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The DIY Weapons Of The Ukranian Revolution

The riots in Kiev, Ukraine, which subsequently turned into a full blown revolution, weren't started by soldiers or police officers, they were started by average people willing to fight for their rights against a corrupt government.

DIY weaponry is the norm among the freedom fighting citizen soldiers that form the front lines, and these weapons look like something straight out of a post apocalyptic movie.

Photographer Tom Jamieson has chosen to document the DIY weapons of the Ukranian Revolution in a totally artsy way, taking them out of the fray and simply showcasing the brutal ingenuity and crude beauty of each weapon.

And even though you can't see the wielders in these photos you can somehow get a sense about them simply by looking at their choice of arms.

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Kevin Bacon Explains The 80s To Millennials

(Video Link)

It’s hard to believe by looking at him, but Kevin Bacon has been acting in Hollywood since 1978, so if he can’t explain the importance of 80s Awareness to Millennials then nobody can.

Let two time Saturn award nominee Kevin Bacon explain to the young folks born after 1985 how the danger of getting nuked by the Russians while skateboarding to the store made life in the 80s one wild ride.

It's a good thing we had those comfy parachute pants on when the Russians invaded...oh wait, that's the plot of Red Dawn. My bad.

-Via Jezebel

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Man Reveals Crack Epidemic At Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

There are many things you’d expect to find at a Magic: The Gathering tournament- powerful custom built decks, rule mongering über nerds, dice, rulebooks and the occasional playmat. But there’s one thing that’s at every Magic tournament from here to Timbuktu, yet never gets taken into account by attendees, and that one thing is the mysterious butt crack.

Every gamer has one, not all of them on display, but attendee and redditor OB1FBM decided to pose with the visible cracks for a photo series that exposes an epidemic in the Magic: The Gathering community.

He calls his photo series Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle, and hopefully OB1FBM's bravery will send a strong message to future players of trading card games- Crack is Whack!

-Via BuzzFeed

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Dalek Head Discovered In UK Pond

Volunteers were busy cleaning up a pond near Beaulieu, Hants in 2009 when one of the volunteers, sales executive Marc Oakland, shifted a tree branch and saw humanity’s worst fear come to the surface.

Marc had discovered a Dalek head, which had clearly been in the pond for quite some time since it was covered in weeds and mold.

According to pond warden Tony Brown “We made a very thorough search of the rest of the bottom of the pond and there were definitely no alien remnants lurking”, but it’s possible that someone, or something, got to Tony before the interview and told him to say that so citizens of the UK wouldn't panic.

Only time will tell if the Daleks are on their way to exterminate us all, but one thing’s for certain- Marc now has a really cool Doctor Who related souvenir to hang on his wall!

-Via Telegraph UK

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One Dog's Incredible Life Saving Transformation

A driver in Canada spotted what looked like a pile of trash squirming around on the side of the road, so they decided to get out and take a look. They discovered that the strange, indiscernible pile of stuff was actually a dog with fur that was so overgrown and matted it could hardly move, let alone feed itself.

They took the dog to the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals, and a radical grooming session transformed him from a ratty looking hobo creature to this cute little dog ready for adoption.

-Via Daily Entertainment

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Book Lovers Pose And Complete Scenes From Book Covers

Indie bookseller and Los Angelean Emily Pullen had time to kill at work, and a camera in tow, so she decided to take some whimsical photos of people posing behind book covers, completing the cover scene and bringing them to life in a most amusing way.

She calls her series “Corpus Libris”, Latin for “Body Books”, and now Emily has a blog, a Tumblr site and a Twitter account, all of which feature these hilarious photos so she can share the fun with the world.

It’s a simple yet clever idea that makes for some delightful photos, and you can play along at home with books from your own library and some poseable friends.

-Via 22 Words

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Feast Your Eyes On This Animated Short Called Junk

(Video Link)

Some folks start their love affair with junk food at an early age, and when you’ve been sucking down cans of soda pop since you were in diapers it can be a hard habit to break.

