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Man In Bear Suit Scares The Crap Out Of Coworker

Folks who don't have bears lurking around their neck of the woods might see a bear sighting as a good thing, but those who work in bear country know those furry behemoths can be quite unpredictable.

One minute they're sniffing around trying to find out what their human visitors are up to, the next they're lying in wait ready to leap out and scare the life out of someone.

(YouTube Link)

This hilarious prank video from America's Funniest Home Videos should have included the warning "make sure your buddy isn't packing heat before you try this prank at home".

-Via Laughing Squid

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Movie Scenes Before And After The Special Effects Were Added

Some people don't like to see behind the scenes shots from their favorite movies and TV shows because they feel like it ruins their viewing experience, leaving them unable to watch without picking apart each scene.

But for the rest of us the opportunity to see a scene before and after the special effects were added simply makes us appreciate the skilled artists working on the show even more.

And when you realize how much hard work and planning goes in to creating these effects it makes you appreciate the fact that digital artistry makes it possible for a badass raccoon to help guard the galaxy.

See dozens more Movie Scenes Before-And-After Special Effects here

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This Photoshop Master Is Trolling By Request

Photoshop is a powerful tool, and learning to use the software can make you feel mighty powerful when you start doing stuff like seamlessly swapping heads or cutting and pasting people in and out of pics with impunity.

Because of this feeling of power many Photoshoppers wind up using their skills for evil, trolling and sometimes even ruining lives by manipulating images for the Dark Side.

But 18th Level Photoshop Wizard James Fridman is different- he's using his trolling powers for good...and because people keep asking him to mess with their pics.

James' Photoshop skills are in such high demand that people keep sending him pics to digitally alter despite the fact that his trollish sense of humor often leaves the subjects looking a little silly.

See This Guy's Photoshop Skills Are In High Demand here

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Ten Hidden Comedy Gems You Can Watch On YouTube

If you can sift through all the dumb unboxing videos, reaction videos, sketch videos and all the other crappy "comedic" content posted online you can find a ton of really funny videos on YouTube.

(YouTube Link)

The beauty of YouTube is you don't have to have a huge budget, or even a budget at all, you just need some footage to edit (or re-edit) and the occasional voice over track to put viewers in the right head space.

(YouTube Link)

Cracked's John Cheese has done a pretty darn good job of sifting through the crappy comedy to find the giggle inducing gems in his ongoing series of comedy video listicles.

This goat thinks they're all hilarious, but maybe you should watch 'em all and decide for yourself.

(YouTube Link)

Watch 10 Hidden Comedy Gems On YouTube That Deserve To Go Viral here (contains NSFW language)

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Why You Should Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them

Wearing new clothes for a while before washing them seems like a good way to keep that new clothes feel for longer, but after reading about all the yucky stuff found on some new clothes we may want to wash before wearing.

Because, as Heidi Mitchell of the Wall Street Journal discovered after speaking to professor of dermatology at Columbia University Donald Belsito, new clothes are often far from clean:

There are two major culprits when it comes to allergens in new clothing: dye and formaldehyde resin. Most synthetic textiles are colored with azo-aniline dyes, which can cause a severe skin reaction akin to poison ivy in the small population of people allergic to them. For others, reactions to dyes are less extreme, and may result in slightly inflamed, dry, itchy patches of skin...

“I have seen cases of lice that were possibly transmitted from trying on in the store, and there are certain infectious diseases that can be passed on through clothing. The other infestation I’ve seen from clothing is scabies.”

*shivers* I suddenly feel the urge to wash every piece of clothing in my closet...

-Via Lifehacker

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Actor Oliver Reed Predicted His Own Death During A 1993 TV Interview

Many actors, artists and musicians talk about their own death in a flippant way, thinking it makes them seem deep, nihilistic or otherwise above giving a damn about the Grim Reaper's approach.

