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Multiple Exposure Portraits By Christoffer Relander

Photographer Christoffer Relander sure knows how to take a dreamy shot, or should I say multiple shots on top of one another.

His multiple exposure works reveal the earthen roots that lie within us all, the subjects sacrificing their identity for the sake of becoming one with nature.

Trip out on the rest of Cristoffer's works at the links below, they're like snapshots of a naturalist's dream.

Link  --via Hi Fructose

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Amazing Spider-Dad And His Spider Son

(YouTube Link)

Sometimes interactions between a dad and his son can be downright precious, but when you add Spider-Man costumes the whole thing becomes one big heartwarming hug in video form.

This Spider-Dad is clearly his son's favorite her0, and he doesn't need super powers to impress this little boy, just a sense of humor and some sweet Spider suits.

Look out! Here comes the Spider-Dad!

--via TDW

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Noir Thriller That May Have Been The Inspiration For Batman

(DailyMotion Link)

This 1930 noir thriller called The Bat Whispers stars a crime fighting character that looks an awful lot like Batman.

Maybe this is what Bruce's father was up to before he was gunned down in a dark alley?

I wouldn't be surprised if The Bat Whispers inspired the creation of Batman, as it predates Batman's first comic book appearance by nine years, but I bet the Bat in this movie doesn't have a sweet utility belt and acrobatic Boy Wonder sidekick!

--via Geek Tyrant

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Disney Inspired Fashion Design Sketches

There have been a bunch of these Disney princess inspired fashion designs coming out lately, some fully realized most simply sketches, and I feel like each new set of designs is better than the last.

This newest set of sketches are by DeviantARTist Sashii-Kami looks amazing, glamorous and, most importantly, wearable.

Somebody needs to bring these designs to life, because they are going to look really cool as garments!

You can see the rest of the designs in this series in a much larger format at the link below.

Link   --via Geekologie

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The Horrors Of Life In A Fairy Tale Kingdom

This Disney themed series by Rodolfo Loaiza show the dark side of animated life, placing the dainty princesses in some precarious predicaments and bringing the horror of fairy tale fame to the foreground.

They're dark but generally tongue-in-cheek, so even Disney himself wouldn't ban these goofy spoof pics, except for the one where Snow White has a drinking problem, and the one where Maleficent does drugs.....who am I kidding?! Disney would HATE Rodolfo's works!

Better check them out now, before they are eliminated from the interwebs forever....


Link  --via DesignTAXI

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This Walrus Has An Amazing Vocal Range

(YouTube Link)

This handsome fellow is named E.T., and he makes all the other walruses jealous with his amazing array of vocal impressions.

He has even mastered the art of walrus whistling, a skill once thought lost to the icy waters of walrus antiquity.

This bristle faced E.T. has a bright future, unlike that other weirdo named E.T. with the glowing finger...

--via i09

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GIFs Based On Threadless T-Shirt Designs

Threadless t shirt designs are the perfect source material to make into animated GIFs- the designs are fun, colorful and admired by geeks and squares alike.

Good thing Threadless is hosting a competition called ThreadGIF, where community members are urged to bring t shirt designs to life for fame and free shirts.

Check out the rest of the lively designs at the links below, they're GIF-tastic!

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Vehicle Pics From Mad Max - Fury Road

If you're as excited as I am about the upcoming Mad Max movie Fury Road then you'll love these awesome pics of the vehicles, straight from the set in Namibia.

One question remains- will Mel Gibson's recent bout of (madness?) hurt his acting, or add to his performance as the older and angrier Mad Max?

Link   another Link

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Star Wars Villains As Cute Little Kids

Even the galaxy's most notorious villains started out as cute little kids, according to this series of adorable illustrations by Octopus Tree House which depict Star Wars villains in their most innocent form.

It's enough to warm your heart and make you want to holster your blaster pistol.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

(previously on Neatorama- LINK)

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Claymation Short - How To Lose Weight In 60 Seconds

(YouTube Link)

Want to know how Gumby's clay friend Slumby sheds those unwanted pounds?

Watch this adorable claymation short by Dave Carter and he'll show you How To Lose Weight In 60 Seconds in many unhealthy ways.

Slumby is a bit of a sicko so I can't condone his methods, it seems like he's been spending a little too much time with Mr. Bill!

