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Ten Effective Self-Defense Techniques

There are still plenty of safe, quiet towns scattered all across the globe, but in-between these idyllic hamlets are big, dangerous cities full of angst and violence.

(YouTube Link)

Which is why anyone who truly enjoys traveling should learn some basic self-defense moves, so they can help protect themselves in situations where fighting is unavoidable.

(YouTube Link)

Top Tenz put together a primer on the art of self-defense, with instructional videos showing you how to take a punch, escape a chokehold and use your keys as a weapon, just to name a few.

(YouTube Link)

You may not want to think about having to defend yourself in these ways, but when a situation arises that calls for action you'll be glad you watched these videos!

(YouTube Link)

See 10 Effective Self-Defense Moves That Could Save Your Life here

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TV Shows That Were Banned Due To Crazy Controversy

Controversy is to be expected from shows like Family Guy, Game Of Thrones and South Park, but how could shows like Sesame Street and The Price Is Right possibly cause controversy?

Sesame Street was banned in Mississippi in 1970 due to racist attitudes towards the integrated cast of kids, but when an insider leaked the real reason the show was banned the committee had to reverse their decision.

(YouTube Link)

Screen Rant put together 10 TV Shows Banned Due To Crazy Controversy featuring a few common facts (Seinfeld's Puerto Rican Day Parade episode and the Family Guy abortion episode) and reveals why Bob Barker wasn't invited to The Price Is Right's 40th anniversary episode.

-Via GeekTyrant

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The 9-Year-Old Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers try to document a couple's special day without being too disruptive, moving around to capture the scene without getting on everyone's nerves.

Easier said than done for normal sized adults, but this is where a kid's lack of height is actually an advantage, allowing them to slip around virtually unseen while shooting.

9-year-old Regina Wyllie recently shot her first wedding along with her dad Kevin, who has been showing her the ropes for years, and if she were old enough to work she'd now be considered a pro.

Regina shot totally unassisted during the wedding, capturing around 400 photos, but this isn't her first time going pro- because two years ago this photo was chosen over her dad's shots by a camera bag company.

So Regina was a published photographer by age 7 and could be a pro wedding photographer at age 9...this kid's going places!

Read This 9-Year-Old Wedding Photographer's Skills Will Give You Hope For The Future here

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The McRoll- A Psychedelic Remix Of Japanese McDonald's Commercials

The McDonald's corporation has always tried to maintain a more “Mainstreet USA” feel here in America, but overseas they represent “fun food” with commercials that reflect that feel.

And no country takes fun food advertising more seriously than Japan, home of Donarudo Makudonarudo (Donald McRonald), the Japanese burger clown.

Donarudo is quirkier and less sappy than his American cousin Ronald, and eight years ago he was driven to the brink of madness when he found himself stuck in a remix video.

(YouTube Link)

If you feel like driving someone crazy with an internet video don't rickroll them- McRoll them instead!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Man Captures Bee And Forces It To Watch "Bee Movie"

The Bee Movie didn't make animated movie history, nor is it very enjoyable to watch unless you're an insect obsessed child, but what do bees think about having their very own animated film?

They're typically too busy working to watch movies, but when one poor bee found itself trapped in the home of a man who calls himself @whiteandfaded it was forced to give the film a go.

In the interest of fairness @whiteandfaded let his followers on Twitter vote for the fate of the bee, and their decision proved man truly is responsible for bees becoming endangered.

The bee actually seemed to enjoy the film, considering it didn't fly off or sting @whiteandfaded right in his bee-knapping face.

Either that or it was feeling lethargic and giggly after breathing the "air" inside @whiteandfaded's apartment...

See more from Man Captures Bee, Forces It To Watch "Bee Movie" here (contains NSFW language)

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True Tales Of The Bearded Lady And The Dog-Faced Boy

In the off-beat world of the sideshow there are few faces more recognizable than Annie Jones the bearded lady and Jo-Jo the Dog Faced Boy.

Their unique physical characteristics made them superstars in a time when that actually meant something, and their work in the sideshow gave other folks with unusual features hope for the future.

She may not have been the first, but Annie Jones is typically considered the original Bearded Lady because she traveled with P.T. Barnum's exhibition and was photographed so often everyone knew her face.

