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Zomboodle - A Living Dead Poodle

If your dog has long hair, and enough patience, they can be made to resemble the living dead just like this spooky Zomboodle!

That's one daring look for your pooch, a spooky cool look that will terrify the neighborhood on Halloween, no costume required...


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Antique Samurai Armor Made For Dogs

It's no secret that dogs have fought alongside their human masters for centuries, so setting them up with a sweet suit of armor seems like the best way to prove that dogs really are man's best friend.

This suit of doggy armor dates back to the Edo period of Japanese history, and even though it wasn't made for use in combat it definitely would have made a pooch look extra tough!

Here's more about this armor:

General opinion is that this set was made from a dog belonging to a very senior samurai, possibly a daimyo, who apparently was extremely found of this canine companion [...] This set is of dubious practical value, and was almost certainly produced as a novelty item to appease the whim of an apparently very wealthy, powerful, and one can only assume, somewhat eccentric samurai warrior. The armour was most like used likely limited in its use to being worn during [...] formal parade-like situations.

Link  --via i09

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Star Wars X Disney Character Design Mashups

Even though this isn't a totally original idea, since Disney has been doing something similar for a while now, these Star Wars - Disney animation character design mashups by Nathan H. Boyd are still pretty darn cute.

Of particular note is Jiminy Cricket as Yoda and Pete (who is missing his signature cigar) as Darth Vader.

Link  --via Geek Tyrant

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What People In 1899 Thought The Year 2000 Would Look Like

If people living in the year 1899 could have seen what life would be like in the year 2000 they probably would have been disappointed, although 3D TVs and tablet computers would have seemed pretty far out.

Check out these illustrations which:

...were made by Jean-Marc Côté and other artists in France in 1899, 1900, 1901 and 1910. The first series of these pictures were produced for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris.

For the most part technology hasn't caught up with our science fiction dreams, and in some cases this is definitely a good thing! I do wish we had winged firemen though...           

Link  --via Gizmodo

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Custom Made Bumblebee TRON Crossover Figure

Tron X Bumblebee from Transformers = one amazingly cool custom action figure!

It's called "Rage Over Cybertron Bumble Bee" and if crossover figures, like this one made by figure modder Ammra, had been released when I was a wee lad I would have moved heaven and hell to get my hands on one!

Link  --via Obvious Winner

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The Monster List Of Halloween Projects

If you're looking for a one stop site for all your Halloween tutorial needs then check out the Monsterlist Of Halloween Projects.

There you'll find hundreds of links to tutorials ranging from simple to frighteningly complex, and all for the sake of sprucing up your haunted house this Halloween. We took a quick tour and couldn't believe how many great tutorials were gathered on this one site, it's like a graveyard of ghoulish goodies for the DIY crowd!


-- thanks hearsetrax!

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Photos Of Haunted Homes, Hotels And War Bunkers

Photographer Kevin O'Connell enjoys taking pictures of abandoned buildings and spooky places, and makes the scenes look even spookier by using long exposure times (sometimes as long as seven hours!) to achieve an effect he calls "painting with light".

The night sky turns an eerie color that really frames each structure, making them look like somewhere you wouldn't want to be after dark.

If you like this pic of "an old Japanese bunker on a remote island in the Pacific" you have to check out the rest of Kevin's pics at the link below!


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Halloween By The Numbers

If you enjoy number crunching as much as we do then you'll appreciate this illustrated chart which breaks down Halloween by the numbers- amount of candy consumed, how many people handed out candy, how many people dressed up- strictly the important information we all need to keep our heads full of facts and figures!


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A Neat Way To Brighten Up Your Porch On Halloween

Alison from the Polohouse blog came up with this simple yet fun way to light up the front of her house on Halloween.

Using a carved foam pumpkin, a candle and some supplies for hanging she came up with this cute jack-o-lantern....lantern!

You can even use a real pumpkin to get the same effect, but the foam version can be used for years to come. And for added safety you can even use a flameless candle on the inside and still get the same effect.

Hit the link below for complete instructions on making this delightful decoration, it's really easy yet will look great lighting up your porch on Halloween!


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Meet Mr. Kitty, A Bat Rescued By A Cat

Once upon a time a flying rat bat was rescued by a cat and thereby named Mr. Kitty, thereby becoming one of the luckiest bloodsuckers to ever hit the night sky.

