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Samurai Soccer

(Video Link)

It’s doubtful that samurai warriors from Feudal Japan would have been big fans of the beloved sport of soccer/futbol/football, preferring combat sports like MMA or a sport that involve a weapon like baseball, but if a samurai time travelled from back in the day to present day he might find it quite relaxing to kick the ball around.

The guy featured in this video isn't a real time travelling samurai, he's Red Bull athlete/freestyle football world champion Kotaro Tokuda, and he was sent to Brazil by Japanese noodle company Nissin to wow the natives with his freestyle football skills, which he showed off while wearing samurai armor.

At least he won't have to worry about taking a football to the face!

-Via Kotaku

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How To Keep Your Pets Safe From Coyotes

Coyotes are a constant presence in our lives, and now live in every state but Hawaii- some consider them unwanted visitors and pests that should be eradicated, others of us simply learn to live with our canine neighbors knowing that learning to live alongside coyotes is a better way to preserve the delicate ecological balance.

However, the ever hungry coyotes won’t think twice about eating our beloved pets, and if we’re going to live with them we have to keep our team safe from those moonlight predators, but with a little bit of knowledge and some preventative measures, like installing taller fences and getting rid of that old bird bath in your backyard, coyotes will steer clear of your house and move on to easier hunting grounds.

Read more about how to keep your pets safe from coyotes over at Indefinitely Wild

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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This Hayao Miyazaki Music Video Is Like A Seven Minute Long Mini Movie

(Video Link)

About twenty years ago prolific anime creator/writer/director Hayao Miyazaki took a short break while working on Princess Mononoke to overcome a case of writer’s block, and in the process he created an animated music video that’s every bit as good as his feature length films.

The animated short was created for the Chage & Aska song “On Your Mark”, and it clocks in at an epic seven minutes in length, plenty of time for the anime master to tell a mighty fine tale about an angel and life underground.

-Via Nerd Approved

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Why You Should Switch To A Fetal Position Desk At Work

(Video Link)

Sitting in an office chair all day can make you feel like a lazy bag of bones, and standing desks go against everything office workers are all about, so what is the proper position for watching your life fade away at a dead end office job?

The answer is, naturally, the fetal position desk- the safe, comfortable and soothing way to bide your time, and get your mind numbing work done, without doing too much muscling.

Experts agree that having a fetal position desk won't improve your work quality, or make your day go by any faster, but it will definitely make you feel like a kid again.

With a fetal position desk you can bask in the nostalgiac glory of remembrance, letting your mind drift back to a time before you gave up your freedom to become an office drone.

It's free advice, not very good advice but well worth the price, and it's brought to you by the career minded folks at The Onion.

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Wicked Sword Fight Erupts At Golden Temple

(Video Link)

Every once in a while a violent melee breaks out at a public event, but rarely does that violence involve groups of angry men armed with swords!

A good old fashioned sword fight broke out between two rival Sikh groups at the Golden Temple in Punjab, India on the anniversary of Operation Blue Star, and even though this sounds really cool on paper it looks way less impressive in real life.

If only the sword wielding Sikhs in the video had taken a few notes from Bollywood actors they could have come into the situation with some swordplay skills, but ultimately they come off looking less like Aladdin and more like one of the Three Stooges.

-Via Geekologie

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Woody Allen - Writer, Director, Comic Strip Character?

Writer/director Woody Allen has gone from unknown comic to film industry innovator to oddball tabloid target in his lifetime, and ever since the days of Sleeper and Annie Hall Woody has been seen as an odd duck.

Caricatures of Woody have shown up in cartoons, comedy movies and television shows, and once upon a time Woody was the star of his own comic strip called Inside Woody Allen.

The strip was drawn by Stuart Hample and ran in daily newspapers from 1976 to 1984, exploring every possible situation an “angsty, neurotic Jewish everyman” could encounter in his life, except for the strange turn of events that actually took place in his later life!

Read more about Woody's comic strip days over at Dangerous Minds

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Ten Fascinating Facts About Tetris

Tetris is one of the most popular puzzle games ever created, a simple premise that was executed in the most addictive way possible, and resulted in many puzzle game fans starting a gaming addiction that lasts a lifetime.

But where did that block dropping game with the Russian theme begin, and how is it that a thirty year old game is still so darn addictive? What does piracy and PTSD have to do with Tetris, and can the game actually be beat in marathon mode?