Junk is an animated short written and directed by Kirk Hendry that deals with a kid named Jasper O’Leary’s strange relationship with food, and how giving in to an insatiable appetite can be hazardous to your health.

Even though it’s all CGI the characters and overall style seem like stop motion animation, and the narrator Barry Clayton has an awesome Haunted Mansion/Boris Karloff sounding voice.

-Via Cartoon Brew

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Wes Anderson Bingo- The Grand Budapest Hotel Edition

With Wes Anderson’s new film The Grand Budapest Hotel in theaters now it’s time once again to play Wes Anderson Bingo!

Throw on your favorite older Wes Anderson flick, watch for the characters and concepts on the board and mark them off, or take the bingo card with you to the theater and see how long it takes you to score a bingo!

Each bingo card can be randomized and printed out over at Slate, so you and your friends will be playing your own version of the game, striving to become the grand champion of watching awesome movies! When it’s a Wes Anderson flick, everybody wins!

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Amazingly Realistic Colored Pencil Drawings

Morgan Davidson has a way with colored pencils that few can rival, and she’s able to create some amazingly realistic self portraits, drawings of facial features and internal organs using nothing but those sharpened color sticks.

Morgan’s uses rich, saturated colors and soft contours to sell the realism in each drawing, and her attention to detail makes these pieces feel like they’re pulsing with life. Morgan really puts her heart and soul into her illustrations, and at just twenty one years old she’s got a long and colorful career ahead of her.

-Via Juxtapoz

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Explosive Mural With 3D Tank Sculpture By Andrew Schoultz

When Andrew Schoultz decided to create a mural for the Austin, Texas music and arts festival SXSW 2014 he wanted to go big, because they say everything is bigger in Texas. His answer to bigger came in the form of a 3D tank sculpture, which looks like it's crashing through the wall housing his explosive mural.

Andrew built the entire tank himself out of what appears to be painted plywood, and now it’s perched precariously on a wall he painted up just in time for SXSW attendees to look upon with equal parts admiration and fear.

This amazing 3D tank mural was created in collaboration with Juxtapoz and Converse, and it’s sure to make a strong impresson on SXSW attendees.

-Via Street Art News

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Out Of This World Fashion Designs

Far out fashion is all the rage on the runways and catwalks of the world, but if you’re a model wearing one of Enid Almanza’s sci-fi inspired fashion accessories you’d better have someone help you strut your stuff and get backstage again safely, because these fashion art pieces weren’t designed with visibility or comfort in mind. Maybe the future of fashion is forced blindness, style for the benefit of the viewer alone?

Enid’s extremely sculptural accessories, shoes and dresses are made (partially) from found objects, and the outfits look like something out of a space age movie or an episode of The Jetsons. Blinding yourself with fashion may not be all that appealing, but that fork fringe hat is solid gold!

-Via Hi-Fructose

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Man Says Goodbye To His Dog With A Touching Short Film

(Video Link)

Dogs are more than just our best friends- they’re our furry children, and a valued part of our family, so pet deaths tend to hit humans pretty hard.

Every human handles the death of a pet differently- some cry a lot, others grit their teeth and turn into cold, heartless monsters, some just get a new pet after briefly shedding some tears, and a select few decide to turn the whole thing into an autobiographical video.

Chris Neal is one of those video making kinds of people, and his project entitled Man’s Best Friend is dedicated to his faithful companion Griffey, who left a dog shaped hole in Chris's heart when he passed away.

It's touching, completely heartfelt, and one of the best ways I've ever seen to get closure after a beloved pet passes away.

-Via DesignTAXI

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Amtrak Offering Free Residency Program For Writers

Amtrak is hoping to bring the glory of the written word back on board their trains by offering a writer's residency program.

Up to 24 writers will be chosen to ride for free for two to five days, with a sleeper car and desk to call their own, as the train rolls across the country and the words spill out onto the page.

