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Subversive Snowglobes Featuring Scenes From New York City

Snowglobes usually depict idyllic scenes of winter wonderlands or important landmarks from around the world, but this series of snowglobes by artist Miss Heather depict those colorful, messed up and non-tourist friendly moments that take place in New York City, making them the opposite of what a visitor to the city would buy in a gift shop.

From Hurricane Sandy to Santacon, stop and frisk scenes to people taking a stand for public nudity, Miss Heather’s subversive snowglobe series Urban Renewal celebrates the diversity of good and bad that makes up life in NYC.

Via DesignTAXI

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Make Your Own Minecraft Snowflakes And Avoid The Creepers

Anybody who has tried their hand at a bit of digital block farming knows that Creepers don’t like to celebrate Christmas, or anything else that involves happiness, and if those blockheads had their way they’d blow the whole holiday up!

Thankfully you can now make your own paper Minecraft snowflakes and celebrate a very blocky Minecraft themed Christmas at home. Just pull out some scissors and paper, follow the handy dandy instructions over at Instructables and fill your home with Minecraft themed snowflakes that won't leave a wet spot on the floor but may give you a paper cut if you're not careful.

Via Nerd Approved

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Celebrate Christmas With Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

(Video Link)

Disney Japan decided to celebrate Christmas 2013 with an old friend who’s suddenly coming back into the limelight thanks to merchandise and the Epic Mickey video game franchise. He’s Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and he was lighting up the silver screen way before a mouse threw on a pair of shoes, shorts and gloves and started whistling Steamboat Willie.

Oswald looks as fresh as ever, and he’s not resentful about being overshadowed by Mickey because he’s got his best girl Ortensia by his side. Enjoy this animated short from Disney Japan and help Oswald get back to the top where he belongs.

Via Cartoon Brew

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Don't Ask George R. R. Martin To Grant Your Christmas Wishes

When making a list of all the stuff you want for Christmas, be careful what you wish for, especially if you express those wishes to George R. R. Martin, author of the blood soaked epic fantasy series Game Of Thrones and a man who's commonly mistaken for Santa Claus.

If you run into Mr. Martin you shouldn’t tell him anything, because George tends to take things way too far. George’s idea of helping generally involves dismemberment, murder and treachery, so whatever you do don’t let him in your house!

He's not Santa Claus, and he will bring you nothing but regret, that is if you believe this comic strip by Anna-Maria Jung and Andrew Bridgman. Have a bloody good Christmas everyone!

Via Dorkly

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Documentary Showcases Struggle Faced By Detroit Firefighters

(Video Link)

Detroit has had it rough over the last few decades, and between plant shutdowns resulting in massive job loss, crime running rampant and an overall economic crisis that's barely showing any sign of turning around the Motor City is in desperate need of a miracle.

However, those who chose to stay in their city, and fight for their city, have a lot of heart, and no one epitomizes the survival spirit of Detroit like the firefighters who battle arson on a daily basis using outdated equipment and expecting nothing in return for their bravery.

This documentary, entitled Detours, showcases the struggle Detroit's Highland Park firefighters face on a daily basis, and sheds some light on the serial arson problem which threatens to tear Detroit down from the inside.

Via Super Punch

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Journalist Posts Instagram Photos From Inside North Korea

North Korea is such a mysterious country that the information most people take as facts are simply myths and bits of misinformation, and the country’s cagey leader Kim Jong Un, like his father before him, wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, North Korea spreads false information about their own country all the time, and they're notorious for locking down all outgoing photos and videos taken inside the DPRK.

Associated Press Photographer David Guttenfelder, however, reports that he hasn't had any of the problems normally faced by the press while inside North Korea, and he's been freely posting pics from his smartphone straight to Instagram without any kerfuffle from the local constabulary. In fact, when he posts them to Facebook he keeps being asked if he'd like to tag his "friend" Kim Jung Un!

Via Juxtapoz

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Artists Create Snowmen Without Using Snow

Snowmen are generally made out of snow, hence their name, but there's more to a snowman than just snow, there are key features that make up an iconic snowman- carrot nose, coal eyes, branch arms and a body made out of three different sized spheres.

Artists Tony Tasset, Kristina Solomoukha, Gary Hume and Todd Hebert decided to try their hand at making a few all weather snowmen out of various materials like resin, glass, acrylic paint on canvas, metal and even a trio of shiny disco balls. They're round, Frosty-esque and destined to make all other snowmen jealous with their permanence.

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Animated Sci-fi Short - Somewhere

(Video Link)

Even when you’re drifting through the inky black recesses of outer space you’re still going somewhere- maybe you’re headed towards the surface of a planet, into the heart of a black hole or towards certain doom in the midst of an asteroid belt.

