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What Really Happens When Mario Dies In One Of His Games

When Mario dies in any of his video games he gets an extra life until it's game over...and then he starts the game over again with a fresh batch of lives.

This never ending supply of lives allows gamers to mess up all they want and keep playing, but they'd probably try harder to keep Mario alive if they knew what happened to him between lives.

(YouTube Link)

I'd love to see this fun fan film by Nukazooka turned into a survival horror game set in the Mario universe, then Luigi would finally get the chance to devour his brother!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

A POV Ride Through The TRON Lightcycle Power Run Coaster At Shanghai Disney

Shanghai Disney seemed like an unnecessary addition to the Disney Parks family until I saw this video showing a full POV ride through the TRON Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster.

Now it seems like a must-see destination for theme park fanatics, and a place full of rides and attractions that will make me jealous every time I go to Disneyland in Anaheim.

(YouTube Link)

SoCal Attractions 360 shared this awesome POV video of the TRON Lightcycle Power Run ride, which was shot with a low light camera so we can see the entire ride.

The TRON coaster cars look really cool, but some sections of the ride seem unfinished, so as a bonus here's another SoCal Attractions 360 video showing the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Shanghai Disney. *drool*

(YouTube Link)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Uncle Matt Pocket - Your Guide To Life Among The Silly Creatures

uncle Matt pocket by MarianoSan

When you're out exploring the kingdom of the Silly Creatures it's important to know how to act, what to say and when to totally freak out and run away flailing your arms and screaming at the top of your lungs. Which is why it may be a good idea to ask Gobo's uncle Travelling Matt to come with you, because his extensive experience with the Silly Creatures, and his vital research into communicating with these large, fleece-less beings, may come in handy should you encounter something strange on the surface- like a cow, or a bus, or something that looks like a chicken but is really a Silly Creature in disguise...

Take the wisdom of Fraggle-kind with you wherever you go with this Uncle Matt Pocket t-shirt by MarianoSan, it's a wise fashion choice that may turn your life into a grand adventure!

Visit MarianoSan's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

The Shining Saber Hipsters Time The best father in the galaxy up kiss

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Melting Homer - Mmmmm...Melty...

Melting Homer by Amorphia Apparel

No Homer isn't still wearing his Halloween costume, and no this isn't one of those episodes of Treehouse of Horror that airs after Halloween for some odd reason. This is what happens when Homer eats all the candy that has been sitting around the nuclear power plant for years, candy that has absorbed so much radiation each piece is basically like a mini nuke in your mouth. But you know how the head Simpson gets when he has a craving for candy, and even though he has plenty of sweets left at home he can't help himself when the craving hits him while he's at work!

The head of the Simpson clan will stop the world and melt with you when you wear this Melting Homer t-shirt by Amorphia Apparel, throw it on and watch your fellow fans grin with disgust delight!

Visit Amorphia Apparel's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more hilariously wrong designs:

Tesla Lightning (The History League) Don't Mess With Texas (Ohio??) Cheers (Science!) Mammoth Engine

View more designs by Amorphia Apparel | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Best Fictional Beards, Ranked

For some guys a beard becomes part of their persona, but a fictional character's beard is put there as a hairy window into their made up soul.

We can tell if the character is good or evil just by looking at their facial hair, but identifying other beard types on the spectrum can be a bit tricky.

Luckily we have this arbitrarily ranked and absolutely infuriating chart created by the staff at Dorkly to reveal the truth about bearded characters, and give us something to argue about.

It has the God-Santa-Dumbledore ranking set right, but Jaspar Beardly's beard is far from middle of the road...and his name is BEARDLY!

I'd have put him square between Riker and Gimli, and then I would erase Seneca Crane because his beard is LAME!

See the full sized chart at Dorkly

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Gordon Ramsay Ranks The Five Worst Halloween Treats

Gordon Ramsay isn't afraid to voice his opinions on food, but have you ever heard him share his opinion on candy?

