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Positively Unforgettable Customer Service Stories

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I'm not sure how people who work at help desks or in customer service keep from strangling the obnoxious people they're forced to deal with on a daily basis, but some of them actually seem to enjoy helping customers.

These good people were obviously hired for their positive attitude, which is refreshing to see in this cynical world, but some customer service reps soar straight past good and go for greatness.

Like the time Sainsbury's customer manager Chris King (age 27 1/3) received a letter from Lily Robinson (age 3 1/2) asking why their tiger bread is named after a tiger when it looks more like a giraffe.

Chris sent Lily this letter to explain the origin of the name:

“I think renaming tiger bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea - it looks much more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes on a tiger, doesn’t it? It is called tiger bread because the first baker who made it a loooong time ago thought it looked stripey like a tiger. Maybe they were a bit silly.”

Then Sainsbury's decided to go even further and honor Lily's request by officially changing the name of the bread:

But a product doesn't need to be renamed for a customer to feel happy about a company's customer service, sometimes a hand-written letter is more than enough to show you care. 

Customers often feel like they're getting ripped off when they go to a mechanic, so when Redditor roviuser received this thank you letter after getting his car fixed he had to share the love:

See 10 Stories Of Unforgettable Customer Service here

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

The Fastest Man Alive

The Flash is the fastest man alive, and even though Superman tries to compete Flash is still faster than the Man of Steel will ever be, which is fine with Supes because it gives him more time to work on his pranks!

This comic by Kerry Callen shows why humans never should have introduced Superman to the concept of pranking, and why it doesn't pay to compete with a Super-Jerk who's super jealous of Flash's fleet feet.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Dead Fist - Or Is It Iron Pool? Nah, Dead Fist It Is!

Dead Fist by kDaesign

Iron Fist became a master of the martial arts to defeat evil and protect people from harm, while Deadpool got into it for the cash and the kicks, and because ladies love a merc. So how could two people who are so different from each other end up in the same body? The story, as always, is a bit complicated, but needless to say Danny is not happy about having Wade invade his personal space, nor is he a fan of the scarring. But merging with DP has had its perks- invulnerability, loads and loads of guns, and his witty remarks are wittier than ever. However, these are hardly the kind of pluses that would make Danny want to be inhabited by a gibbering maniac any longer than he has to, which is why he has employed the services of the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange...

You'll become a real knock-out when you wear this Dead Fist t-shirt by kDaesign, it's one drop dead awesome design that's sure to blow your fellow Marvelites' minds!

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Cuteurama Mega Hobo Super Smash Gems Titan Punch

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Perfect Organism - We're All Pawns To This Queen

Perfect Organism by Crumblin' Cookie

Some see nothing but a slavering beast when they see a xenomorph, others see a deadly predator more than capable of taking over an entire planet. But the scientists at Weyland-Yutani megacorp see a vision of perfection, and they refer to those murderous aliens as "perfect organisms". This reverence has cost many marines their lives, young warriors thrown into a hopeless situation for the sake of scientific advancement and profit, but take it from Ripley- they're not so perfect that they can't be killed...

Declare your love for the dark side of sci-fi with this Perfect Organism t-shirt by Crumblin' Cookie, it's one mighty cool way to take an army of aliens with you wherever you go!

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Space Turtle Hidden Time Travelers Sally and Jack

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Homiechu - Gotta Catch That Duff Stealing Rat!

Homiechu by C. "Bees" M.

There's one elusive species of pocket monster you're never going to find while you're out catching 'em all, that is, unless you live near the nuclear power plant in Springfield. It's called the Homiechu, and it's the result of a reactor core mishap involving a rat and a bald headed ape. The Homiechu doesn't say its name like the other chus do, instead he goes around yelling "d'oh!" and "oooh!", and it doesn't seem smart enough to avoid capture. But it is one heck of a scavenger, and in the wild its diet consists of melted Smooshies, stale Krusty-O's, and the occasional day old Lard Lad donut. If you should spot a Homiechu and want to capture it in your pokeball you should probably set out a can of Duff beer, let the creature get nice and drunk, then simply scoop it up and place it in the ball, or prepare to face its idiotic rage...

Show the world you've caught the rarest pocket monster of them all with this Homiechu t-shirt by C. "Bees" M., it's the fresh way to catch something besides GO fever!

