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Granny G Raps About Family Values

(YouTube Link)

Granny G is a senior with hip hop in her soul, and she's got some advice for any young man thinking about bringing another fatherless child into the world.

Watch her display her serious rhyming skills on America's Got Talent, proving that you're never too old to win a rap battle.

--via Best Week Ever

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Patton Oswalt Is The Internet Troll

(YouTube Link)

Patton Oswalt stars as one of the original internet trolls in this hilarious comedy short. He's hoofed, hairy and misunderstood-get to know one of the web's most notorious figures, and you'll find that he's not such a bad guy after all!

(NSFWish due to one bad word)

--via Gizmodo

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Pop Culture Paintings By Dave MacDowell

Images of the Dude abound in the newest works by painter and pop culture junkie Dave MacDowell. They're brightly colored, tongue in cheek dedications to the gods of geekdom.

Gallery 1988 is currently showing the works of Dave MacDowell at their Santa Monica location now through June 2nd, and these works look even better in person, where the colors can pop you in the eye and the smell of nerdy desperation lingers in the air.

(NSFW due to coarse language)

Link  --via Creep Machine

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A Musical Makeover For The Professor Layton Games

(YouTube Link)

If you've ever played the video games in the Professor Layton series then you know that the one thing these games are missing is a suitably cerebral soundtrack score.

The folks at Gamological Society agreed, so they've created an alternate soundtrack for the games by using music composed by Yann Tierson.

It's just the kind of soundtrack you need to keep those mental juices flowing, as you try to puzzle your way through the often infuriating games in the Professor Layton series.

Link  --via Kotaku

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Cthulhu-Monopoly Crossover Board Game

The game is called The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, and it's sure to appeal to fans of both the Cthulhu mythos and the classic board game Monopoly.

It's full of cultists, eldritch horrors and the destruction of real estate, one RR and Park Place adjacent address at a time.

Created by Lee Moyer and Keith Baker, with pieces sculpted by Paul Komoda, The Doom is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, so if you like the premise you can contribute and make sure this awesome game hits the shelves.

Link  --via i09

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Beautiful Japanese Manhole Covers

Talk about urban beautification! Japanese manhole covers aren't just for covering holes in the ground, they're colorful and artistic and often embody elements of Japanese culture.

Booooooom! has a rather impressive collection of Japanese manhole covers for you to peruse at the link below.

Seeing how nice they all look makes me want to grab some paint and beautify my city, too bad the local law enforcement won't appreciate my artistic efforts!


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Illustrations For The Lord Of The Rings By Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta created a series of illustrations for The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings back in 1975, which were released as a limited edition, signed and numbered portfolio.

The illustrations are simply amazing, and his take on the LOTR universe probably would have made Tolkien blush, due to the lack of backside armor and the abundance of gore.

The illustrations are presented complete with tears and blemishes, obviously scans from someone's personal collection, but in my opinion that doesn't really detract from the overall beauty of the illustrations, and it saves you from having to shell out $400 (going rate on Ebay) just to see them all.


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Nerdy Protest Sign Makes A Valid Point

It's hard to argue with the protest sign this guy is carrying, unless you're one of those government intelligence types and you're trying to conceal the truth about the existence of time travel technology from the masses.

I wish I could travel back in time to the moment this guy finished making his sign and snatch it up, leaving behind a note which reads "protest noted and acknowledged, have a nice day!"


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Photographer Captures Uncomfortable Images Of Commuters

Having to ride the train home after work is bad enough, but when you are crammed so tightly into each car that your face is smashed up against the window the ride home becomes a trip straight to hell.

Photographer Michael Wolf decided to capture images of commuters at their most (de)pressed, all hope lost and face pressed to the glass, in his series entitled Tokyo Compression.

The images are at once uncomfortable and undeniably humanistic, and something anyone who has been forced to ride on public transportation in a major city during rush hour can relate to.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Classic Nintendo Characters As Japanese Woodblock Prints

Classic Nintendo characters, from NES games like Metroid, The Legend Of Zelda and MegaMan, explore their Japanese roots in this series of illustrations by Jed Henry.

Capturing the action of old school gaming with the style of traditional Japanese woodblock prints, these beautiful full color illustrations show us what Samus, Link and MegaMan would look like in an alternate Feudal Japan themed universe.

Link  --via Comics Alliance

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Electric Harp Performance Of A Game Of Thrones Theme

(YouTube Link)

This idyllic music video looks like it was filmed in a fantasy forest, and stars two beautiful harpists, Camille and Kennerly, who appear to be of Elvish ancestry.

And when the soothing sound of twin electric harps playing the theme to A Game Of Thrones sweeps over you, you'll believe that dragons can fly and feel the magic in the air. Or, maybe I had a few too many drinks with dinner...

--via Nerd Bastards

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Whacked Out MS Paint Drawings

It doesn't get much kookier, or more twisted, than these strange drawings done in MS Paint by a friend of Redditor TheLittleClayroo over seven years ago.