Me neither, which is why I found this clip of Gordon running through the five worst Halloween treats on Jimmy Kimmel Live so amusing.

Gordon is passionate about food, and as he breaks down the worst Halloween treats his hatred for people who give out circus peanuts, apples and pennies can be felt through the screen.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Uproxx

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Clothing Options - Men Vs. Women

Guys who have never gone clothes shopping with a gal have no idea what women go through every time they buy new clothes.

We don't have to deal with the latest trends poking us in the eye or pants that cut off circulation to the lower half of our body (unless we want to be trendy, of course) and there's not a crop top in sight.

But if you're wondering why women often complain about shopping for clothes, or why the lady in your life keeps stealing all your clothes, this Sarah's Scribbles comic explains it all rather succinctly.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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FREDDY CAN DANCE - You've Been Slashed By A Smooth Criminal


Freddy are you okay, are you okay Freddy? The reason I ask is we're not used to seeing you dance around like a smooth criminal- we're used to seeing you slash people to ribbons in their nightmares like a bloodthirsty killer. So why the sudden urge to move like MJ? Because Freddy's trying to nail his audition for Dancing With The Stars, and he's gotta practice some time!

Show the world why Elm Street throws the best block parties with this FREDDY CAN DANCE t-shirt by ES427, it's sure to make your fellow Freddy Krueger fans squeal with delight!

Visit ES427's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more super bad designs:

Goodnight Bad Guy! Dude S for Saiyan


View more designs by ES427 | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Perfect Halloween Treat For People Who Hate Kids

(Image Link)

Halloween haters usually just turn off their porch lights, draw the shades and ignore anyone who comes to their door, but some have a more sinister plan- to trick kids into eating a nasty treat. 

You may have seen the caramel onion prank that made the rounds a few years ago, which was nasty but pretty easy to figure out before you take a bite.

But Mark Sparrow Tweeted about a much sneakier prank, so if you go to Mark's house do not eat any of his chocolate "bon bons" or you'll be sorry.

It's a good thing most parents will only let their little trick-or-treaters eat wrapped treats, or Mark's neighbors would probably form a posse!

-Via The Poke

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Is Your Halloween Costume Racist?

Nothing makes your friends and loved ones wonder what they ever saw in you quite like wearing a racist costume to a Halloween party, and if you manage to get out alive you'll never outlive the stigma of your racial insensitivity. 

But unless you showed up in blackface, wearing a Klan hood or dressed as the Führer himself it's probably not your fault, because it can be hard to tell which costumes are acceptable and which are downright racist.

That's why Dan Hopper from CollegeHumor put together this handy dandy flowchart to help us navigate the seas of racial tension and reach the shores of racial harmony on Halloween.

-Via CollegeHumor

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The Ultimate Trick To Getting More Treats

Kids go trick-or-treating on Halloween for one main reason- the candy.

They head out in packs hoping to fill their pails and sacks with enough sweet treats to tide them over until the New Year, but some people don't want to part with their candy.

These townies require a bit of coaxing to give up their candy or, as this comic from Nedroid comics shows, a simple trick known as burglary...

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Spooky Life - Those Things That Go Bump In The Night Are My Friends

Spooky Life by Vic Neko

Some people get into Halloween when they're kids, others start enjoying the holiday when they have kids, but for many Halloweenies a love of All Hallow's Eve is strictly genetic. We were born to be spooky, and our obsession with all the things that go bump in the night begins before we're even aware of how much they scare other people. But when we grow up adoring ghosts and ghoulies we soon come to realize that the dark side has a hold on us...and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Show the world you were born to be a Halloweenie with this Spooky Life t-shirt by Vic Neko, it's the perfect attire for those who were born under the dark side of a bad moon rising on the wrong side of the tracks!

Visit Vic Neko's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Spooky Frontier Space Walk Cat of the Dead AstroCat

View more designs by Vic Neko | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Perfectly Autumnal Squash Recipes

Squash should be one of the most widely eaten foods during the fall and winter months, since it's on all the seasonal advertising and decor.

