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The Underwater Sculptures Of Jason DeCaires Taylor

Jason DeCaires Taylor is an eco-sculptor, an artist who has found a way to make his sculptures meld seamlessly with the natural world.

His works become one with nature and even support life, as demonstrated by the ring of sculptures shown above which now serve as habitats for coral and aquatic critters who fancy a human of their very own to call home.

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Street Art Style Advertising For Pest Control

These clever street art style installations were created by TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg as a fun way to advertise pest control sprays by letting people see the insects living inside the walls.

Mini furniture and real dead cockroaches were used to created comical dioramas of roaches living the good life, the idea being that the roach fogger can reach into the cracks in the walls and kill those happy little roach families where they live.

I've never felt so bad for a bunch of cockroaches in my life!

Link  --via Super Punch

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Ride A Bike, Shorten Your Prison Sentence

Inmates at  the Santa Rita do Sapucai prison in Brazil are being offered a deal too good to pass up-put in 16 hours on a bicycle and get a day knocked off your sentence.

It's an interesting way to encourage prisoners to cooperate and literally work towards their freedom, and the stationary bikes are being used to charge batteries which are then taken into the city and used to power streetlights.

Sounds like a great way to stay in shape, give back to society and whittle your sentence down while biking.


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Meet The Pyro From Team Fortress 2

(YouTube Link)

Man, the Pyro character class from the video game Team Fortress 2 is one sick puppy.

Seeing the world through his eyes is like taking an acid trip through Candyland, too bad his foes don't see things the way he does!

Watch this fiery personality burn a path through the competition in this awesome animated short.

(Warning: Lots of animated blood and gore)

--via Gamma Squad

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Animated Short - FABLE

(Vimeo Link)

This beautiful and artsy animated short is called Fable, and it was created by artist and animation teacher Daniel Sousa.

Daniel brings the strange to the natural world, with wondrous results.

Fable is full of suspenseful moments, dark realism and a painterly look that makes it oh so nice to watch.

--via Cartoon Brew

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How To Make Your Own Amazing GIFs

Have you ever wondered how people create such amazing looking art GIFs, and want to make your own?

Master of GIF animation Anthony Holden has shared his secrets for creating amazing GIF artwork with the interwebs, so now you can create some awesome animated GIF art of your very own!

Hit the link to Anthony's website and he will guide you through the entire process, and even experienced GIF creators can learn a thing or two about the process. Yay for learning!

Link   --via Drawn

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Vintage TV Commercial For Atari

(YouTube Link)

Talk about gnarly to the max! This totally rad Atari commercial from the 80s has it all-a beach, a boombox, and babes galore!

Oh, and there's the bit about totally tubular old games like Ms. Pac-Man, Vanguard, Centipede and Galaxian.

Man, I totally wish I could just take my Atari console to the beach with me and plug it in anywhere, that would be totally bodacious!

--via Kotaku


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Hand Knit Monster Masks

Tracy Widdess has named her strange hand knit monster mask series Brutal Knitting, and they put the ITT in knitting!

They're full of monstrous details and ghoulish charm that only a mother could love, and when worn they will deter people from standing too close to you.

If you like them and want them for your very own, you can visit Tracy's Etsy shop and show the world how you really feel inside. I feel pretty...

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Josh Atlas And His Strange Sweet Tooth

Artist Josh Atlas clearly has a thing for the sugary side of life, and he expresses his love for the sweet stuff through sculptures and drawings that look decidedly less delicious than the real thing.

His strange works are like cautionary tales against eating sweets just before bed, and they've put me off of donuts and ice cream for the time being!

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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Mugshots Of Extremely Hip Troublemakers

The hipster baddies in these mugshots look so cool I wanna join their gang!

These rebels without a care were arrested in the late 1960s (and one in 1970) around Minneapolis, Minnesota, and probably set the fashion bar pretty high in their holding cells.

Being stylish isn't a prerequisite for a life of crime, but it doesn't hurt!

Link  --via Flavorwire

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More Japanese Woodblock Style Video Game Art By Jed Henry

I recently posted an article about the amazing Video Game Themed Japanese Woodblock Style Art of Jed Henry.

Well, Jed is back and this batch looks even better than the last one!

This time around we've got fierce Pokemon battling in the ring, a kabuki styled Mario battling a big ape named Donkey, and many more awesome works of Japanese style art!

