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Sriracha Factory In California Declared Public Nuisance

(Image Via AP)

In the last decade Sriracha has gone from that sauce you see on the table at Asian restaurants to a spicy staple in many homes, rivaling the fame enjoyed by spicy celebrities Tapatio and Cholula. People like Sriracha so much that Lay's even made Sriracha flavored chips, although their recipe could have used a little more Sriracha.

Recently, a Sriracha factory in Irwindale, California was declared a public nuisance by the South Coast Air Quality Management District after nearby residents complained of burning eyes and throats due to the odor emanating from the factory.

So, is the spice going to disappear from our lives? Huy Fong Foods, makers of Sriracha, have until June 1st to install carbon filters in their factory or it's bye-bye red rooster sauce.

-Via Gawker

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The Useless Inventions Of Stupid Hackathon

There are all kinds of competitions, galleries, fairs, and conventions full of good, useful inventions, but where is a budding inventor supposed to show off their C list, and fairly useless, inventions?

Some may say the local dump is a good place to start, but to those who have a vision of making something that sets the bar low, like a 3D printed mask of your own face or an energy generator that only works when you twerk, there's the Stupid S**t No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon.

The Hackathon was started by NYU students looking for a way to display their incredible creations in a stress, and competition, free zone so that all the inventors would go home winners!

-Via Kotaku

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Empire Of Dreams - A Feature Length Star Wars Documentary

(Video Link)

Star Wars, crazy Star Wars, it's a blast from sci-fi history, with those kooky ewoks George Lucas kept it all PG... (sung to the tune of The Flintstones Theme Song).

If you have two and a half hours to spare, and a deep seated love of those wars in the stars, then you’ll likely settle in to watch this documentary called Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, which first aired in edited form on A&E back in 2004.

Now restored to its gloriously feature length and available to view in its entirety on YouTube since 2012, it's an enjoyable way to renew your faith in the Force and remind yourself why you loved the original trilogy so much.

-Via GeekTyrant

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Massive Excavator Turned Into A Transformer

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Kids who grew up with a healthy love of robots, particularly the Transformers, most likely thought about what a real life vehicle would look like transforming just like their favorite robo-former toy.

One particularly cool example of a vehicle that never got the Transformers treatment is the Bagger 288 excavator, one of the largest vehicles of its kind in the world.

Animator Dan DeEntremont couldn't pass up the opportunity to turn the Bagger into a dream come true for robo-obsessed kids, using his considerable 3D modeling and animation skills to bring the Bagger's transformation to life in full detail.

-Via Jalopnik

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Creepy Photos From Inside America's Abandoned Malls

(Image Via Architectural Afterlife)

(Image Via Detroiturbex.com)

(Image Via Flickr:Binkled)

There are malls all across America lying derelict and abandoned, gutted and left to the elements like an ice cream cone that has been dropped on the sidewalk.

A retail boom and subsequent economic crash left nothing but empty buildings full of empty racks in its wake, and now these haunting spaces serve as nothing but reminders of all the Gap sales and Hot Dogs on a Stick that could have been.

A Facebook group calling themselves the Dead Mall Enthusiasts have been accepting submissions from photographers and urban explorers who have braved the horrors of an abandoned JC Penney's and lived to talk about their experience.

The images in their collection are a horrible sight to behold, especially if you're a shopaholic!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Uplifting Animated Short - Helium Harvey

(Video Link)

If we could take flight simply by swallowing a bunch of helium, like characters often do in cartoons, then the world would be virtually devoid of children and those who consider themselves kids at heart.

They’d all be floating their way across the globe, hoping they don’t get snagged on a branch and pop, and then we’d have to clean up a bunch of exploded carcasses that look like human shaped balloons.

Thankfully this animated short called Helium Harvey doesn’t stray into the real very much, preferring to show a lighthearted and fanciful version of what a kid floating free would look like.

