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Mondo 2000 Asks - R U A Cyberpunk?

This is a page from Mondo 2000 magazine from the 1990s that asks "R U A Cyberpunk?", but should really be asking if you are a cutting edge consumer of electronics since the page looks like a giant advertisement for the latest tech.

I don't remember ever seeing anybody walking around looking like the guy in this picture, except for fans of Gothic Industrial music, but I'd be willing to bet that hackers who were also fans of William Gibson's novels or the RPG Shadowrun would have dressed this way, even if they never intended to leave their house!


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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Stop Motion Crochet - Arthur Animated

This stop motion short is entitled Arthur Animated, and it documents Jo Hamilton's amazing crochet portraiture skills, as she creates a larger than life portrait of her sadly now deceased friend Arthur Cheesman.

Head over to Boing Boing if you want to watch Jo's masterpiece grow, strand by strand, right before your eyes.

Link  --via Boing Boing

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Geeky Artwork Created With Mario Paint

(YouTube Link)

Most kids that received the Super Nintendo "game" Mario Paint as a gift probably felt like their day was ruined by this unwanted visitor.

The guy in this video, nicknamed RuiZinen, dedicated time and energy to showing the world just what Mario Paint can do, if you train to become a master of Mario mouse control.

I bow to your skills, RuiZinen. Next stop MS Paint!

--via Destructoid

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Awkward Vintage Photos From Dance Classes

These aspiring dancing machines have been immortalized at the most awkward stage in their lives-adolescence.

You can almost see the acne forming, hear their voices cracking and smell the overactive hormones in the air when you look through these awesomely awkward photos.

These photos are a good example of what kids are talking about when they accuse their parents of ruining their lives, and you can thank a site called These Americans for letting these childhood skeletons out of the closet. Jazz hands!

Link  --via Flavorwire

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Portraits Of America By Jamie Trueblood

Perusing through Jamie Trueblood's photographs is like taking a long, strange trip across America, watching the kitsch and color fly by the window of your Cadillac car.

These are moments frozen in time, subjects captured in sometimes awkward situations, seemingly unaware of being photographed on life's grand old stage.

They're voyeuristic, but not in a creepy sex offender kind of way, and Jamie's unfiltered view of America goes down smooth without all those empty calories.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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This Lawyer Is A Cowboy, Patriot And Champion Of Freedom

(YouTube Link)

Adam Reposa is a self-proclaimed champion of freedom, patriot and one badass lawyer.

Watch him wheel his monstrous truck around town, looking to smash those who oppose his right to cowboy up and punch freedom haters in the face.

According to Adam, when you're a lawyer you can smash up people's cars on the road without retribution, and kick in their windows for going to trial against his clients.

He's bringing a sense of Wild West justice back to lawyering, one car driving coward at a time. Yeehaw!

--via Best Week Ever

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A Movie Made From Getty Images Stock Photos

(YouTube Link)

This strobing short is sponsored by Getty Images, who hired BBDO Brazil to put over 800 of their stock images together in this neat, seizure inducing package entitled From Love To Bingo.

It moves along so quickly that you'll miss sections if you blink, and if you feel a full body trembling seizure coming on look away from the screen!

--via Boing Boing

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Fun Music Video - Zeroes And Ones

(YouTube Link)

This quirky music video is for the Baby Seal Club song Zeroes and Ones, and it features a bunch of chickens wreaking havoc on the beet headed employees at an Apple store. It's poultry flavored mayhem at its finest, and the song ain't half bad neither!

--via Laughing Squid

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Some Of The Most Ridiculous Comic Book Characters From The 1990s

The comic book boom of the 1990s brought with it many new trends-more anti-hero main characters, mature and intelligent storylines and, to the dismay of readers worldwide, a wave of really cheesy super villains that sent readers looking for a refund!

It's as if the creators were tired of creating suitable foes for our favorite superfolks so they decided to phone a few in, with no intention of longevity or charisma behind these baddies.

i09 has put together a short list of some of the worst offenders, and as a rabid comic book reader I can safely say that this list should really be at least twice as long!


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Super Sculptures By Mauro Perrucchetti

It's safe to say that sculptor Mauro Perrucchetti enjoys making a bold statement and a strong impression with his works, which range from hand carved marble to resin casts of iconic figures such as: Jesus, Batman, Superman and Barack Obama.

Mauro's sculptures are classically styled, tongue in cheek statements wrapped up in a bright toylike finish, like pop culture museum candy.

And the chuckle worthy images sticks with you, even if the intended statement eludes you, notably buff Jesus tearing himself off the cross and Obama as a Pez dispenser.

Link  --via Beautiful/Decay

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The Dark Knight - Just The Joker

(YouTube Link)

Tired of all that Batman with your Joker? Then feast your eyes on this Joker supercut from The Dark Knight, it's all killer clown no filler!

It's a tribute to Heath Ledger's amazing performance, and even though this isn't the finest example of video editing ever uploaded to YouTube, it's fun for your eyeballs nonetheless.

No likey? Why so serious?!

