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If Disney Movies Were Faithful To Their Fairy Tale Source Material

We all know classic Disney cartoons put a gentle spin on classic fairy tales, replacing the blood and death with song and dance segments to keep the content as close to G rated as possible.

But if you take a look at the original fairy tale source material you'll see that Disney chose some disturbingly violent stories to adapt.

And now, thanks to Paul Westover, illustrator extraordinaire for CollegeHumor, you can really see what they would look like if Disney Movies Were Faithful To Their Source Material, in a word- bloody. You've been warned!

See If Disney Movies Were Faithful To Their Source Material here (contains NSFW material)

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Did High School Students Die Because They Were Hypnotized By Their Principal?

(Image Link)

Hypnotism's validity is still widely argued in the scientific community, where they can't seem to decide whether people can truly be hypnotized or not.

But whether you believe hypnotism really works or is nothing but pseudoscience doesn't really matter in this instance, because students in a Florida town are dying due to their belief in hypnotism.

A high school principal named George Kenney used students and faculty from North Port high school as guinea pigs, practicing hypnotism on them without a license or much training, and at least three students are dead as a result.

The students were said to have received hypnotic "treatments" to help them deal with their problems but were instead left feeling a bit strange.

A few years later three of the students hypnotized by Kenney died within weeks of each other, one in a car accident and two by suicide, and Kenney was found guilty of a misdemeanor, practicing hypnosis without a license.

But was Kenney responsible for altering the brain chemistry of these teen students, or is the whole thing the result of overactive young imaginations?

Read more about these Students Who Died After Hypnosis here

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"Father" Of Australian Politics Is Introduced To Snapchat

Some older folks don't know what to make of that Snapchat app the young folks are crazy about these days, wondering how an app that lets you chat with your social world via pics and short videos could cause such a stir.

 photo aussiepoliticosnapchat1_zps1zglleio.gif

But just because they don't get it doesn't mean they won't happily jump on board once they're introduced to Snapchat, and according to the "father" of Australian politics Philip Ruddock the Lenses are the best feature.

 photo aussiepoliticosnapchat2_zpsaemxrvht.gif

Philip was introduced to what he calls "Snapshow" by a young whippersnapper from BuzzFeed Australia named Mark Di Stefano, and now Mark has to explain to Mrs. Ruddock why Philip keeps sending her these strange selfies:

-Via Buzzfeed

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The Ten Different Types of Fallout Players

The Fallout video game franchise stays true to the roleplaying game genre by allowing players to fully customize their character as they see fit, and the series made the transition from turn-based RPG to first-person shooter RPG smoothly.

This flexibility means everybody plays Fallout their own way- choosing different tactics, weapons and perks, meaning there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different character options.

But for the sake of brevity let's just say there are ten core types of Fallout players.

Julia Lepetit drew up graphic depictions of the 10 Types Of Fallout Players for Dorkly, and it seems I'm part Hoarder, part Cartographer when I play (dull, I know). What kind of Fallout player are you?

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Harry Houdini's Tips For The Budding Criminal

(Image Link)

Nowadays becoming a criminal is as easy as learning how to hack into bank accounts or credit cards, but back in the good old days you had to physically steal cash and stuff for the heist to be considered successful.

That's why old school criminals looked up to master magician Harry Houdini, because he possessed skills that would have been incredibly handy for burglars, cutpurses, train robbers and the like.

(Image Link)

In 1906 Houdini published a book entitled The Right Way To Do Wrong that includes all kinds of highly regarded advice for lowly thieves, a book which was purportedly written to help fight crime but reads more like a criminal primer.

Houdini's book includes some creative and theatrical ideas such as:

use a prosthetic arm to avoid being detected while picking a pocket, walk backwards through the snow when committing a burglary so you appear to be moving away from your mark, and become a master of disguise if you decide to pursue a life of crime.

Read 10 Tips For Becoming A Successful Criminal, According To Harry Houdini at mental_floss

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A Snapchat Story About Being Home Alone All Weekend

Being home alone for an extended period of time isn't as fun as they make it out to be in the movies, and things can get pretty weird when you have to find ways to entertain yourself in an empty house.

Lucky for you we're not talking about dirty ways to "entertain yourself" in this instance, but rather silly ways which seem to entertain Snapchat cinematographer DatsGoodForm every bit as much as the viewer.

(Video contains NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)

Moral of the story- put your toys away before you do your physics homework, or those little plastic people won't leave you alone!

-Via Cheezburger

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New Jersey Residents Are All Atwitter Over Jersey Devil Sighting

With Halloween rapidly approaching people have all kinds of scary things on their mind, which are mostly figments of their imagination, and like clockwork reports of strange sightings start rolling in.

