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Wolverine Vs. Cyclops

Wolverine and Cyclops have a somewhat adversarial friendship, and not just because they've both got their eyes on Jean Grey.

But these mighty men are willing to put their differences aside when they're called to battle, which is why they're the ultimate representatives for the X-Men.

Blazers At Dawn has continuing coverage of the whisper war being waged between Wolvie and Ol' Lazer Gaze, as the two vie for control of the squad and their ordinary mutant lives.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Secrets That Were Stranded On Gilligan's Island

The castaways on Gilligan's Island claim to have kept no secrets from us or each other, but even the innocent looking star of the show has been hiding a secret all these years- because his name was originally supposed to be Willy Gilligan.

The name Willy never came up in the show, and Bob Denver insisted Gilligan's first name was Gilligan forever after the show, but Sherwood Schwartz named the character "Willy Gilligan" in the original treatment.

Schwartz came up with Gilligan's Island while at college, and originally intended the show to be a "social microcosm and a metaphorical shaming of world politics in the sense that when necessary for survival, yes we can all get along.”

Even the name of the ship was meant to make a statement, as the S.S. Minnow was named after the head of the FCC- because show creator Sherwood Schwartz hated him and felt like he was sinking the entire television industry.

Who says a silly TV sitcom can't have depth and make a bold statement?

Read 20 Surprising Secrets About "Gilligan's Island" You Need To Know here.

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Superheroes Who Need Their Own Video Game

Comic books and video games often fail to make a love connection, and while movie and TV show adaptations keep getting better video game adaptations almost always fall short of super.

But every once in a while a great comic book game like Deadpool, the Batman Arkham series or Injustice: Gods Among Us comes along and renews our faith in the medium.

So maybe game designers should focus on making character or team specific games that aren't just a direct movie adaptation, because characters like Batgirl, Moon Knight and Cyborg are dying for their own game!

(Image Link)

Nerdmuch? put together this list of 20 Superheroes Who Need Their Own Game, and while it has some good picks I think their list is missing three superheroic names in need of a game- The Tick, Howard the Duck and Lobo!

(Image Link)

Ocean of America tried to make a Lobo fighting game for the SNES twenty years ago, yet nothing has come up since. Seriously, what does the Main Man have to do to get his own game?!

See 20 Superheroes Who Need Their Own Game here

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Heavy Metal Without Distortion = Surf Rock From Hell

Ask anyone what makes heavy metal an unique genre of rock and they'll list off some key components- dark imagery, hard drumming, intense vocals and guitar distortion.

So it follows that removing one or more of these elements would essentially rip the heart out of that distinctive heavy metal sound, but how bad could a minor change be?

As this video from Paranormal Guitar Channel shows taking the distortion out of heavy metal guitar isn't so bad after all- because it becomes surf rock from hell.

(YouTube Link)

-Via eBaum's World

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Why Rounds Make No Sense In Mortal Kombat

Fighting games generally go out of their way to flash a great big K.O. across the screen when the round ends, so players know their fighter is still alive and coming back for another round.

But Mortal Kombat changed all that, because the "mortal" in the title meant characters were often dead by the end of the round, and could be dispatched with a grisly Fatality finishing move.

So how the hell did a fighter who was beaten to death come back for more in the next round? (Barely NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

This Dorkly video poses a theory, although it still doesn't explain how they come back from a spine ripping fatality.

-Via Laughing Squid

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102-Year-Old Woman Crosses "Get Arrested" Off Her Bucket List

(Image Link)

With all the stories circulating about cops killing kids and unarmed people it's nice to read a heartwarming story about police officers doing something good- like arresting an old lady.

Don't worry- the centenarian in question isn't a criminal about to spend the rest of her life behind bars, she's just a sweet old lady who wanted to cross "get arrested" off her bucket list.

102-year-old Edie Simms from St. Louis, Missouri has lived a life of generosity and goodness, but for some reason she's always been fascinated with the idea of getting handcuffed and thrown in the back of a cop car.

So Michael Howard, creative director of the 5 Star Senior Center to which Edie has been donating handmade items for nearly a decade, decided to repay her kindness by calling the cops.

Here's more on this unusual arrest:

Since one of the center’s volunteers is friends with a local police officer, the police department “offered to send a police cruiser to take her” to the center, Howard said.