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Bartzard The Rainbow Coonection Maggipi Mouth Breather

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Necromancy - Even The Dead Find Her Enchanting

Necromancy by Madavaylia

As soon as the temperature starts to drop and the leaves start falling off the trees our minds turn to thoughts of the spookiest holiday of the year- All Hallow's Eve. But for some this is merely one night in a year full of spirits, skeletons and the undead, for the necromancer's work is never done. They may raise a body or two from the grave on Halloween night just for kicks, but their ambitions lie in realms far beyond human comprehension and their dark work emperils the planet. So you can laugh all you'd like at a sloppy mummy, make faces at a vampire and howl back at a baying werewolf, but if you encounter someone claiming to be a necromancer do the right thing- and run far, far away!

Cast a spell on people wherever you go with this Necromancy t-shirt by Madavaylia, it's the perfect shirt to get you into the spooky spirit of the season!

Visit Madavaylia's Instagram and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Tiger Intesity Blue Awe Hell Fire Colorful Surprise

View more designs by Madavaylia | More Horror T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The New Super Power of the Prairies - The Hero Of Humboldt

The New Super Power of the Prairies by MiniJeff Productions

When things get all strange and evil-y on the prairies of Saskatchewan the people look to the skies in hopes a hero will come to their aid. And when he 's not busy teaching, husbanding or dadding the hero who heeds the call is Auroraman- Humboldt's mightiest hero! With his cosmic staff in hand, and a belly full of saskatoon berry pie, Auroraman is the only guy who can help SK's fine folks overcome the dark forces that threaten their way of life. So if you see strange things like zombie wildlife or creepy snowmen lurking around your home make sure to place a call to Auroraman- for goodness sake!

Show some love for Canada's newest superhero with this The New Super Power of the Prairies t-shirt by MiniJeff Productions, it's a great way to add some comic book cool to your geeky wardrobe!

Visit MiniJeff Productions's Facebook fan page and Instagram, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more super designs:

The Rooth Mrs.Auroraman Auroraman - The T-Shirt 01

Compass of the North

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Adventure Time with Nathan and Wade - Taco Flavored Dreams

Adventure Time with Nathan and Wade by jimmydrawstuff

Wade Wilson likes nothing more than to shout and flail about when things get weird, but one day he had a rather disturbing dream after falling asleep watching cartoons. He dreamt his arms were like wet noodles, so they wouldn't stop flapping around, and he was best friends with a rubbery dog who had a similar noodle-limb problem. He lived in a land full of living candies which he was sworn to protect, meaning he wasn't allowed to eat any of them, and he was in love with a princess made of fire who melted his face even more whenever they kissed. Normally this dream would have made Wade say "ooo", but three missing elements made him wish he were back home- there were no tacos, no chimichangas, and no lovely ladies in that dream world...

Share DP's cartoon dreams with the world by wearing this Adventure Time with Nathan and Wade t-shirt by jimmydrawstuff, it's mathematically superheroic!

Visit jimmydrawstuff's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ridiculously geeky designs:

Arkham City Harley Quinn's Base Ball Team My Stranger Totoro Three Days In ClockTown Mr Freeze Ice-Cream

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Mr. Tikachu - Fools Are Born To Be Pitied

Mr. Tikachu by etcherSketch

Now that so many fools have become trainers thanks to GO the pocket monsters of the world are getting fed up with being pursued and having wanna-be trainers throw pokeballs at them. So they threw their money together and hired a special team of pocket monster operatives trained in the art of war. The squad is led by a cigar chompin' guy named Hannibayleef, a master tactician who has helped more than a few of his fellow critters break out of a pokeball, and with Jigglypuff "Face" Johnson and Psyduck by his side he's able to outwit and outmaneuver any foe. And when Hannibayleef inevitably needs someone to man the pokezooka, drive the pokevan or punch 'em all with brute strength he calls in Mr. Tikachu- the team's real muscle...

Show the world who you've got on your A-Team with this Mr. Tikachu t-shirt by etcherSketch, it's the perfect shirt to wear whether you're out on the GO or kicking back at home watching your favorite 80s TV show.

Visit etcherSketch's official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Midna's Farewell The All Seeing Eye Skull Kid Crew Princess of Wolves

View more designs by etcherSketch | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Guy Uses Flashlight To Reveal All The Spiders Crawling Around In His Yard

If you are the least bit arachnophobic you might not want to watch this video, because it may make you feel like you're surrounded by creepy crawlies.