(Image Link)

One of the most recent cryptid sightings happened in Galloway Township, New Jersey, where folks spotted a strange shape in the sky and decided it was the famed Jersey Devil taking flight.

One lucky witness named Emily Martin even captured the flight on video.

(YouTube Link)

That's very compelling footage! The still pic has people wondering what the heck that thing flapping across the skyline really is, with guesses that it's a launched goat or a squirrel falling out of a tree.

But the craziest part of this story is the fact that people are actually wondering "Jersey Devil or Halloween prank?", as if there could be any doubt!

-Via Complex

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The Chambong Is The Classy Way To Chug Champagne

Chugging champagne out of a bottle isn't very classy, but it's the only surefire way to get drunk in under a minute!

Okay, you definitely shouldn't chug champagne like that, unless you really love vomiting and headachey hangovers, so why would somebody make a champagne bong?

 photo anigif_enhanced-26707-1444612073-2_zps2utbig8l.gif

The simple answer would probably be some reason related to ironic hipster culture making a statement about being privileged, but that's not really what the Chambong is all about.

(Image Link)

The Chambong is't built to send a whole bottle of bubbly hurtling down your throat, which means it's safe, but it is built to look all kinds of classy, so it's sexy. And it ain't your grandma's alcohol funnel, so you'll be on the cutting edge of chugging champagne!

-Via BuzzFeed

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Man Breaks Into Ranch House, Feeds Pets, Makes Dinner, Writes In Diary

What would you think if you came home to find a burglar still hanging out in your house, kicking back watching TV like he owns the place?

(Image Link)

The ranch house residents who found Christopher Hiscock sitting on their couch sipping coffee probably thought the worst too, but then they discovered Christopher was no ordinary burglar, because he was born to be a rancher.

He had fed the cat, given the horses some hay, and basked in the glory of a sleepover on the ranch, which he described in this entry he added to the resident's diary:

"Today was my first full day at the ranch. I fed the cats and horses. So much I can do here I have to remind myself to just relax and take my time. I don't feel alone here, I guess with 2 cats and 3 horses it's kinda hard to be alone. Last night I had a fire in the house. It was so (peaceful). I slept like a little baby. I saw a picture in the basement on the wall of a man holding and weighing fish on a boat. Looking at him I think we look a lot alike, but I think I'm more handsome."

Christopher was placed on a one-year probation for his crime, which he strangely feels is a small price to pay for a glorious day spent living that ranch life. Maybe he needs to get a cat?

-Via Cheezburger

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Creepy Wikipedia Pages And Unresolved Mysteries For Curious Souls To Explore

(Image Link)

Getting lost down an internet rabbit hole can be an enlightening and educational experience, a complete waste of time, or a twisted journey into the dark depths of the human psyche.

In other words there's some really horrifying stuff posted online for all the world to behold, but there's also plenty of scary stuff to read online that won't result in mental trauma.

If you're looking to read about some interesting yet scary stuff you should start your journey with BuzzFeed's list of Creepy Wikipedia Pages That Will Keep You Up At Night.

(Image Link)

It features classic creep outs like the Cleveland Torso Murderer, who dismembered at least a dozen people but was never caught, or the mysterious Cicada 3301 organization, who are recruiting "highly intelligent individuals" with complex internet puzzles.

And when you have a few weeks to kill you can continue your investigation at the subreddit Unresolved Mysteries, where lots more creepy mysteries await budding online investigators.

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Backpacker With GoPro Camera Falls Off Suspension Bridge

Wearing a GoPro everywhere you go has become the norm in the extreme sports community, and backpackers also like to get in on the action when they're trekking through an interesting area.

Most backpacking videos are probably pretty yet pretty dull to watch, but one lucky hiker named Adrien Whistle ended up with an extreme falling video thanks to the fact that he was sporting his GoPro camera.

(YouTube Link)

Adrien and his fellow 'packers were walking across a suspension bridge in New Zealand when the bridge gave way beneath them, sending them plummeting to the water 25 feet below.

Luckily nobody was seriously injured, and the camera never stopped rolling so the French fellow recording it all got to walk away with one heck of a souvenir!

-Via Boing Boing

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You Can Now Download The Soothing Sounds Of K-Mart

Do you remember shopping at K-Mart between the years of 1988 and 1992?

If so then you were gathering your goods and living that K-Mart life while soothing elevator music played through the store's PA system to announce specials and keep you shopping calmly.

If your life has felt incomplete without that "attention K-Mart shoppers" sound then you're in luck, because former K-Mart employee Mark Davis made a bunch of the original K-Mart retail tapes available to download on Archive.org.