But aside from pumpkin pies people don't eat as much squash as they should during the holidays, and that's a crying shame because squash is super tasty!

(Image Link)

Whether it's mashed, fried, stuffed, roasted or tossed in a salad, squash makes a great new veg addition to your fall and winter feasts.

But why stop with the obvious when you can serve up some delicious bacon, spaghetti squash and parmesan fritters? *drool*

(Image Link)

See 19 Squash Recipes To Warm You Up This Winter here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Guy Gets His Parking Ticket Dismissed By Using Parking Logic

Parking tickets just plain suck, because the thought of paying around a hundred bucks just because you parked in the wrong place can make you hate parking enforcement officers with a passion.

But why get mad when you can get that fine removed with a little parking logic?

Writer Joe Lycett found out the city must provide proof of your parking offense if you ask for it, so he was able to get out of paying a parking ticket by playing the game via email- asking for proof then denying the proof provided.

I can't say Joe's method will work for everybody, but in the end his pranky back and forth banter over the ticket paid off when his fine was cancelled, and it made for an entertaining story to boot!

Joe- you're my new parking hero.

(YouTube Link)

-Via FAILBlog

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A Fun Collection Of Punny Halloween Costumes Anyone Can DIY

(Image Link)

The time to make a costume for Halloween is running out fast, but there are still plenty of clever costumes you can DIY at home that will properly display your silly side, like this Han Solo red cup costume.

(Image Link)

Punny costumes are always a big hit on Halloween, but make sure your punny costume is easy to read or people will keep asking you what you're dressed as, which can be super annoying.

Oh Deer she can't figure out my costume, Holy Cow how hard is it to understand?

(Image Link)

If you wanna be safe create a costume with a food based pun, because people always understand food jokes for some reason.

(Image Link)

And when all else fails simply show up as your normal self, aka a Pot Head, and make people LOL and ROFL wherever you go!

(Image Link)

See The Absolute Punniest Costumes That Anyone Can DIY here

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Kawaii As Heck - Sinister Yet Squee Worthy

Kawaii as Heck by Mykel AD

When people look at kawaii stuff all they see is the cute, but sometimes that cuteness helps hide a dark secret hidden inside. That's a lesson for us all- just because something looks cute doesn't mean it isn't dangerous, in fact, cuteness can actually enhance the danger level by attracting more victims. Luckily, evil organizations are still stuck on presenting themselves as tough and macho so they've overlooked the power of cute. But if a group of Satanic supervillains start waving a banner with a kawaii goat head and pentagram on it the reckoning of adorableness will be upon us...

Show the world you're cute and dangerous with this Kawaii As Heck t-shirt by Mykel AD, it's the funny way to swear your allegiance to the cult of cute!

Visit Mykel AD's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more adorably geeky designs:

BFFs (Best Foods Forever) Knifechan Squeak Squad Dino Smash

View more designs by Mykel AD | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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New Yorkers Don't Like It When People Talk Trash About Bodega Cats On Yelp

(Image Link)

If cities were filled with cat lovers then every store would have a resident cat or two, and employees would bring their purr-fect little angels to work with them every day.

But the cat haters out there keep the store cat presence to a minimum except for in New York, where Bodega cats are a respected member of the community.

(Image Link)

They keep the stores rat free, give residents who can't have pets in their homes a furry critter to scratch under the chin, and add some much needed animal warmth to the concrete jungle.

(Image Link)

So if you have a problem with New York's Bodega cats take it from cat hater Diana D. and don't vent on Yelp or people will send the hate right back at you!

(Image Link)

It seems all of NYC has turned against Diana D. since she foolishly decided to hate on bodega cats on Yelp- she has deleted her Yelp account and is now hoping the city's bodega cats don't decide to get revenge.

