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This Real Life Fruit Ninja Shows Off His Deadly Playing Card Skills

(YouTube Link)

Farmers markets across the globe better watch out, because the real life fruit ninja is coming to slice and dice produce with nothing more than an ordinary deck of playing cards.

Ye Tongxin has been cultivating this strange skill for many years now, and he's hoping to set a world record, but can he slice and dice as well with his clothes on? The world may never know...

--via i09

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

The Olympic Ticket Scalper

(Funny Or Die Link)

Sir Patrick Stewart takes some time off from his busy acting career to get in on the Olympic ticket scalping game, and he's so good at hustling it's scary.

Say goodbye to the 2012 London Olympic Games with this wee bit o' funny co-starring Simon Pegg!

(barely NSFW due to language)

--via Nerd Approved

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American Geeks Photographed In The Wild

Photographer Jake Warga has traveled the globe as a professional photojournalist, but none of his subjects have been as wild and wooly as the classic American geek.

The geeks in this series have been captured in their native habitat, aka various niche conventions across the U.S., to ensure that they are captured where they feel most comfortable.

Removing the background and leaving each geek floating in white space makes these images a bit surreal, but it serves to eliminate any distraction from the true stars of the show- American grown geeks. 

Link  --via Flavorwire

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Wilders Sculptures By Wilfrid Wood

These whimsical sculptures by Wilfrid Wood are based on characters involved in a not so whimsical event- the 2011 London riots.

Wilfrid has captured the chaotic nature of these miscreants in clay, but rather than empowering this rogues gallery he shows the world what they truly are inside- a bunch of dim witted thugs who were having a good time at London's expense.

Link  --via Hi Fructose

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Rejected Pitches For E.T.

(YouTube Link)

This goofy little comedy video is part of a web series called Rejected Pitches, and this episode focuses on Spielberg and some studio execs sitting around talking about E.T.

After watching this video I'll never think of that wrinkly little brown alien with the glowing finger the same way ever again!

--via Geek Tyrant

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Brandalism Campaign Hits Billboards Across The UK

Brandalism was the name given to a street art campaign that covertly replaced billboards across the UK with works by artists such as Ron English, Leo Murray and Eyesaw.

The replacement pieces scathingly satirize the ideas and propaganda behind billboard ads, ranging from poignant and political to downright comical messages, like the Ron English ad for mythical meats pictured above.

25 artists from 8 countries gathered to take place in Brandalism, and you can see the rest of their subversive works at the link below.

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Awesome CG Animated Short - A Fox Tale

(Vimeo Link)

This beautiful animated short is called A Fox Tale, and it was created by four students from the French animation school Supinfocom Arles.

The story is loosely based on Asian mythology, and features vibrant colors, gorgeous visual effects and charming character designs.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this short become a feature length film some day, and needless to say the students who created A Fox Tale are definitely going places!

--via Cartoon Brew

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Photorealistic Portraits Created With Crayon Tips

These photorealistic portraits are by Christian Faur, who uses the tips of crayons to create these awesome pixel-esque works of art.

Christian carefully arranges thousands of different colored crayons into neat rows, resulting in some rather colorful works of pointed portraiture.

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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CG Animated Short Shows Life After Aperture

(YouTube Link)

After Aperture is a CG fan film with beautiful atmospherics and an understated elegance that attempts to explain what happens to Chell after she escapes from Aperture Science in the video game Portal 2.

Apparently the creator Zachariah Scott drew inspiration for the film from a sketch he saw of Chell sitting on the Companion Cube in the rain, and even though this short lacks action it has definitely captured the mood of life after Aperture.

--via Nerd Approved

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Cute Android Figures Made From Random Junk

These cute little android figures were made by crafty Andrea Petrachi, and they look like a Jawa's dream come true!

They make up for their lack of mortal soul with an overabundance of personality and charm.

In fact, they're so neat looking that they could inspire a scifi series of their own, something likeRobobabies and the battle for the Junkyard...