YouTuber UsefulWidget uncovered a terrifying number of spiders lurking in his yard by using a flashlight technique that makes their eyes sparkle in the dark, and now no yard feels safe from the spider horde.

(YouTube Link)

For some reason people didn't believe UsefulWidget's yard was really that densely packed with spiders, so he posted this even more terrifying second video as proof.

(YouTube Link)

Well, I guess that's one good thing about the California drought- we no longer have a lawn for spiders to hide in!

-Via Laughing Squid

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Sketchy Video Game Kickstarters That Made People Lose Faith In Crowdfunding

Kickstarter has proven to be a great resource for inventors and creators, helping them establish a presence online and bring their vision to life through crowdfunding.

But I've never backed a video game campaign because of all the horror stories, and the whole concept of chipping in on a game still in development has proven to be fraught with failure.

Yogventures was an unlikely game from the start- it was based on the Yogscast YouTube broadcasters network, and the people behind the Yogs claimed to be capable video game developers despite the lack of proof.

Their Yogventures campaign raised enough money anyway and the game went into production, but the backers soon found out Yogscast was full of ball-oney.

 photo f0f6fac9dd01a5a97de3be5ce233d5aa_zpsf655ncko.gif

Yogscast founder Lewis Brindley notified backers the project had failed, and the backers who had donated $567,000 in total got to see nothing but another epic failure from a first time developer.

Shadow Of The Eternals was supposed to be a successor to the Nintendo GameCube game Eternal Darkness, but creator Denis Dyack went about his campaign in such a shady way he failed to raise enough money- twice.

(Image Link)

Denis created the campaign under the name Precursor Games so backers wouldn't realize he was actually the head of Silicon Knights, the company catching hell for their crappy game X-Men: Destiny.

Surprisingly, the fake name game wasn't the reason Shadow didn't get funded- it was seemingly cursed from day one, although Denis claims he's still working on the game and hoping to release it soon. Good luck with that!

Read about 5 Sketchy Video Game Kickstarters here

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The Secret Cave In Central Park That Has Been Sealed Up Since The 1930s

Central Park is known for many things- muggings, picnics, ice skating, the turning of the leaves and the finest horseback riding in NYC, but it was built to be a place for big city folk to keep in touch with nature.

So when Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux designed and oversaw construction of Central Park in the 1860s they included natural elements such as waterfalls, ponds, and lots and lots of trees.

But there was one natural element which was there from the very beginning- a narrow cave, believed to be partly carved out by humans, which they discovered while excavating for The Ramble.

(Image Link)

Olmstead and Vaux decided to blend the cave into their carefully constructed "wilderness" park and even added a flat stone staircase leading to one of the cave's entrances.

(Image Link)

The cave was a big hit with visitors, especially kids, but by the early 1900s it had become a den of iniquity:

In 1904, a man attempted suicide (not the first to take place in the Ramble) on the stone steps—though some believed it was actually attempted murder.

In 1922, artist Alexander MacArthur was sentenced to three months in a workhouse for “behaving improperly” inside the cave, and in 1929, about 335 men were arrested in Central Park for “annoying women”—and the Ramble Cave was one of the preferred spots to do so.

Park authorities sealed off the cave in the 1930s, blending it nicely into the surrounding ramble on one side and bricking it up on the other, and now park visitors walk by Central Park's secret cave unaware it's even there.

See The Secret Cave in Central Park- And Why It Was Sealed at mental_floss

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Awesome Carved Pumpkin Displays From The Great Jack-O'-Lantern Blaze

Tis the season to carve pumpkins, aka Fall-la-la-la-la, but chances are whatever you're planning to carve up won't look anything like the stuff they're carving up at The Great Jack-O'-Lantern Blaze in Hudson Valley, New York.

Every year thousands of people head to Van Cortland Manor in Croton-on Hudson, New York to behold the over 7,000 hand-carved pumpkins that go into the Great Blaze's spooktacular displays.

If you're looking for pumpkin-spiration, or a new way to display carved squash, then you'll find lots to love at The Great Jack-O'-Lantern Blaze, but only the truly dedicated will attempt to replicate this Pumpkin Planetarium.