Simms’ reaction was one of unbridled joy.“She said oh that’d be wonderful and said, ‘do you think that they’d put the handcuffs on me?’” Howard recalled.

Once in the back of the car, Howard said Simms was one proud passenger. While passing a county police officer, Howard recalled: “Edie held her hands up to show that she had the handcuffs on! She’s just such a neat lady.”

-Via Huffington Post

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Makeup Artist Turns 3-Year-Old Into An Old Hag

Makeup artists love to see how far they can take a transformation before it becomes too obvious or ridiculous.

Which is why they often choose to do old age, gender or species swap makeups, so they can show off their face painting skills by completely transforming a subject.

But makeup artist Lynn Hetherington Becker really had her work cut out for her when she decided to transform this darling 3-year-old girl into an ugly old hag.

Lynn's subjects are typically little cuties who have their cuteness enhanced by the adorable images she paints on their faces.

But when Lynn goes for a transformative old age look the illusion is only broken when the camera pulls out and reveals the hag's cute little hands and feet.

-Via Bored Panda

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Honk If You Love These Hilarious Bumper Stickers

(Image Link)

Bumper stickers can be an eyesore, a way to induce road rage and a way to make us LOL while we're driving, but they rarely say anything we should take seriously.

Because only a total crackpot would think a bumper sticker stating their cracked opinion about an issue would have the power to actually change someone's mind.

(Image Link)

Of course, there are plenty of witty and insightful bumper stickers out there, with slogans we can actually get behind, so we can't entirely dismiss the power of their slogans to stick in our minds.

(Image Link)

But who wants to read some racist, sexist or religious slogan some crackpot felt like sharing with the world when we can read silly slogans we'll actually want to share with our friends?

(Image Link)

And why would you want to use your bumper sticker to shove an agenda down another driver's intake manifold when you can make people smile with a silly slogan?

(Image Link)

See 32 Funny Bumper Stickers You Could Actually Commit To here

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Mush It Up People!

Humans naturally hate Daleks, not because they want to exterminate us all but rather because they remind us of ourselves.

We're soft, squishy little critters hiding behind steel walls too, fragile creatures afraid to crawl out of our armor shells for fear of being stepped on.

And, according to this Owl Turd comic, it all begins with life throwing NOs at us, which is why it pays to develop a healthy appetite for rejection.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Gross Art Series Featuring Dissected Pop Culture Characters

There are many ways to deconstruct a pop culture character, but anatomically minded artist NYCHOS prefers a direct deconstruction, slicing the character into layers so we can see what they're made of.

NYCHOS has a knack for infusing a character's internal organs with their personality, making it clear that you're looking at Batman's guts, Mario's boney fist or Spidey's grinning skull.

(Image Link)

And once you've seen your favorite pop culture characters split into an exploded view that leaves nothing to the imagination you'll know what makes them tick- which is liable to make you feel sick!

(Image Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Designers Create Real Life Playmobil Guy Hair Helmet

Bike helmets don't just protect the heads these days- they serve as a fashion accessory and get the rider lots of attention, which is exactly what many kids are looking for in a helmet.

In fact, kids are better about wearing a helmet that looks cool, and since their safety is a top priority, helmet designers try to make their designs visually appealing for kids.

And since kids love Playmobil, designers Simon Higby and Clara Prior teamed up with MOEF to create wearable Playmobil guy "helmet hair" so kids will want to wear it while riding.

Simon and Clara based their design on actual Playmobil guy hair, using 3D software to scale up a scan of the tiny hair piece and merge it with a standard helmet, then they 3D printed a prototype.

(YouTube Link)

This helmet is sure to appeal to the wee ones if and when it hits the market, and before you know it helmet hair will be all the rage once again!

-Via Bored Panda

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How The Part In Your Hair Affects Your Overall Appearance

Hairstyles affect the way we look more than most people think, and anyone who's ever gotten a bad haircut knows how easy it is for a  hairstyle to make us look older, heavier or less attractive.

A radical hairstyle can make you look totally hip while an outdated hairstyle can make you look like a bit of a kook, but all it really takes to radically alter our appearance is a part in a different place.

Refinery29 enlisted hairstylist Paul Warren to help demonstrate the power of the part on six of their staffers, and these parting shots prove going middle or side makes a huge difference.

Paul offers this advice on how to find your natural part, and why we should play with our hair:

"Comb back your wet hair with your fingers, and then push forward with your palm at the crown of your head," Warren instructs. "Your hair will split where it naturally falls."