These pressing Tetris related questions and more are answered in the Gamma Squad article Ten Fascinating Facts About Tetris On Its Thirtieth Anniversary.

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Superheroes Are On Neighborhood Watch In Toronto

Toronto, Ontario boasts an extremely low crime rate, so the presence of a Neighbourhood Watch is quite effective in helping manage the slew of petty crimes that happen across the city, even more so now that heroes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Spider-Man have joined the watch.

But have these heroes actually joined up as indicated by their presence on neighborhood watch street signs across the city, or is this the work of some nefarious jokester?

Actually, they're the appropriated works of Andrew Lamb, who felt the signs made more of an impact with some superheroic pop culture icons added to them.

Will his signs make an impact on crime? Maybe not, but you can bet vampires will think twice about touring Toronto with a stake wielding Buffy watching over the city!

-Via Nerd Approved

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Loyal Service Dog Earns A Place In His Master's Seventh Grade Yearbook

There are lots of ways to show your loyal service dog that they’re doing a good job- you can give them extra treats, let them spend an afternoon unwinding in a dog park, or giving their fur a good brushing, but there’s one service dog whose service has been commended with a portrait.

His name is Taxi Benke, and his loyal service to Rachel Benke landed him a yearbook photo alongside his owner, and a place in the hearts of all his fellow classmates.

Taxi has been faithfully serving the seventh grader from San Antonio, Texas for four years, helping her cope with epilepsy and giving her a furry shoulder to lean on, and now he’s officially headed to the eighth grade with his doting master, Rachel.

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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AT-AT Sculpture Made Out Of Broken Skateboard Decks

Skaters know that breaking your deck, or dozens of decks depending on how hard you grind, is an inevitable part of the pastime.

But what do you do with all those broken wooden boards? Some keep them as a record of their skateboarding adventures, but one radical dude named Derek Keenan has come up with a totally gnarly way to recycle those busted decks- he created a large AT-AT sculpture out of the wreckage.

Derek created this incredibly cool wooden AT-AT for an art show put on by Vans shoes and Santa Cruz Skateboards to promote their new Star Wars themed lines, complete with an $1980 price tag that only a Sith lord can afford!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Game of Rogues - Darkest Fantasy Knight

Game of Rogues by Ninjaink

When you play a game of chess you try to think three moves ahead, play a game involving thrones and you try to outwit those who would usurp you, but when you play a game of rogues it's all wild cards, riddles and jokers trying to bring your empire of justice down.

Add a little darkness to your geeky wardrobe with this Game of Rogues t-shirt by Ninjaink and show your support for your favorite brooding superhero's war against crime.

Visit Ninjaink's Facebook page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more superheroic designs:

Rocket Nouveau Vitruvian Cop Prime Hunter What Does McCloud Say?

View more designs by Ninjaink | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Yes, Now Quit Asking Me! - Let The Snowman Go

YES, Now Quit Asking Me! by Tom Bancroft

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" sounds like a really benign, normal question, but when you ask the same person the same question over and over again, like a CD frozen on the same song lyric, you just want to grab them by the shoulders and yell "YES, now quit asking me!", but all that seems to come out is "Let it go..."

Stay cool this summer and make a bold statement at the same time with this Yes, Now Quit Asking Me! t-shirt by Tom Bancroft, it's stone cold hilarious!

Visit Tom Bancroft's Facebook page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more chillin' designs:

Lil' Guardians Fro-tastic Four Icey Yodal The OTHER Mermaid

View more designs by Tom Bancroft | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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A Collection Of Mind Blowing Shadow Art Works

(Image Via Rashad Alakbarov)

(Image Via Tim Noble and Sue Webster)

(Image Via Triantafyllos Vaitsis)

Most of us start our discovery of the power of shadow by making shadow puppets on the wall, and for some this leads to an artistic exploration of how shadows work, which helps us add a degree of realism to our artwork.

But for some artists merely incorporating shadows into the overall work just isn’t enough, and these admirers of the shady side of life go on to create works which rely on light and shadow for full visual effect.

Some works come out looking sketchy, others cast shadows that are simply perfect representations of real life, and all the shadow art works in this collection will blow your mind!