--via Geek Tyrant

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A 36 Foot Tall Tornado Made From Plastic Bottles

Chinese artist Wang Zhiyuan has an interesting way of showing disdain for the state of garbage pollution in his hometown-he created this neat 36 foot tall tornado made out of recyclable plastic bottles and containers.

The piece is entitled Thrown To The Wind, with the funnel shape flipped over to appear as if the cloud of bottles is taking off into the sky.

You know there aren't enough recycling programs in your town when a tornado tears through which is made almost entirely out of trash!

Link  --via JazJaz

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Elders React To Nyan Cat

(YouTube Link)

Elders React To... is an adorable new web series by The Fine Brothers that shows senior citizens commenting and reacting to viral videos.

This is one hip trip to the old folks home, and these seniors don't hold back when asked how they feel about Nyan Cat, or how much grass people must have to smoke in order to watch that repetitive little pop tart shaped kitty in the sky.

It's a laugh riot, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next episode!

--via Laughing Squid

Fine Brothers LINK

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Surreal Anatomical Photo Manipulation Series

This is what you'd look like if your skin was pulled off along with your clothes, and your innards were made out of brightly colored plastic.

Created by photographer Koen Hauser, this creepy photo manipulation series called Modische Atlas der Anatomie from 2002 looks just as bright and cheerful today as it did waaaaay back then.

They'll make you squirm in your seat like they're NSFW but, aside from making your boss think you're a bit of a kook, they're safe for work and nudie free!

Link  --via Juxtapoz

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Awesome Marionettes Based On Machinarium

These mechanical marionette masterpieces are based on characters from the indie video game Machinarium, as spotted by redditor rasputin777 as he traveled through Prague.

They are beautiful and so detailed that they have controls for the eyes and mouth, along with their regular limb controls.

It makes an old puppet builder like myself all teary eyed to see the art of marionette construction hasn't died in the city of Prague.

So what's it gonna take to get people building marionettes in the U.S. again, a sequel to Team America?

Link  --via Geekosystem

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The Ten Worst Episodes Of Transformers

Any child of the 80s knows that the original Transformers TV show was pretty freakin' awesome.

It (arguably) sparked a wave of interest in robots, and spawned some decidedly lackluster imitators (GoBots, Convertors and Zybots, just to name a few) that in no way diminished our childhood fascination with all things robotic.

But even a show as awesome as Transformers had to miss the mark on occasion, as Topless Robot's list of the ten worst episodes of Transformers proves. Check it out for yourself and see-is there more than meets the eye, or are these ten episodes just plain ugly?


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The Cedar Waxwings Diet Causes Them To Fly Drunk

A new report in the Journal of Ornithology reports that cedar waxwings are flying drunkenly to their deaths at an alarming rate due to their habit of gorging on berries.

Here's more on this drunken mayhem:
Cedar waxwings have evolved to live on a diet that averages 84 per cent fruit. But those evolutionary innovations backfired on several occasions between 2005 and 2007 when flocks of them died after crashing into windows and fences in broad daylight in the Los Angeles area.

Now Kinde and colleagues report that the downfall of the flocks came from eating too many berries. Lacking a crop – the expandable pouch near the throat used to store food – waxwings stow meals in a distensible oesophagus. "When the fruit stays in the oesophagus, it ferments and produces ethanol," says Kinde.

The waxwings had ingested so many berries that their large livers "could not keep up with the alcohol produced by the fermentation", with ethanol concentration as high as 1000 parts per million. By the time they finished stuffing themselves with berries, they were too drunk to fly safely.

It appears that no species is safe from the effects of alcohol abuse. Time to develop some little birdie breathalizers to make sure they're flying straight!


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Comedy Short-Tetris: The Movie

(YouTube Link)

With the emergence of ridiculous "named after but not really based on the board game" movies like Battleship, it's only a matter of time before they move from board games to puzzle video games looking for inspiration.

That's where Tetris: The Movie comes in, because Tetris is sure to be one of the first game titles they secure due to the overwhelming popularity of the game.

I would love to see a Dr. Mario movie about a drug peddling plumber, and if Candyland involved psychedelic induced hallucinations and candy colored strippers I would plunk down my ten dollars in a heartbeat!

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Cheapest Madagascar Rip Off Ever Made

(YouTube Link)

Everyone knows that the animation industry is full of rip off artists and people trying to capitalize on the success of films made by other studios, but this cheap imitation of the hit film franchise Madagascar is just plain rotten.

Kids will know better than to think that this stinker comes anywhere near comparing to their beloved Madagascar films, and the studio responsible for this film is shameless in their pursuit of profit.

But hey, at least the trailer is worth watching for a cheap laugh!

--via Cartoon Brew

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Vintage Ventriloquist Portraits Will Give You Nightmares

It's hard for me to imagine a time when people didn't find ventriloquist dummies to be downright terrifying, and these pictures prove they were the stuff of nightmares well before Rod Serling turned them into cold blooded killers on the Twilight Zone.

These old timey portraits of ventriloquists and their dummies come from the Vintage Ventriloquism Flickr group, who are dedicated to sharing and preserving these unnerving portraits with the world.