-Via Cheezburger

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls

Even though everyone uses a smartphone with caller ID nowadays, and we're far more likely to text than talk on the phone, there's still something super creepy about receiving a random phone call.

You answer the phone, say "hello? hello? HELLO?" with no response...only to hear a debt collector or telemarketer on the other end. *shiver*

But as frightening as those calls can be they pale in comparison to the calls on Cracked's list of The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls, like the call that predicted JFK's assassination:

Sometime after 10 a.m. on a routine workday, an Oxnard, California, switchboard operator received a call from a whispering woman who dropped a bombshell: the president of the United States was going to die in 10 minutes.

That time passed without incident, but the woman, still on the phone, doubled-down: "The president is going to die at 10:30." She continued to babble away with cryptic statements like, "The Supreme Court. There's going to be fire in all the windows," and, "The government takes over everything, lock, stock, and barrel," before the call finally disconnected at 10:25.

Have you ever received multiple crank calls that really creeped you out because you were sure the calls all came from the same scary person?

Imagine how Bashir Kouchacji felt when he received death threats on a daily basis for over nine years:

The caller earned the nickname "L'Enfant," which we believe is Swedish for "the child," because the caller eventually decided that he wasn't being creepy enough and mimicked a little girl. Anyone associated with Kouchacji was a target, from his pregnant spouse to his restaurant employees. And the abuse got physical when the Star of David was scratched all over Kouchacji's Mercedes, although we're glad to know that constant harassment didn't stop him from making serious cheddar.

There didn't seem to be any escape. When Kouchacji traveled to Philadelphia to visit his sister, the calls kept coming there. Things got so bad he suffered a mental breakdown and committed himself to a psychiatric ward, but the calls continued to his restaurant, which we're guessing had a pretty high turnover rate.

This is just the beginning of Bashir's unexplained phone call story, which may have begun back in his home country Lebanon, where he was abducted and tortured for five days in 1974 because the PLO mistook him for a CIA agent...

See The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls here (NSFW language)

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Celebrate The Holidays In Style With A Fun Shirt From The NeatoShop

Hawaiian Halloween by Dooomcat

With Halloween coming in just a few days there's no denying the inevitable- the holidays are coming, and for the rest of the year we'll be holidaying it up with our friends and family.

Everybody wants to look their best during the holidays, and there's no better way to show off your individual sense of style than with an awesome tee or hoodie from the NeatoShop.

Halloween comes like a thief in the night, a thief who uses costumed children to take our candy

How the Beetlegrinch Stole Halloween by Punksthetic

And then, before you know it, the time of the turkeys will be upon us

I see dead turkeys by Boggs Nicolas

Once we've had our fill we'll move on to gobbling up gingerbread men

Sweet Christmas Ugly Sweater by IdeasConPatatas

Then we'll sleep for six days, dreaming of all the delicious critters we'll eat in the New Year!

Battle for The New Year by Thom2Maro

Continue reading

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Clever Cosplay With A Twist

(Image Link)

Cosplaying as the same old characters can become boring, especially for those cosplayers who make different costumes for every convention they go to, but it's easy to make an old character look fresh again.

(Image Link)

All you have to do is put a new twist on the character's traditional look, or put together an always compelling hybrid character costume, and bend both time and space to your will.

(Image Link)

But be forewarned- once you start meddling with the traditional look of your favorite characters you might find it virtually impossible to go back to basics!

(Image Link)

See 28 Awesome Examples of Cosplay with a Twist here

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Freddy's Nightmare - One, Two Care Bears Cuddling You...

Freddy's Nightmare by Theduc

Freddy Krueger has spent decades warping the Dream World to suit his evil needs, scarring the minds of innocent teens and murdering anyone who might interfere with his wicked plans. But Freddy also has a huge problem- he can't stop his mind from dreaming every time he closes his eyes. This ironic twist is all that keeps humanity from falling under his control while we sleep, and if it weren't for the cute little Care Bears that give Freddy fits when he dares to dream we'd all be sliced to ribbons while we sleep!