-Via Amazing Things On Earth

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Fantastic Coral Reef Sculptures Made Out Of Common Household Objects

Kitchen scrubbers come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and many household objects are available in all sorts of fun colors these days, which means very little when you’re just trying to buy a plunger or a new mop.

However, when you’re a creative minded individual like artist Lynn Aldrich you see colorful household objects as potential pieces of a work of art, and her fantastic series of coral reef sculptures bring oceanic fun to the gallery floor.

Lynn is no stranger to creating art with found objects, and you can see more of her fantastically creative sculptures at her website.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Break So Bad With These Blatantly Bogus Bootlegs

For some reason the bootleggers who made these painfully fake DVDs, and assorted pop culture themed merchandise, didn’t bother with silly things like realism or authenticity, they didn’t even bother getting the names right on most of these “unofficial” releases.

Who wouldn’t want to watch a show called Break So Bad, featuring a shrugging Walter White that looks suspiciously like the dad Hal from Malcolm in the Middle? How about Game of Thrones featuring a guest appearance by Thor?

Explore all the bad this collection of Blatantly Bogo Bootlegs has to offer, brought to you by the comedy minded folks at The Soup.

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A NESKeytar Remix Of Game Of Thrones Opening Credit Theme

(Video Link)

Game of Thrones is such a totally righteous show that no soundtrack has ever been gnarly enough to properly match the show…until now.

Thanks to the musical efforts of Greig Stewart, aka Theremin Hero, and his fancy 8-bit NESKeytar everybody’s favorite show starring Hodor finally has the shredding opening credit theme it deserves, now with more lasers!

Greig’s amazing hacked instrument, made out of an NES and a Guitar Hero controller among other components, may make a sound that doesn’t appeal to those who don’t dig chiptunes, but it really is a wonder in its own right:

Most of the buttons are functional and can be remapped to different functions, as can the whammy bar. It also has an onboard arpeggio and drum sequencer.
The sound comes from the original RP2A03 chip in the NES, giving it that classic 8-bit sound. All of the available sound channels are utilised.

The software runs on a raspberry pi and is written in a language called Pure Data (pd). There are various modes including a midi controller mode as well as a standalone mode, which allows the whole instrument to be used with a battery pack.

-Via Nerd Approved

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The Least Threatening Villains From Star Trek

The Star Trek universe is home to some seriously badass villains like the assimilating Borgs, the fierce warrior Klingons and the treacherous Romulans, but for every worthy adversary the Federation faces there are many far less intimidating foes facing Starship crews from the Enterprise and beyond.

In fact, the Star Trek universe is home to some of the most ridiculous villains to ever grace the small screen. Remember those fornicating fuzzballs the Tribbles? Well, they only made this list of The Top 10 Least Threatening Star Trek Villains thanks to a reader comment, but the villains who made the list are no less hoaky, and not much more intimidating, than those terrible Tribbles.

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Bioengineer Trains Microbes To Play Classic 80s Video Games

Here’s one of the latest scientific “discovery” stories which will make you shrug and say “okay then science”- scientists have trained microbes to act out classic 80s video games like Pac-Man and Brick Breaker, the microbes desperately seeking a high score so their scientific overlords would be pleased with their performance.

Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, a bioengineer from Stanford, uses electric fields to control the microbes and move them in various directions, adding a single cell pond-dwelling paramecia as an avatar. Here’s how it works:

Changes in an electrical field can cause some species to alter their steering (a behavior called galvanotaxis). The microbes selected for the video games swim toward electricity using cilia that cover their bodies.

Object-detecting software turns the physical setup into a game by locating paramecia as they move around the chamber. Meanwhile, a video overlay enables the organisms to interact with digital images. In the game PAC-mecium, microbes “eat” pellets as they swim past them, and in soccer they “kick” the ball when they come into contact with its cartoon image.

-Via AnimalNY

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What Led To The Silence Of The Crickets On Kauai?

The silence of the lambs was caused by hungry Hannibal Lecter hosting a dinner party, but what's causing the silence of the crickets on the island of Kauai?

A researcher named Marlene Zuk first noticed the silence of the crickets in 2003, a very noticeable silence compared to when she first started studying the crickets on the island back in 1991, and she knew something was wrong because she continued to see the crickets everywhere despite their vow of silence.

After dissecting a few of the insects she discovered the source of their silence- the male crickets had developed flat wings that didn’t make a sound to avoid being eaten by a parasitic fly.