It’s a novel approach to bringing train travel back into vogue, but laptops, tablets and smartphones lack the romantic qualities generally associated with writing on a train, and the writers who attend this program will probably spend more time worrying about WiFi and phone signals and less time taking in the surroundings and simply letting the ride inspire them.

-Via Gothamist

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These Fruits And Vegetables Are Starting To Look A Bit Odd

(Image Via reddit)

(Image Via Rick)

With all the GMO food science going on these days it’s no wonder some fruits and vegetables have started to consider themselves to be more than mere produce, and they’re beginning to change their shape, grow limbs and sprout facial features- anything they can do to blend in with the human and animal populace that normally chews on them.

It’s a rather clever trick, because who would want to eat a fruit or vegetable that looks like a humanoid or a cute little duckie?

Vegans, that’s who, and they have made it their mission in life to devour as many of our planty pals as possible, whether they look cute or not.

Celebrate the life and times of some very unusual fruits and vegetables, before the Vegans come a-chewin' on their shiny hineys, check out the next stage of produce evolution here.

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Comedy Short- The NSA On TV

(Video Link)

The NSA needs your help to keep tabs on people who change their Safari browser to private, who call their mother for recipes, and those secret weirdos who send naked pictures of themselves to themselves, you know the type- potential terrorists and troublemakers.

The way the NSA keeps tabs on people is a lot like the paparazzi snooping on unsuspecting celebrities for a bit on TMZ, only these Americans didn’t ask to be famous, or the center of anyone’s attention, so spying on them is not only ridiculous- it’s boring!

It’s NSA on TV and it’s a Funny Or Die comedy short that makes a good point- what are you doing that’s worthy of the NSA’s attention? And does their snooping make you feel like a celebrity?

-Via Gizmodo

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A Hairpiece That Plays Huey Lewis Songs By Request

(Video Link)

A standard hairpiece has only one function- to hang out on top of your head and cover up your ever growing bald spot, keeping your scalp warm and covered.

But the hairpiece found on this interactive site by Old Spice doesn’t just sit around like a lazy lump of protein fibers- it plays Huey Lewis songs by request.

You simply log on to the site here, choose your favorite Huey Lewis track, like "Hip To Be Square" or "The Heart of Rock & Roll," and the furry little fellow gets to work cranking out a fairly shaggy rendition of your favorite track.

No tips needed, no two drink minimum-just you, your computer, and a Huey Lewis lovin' hairpiece. Smells like a million dollar idea to me!

-Via Topless Robot

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Custom Michonne Barbie Doll Fit For A Post Apocalyptic Toy Box

Many people feel that Barbie is an outdated icon of femininity, and that nowadays girls would rather be empowered by their abilities rather than just their good looks and material possessions.

That’s why we need to replace Barbie with someone like Michonne from The Walking Dead, someone who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and scream at the post-apocalyptic world "I am woman, hear my battle cry!"

Doll modder Peewee Parker created this custom Michonne Barbie doll for a new age of fierce femininity, and the only thing it's missing is a couple of armless, jawless zombie Ken dolls with chained collars, so she can drag those smooth groined freaks around by the throat and show all the other misogynistic dolls what'll happen to them if they try and mess with Michonne!

-Via Nerd Approved

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A Donkey Powered Taxi For Newborn Lambs

Donkeys may be one of the most stubborn animals on four legs, but when it comes time for them to help a flock of cute little lambies get from the pre-Alpine hills to the plains Of Lombardy, Italy to do some grazing with their woolly family they’re more than happy to assume the role of taxi.

Having donkeys carry a bunch of lambs in specially made saddlebags is not only practical- it’s downright adorable!

We first featured this lamb carrying contraption for donkeys on Neatorama back in 2007, so it’s good to see they’re still putting those lazy asses to work in Italy.

-Via WebBurgr

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Awesome Metal Animal Sculptures Made Out Of Silverware

You could use silverware as a utensil for eating, launch them at your buddies for a good old fashioned fork fight, or grab a pair of spoons and start slapping ‘em on your leg to a bluegrass beat.