They feature in-store advertisements and soothing sounds that will take you back to a simpler time, when that big red "K" symbolized shopping freedom.

-Via Boing Boing

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Florida Man: The Comic

Florida Man is that ubiquitous everyman you keep hearing about in the media, whose name is almost always followed by the word "arrested" and the details of some crazy crime he committed.

He's the subject of his own Twitter page @_FloridaMan, and a few years back Mandatory hired artist Dave Rappoccio to adapt his misadventures into a series of webcomics.

Each comic features a nondescript fellow who is capable of doing just about anything, as long as it's super strange, and the illustrations really bring these oddball scenarios to life.

See more Florida Man comics here

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Cat-Friend Versus Dog-Friend, As Told By Humans

Cats and dogs can actually get along, and this cameraderie may seem like a good thing, but when cats and dogs are actively engaged in battling each other they don't have time to tear up your house.

Boston based comedy group FATAWESOME have been proving cats and dogs should be versus instead of plus with their fur realz video series Cat-Friend Vs. Dog-Friend, here's barely NSFW due to language installment number 3:

(YouTube Link)

If there's one thing you should take away from this video it's that cat-friend is aloof and constantly staring at walls, but at least he's not actively engaged in destroying your home, except for that cozy laptop chair you set out for him.

-Via Laughing Squid

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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A Collection Of "Game Of Thrones" Tribute Thrones

(Image Link)

The Iron Throne is made of iron for a reason- because whoever sits atop it and thereby rules Westeros must be extremely hardcore.

They'll have no need of lumbar support, extra cushy seats or padded armrests, because they will be king or queen of a fantasy kingdom ruled by might and misery.

(Image Link)

But those of us who are sitting on our soft buns waiting for the next season of Game Of Thrones to air need a throne appropriate for our kind of kingdom, with no killing required.

(Image Link)

And as the IT Wars raged all around him this noble ruler sat tight, knowing he had the power of Intel inside the computer-iffic throne his royal buns were resting upon.

See 18 'Game Of Thrones' Tribute Thrones Too Comfy For Westeros here

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How A Cheesy 90s Pop Group Took Nazism Straight To The Top Of The Charts

They wrote some of the catchiest pop/dance songs of the 90s, taking America by storm just like fellow Swedes ABBA did decades earlier, and little did we know their music contained a dark messages inspired by Nazi ideology.

They are Ace Of Base, the seemingly harmless Swedish electronic dance group whose catchy hits "The Sign", "All That She Wants" and "Don't Turn Around" are earworms that will haunt us for the rest of our lives.

(YouTube Link)

Ace Of Base may not seem like the sort to spread Nazi inspired propaganda, and this theory may seem like the ravings of a crackpot conspiracist, which the alleger, Cracked's Adam Tod Brown, will readily admit.

But consider this- Ace Of Base founder Ulf Ekberg was once part of the Neo-Nazi punk band Commit Suiside, and he named the group after the Nazi's Keroman submarine facility, sometimes referred to as "the base of the aces".

Read How A 90s Pop Band Secretly Sold Nazism To America at Cracked (contains NSFW language)

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Complete Your Killer Look With These 30 Slasher Movie Inspired T-Shirts

Slashers are the crazed killers who give us nightmares and dwell in their own horror movie subgenre, and they're some of the most iconic characters in horror movie history despite their gruesome appearances.

Whether you're a fan of Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface or can't decide which slasher you like best the NeatoShop is your one stop shop for something scary good to wear!

They are the freaky faces of horror

Bloody Lil Horrors (Multicolor) by Prime Premne

From the classic killers who scared us as a kid

Game Over by Brandon Wilhelm ART

To the modern horror movie murderers who prove slashers are timeless

Sam II by Chip Skelton

Continue reading

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Animated Dark Comedy Short About Exterminators From Another Planet

 photo 1469563793860444557_zpsdqxecp0s.jpg

Pests like roaches, mice and ants can make your life feel like a nightmare when they invade your home, but that doesn't mean they deserve to be wiped off the face of the planet, now does it?

(Vimeo Link)

Bûche Royale is a darkly comedic CGI short by Aline Le Sage , Sarah Amrani and Lucy Vallin showing what it's like to be a human exterminator on a far off world, where the line between population control and genocide is rather blurry. (Contains NSFW language)

-Via io9

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20 Lesser Known Horror Movies You Need To See

'Tis the season to watch your favorite fright filled flicks, and whether you're a fan of the fear, hardcore into gore or like a dark tale to unfold there's bound to be a bunch of great horror movies out there that you haven't seen.