In the animated short Somewhere an unfortunate one armed astronaut finds himself stranded on a strange alien planet while his wife awaits his return...with his missing arm in tow. Somewhere was created by Nicolas Menard, a student at the Royal College of Art in London, who decided to give it a kitschy hand drawn look despite the fact that it was created using digital animation software.

Via Laughing Squid

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The Pointer Brothers Are Ready For Christmas

Dogs don’t generally get in the Christmas spirit without a little encouragement from their owners, but Gus and Travis the German Shorthaired Pointers seem to enjoy celebrating the holidays, even if their stoic expressions say otherwise.

Known as the Pointer Brothers, these two fashionable pooches are very photogenic, and they stand there staring into the camera no matter what their owners put on them. From hats and beards to Christmas lights and plastic toys, Gus and Travis are serious about Christmas, and modeling for their owner Steph McCombie really makes them smile...on the inside.

Via 22 Words

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Epic Fantasy Animated Short - Exordium

(Video Link)

Are you tired of all the holiday cheer and happiness that comes with Christmas? Looking to scar your eyeballs with a bit of the old ultraviolence? Well here’s an epic fantasy short that’s sure to please fans of the animated film Heavy Metal and anyone who likes their cartoons full of hardcore realism.

It’s called Exordium, and it uses the rotoscoping technique, made popular by Ralph Bakshi and the folks who made that A-ha video for "Take On Me" that everybody knows and loves. which brings a humanistic feel to the brutal realm in which the story takes place. Exordium was created by a madman named Gorgonaut, a guy whose idea of holiday cheer revolves around heads on pikes and making leather armor out of flying reindeer. (NSFW due to animated violence)

Via Super Punch

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Models Of Famous Artists At Work Inside Their Studios

People who enjoy viewing works of art rarely think about the person who created the pieces they’re enjoying, much less the workspace utilized by the artist during the creation process, but sculptor/model maker Joe Fig thought it was about time somebody let us see what life is like inside the artist’s studio.

Joe created a series of miniature dioramas which depict various artists, from Jackson Pollock to Henri Matisse to Joe Fig himself, working away in their tiny little studios creating those iconic works of art we all know and love. And while the scenes are small in scale the details are large as life, and full of whimsical additions that make each scene feel like a voyeuristic peek into the lives of these iconic artists.

Via Juxtapoz

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Artists Create Their Interpretations Of Yule Logs

When 65 different artists were asked to create their interpretations of Yule logs the results are as you would expect- very diverse, creative and a bit odd. Some holiday traditions, it seems, were in desperate need of a makeover, and the simple image of a Yule log crackling in a fireplace all pleasant and peaceful like had to go.

Enter Yule Log 2.0, logs that give off the warmth of imagination, instead of heat and carcinogens, and will sit there looking cool and artsy all year long. So seal up that fireplace, give those logs back to the forest from whence they came and let these 21st century editions become the new tradition.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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The Fifteen Best Comic Books Of 2013

The comic book industry had one heck of a year in 2013, full of comic book movies being released and tons more movies in the works, and things seem to be looking up for the little publishing industry that could.

If you show up to your local comic book store every Wednesday to peruse the latest issues and continue adding to your favorite series collection then you’re probably already be familiar with the fifteen titles that made Gamma Squad's list of Best Comic Books of 2013, but if you’re a casual reader, or just looking for a decent title to read, then this list is for you.

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Why U.S. Parks Are Full Of Squirrels

It seems like every National Park in the U.S. is full of them- they’re cute, always hungry and occasionally brave enough to pull a food heist against the humans that visit the park. We’re talking, of course, about squirrels, those bushy tailed little buggers that are so cute you can’t stay mad at them after they try to make off with your ham sandwich.

It turns out squirrels are present in abundance within our National Parks for a very good reason- people love squirrels, and having lots of squirrels around is meant to teach people how to get along with nature while entertaining them with squirrelly antics. Read on to discover how squirrels have become an integral part of parks across the U.S.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Crane Operator Captures Stunning Aerial Images Of Shanghai

Chinese crane operator Wei Gensheng saw many incredible photo ops while working on a crane over 2000 feet above the city of Shanghai, and there he found the perfect subject for his photography- the city itself.

These soaring sky high shots are quite literally breathtaking, especially when you consider the perspective of the photographer, and it’s safe to say nobody has ever seen the city of Shanghai captured photographically in this way before.

Shanghai Tower is now the second tallest building in the world, making Wei one of the bravest photographers in the world for even attempting to take some of these amazing shots!

