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CG Animated Fantasy Short - 850 Meters

(Video Link)

You’d think the whole sword and sorcery thing would have lost its appeal by now, but creative souls keep coming up with original content, animated and otherwise, which manages to keep even the most jaded viewers glued to their screens.

Fantasy is a very compelling genre when it’s done right, and this CG animated short by Joeri Christiaen entitled 850 meters is a good example of how to deliver both visually and as an original story.

There’s plenty of humor, a damsel in distress and madcap adventure as the bumbling hero Roger Flambe discovers his heroic purpose in life. And even though it’s nearly fifteen minutes in length, there’s plenty of eye candy to keep viewers intrigued from beginning to closing credits.

Via Geek Tyrant

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Dr. Seuss' Lesser Known Adult Book

Everybody knows about Dr. Seuss’ illustrious career as writer/illustrator of legendary children’s books like The Cat In The Hat and Green Eggs And Ham, but did you know that once upon a time the good doctor tried his hand at creating some "adult" content?

Way back in 1939, when Seuss was in transition from Vanguard to Random House publishing, he made an agreement with his new publisher which allowed him to put out an adult themed book of his choosing, and so The Seven Lady Godivas was born.

The content is quite tame by today’s standards of adult content, but it definitely delivers that Seussian style you know and love, and contains some heartwarmingly hilarious illustrations.

Via Brain Pickings

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A Building Is Digitally Reconstructed In Surreal Photo Series

Talk about your mind blowing architecture! This impossible looking structure was constructed in the imagination of photographer Victor Enrich, who saw much more than a simple skyscraper when he looked at the NH Munchen Deutscher Kaiser hotel in Munich, Germany.

In fact, he saw 88 different versions of the hotel, each more impossible than the last, and his photo manipulation skills have improved quite a bit since we last featured his works on Neatorama (Link). Victor’s visionary buildings would make a great addition to cityscapes across the globe if we didn’t have that pesky thing called gravity keeping our architecture in check.

Via Laughing Squid

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A Folk Metal Music Video Inspired By Game Of Thrones

(Video Link)

If George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy saga Game Of Thrones took place in the modern era the soundtrack would probably sound a lot like this song from progressive folk metal band Scythia.

The song is called "Bear Claw Tavern," and the video is full of raw Celtic energy and an equally rambunctious bar scene featuring drunken dwarves, badass warriors brawling, an epic keytar solo that will knock your britches off, and some wizardly geek trying to do some light reading while he drinks his mead. So hoist your tankards, sharpen your battleaxes and give a great big old Westeros hoo-rah to Scythia's fantasy inspired heavy metal sound.

Via Geekosystem

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Artwork Envisions Wicked As An Animated Feature

The hit Broadway musical Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz has delighted audiences worldwide with the story of the Wicked Witch of the West before she gave her soul to the dark side.

The musical is based on a novel by Gregory Maguire, and will most likely be made into a movie and television show before we see it realized as an animated feature, but visual development artist Minkyu Lee saw lots of cartoon potential in Wicked while attending CalArts.

Minkyu drew up all kinds of cool character designs, storyboards and other development art for Wicked, and hopefully someone will take notice of his designs and greenlight Wicked as an animated feature.

Via Nerd Approved

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You're Never Too Old To Rock Fresh Gear

Your body never stops aging, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your funky fresh style and cutting edge fashion sense when you join AARP and start ordering off the Senior menu. Rocking dope gear is always a good idea, no matter your age or how many of your original teeth you still have in your head.

Just ask photographer Dai Lyn Power what the age limit is on looking fly and she’ll tell you- if you’re still breathing you should be representing. She backs this statement up with her photo series Our Generation, which features senior citizens sporting streetwear like total badasses. Shuffleboard games will never be the same.

Via Sneakhype

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The Worst Video Game Releases Of 2013

It’s that time of year again, when the internet celebrates the best and worst of everything before we officially ring in the new year.

Here’s a list which details the worst kind of offenders- the video game releases that got our hopes up then shattered our digital dreams with terrible graphics, crappy gameplay and fatal glitches which made a few of the games on the list completely unplayable.

When it comes to making video games designers would do well to remember this- gamers never forget, and releasing a terrible game is enough to get your company blacklisted and fill the gaming forums with hatred for your lackluster release.

See the list at Arcade Sushi

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An iPhone Attachment That Generates The Smell Of Fresh Popcorn

We just can’t get enough of that fresh popped popcorn smell, but until now if you wanted to carry that savory smell around you either had to douse yourself in artificial butter flavoring or strap a popcorn maker to your back.