A feral cat discovered the poor little guy in the parking lot of the Bat World Sanctuary in Texas, his wing broken beyond repair, so the cat gingerly brought him to the caretakers and dropped the patient off in his new home.

Even though he doesn't look too happy about the whole ordeal I'm sure Mr. Kitty is thrilled to be alive, he's probably just a bit camera shy!

Link  --via Geeks Of Doom

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Chair Covered In Eyeballs Is The Scariest Seat In The House

This frightening, eyeball laden chair was created by artist Fiona Roberts, and it won't stop staring at you until somebody sits on it!

She calls this piece "Scopophilia", which means the love of looking, but if you look at it too long you'll swear that some of those eyes are blinking, and others seem to be looking around the room!

Or maybe it's just my imagination getting the better of me...

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Halloweentime In Hershey, Pennsylvania

(YouTube Link)

Hershey, Pennsylvania is one of the sweetest towns to visit around Halloween, and not just because it's the birthplace of the Hershey bar.

Every year Hershey hosts Hersheypark In The Dark, a fun theme park for the whole family to visit.

There are thrilling rides, a trick-or-treat adventure through Hershey's Chocolate World, and plenty of great food, attractions and entertainment for the whole family.

One things for certain- the chocoholics in your family will leave completely satisfied!

--via Halloween In Hershey

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Marvel Superheroes As Adorable Little Babies

We all know that the superheroes in the Marvel Universe are tough, but illustrator Skottie Young insists that they were born kicking butt!

His adorable series finds Marvel superfolks crushing villains before naptime, and even with their claws out and laser beams shooting out of their hands I just wanna hug 'em and squeeze 'em and play with 'em like bouncy little babies!

Link  --via Nerd Approved

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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A Documentary About The Real Life Dude

(Vimeo Link)

The Dude abides in the classic Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski, but did you know that the character played by Jeff Bridges is based on a real life dude?

Your response should be "whoa man, you just blew my mind!", because reacting to this earth- shattering news in any other way makes you a Nihilist. 

Plant your peepers on this doc by Jeff Feuerzeig and do some abiding of your own...

--via Boing Boing

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Artist Traces Rooms With LED Lights

Talk about shedding some light on a situation!

Photographer Janne Parviainen has created room "tracings" using LED lights and long exposure shots to create a glowing scribblefest which outlines the contours of a room.

There's a lot of living energy in Janne's shots, and the whole glow effect makes each room look like something out of a waking dream.

Link  --via DesignTAXI

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Strange European Posters For American Movies

Sending a Hollywood movie overseas means simply adding subtitles, but advertising said movie means wacky new artwork created by someone who clearly hasn't even seen the movie!

Take a gander at this gallery of posters for Hollywood blockbusters as seen through the eyes of European artists, and you'll see how a little artistic interpretation can make a popular movie nearly unrecognizable. 


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Defending The Mushroom Kingdom In Mario Warfare

(YouTube Link)

There's battle a-brewin' in the Mushroom Kingdom, and only Special Forces agents Mario and Luigi can crush the evil dictator Koopa and save countless mushroom headed lives.

It's Mario Warfare by production company Beat Down Boogie, a full length live action spoof of the Super Mario Bros. franchise that's been in the works for quite some time now.

We finally have a trailer, and it looks pretty slick! Hopefully the entire film will hit our computer screens soon....

--via Geekosystem

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Evil Queen Vs. Zombie Aurora

Photo: insidethemagic/Flickr

Now here's a scene we never thought we'd see- Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) as a scary zombie and the Evil Queen as a fearless zombie slayer!

I guess when it comes to dealing with the zombie apocalypse the lines between good and evil are blurred. So does that make her the Chaotic Neutral Queen?

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Large Scale Coathanger Art By David Mach

Artist David Mach creates sculptures out of a variety of odd mediums, from matchsticks to Scrabble tiles, but this time he's making drycleaner dreams come true-by creating sculptures out of coathangers.

David even left the hook on most of the hangers, creating an exterior layer of texture and adding a bit of visual interest to each piece, as if these pieces needed to be more interesting to look at!

Link  --via Laughing Squid

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Disturbing Works From The History Of Art

Paintings are often viewed for their illustrative value, and the stories behind the images are either speculated about or left up to individual interpretation.

But this list of disturbing works leaves nothing to the imagination, and the stories behind these paintings can be downright sick!

Read for yourself what these paintings are really all about, you may be left with a better appreciation of fine art...or a bad taste in your mouth.


