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What Eddie Campbell's Daughter Drew While He Worked On From Hell

The seminal graphic novel From Hell featured a superstar collaboration between Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore, and while the duo worked away on this dark saga Eddie's daughter Hayley, who was 7 years old at the time, had her own project in the works-The Ripper File.

Full of grisly ways to meet one's end, yet softened by the childish nature of the drawings and numerous misspellings, The Ripper File is just the sort of thing that would have cost young Hayley a trip to the school counselor had it been discovered in her book bag.

You can see a young mind hard at work at the link to Eddie's blog below, it's adorable in a creepy sort of way.

Link  --via ComicsAlliance

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Egg Russian Roulette World Championships

(YouTube Link)

File this under "competitions that seem stupid but people really enjoy watching"--egg Russian roulette, where hard boiled eggs are mixed in with the raw ones, and knuckleheads take turns smashing them on their foreheads to find out which is which.

Held in Lincolnshire, this egg headed competition draws some fierce crackers to the table, and everyone leaves with egg on their face. Just yolking! *facepalm*

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Gritty Street Photography By Nate "Igor" Smith

Nate "Igor" Smith is known for his work on the photo website Driven By Boredom, but he has another side, a street side that doesn't involve canned shots of people posing at events, a side that relies on happenstance to capture that perfect moment in time.

Nate's vision is raw and voyeuristic, catching sight of moments that the subjects would probably rather forget. These are scenes of city life-sometimes violent, sometimes strange, but always extremely NYC.

Link  --via AnimalNY

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Deadpool Fan Film Is Dead Funny

(YouTube Link)

Marvel's wise cracking, super powered assassin gets his day in the sun in this Deadpool fan film called Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday by Bean Dip Productions.

This hilarious fan film sets the bar pretty high for any Hollywood Deadpool that may (but probably won't) come out sometime before I die, and shows why Deadpool would make for a perfect action movie star.

--via Topless Robot

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Alan Moore Stops Griping And Starts Making Movies

Alan Moore is known as much for his writing as for his grouchy disposition, and generally hates the Hollywood treatments his works have received so far, which is why I think making his own movies is a brilliant idea!

Alan is working with his friend Mitch Jenkins on "a multi-layered, multi-episode narrative created by Moore and brought to life by Jenkins" called Show Pieces, of which the first installment Act Of Faith has already been filmed.

Hopefully Alan will be able to take criticism of his movies as well as he's able to dish it out!


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Celebrate The 40th Anniversary Of Deliverance With A Trip To The Cahulawassee

If you enjoyed the seminal backwoods sicko movie Deliverance, and you feel that its 40th anniversary is worth celebrating, then book a trip to the Chattooga River Festival and get to hootin' and hollerin'!

The booming outdoor sports industry sparked by this seminal movie is the inspiration for the first ever Chattooga Festival, and I'm sure those who attend will be squealin' like a pig in delight, as long as they steer clear of the nearby farms...

Link  --via AnimalNY

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Time Lapse Video Of Super Mario 3D Art Being Created

(YouTube Link)

Artist Chris Carlson is the focus of this time lapse video, which shows him hard at work creating some amazing Super Mario 3d chalk art.

Watch as his hands fly around, dropping lines on the ground like a surveyor, and marvel at the wonder of Mario themed art being created right before your eyes while a delightfully orchestral version of the theme song plays in the background!

--via TDW

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Life-Size Aliens Vs. Predator Metal Sculptures

These heavy metal sculptures of a Predator, complete with Alien head on his staff, and Alien xenomorph ready to strike were spotted in Vladivostok, Russia, hinting at a decidedly metallic battle which is about to commence.

Each statue measures over six feet tall, and weighs an impressively svelte 80 pounds, and can be yours for the low, low price of around $15,000 USD each, shipping not included.


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Avatar Themed Nightclub Opens In South Africa

Entrepreneur and fan of blue aliens Mike Basson has opened an Avatar themed nightclub in Rivonia, South Africa so people can get all spaced out on the dance floor.

It's called Avastar, looks ridiculously decadent with flamethrowers and optic fiber chandeliers, and should be just the thing for those who enjoy throwing their money away while many others in Africa struggle for survival.

Hit the link if you want to see a video which details just how cheesy, and vaguely Avatar themed, this eyesore of a nightclub really is.

(Video is barely NSFW due to a flash of Na'vi nudity in a painting, no pun intended.)

Link  --image via Nerd Bastards

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30 Year Treasure Hunt Ends With Discovery Of Celtic Gold

Treasure hunters Reg Mead and Richard Miles struck gold, and silver, recently when their 30 year long quest for buried treasure on the island of Jersey, which is off the coast of Normandy.

Here's more info on the treasure they discovered:
The treasure was inside a large block of clay. It contains 30,000 to 50,000 silver and gold Celtic coins dating from the 1st Century BC. The coins—which could have been buried to prevent Roman troops from getting them during Julius Caesar's invasion of the British Islands—come from Armorica. They have been buried for more than 2,000 years. According to numismatic experts, each coin is worth 100 to 200 British Pounds ($156 to $311).