Annie was with the sideshow for most of her life, but as a child she was kidnapped by a phrenologist who then claimed she was his daughter, until a trial revealed the truth and she was returned to her mother.

Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy was actually Fedor Jeftichew from St. Petersburg, Russia, born with a genetic disorder called hypertrichosis which was passed down from his father.

Fedor became Jo-Jo when he joined Barnum's troupe as a teenager in 1884 but he was no stranger to the circus, since he'd been touring in French circuses with his father for most of his life.

Although his wolfman look added to Barnum's made up backstory that Jo-Jo was a savage child found in a cave, Fedor was actually fluent in three languages and loved to read while not going barking mad for audiences.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Action Movie Kid Demonstrates How To Draw A U.F.O.

Kids who draw chalk pictures on the driveway know those drawings will only come to life in their imagination...unless you're Action Movie Kid.

He draws far out U.F.O. designs on his driveway and then his wizardly father uses digital effects magic to bring those drawings to life.

But, as his latest video proves, it's easy to get carried away when you have so much imaginative power at your disposal.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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2,000-Year-Old Blob Of Butter Found In A Bog- And It's Still Edible

I feel weird eating butter that has been sitting in a dish on the table all day, so I can't even begin to imagine sampling a massive blob of butter that's been sitting in a bog for 2,000 years.

But the 22-pound orb of butter seen in the photo above is theoretically still edible thanks to the preservative effects of the bog, although the guy who found it in Co Meath, Ireland isn't ready to try it out.

The butter is thought to have been buried in Emblagh bog as an offering to the gods, and since the area is a "no-man's-land" it was left undisturbed for over two thousand years.

Now it's on display in the Cavan County Museum, where it will sit until somebody uncovers a 200-pound loaf of bog bread.

-Via Gizmodo

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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A New Video Series All About Gender Swapping Famous Movie Scenes

It's surprising how many movies would still be totally watchable, and generally every bit as good, if the genders of the main characters were switched.

Hollywood knows this trick well, and they like to pull it out of their bag when creating a sequel or rebooting a franchise, because it somehow manages to make the story feel fresh again. (Barely NSFW due to language)

(Vimeo Link)

Dani Leonard's new video series "SWAPPED" focuses on remaking iconic movie scenes with a gender flip, and asks the question "How does a story change if you change the hero's gender?"

-Via The Mary Sue

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This Hilarious Video Sums Up Every Japanese RPG Ever

There's a reason Japanese roleplaying games are set apart from the rest- it all starts with a character who doesn't talk, typically with spiky hair and extremely fashionable clothing.

Then we encounter some pointless expositional dialogue while running around a town that's all blocked off for some reason before being railroaded to the tragic event cutscene that begins our quest. And then we get to the naming...

(YouTube Link)

This expertly pixelated video from CollegeHumor truly encapsulates all the sameness found in Japanese role-playing games, and for some strange reason it really made me want to play Chrono Cross again...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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A Collection Of Hilariously Terrible Photoshopped Images

(Image Link)

Failing to create realistic looking composite images in Photoshop is a natural part of the learning curve, as you discover how to use selections, layers and tools to create a believable fake.

But if you decide to share your utter failure of a Photoshop with the internet while claiming the image is legit prepare to be eaten alive by jerky commenters.

(Image Link)

Photoshop is a powerful tool capable of outputting extremely realistic, high resolution images in any size you want, yet bad Photoshoppers somehow manage to turn the mighty Photoshop into a glorified MS Paint.

(Image Link)

But the best thing to do when you're new to Photoshop is soldier on, continually tweaking the tools and exercising your options until you get the incredible visual results you were looking for.

(Image Link)

See 15 Terrible Photoshops That Will Make You Laugh Every Time here

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Dog Casually Watches Movies On His Human's Laptop

Most dogs don't watch videos on their human's laptop because they can't remember the network password and don't know how to delete the browsing history, so they always get caught red pawed.

(YouTube Link)

But as Doge demonstrated, Shiba Inus just don't give a crap, so they'll use their human's laptop to watch videos for hours on end, never bothering to delete the browser history because they think they're the pack leader.

Watch Chiko the Shiba Inu set a bad example for canine kind.

(YouTube Link)

Chiko's owner is lucky dogs don't understand how credit cards work!