But acclaimed actor Oliver Reed wasn't being flip when he made a surprisingly accurate prediction about his own death during his episode of Without Walls- The Obituary Show back in 1993, he was merely telling his own future:

I died in a bar of a heart attack full of laughter. We were having a cabbage competition. I was very confident that for once I was going to win this vegetable competition. And somebody made a bet with me that was so lewd that I took it on and he shook my hand. And I laughed so much I was sick and died.

(YouTube Link)

Oliver died in a bar in Valletta, Malta in 1999 while filming Gladiator, literally drinking himself to death in an Irish bar after being challenged to a drinking contest.

So while there wasn't any cabbage there was a competition, and laughter often accompanies drunkenness so that part was probably true too.

Omid Djalili, Reed's co-star on Gladiator, said Oliver "hadn't had a drink for months before filming started", so did Oliver make his fatal prediction come true, or was his fate so unavoidable that he saw it in the stars?

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Canadian Man Defies Boudoir Photo Stereotypes With His Sexy 'Dudeoir' Set

Boudoir photography has been dominated by female models for far too long, and as George Costanza and Kramer showed us on Seinfeld 'dudeoir' photography can be just as scintillating and alluring as standard boudoir shoots.

That's not to say the male body is as pleasant to look at as the female form, but sometimes allure and sex appeal are more a matter of how you work what you've got for the camera.

Canadian country boy Brandon certainly knows how to work it, and with a little help from his photographer friend Masika May he put together a set of sensual 'dudeoir' photos for his wife that puts the "ooh" in "ooh la la!"

See Canadian Guy Defies Gender Stereotypes With Countryside "Dudeoir" Photoshoot here

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Man Rates His Jail Experience On Facebook

The one thing review sites like Yelp don't have enough of are reviews of places like jails and prisons, and perhaps a few courthouse reviews for good measure.

Don't lawbreakers and future prisoners deserve to know what their future holds in store for them in terms of prison accommodations?

Arrestee Christian Willoughby certainly thought so, and while he was there for a misdemeanor charge he managed to use his iPad to leave a review of the Grimsby Police Station on Facebook that was tough but fair:

I’ve given this place 4 stars. It’s the all day breakfast that lets it down really. Apart from that the staff are pleasant enough. Had my own on-suite room and butler… Who would come with tea and newspapers. Room was nice, the minimalistic idea was a nice touch. It was secure and safe… Quadruple glazing and security door. Ideal place for winding down after a hard day. I’d definitely come back

Maybe these reviews would actually curb crime in some places, because reviews left by prisoners would scare off future prisoners by spelling out just how bad prison accommodations can be. It's certainly worth a try!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Ten Of The Worst As Seen On TV Products

As seen on TV products have gone from novelty trash companies charged way too much for, such as the Flowbee or the Bed MadeEZ, to affordable items that (arguably) improve our lives, like Flex Seal or Pajama Jeans.

But even though the stuff sold on TV is far more legitimate these days there are still lots of products being made that don't belong anywhere but the trash can.

(YouTube Link)

WatchMojo has gathered 10 items they've deemed The Worst As Seen On TV Products, take a gander and see if any of these turkeys are lurking around in your closet or garage!

-Via WatchMojo

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Kids React To Donald Trump

It's safe to say Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing figures in the world of politics today, drawing comparisons to Hitler, Stalin and Nixon, just to name a few.

Whether you love him or despise him with every fiber of your being there's a method to his madness, and over the years he has gotten really good at playing the character "Donald Trump".

But some kids are really good at seeing through these kind of disguises, so how will they react when they watch The Don on video?

(YouTube Link)

The Fine Brothers have become quite good at picking appropriately jarring things for people to react to, but this one might qualify as cruelty to children!

-Via Daily Dot

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Timelapse Video Reveals The Beauty Found In The Largest Cemetery In Paris

Père Lachaise is the largest cemetery in Paris and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, which is surprising considering all the life-affirming stuff you can do in the City of Love.

But tourists don't just flock to Père Lachaise to visit Jim Morrison's tomb or touch the statue atop Victor Noir's grave in an inappropriate way- they go to see the beautiful statuary and celebrate life among a million dead.