Or you could follow artist Gary Hovey’s lead and turn a pile of stainless steel spoons, forks and knives into awesome metal animal sculptures.

Gary’s utensil menagerie includes a shaggy gorilla family made out of forks, an impressively realistic elephant made mostly out of spoons, and a cute little deer with spindly butterknife legs and spoony texture that really adds to its character.

And since the animals are made from stainless steel silverware they’re dishwasher safe!

-Via Beautiful/Decay

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Retro Styled Music Video For Science Fiction By The Telekinetics

(Video Link)

Here’s a far out music video for a groovy track that will take you way, way back, to a time when spacemen battled rubber aliens, UFOs flew through space on strings and a kidnapped dame or two needed saving just in the nick of time.

This spaced out song called Science Fiction by The Telekinetics, and the chorus is sure to become the mantra of those who trek around with stars in their eyes- I want to live in science fiction.

The Telekinetics have a timeless sound that goes well with the vintage black and white footage in their video, reminding us how charming sci-fi movies used to be before CGI brought the likes of Jar-Jar Binks and the Sharknado to the silver screen.

-Via Everything Is Terrible

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Scary Vintage Polish Movie Posters

According to these vintage illustrated movie posters from Poland watching a movie of any kind is a terrifying ordeal, and moviegoers who had to choose which movie to see based purely on these scary looking posters had better be fans of horror or they’re out of luck!

The collection starts with posters for Rosemary’s Baby, Poltergeist, Alien and The Birds, all admittedly scary movies, but then there’s a Cabaret movie poster featuring a swastika made from a dancer’s legs, a terrifying Tootsie poster that makes the main character look like a serial killer, and a grinning half skull, half flesh faced reaper type dude on the Young Frankenstein poster.

Either Polish movie poster artists are seeing Hollywood movies in a different way than we Americans, or they designed the posters before they actually watched the movies.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Star Wars Meets Rocky In This Stop Motion Short - Training Day

(Video Link)

Star Wars themed stop motion shorts have looked better, had more of a plot and come in longer in length than Training Day by John Punsalan, but this short has something the rest are lacking- Burgess Meredith as the voice of Yoda.

Training Day gives you both that “You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!” feeling and a healthy dose of action figure based geekery, and it proves that Burgess Meredith would have made a great replacement for Frank Oz, and a very inspiring voice for Luke to have in his corner.

-Via GeekTyrant

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This Is What American Parties Look Like Around The World

(Russia, Image Via Instagram)

(France, Image Via Instagram)


American is not only a nationality, a state of mind and something people shout at Border Patrol agents when they cross the border from Mexico, it’s also a popular party theme around the world.

People love throwing American parties, which generally consist of eating popcorn, hamburgers and other “American” food, drinking out of red plastic cups or beer bongs, with flag and red white and blue decorations everywhere and partygoers all dressed in American fashions.

They look like a cross between a high school sleepover, a frat party and a costume party all rolled up into one great excuse to get drunk, which is something Americans love to do when they throw their own American parties. See more pictures at Buzzfeed.

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Winter Is Coming- And So Is An Official Game Of Thrones Hip Hop Album

(Video Link)

There’s all kinds of Game of Thrones inspired merch out there, from clothing to action figures, but the latest in the long line of official merch is also the strangest- an officially licensed hip hop album with tracks by Common, Big Boi and Daddy Yankee.

The mixtape is called “Catch the Throne”, and it was created to appeal to hip hop fans that might not be familiar with the show, encouraging them to catch up on the show before the fourth season begins.

Even though it’s just a musical advertisement for HBOGO and VIBE magazine the tracks aren’t half bad, and it will soon be available to download for free via Soundcloud so you can’t beat the price!