-Via Daily Dot

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Witcher Hits The Sunny Shores Of San Andreas

The Witcher has killed the biggest monsters, helped restore kingdoms to their former glory and defeated the corrupt to prove he's the most powerful Witcher in history.

So what is Geralt of Rivia going to do now that his days of adventuring are over?

According to this fun video by Maul Cosplay Geralt is heading to the shores of San Andreas to unwind and soak up some rays- Witcher style.

(YouTube Link)

Maybe Geralt's life as a Witcher was all a dream caused by sun stroke?

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Town Goes All Out To Protect Dove Who Decided To Nest On Cop Car

Towns are becoming known for some pretty strange stuff these days thanks to the internet, and until about two months ago the town of Parma, Ohio was known as the home of horrible Halloween decorations.

Thanks to a little visitor named Gerty, Parma is now known as the town that went the extra mile to help a mourning dove nest comfortably- even though Gerty was nesting on the hood of a cop car.

The Parma police department set up an umbrella to keep Gerty and her eggs dry, set out some water in a tiny cup to keep her hydrated, and they even dug up a few worms in case she got hungry.

The car is a back-up so hopefully they didn't need it before Gerty's eggs hatched in May, or else that's an obstruction of justice charge for Gerty!

-Via Huffington Post

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How To Select The Perfect Children's Book For Bedtime

Choosing the perfect book to read to your kids before bed can be hard, especially because their input usually amounts to “something funny” or “something with a princess in it”.

But as this comic from Grant Snider of Incidental Comics shows- the best book you can read to them before bed is the one that puts them to sleep the fastest!

-Via FizX

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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"Runaway" Russian Robot Causes Traffic Jam

Engineers continue to claim robots that are able to operate autonomously will make human society safer, cleaner and more productive when they help increase our workforce.

But their claims are still largely unsubstantiated, while videos like this one prove autonomous human-assist robots are still in the “menace 2 society” phase of development.

(YouTube Link)

People are saying Promobot, builders of renegade robots, used this stunt to get free publicity before entering their creation in the TechCrunch Disrupt conference this fall, but this looks like the beginning of a robotic revolution to me...

-Via Laughing Squid

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Boldly Surreal Tattoos Sure To Blow People's Minds

If you're going to get a large tattoo that attracts attention then the least you can do is get some high quality art tattooed on your body, so people have something cool to stare at.

And if you're into designs both beautiful and totally bizarre then you're really gonna dig the strange ink Belarusian tattoo artist Ilya Brezinski is slinging.

Ilya's tattoo works tend to fall into two categories- highly detailed pointilist pieces and bold, inky black silhouette designs, with some designs utilizing both styles to spectacular effect.

See more Surreal Tattoos By Ilya Brezinski here

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BBC Reporter Invited To Hit Glass Bridge Panel With A Sledgehammer

Chances are people who have a fear of heights will not set one foot on the Zhangjiajie Canyon glass bridge, which is the longest and highest in the world, ever in their lifetime.

But the brave souls who don't care about the dizzying view, or the fact that the bridge is made of glass panels which sometimes crack under pedestrian weight, bet their life the bridge is safe.

And the builders of the bridge came up with a crazy way to prove to the world the Zhangjiajie is safe- they invited BBC reporter Dan Simmons to smack a glass panel with a sledgehammer.

(YouTube Link)

Notice they didn't ask Dan to smash a panel already attached to the bridge- the builders are crazy, but not stupid.

-Via Some News

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Chuck Palahniuk Is Releasing An Adult Coloring Book

Chuck Palahniuk made an impact on the world of popular fiction with his edgy, subversive and sometimes downright disturbing stories.

But now he's heading to a black and white world where few writers have gone before- the world of coloring books.

The book's called Bait: Off-Color Stories For You To Color and features nearly 50 pages of original art by top comic industry talent such as Joëlle Jones, Lee Bermejo, Duncan Fegredo and many more.

Bait will be Chuck's first coloring book and second short story collection all rolled into one odd book full of blank spaces which you can think of as art therapy while you're coloring it all in.

-Via Mashable

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Death Sucks

The death of a beloved pet can rock your entire family's world, and as we deal with the grief of losing our furry friend we realize polite speech isn't strong enough to express our true feelings.