(YouTube Link)

Photographer Mathieu Stern created the breathtaking timelapse video "Lifelapse" to tell "the story of life and death and what comes after told by the beautiful statues of the oldest cemetery of the french Capital."

-Via Bangkok Post

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27 Totally Futuristic Concept Cars From The Wedge Era

The Wedge era of automotive design began when car designers in the mid-20th century started creating futuristic and sporty designs that drew inspiration from science fiction and pop culture.

According to Davey G. Johnson of Car and Driver the transition from the rounded and bulging curves of sports cars past to the sharp edged and totally spacy look of the future began in 1968 with the Alfa Romeo Carabo.

Concept designs ranged from the hard edged "wedge" to the "one-box" design, which offered more interior space, but no matter which configuration they used Wedge era designers all created cars that looked totally futuristic.

Whether you agree the Wedge look is still the cutting edge of cool or you see it as an outdated look remember this- without the Wedge era the DeLorean DMC-12 never would have been made,  and the Back To The Future trilogy wouldn't have been the same without that far out time machine...

See Doorstop Believin': 27 Incredible Concept Cars Of The Wedge Era here

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The Where's Waldo? Topless Beach Scene Scandal

You see a lot of different people doing lots of different things when you search for that bespectacled master of concealment in Where's Waldo? books, but the books are for kids so you don't expect to see nudity.

But back in 1992 a detail oriented mother from Nashua, New Hampshire named Eileen Godfrey noticed to her horror that the Where's Waldo? puzzle she'd bought for her daughter Jessica contained the dreaded female nipple:

Turns out the tiny nude was in Martin Hanford's classic book from the very beginning, and may have gone unnoticed because nude sunbathing is legal on UK beaches, so British publishers likely didn't see the tiny nipple as a problem. Guess we showed them!

Read more about Waldo's Topless Beach Scandal at mental_floss

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7 Of The Cruelest Reality Shows Ever Made

Reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother have been downright nasty to their cast of wanna-be actors, but the cruelty found on these shows cannot even compare to that of Nothing But The Truth, Space Cadets and The Swan.

On Nothing But The Truth contestants were questioned while hooked up to a lie detector, then asked to truthfully answer painfully awkward questions like "have you ever fantasized about your girlfriend's best friend?".

So what's the rub? The contestant's family, friends, and partners are sitting there watching the whole thing.

(YouTube Link)

Space Cadets wasn't cruel because it made contestants squirm in their seats, it just ruined the young casts' lives by convincing them they were chosen to become some of the first members of the public to fly into space.

They were convinced they'd been flown to Russia and then launched into space, apparently unaware that there's zero gravity in space.

(YouTube Link)

And, last and certainly least in terms of human decency, is the controversial show The Swan, which was truly the worst makeover show ever made.

The premise is simple- give the female cast a bunch of unnecessary plastic surgery to make them live up to some standard of beauty dreamed up by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

(YouTube Link)

See The 7 Cruelest Reality TV Shows To Ever Be Made here

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Store Clerk Grabs Gun From Robber, Chases Him Off With Hammer

Convenience store clerks have to deal with a lot more crap than most other clerks, and they often get paid less than retail store clerks, so they are forgiven for sometimes coming across a bit surly.

You'd be ticked off too if you had young punks coming into your store to shoplift or, even worse, pull a gun on you and threaten your life for the cash in the register.

Some clerks crack under the pressure and quit, others adopt a badass attitude so potential stick up kids will think twice, but the small lady in this video proved she's a big ol' badass with her actions.

(YouTube Link)

Armed robbers in Atlanta, Georgia will think twice from now on before they try to rob the story while this lady is working!

-Via MSN

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99-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up To Find A Kinkajou Sleeping On Her Chest

Kinkajous are rarely seen outside the Central and South American rainforests they call home, so any animal lover who spots one outside of these regions should consider themselves lucky.

But what should you consider yourself when you wake up in your bed in Miami, Florida with a cute little kinkajou sleeping on your chest?