Helium Harvey was created by Daniel Savage, a Brooklynite who has always dreamt of taking to the skies in his pajamas so he can see the world and take a nap at the same time!

-Via Laughing Squid

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Don't Text And Drive Unless You're A Textpert

(Video Link)

Everyone knows you shouldn’t text and drive, as according to a NHTSA study distracted drivers account for 80% of all traffic accidents each year, but if you simply have to LOL back at your BFFs make sure you've trained to become a Textpert first.

Online video superstars Rhett and Link are here to demonstrate the power of Textpert training, battling it out to prove they have what it takes to text and drive at the same time.

This silly video was created in conjunction with distraction.gov to remind drivers - if you're texting you're not driving, so save the LOLs until you're parked!

-Via 22 Words

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The Math Magic Behind Pixar Movies

(Video Link)

Pixar movies look so good you know that loads of cutting edge software, mighty powerful hardware and months worth of rendering are the forces at work behind their studio productions, but the ultimate weapon in the Pixar arsenal, or any 3D arsenal for that matter, is math.

This TED Ed talk focuses on how math plays a major role in the creation of a 3D movie, with Pixar Research Lead Tony DeRose demonstrating how math is the major force behind CGI.

If you'd rather see the math at work within Pixar's proprietary software Presto you should head over to GeekTyrant and watch the included bonus video Presto Demonstration at NVIDIA's GTC Conference, which gives us a rare look at how Presto works.

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Back Side Of Classic Album Cover Art Is Finally Revealed

Classic album art is the one thing sorely missing from this world of mp3 downloads and digital music. The large, colorful artworks from such famous artists as Roger Dean, Hipgnosis, H.R. Giger and Andy Warhol, just to name a few, were an enjoyable bonus to the audible delights that awaited listeners in-between the grooves.

But what did the back side of classic album covers look like? Generally they had very little to do with the front, choosing to contain the track listings instead, but Flickr user Harvezt wasn't content with only seeing half the scene, so they used their formidable illustrative skills to finally reveal the back sides of classic album covers in a series called "The Dark Side of the Covers".

-Via Laughing Squid

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Masaya Kushino's High Heeled Menagerie

Nothing says "I have a wild sense of style" quite like wearing a pair of shoes from Masaya Kushino’s collection Bird-Watched, which were inspired by the artwork of Jakuchu Ito.

Masaya specializes in creating women's shoes inspired by nature, and although he claims "...shoes are just as visually stimulating as sculpture or any other three-dimensional art piece, but they also fundamentally have to be wearable" he has created many pieces which simply cannot be worn, either because elements of the shoe are too delicate to support any weight or simply because there's no place to put your feet in them!

The wearable shoes look like they'd make a bold statement when worn, and the whole footwear menagerie will surely look amazing on display.

-Via Juxtapoz

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Gentleman Norman Teaches You How To Tie A Tie

(Video Link)

Gentleman Norman is a very fancy dog, he’s a fashion forward little fellow who likes to help his humans look their best. He may not have opposable thumbs, or very many occasions to wear a necktie, but that doesn’t mean this haute couture hound can’t pass his knowledge of neckties on to the fashion challenged. 

Okay, so Gentleman Norman doesn’t do much more for the whole tie tying tutorial than sit and coach the demonstrating human, but if you don’t know how to tie a necktie I can think of far more boring and unenjoyable ways to learn than by watching this Pet Collective video!

-Via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Marvel At This Winter Soldier Inspired Meme - Hail Hydra

Internet memes are so timely nowadays that they spring up from pop culture the minute the source of their inspiration is released, often before many people have even seen whatever the meme is referencing.

The newest addition to this timely geek fare is the Hail Hydra meme, which sprang from a scene in Captain America Winter Soldier (no spoilers!) where one character whispers "Hail Hydra" into the ear of another character in a sinister manner.

Suddenly the internet is full of secret agents announcing their allegiance to Hydra with a whisper, in the greatest meme conspiracy of all time.

