mulder and Scully even though the show went off the air nearly twelve years ago.

However, The X-Files superfans aren’t making animated shorts, or live action YouTube videos, because they’re too busy writing fan fiction featuring ridiculous pop culture crossovers and the obligatory romantic moment between Fox Mulder and (insert another popular main character's name here).

There's a fun tale about the time when Mulder and Scully met the apartment dwelling gang from Seinfeld, one about the totally plausible idea of Scully & Mulder being sucked into the Hunger Games universe and forced to compete in the games without any backup from Skinner or the Lone Gunmen, and the timeless tale Scully O'Hara meets Rhett Mulder.

The X-files crossovers only get stranger from here folks! Read all about these mind bending X-Files fan fic crossovers at Vulture.

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Rejected Princesses Are Too Adult For Disney

Disney has chosen to keep their animated content light and family friendly, which is why some legendary female characters will never make it onto the big screen under the Disney monicker.

Characters like Mai Bhago, the Sikh warrior-saint who led forty fierce women against the Mughal army and lived to tell about it, and Pasiphae, the immortal daughter of Helios who was cursed with desires to couple with a bull and gave birth to the Minotaur, are the stars of tales way too explicit for a general audience:

Illustrator, history/mythology buff and former DreamWorks animator Jason Porath is giving these hardcore heroines their day in the sun through his site Rejected Princesses, which is full of fun Disney inspired illustrations and a fairly comprehensive backstory on each character, so you can see what you're missing when Disney chooses some G rated gal over these fiercely capable femmes!

-Via io9

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Authors Dressed Up As Their Favorite Characters

Philip Pullman as Long John Silver from Treasure Island

Neil Gaiman as Badger from Wind In The Willows

Terry Pratchett as Just William

The Story Museum in Oxford, England approached photographer Cambridge Jones about contributing to an exhibition called 26 Characters, and Cambridge immediately came up with an extremely novel idea for a photo series- famous authors dressed up as their favorite characters.

The 26 portraits in the series show authors such as Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Philip Pullman and Malorie Blackman having a great time all dressed up and playing a role, and for many the simple act of putting on a costume seems to have brought out the kid in them.

Cambridge borrowed the costumes from the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theater, which explains why they all look so fabulous, and each portrait is accompanied by "audio of the authors reading extracts from their books and interviewed about their chosen character."

See many more portraits in the series, as well as some insightful comments from Cambridge Jones, over at BBC News

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The Dark, Sexy Polaroids Of H.R. Giger

H.R. Giger is generally known for his paintings, his concept art work for the Alien film franchise, and more recently for his amazing biomechanical sculptures, but when Giger wasn't working he was snapping Polaroids that reveal the man behind the ghastly machines:

Antennae Books recently released "Polaroids: H.R. Giger", featuring dozens of Polaroids from Giger's private collection, portraits which have somehow become more poignant, and insightful, since his passing:

Giger's photographs are just as sexy and experimental as his paintings, which can be seen in the background in many of these candid photos, and they share a side of Giger known well by his friends but relatively unseen by his fans.

(Some images may be considered NSFW)

-Via Boing Boing

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A Lyre Made Out Of A Human Skull

The lyre is a distant relative of the modern day guitar, yet it’s not really considered the type of instrument a heavy metal band would want to play onstage, but maybe this morbid instrument will change their mind.

This is a lyre made from a human skull, as well as antelope horns, guts, skin and hair, and it’s probably the most metal instrument I’ve ever seen!

It dates back to the 19th century, and is currently part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection, at least until some extremely wealthy rock god snatches it up for their own wicked purposes...

-Via io9

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These Critters Are Ready For Their Close-Up

(Image Via Cute Animals)

Humans naturally assume that animals don’t understand cameras, or get what we’re doing when we point that box thing with the big glass eye at them, but these adorable pics prove they know all about how cameras work:

(Image Via Sad And Useless)

These pics are so perfectly timed you’d think the photographers caught their subjects unaware, but these blooper shots are considered the height of fashion in the animal kingdom because animals know that life is too short to take a boring picture:

(Image Via izismile)

Maybe these critters are on to something, maybe we need to take less duck faced selfies and stop taking ourselves so seriously in photos!

See more pictures at Pleated Jeans.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Fifteen Fascinating Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic earned his nickname by running really, really fast, just like his buddy Tails earned his name by having two tails, and Dr. Robotnik earned a PhD in robotics and a nickname to boot, but how did SEGA settle on a hedgehog as the main character instead of a rabbit, armadillo or a chicken wearing overalls?

And as for Dr. Robotnik, did you know he was initially going to be the star of the game? The original concept design for the character looked like Teddy Roosevelt, which SEGA felt would be a great way to appeal to Americans:

Okay, now I really want to see a Dr. Robotnik in Dreamland game!

Read Gamma Squad's Fifteen Fascinating Facts You Probably Don't Know About Sonic The Hedgehog

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The Hot Summer Look For Really Hairy Guys

(Image Via Seriously For Real)

There’s a fun new personal grooming trend aimed at guys with lots of body hair, those lucky(?) guys with a thick coat of shag growing out of their torso.

Some call it the Redneck Bikini, others the Macho Mankini, but I like to think of it as the Curly Crop Top:

(Image Via Pinterest)

It's a classic look that will make your less hairy friends turn green with envy, as you strut around town looking like a total boss in your hairy bikini top:

(Image Via Tumblr)

Do you feel like the Mankini isn't manly enough to get you a date? Turns out ladies love the look of a hairy Mankini too, just ask this guy:

(Image Via WeirdNutDaily)

He's livin' large with six pack abs and a Mankini, and wherever he goes the Mankini party is sure to follow!

The Macho Mankini look is sure to be all the rage at your local (place where people take off their shirts) this summer, so if you've got the chest hair to spare why not try one on for size?

Bonus points if you can shave the straps going all the way around into your backhair.

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After The First Kiss Comes THE SLAP

He started his social experimenting days with a mushy video called FIRST KISS, featuring total strangers kissing each other for the first time, now filmmaker Max Landis is back to take his experiments even further- by getting random people to slap each other.

There’s something delightfully voyeuristic about watching a bunch of people slap each other across the face, and I can’t help but wonder if some of the participants became friends, or bitter enemies, after sharing a slap:

(Video Link)

Max insists that "none of the participants were pressured to do so and all of them were “hit as hard as THEY asked to be hit”, but a few of those slaps look like they really hurt!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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This Is A Really Crappy Look

It’s unclear whether the guy in this photo was trying to be ironic by wearing a necklace adorned with fake doggy doo to some (I’m guessing) fashionable event, or if he’s simply the proud owner of a novelty company that specializes in realistic looking dog mess.

Hopefully he’s just the proud owner of a gag gifts company, happily displaying his wares so the world can see how versatile rubber poop can be, but he's probably just some fashionable fop who thought he was being "edgy" by slinging rubber crap around his neck.

Well, if you see a new line of clothing called Crapay (or something equally odious) you’ll know who’s behind the label!

-Via Cheezburger

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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