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DIY Munsters Costumes For The Entire Family

Looking for a fun costume idea for the whole family that won't break the bank?

Check out this cool clan decked out to look like the Munsters, with a costume for every member of the family!

The family pictured above has graciously included detailed instructions on how they put these costumes together, so you and your family can join in on the groovy fun this Halloween.


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Sculptures Which Make The Mundane Look Strange

A button up shirt, soup spoons and a sledgehammer- what do these things have in common besides starting with the letter S? They're all subjects of surreal sculptural works by Adam Niklewicz!

Adam specializes in turning objects from normal everyday to strange in every way, and he renders each piece unusable for their originally intended purpose all for the sake of art. Yay art!

Link  --via Booooooom!

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Hilarious Reviews Of Bic Cristal For Her Pens

The Bic pen company really shot themselves in the foot when they decided to advertise their new line of "cristal" pens as being "for Her".

The interwebs immediately took to typing up hilariously scathing reviews of the pens, making sure to include all the magic, wonder and sparkly ponies these feminine pens have brought into their lives. Here are some examples:

"My drawings of kittens and ponies have improved, and now that I'm writing my last name hyphenated with the Robert Pattinson's last name, I really believe he may some day marry me! I'm positively giddy."

"But the Bic Cristal for Her pens sparkle (like crystal!) and twinkle and dance on the page and even emit little squeaks and giggles when they're writing extra fun stuff. They chatter among themselves and have their own personalities"

Read on and see why these pens are strictly for gals...no guys allowed!

Link  --via Super Punch

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A Cat Receiving Transmissions From Outer Space

(YouTube Link)

Kitties have highly tuned senses that help them hunt in the wild, but this crazy cat seems to be receiving transmissions from another planet! 

Maybe it's talking to the star of the movie The Cat From Outer Space, either that or it sees a bird outside and wants to get at it...naw, it must be something to do with aliens, anything else is just plain ordinary!

--via Obvious Winner

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Silly Symphony Short - The Skeleton Dance

(YouTube Link)

Here's a spooky little animated short to get you in the witching mood.

It's an oldie but goodie called The Skeleton Dance, and it stars (surprise!) a bunch of dancing skeletons getting ready to send shivers down the spines of the townspeople.

This toon just seems to get better with age.

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Carven Der Pumpkin With The Swedish Chef

(YouTube Link)

The Muppets are known for being extremely enthusiastic when it comes to celebrating holidays, and the Swedish Chef can't wait to get those jack-o-lanterns carved and placed on his doorstep.

Watch as he attempts to do some carven on der pumpkins, unless those clever pumpkins can convince him otherwise!

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Documentary About Rene Magritte Featuring Music By Roger Waters

(YouTube Link)

Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte is the subject of this 1978 documentary, which just happens to have a soundtrack scored by rock icon Roger Waters of Pink Floyd!

It may be a bit dry in places, and the narrator sounds like the one heard in those terribly outdated educational films you were forced to watch in school, but if you love Pink Floyd then you'll want to watch the whole thing for the sake of the tripped out soundtrack.

--via Boing Boing

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A Bunch Of Fun DIY Projects For The Long Weekend Ahead

If the idea of a three day weekend with nothing to do seems like torture via boredom then take a gander at these neat DIY projects and get to building!

You might not be able to build an entire TARDIS from scratch in three days, unless you have some serious carpentry skills, but a Star Trek apron is doable, and so are many of the other fun projects on this list.

This Labor Day weekend you can build something to be proud of, or head in to work on Tuesday complaining about being hung over... I choose you DIY project!


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Photo Composites Of Women And Insects

Insectes is a photographic composite series by Laurent Seroussi that combines women and bugs into disgusting insectoid hybrids worthy of a starring role in your worst nightmares.

There's something elegant about these figure, despite the claws and various sharp bits, that makes them look rather delicate and decidedly feminine.

But you wouldn't want to show up to the ball escorting one of these bugged out femmes, at least not without feeding her first!

Link  --via Hi Fructose

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Animal Kingdom Wildlife Treated To Pumpkins For Halloween

(YouTube Link)

The folks at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park know the best way to get their critters in on the Halloween fun is to surprise them with a pumpkin.

Some of the animals think the orange squash in their enclosure might be part of a trick, but soon after they discover what a treat it is to have a pumpkin of their very own, and it sure beats going to the dentist after eating too much candy!

--via Geeks Of Doom

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