Show the world the secret to defeating Krueger the dream killer with this Freddy's Nightmare t-shirt by Theduc, it's the hilarious way to ensure everyone who stares at your shirt has sweet dreams.

Visit Theduc's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Wanted... Punk's not dead Saitama Ok Kodamas & Susuwataris v2

View more designs by Theduc | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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RIP Jack Chick, Creator Of The Religious Mini Comics That Gave Us All A Good Laugh

The creator of those mini comics with the ridiculously zealous religious message Jack Chick has passed away, leaving a vacuum in the illustrated fearmongering market.

Chick Books were a real panic because they tried to cause panic over Halloween, Dungeons & Dragons, Freemasonry, homosexuality and global warming.

Jack's mini comics explained what actually happened at the Salem Witch Trials, warned against every other religion besides Evangelical Fundamentalism, and ironically even called comic books a gateway to devil worship because superheroes are "false idols".

The messages in Jack's Chick Tracts were so over-the-top many people thought they were a joke, but Jack was passionate about sharing his hateful paranoia and zealous religious messages via mini comics.

So The Nib felt it was only proper to send Jack off to the afterlife with a mini comic of his own, revealing Jack's fate after so many decades of spreading hate.

See the entire Jack Chick Goes to Heaven comic here (NSFW language)

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Horror Movies For Stoners

The legalization of marijuana is right around the corner for many states, and this year Arizona, California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts will be voting on the issue, so the weed jokes are about to start rolling in.

That means it's only a matter of time before Hollywood starts making movies that appeal to cannabis enthusiasts, and not just stoner comedies.

So what sort of films should we expect when weed is legal?

According to Paul Louis Smith of CollegeHumor we should expect lots of horror flicks that won't make sense to those who aren't high.

These movies probably won't make much money at the box office, but they will scare those who shouldn't be smoking so much they'll never blaze a bud again!

See 6 Horror Movies If They Were About Weed here (NSFW language)

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Crappy Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea - Poop Emoji Hair

Emojis make text messages fun yet completely unintelligible, but there is one emoji which needs no explanation and is universally understood by all who receive it- the poop emoji.

That little smiling pile of poop can be used as an insult, an exclamation and a way to describe how you feel, and if any emoji deserves to make the leap from smartphone screen to real life it's lil' poopy face.

If you're a fan of the poop emoji, or you're just looking for a last minute Halloween costume idea that'll get you lots of laughs, then you'll enjoy this tutorial by Super Deluxe on how to make poop emoji hair.

(YouTube Link)

It seems like a crappy idea to dye your hair just to look like s#@t on Halloween so it's probably better to buy a wig, but otherwise it's a fun and easy tutorial you can bust out in a couple of hours.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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The Colonel's Nephew "Accidentally" Revealed KFC's Secret Recipe

KFC has been crowing about their secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices for decades, and the few people who claim they found the secret recipe later recanted when KFC threatened to press charges.

But those recipe releasers weren't related to the Colonel, so would KFC's reaction change if the person who posts the "secret recipe" is Colonel Sanders' nephew?

The Colonel's nephew Joe Ledington found out when he "accidentally" revealed what looks like the KFC secret recipe while sharing pics from an old family scrapbook with the Chicago Tribune.

The 11 spices in the secret recipe were hand-written on the back of the last will and testament of Joe's aunt, and in case you haven't seen the recipe here it is:

Apparently the mighty chicken lawyers got to Joe too, because he said "That is the original 11 herbs and spices that were supposed to be so secretive" but later recanted his statement.

The Tribune kitchen tested the recipe and this is what they found:

...tasters agreed the test kitchen fried chicken was even better than the Colonel's," wrote Joe Gray. And when the test kitchen added some MSG to that blend of 11 herbs and spices, they had an identical match on their hands. Which I guess means that the handwritten recipe on Ledington's aunt's will isn't "accurate" but it's pretty much there.