See 19 Insane Jack-o'-Lantern Displays That Take Pumpkin Carving To The Next Level here

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How To Look At Art

There's no science to viewing art, and there are no real rules about how to see art or what you're supposed to feel while you're looking at art.

But pretentious art snobs love to make us feel like they know something we don't, like they're part of some secret club we can't join because we don't know how to art like they do.

Cartoonist Lynda Barry knows the struggle to properly look art is real, but she also knows that you shouldn't worry about it- because you're a walking work of art!

See How to Look at Art: A Short Visual Guide by Cartoonist Lynda Barry here

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Powerful Characters Who Have Beaten Up Superman

(Image Link)

Superman is generally thought of as the most powerful and least vulnerable character in the comics, an alien badass who apparently can't be killed or made to look less than drop dead gorgeous.

But there's one thing Superman himself hates to admit- he has been beaten to a pulp by an odd cast of characters, including a former lover, a chipmunk from the Green Lantern Corps and the Clown Prince of Crime.

(YouTube Link)

CBR put together this list of 10 Powerful Characters You Didn't Know Beat Up Superman which exposes some of the more embarrassing moments in the Man Of Steel's history.

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NASA "Fixed" Astrology By Adding A 13th Sign To The Zodiac

Believe it or not some people actually live their lives according to the Zodiac, consulting the stars on a daily basis to see what's coming and using their birth sign as a guideline for how to live their lives.

These astrologically minded folks think star stuff dictates our fate, and they've been living under the assumption they were born under one of twelve signs, one for every month in a year.

But the scientific minded folks at NASA wondered why the Babylonians gave the Zodiac 12 signs when the sun actually moves through 13 constellations.

They discovered the Babylonians had a 13th sign named Ophiuchus which they decided to throw it out to make the Zodiac fit in better with the 12-month calendar.

Three thousand years later the lives of those who believe in astrology have been changed forever- because they've been living a Zodiac-based lie:

-Via Meme Base

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North Korea Accidentally Revealed Their Internet To The World

Talk about North Korean internet in conversation and people are likely to chuckle, thinking you're making some sort of ironic joke statement about the country's lack of freedom.

But North Korea actually has access to an internet of sorts, which the rest of the world was given a glimpse when "one of North Korea’s top level nameservers was accidentally configured to allow global DNS zone transfers."

The accidental unveiling was shared on a GitHub data dump, which was naturally linked to by Reddit, and the world was given a glimpse of the 28 websites which make up the North Korean Net.

There's a social media site called "Friend", a tour-booking site, the Kim Il Sung University webpage, a maritime administration page, a sports page, a spiritual guidance page and this "news" site:

As expected the sites are pretty lackluster and antiquated looking compared to the rest of the World Wide Web, and also as expected there wasn't one porn site or one site that didn't mention their Glorious Leader.

Read North Korea's Internet Only Has 28 Websites But They Sure Are Sweet here

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Angler Light - They Hate To Dine In The Dark

Angler light by Lizz Ford

Fish live in horror of being eaten by an angler fish, and yet they can't resist going towards the enticing light of its lantern whenever they see its glow coming their way. In this way the angler fish's lantern acts as a hypnotic device, holding the curious fish in place until the ever hungry angler can move in close enough to gobble up its prey. You'd think fish schools would start teaching the young ones about the danger that lantern represents, but every time they start instituting predator-based lessons an angler fish comes along and eats the teacher!

You'll make a lasting impression on people when they see you wearing this Angler Light t-shirt by Lizz Ford, it's one fish story you can prove by pointing at your chest!

Visit Lizz Ford's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more wondrous designs:

Bee Queens Jewels Good Vibes Great Times Flamingo Mandala Hakuna Mandala

View more designs by Lizz Ford | More Horror T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Parodies That Succeeded Because Nobody Got The Joke

Parodies are a pop culture staple, because they're a fun way for artists and creators to tip their hat to (or make fun of) other artists and creators in a way that ensures viewers are in on the joke too.

But sometimes people completely miss the reference, or just don't see it as scathing like the parodist intended, and every once in a while the parody is just so well done it takes on a life of its own.

Chuck Jones tried his hand at parody when he created Wil E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, predator and prey locked in an over-the-top battle that was supposed to make fun of Tom & Jerry.

