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The Truth About Kool-Aid

Have you ever wondered why the Kool-Aid Man is so happy to dispense the drink that makes up most of his body to children around the world?

It's because he is secretly a vampire who forces kids to drink his blood so he can add them to the ranks of his Tropical Punch flavored army of the undead.

Either that or he's just a big ol' sicko with a painted on smile! Oooooh Yeah!


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The Fashionable Russian Army Ensembles Of The 1890s

The men who made up the ranks of the Russian Army in the late 1800s were a rather fashionable bunch, and some of the shots in this gallery look like they came straight out of a fashion magazine.

Maybe it's the way the men are posing, or the abundance of fur and shiny bits, whatever it is that makes these guys look like they're ready to storm the runway instead of the front lines makes me want to cue the house music and drop the lights!

Hobnob with the rest of the armed and extremely fabulous at the link below.

Link  --image credit: Bibliothèque Nationale via Rio Wang

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Twisted Animated Parody Of Harry Potter

(YouTube Link)

This cautionary parody of Harry Potter reminds us how important it is to say the proper words when casting a spell, and to stand back a ways from whatever object you're casting a spell upon!

It's short and straight to the point, with lots of animated blood for the cartoon gore lover in all of us...

--via Gizmodo

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The Diving Suit That Inspired The Big Daddy

Remember that mindless bucket of bolts known as the Big Daddy that you had a hard time killing while playing Bioshock 1 and 2?

Well, it turns out that the iconic look of the Big Daddy was inspired by an actual diving suit that dates back to 1882.

Created by brothers Alphonse and Theodore Carmagnolle, it weighed a whopping 838 pounds and had 20 ports on the helmet which give it a signature look that is way too cool to abandon on the ocean floor.

It's a museum quality death trap worthy of admiration, just don't drop some poor soul in the water wearing this getup or they'll likely never be seen again!


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This Wireframe Desk Is A Pen's Worst Nightmare

A pen sure could get lost in this strange wireframe desk. A paperclip could plummet to its death, and don't even try to write anything down unless you're drawing squares.

Created by South Korean designer Bomi Park, it was meticulously crafted out of metal rods, it looks like The Matrix for office products, a giant dimensional metal grid that will swallow important memos and make the office packrats feel right at home.


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Pics Of Puppy Food Coma Victims

These photos reveal just how hard a puppy's life can be, so hard and so so tiring that eating is enough to tucker these little cuties out!

Watch as they dream about chasing cats, destroying the vacuum monster and all the kibble they can eat, as they embrace their food comas and look adorable without even trying.


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Amazing Figures By Skeleton Heart

The husband and wife team of awesomeness known as Skeleton Heart, aka Anthony and Lisa Parker, have created a bunch of new works for circus sideshow themed art show The Emporium at the Strychnin gallery.

These incredibly realistic, and highly detailed, figures are cast in silicone and meticulously hand crafted, from the hair on their freakish little heads to the shoes on their feet. They are truly amazing works of figural art!

Check out their blog if you want to see some amazing process shots, I found them both enlightening and inspiring!

Link  --via Super Punch

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The Dark Knight In Real Life

(YouTube Link)

From the makers of Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Die Hard and The Shining in real life comes the tale of a sad looking Dark Knight hauling an even sadder looking Batcycle around the streets of Cambridge, spouting bits of wisdom and running around like a bat out of hell.

It's stupid funny, and should be expanded into an entire series as soon as possible. Just don't try jumping off of any buildings while holding on to a cardboard Batwing guys!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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The Joy Of Purchasing New Beds For Your Pets

I'm sure anyone that lives in a household with multiple pets can relate to this cartoon!

You think you're doing right by buying a new bed, or toy or treat, for each of them, only to find that all they really want to do is to fight over the same spot!

Which is why my cats ended up sleeping in cardboard boxes with a sheet inside, so I didn't have to spend money on new beds they would ultimately reject.

Oh you crazy critters! *shakes fist while smiling*

Link  --via Tastefully Offensive

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Dora The Explorer Gets The Hollywood Treatment

(College Humor Link)

This is exactly what I'd expect a Hollywood version of Dora the Explorer to look like, complete with ridiculous casting, lots of suspense, and some over the top action sequences thrown in for good measure.

Watch as Dora, Map and her friend Diego hunt for the infamous Swiper, while remaining educational for the audience!

--via College Humor

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Fun 8-Bit Cross Stitch Video Game Art

These pixelated works of hand stitched video game art were created by Etsy seller 8 Bit Stitches, and they bring a bit of old world craftsmanship to the modern gamer's home.