Now, thanks to Pop Secret and their horribly named product the Popcorn Dongle, iPhone users can take that wonderful smell with them wherever they go, provided they are playing the game Poptopia.

The longer you play the game the more popcorn smell is released, and until some techie figures out how to hack the device so it emits that popcorn smell whenever you want, you’ll have to give in to Poptopia if you want that savory smell all around you.

Via DesignTAXI

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Fifteen Stunning Examples Of Invisible Architecture

From the title you’d expect this article to be about architecture built by the same people who made Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, but these examples of so-called “invisible” architecture should actually be referred to as visually non-obtrusive.

The camouflaged structures attempt to preserve the beauty of surrounding nature while still serving a structural purpose, which means they're made from lots of glass, wood, metal and shiny bits that reflect the beauty of the surrounding terrain.

If Wonder Woman was in the market for some new real estate, having grown tired of living in the Justice League Watchtower, these stealth structures might be just what she needs to hide away from it all and keep in touch with the natureal world.

Via Flavorwire

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Downloadable Game Of Thrones House Sigil Snowflake Patterns

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the snowflakes fall all winter long then you probably won’t see the need to print your own, but if you live in the land of perpetual sunshine, or you’re simply looking for a holiday decoration that won’t end up becoming little puddles on the floor, then prepare your printer- for winter is coming.

Simply download these Game of Thrones inspired House Sigil snowflake patterns by Krystal Higgins, get your scissors ready for a snipfest and voila! DIY holiday decorations that won't make you lose cool points with your geeky guests.

Via Nerd Approved

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The Little Known Poster Art Of Maurice Sendak

The works of Maurice Sendak have delighted young and old alike for generations, and his artwork looks as fresh and timely today as it did when it came out decades ago. Sendak created artwork for all sorts of reasons, like these little known promotional posters for causes ranging from Jewish Book Month to International Children’s Book Day (I’m sensing a theme here).

They feature characters from fables and fairy tales, a few wild things and some kids who are hungry for adventure- and a bowl of chicken soup with rice. Sendak’s art is always a pleasure to behold, and his whimsical character designs are such an iconic part of childhood that they still bring a smile to my face.

Via Juxtapoz

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Edible Art Supplies That Look Like Paint Tubes And Pencils

If you’ve ever revealed to friends and family that you’re a budding artist (or in some cases merely expressed an interest in art) you’re probably expecting to receive a bunch of art supplies this year, whether you need them or not. If you’re tired of adding to your ever growing collection of superfluous art supplies then you’d better put these sweet sets on your list.

Created by Nendo Design, these edible art supply sets include chocolate paint tubes filled with various yummy creams like caramel and honey, and chocolate pencils you can shave to add a touch of deliciousness to another dessert. They’re a sweet way to support an artist without adding to their already cluttered lives.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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Odd Complaints About A Female Ninja Themed Restaurant In Tokyo

Geeks who dream of being served big bowls of ramen by female ninjas will suddenly find their lives complete when they visit the Men no Sato (Noodle Village) themed restaurant in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

With a sultry staff of sword wielding servers delivering smiles, and delicious food, to the tables you’d think the main complaint would be about an eye being poked out or finding a fly in the broth.

But, surprisingly, the main complaint about the restaurant is that the waitresses all have light colored hair. Apparently diners aren’t agreeing with the wait staff’s Naruto-esque look, deeming a restaurant full of blond, scantily clad ninjas to be inauthentic. Complaints should wait to be filed until after the kunoichi wait staff have removed their weaponry, unless you want to lose your cutlets!

Via Kotaku

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Delightful Animated Short - Big Game

(Video Link)

Student films are looking pretty good these days, full of polished visuals and high definition detail, and this CG short created by six students attending The Animation School in Cape Town, South Africa is a great example of what can be achieved while still in school.

The short is called Big Game, and despite the somewhat predictable hunters vs. prey theme it’s a very entertaining romp full of digital eye candy and a lot of heart. Big Game utilizes classic gags and a cartoony look with great success, and the main character is so adorably goofy they should make him the star of his own animated series.

Via Geek Tyrant

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Realistic Resin Sculptures Of Sea Creatures

Keng Lye creates sculptural works of art that look like snapshot images of sea life brought into the third dimension, so lifelike viewers expect them to start swimming around at any moment. But these colorful sea creatures won’t be swimming around, or doing much of anything for that matter, because they’re made out of painted resin.

Keng is a master of creating hyper realistic sculptures, and these undersea still life works are made using a clear resin that resembles water which is painted on in layers, slowly building up the look of each creature complete with shading, fine detail and cast shadows.