Unfortunately for Chuck his characters were just too darn likeable, and while he was going for a "see how stupid chase cartoons are?" vibe audiences saw it as a new take on the trope and ate it up.

Ironically, Chuck would later go on to create some of the most popular Tom & Jerry cartoons of all time, and people are still unaware that Wil E. and the Roadrunner are meant to be a parody.

Read 6 Parodies That Succeeded Because Nobody Got The Joke here

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The 8 Creepiest Places In Fallout 4

The Fallout universe is one of the most realistic post-apocalyptic worlds in all of pop culture, thanks largely to the amazing and visually appealing environments.

Part of what makes the environments in Fallout so appealing is the attention to detail and the stories told by each location, stories that give us chills while we uncover the mystery.

Fallout 4 continues the tradition of including almost too much detail to each location in the game, making it easier than ever before to miss key story elements while exploring.

So Curse Entertainment uncovered all the creepy details of places like Pickman's Gallery, The Museum Of Witchcraft and Sandy Coves Convalescent Home for us, virtual locations that will truly haunt your dreams. (NSFW due to language and gore)

(YouTube Link)

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Get Dressed Up For Halloween Season With These Ghoulishly Good T-Shirts

Float Down Here by saqman

The Halloween season has begun, a time when we put up decorations, find the perfect costume, make plans for the big night and wear clothes that show our love for the spookiest holiday of the year.

If you like to wear your love of Halloween on your chest then head to the NeatoShop, where you'll find hundreds of shirt designs sure to get you in the spirit of the season!

Halloween isn't just a holiday for lil pumpkins

Jack o Treat by Vincent Trinidad

It's the one time a year when entire neighborhoods turn into scary places

The Haunted by daletheskater

As we celebrate the spooky side of life

Sons of Spooky by Boggs Nicolas

And await the day when cute little creatures show up on our doorstep begging for candy

Timmy by Dooomcat

Continue reading

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Frida Guy - Art History Is A Lie

Frida Guy by Katie Clark Art

Not all of the Mushroom Kingdom's citizens appreciate fine art, but the little Shy Guys are huge admirers of art, and their paintings and sculptures fill the halls of Bowser's castle. Unfortunately, many of their greatest works have been lost over the years thanks to those art hatin' plumber bros Mario and Luigi, aka the guys who keep storming Bowser's castle and smashing all the art. It seems Mario has no appreciation for the Shy Guys or their art, all he ever wants to do is smash stuff on the way to battling his romantic rival Bowser once again. Perhaps the Shy Guys should start painting on and making sculptures out of those blocks even Super Mario can't smash?

Change the face of art history by wearing this Frida Guy t-shirt by Katie Clark Art, it's the cute yet creepy way to show love for your favorite artist and video game series at the same time!

Visit Katie Clark Art's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Our Lord and Savior Shyguy Scream Kissurama The Shy Guitarist

View more designs by Katie Clark Art | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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These Disturbingly Realistic Masks Seem Appropriate For The 2016 Election

(Image Link)

No matter who you're voting for or what your political beliefs may be you have to agree on one thing- Hillary, Donald and (formerly) Bernie aren't the most attractive candidates who've ever run for president.

They aim to prove looks aren't everything, but when you see their heads sitting on hairier, scarier and/or sexier bodies the look IS everything- everything nightmares are made of.

(Image Link)

Artist Landon Meier of Hyperflesh made a one-off mask of Trump, Sanders and Clinton in order to prepare American citizens for the true horror of the 2016 election.

See This Guy Made Terrifyingly Realistic Masks Of Hillary, Bernie And Trump here

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An Animated Crime Movie Starring Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of Disney's most famous features, and even though the fairy tale has been adapted a million times our mind always goes back to the Disney version whenever Snow White is mentioned.

That lasting Disney influence isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially in animation, and when a Snow White adaptation manages to show us something new while giving a nod to Disney you know it's something special. (NSFW due to language)

The Seven Red Hoods - Taupes from Eddy on Vimeo.

The Seven Red Hoods was created by Léo Verrier, with production by Eddy and ARTE France and a bunch of wonderful models created by Martine Lafont, which really add to the unique look of the film.

-Via io9

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Nature Is All About Balance

There are some beautiful sights to behold if you can manage to detach your eyeballs from the various screens in your house and take them outside, because nature videos ain't got nothin' on nature live.