Chances are the 99-year-old lady from Miami who woke up to a cuddly kinkajou encounter didn't feel very lucky, she was too busy freaking out after realizing that animal curled up on her chest wasn't a cat.

The scared little critter ran off to the attic, but her son-in-law was able to lure him out with some treats and take him to a vet, where it was discovered that he was an escaped pet. I would have had a really hard time giving him up, he's so darn cute!

(YouTube Link)

-Via Boing Boing

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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People Will Eat You Up When You Wear One Of These Funny Food Themed T-Shirts

Food- it's a unifying factor among all human beings, and whether you're a Paleo Freegan or a proudly omnivorous Foodie the food you eat is a big part of your life.

People who like food, meaning pretty much everyone, will love the fun, and downright funny, food themed t-shirts sold in the NeatoShop, home of the highest quality and tastiest designs in the biz!

Funky foodies love to wear hilarious tees featuring food puns

Danny Dorito by Inner Coma Clothing Co.

Vegetarians with strict diets like to get in on the food pun fun too

Veggie Armageddon by DeepFriedArt

And if our pets could wear a shirt dedicated to their favorite food they totally would too

Cats Love Food by PolySciGuy

Although their animalistic sense of taste might offend our delicate human sensibilities

Catwich by Albyletoy

Continue reading

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A Personality Quiz That Promises To Reveal Your "True Self"

(Image Link)

The internet provides us with a seemingly endless number of self improvement resources, including massive information sites, tons of tutorials and all the personality quizzes you can handle.

This is about one of those silly little personality quizzes, which promises to be quite revealing after asking a few rather personal questions.

It starts by asking "Do you feel like you're in control of your life right now?" and six questions later you've got a snapshot of your "true self". Here's mine:

Adventurous, But Indecisive
You’re overwhelmed by lots of interesting and exciting options, and you feel pressured to experience everything before it’s too late. As a result, you have trouble sticking with anything — or anyone — for too long.

These Ultra Personal Questions Will Reveal Your True Self

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Eleven Stories Posted Online That Are Obviously Total Bull-Pucky

(Image Link)

The internet is like a farm in a few key ways-  1. it takes many people working together to keep it going strong, 2- stories are always popping up and growing online and 3. there's a whole lot of BS spread around among the sprouting stories.

(Image Link)

We need these fake stories to keep the fantasy alive, because without stories made of pure bullcrap a car accident is just a car accident and not a fated meeting with a fashion photographer ready to make your star rise.

(Image Link)

See 11 Internet Stories That Are Obviously Total Bull$%#t here (contains NSFW language)

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These Little Clone Troopers Are A Bit Off

Clone troopers are created in a cookie cutter way for a reason- they must live up to Sith standards and need to be physically able to crush insurrections in the name of the Empire.

Usually the clone creation process goes smoothly, but every once in a while a clone trooper comes out of the process acting a bit off.

You can tell when a clone trooper is only half baked by their tiny size and unusual fashion sense, as seen in this shocking footage shot by Rebel spies.

(YouTube Link)

If you see one of these pint sized troopers in your squadron please inform your commanding officer immediately, or they might spread their silliness throughout the ranks!

-Via Fashionably Geek

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Delightful Hairstyles History Has Forgotten

Since the overall dress code has become far more casual in the 21st century younger generations will grow up unaware of all the fun people used to have with their hair.

There will probably be a few hairdo revivals as future fashion trends are informed by styles of the past, but many cool hairstyles will most likely never come back because they're too much work to maintain.

Styles like the Beehive, Pompadour, Bouffant, Ducktail and Victory Roll were more than just classic 'dos- they were a sign of the times and set the stylish apart from the squares.

(Image Link)

There were even a few revolutionary hairstyles worn by women out to change the world- the Gibson Girl look that loosened up those (up)tight Victorian hairstyles, and the Pouf worn by Marie Antoinette that screamed "excess is best" as hair was piled high above the head.

See 15 Delightful Hairdos History Has Forgotten at mental_floss

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Watch Out For Exploding Killer Lakes

Exploding killer lakes may sound like the subject of a Stephen King novel but they're actually out there, waiting to strike with a CO2 cloud that suffocates every living creature in its path by sucking the oxygen out of the air.