-Via Gamma Squad

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A Compilation Of Cute Baby Goats Kidding Around

(Video Link)

Goats are pretty cute, in a wall eyed, scruffy chinned kinda way, but baby goats, aka kids, are the absolute cutest!

They like to prance around, butting heads and ramming into things, and once they start playing with a ball or kicking a can around the adorability of it all will make you want to squeal with delight.

Crazy Funny Stuff, or CFS if you're in a hurry, has put together this "Cute Baby Goats Compilation" for your squealing pleasure, and even the gruffest old goat will feel like a kid again when they watch this adorable video.

-Via Tastefully Offensive

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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All 5,179 Game Of Thrones Deaths In Under Three Minutes

(Video Link)

Game of Thrones is back and bloody as ever, but we’re not here to post spoilers. Instead we’re going to take a look back at all the bloodshed, mayhem, murder and deadly deception from the last three seasons courtesy of this supercut from Digg that shows all 5,179 on-screen deaths from Game of Thrones in under three minutes.

That’s like twenty nine deaths per second, how do they manage to find time to build such a compelling storyline with all that head chopping going on?

This video features tons of spoilers if you haven't seen the first three seasons of the show, and a whole cartload of violence which may be considered NSFW

-Via GeekTyrant

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A Collection Of Prison Stick-And-Poke Tattoos In Jars

Tattooing is a prison tradition much like making toilet wine and sharpening a toothbrush into a shiv, and most prisoners are proud of their prison ink despite what they may tell their parole officer. However, if you meet a guy who "collects" prison tattoos you’d better ask for another cell, before he decides to shake you down for a contribution!

Here is a collection of preserved tattooed skin patches to satisfy your morbid curiosity, courtesy of the Jagiellon University in Krakow, Poland, photographed by Katarzyna Mirczak. They've been collecting the "skin samples" for decades from dead prisoners, under the guise of cracking some prison tattoo code relating to organized crime, but in reality it's really more of a collection of post mortem curiosities.

And it should go without saying that many of these crudely drawn tattoos have crude subject matter that's NSFW.

-Via AnimalNY

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Watch The Failed American Remake Of The IT Crowd

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

Seven years ago NBC created a pilot for the American TV version of The IT Crowd, the hit British comedy produced by C4 that taught us the internet is a little black box and most computer problems can be solved by turning it off and on again.

They tried to make it work, casting Joel McHale in a lead role alongside hilarious star of the original series Richard Ayoade, but their remake proved that some shows just shouldn’t be remade, some shows are perfect just the way they are.

The worst thing about the remake is the fact that they tried to match the original show shot for shot, as you can see in the side-by-side comparison video, and the American show is missing a few more key components- namely Matt Berry, Chris O'Dowd, Katherine Parkinson and Noel Fielding, in other words virtually the entire cast of the original show! Richard Ayoade is an amazing comedy talent, but even he can't carry a show like The IT Crowd all by himself.

-Via Nerd Approved

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Mario Is Destroying My House!

(Video Link)

It will probably come as no surprise that the moustachioed plumber Mario, who is known for busting blocks, kicking turtles and dramatically altering his DNA with drugs, is not fully housebroken.

He’s used to hanging around in the sewer all day and hasn't spent much time indoors since the princess was kidnapped for the first time, and when filmmaker John Huffnagle invited him in he discovered to his horror “Mario Is Destroying My House!”

John used his skills as a 3d animator and filmmaker to bring Mario’s home wrecking ways to life, and it looks like little Mario now owes Mr. Huffnagle a few hundred gold coins!

-Via Gizmodo

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Cringe Worthy Instagram Trend - #AfterSex Selfies

(Image Via aftersexselfies)

(Image Via efrainmelendez)

(Image Via sergeyt1987)

#AfterSex selfies are the latest rage in hashtagged, instagrammed TMI pics posted online, and they’re every bit as smoldering as you’d expect from the title. Even the dogs have joined in on the fun, and the look of horror on their faces almost makes you forget about the nasty underlying concept of these far too freely shared self portraits.