"I don't think face shapes really matter anymore," Warren says. "The [face-shape guide] was a nice rubric, but when you take that away you just get so much more room to play. It's just what looks good on you, whatever you're comfortable with, and whatever you can rock."

See Changing Hair Part Before And After Photos here

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Our Favorite Fall Activities - Instagram Vs. Real Life

I love Thanksgiving cherry much #vscocam #pieyall

A photo posted by cait meisenheimer (@caitmeise) on Nov 26, 2014 at 1:18pm PST

For some reason people feel the need to show off their crafty side via social media during the fall more than any other time of year, but as we all know those shared pics aren't to be trusted.

Because the shot could be staged, it could be the best shot out of a hundred taken, or that person could secretly be a professional pie maker instead of acceptably average like the rest of us.

(Image Link)

So why do people feel the need to lie about their skills via Instagram? Because they can, and because the people in their circle want to believe their "friend" is truly talented.

#halloween #pumpkin #halloweenpumkin #funny#cadıbayramı #cadi

A photo posted by Esra (@ezradefne) on Oct 9, 2016 at 2:12am PDT

But in reality only a few gifted souls manage to carve their pumpkins like a pro every year, much less properly stage and photograph their work to make it look poster worthy.

The rest of us end up with a splitting headache and a lackluster pumpkin presentation.

(Image Link)

People also love to exaggerate about how much fun they're having now that it's fall, gushing about their trip to the pumpkin patch like they've just visited some squash-based wonderland.

When in reality going to a pumpkin patch is more likely to make you feel like this guy:

(Image Link)

See Your Favorite Fall Activities On Instagram Vs. Real Life here

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A Supercut Video Of The Best Supporting Weirdos

Weird characters are always memorable, and they help shape the look and feel of a movie whether they're part of the supporting cast or the main Magoo.

Actors like Crispin Glover, Marty Feldman and John Malkovich are known for the kooky characters they've played, so we know what to expect when we see them in a movie.

But some of the best supporting weirdos have been a one-off role for leading men and women such as Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein and Robert Blake in Lost Highway.

(YouTube Link)

Filmmaker John Lefkovitz put together this supercut of strange characters who have appeared in our favorite flicks, proving movies just wouldn't be the same without supporting weirdos.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Nose And Tongue

Your nose and your tongue work together to deliver sensory information to your brain, and even though they rarely get to meet these two facial friends really rely on each other.

But sometimes tongues get stuck out in derision and noses are stuck in the air, and we're forced to bring the two together with the ultimate unifying force- pizza.

The power of pizza- The Awkward Yeti totally gets it.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Foods That Used To Be Completely Different

There's lots of talk about GMOs, gluten and trans fats these days, and nowadays people feel like they know more about the food they're eating and where it came from than they did a few decades ago.

But we still don't know a whole lot about how the food we buy at the grocery store got to be the way it looks and tastes today, which is why food history factoids are so delicious.

And once you've learned some fun new facts about your favorite foods you'll have plenty to chew over with your fellow foodies!

See 22 Foods You Didn't Know Used To Be Completely Different here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Researchers Believe There Are Four Common Personality Types- Which One Are You?

People are always coming up with new theories on how to divide us all into categories according to our personality, most of which use broad terms to make sure everyone fits in to the system.

But when the people creating this personality division system are psychologists we should probably take note, because even if doesn't change our own minds it may teach us about how others think.

Researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid believe 90% of people belong to four basic personality groups- Optimists, Pessimists, Trusting and Envious.

The Envious are the largest group, with 30 percent, while the other three groups have twenty percent each, with ten percent of people fitting into the category they haven't figured out yet.

The system is based on the way 541 volunteers responded to hundreds of different social situations and whether they chose to conflict or collaborate with others.

Here's more from head researcher Anxo Sánchez:

“Two people can hunt deer together, but if they are alone, they can only hunt rabbits.

“The person belonging to the Envious group will choose to hunt rabbits because he or she will be at least equal to the other hunter, or maybe even better; the Optimist will choose to hunt deer because that is the best option for both hunters; the Pessimist will go for rabbits because that way he or she is sure to catch something; and the hunter who belongs to the Trusting group will cooperate and choose to hunt deer, without a second thought.”