If you're familiar with, and like, the Dolan meme then these will be right up your alley, if not then you may appreciate the sick, silly sense of humor contained in each colorful scrawl.

Otherwise, unwind and enjoy a laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, and try to figure out what the heck this guy was thinking when he made these ridiculous drawings!

Link  --via Geekosystem

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Fun Pics Of People Being Blasted With Air

Faces are hilariously flexible, and when they get blasted by air they stretch and ripple like liquid rubber.

Get a load of the mugs in these pictures by photographer Tadao Cern, whose faces are caught in the midst of a hurricane force wind.

Now that's what I call exercising your facial muscles, could this be the new cure for wrinkles?

Link  --via i09

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When Sidewalk Art Turns Deadly - Chalk Warfare

(YouTube Link)

The makers of this fun vid took the expression "draw your weapons" and turned it into the premise for a short in which combatants must sketch their own arms out of chalk.

I really like the fact that they went out of their way to make the chalk weapons look super flat, and the 'splosions are a nice touch. Sidewalk chalk art has never seemed so dangerous!

--via TDW

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World's Tallest LEGO Tower Built in Seoul, Korea

The world's largest LEGO tower resides in Seoul, Korea, where "it took 4,000 children 5 days and more than 50,000 bricks to build a record-breaking 105 ft Lego tower" all for the sake of world record fame.

Hopefully a stiff breeze doesn't knock the tower over and send LEGO bricks flying across Seoul, making for an unpleasant surprise for anyone walking around barefoot.

And if you were already coming up with child labor jokes in your head while reading this article, hit the video link and prepare to ROFL!

Link   --video LINK

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Hilarious Punk Infomercial From The Early 90s

(YouTube Link)

The album is called Punk, and it's a CD compilation released in the early 90s which is chock full of hardcore hits like "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House and "I Want A New Drug" by Huey Lewis and the News.

Man, these songs make me want to dye my hair green and pierce my ears with safety pins! And the hosts in this infomercial are very angry, so it must be just what I need to become a real punk rocker!

--via Best Week Ever

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Video Games Based On Movies Based On Video Games

As a rule, movies based on video games tend to be just plain awful, so why would anyone bother making a video game based on a movie based on a video game? For the sake of profit, and so bloggers like myself can make fun of them, why else?!

Battleship the video game that's based neither on the blockbuster movie nor the board game? Mortal Kombat style video look for the Street Fighter movie game? Uggghh!

If you see these games at a store or in a friend's collection, do the world a favor and destroy them on sight!


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Amazing Ball Point Pen Art By Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg explores pop culture as the subject matter in his ball point pen drawings, in the style of classroom doodles on sheets of lined paper.

His hilarious illustrations make great use of color, tongue in cheek humor and as many popular movie icons as he can fit in between the margins.

(1 NSFW drawing of Total Recall alien)

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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The Walking Dead Are Coming To Comic Con 2012

Creator of the Walking Dead comic book Robert Kirkman plans to unleash hordes of zombies on San Diego during Comic Con 2012.

In fact, there will be so many zombies that he plans on renting a nearby stadium in order to house them all, and those willing to pay for a bone chilling experience with the undead.

Here's more on this gruesome event:
So, what are these activities? According to THR, they include: “an obstacle course where participants can do one of three things: be a survivor and race through a zombie-infested evacuation zone; be a walker who joins the ranks of the undead; or a spectator who watches from the sidelines during an Escape Party.”

“Our fans have been reading about it, watching it and now they get to live it with The Walking Dead Escape. We are literally transforming Petco Park into the early days of society’s collapse and San Diego is just the first city to fall.” said Robert Kirkman via press release.

Sounds scarier than watching a Padres game!

Link  --via Nerd Bastards

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PBS Series Off Book Showcases LEGO Art

(YouTube Link)

LEGO bricks have been used by artists and designers to create some rather spectacular works, from abstract to architectural, and what used to be considered mere child's play is now the preferred medium for square artists across the globe.

The PBS series Off Book sets its sights on artists that have chosen LEGO bricks as their medium, and the spectacular plastic works they create. It may inspire you to create some LEGO works of your own, and if you do please share!

--via Geekosystem

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Lying Isn't The Only Way To Set Your Pants On Fire

A woman in Orange County, California discovered that rock collecting can be a dangerous hobby, when the rocks she'd collected from the beach earlier that day suddenly ignited in her pocket!

Here's the scoop:
Orange County Fire Authority officials tell the newspaper that the woman collected the rocks on a nearby beach, returned home and "was standing in her kitchen ... when the pocket of her cargo shorts caught fire."
"I talked to the paramedic who treated her, and in his 27 years in responding to calls near the beach, he's never seen this," Fire Authority Capt. Marc Stone told the Register. "The rocks were still smoking when firefighters took them to the hospital."

Now, they're being tested. It's possible, Stone said, that phosphorus in the stones may have caused the combustion.

And they say hobbies like rock and shell collecting are a safe and relaxing activity.