It's a cute and simple idea that may inspire the sewers out there, myself included, to start thinking in terms of, and working with, pixels whenever we pick up a needle and some embroidery floss.

So stitch like it's 1984 via 1894 sewaholics, and let's see what we can come up with!

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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Animated Ride Through The Evil Dead Movies

(YouTube Link)

This devilishly good cartoon version of the Evil Dead saga is brought to you by Daniel Kanemoto, whose videos play out like a digitally animated tour of the movies, as if you're watching from the seat of some nightmarish roller coaster.

So strap in and enjoy the ride, but when Ash starts waving his boom stick around you'd better watch out!

--via i09

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Floating Island Homes For The Financial Elite

These floating island homes are known as the Orsos luxury island yacht estates, and they're the ultimate in decadent housing on the high seas.

There's room for twelve on board, and the whole thing is powered by solar panels and a wind energy system, although if you can afford one of these monstrosities then energy costs are probably the least of your concerns.

If you're thinking about getting one you'd better pack some serious firepower on board, because I guarantee that these will become prime pickings for all the pirates floating around out there!

--via Gizmodo

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Awesome Embroidered Artwork By Izziyana Suhaimi

Singapore-based artist Izziyana Suhaimi has come up with an interesting and unique take on embroidery art-she embellishes her drawings with colorful stitches, creating a threaded splash of color on an otherwise flat illustration.

She describes her subjects as "strange and awkward but attractive girls", and her drawings of these girls are quite compelling in their own right.

But add a splash of embroidered color and texture and you've got a piece worthy of becoming your latest crush.

Link  --via Flavorwire   --image credit: Izziyana Suhaimi

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LED Guitar Helps Beginners Learn To Play Like A Pro

Learning to play guitar usually means watching someone else place their fingers in the right spots and attempting to copy, then trying to remember where the heck you're supposed to put them all when it comes time to play that chord again.

That's why this Fretlight LED guitar from Optek Music Systems seems like a fun and easy way to learn how to play.

LED lights show you the proper finger placement for whichever song you're playing, so you just have to follow the little red lights and you'll be playing in no time.

It's like your own private tutor and light show all rolled into one!

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Newest Trailer For Frankenweenie

(YouTube Link)

Tim Burton is finally going to be able to see one of his very first projects come to life on the big screen in the animated treatment of Frankenweenie!

This feature length animated film has the morbid stop motion style you've come to expect from Burton, and looks like it will be a ghoulishly good time.

And just for kicks here's the LINK to the original live action short of the same name! It's a two-for-one here folks, so get your popcorn a-poppin' and enjoy!

(please note that I have no way of knowing whether either of these YouTube videos will play outside the U.S., so I apologize in advance if you are unable to watch them...)

--via Geek Tyrant

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The Portable Bottle Cutting Tool

If you've ever seen those nifty glasses made out of old alcohol/beer bottles and thought "I sure would like to make those for my house" then check out this neat new device.

It's called the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, and it was invented by Patrick Lehoux, a man with a vision for just what to do with all of those empty bottles he had lying around the house.

Right now this invention is at the Kickstarter phase of production, but I'm sure it will do quite well when it's released commercially. I know what my friends are getting for Christmas this year!

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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The Star Wars That I Used To Know

(YouTube Link)

This hilarious parody of the music video for Gotye's hit song Somebody That I Used To Know takes us back to a time when Star Wars was fun and familiar, without all those cheesy deleted scenes, less than creative explanations and CGI nightmares.

Darth Vader was somebody that I used to know, but now that I've seen him with a braided rat tail in his hair I just don't know...

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Art Of Arm Contortion

(YouTube Link)

This video features the Turf Dancers showing off their "bone breaks", arm contortions that are almost painful to watch.

I have a feeling that these guys are part puppet, either that or they've had their joints replaced by rubber bands!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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One Joke From Every Episode Of Mystery Science Theater 3000

(YouTube Link)

Take a fond look back at MST3K with this supercut video, which features one joke from every episode ever made!

It's like a really quick refresher course on how MST3K brought the funny, and brought their lighthearted derision towards cheesy old movies into our homes each week.

This video has inspired me to waste even more of my precious time-Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon here I come!

--via Uproxx

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Google's Artificial Intelligence System Loves LOLCats

Google has been hard at work creating an artificial intelligence system that could revolutionize the way we think about AI...just as soon as it's done cataloging all the cat related posts on the interwebs.