But living things who are forced to live outside want what all of us indoor dwellers have- smartphones, computers, and some lucrative tech stocks. According to this Pie Comic that's what people call "the balance of nature".

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Underrated X-Men Who Are Secretly Awesome

(Image Link)

There have been so many mutants on the X-Men roster it's hard to keep track of them all, and minor league mutants like Jubilee and Shatterstar are often overshadowed by A-listers like Wolverine and Jean Grey.

But certain eras of the comic saw dozens of new members joining the X-Men, and even though these newbies were overshadowed they had to be secretly awesome to join the X-Men, right?

Shatterstar is a Liefeld creation, but don't hold that against him, because this badass from Mojoworld is not only one of the strongest fighters to ever join the X-Men- he's a trailblazer for gay characters in comics.

And speaking of blaze- Jubilee's plasmoid "fireworks" are often described as being nothing but flashes of light, but like most mutant powers she just had to learn how to control it to unleash its full potential.

(YouTube Link)

Read 10 Underrated X-Men That Are Secretly Awesome here

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Nyarlathotep - Can I Play With Crawling Chaos?

Nyarlathotep by Azhmodai

You know what they say- the harder a god's name is to pronounce the more messed up and wicked the god, which is why Nyarlathotep has such a fearsome reputation. But truth be told Nyarla isn't such a bad guy, he's just obsessed with heavy metal and monster movies, so he typically adopts a fearsome visage when paying a visit to the mortal realm. But believe me- compared to Great Old Ones like Cthulhu, or that oozing mass of carnivorous goo Shub-Niggurath, the Crawling Chaos isn't such a bad being after all!

Wear your love of the creatures Lovecraft created on your chest with this Nyarlathotep t-shirt by Azhmodai, it's one tasty design that's sure to drive your fellow H.P. fans crazy with delight!

Visit Azhmodai's Facebook fan page, then head over to his NeatoShop for more dark and geeky designs:

Toxic Politics Eddie Scissorfingers Trainers Handbook Welcome to the Dungeon!

View more designs by Azhmodai | More Horror T-shirts | New T-Shirts

Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer? Let's chat! Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

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Meet The World's Tallest Teenager

Some kids don't get their growth spurts until high school, and a rare few don't have a growth spurt until college, but Broc Brown, the world's tallest teenager, was practically born taller than his peers.

In kindergarten he was 5'2", he hit the six foot mark before he officially got his "growth spurt", and at age 19 he is currently 7'8" tall...and still growing.

Broc has a genetic disorder called Sotos Syndrome, also known as cerebral gigantism, which causes "excessive physical growth" and may cause health issues such as hormonal imbalance, scoliosis and heart and kidney problems.

But despite the chronic pain Broc feels he manages to keep a smile on his face and live like a normal teen, and doctors say Broc will probably live a long and healthy life despite his disorder.

Here's hoping all your dreams come true, Broc!

Read Meet the World's Tallest Teenager, Who's Growing Six Inches Per Year here

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Heavenly Photos Taken From An Airplane Cockpit

Flying a plane seems like a nerve-wracking experience, especially when people are relying on you to fly them safely to their destination, but one of the rewards is that heavenly view pilots get to see from the cockpit.

In fact, pilots get to see such breathtaking sights it's a shame they can't snap pics the whole time they're flying the plane!

But some pilots, such as photographer and Senior First Officer Christiaan Van Heijstfind, find the time to shoot and fly, capturing the breathtaking sights only pilots get to see.

Christiaan is a self-professed lover of natural light, which is the only light available while shooting through a cockpit window, but the long exposure times often make the pilots look like ghosts.

See Pictures Taken From An Airplane Cockpit Reveal What Pilots See From Above here

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Photo Series Reveals How Our Facial Expressions Change When We Get Undressed

Societal standards state we must wear clothing when we're out in public, and this standard of decency has made some feel self conscious about their naked bodies, or at least when they're naked around other people.

This nudity-related self-consciousness causes people to make certain facial expressions whenever they're naked around an unfamiliar person, expressions that sometimes include a nervous grin.

Photographer Dylan Hamm reveals people's facial expressions before and after undressing in his series "Naked Faces", a side-by-side portrait series that challenges viewers to guess which one's the nudie pic.

See "Naked Faces" Reveals How Someone's Expression Changes When Becoming Undressed here

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