(YouTube Link)

Filmmakers from around the world enjoy terrifying audiences with their unique take on horror, and there are tons of under the radar indie movies out there that are just as good, if not better, than their mainstream horror cousins.

(YouTube Link)

Rolling Stone put together a greal list of the 20 Scariest Horror Movies You Need To See, including better known Japanese horror movie Audition, fairly familiar titles like The Descent and Funny Games, and a slew of new horror flicks sure to tickle your grisly fancy! 

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Fifteen Retro Cartoons That Very Few People Remember

People tend to remember cartoons they enjoyed watching as a kid, even the ones they saw only a time or two, so if nobody remembers a certain cartoon it's probably because watching that toon has caused mental scarring.

But memory is a tricky thing, and sometimes we repress our show-related memories because that horrendously awful show featured characters we want to continue liking.

The "funky fresh" Hanna-Barbera reboot called Yo, Yogi! is a good example of a show that's best forgotten so we can go on liking those classic 'toons the way they were before the dumbification.

Dorkly has put together an erroneously titled collection of 15 Retro Cartoons That Literally Nobody Remembers, and besides the bad titling the list includes three shows that never really existed. See if you can figure out which ones are fake!

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Horrifying Halloween Baking Fails

Halloweentime is upon us, and that means people will be doing lots of baking, prepping food and entertaining guests like they do for all the other fall and winter holidays.

Your jolly uncle Jim might not care what he stuffs in his piehole, but everyone else will be wondering what's in it, how long it took you to make it and how it tastes.

However, if your Halloween themed baked dish comes out looking like this people won't be wondering anything but "why did they bother?"

But sometimes a failure is simply not your fault, because the recipe claims to be far easier to complete than it actually is.

When that happens you should just grin and bear the friendly ribbing, because all that really matters is how your baked goods taste!

See 16 Horrific Halloween Baking Fails here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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A Long Forgotten Animated TV Show Called Super President

The President of the United States used to be seen as a larger-than-life figure capable of seeing our country through any trouble and smoothing things out for the citizens who voted him into office.

But nowadays it's more important for the Prez to come off as an average guy (or someday gal) and stand by our sides during times of trouble, rather than launching bald eagles and cannon fire from on high.

However, the President still had the power to captivate the imagination of the public back in 1967, and so Super President was born.

(YouTube Link)

Super President was supposed to make the President come off as a cross between Batman and James Bond, but his boring bantering and inability to solve cases on him own makes him a little too much like our real presidents! (You can see more episodes of Super President on the Dandy Deal Media YouTube channel)

-Via Dangerous Minds

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Some Of The Most Outrageous Entertainment Industry Lawsuits

With so much money being made by the Hollywood elite it's no wonder people are constantly looking for ways to strike it rich by filing lawsuits against the bigwigs for beaucoup bucks.

Sometimes the case has a kernel of merit, like the lawsuit filed against Summit Entertainment over the Nic Cage film Knowing, which alleges they infringed upon Global Findability's patent on geocoding technology.

(Image Link)

This lawsuit may not have paid out for the plaintiff, but it has raised some interesting legal questions such as- can a coding method actually be patented? and how does including the coding method in the movie violate the patent?

However, many cases brought up against entertainment industry professionals are nothing but frivolous from the very beginning, such as the case of disappointed moviegoer versus Drive.

(Image Link)

The plaintiff, Sarah Deming, alleges that Drive starring Ryan Gosling was promoted as a film akin to The Fast And The Furious franchise, but when she saw the film she was disappointed by the lack of fastness and furiousness. I wonder if Sarah was similarly disappointed by Mad Max: Fury Road?

Read about 18 of Hollywood's Outrageous Entertainment Lawsuits here

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An Animated Interview With Tom Waits

 photo yAXQXP_zpsytxmnfbq.gif

Tom Waits is quite a character, with a voice that makes you want to listen intently to every tale he has to tell and a face that tells a whole 'nother story of its own.

When Tom Waits talks he generally has some pretty interesting stuff to say, and one particularly interesting interview by Chris Roberts in 1988 was chosen to receive the Blank On Blank animated treatment.

(YouTube Link)

The PBS series Blank On Blank features animated versions of lost interviews with famous faces such as Hunter S. Thompson, Roger Ebert and Joni Mitchell, just to name a few, so Tom is truly in good company!

-Via Boing Boing

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Let This Magical Unicorn Show You The Proper Way To Poop

According to scientific research we've been pooping all wrong, sitting on the toilet like we're sitting on an easy chair rather than squatting like we're supposed to, which is where the Squatty Potty comes in.

The Squatty Potty is supposed to help us eliminate more solid waste by raising our feet up while we go, and whether their claims are true or not their commercial definitely caught my attention!