The internet is home to way too many selfies, so why oh why did somebody feel the need to start a new trend in selfies, one that not only shows you’re self obsessed but that you just finished getting it on? Your guess is as good as mine…

-Via Cheezburger

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The Mystery Of The Man Who Posed For Hundreds Of Photo Booth Portraits

Photo booths were a great way to commemorate a trip to the county fair, amusement park, or other similarly pleasurable outing back in the day, but the guy featured in these photos seems to have enjoyed the photo booth experience more than anyone else ever has, or ever will.

He posed for hundreds of snapshots over decades starting in the 1930s, and photo historian Donald Lokuta discovered this mysterious collection of silver gelatin prints starring the same guy at an antique show in 2012.

The entire set is now on display for the first time at the Rutgers' Zimmerli Art Museum exhibition Striking Resemblance: The Changing Art of Portraiture, but the identity of the man in the photo booth snapshots has yet to be revealed...

-Via Gizmodo

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Super Adorable Yet Somehow Creepy - The Baby Avengers

Awww, those widdle Avengers look so cute when they’re babies! Not sure about the baby facial hair though, but I guess when you’re a superhero even your beard grows at an accelerated rate.

The stars of this baby faced Avengers caricature series by Ben Oliver don’t look like they’d be very good in a fight, except for baby Hulk who looks just like Ron English’s angry baby Temper Tot, Hulk always looks ready to smash!

Are Asgardians born with facial hair? And how did poor lil Nicky Fury put his eye out? He was probably running with scissors during arts and crafts!

-Via Geekosystem

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Robert Downey Jr. Celebrates His Birthday Like A Real Life Superhero

It seems Robert Downey Jr., most recently star of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, is out to prove to the world that he’s a real life superhero, at least in terms of bringing a lot of joy and happiness to the lives of a bunch of deserving kiddos.

He decided to celebrate his 49th birthday with a private screening of the new Captain America movie Winter Soldier, and he only invited the most special of guests to accompany him- 50 adorable, superhero loving kids.

Stop making everybody love you so much Robert Downey! Just kidding, the world needs people like you now more than ever...

-Via Geekosystem

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Animators Collaborate To Create Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam

(Video Link)

When animators work together they draw together, and when studio employees are working on a project they usually spend their free moments drawing fun stuff, perhaps even getting together and creating an animated short for their own amusement.

Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam is an animated short put together by Jeff Chiba Stearns that's built upon the idea of artistic collaboration:

Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam is an innovative and global approach to animation filmmaking and unites animators from coast to coast, from Vancouver to Halifax and all parts in between, to self reflect on one day of their lives using only 4×6 inch yellow sticky notes, a black pen and animation meditation. Each of the animators created their sequence without knowing what the other participants were creating.

Starting with a ‘to do’ list written on the day of a memorable event, the animators transitioned from text to imagery by utilizing ‘animation meditation’ to create a visually animated poem representing how their lives were affected by that pivotal day. In the end, the thousands of sticky note drawings are linked together to create a dynamic and inspirational animated film that connects the human spirit while celebrating individual artistic expression with the goal of inspiring future generations of animators.

-Via Cartoon Brew

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Minutely Detailed Miniature Clockwork Sculptures

Nobody will accuse artist Susan Beatrice of wasting her time when she creates these adorable deconstructed timepiece artworks, because even though each one must have taken hours to construct they’re simply much too fabulous to fob off.

Each piece is full of minute details that truly warrant a second look, and from the look of these pics holding one of Susan's fabulous creations in your hands is like looking at a miniature masterpiece.

-Via io9

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Funny Things Found In Textbooks

It seems like the only funny things found in textbooks back in the day were woefully inaccurate statements, totally outdated information and the occasional student added slogan or drawing.