Anyone who says that video game themed art can't hold a candle to fine art should take a look at Jed's woodblock works, they're simply wonderful!

Link  --via Geekologie

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The Gatling Gun Made Especially For Chinese Cops

Police officers in China have been dealing with quite a lot of rioting lately, but by the look of this soon-to-be standard issue Gatling gun they're preparing for war!

This 7.62mm Gatling machine gun fires up to 6,000 rounds per minute, and looks extremely menacing as it barks away, mowing down anyone in its path.

What do you think--doesn't this seem like an extreme way for the police to handle civil unrest?



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Causes Of Death: 1900 vs. 2010

Here's a nifty little chart from the New England Journal of Medicine that shows how far we've come, and how far we still need to go, in the field of medicine over the last hundred and ten years.

It's surprising to note how much more cancer we deal with nowadays, and how heart disease rates have risen despite all the advances we've made in the realm of cardiology.

Enjoy a weekend free of gastrointestinal infections everyone!


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Hanging Out At A Costume Party When...WTF?!

I don't know what this guy was thinking when he decided to show up at a costume party with a plush koala on his head, but he sure was a big hit with the ladies!

They kept saying "oh, he looks so soft and cuddly!" and "he's the cutest guy here!", but I took one look in those eyes and I knew there was something wrong with this miscreant.

Maybe it's my childhood fear of koalas, or the fact that his shirt makes him look like he just escaped from prison and is using the koala mask to conceal his identity, but I had to leave the party early.

So much for life in the fast lane of DIY cosplay!


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The Combat Gnomes Are Back With Even More Firepower

These combat ready garden gnomes are created from scratch by artist Shawn Thorsson, who obviously had a pest problem that a little bit of bug spray couldn't handle.

This time around the gnomish combatants are back with more firepower and a tactical formation which will ensure that every square inch of your yard or garden is protected, in case your local pests aren't keen on surrendering!

Link  --via Super Punch

(Previously on Neatorama--Combat Garden Gnomes)

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Fantastic Sculptures By Odani Motohiko

These massive, milk white sculptures by Japanese artist Odani Motohiko have an ethereal nature about them, with wispy details and fantastic subjects to match.

They have the appearance of fine porcelain, which adds to the delicate nature of these works, and would probably look even more impressive in a room where the walls are painted black, so they would really stand out.

Hit the Hi Fructose link below and take a tour of Odani's latest showing at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco-it's almost like being there in person, even though it really isn't the same at all!

Link  --via Hi Fructose

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Miniature Worlds By Takanori Aiba

You may remember John Farrier's post about the Bonsai Tree Castle, which was created by Japanese artist Takanori Aiba.

Well Takanori's art certainly doesn't stop there, and would you believe that the rest of his miniature worlds (structural sculptures) are even more fantastic than the tree castle?!

With a style ripped straight from mythology and every minor detail accounted for, these tiny kingdoms look like a great place for fairy folk to call home.

Link  --via Booooooom!

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Computer Dialog Box Street Art

These hilarious computer dialog box street art pieces are by Jilly Ballistic, an artist and rebel who delights in showing advertisers the errors of their ways.

The clever statements blend so perfectly with the original piece that they almost seem like one of those unintentional Photoshop menu slips you see on fail blogs, and they're so perfectly pointed that any advertiser with a sense of humor will think twice before taking them down!

Link  --via Reddit

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Wooly Dioramas Of Iceland

What natural fiber immediately comes to mind at the mention of Iceland? Why it's wool, of course!

Artist and photographer Eszter Burghardt clearly agrees with the wool-Iceland association, and she was inspired to create this series of wooly dioramas depicting the rugged Icelandic landscape during an artist residence on the island.

I love the use of macro photography to give the miniature textural landscape the appearance of being grandiose in scale, and wool is such a fitting textile to use as a representative of Iceland!

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Canine Parody Of Adele's Video Rolling In The Deep

(YouTube Link)

This silly little music video from The Pet Collective shows how your dog feels when you go out of town, and reveals that the cat couldn't care less!

So grab a milk bone and bark along to Pawdelle's version of Adele's pop hit Rolling In The Deep retitled Digging In The Deep, and if you're a fan of this decidedly canine vocal style you should check out the Jingle Dogs, their songs are pre-paws-terously funny!