In 1986 Lake Nyos near the border of Nigeria unleashed a deadly CO2 cloud upon the people who lived in the valley below, killing over 1700 villagers and at least 3000 head of cattle.

But how do these killer lakes create a cloud of pure CO2?:

A hydrovolcanic eruption 400 years earlier created a crater in the lake, where massive amounts of carbon dioxide built up over the centuries. Volcanic rumblings continued miles below the surface, with gas seeping into the groundwater to create “CO2-charged soda springs” that bled into the lake, says Dr. George Kling, a biologist at the University of Michigan.

The problem with CO2 is that it builds up, “like in a soda bottle,” Kling says. No one can see the pressure building as long as the cap — in this case, the weight of the water — stays put and forces the gas to dissolve or be submerged. But when that cap is removed, it explodes like a warm, shaken Coke, with bubbles rising to the surface and a giant burst of CO2 escaping into the atmosphere.

Here's a handy illustrated guide that shows what happened inside Lake Nyos:

(See Full Size Here)

Luckily there are only three known "exploding killer lakes" in the world, and with only two eruptions on record it's unlikely these fatal cloud creating lakes will be killing again anytime soon.

But those who live near these lakes can't sleep well at night, because they never know when the lakes will strike again...

Read more about Exploding Killer Lakes here

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Marco Rubio Sitting In A Giant Chair: The Photoshop Battle

(Image Link)

We live in an age where people can say something at a debate, or post an embarrassing picture of themselves online, and almost immediate get responses...that are generally satirical in nature.

(Image Link)

Trump calls Marco Rubio "Little Marco" in a debate and the internet responds by photoshopping a picture of Rubio sitting in a giant chair, revealing what he'd look like as a tiny man trying to survive in a big, scary world.

(Image Link)

It's a time of technological wonder and sociological horror, as presidential candidates are subjected to all kinds of cruel and unusual stuff online, because the internet is like Thunderdome.

(Image Link)

See more images from the Marco Rubio PsBattle here (contains NSFW language)

-Via Gizmodo

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Guy Who Claims He Quit Smoking Caught By Google Street View Camera

(Image Link)

When you tell your friends and family that you're trying to quit smoking they can become like your own personal secret police, shadowing your every move to make sure you don't try to sneak a smoke.

This can lead to some awkward moments when they sniff your face and fingers, some shameful moments when you give in to temptation and a regressive moment or two when the smoker is caught red-handed.

Most of the time getting caught doesn't result in a funny story to tell, but when you get caught smoking by the Google Street View car the tale gets told to the entire internet.

Julie Ryding's husband Donald said he wasn't sneaking smokes after his heart attack, but along came that sneaky camera car to expose his secret in the most ridiculous way possible.

-Via Daily Dot

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The Struggle Is Still So Real

The struggle is all too real for some, while others breeze through life never knowing what it's like to work extra hard at something only to have dirt thrown in your face.

(Image Link)

Those of us who have learned to struggle with a smile know better than to sweat the small stuff, because a proper bun does not a hot dog make.

(Image Link)

When struggling becomes a part of daily life you expect to come up short here and there.

(Image Link)

But at the end of every long day you know your friends and fam are feeling your pain, and some of them have been dealing with the struggle since before you were born.

(Image Link)

See 12 Real Struggles That Take A Sledgehammer To Your Day here

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Drag Queen Phi Phi O'Hara Does 90s NickToons Cosplay

[ 39/365 ] #365DaysOfDrag "90S CARTOONS!" NEXT UP.....#DIDIPICKLES #rugrats

A photo posted by Phi Phi O'Hara (@phiphiohara) on Feb 8, 2016 at 8:24am PST

Drag cosplay is a relatively new and niche part of the performance art hobby, not to be confused with gender swap cosplay (crossplay) since those costumes rarely involve all the over-the-top style elements that are an inherent part of drag.