-Via Topless Robot

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High Fashion Collection Inspired By Batman Villains

(Video Link)

The villains who go up against Batman are some of the most stylish, and most iconic, in all of comic book history. From the dapper Penguin to the clowny-yet-stylish Joker to the questionable attire sported by The Riddler, these villains ooze style and fashion sense so it’s only fitting that fashion designers would look to them for their latest runway inspiration.

Design duo The Blonds headed to Gotham City for their latest collection of cutting edge women’s clothing designs, and the Batman villain influence on their designs ranges from totally overt (Catwoman catsuit) to more subtle (Riddler purple jumpsuit with green furry jacket).

No word yet on whether this villainous collection has created a new batch of super posh criminals, but one thing's for certain- wearing that catsuit to a formal function will make you the center of attention!

-Via Fashionably Geek

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Simpsons Couch Gag By Sylvain Chomet

(Video Link)

The Simpsons couch gag intro has been recreated, interpreted and totally transformed by many of the greatest animators in the world, including Bill Plympton, John Kricfalusi, and the crew from Robot Chicken, and now Sylvain Chomet has applied his signature style to the gag for an upcoming episode.

Sylvain is best known as the director of The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist, and when Matt Groening asked him to create a couch gag sequence for an episode which will air on March 9th he jumped at the chance to do The Simpsons his way.

Sylvain’s incredibly unique style may make the animation on The Simpsons look pretty crappy in comparison, but nobody watches The Simpsons to be wowed by the art style, right?

-Via /Film

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Peeing In The Pool Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

We’ve all heard of people doing it, we’ve all done it on the sly once or twice in our life, and we’ve all heard the urban legends about the colorful chemical that identifies the culprit.

I’m talking, of course, about peeing in the pool, and up until now it has been seen as a harmless, albeit gross, thing to do when you’re swimming those summer days away and don’t want to get out just to empty your bladder.

But scientists have discovered something that will ruin your summer- peeing in the pool can be hazardous to your health. According to scientist from China Agricultural University and Purdue University “compounds in urine mix with chlorine to form chemicals that have been linked to respiratory effects in swimmers”, so the next time you take a dip try to hold it until you get out- for your health.

-Via Gizmodo

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Whimsical Clay Illustrations By Irma Gruenholz

Artist Irma Gruenholz creates illustrations in clay, which may lead to the question- doesn’t that mean she creates sculptures?

The answer is yes and no- yes they are clay sculptures, all three dimensional and stuff, but these dioramas are meant to be viewed as a full scene like an illustrations so no, they’re not what you would normally think of as a simple sculpture.

Irma’s whimsical scenes are full of colorful characters, silly humor and intriguing imagery that is enhanced by the sculptural quality of the elements in each scene. And although these scenes could have been drawn in 2D, or created in a 3D program, there's something much more endearing about the fact that Irma chose clay as her medium.

-Via Juxtapoz

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A True Detective Fan Site Worthy Of The Show

The new hit show True Detective features stellar performances by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey and a gritty noir inspired storyline, but what the show doesn't have is a website that makes fans wanna yell "alright alright alright!"- until now.

A fan site created by Nigel Evan Dennis recently launched called We Keep The Other Bad Men From The Door, and this fun "updated graphic tribute to HBO's True Detective" is full of information on the characters, clues and a detailed map of Louisiana showing where the events in each episode take place, among other things True Detective.

But be forewarned- the site contains spoilers, so if you aren't caught up on the show you might not want to visit the site just yet.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Animated Explanation Of The Big Bang Theory

(Video Link)

It seems that people have a better understanding of the theory of evolution these days, and yet they’re still plagued with questions about another scientific theory- The Big Bang.

What caused the explosion, and how did an explosion in space create a planet full of hairy bipeds?

Since The Big Bang theory is still such a hotly contested topic, the scientifically minded animators known as Kurzgesagt decided to cartoonify the theory so it could be easily understood by all.

Kurzgesagt have made all kinds of “short videos, explaining stuff”, but this one may be their most important entry to date.

-Via Sploid

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