Here's what happened when it was released on the interwebs to start learning on its own:
The neural network taught itself to recognize cats, which, John Markoff of The New York Times reports, is actually no frivolous activity. This week the researchers will present the results of their work at a conference in Edinburgh. The Google scientists and programmers will note that while it is hardly news that the Internet is full of cat videos, the simulation nevertheless surprised them. It performed far better than any previous effort by roughly doubling its accuracy in recognizing objects in a challenging list of 20,000 distinct items.

Now that's one hi-tech way to catalog kitteh videos!

Link  --via Geekologie

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A Dutch Company Wants To Colonize Mars By 2023

Some people aren't content with merely taking pictures on the surface of Mars--they want to plant their flag and colonize the red planet as soon as possible.

And by some people I mean the Dutch company behind the project Mars One.

Led by Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders, they propose establishing a human colony and using it as a media spectacle to create mad profits and kickstart mankind's adventures into the cosmos.

What do you guys think--is this an interesting and feasible idea, or the maniacal ravings of a madman?

Link  --via GeekTyrant

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Muppet Movie Camera Test From 1979

(YouTube Link)

Here's a delightful behind the scenes video showing Kermit and Fozzie hanging out in a tree waiting for The Muppet Movie director Jim Frawley to get his angles and lenses all worked out, and later Kermit and Piggy discuss their relationship, and what their offspring might look like... *grin*

It sure is fun to see these fleece friends banter back and forth, Fozzie's real bear status in question, Kermit discovering that he has rods coming out of his arms, and Miss Piggy letting her jealous nature get the better of her as usual.

This video proves that Muppet improv is the best kind of improv!

--via i09

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A Terrifying Wall Of Teddy Ruxpin Dolls

(YouTube Link)

This installation by Sean Hathaway is made up of 80 Teddy Ruxpin dolls streaming emotional content from the internet, the talking bears cycling randomly through one minute emo bursts and causing the viewer to feel uneasy almost immediately.

Part of a project called Transformations, Emotional Deconstruction, the artist claims that the wall of bears is "taking the emotional temperature of the internet", but I think he's just dredging up our childhood fears and giving us yet another reason not to sleep at night.

--via Topless Robot

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Zombified Video Game Characters

This fun series of illustrations by Swedish artist Go-MaxPower shows what classic video game and cartoon characters might look like as shambling undead.

Of particularly hilarious note are the image of Ray Man eating himself, and an armless Street Fighter Ryu still trying to kick some tail.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Fashionable Leather Chainsaw Bag

This super chic leather chainsaw shaped bag by (you guessed it!) Facetasm is made to cut down the competition without the need for fossil fuels or a ripcord start.

Shameless in both the bold power tool styling and the in your face branding, this bag doesn't need to saw through trees because it just looks cool when you carry it.

You may be asking yourself--why is it shaped like a chainsaw? The simple answer--for the sake of fashion.

Link  --via Gizmodo

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What Eddie Campbell's Daughter Drew While He Worked On From Hell

The seminal graphic novel From Hell featured a superstar collaboration between Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore, and while the duo worked away on this dark saga Eddie's daughter Hayley, who was 7 years old at the time, had her own project in the works-The Ripper File.

Full of grisly ways to meet one's end, yet softened by the childish nature of the drawings and numerous misspellings, The Ripper File is just the sort of thing that would have cost young Hayley a trip to the school counselor had it been discovered in her book bag.

You can see a young mind hard at work at the link to Eddie's blog below, it's adorable in a creepy sort of way.

Link  --via ComicsAlliance

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Egg Russian Roulette World Championships

(YouTube Link)

File this under "competitions that seem stupid but people really enjoy watching"--egg Russian roulette, where hard boiled eggs are mixed in with the raw ones, and knuckleheads take turns smashing them on their foreheads to find out which is which.

Held in Lincolnshire, this egg headed competition draws some fierce crackers to the table, and everyone leaves with egg on their face. Just yolking! *facepalm*

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Gritty Street Photography By Nate "Igor" Smith

Nate "Igor" Smith is known for his work on the photo website Driven By Boredom, but he has another side, a street side that doesn't involve canned shots of people posing at events, a side that relies on happenstance to capture that perfect moment in time.

Nate's vision is raw and voyeuristic, catching sight of moments that the subjects would probably rather forget. These are scenes of city life-sometimes violent, sometimes strange, but always extremely NYC.

Link  --via AnimalNY

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Deadpool Fan Film Is Dead Funny

(YouTube Link)

Marvel's wise cracking, super powered assassin gets his day in the sun in this Deadpool fan film called Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday by Bean Dip Productions.

This hilarious fan film sets the bar pretty high for any Hollywood Deadpool that may (but probably won't) come out sometime before I die, and shows why Deadpool would make for a perfect action movie star.

--via Topless Robot

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