-Via CountryLiving



Screen clipping taken: 10/28/2016, 6:35 AM



Screen clipping taken: 10/8/2016, 4:35 AM



We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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NIKE Air Jordan Sneaker Recreated As A 3D Puzzle

Nike's Air Jordan brand has become one of the most iconic athletic shoe lines of all time, and sneaker heads will adore the shoe line with the curves that drive them wild until the day they die.

2016 marks the 32nd anniversary of the Air Jordan, and after three decades it's safe to say the Jordan's sexy form has become an inspiration to artists and designers who see them as a work of art.

Designer Yoni Alter created this colorful 3D puzzle as an homage to the Air Jordan's shapely figure.

It's made out of 19 hand crafted resin pieces, each one a different color to highlight the shapes and pieces that come together to make the mighty Air Jordan.

(YouTube Link)

-Via designboom

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The Ultimate Battle - T-Rex Hates Twister

The Ultimate Battle by DinoMike

In the ultimate Twister battle between Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex the mighty carnivore ended up losing to the sturdy herbivore because of his tiny arms. This wasn't the first time T-Rex hated his tiny arms, nor would it be the last, and the psychological and emotional impact of having such diminutive limbs may begin to explain why T-Rex was so angry all the time. He couldn't toss a ball or play catch, he couldn't jump rope or breakdance like his dinosaur classmates with normal length limbs, so it's no wonder he grew up to be so cranky!

Show the world why T-Rex became such a Jurassic jerk with this The Ultimate Battle t-shirt by DinoMike, it's so fun your fellow dino-fans are gonna flip when they see you wearing this hilarious shirt!

Visit DinoMike's official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more old school cool designs:

Super Mature Horror Night Off Ultra Badass Snake In Skull The Great Godzilla Off Kanagawa

View more designs by DinoMike | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Making Cooking Pots From German Helmets

(Image Link)

Helmets are a life saver when you're fighting in a war, but you know what's useful come war, peace and utter doldrums? A cooking pot, which a helmet resembles when it's turned upside down.

After World War II many Germans found themselves destitute and without a pot to piss cook in, so steel factory workers started turning old helmets into cooking pots.

(YouTube Link)

This video posted by British Pathé shows steel factory workers turning surplus German military helmets into collanders and cooking pots, which is pretty neat to watch. Make soup, not war!

-Via Laughing Squid

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Facing The Demogorgon - The Eleventh Power

Facing The Demogorgon by saqman

Are things starting to get strange in your neck of the woods? Feel like your whole world is turning upside down as Halloween approaches? Just calm down and count to eleven, and start thinking of all those stranger danger tips you learned as a kid. On second thought, maybe you'd better approach this situation like you would an encounter scenario in D&D, since the creature that just walked in your door doesn't look like you're run-of-the-mill neighborhood creep...

Things are getting mighty scary on this Facing The Demogorgon t-shirt by Saqman, but you'll be able to handle whatever life, or the upside down, throws at you while you're wearing this +11 shirt of coolness!

Visit Saqman's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Thirteen Hours Excelsior The Prince In The Blue Box To Neverland

View more designs by saqman | More TV T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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4 Ways To Preserve Carved Pumpkins

One of the biggest bummers about Halloween is the fact that you can't carve jack-o'-lanterns too early or they start to get all moldy and saggy.

October is a long month to have a pumpkinless porch, so we either have to buy more pumpkins when the first ones start rotting or deal with having a hole in our holiday decor until Halloween night.

Thankfully there are a few things you can apply to a jack-o'-lantern to prolong its life- petroleum jelly, Borax powder, peppermint castile soap or clear coat spray paint.

(YouTube Link)

As this video by Goodful shows these substances can extend a carved pumpkin's life by twice as much or more, just make sure you pat dry your pumpkin before you apply them. I'm ready to get to carvin'!

-Via BuzzFeed

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