The treasure is now on display at the Jersey Heritage Museum, where the curator will surely use it to fill a kiddie pool and dive in like Scrooge McDuck!


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Write Like The Wind George R.R. Martin!

(YouTube Link)

Greg DiCostanzo and Paul Sabourin are fans of the fantasy series A Song Of Ice And Fire, so they're urging George R.R. Martin to write like the wind and finish up this classic series.

People are living in fear that they've read every massive tome in the Song series yet won't ever reach the end of the saga, so to you I say-let this song be your anthem, as you eagerly await the conclusion to A Song Of Ice And Fire!

(barely NSFW due to language)

--via Nerd Approved

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Forest And Mountain Sculptures By Keisuke Tanaka

These wonderfully organic sculptures by Keisuke Tanaka reveal the artist's deep reverence for the beauty of the natural world, and look like something found in a fantasy forest.

They're carved out of solid wood, then meticulously hand painted so that even the smallest details will hold up to scrutiny. If I were an insect, I would be proud to make one of these sculptures my home!

Link  --via Hi Fructose

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Bowser Beer Is For Dogs

Attention humans--stop drinking all the Bowser Beer! It's made especially for dogs, so stop depriving those parched poochies of their favorite brew for the sake of a cheap buzz!

Doggies love the chicken and beef flavors, and you'll love the fact that your dog won't get cited for being drunk in public after tossing back a few of these tasty microbrews.

So, unless you're Bowzer from the 50s themed group Sha Na Na Bowser Beer is not for you, it's for dogs!

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Now This Is My Kind Of Hybrid Car

This is the Truckcar, the first hybrid vehicle that gets worse gas mileage than either of the original cars it's made out of.

This beastly crossbreed is actually posted for sale on Craigslist in Knoxville, Tennessee, and here's the hilarious ad:
for sale 1962 international truckcar, has every optional that a car could have ,has frontwheel drive driveline disk brakes all around , has air bags that are in working order has oldsmobile dash with tilt cruise , power seats , air -did work but i low of freon due from setting -can drive it anywhere, every light works as well as new cab lights allready has grandam door handles installed and work great, has alloy wheels and this truck has a good title which is titled as a international, has a grand am rear with the original duel exhaust, car is fuel injected and there are no check engine lights on?everthing is in working order but the aircondition is low of freon call if interested to much to list lots of time put in this car , have to many other projects to ,do so call 606 456 XXXX -no emails please -price is firm -have probly twice as much invested .-this vehicle will be sold where is as is...thanks

I'm sure this sucker will sell in no time!

--via Boing Boing

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Concrete Walls Project Presents Sawe

(YouTube Link)

The Concrete Walls Project is a video series which integrates works from the best graffiti artists worldwide into fun animated videos, bringing their works to life like never before.

Check out this episode, which features works by Catalan graffiti artist Sawe getting all animated as he paints the town, complete with a equally sharp soundtrack!

--via Juxtapoz

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Was The Prometheus Design Team Inspired By SpongeBob?

This split image pretty much speaks for itself, and the characters do seem to share a rather distinctive head shape/profile, but did the design team behind Prometheus really draw inspiration from this obscure character featured on SpongeBob SquarePants?

There's no way to know for sure, but it's fun to think that the concept artists were hanging out watching Nickelodeon when they found a character design that struck their fancy.

And we all know that SpongeBob is the cornerstone of creative character design, right? *wink*


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Glock Pistol Disguised As A Drill

I'm not sure if this custom firearm should be categorized under "neat" or "orama", but it's certainly unique.

It's a Glock model 21 .45 caliber pistol disguised as a DeWalt cordless drill, and it was created by Mark Bilicki with help from gunsmith James Oberkirsch. The drill element doesn't work, but the pistol is still deadly functional.

The question remains--what sort of person would want such a device? Maybe a disgruntled construction worker, or a hitman posing as a builder, or maybe Mark is both a gun collector and a big fan of DeWalt power tools?


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Guillem March Parodies His Own Catwoman Cover Art

When the cover art for Catwoman #0 was released it was severely criticized, and Guillem March caught a bunch of flack for both the unnatural pose of the character and the supposedly exploitative nature of the illustration.

Well, Guillem apparently had a good sense of humor about the whole "controversy", and decided to answer back with another version in the style of Robert Crumb.

So why was the obviously comical version generally well received while the original version was vilified?

Link  --via ComicsAlliance

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15 Incredibly Cool Cthulhu Tattoos

People have really taken a shine to that squid faced master of madness Cthulhu, to the point where they're willing to permanently ink up their body with his horrifying visage.

This article should really be called "11 Incredibly Cool Cthulhu Tattoos And 4 Rather Lackluster Examples", but you know how those list makers at BuzzFeed love to cram in as many examples as they can!

My question is-will you lose your mind if you stare at someone's Cthulhu tattoo for too long?


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Baby Cowboy Pig Will Lasso Your Heart

This here's the rootinest, tootinest, gunslinginest little oinker this side of the Rio Grande, and he looks mighty proud of his little cowboy getup.