As this comic from Brian Gordon of Fowl Language Comics shows we're allowed to let the sucks (or worse) flow freely when we're in mourning, especially if the deceased is the family dog.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Lawyers Talk About The Cases They Regret Winning

 photo lawyer-gif_d761699e60712b61419962707503a5a3_zps96drl0p1.gif

Lawyers who agree to take on a case have a responsibility to their client to represent them to the best of their ability, even if they find their client to be morally reprehensible.

My father is a lawyer. I asked him once why he didn't do family law anymore. He told me about a case where he was able to get a father full custody of his children. But by the end of the case my father wasn't convinced that his client was innocent of molesting the children.

That's a fact they accept from the first day of law school, which is why many lawyers focus on winning a case at all cost rather than trying to prove their client isn't a scumbag.

Defendant lawyer here.

It was a fatal dependency claim. Mother with 5 children, loving father taken away by my client's negligence. When it came to pay the dependants, I discovered that the children weren't the deceased father's. Wife had affairs and fathered children to other men.

We paid her children nothing. Two days before the conference where we outlined our strict position our client gets a phone call from dead father's best friend.

Before the father died the best friend came clean about the affair with his wife. Father forgave him, told him that he knew and loved them anyway. We get out of paying these children anything, and I've always felt bad about it, feeling as though I let one of the world's most beautiful human's down in the dead father.

The Lawyers of Reddit were asked "what cases are you sorry you won?", and their responses are sure to make you feel better about your job.

I represented the woman in this. Guy and girl lived together for a decade as a couple. She cheated on him so he left town. He ended up moving to Michigan and got a good job building cars. The guy retired a few years ago and got some kind of ERISA money from his pension. She found out about the settlement and ended up suing and getting half of the $ because she was his common-law wife.

Read 10 Honest Lawyers Reveal The Cases That They Actually Regret Winning here

Lawyers who agree to take on a case have a responsibility to their client to represent them to the best of their ability, even if they find their client to be morally reprehensible.

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Fred Armisen Proves He Can Imitate Any Accent In The World

Fred Armisen has proven he's one of the greatest comic actors of all time, and his show Portlandia proves he's also a talented comedy writer, but according to this interview segment from Conan impressions are his specialty.

In fact, the talented Mr. Armisen can imitate any accent in the world with such precision even a native speaker can't tell the difference. Watch and have your world transformed.

(YouTube Link)

Apparently he's also amazingly good at doing all of New York's accents as well, which he bravely demonstrated for nearly five minutes in front of New Yorkers at a benefit back in 2014.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Who's Bad? The World's Fastest Talking Man, That's Who

You may remember John Moschitta, Jr., aka Motormouth, as the Micro Machines Man in those high energy toy commercials and all the other appearances he made in stuff throughout the 1980s.

John is famous for being the World's Fastest Talking Man, and he put his incredible oratory skills to good geeky use, like reciting Michael Jackson's BAD in under 20 seconds during a TV interview in 1987.

(YouTube Link)

Well, John's version isn't quite as catchy as Michael Jackson's original version, but at least it's a whole lot shorter!

-Via Boing Boing

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What Is The Most Played Song In The World?

Just because a song becomes “the most frequently played song in the world” doesn't mean anyone actually wants to hear the stupid song being played.

In fact, the most frequently played song in the world is such an earworm it will get stuck in your head for days with just the mention of two little words- Small World.

(Image Link)

This Exists began searching for the most frequently played song in the world after hearing Natalie Imbruglia's hit song "Torn" has played 75 times a day on Australian radio for over a decade.

And now that song is stuck in your head...

(YouTube Link)

-Via mental_floss

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Fan Recasts Captain America: Civil War For Different Decades

(Image Link)

The fact that Marvel movies like The Avengers and Captain America are coming out in the 2010s instead of the 1990s is mostly just a matter of studios dragging their feet and licenses changing hands.

Many of these movies were proposed and approved in the late 80s, and by the 90s development had begun, which eventually stuttered to a standstill until the 21st century.

Some of us have been wondering which actors would have been cast in the Marvel movies since they were first proposed, so Redditor thamonsta came up with a great idea- decade specific recasts for Captain America: Civil War.

He even took the premise a step further and came up with casts for the 50s (which is off since a few of the included actors weren't famous until the 60s) all the way through the 90s.