--via JazJaz

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Written By A Kid - Goth Boy

(YouTube Link)

This fun, funky little video is called Goth Boy, written by a kid named Cici and starring Rhett & Link.

Goth Boy is hilariously goofy, as you would expect considering it came from the mind of an 8-year-old, and Link looks absolutely ridiculous as a little kid.

So waste some time on the interwebs the fun way- watch a silly comedy video today!

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Humorous Street Art Installations By Leon Reid IV

Brooklyn's own Leon Reid IV brings the funny to the city streets with his tongue in cheek public artworks.

This is the kind of street art guaranteed to brighten your day.

A melting newspaper box, George Washington dressed up like a tourist, and walking street signs that look like they're ready to follow you around town are just a few examples of Leon's works featured in this gallery at Beautiful/Decay.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay


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The Necronombox Custom Sculpted Boombox

This Necronomicon inspired boom box was made by Josh Marlar, and it may make your party guests a bit squeamish when you bust it out for an impromptu late night karaoke session in the kitchen.

It uses a Lil'G Mini Boombox as the basic structure, then Josh sculpted the horrifying features out of Sculpey.

The eyes are made out of marble, and the rest of the magic comes from the shiny paint job.

Personally, I don't like they way those weird little eyes are looking at me, it's like they're hungry for the other white meat.....human!

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Celebrities Once Again Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

(YouTube Link)

This star studded celebrity comedy video is the second in the Jimmy Kimmel Live series, in which celebrities muster up their nerves and read some just plain awful tweets about themselves.

It's funny in an uncomfortable kind of way, and I must say these celebs handle the scathing remarks much better than I would!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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How Long Would It Take A Guinea Pig To Mow Your Lawn?

Have you ever wondered how long it would take your pet guinea pig to mow the lawn?

Me neither, but now that I think about it having an army of guinea pigs mow my lawn every day would be pretty freakin' cute, that is until the hawks and crows move in for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

For my lawn it would take 8 guinea pigs all day to mow that sucker down, choose your animal and find out how long it will take them to clean up your yard for you at the link below.

Link  --via Gizmodo


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Short Film - The King & The Worst

(YouTube Link)

The King & The Worst is a short film set during World War II, and centers around Jack Kirby and Ed Wood battling an even sorcerer.

King & Worst is a strange little film, but I had fun watching it and I hope they're setting up for a sequel!

It's subtitled in English, so I apologize in advance if you don't enjoy light reading with your movie.

(NSFW due to language)

--via Comics Alliance

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This Floor Is Flat

This tripped out floor illusion was discovered in a Paris video game store, and is probably used as a deterrent against drunken shoppers!

I would have to repeat the mantra "this floor is flat" when walking around this store, or else my vertigo might kick in and send me to the ground reeling with dizziness...

Link  --via Super Punch

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A Composite Sketch Of Count Dracula

The composite sketch above is by Brian Joseph Davis, who utilized police sketch software to give us an idea of what Count Dracula, the fictional character from Bram Stoker's Dracula, should have looked like.

I must admit that this is one of the most unusual, and original, takes on Dracula I've ever seen.

Maybe they should reboot the Dracula movie and set it in the deep south?

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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Nightwing Fan Film Brings The Goods Without The Bat

(YouTube Link)

Batman sidekick turned badass with a bad attitude Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is the star of this fan made short film by Jeremy Le & Danny Shepherd.

Overall I enjoyed watching this short, it had good directing, nice visual effects and excellent costuming, but the bad acting did make some scenes feel a bit cheesy.

Still, I wouldn't mind seeing more of these shorts, and I've always wanted to see DC use Nightwing more in their screen adaptations.

--via Nerd Approved

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Animated Short - Olympic Vermin

(Vimeo Link)

Amael Isnard and Leo Bridle are animators from London who are gearing up for the 2012 Olympics by making silly animated shorts about local wildlife carrying a torch of their own.

I like the simple and flat look of the critter characters, and compositing the animation over live action video was a nice touch.

Looks like even the squirrels and pigeons are excited about the upcoming Olympic games!

--via Laughing Squid

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Fantastic Paintings By Peter Ferguson

These oil paintings by Peter Ferguson are so full of fairy tale inspired fantastic imagery that looking at them is like peering through a window into an alternate dimension full of anthropomorphic animals running amok.