Thanks guys, now I'm gonna need a cocktail and a sleeping pill just to get to sleep tonight!

Link  --via i09

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What The X-Men Might Look Like As A Disney Production

These character re-designs show what the X-Men might look like if they're drawn in the style of Disney animation.

They're pretty cool despite the lack of edge, and might make for a fun afternoon series for the kiddies to watch, but overall they look a little too cuddly for my taste.

They were re-envisioned by artist Matthew Humphreys, who went for that old school look with the brown and yellow uniform for Wolvie and the classic mohawk look for Storm. *sigh* Those were the good old days!

Link  --via Comics Alliance

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Attention Spock Fans - You Need This Painting!

No true fan of the Vulcan mastermind known as Spock will be able to live without this amazing painting hanging in their quarters.

Created by Etsy seller Ruth Marcus, this acrylic painting captures Spock in a rare moment of emotional bliss, seated with his favorite kitty Mr. Scrambles on his lap, memories of Vulcan's wars fading away along with the stress of the current stardate.

And if you're not a big fan of Spock don't worry- Ruth will make a custom painting of your favorite celebrity seated with your pet.

I'm thinking a painting of Dom DeLuise with one of my chinchillas sitting on his head might make a pretty swanky portrait to hang over my bed. Get those brushes ready Ruth!

Link  --via Nerd Approved

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What You See Vs. What They See

Humans obviously don't see the world like animals do, and that can cause a lot of confusion on both sides.

We wonder why they keep getting into the trash, destroying our furniture and coming home covered in muck, while they wonder why humans forbid them to do the things they love.

This cute series of pictures might help clear up some of the confusion, letting us look at the world through the eyes of our favorite critters, for the good of human-animal relations.


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Voice Actors Read Star Wars Radio Play

(YouTube Link)

You may say "meh" at the idea of a Star Wars: A New Hope radio play, but when that play is read by voice actors playing the classic animated characters they're best known for voicing, "meh" quickly becomes "eh?!" and eventually turns to "eeeeee!" in a squeal of delight.

This video from the Emerald City Comicon contains over an hour of voice acting magic, as if the roles in Star Wars were being played by Pinky from Pinky and the Brain (Rob Paulsen), Jake from Adventure Time (John DiMaggio), and Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls (Tara Strong) just to name a few.

It's like animation magic for your eardrums!

--via Topless Robot

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Adam Wallacavage's Shiny Monsters

The bright and shiny monsters in Adam Wallacavage's latest series of works would look right at home in any haunted mansion, tomb or spooky kook's swanky pad, and they really know how to light up a room!

Created with a sense of whimsy, and a ghoulishly delightful interior design aesthetic, these sculptural delights have an added bonus built in-they fill the room with tentacled shadows, sure to frighten and delight once the sun goes down!

Link  --via Hi Fructose

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Salt Made From Various Types Of Human Tears

Who knew the tears that we cry could be used to make a variety of different salts? The people at We Made This, that's who!

They've bottled our pain, pleasure and culinary sacrifice and created a line of salts suitable for various occasions and functions.

Slap on a label with literary flair and flavor suggestions and you've got a product that's perfect for a store called Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, one of the 826 National Stores.

Not familiar with 826 National? Check out this LINK.

(previously on Neatorama-Hoxton Street Monster Supplies)

Link  --via Super Punch

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Say Yes To The Pants

(YouTube Link)

This fun comedy video illustrates why creating a reality show based around regular guys shopping for new clothes just wouldn't work.

Watch as a young man struggles to find pants that cover his entire legs, and have pockets, like the pair he wore into the store.

--via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Carved Bowling Pin Sculpture Inspired By Prometheus

This is one awesome sculpture, and it's hard to tell that it started out as an ordinary wooden bowling pin!

Created by artist Peter Nordstrom, it's heavy on the Aliens and HR Giger influences, without being too obviously derived from either source.

Intricately carved, and more than a bit scary in places, this beautiful work of art transcends geekdom and belongs on display behind glass in an art museum, so everyone can take a closer look at Peter's work.

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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Eerily Realistic Wooden Sculptures

These stunningly realistic wooden figures by Bruno Walpoth represent human beings in their rawest form, soft skin carved out of hard wood, every wrinkle and detail carved in while evidence of tool work remains when they're inspected up close.

If I came across one of these figures standing alone in a dark room I would probably jump right out of my skin, because they look like they might come to life at any moment, and not in a cute Pinocchio kind of way.

And what's more terrifying than a skinny, pasty skinned guy standing around in a dark room without a shirt or shoes on? NOTHING.

(NSFW due to artistic nudity)

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Adorable Art Series - When I Grow Up I Wanna Be...

Every superhero has to start somewhere, and childhood dreams turned into the real thing for these famous figures from comic book lore.

This series of illustrations by Andy Fairhurst is called When I Grow Up I Wanna Be...,  and they depict the silhouettes of kids at play to show what some superfolks were doing before they gained all that power and life saving responsibility.

Avengers assemble....in the sandlot!

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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