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Wait, so I'm wrong about humanity's view of ravens throughout history because you had a good experience with a raven when you were a kid? Seriously? Many cultures throughout history have linked ravens to the dead and seen them as bad omens or bearers of bad luck. And even the cultures that like ravens still commonly associate them with death, so I don't think it's a stretch to say humans have had an "uneasy relationship" with ravens. Seriously.
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I'm not sure if you read the article I linked to Tiago but the point was that most of the scripts featured were the scripts used to shoot the film, only the filmmakers decided to drop that one crucial bit of information right before filming so audiences would debate these scenes. For instance, the Groundhog Day script is pretty much the same as the one used to shoot only the entire magic curse scene was omitted on purpose to create a question for debate. Danny Rubin (writer of the film) didn't want to show the curse scene and originally wanted the movie to start in the middle of the loop, but Harold Ramis (director of film) insisted the scene be included in the script and the movie start before the time loop. So while it's true that early scripts generally don't count the scripts referred to in the article are very close to, if not the same as, the script used in shooting.
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That was a really strange trend from the 80s, I remember girls from my elementary school would take paper clips and life savers and make earrings. Personally, I preferred wearing a gummy bear on my shirt all day, just lick the back and stick it to your shirt!
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Oh my god and that's Joanna Lumley from AbFab right above John Inman and in the sexy sweater in my post, I can't believe I didn't notice who those sweater models actually were! Thanks for making my day Hrothgar ;)
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What do you mean "So"? If you're not impressed by the fact that Ricky made this marionette and tiny drum set from scratch and makes it perform in such a lifelike way then fine, we get it- you're not a fan of puppetry.

But leaving this kind of unproductive "hater" comment seems pointlessly negative and bitter. I post stuff for a wide variety of tastes and interests, so if you see something you dislike or don't "get" then take mental note of your dislike and move on.

I expected better from you Sandyra, you've left some great comments lately that I've enjoyed reading, but this comment was vexing and frustrating, and not just because I'm clearly a huge fan of puppetry.
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Yeah, I definitely noticed his eyes were on the camera in this shot but sometimes you've gotta go with the joke when posting this kind of stuff. That guy is actually probably Taylor's "incognito" security guy, following her around to make sure the real creeps don't grab her and throw her in their "Mystery Machine".
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So you're entitled to your opinion but I'm not entitled to mine? Jumping down someone's throat because you don't like or agree with their opinion is pointless, you're not going to change my mind and I'm not trying to change yours. So just accept that opinions are like a-holes, realize to yourself that mine stinks and move on. Otherwise you're just trying to start an argument over a difference of opinion, which is an utter waste of time.
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To some degree, but I doubt any of those places would pull you aside to check and see if your tattoos or t-shirt have anything offensive on them, or if your backpack conforms to their maximum size allowance. Plus I bring bottles of beer and such into movie theaters all the time without any hassle, so it's similar but way more strict.

The tattoo thing is crazy, I've seen people get kicked out of Disneyland (or barred from going in) because they have a visible tattoo of a naked pin-up girl or an image that's too violent, which is pretty crazy considering how many people here in Southern California have these kinds of tattoos.
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Maybe in the future you should use Google to see how the person in the video feels about their video before you go off on people for no reason and try to be some random person's hero.

Here's how the girl in the video (Anna Eberhart) feels about being called "the possessed girl":


In case you didn't feel like reading the article because it would prove my point here's the short version- she loves her viral fame, and is embracing being called "that crazy girl" because she's having fun during her performance and people are coming up to her all over the place telling her they loved her performance.

And now millions of people have seen her perform where they wouldn't have otherwise, which is great for her, and yet you chose to focus on the one thing that didn't really matter in it all, the "possession" silliness that was never meant to be serious.

I didn't name that video, I didn't make up the whole "possessed" bit, I just went with the flow and then you decided to get upset about it all for NOTHING!

Anna is actually making lots of friends and fans after the video and being celebrated and cheered, not picked on as you claim.

Google is a powerful tool, Michael, and since you chose not to use it before posting yet another negative comment to our site I'm disappointed in you.
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Read this article where she responds to becoming a viral sensation and tell me it's bullying:


And please get over your "neat" BS, just because the site is called "Neatorama" doesn't mean everything we post is meant to be "neat".

On the other hand, the girl in the video (Anna Eberhart) thinks it's neat that her video went viral, and she's enjoying her status as "the crazy girl", so stop trying to be her hero.
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Nice how you chose to ignore the word "supposedly" I purposely included to indicate this is not how I feel but rather a statement made by the herbal cigarette companies. Supposedly. Supposedly. Supposedly. Now you can't miss it Big O!
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And I forgot to mention that she also accepts fan submissions, like the last image of an ice cream cone from Malta, taken by @heyhanny who actually lives in Malta. Here's the link:

But the 20+ people who submitted their photos, the people whose Instagram account names are included with each pic and easily verified with a simple search, they're probably all submitting fake photos too, right?
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Look, no matter how you meant it claiming something is a fake in this way is just a cry for attention. If you think photos are suspect good for you, but most people just think to themselves "that's a fake" and move on, knowing that leaving a comment is just a way to get people to pay attention to them online and not really going to accomplish anything. I certainly don't care whether you think they're fake or not, nor does Melissa from Girl Eat World or anybody else for that matter, so why leave a comment?

You have issues with the way hand and background look together? The flash from the smartphone hits the hand to lighten it up and make it match the background better, and she has probably applied one of the many Instagram filters to her photos to perfect the look.

Different hand in one photo? That's because she travels with friends, so it may be one of their hands, and Melissa is far more tan at certain points in her travels, which you would know if you actually looked at her site before crying "fake".

But the question remains- why would someone fake something like this? What is she hoping to accomplish by faking it? Her website gets plenty of views without these Instagram photos, so why bother faking it when you've actually traveled to all of these places?

And what is your supposed debunking actually going to accomplish besides making you feel better about yourself? All I'm saying is crying fake without any concrete proof is exactly the same thing the attention seeking Moon Landing deniers are doing, only at this point they've offered up more proof than you have.
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People who constantly claim images are fake or Photoshopped are one of my biggest pet peeves as a blogger. What are you hoping to accomplish by making these claims? If you simply follow the link to her website or any of her other social media accounts you'll see tons of photos clearly taken during her travels, proving she really went to all the places featured in her Girl Eat World series. So why cry Photoshop when you don't know for sure? All this claim does is make you look like one of those people who think we never landed on the moon or that 9/11 never happened. Do some homework before you go around saying everything is fake!
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