Every one of Peter's glorious works has an amazing story to tell, and as your eyes move around the canvas new details are discovered and new elements are added to the tale.

Take your eyes on a magical journey through Peter's works at the links below and feed your head!

Link  --via Hi Fructose

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TARDIS Shed Guarded By A Dalek

What's the best way to protect the stuff crammed into your garden shed? Post a friendly Dalek out front and watch trespassers get the extermination they deserve.

This Doctor Who approved TARDIS shed and Dalek statue were created by Einstein19, who created these fun backyard additions a decade ago and finally decided to share them with the rest of the interwebs!

I wonder if this shed is as big as a two car garage on the inside?

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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Recyclable Basketball Stadium Being Used At 2012 Olympics

This futuristic looking basketball stadium is not only stylish, it's recyclable!

Created specifically for use at massive events like the 2012 Olympics, this spaced out white structure looks like something from Superman's home planet, and it's sure to catch oohs and aahs from all in attendance.

Link  --via Gizmodo

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Pics Of Albert Einstein Taking It Easy

You've seen Einstein thinking, frowning, smiling and sticking his tongue out in an unparalleled photo op.

But have you seen him maxin' and relaxin' on the beach, soakin' up some rays and chillin' like Bob Dylan?

Then check out this fun gallery of vintage pics showing the moustachioed genius at his most relaxed, taking a break from his heavy genius workload.


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Mosaic Man Decorates New York One Tile At A Time

(Vimeo Link)

The Mosaic Man has been a mainstay of street art in New York for over 30 years, applying his intricate tile mosaics to light posts all over the East Village.

This Etsy: Handmade Portraits documentary takes a fascinating look at the life and works of the Mosaic Man Jim Power, showing how his unique works, and the man himself, add a bit of color to the Big Apple.

--via AnimalNY

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Puma Creates An 8-Bit Game That Encourages Players To Run

To celebrate all the fun and cardiovascular health provided by the sport of running, Puma has created a charming little 8-bit video game that lets you choose a pixelated body and run free from the comfort of your office chair.

It's like entering a competition without all that icky sweat and anxiety, and you'll even have a crowd of multi-colored blockheads cheering you on!

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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The Creepiest Way To Store A Loved One's Remains

If you want to freak your family out for the rest of their natural lives then you gotta get your hands on one of these creepy bust urns before you kick the bucket and write it into your will!

Created by Cremation Solutions to look like the spitting image of the guy or gal whose ashes are inside, this is one scary way for your ashes to spend eternity!

Imagine finding one of these suckers at a yard sale in 2112- "What the heck is this?!"

"Primitive sculptural display urn, apparently he wanted to be remembered for being rather ugly...."

"I'll give you twelve Drekmars for it!"

(Previously on Neatorama- Personalized Urns For The Deceased- LINK)

Link  --via Gizmodo

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Large Sculptures Made Of Rolled Up Magazines

The title of this article definitely describes how these paper sculptures by Yunwoo Choi were made, but these are more than just rolled up tubes of paper.

These are media honeycombs, wispy clouds of waste paper, gossip rags turned into sacred shrouds.

They are as compelling to look at, to pick apart, as they are heavy.

Seriously, each one of these suckers must weigh hundreds of pounds!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Go! Go! Watch These Animated Power Rangers Shorts!

(YouTube Link)

These awesome, and really short, animated shorts are by Power Rangers fan Mike McCraw, and they look like the perfect way to start off a sweet new animated series!

Seriously, I wasn't a big fan of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV show (I prefer Ultraman or Guyver), but I would definitely watch an animated series drawn in this comic book style, and any show that features heroes beating up on giant monsters gets my vote!

Mike- it's been a while since your last short was posted, when are we gonna see more?!

--via Geek Tyrant

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Superheroic Representations Of Typography

This fun superhero themed graphic design series is by Matthew Olin, a guy who knows that great graphic design comes with great responsibility, namely the fact that his works must be pleasing to the eye.

Matthew's designs are capitalizing on a recent trend, as nothing says pleasing to the geeky masses like superhero themed artwork, and likening heroes to different types of typography is an even more appealing idea!

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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