Here’s more on this interesting evolution to silence:

Zuk’s team discovered that the crickets were targeted by a parasitic fly, whose larvae burrow inside them and devour them alive. The flies finds the crickets by listening out for their songs and they’re so effective that, in the early 90s, they had parasitised a third of the males. In 2002, the cricket population had fallen dramatically, and Zuk thought that they were done for.

But the silent males escaped the attention of the fly. As they bred and spread, they carried the flatwing mutation with them. By 2003, the cricket population had rebounded. And in fewer than 20 generations, they had gone from almost all-singing to almost all-silent. The crickets have become a classic textbook example of rapid evolution.

-Via National Geographic

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The Unarius Society - America's Wackiest UFO Cult

(Video Link)

You may not know the name Unarius, but most people who grew up in San Diego are familiar with our friendly neighborhood cult because of their zany UFO themed public access shows, their strange visitor’s center and the fact that they’ve been spreading their word of their "interdimensional science of life" since the 1950s.

They were founded in 1954 by Ernest and Ruth Norman, and they refer to themselves as The Unarius Academy of Science, Unarius being an acronym for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science, and if you think the Heaven's Gate crew were nutty wait 'til you get a load of these guys!

Thankfully theirs is a peaceful tribe, and not suicidal, but their story is rather far out, and writer Richard Metzger and Jello Biafra (of Dead Kennedys fame) traveled down to El Cajon, California to find out more about these kooky UFO lovin' folks back in 1992.

This is their story...(cue the Law & Order theme song)

Read more about The Unarius Society over at Dangerous Minds

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Karl Lagerfeld Had A Chocolate Statue Made Of His Favorite Model

Karl Lagerfeld has a unique vision of the world, to say the least, and he has often proven himself to be a visionary and trend setter in the world of fashion since he started desiging in the 1950s.

These days he has a lot more similarly “inspired” fashion designers to contend with, and you may think he has softened a bit in his age, but this statue proves that he hasn’t lost one bit of his unique vision.

Lagerfeld commissioned chocolate artist Anya Gallaccio to create a life sized chocolate statue that looks just like his favorite model/muse Baptise Giabiconi, who is wearing nothing but his underwear and a pouty face.

This deliciously tasteless work of chocolate art was created in 2011 and shown in Paris to promote the ice cream brand Magnum, but did this statue scare people away from the brand or make them hungry for more?

-Via Beautiful/Decay

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Godzilla Cosplay Totally Crushes The Competition

(Video Link)

The fact that Godzilla has come back yet again proves that, for a giant scaly green dinosaur looking kaiju, he’s got some staying power in the world of pop culture, but with all the awesome cosplay out there where’s the costumed love for Godzilla?

Right here, thanks to this amazingly detailed costume created and worn by Sean Sumagaysay. The suit appears to be made out of hundreds of foam pieces, and it looks absolutely perfect even when he’s waving his tail and stomping around.

You can almost imagine the tiny model cities being crushed beneath his foamy feet, and it seems like the only thing the suit is missing is Godzilla's signature atomic breath, but maybe Sean is saving that for his 2.0 version of the suit!

-Via Kotaku

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A Different Kind Of Fish Story - The Incredible Marrec

(Video Link)

Here’s a fine animated short for all you salty dogs out there, a short about seafaring men and the epic yarns they spin to their fellow sailors.

It’s called The Incredible Marrec, and it was created by a team of directors/animators: Regis Aillet, Alexandre Bass, Clement Chaudat, Etienne Devillée, and Maxime Moreira.

These five fish fancyin’ folks have managed to bring an oceanic tale to life that looks good and tells a mighty fine tale to boot, and you won’t need to strap on your sea legs, or take any Dramamine, to enjoy this salt water story because you can watch it from the comfort of your own home!

-Via GeekTyrant

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Disturbing Typographic Surgery Sculptures

It’s generally assumed that what lies inside letters is nothing but ink, or wood or foam or pixels when they make the jump to 3d, but as it turns out their insides look a lot like ours.

They’re full of muscles, veins, nerves and bones just like humans, but their lack of facial features makes it okay to perform surgery on them because you’ll never know when they’re in pain!