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A Handy And Printable Drone Survival Guide

Since our neighborhood skies are going to be populated with pilotless drone robots someday soon, drones which are meant to make our lives easier by relieving us of our burdensome freedom and privacy, we’d better learn what they look like now so we know who or what is watching.

Here’s a handy Drone Survival Guide which identifies the silhouettes of the most commonly used drones in the air today, and denotes which ones are strictly observers and which ones are killers. Think of it as flying robot hunter’s field guide- it’s printable, easy to read at a moment’s notice, and will make things much easier when they start issuing hunting licenses for drones.

Via Sploid

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Incredible Inverted Drawings Of Wolverine

There are times when an artist uses a gimmick to draw our attention towards their art, which most of the art lovers in the world find rather annoying, but as it turns out some gimmicks are worth our time.

Take these inverted Wolverine drawings by Brian Lai for example- they can only be seen properly when the pic’s black and white levels are reversed, creating a negative version that reveals all the linework hidden to the naked eye.

Pencils are normally supposed to create lines we see, but Brian decided to flip that concept and create contours that we can’t see until the negative space is made into the positive, and the results are really quite uncanny.

Via Nerd Approved

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Wall Street Banker Captures NYC Underworld In Photo Series

The average Wall Street worker slips straight from their world of stock quotes and ticker tape to their comfortable home without paying any mind to the slums and underworld elements that surround their brokerage house or trading floor.

Chris Arnade, on the other hand, saw a chance to document humanity in the raw when he left work each day, shooting photos of New York City’s underworld that are both moving and a bit unnerving. This is street life at its core- prostitution, drug abuse, homelessness and rampant mental illness.

His pictures dare you to look away, yet force the viewer to realize that ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Chris is hoping that spreading awareness will shed light on the problems facing modern urban society, New York in particular, and he’s creating some incredibly powerful street photography at the same time.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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Adorable Cartoon Christmas Cards By Ward Kimball

Animation legend Ward Kimball not only touched the lives of his fans with the animated magic he created as one of Disney Studio’s Nine Old Men from the 1930s to the 1960s, he also reached out once a year and touched the lives of his loved ones with amazing Christmas cards he hand crafted with love.

Most of them feature characters that sport his signature style, typically caricatures of his wife and immediate family, and they’re just the sort of fun greetings you’d expect from a master animator who literally wrote the book on character animation.

Via Cartoon Brew

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Optimus Prime Made Out Of Gingerbread

People sure love to get creative with gingerbread these days, and even though a lot of the creations that make their way onto the internet aren’t actually edible they sure look cool.

This delighted gal built one Autobot to rule them all out of that sweet brown dough, and the only detail it seems to be missing is the ability to transform, although it will transform into solid waste after you eat it!

Reddit user downvotedagain posted a pic of this sweet pastry machine for a friend, Caroline Eriksson, who entered this creation in a gingerbread contest. We suspect the Decepticons have concealed the recipe so that no more Autobots are built.

Via Topless Robot

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Fan Creates Scenes From An Earthbound Sequel That Never Was

When the classic video game Earthbound arrived in America in 1994 fans were blown away by the storyline, about a little boy saving the Earth from alien invaders, the satirical humor and the fact that Earthbound made everyday life seem like part of an epic roleplaying game.

Fans have been begging for a sequel for years, but digital artist Christopher Behr got tired of waiting, so he put together some awesome looking screenshots of what an Earthbound sequel with updated graphics might look like.

Maybe Christopher has the right idea- if you build it they will come, therefore if you put an Earthbound of your own together the game developers will have no choice but to make the game, right?. 

Via Gamma Squad

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Animated Short- Kim Jong Un Versus Christmas

(Video Link)

When western decadence threatens the celebration of the greatest North Korean holiday National Hand Stand Day, the mighty and glorious leader Kim Jung Un springs into action to save his poor people from the evil influence of Satan Claus and Christmas.

Even Rudolph Lundgren doesn’t stand a chance against the invincible North Korean benefactor, who is hell bent on pulling a reverse Santa Claus and stamping out capitalist corruption with his signature brand of fantastic adventure and daring displays of sexiness.

Can the most powerful and awe inspiring leader to ever walk the face of the earth save his special date and prove once again that he is the only one who deserves his own holiday?

Via Stuff I Stole From The Internet

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Outrageous Christmas Cards By John Cessna

When John Cessna's mother told him to act like a grown up and send a Christmas card out to his family and friends back in 2008, he did what any immature grown up would do- he took pictures of himself fall down drunk and made them into Christmas cards. Now, five years later, his messed up Christmas cards have become John's very own pranky holiday tradition.