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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The First Feature Length Film Shot Entirely On A Smartphone

(YouTube Link)

Olive looks like a cute little film, with an indie flair and a colorful cast, nothing too groundbreaking until you discover how the film was shot- entirely on a Nokia N8 smartphone!

Also noteworthy is the fact that Olive was created as a true independent, the first film to make it from small smartphone screen to the big screen without the backing of a major motion picture studio.

--via Laughing Squid

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10 Of History’s Most Beautiful Typewriters

I miss seeing the old timey typewriters around town-the smell of the oil, the clack clack clack of the arms stamping letters onto parchment fed through sheet by sheet.

The elegance of typewriter design is the basis for this gallery, and I've never seen so many gorgeous letter clacking typing machines together in one place! See them all at Gizmodo.


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Images Of American Tourists Taking In The Sights

Americans are converging on the 2012 London Olympic games in droves, so it's a great time to celebrate this summer of tourism with a photo series dedicated to the unique look of the Tourist.

The images in this gallery are by Roger Minick, who has been shooting his Sightseer series of American tourist portraits since the 70s. 

Times change, but the tourism's all the same...

Link  --via Flavorwire

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A Vending Machine That Lets You Make Your Own Toy

This big old, shiny vending machine that lets you make your own toy, according to the designer toy molds contained within each machine.

So far they’ve only made the Helper Dragon by Tim Biskup, but you've gotta start somewhere...

Kids these days get to buy Tim Biskup toys out of a freakin’ vending machine?! *sigh* They’re living the good life.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Tintype Portraits By Michael Shindler

Michael Shindler is taking photography back to the old school with his series of tintype portraits, which cast modern people in an antiquated light.

I like the haunted look of the people in these portraits, the ways their eyes are lit up and how the shallow depth of field makes all that surrounds their head blur into obscurity.

Link  --via JazJaz

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Disney Princesses As Zombies

I’ve seen plenty of zombie crossovers, and Disney princesses are constantly being used as the subject of genre crossover art, but I’ve never seen those fairy tale gals looking so gruesome!

Created by Witit Karpkraikaew, this series leaves the beauty behind and focuses on the truly ghastly nature of the undead.

A whole new world… it’s not always a good thing!

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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The Ultimate Carnivore Travel Case

For the hungry traveler on the go may I present the Wurstkoffer, a safe plastic case that lets you carry around and protect an assortment of hearty German sausages and cured meats.

Now your delicious meaty treats can travel the world by your side, filling those around you with a strange feeling of nauseous envy.

“Is that a gun in your case, sir?”

“Nein, das ist meine Würste!”

Link  --via Geekosystem

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Bouquets Made From Spray Can Bits

These sculptures were made from spray can remnants by designer Hillary Coe, a lady with a flair for all things aerosol.

This colorfully clever idea appeals to both the graffiti lovers and those who'd like to add a splash of urban color to their crib or condo.

Link  --via JazJaz

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This New Ragu Ad Is Naughty Fun

(YouTube Link)

This new ad for Ragu pasta sauce is all sorts of wrong.

A kid stumbles upon his parents sharing a bit of afternoon delight, then he tries to forget the horror of what he just witnessed by scarfing down a bowl of pasta.

Moral of the story- the scars of childhood go great with Ragu spaghetti sauce!

--via Videogum

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Graphic Design History Carved Into Stone

These motto stones are known as the Babson Boulders, named after millionaire philanthropist Roger Babson, who commissioned out of work stonecutters to carve words into the boulders around Dogtown Common, Massachusetts.

The Babson Boulders date back to the 1930s, and many of the slogans have that Depression Era air of inspired determination, like a stony band of self-help gurus.

Link  --via Creative Review

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Show The World You Hunt Really Big Game With This Replica Alien Skull

This awesome replica Xenomorph trophy skull, like the one seen in the Predator's collection in the movie Predator 2, will look all scary and impressive on your wall without the need to place yourself in the line of fire.

It was created by Wataru from Japanese company Psycho Monsterz, and it can be yours for a cool $875.00. Acidic saliva burns not included.