You can call him cute, you can call him stinky, just don't ever let him catch ya callin' him bacon, or things will get mighty ugly...

He's gonna grow up to be the first reverse rodeo star, just as soon as he learns how to lasso one of them pesky ranch hands!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Creepy Test Footage From Alien

(YouTube Link)

This is test footage from the classic scifi film Alien which shows Bolaji Badejo, the unknown star who played the xenomorph, getting a feel for how the creature should move.

The video still manages to be quite creepy, which I attribute to the fact that Bolaji put a lot of work into playing the role, going so far as to consult with H.R. Giger to make sure he moved properly while in costume.

Man, I miss the good old days of actors wearing badass latex suits, although I'm sure the actors don't miss the constant battle with heat exhaustion!

--via i09

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The Dorkiest Way To Stay Cool This Summer

This is the Ice Cube Vest, and it isn't called that because rapper Ice Cube once wore it in a movie, but rather because it houses 96 ice pack cubes in slots that line the inside.

It's actually called the Flexi Freeze Ice Vest, but I felt compelled to make an Ice Cube joke so my apologies if you are now thoroughly confused by my ramblings.

This vest is sure to keep you cool, in a style that's somewhat less cool than say a bulletproof vest, but if you're at a party and the hosts run out of ice you can save the day and instantly become the coolest person in attendance.

Link  --via Gizmodo

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Bill Murray's Sally League Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech

(YouTube Link)

Bill Murray was recently inducted into baseball's South Atlantic League Hall of Fame, and his speech confirms that the League clearly chose the best man for the award.

Bill's speech is heartwarming, funny and reveals the deep love he's had since childhood for America's national pastime, and how he came to be co-owner of the Charleston RiverDogs.

They should reserve an award from each and every ceremony ever invented for Bill Murray, because he's still one of the funniest people on the planet, and one heck of a cool guy!

--via TDW


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Sculptural Chairs Made Out Of Recycled Junk

These chair sculptures by artist Jay Sae Jung Oh are both fun to look at and functional, and would make for one impressive place to park your keister after a long day at the old sawmill.

They are constructed out of trashy junk and refuse, which is assembled into an interesting shape then covered with a natural plant fiber called Jute.

They make the act of gathering and repurposing old junk look like loads of fun for the DIY set.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Millie The Feline Security Guard

By day Millie is an ordinary Meow Mix loving feline, by night she dons a security guard uniform and patrols the Bandai toy warehouse she calls home.

She was promoted to security guard when workers saw her vigilantly patrolling the Southampton warehouse floor, and now Millie has the distinction of being the first cat employed to do a dog's job.

Hopefully Millie won't partake of any catnip while she's on duty, because she needs to keep her eyesight sharp and her claws even sharper.

Link   --via TDW

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The 8 Wheeled Skateboard That Can Cruise Down Stairs

As a former skateboarder, I know how frustrating it can be to come up against yet another flight of stairs when you're tired of grinding handrails, or leaping from great heights, and you just want to go home.

That's where Po-Chih Lai's 8 wheeled Stair Rover comes in, with specially designed pivoting trucks that allow it to tackle stairs like a champ.

Now you can skate straight down the steps without wasting your energy stepping down them all, which should make the trip home a lot more fun.


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Hilarious Prometheus Parody Video

(YouTube Link)

The key to survival in the Prometheus/Aliens universe is clearly extensive training, at least according to this ridiculous comedy video by barelypolitical.

Actually, this video explains a lot....I've always wondered why such highly educated and well trained individuals head to an alien planet and start acting the fool and touching everything. Now I know-that's what they were trained to do!

--via GeekTyrant

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Preview Of Animated Series "Gravity Falls"

(YouTube Link)

Gravity Falls is a new animated TV show, created by Alex Hirsch, that will air on the Disney Channel starting June 29th.

This surprisingly fun, and beautifully animated, show is about two kids from the big city sent to spend the summer with their uncle in a strange Oregon town called Gravity Falls, where things get a bit weird in The Mystery Shack.

Take a look at this short preview, and have your faith in Disney television animation instantly renewed!

--via Cartoon Brew

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A LEGO Wall And Stair Rail Made From 20,000 Bricks

It's official-LEGO bricks have transcended the realms of mosaic art, sculpture and playtime and are now being used in home repair and restoration projects!

This colorful wall and stair rail are made out of over 20,000 LEGO bricks, and should withstand everything but a wave of bratty little kids tearing at it with their crooked little claws funny little hands.

It adds a fun look to the room, but I wonder if this plastic addition is up to Manhattan's building code?


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Kitschy Spider-Man Fan Film From 1969

(YouTube Link)

This video is the first Spider-Man fan film ever made, and it's full of all the kitschy charm and bad special effects you've come to expect from 60s scifi films.

This fan film was created by Donald F. Glut, who went on to write for animated TV series like Spider Man and his Amazing Friends and Transformers, and had many other Marvel fan films under his belt before he made this tribute to the wisecracking webslinger.

--via ComicsAlliance

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