The card on top is from 2009, aka his drunken days, and the Fight Club themed card below it is the 2013 version of John's holiday madness. The card scenes may seem like pretty standard holiday fare for some, and an outrageous blasphemy against Christmas to others, but hey everybody has their own way of staying sane throughout the holiday season.

Via 22 Words

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Film Noir Themed Art Series Created With Packing Tape

Sometimes artists use strange mediums simply to make a stir and raise publicity, but when an artist discovers a new medium that really works well, and looks really cool at the same time, you know they’re about to change the game.

Mark Khaisman is one of those innovative artists, and his latest series of Film Noir themed works are quite a breath of fresh air. Mark creates the signature look of his "drawings" by applying translucent duct tape to acrylic panels which are mounted on lightboxes, thereby creating shadows, highlights and linework as the light shines through layers of tape.

We first featured Mark back in 2008 (Link), and since then his works have evolved quite a bit- his portraits have become more detailed and his style more visually striking. However, these packing tape "drawings" have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. 

Via Beautiful/Decay

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It's Raining Cats And Dogs In The Best Books Of 2013

If the advent of the internet has taught us anything it’s that we the people absolutely adore cats and dogs. We can’t get enough lolcats, dog and cat related memes, videos about cute and funny pets and anything else related to our favorite furry friends.

Here’s an illustrated list of the best animal related books released in 2013- there are plenty of LOLs, a touch of the classic courtesy of E.B. White On Dogs, and  enough pics from the books to pique even the pokiest peruser’s interest.

You might not be in the market for a new member of your pet family, but finding a new book to read isn't ruff when you have so many purrfect books on pets to choose from.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Vintage Advert Featuring Jimi Hendrix Dressed As Santa Claus

All that Purple Haze must have gone to Jimi Hendrix’s head when he agreed to pose for this advertisement dressed as Santa Claus back in 1967, but I guess he was so used to living in an Electric Ladyland that he didn’t mind dressing as Bold As Love in order to sell a few more copies of his album.

This cover shot comes from the December 23, 1967 issue of Record Mirror, and was used to promote then new release Axis: Bold As Love, which Santa Hendrix holds in his hands for all to admire.

As a bonus you can watch a performance at the link that was recorded the night before at Christmas on Earth Continued, with thirteen minutes of footage showing Jimi jamming at his prime.

Via Dangerous Minds

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Neverending Story Characters Reimagined For The 21st Century

When the NeverEnding Story debuted in 1984 viewers were utterly transported to Fantastica while watching the movie, and the characters were generally received as bigger than life yet still believable.

But as those kids who had their imagination sparked by the movie grew up, and a new generation of millennial kids raised on computer screens and technology emerged the NeverEnding story started to look a bit dated to some.

Now, thanks to artist Nicolas Francoeur, the whole epic fantasy world of Fantastica first imagined by Michael Ende has received a 21st century makeover, and things are looking dangerously good in eternal fantasyland.

Via Kotaku

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A Very Fangirl Christmas Animated Music Video

(Video Link)

Ever since geek became chic the female fans have felt more empowered, more enthusiastic and free to totally geek out on their favorite pop culture franchise. Geek girls are now sporting their nerd stripes with pride, and the fangirl revolution is in full swing.

Here’s an animated music video made by a bunch of fangirls celebrating Christmas in their own, unique way- by singing about Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings and other legends of pop culture that make the fangirls go squee!

The only thing this video is missing is a tribute to Robot Santa from Futurama, but since they asked our forgiveness for forgetting a few titles from fandom we’ll overlook their faux pas.

Via Nerd Approved

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Downton Abbey Characters Dressed As Batman Villains

It’s highly doubtful that diehard fans of the decidedly British drama series Downton Abbey ever thought they’d see their favorite characters from the show dressed up to look like Batman villains, but whether you wanted to see it or not here it is, courtesy of artist Shadow Santa.

Somehow the characters seem a bit less stuffy in their Gotham villain garb, but the images are so overworked with digital brush strokes it’s hard to make out their faces. Maybe that’s how they’re meant to be- shadowy forces of evil discussing nefarious plots over a spot of tea.

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Charmingly Creepy Re-Faced Realtor Ads

You’ve seen them all around town- bus benches, ads on the sides of buses, billboards and posters for realtors who are dying to sell you your next house. They’re always smiling, trying to come off as warm and personable to people who have no idea who they are or why they should be trusted at all. It turns out some of these realtors shouldn’t be trusted, at least not based on appearance alone.

Some goofball named Phil Jones has been going around Minneapolis plastering his face over the original face of the realtors in the ads, and now he’s getting more calls than he can handle! He says he has a lot of respect for the people in the ads, but I think he secretly wants to become each and every one of them.

Via 22 Words

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