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The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Is Ready To Make A Comeback

If you've wondered where rock god Prince has been hiding out for the last few years, it appears that he has been undergoing some radical anti-aging treatments.

But now he's back and looking even more youthful than when he started his career in the late 70s, ready to hit the stage complete with scooter and Purple Rain era wardrobe.

I'm glad to see that he's moved past that whole name change debacle and has chosen to embrace his roots. Now he just needs to hit the playgrounds and find a girl wearing a raspberry beret!


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A Different Kind Of NYC Subway Art

(YouTube Link)

Artist Ming Liang Lu has a rather unique way of creating portraits for customers that visit him in various subway platforms and tunnels throughout New York City-he cuts up small sheets of paper to look like his subjects, and the results are quite incredible.

The cut paper portraits are so small and delicate it's hard to imagine that such a clear likeness could be achieved in such a manner, but Ming has obviously been at this for a while (this video was posted in 2010), and his skills with the scissors are most impressive indeed.

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Totally Neat Animatronic Terminator Bust

This animatronic Terminator head looks like it came straight from Judgment Day, complete with red glowing eyes and teeth modeled after Schwarzenegger's own mighty set of  choppers.

Created by Animatronic Works Japan, it's not for those who fear the subjugation of humanity by robotic overlords, but it definitely makes one hell of a conversation piece!

Hit the link to check out videos of the head moving about, waiting for an opportunity to lash out against the humans who dare to keep it trapped inside a glass case.

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Adorable Animated Short - Crayon Dragon

(YouTube Link)

This imaginative and visually appealing animated short is by Toniko Pantoja, who is a second year student at CalArts with a promising career in animation ahead of him!

Dragons are always portrayed as ornery and bloodthirsty, so it's nice to know that they have a cutesy, artistic side too.

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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Trailer For Fugu & Tako Proves You Are What You Eat

(YouTube Link)

Sometimes a hankering for some unusual foodstuffs can result in an upset stomach, sometimes it can change your life forever.

Check out this crazy trailer for upcoming movie from director Ben West- Fugu & Tako, you'll never look at sushi the same way again!

--via Twitch

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Life Support Machines That Keep Each Other Alive

Installation artist and mad scientist Revital Cohen came up with a rather kooky idea for her latest work entitled The Immortal-connect a bunch of life support machines together so that they will keep each other alive ad infinitum.

Why, you may ask, would she do such a thing? "The Immortal investigates human dependence on electronics, the desire to make machines replicate organisms and our perception of anatomy as reflected by biomedical engineering."

You can see a video of the machines in action at the Beautiful/Decay link below. I wonder how much her HMO is charging her to use this array of machines?

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay


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Illinois Approves The Use Of Mini Horses As Service Animals

Miniature horse fans rejoice! Thanks to a Senate vote, miniature horses have now been approved for use as service animals in the state of Illinois.

Here's why mini horses make awesome guides:
According to the Guide Horse Foundation, miniature horses can be useful for people with severe allergies or phobias to dogs, or people who want an animal likely to live longer than a dog. The horses are strong enough to provide support when handlers need to lean on them, and they are not easily distracted by crowds.

So, the next time you see a mini horse on a leash, sporting a fashionable vest and some oh-so-cute little shoes, don't panic!

They're here to help, and they're not just in it for the free carrots.

Link  --via TDW

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Taste The Dark Side In Blk Bottled Spring Water

I don't consider thick black liquid to be a tantalizing beverage option, unless it comes in a shot glass and contains about forty percent alcohol, but Blk Beverages Black Spring Water claims to be more refreshing than drinking a bottle of ink.

It doesn't get you drunk, it gets you vitaminized, so here's the scoop straight from the source of the darkness:
Blk Beverages Black Spring Water's proprietary blend of Fulvic Minerals (a derivative of plant matter) are mined from a 70 million year old source deep within the earth. Naturally black in color, Blk Beverages Spring Water's formula binds to the molecules of Blk Beverages pure Canadian Spring Water turning it naturally black, with no artificial dyes, coloring, or additives. Fulvic Minerals are critical in growth of plant life, helping the transportation and absorption of nutrients. Fulvic Mineral's small molecular structure allows for the fast absorption of over 77 different trace minerals and elements, powerful electrolytes, antioxidants, and free radical scavengers.

Nothing like some free radical scavengers to quench your thirst. Mmmmmmmm!

Link  --via Super Punch

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Corn That Looks Like It Came From Candy Island

This heavenly rainbow of kernels is from a variety of corn known as Glass Gem Corn, and it looks like it would make the most fun batch of candy corn ever!

This unusual variety is grown by "Seeds Trust, a family seed company, got the seeds for glass gem corn from Greg Schoen who got his seeds from his "corn-teacher", Carl Barnes, an 80ish year old part-Cherokee man, in Oklahoma."

I can't help but wonder if this corn tastes as good as it looks? Either way, it would make the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner table decoration, or string them up at your next farm themed rave and watch everyone in attendance trip out on the colors.


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