Read These Are The Four Most Common Personality Types here

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Japanese RPG Enemies You Always See While Questing

Japanese roleplaying games used to be the freshest and most unusual take on the RPG genre, but now that gamers know what to expect every time they play a JRPG the magic has fizzled out.

And somewhere around the tenth time you've fought a giant rat, a plant monster with an annoying array of stun powers, or a tiny but incredibly powerful boss monster you start to wonder why you keep buying JRPGs.

Tristan Cooper and Andy Kluthe are all too familiar with the buyer's remorse felt after playing a Japanese RPG, so they created this comic strip to show gamers why they should save their money for the new South Park RPG instead!

See The 8 JRPG Enemies You Always See On Your Quest here

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Prankster Uses Explosive Bait Box To Cover Package Thief With Poo

Package theft is one of the most frustrating forms of theft, especially when nobody in your neighborhood sees the crook, so victims look for ways to catch thieves in the act.

Some set up cameras, others use decoy packages or traps on their porch, but theft victim and prankster Tom Mabe decided a package thief with poo on their face would be easy to catch.

So Tom made a "bait box" set to explode and spray poop all over the thief forty seconds after being touched, then he went to the security cam footage to watch his crappy revenge plan unfold.

(YouTube Link)

-Via RealClear

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A Collection Of Truly Tasteless Halloween Costumes

A-holes- they're everywhere, in every social circle and at every social gathering, and the best time to find them and flush them out is Halloween, when the a-holes reveal themselves with their awful costume.

It's easy to tell who's the a-hole at a Halloween party- they're the one wearing a costume that's not just inappropriate- it's downright disgusting.

BuzzFeed put together a pictorial guide to the male and female a-holes you might run into at a Halloween party, so you'll know what your friends mean when they say "avoid the Texas Hold 'Em!"

See 27 Halloween Costumes To Buy If You're Literally The Worst here (NSFW)

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Hilarious Kid's Menu For Indecisive Children

Some kids are such picky eaters that nothing on the menu ever sounds good to them but dessert, making their parents wish they could just let the kid eat a sundae for dinner and be done with it.

But kids will always be stubborn about ordering and dessert ain't dinner, so The Deli Mansion Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania changed the name of the items on their kid's menu to fit a picky kid's lingo.

So when picky kids say "I don't know", "I'm not hungry" or "I don't want that" they're actually ordering from the menu!

-Via Laughing Squid

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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The Tanzanian Rescue "Fortress" That Protects African Albinos From Human Hunters

Humans hunting humans sounds like the plot of a horror movie, but it's a sad reality for many Africans born with albinism.

People in Tanzania and other parts of Africa believe an albino's body is either magically blessed or cursed, so they're barbarically dismembered or killed over their magical properties.

In fact, so many albinos have been killed or maimed in Tanzania the government had to come to their rescue by setting up special centres where they can live in peace.

The largest of the bunch is the Kabanga Refuge Centre, a rescue "fortress"in Tanzania dedicated to saving the lives of young albinos who would otherwise be hunted down due to their cogenital disorder.

Documentary photographer Ana Palacios visited the Kabanga Refuge Centre between 2012 and 2016 to shoot these wonderful photos and share the plight of African albinos with the world.

Ana's photos contain a tinge of sadness, the light of hope and the warmth of knowing these kids are safe to live and play like any other kid, rather than being brutalized by the ignorant and superstitious.

Read Rescue 'Fortress' In Tanzania Protects Albinos From Human Hunters here

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The Rock Reacts To His First Pro Wrestling Match

Before Dwayne Johnson became one of the biggest (literally) movie stars in the world he was The Rock, one of the most popular WWF/WWE wrestlers of all time.

And before he was The Rock Dwayne went by the name Rocky Maivia, Rocky for his pro wrestler father Rocky Johnson and Maivia for his pro wrestler maternal grandfather "High Chief" Peter Maivia.

With generations of pro wrestlers behind him, Dwayne had every reason to come on strong during his first WWF match back in 1996, and he has every reason to be embarrassed about that day too. (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

-Via Uproxx

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If Disney Princesses Were Moms

According to the old schoolyard rhyme three things happen after two people are spotted k-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree- first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.

So it follows that Disney princesses must have started a family some time after the end of the feature and beginning of the fairy tale marriage, and at least a few of them must have been terrible mothers.