[ 44/365 ] #365DaysOfDrag "90S CARTOONS!" NEXT UP.....HELGA PATAKI! #HeyArnold!

A photo posted by Phi Phi O'Hara (@phiphiohara) on Feb 13, 2016 at 8:08am PST

If you love drag but aren't familiar with drag cosplay prepare to fall in love with Phi Phi O'Hara, a bright shining cosplay star all dressed up in the colors of your favorite 90s toons.

[ 38/365 ] #365DaysOfDrag "90S CARTOONS!" FIRST UP.....#DARIA!

A photo posted by Phi Phi O'Hara (@phiphiohara) on Feb 7, 2016 at 7:25am PST

Phi Phi pulled out all the stops to make every 90s NickToon look as authentic as possible, which is utterly amazing in most cases yet truly terrifying when the character being brought to life is Lil DeVille from Rugrats. *shivers*

[ 46/365 ] #365DaysOfDrag LAST WEEK OF THE "90S CARTOONS!" NEXT UP.....LIL! ;-P haha #RUGRATS!

A photo posted by Phi Phi O'Hara (@phiphiohara) on Feb 15, 2016 at 8:16am PST

See more of Phi Phi O'Hara's Amazing Cosplay at Fashionably Geek

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The Alternate Versions Of Wonder Woman

I posted a feature article a while back called The Wonderful World Of Wonder Woman Cosplay, which featured a few dozen cosplayers showing off their take on Wonder Woman's signature styles over the years.

Now Variant Comics has put together a video detailing "The Alternate Versions Of Wonder Woman", in honor of the Amazonian warrior princess' appearance in the upcoming movie Batman V Superman. (skip to around 1:45 for the variants)

(YouTube Link)

Whether you prefer the real life costumed versions found in cosplay or her colorful and curvaceous comic book look you must agree- Wonder Woman looks great considering she's 75 years old!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Do You Feel Anticipation Or Anxiety When You Look At These Photos?

These studio photos created by Aaron Tilley have proven to be quite polarizing when people view them, generally dividing viewers into two groups- those who anticipate and those who get anxious.

The anticipators can't wait to see what happens when the swinging rock strikes a match head thereby setting hundreds of matches ablaze, and they really look forward to watching these bricks smash that glass:

The anxious group, however, can't wait to look away from Aaron's utterly nerve-wracking images and take a Xanax.

Thankfully, you don't have to tell anyone which group you're in, because everyone around you will have a good idea whether you're anxious or not after you finish skimming through this post!

See more Stress-Inducing Photos Set Just Before Something Breaks here

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Track The Progress Of This Guy's Face Tattoos Through His Mugshots

Most people who get a tattoo on their face keep it small and simple, trying to add to their look rather than cover it up or change it.

But when people go for the full "sideshow freak" look and decide to tattoo their entire face the process typically takes a while.

So how can someone who will soon be rendered unrecognizable track the progression of their face tattoo?

Well, if you're anything like the Texas man featured in these pics, one Jacob Joe Pauda, you can track the progress through your mugshots.

As Jacob's crime escalated from racing and driving without insurance to aggravated assault over the last 3 years his facial tattoos have grown as well, turning him into one mean lookin' mug:

See These 10 Mugshots Show The Progression Of A Texas Man's Face Tattoo here

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Five Times Google Street View Cameras Have Helped Catch Criminals

Google Earth has proven to be a valuable tool in many different ways, but there's one interesting way the program was never meant to be used that is proving quite useful today- catching people in the act of committing a crime.

The Google Street View cameras have captured key evidence used to put criminals away, like the Brooklyn corner boys above who were part of a drug ring, or these twins accused of stealing the bike seen in the photo:

The boy in the pic struggled to prove the twins stole his bike, wallet and phone until he saw this Google street view image, which was taken moments before the crime took place.

The twins had a criminal record, so they were convicted and sentenced for the crime thanks to the Google Street View car that happened to be driving by.

Read What On (Google) Earth? 5 Crimes That Were Caught On Street View here (contains NSFW subject matter)

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