Via Hi-Fructose

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Incredibly Detailed Plague Doctor Helmet Mask

Most cosplayers are dedicated to making their outfits, and all related accessories, look as realistic as possible, but costume fabricator Brian Cargile wanted to create something that looked fully functional yet totally fantastic, so he created this amazing looking Plague Doctor mask/helmet.

With light up goggle eyes and mouth grate, shiny metal bits where appropriate and the look of worn steel plates everywhere else, Brian has brought the Plague Doctor look into the 21st century in style. This one-of-a-kind piece has already been sold, but you can check out more of his unique gear available at his Etsy shop.

Via Super Punch

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Atoms For Peace Music Video Featuring Mind Bending Visuals

(Video Link)

Here’s a music video that represents an almost perfect synergy between band and filmmaker, a video that is so hypnotic to watch you’ll lose track of time as the rhythm flows and the visuals unfold.  

The song is “Before Your Very Eyes” by Atoms For Peace, and the animation was created by Andrew Thomas Huang, a master of bending minds and bringing the awe factor to music videos.

Andrew's past credits include equally amazing videos for Sigur Ros, Bjork and Solipsist. This time around he invites your mind on a trip across a living landscape, but beware the giant living in the mountains.

Via Booooooom!

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Show Them How Much You Hate Them With A Greeting Card

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and it’s safe to say that everyone has hated, or been hated by, someone at some point in their life. So why hasn’t the greeting card industry jumped on this opportunity to sell more cards?

Up until now you had to buy a card meant to convey a kind or polite sentiment then repurpose the whole thing with some selective editing and the addition of a few choice words. Now there are cards that say what you want them to without any editing, they convey the hatred you have for the recipient in big, bold text and negative imagery. These are the cards from Because I Hate You, use only as directed.

Via 22 Words

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Minecraft And Opera Meet At Last

(Video Link)

Opera ain’t just for sophisticated folks wearing fancy duds anymore, now geeks and gamers can enjoy some dramatic singing thanks to the virtual performance OPERAcraft.

Created by a bunch of music majors from Virginia Tech who were looking to bring a bit of culture to the video game loving masses, OPERAcraft stars pixelated Minecraft characters performing on the big screen while the VT squad sings, and the blockheaded characters on the screen even lip sync to the lyrics thanks to a Minecraft mod and the Pd-L2Ork orchestral software. This ain’t your grandma’s operatic performance, this is next gen virtual live performance/animated pixel art at its finest.

Via Ubergizmo

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There Are Faces On Things, Faces All Around Us

We see faces everywhere- on fruits and vegetables, in the structure of houses and cars, and sometimes even on people’s nude torsos. Faces are all around us, and in true internet fashion a Twitter account has been set up so people can send in their own photographic evidence of the facial invasion.

Faces In Things is where you need to go if you’re surrounded by eyes, mouths (and occasionally noses) and want to share your scopophobia with the world. Faces In Things will show you that you're not alone, others are seeing faces in things too, and some of those faces are so darn cute it's hard to be mad at them for wanting to hang around and stare at us all day.

Via 22Words

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Dream Imagery Is Brought To Life In This Short Film

(Video Link)

Dreams can be so freaky and weird sometimes, so full of vivid and surreal imagery, that they would make for really great short films. And since the imagery is so strange they’d probably have to be created with CG animation, to properly capture their bizarre visual nature.

Well what do you know, it appears former Northumbria University student Samuel Blain already had the same idea and created a short called In Dreams, featuring freaky realizations of (you guessed it!) people’s most vivid dreams.

Samuel calls it an experimental documentary, and while some of the dreams described may be a bit mundane the animated realizations are anything but, and will likely haunt your dreams for many nights to come.

Via Animal NY

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Humans Beware, The Dirds Are Hungry

Photoshopped pictures of hybrid animals that could never actually exist in the wild are funny, but when that hybrid is a powerful new species which embodies the strengths of both original species and is capable of subjugating the human race we need to take notice.

Beware the Dirds, for they are powerful creatures born of bird and dog, and they are sick of eating dry kibble, bird seeds and crackers. Dirds can be identified by their bone chilling squawk bark, their tendency to drool and their oily feather-fur which is so slick the blood of their prey runs right off. Dirds were created by humans, but will they become our new masters?

Via Beautiful/Decay

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Macaulay Culkin's Newest Project - The Pizza Underground

Macaulay Culkin has had his fair share of ups and downs (mostly downs) since his days of childhood stardom and the Home Alone films, so it’s good to see him hanging out with friends, happily eating too much pizza and channeling Lou Reed with his new band The Pizza Underground.