Nowadays many textbooks look like they were slapped together without much forethought, and apparently they're also full of hilariously bad stock photos, (seemingly) unintentional sexual innuendos and situations which simply aren't very well thought out.

Calling a girl to get her phone number? Okay, whatever, but using a still shot from the hit TV show Community on the cover of your Organizational Behavior textbook- now that's crossing the line!

Read on to discover 26 Funny Things Found In Textbooks.

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One Nerf To Rule Them All - Nerf Nuke

(Video Link)

Nerf warfare has reached the end of days phase with the one Nerf weapon to rule them all- the Nerf Nuke.

This quilled zeppelin looking monstrosity was created by ThinkGeek as an April Fools' Day joke, and it’s a good thing because when Nerf wars reach nuke level a Nerf-pocalypse is right around the corner.

Something tells me you’d more than just put your eye out with this thing, making it the most dangerous last resort weapon ever created for the battlefields of Nerf. I've been in some pretty epic office Nerf battles but nobody ever felt the need to go full nuke!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Photo Series Shows Animals Hitching A Ride On The Paris Metro

Riding public transportation can sometimes feel like you're riding on a train bound for the circus, with lots of clowns, performers and freaks of nature aboard who turn your commute into a maddening affair. Maybe they should just let the animals hitch a ride alongside the crazy commuters?

Photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil give us a glimpe of what it would be like to ride the Paris Metro with a bunch of animals in this fun photo series and aside from all the poop, and occasionally having your face whapped by a tail or pecked by a beak, it looks like a lot of fun!

-Via DesignTAXI

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Full Cardboard Suit Of Iron Man Armor

Tony Stark may not have had much use for cardboard when he was building suit after suit of super shiny Iron Man armor, but Tony would definitely admire the craftsmanship and skill shown by Kai-Xiang Xhong when he built this wearable cardboard Iron Man armor.

The included video finds Kai-Xiang showing off a bunch of his other models, including an Alien xenomorph made out of straws and a giant cardboard T-Rex skull that is really freakin' cool!

Kai-Xiang decided to keep the suit natural cardboard color 'cause that's his style, and it looks like the feet were formed around a pair of Spongebob slippers, so his feet stay warm when he slips this bad boy on to grab the mail.

-Via Geekologie

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Kaleidoscope Faces

I’m not sure if people are already gearing up for 4/20, or if the internet discovered a vial of virtual acid it had forgotten about, but there have been all kinds of trippy things floating around the interwebs lately.

Case in point- this series of image manipulations by Norg Nodis featuring faces neatly sliced into sections then re-assembled kaleidoscope style.

Even without the aid of herbal enhancements or psychedelics your mind will go “whoa” as you stare at the neatly shaped facial features that radiate out from the core of each subject’s being, or some such New Age type jargon.

-Via DesignTAXI

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Batman Is A Cold Blooded Murderer

Holy homicides Batman, you’re a murdering psychopath masquerading as a crime fighting superhero, and this Cracked article entitled The 6 Most Brutal Murders Committed By Batman proves it!

Batman is obviously a big picture kinda guy, and he considers henchman to be expendable because no matter how many low ranking baddies he kills they never seem to tarnish his reputation.

You’d think Robin would have called him out on at least a few of these killings, but Robin probably turns a blind eye to it all because he’s afraid of becoming Bat Boy’s next victim!

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Music Video Featuring Ridiculous Ideas For Video Games

(Video Link)

Tokyo Police Club is not the name of a video game, although it certainly sounds like a groundbreaking gameplay experience, Tokyo Police Club is the name of an indie band who love video games.

Tokyo Police Club made a video for their song Hot Tonight, and it features all kinds of imaginary video games someone should actually make such as Tour Canada, Manic Mayor, the Street Fighter clone Twitter Beef and Stage Rush, the sound gear stacking game.

Okay, maybe Tokyo Police Club just needed a good excuse to include video games in their music video…

-Via Kotaku

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