(YouTube Link)

I'm really glad my local ice cream parlor doesn't serve rainbow swirl soft serve, or I'd have to switch to frozen yogurt...

-Via Memebase

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10 Of The Most Unique Horror Movie Kills

Horror movies center around death, and whether they feature the straightforward slaughtering of people by a slasher, or people being slowly driven to death's door by a haunting, horror flicks are all about the kills.

Since characters drop like flies in horror movies the kills can become extremely repetitive and lose their cringeworthiness, so including creative kills can really make your film stand out. (Video contains NSFW material)

(YouTube Link)

Bloody Disgusting has gathered a gruesome assortment of disturbingly memorable kills from horror flicks, omitting the Final Destination series altogether because they're full of unique kills. It's just the thing to get you in the mood for a Halloween horror movie marathon!

See 10 Of The Most Unique Horror Movie Kills at Bloody Disgusting

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Gruesome Halloween Display Has Neighborhood Kids Running Scared

When it comes to decorating for Halloween there's a fine line between suitably scary and downright disturbing, and sometimes we Halloweenies have to reel in our morbid imaginations a bit so we don't scare off all the trick-or-treaters.

But, as the Barrett household in Parma, Ohio discovered, you should use even more discretion when you live a block away from an elementary school or prepare to incur parental wrath.

Kids and parents alike feel that the decorations, which include an impaled body, a body wrapped in plastic hanging from a tree and a figure crucified upside down, are too disturbingly realistic to have up around children.

The decorations seem perfect for a haunted house or an area with fewer kids, but a display that gruesome is guaranteed to keep kids from trick-or-treating at their house of horrors, and where's the fun in that?!

-Via Cosmopolitan

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Give Your Fellow Gamers What They Really Want With The 12 Games Of Christmas

Our friend and NeatoShop artist extraordinaire Matt Heald (aka Retro Review) is putting some 8-bit awesomeness on this year's Christmas shopping list with his new project The 12 Games Of Christmas.

Matt wants to help you spread that feeling of nostalgia you once had when you unwrapped a classic console game on Christmas morning with his line of old school video game inspired shirts and matching Christmas cards.

With pixel art straight from classic games like Alex Kidd In Miracle World, The Legend Of Zelda, Bubble Bobble and many more, Retro Review has created a great gift package for all the gamers on your list.

And right now you can help Retro Review bring The 12 Games Of Christmas to life by backing his Kickstarter project, which he has put together just in time for the holidays.

These are the gifts for gamers that keep on giving, the t-shirts (or sweatshirts) and matching cards that will make your geeky friends and family members say "Ho ho ho! What a great idea!" when they unwrap them on Christmas day. But don't delay- the 12 Games Of Christmas project ends on November 2nd!

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The X-Men Lineup Decade-By-Decade

The X-Men started out as a band of mutant misfits akin to those involved in the counter-culture movements in the 1960s- a disenfranchised group of teen mutants looking for a little acceptance in a world that both feared and hated them.

That's why the fluid nature of the group's lineup makes sense, since there will always be a new batch of teens manifesting powers and looking for a little guidance at Professor Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.

But it's really hard to keep track of all the changes when various characters have been coming and going for over fifty years.

Illustrator Ed Piskor created this handy visual guide to help us keep track of how the X-Men lineup has changed over the years, with each row representing a decade in X-Men history, starting in the 60s and running through the 90s. Looks like you've got one and a half more to go Ed!

-Via Boing Boing

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Some Of The Worst Things Playmates Have Said About Life In The Playboy Mansion

(Image Link)

Hugh Hefner has spent decades cultivating and grooming an image for the Playboy empire that kept its best assets up front and the bad stuff hidden behind closed doors.

But, despite what the Playboy empire is selling us in the press, things are not so happy in Hugh's magically misogynistic kingdom. And, try as he might, Hugh hasn't been able to keep his Bunnies from spilling the beans about it all.

The Playboy image is all about sexy, classy and wealthy, but when you hear firsthand accounts of the lifestyle Hef leads within the mansion's walls sexiness is quickly replaced by sadness:

8. "Hef was used to dirty carpets. The one in his bedroom had not been changed for years, and things became significantly worse when Holly Madison moved into his room with him as Girlfriend No. 1 soon after I moved in, bringing her two dogs. They weren't house-trained and would just do their business on the bedroom carpet. Late at night or in the early hours of the morning — if any of us visited Hef's bedroom — we'd almost always end up standing in dog mess." —Izabella St. James in her book, Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion

Read The 15 Worst Things Playmates Have Said About Life In The Playboy Mansion here (contains NSFW language)

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