Illustrator Paul Westover has given us a glimpse into the post-movie lives of Disney princesses, and it seems some were born to be moms while others face an uphill battle against their beastly offspring.

See If Disney Princesses Were Moms at CollegeHumor (NSFW-ish)

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Bachelor Life Hacks That Can Improve Everyone's Lives

Not all bachelors live the stereotypical "bachelor pad" lifestyle- some have roommates who cook and clean for them!

All kidding aside- it's sad how many guys actually fit that mold when they're single, but those who would rather live well than eat Bachelor Chow for the rest of their days learn to hack the bachelor life.

These savvy singles know a tortilla can be used as an edible plate, the caddy in the shower makes a perfect beer holder, and Oreo cookie bits belong in a pepper grinder.

(YouTube Link)

This can-do attitude guarantees a creative bachelor won't be single for long, because he'll know how to impress potential partners with his stink free sneakers fresh from the freezer

(Image Link)

And when it comes time to celebrate his new love, or the fact that he's single but not hopeless, he'll have his moist cake and eat it too thanks to this clever sandwich bread hack:

(Image Link)

See 32 Bachelor Hacks That Will Improve Everyone's Lives here

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GO Player Discovers There Are Pokémon In The Sahara Desert

Apparently Pokémon GO players have run out of places to find those elusive creatures, because we're seeing more posts about people searching for Pokémon in the strangest places.

Have you ever wondered if there are any Pokémon hiding in the Sahara desert?

Rocket News 24 writer Masanuki Sunakoma did, so he headed out to Morocco to see if it was even possible to catch Pokémon in such a remote location.

Stationed out of the village of Mezouga, which contains cell towers from Morocco Telecom, Masanuki walked into the desert and soon saw signs of virtual life.

Turns out there are a bunch of Pokémon in the Sahara, seven different species to be exact, but as expected there are no gyms or PokéStops, or phone charging stations, or people....

Masanuki didn't stay long, but it appears he was still able to have a ball playing Pokémon GO in the Sahara desert!

-Via Now Loading

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Why Americans Don't Use Bidets

Ask anyone who has used a bidet and they'll tell you it's an experience that will change the way you think about going to the bathroom, especially in terms of toilet paper usage.

And yet bidets never caught on here in the United States, even though American inventor Arnold Cohen created one of the most popular bidet seat in the 1960s and has been trying to put them in our homes ever since.

Everyone's concerned about going green these days, which means cutting down on our usage of paper goods, so why don't Americans use bidets?

(YouTube Link)

Today I Found Out created this video to answer the question so many Americans ask themselves after using a bidet- why don't I have one of those in my home? The answers are all a bit crappy...

-Via Laughing Squid

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Some Of The Most Beautiful Homes On TV

Most television shows are shot on a set built to replicate the appearance of an interior space, but they almost always start with an exterior shot to set the mood of the show and tell the audience where it takes place.

This exterior shot is used to set the location and mood of the show, so we know The Munsters is going to be comedic horror while Full House is going to be family oriented and inoffensive.

(Image Link)

House Beautiful put together a collection of Beautiful Television Homes, including interiors such as Frasier's Seattle apartment and Will & Grace's well-designed space, as well as TV homes that looked amazing inside and out.

I'm glad the Addams Family house made the list, because it has always been my idea of an ideal and awesome home. 

See 30 Beautiful Television Homes We Wish We Could Call Our Own here

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Why We Play Difficult Video Games

Most gamers start out playing video games purely for the fun of it, wanting nothing more than to experience a new form of interactive entertainment that amazes us when we're kids.

But there comes a time when we start using games as an escape from reality and a way to deflect our problems, and the bigger the problem the more difficult the video game we choose to play.

This comic by Julia Lepetit may help you figure out why your friend keeps playing that impossibly hard game even though it infuriates them, or maybe you're the one who keeps banging their head against the wall...

-Via Dorkly

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100 Years Of Fashion Revolutions

Many innovations in style, textiles and clothing manufacturing happened during the 20th century, perhaps more than any other century before, making clothes more than just a necessity.

People began buying clothes "just because", fashion trends filling their closets one decade and refilling them with the new trends the next, and lower clothing costs made these styles accessible to all.

(YouTube Link)

This new installment of 100 Years of... by Mode reveals ten of the Fashion Revolutions that happened in the 20th century, starting with artificial silk and ending with the 3D printed fashions of the future.


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