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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A Cute Cartoon That Explains How Cryptocat Works

(Vimeo LINK)

Cryptocat Adventure! was made by Nadim Kobeissi, the creator of the Cryptocat encryption service, to explain how his service works, and why it's better way to safely video chat and transfer files online.

Aside from being informative, this pixelated animated short is also really cute!

--via BoingBoing

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I Shot Andy Warhol As NES Game

(YouTube Link)

Cory Arcangel created this custom mod for the classic NES game Hogan's Alley, and in doing so proved that he has a really sick sense of humor!

It's called I Shot Andy Warhol, a  shooting gallery game based on one of the most notorious incidents in art history- the shooting of Andy Warhol by crazed former member of The Factory Valerie Solanas.

--via AnimalNY

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Dastardly Knights Rob French Renaissance Faire

Some rather dark knights recently robbed the organizers of a French Renaissance Faire at swordpoint, taking away a $25,000 haul and a tale worthy of becoming a bard's song.

Here's how it transpired:

"There were apparently three to four members of the group, and they struck early on Monday morning. The organizers were counting revenue from the weekend faire in Bitche, near the France and Germany border. The faire, “Medievales Europeennes de Bitche,” is a huge one and draws more than 11,000 attendees. The amount of money they had on hand doesn’t surprise me at all.

Masks were unfortunately part of the thieves’ knight costumes, but hopefully they’ll be able to make arrests soon."

I guess the Ren Faire promoters are lucky the crooks weren't taking a note from Robin Hood's book, or else they'd be stuck full of arrows!

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Images Of People Stuck In Uncomfortable Positions

Photographer and digital artist Lee Materazzi enjoys putting his subjects into uncomfortable positions via photo manipulation.

How they got there is a backstory you'll have to create for yourself...

(Artist's site has content which is NSFW)

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Almost 5,000 Flip Flops Wash Ashore On Chili Beach

In an epic display of environmental cleanup, volunteers gathered almost 5,000 flip flops (thongs to Australians) that had washed up on the shore of Cape York's Chili Beach in Queensland.

It took marine conservation group Tangaroa Blue Foundation nearly a week to clean up the entire beach, and flip flops weren't the only things gathered, although from the look of the photos they make up the overwhelming majority of the mess.

I'm pretty sure a similar pile could be found on most beaches here in California. I wonder how many complete pairs were found?

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Protect Your Identity And Look Creepy At The Same Time

This pixelated hood upgrades the creepy factor inherent in most ski masks, and makes anyone who wears one look like some sort of Minecraft killer.

It's called The Pixelhead, and was created by Martin Backes to serve as "media camouflage, completely shielding the head to ensure that your face is not recognizable on photographs taken in public places without securing permission."

It'll set you back almost $200, but isn't your anonymity worth a couple hundred bucks?

Link  --via Gizmodo

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How Skyrim Should Have Ended

(YouTube Link)

I'm pretty sure that the hardcore gamers in the world have gotten their fill of the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but in case you're waiting for the perfect time to pick up this epic gaming experience you should skip this spoiler-ish video and buy the game already!

The rest of us who've spent plenty of time in Skyrim will enjoy this animated short instead, which is part of the ongoing Machinima series How It Should Have Ended.

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Photographing The Yakuza Crime Family

Photographing the Yakuza crime family sounds like a dangerous task, but Anton Kusters seems to have no problem mingling with mobsters and getting some amazing shots.

He spent two years capturing images from within the Yakuza subculture, after ten months of negotiation which granted Anton access very few Westerners have ever received.

I'm surprised Anton made it out in one piece, but the images he came back with were worth the ordeal!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay


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Print Postcards That Smell Like Your Favorite Foods

This odd yet clever little device prints out postcards imbued with the scent of your favorite foods.

Created by Zhu Jingxuan, a student at Donghua University's Fashion & Art Design Institute, this device is tentatively called the Food Printer, and it's a great way to show the dieters in your life what they're missing!

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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