Culkin, who is joined by Phoebe Kreutz, Matt Colbourn, Deenah Vollmer and Austin Kilham, belts out tasty new renditions of old Velvet Underground tunes dripping with adoration for the pizza pie. Songs like I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice, All The Pizza Parties and I’m Waiting For The Delivery Man are sure to delight VU fans and make listeners hunger for a fresh slice.

Via Gothamist

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Inside The Mind Of The Pyro

(Video Link)

The Team Fortress video game franchise is full of quirky characters trying their darndest to blow each other to bits in ferocious multiplayer combat, and the in-game characters don’t come much quirkier than the Pyro.

This fiery madman always seems to have his head in the clouds while he racks up team kills with his flamethrower and trusty fire axe, but the question remains- what is the Pyro thinking about while he eliminates the competition?

The animated short entitled Crackpot tries to answer that question, while reminding us that if we were able to see everything that goes on inside this guy's head we’d all end up stark raving mad!

Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Enjoy The Convenience Of Christmas Tinner

Preparing a holiday meal is a pain in the neck, and often results in the cook(s) being reduced to a frazzled, grumpy mess. But is it worth all the hassle and bad vibes? Wouldn’t you love to simply crack open a tin full of holiday meal and dig right in? Well, your prayers have been answered, the Christmas Tinner is here!

Packed full of layers of goodness, this colorful ready to eat can of Christmas cheer will make meal preparation a snap, and there’s something for everyone so your friends and family members will have their ferocious holiday hungers sated the easy way.

Via Geekosystem

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Benedict Cumberbatch Reads R. Kelly Lyrics

(Video Link)

Those darn Brits can make anything sound good, with their sophisticated pronunciations of words and smarmy attitudes as they sit there speaking proper English.

The latest pop culture obsession from across the pond is Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the hit BBC series Sherlock and bad boy Khan in the film Star Trek Into Darkness. Benedict is a big star, and not just because of his cool name. Here he is reading lyrics to the R. Kelly song “Genius” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, try not to swoon and hurt yourself as he reads the incredibly sexy lyrics aloud in that classy British way.

Via Wired

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Beware The Megafoot

When the good ol’ boys from hit “reality” TV shows like Finding Bigfoot go out Squatch huntin’ they'd better watch their backs, 'cause there might be a new breed of Squatch lurking in them thar woods. His name is Megafoot, and he’s hungry for two things- motor oil and human flesh!

The mashup nobody could have ever seen coming is at last a reality- the cyborg bigfoot movie Megafoot is in production! So polish up your MST3K routines, get a group of friends with some booze and a sense of humor together, and bask in the glory of godawfulness known as Megafoot. You won't be disappointed, unless you were hoping to watch a really good movie.

Via Topless Robot

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Two Adorable Cakes Based On The Disney Film Frozen

Disney’s newest animated smash hit Frozen has inspired artists from all over the world to try their hand at making something shaped like one of the stars of the film. The favorite subjects so far are, of course, Olaf the Snowman and Sven the reindeer, mostly because both characters are just so darn cute!

UK cake wizard Laura Miller liked the characters so much that she decided to immortalize them in batter and sweet fondant for the Bake a Christmas Wish fundraiser, and they look good enough not to eat! She even included a process photoset so you can get an idea of what goes into making a cake look this adorable.

Via Cartoon Brew

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The Ugly Christmas Sweater Gets A Digital Upgrade

(Video Link)

Ugly sweaters have become so predictably ugly, so textile and lifeless, that the whole gag concept is in need of an update. The digital age of ugly sweaters is here, and the animated graphics are sure to become the latest trend in the world of ironic seasonal clothing.

From Mark Rober, the guy who brought us the Digital Costume App and the Hole in the chest gag using two iPads, comes the Digital Dudz animated ugly Christmas sweater. There's a Yule log roasting in the fireplace, a disturbing Santa Claus with realistic creepy eye moves, and an oddball kitty with animated mouth and eyes.

Via Complex

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Exploded View Photographs Of Classic Cars

Normally blowing a model car up involves firecrackers and a match, but photographer Fabian Oefner has taken the time to blow up a bunch of classic car models very carefully, so as not to damage the merchandise.

The photographs in his series Disintegration look amazing, and really show you every bit of classic cars like the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé and the Ferrari 250 GTO, but the real craziness can be found in Fabian’s photographic process.

He carefully takes each model car apart by hand, labels the proper position of every piece then suspends them on a string. Once he has painstakingly photographed every suspended bit of the model car he puts all of the pics together in Photoshop, resulting in mind boggling portraits of what really lies under the hood.

Via Design TAXI

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