My personal fave is the cast from the 1970s- John Ritter as Ant Man and Burt Reynolds as Iron Man- sounds like a cult classic in the making!

See A Marvel Fan Recast Captain America: Civil War Through Different Decades here

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Guy Turns His Hoverboard Into A Dragon Ball Style Nimbus Cloud

 photo mpfnziw5txtihoyfldow_zpspq2wmtgw.gif

Hoverboards haven't existed for very long and yet the original models are already passé, because unless your hoverboard looks like a nimbus cloud from the Dragon Ball franchise it's old news!

Of course we're not talking about the kind of board Marty McFly took for a spin in Back To The Future Part II, because those actually are cool because they hover above the ground while our real life versions do not.

But that hoverboard sure does look like it's floating over ground when Yes Ranger rides it like a saiyan boss around Taipei, Taiwan.

(YouTube Link)

Yes Ranger has naturally become a local celebrity since he started riding his nimbus cloud around town, but rather than hog all the fame he posted a video on how to make your own hover-cloud and become a hero in your town!

(YouTube Link)

-Via io9

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Old Comic Book Panels Taken Out Of Context May Make You Feel Funny

(Image Link)

Comic books are one of the easiest places to find out of context comedy because all panels in the book relate to each other, so if you isolate one panel from the rest it reads as totally bizarro.

(Image Link)

Sometimes you can even isolate a cluster of panels and they will still read as sick and twisted, even if the tale being told takes place in squeaky clean Riverdale High.

(Image Link)

Of course, there are plenty of strange panels lurking around in old comics that don't need any help to tickle a reader's funny bone

(Image Link)

But remember- all of these panels were taken from kid-friendly comics, so any perversity you perceive is just a product of your naughty imagination!

See 25 Old Comics Without Context That Are Beyond Disturbing here

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The Time Morrissey Ruined Bill Cosby's Appearance On The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson played host to many big names with equally big egos to match, but on June 4, 1991 one big head obscured the rest- Steven Patrick Morrissey, aka The Moz.

This star studded episode featured Bill Cosby, Beau Bridges and musical act Morrissey, and even though Cosby and Bridges were huge stars, they simply couldn't find their way out of Morrissey's shadow.

For Morrissey had just finished his first U.S. Tour after cancelling his last show in Austin because the crowds had grown too rowdy, and those who couldn't make it to a show descended upon NBC studios in Burbank.

The rowdy fans ruined Carson's monologue, making him mighty grumpy, but Cosby soldiered on by adding Morrissey references to his jokes, which won the Moz fans over for a minute- until it was time for Morrissey to perform.

(YouTube Link)

As Morrissey performed Sing Your Life and There Is A Place In Hell the crowd went bananas, taking the show out of Carson's control.

When they inexplicably segued to Beau Bridges after Moz's performance it was clear the audience was lost, leaving Carson to get revenge the only way he knew how- by not thanking Morrissey for being his guest at the end of the show.

Read 25 Years Ago, Morrissey Ruined Bill Cosby's Appearance On The Tonight Show here

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Be Careful Who You Ask To Help You With Your Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles can be quite challenging, and getting stuck on a word without an answer key can make the rest of the puzzle really damn hard to finish.

Heed this illustrated warning by Pain Train Comic, fellow word puzzlers, and be careful who you ask for help with your crosswords or you may have "a four letter word for the Devil's domain" to pay!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Get Geared Up For A Day At The Fair With These Funny And Festive T-Shirts

I Choose Blue by Taylor Rose

Many families have a yearly tradition of going to the county fair, and even though they tend to see the same things year in and year out it's a tradition that few familes are willing to give up.

In fact, every member of the family loves going to the fair, and they always manage to have fun in that old familiar place so long as they get to do what they've been looking forward to for the last year.

If you're heading out to the fair this summer you'll want to look good, and there's no better place than the NeatoShop to buy a shirt guaranteed to get you lots of love!

When you wear a geeky t-shirt to the fair people are sure to check you out

I'd Pug Me by Hillary White

And it's up to you whether you keep your geeky style tasteful

Melts In Your Mouth by Vincent Trinidad

Or declare your allegiance to the delicious dark side

Meat Skull by Andrei Verner

Continue reading

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