--via Tastefully Offensive

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Awesome SciFi Illustrations By Don Ivan Punchatz

These bright, bizarre and absolutely beautiful illustrations are by Don Ivan Punchatz, an artist whose works have graced the covers of many iconic science fiction magazines, novels and records.

You may recognize his work from the cover of the Philip Jose Farmer novel Gods Of Riverworld, or more recently his award winning design for the logo and box art on the seminal video game Doom.

Hit the Juxtapoz link below for a sampling of his far out scifi cover art, they'll take you on a vibrant trip into outer space!

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Samurai Boba Fett Cosplay

I've been wondering when someone would get around to creating costumes based on the Samurai Star Wars fan art series, and this cool Samurai Boba Fett costume means that my wait is over.

The costume was created by Allen Armis, and it was inspired by the artwork of Clinton Felker, who brought the look of feudal Japan to a galaxy far, far away.

You can see more pics of this awesome costume at the links below.

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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The Truth About Kool-Aid

Have you ever wondered why the Kool-Aid Man is so happy to dispense the drink that makes up most of his body to children around the world?

It's because he is secretly a vampire who forces kids to drink his blood so he can add them to the ranks of his Tropical Punch flavored army of the undead.

Either that or he's just a big ol' sicko with a painted on smile! Oooooh Yeah!


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The Fashionable Russian Army Ensembles Of The 1890s

The men who made up the ranks of the Russian Army in the late 1800s were a rather fashionable bunch, and some of the shots in this gallery look like they came straight out of a fashion magazine.

Maybe it's the way the men are posing, or the abundance of fur and shiny bits, whatever it is that makes these guys look like they're ready to storm the runway instead of the front lines makes me want to cue the house music and drop the lights!

Hobnob with the rest of the armed and extremely fabulous at the link below.

Link  --image credit: Bibliothèque Nationale via Rio Wang

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Twisted Animated Parody Of Harry Potter

(YouTube Link)

This cautionary parody of Harry Potter reminds us how important it is to say the proper words when casting a spell, and to stand back a ways from whatever object you're casting a spell upon!

It's short and straight to the point, with lots of animated blood for the cartoon gore lover in all of us...

--via Gizmodo

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The Diving Suit That Inspired The Big Daddy

Remember that mindless bucket of bolts known as the Big Daddy that you had a hard time killing while playing Bioshock 1 and 2?

Well, it turns out that the iconic look of the Big Daddy was inspired by an actual diving suit that dates back to 1882.

Created by brothers Alphonse and Theodore Carmagnolle, it weighed a whopping 838 pounds and had 20 ports on the helmet which give it a signature look that is way too cool to abandon on the ocean floor.

It's a museum quality death trap worthy of admiration, just don't drop some poor soul in the water wearing this getup or they'll likely never be seen again!


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This Wireframe Desk Is A Pen's Worst Nightmare

A pen sure could get lost in this strange wireframe desk. A paperclip could plummet to its death, and don't even try to write anything down unless you're drawing squares.

Created by South Korean designer Bomi Park, it was meticulously crafted out of metal rods, it looks like The Matrix for office products, a giant dimensional metal grid that will swallow important memos and make the office packrats feel right at home.


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Pics Of Puppy Food Coma Victims

These photos reveal just how hard a puppy's life can be, so hard and so so tiring that eating is enough to tucker these little cuties out!

Watch as they dream about chasing cats, destroying the vacuum monster and all the kibble they can eat, as they embrace their food comas and look adorable without even trying.


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Amazing Figures By Skeleton Heart

The husband and wife team of awesomeness known as Skeleton Heart, aka Anthony and Lisa Parker, have created a bunch of new works for circus sideshow themed art show The Emporium at the Strychnin gallery.

These incredibly realistic, and highly detailed, figures are cast in silicone and meticulously hand crafted, from the hair on their freakish little heads to the shoes on their feet. They are truly amazing works of figural art!

Check out their blog if you want to see some amazing process shots, I found them both enlightening and inspiring!

Link  --via Super Punch

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The Dark Knight In Real Life

(YouTube Link)

From the makers of Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, Die Hard and The Shining in real life comes the tale of a sad looking Dark Knight hauling an even sadder looking Batcycle around the streets of Cambridge, spouting bits of wisdom and running around like a bat out of hell.

It's stupid funny, and should be expanded into an entire series as soon as possible. Just don't try jumping off of any buildings while holding on to a cardboard Batwing guys!

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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