Just ask sculptor Andreas Scheiger, he is very familiar with the inside of a letter, and his series Evolution of Type reveals to the world what lies beneath the surface of a letter’s skin, and lemme tell ya- it ain’t pretty!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

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Ten Most Unintentionally Disturbing Statues In The World

(Image Via Medicingid)

(Image Via Bestourism)

Public art is meant to be eye catching and pleasant to look at, and not something that will make little kids cry or make people feel uncomfortable being around it, so when public art frightens rather than amuses it becomes the talk of the town.

Putting up a statue of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pose from The Seven-Year Itch is one thing, but putting a statue of a half dissected pregnant warrior woman in the town square for all to see is bound to give the kiddies nightmares!

The artists clearly didn’t intend their statues to be terrifying (although a few are definitely testing the boundaries), but sometimes what looks good on paper, and in the studio, looks rather scary when exposed to the light of day.

Feast your eyes on The 10 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues In The World

(NSFW due to language, like nearly every post on Cracked)

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Men Took Coffee Very Seriously In The 1950s, According To Commercials

(Video Link)

Men took things, like coffee and their hair, way more seriously in the 1950s and 60s than they do today, at least according to television commercials featuring husbands grumping about their coffee to their poor wives.

It’s no wonder the divorce rate soared through the roof, women were sick of hearing about how bad their coffee tastes, and men fell into the arms of the first woman who made them a decent cuppa joe!

Wake up to Coffee Jerks, a vintage commercial compilation featuring old timey ads about homebrewed marriage trouble put together by Shaun Clayton a few years back.

It’ll open your eyes to the trials and tribulations of those brave domestic folks who had to suffer with making coffee at home, back before there was a Starbucks on every block. How ever did they manage!

-Via The Soup

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Stop Motion Animation Brings Folded Tissue Animals To Life

(Video Link)

Normally we think of facial tissue as nothing more than snot collectors or eye wipers, but artist Yuki Ariga has found a much cooler use for facial tissues- she folded them into animal shapes and created a cute stop motion animation short where the little paper animals come to life.

Tissue Animals was created as an ad for the Japanese paper manufacturer Nepia, and Yuki will no doubt see her original concept duplicated by other paper artists who may have previously overlooked the value of an unsnotty tissue when it comes to creating unique papercraft creations.

-Via Boing Boing

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Photos Of D-Day Locations In Normandy Then And Now

It’s hard to imagine the D-Day Invasion in full swing, with soldiers storming the beaches and explosions peppering the coast, when you look at pictures of the beaches in Normandy, France today, but seventy years ago this was the place where the Allies would turn the tides of war and end the German occupation of France.

Photographer Chris Helgren has compiled a series of photos that show key locations in the D-Day Invasion from then (June 6, 1944) and now, and needless to say there's a lot less barbed wire and a lot more bikinis!

-Via Blame It On The Voices

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A Rare Look Behind-The-Scenes Of The Price Is Right

(Video Link)

The Price Is Right is one of the most beloved TV game shows of all time, mostly because people from all walks of life who attend a taping of the show have a chance of becoming a contestant and winning big prizes.

TPIR is also home to lots of fun, and colorful, games like Cliff Hangers, Plinko and the unique value bidding game the Showcase Showdown, so those who have their name called not only have a fun time ahead of them on stage, they get to see the magic and mystery that lies behind the curtain.

Backstage is where all the magic happens, and thanks to this lengthy video you get to take a look behind-the-scenes of The Price Is Right like never before.

How much would you bid for a peek behind The Price Is Right curtain? I’d bid a dollar…

(Note: the video is three hours total length, but the content is only one hour in length which is repeated for later broadcast)

-Via A.V. Club

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Comic Book Panels Seem Dirty When Taken Out-Of-Context

Comic book panels are meant to correlate to each other, as parts of a whole page, but when you take a single comic panel out of the page and read it totally out of context from the rest of the issue things tend to get lost in translation, and the whole thing seems downright dirty.

Sure, some comics contain such laughably bad dialog that you don’t even need to single out certain panels to get a laugh, but in this case we’re talking about stoic, stuffy superheroes like Batman, Superman and Captain America, guys who don’t normally crack a smile, much less crack wise.

Bask in the comedic glory of 43 Out-Of-Context Comic Panels That Prove All Superheroes Have Dirty Minds and remember- they’re only dirty in your mind!

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