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ZOOM will definitely be on my follow-up article Jim! I cut it from this one because it was such a long running show and wasn't limited to the 70s, but it's definitely worthy of including next time.
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Far Out Space Nuts would have been a great addition to the list, I guess that show just got lost in the shuffle. But it will definitely make it on to the follow-up to this article, along with a nod to you Azog!
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You make a great point sandyra, and the idea of someone having an allergic reaction makes the use of a baby and a dog in the shoot seem even more unethical... I will never rub honey in my eyes after reading your comment, that's for sure!
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That's awesome Chris! He did a great job, the show definitely has a lot of visual appeal and the sets look great. It looks like Romain worked on a lot of variety and sketch comedy type shows, exactly what they needed on Pryor's Place. And he worked on Flip too, eh? That was a great show too! Here's to your talented father!
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Great cosplay Joe! I love that it's not the usual sexy/skimpy gender swap, and somehow the overall look gives me a Teen Titans kinda vibe, good stuff!
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Pete- Your pictures have been removed from the article, let me know if you find any more and we'll make sure they're replaced. Sorry about that Pete!
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What is that inside joke you ask? My sister was really tiny when Spaceballs came out, and she wasn't supposed to watch it but she was fascinated with Barf. One day I let her watch a bit when my parents were home, and she kept calling Barf a kitty. I told her not to tell my parents that I let her watch the movie, but one day on our way home from school my mom asked what movie we wanted to rent and my sister yelled "Cat Barf!" We all died laughing, and from that day forward Cat Barf has always stuck with me ;)
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The medical need is a totally valid point Steven, but the Thudguard isn't for handicapped children, it's being marketed as something every parent needs to protect their toddler's head when the kid learns to walk. Here's the link to their site, where you'll see this isn't a medical helmet, it's a helmet worn just in case the toddler falls:

Medical necessity is one thing, but being an overconcerned "helicopter" parent and strapping a helmet on a toddler's head that doesn't medically need a helmet is going a bit too far in my opinion.

Glad to hear the kid you mentioned is doing well, and of course I would never discount the medical need for a helmet. Just making a point about a company trying to mass market helmets for toddlers "in case they fall".
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Stupid inside joke on my part, but you're the first person who noticed Krystal so good job! I edited the article to avoid further fan furor, and I agree that a cat would have tried to take center stage, although that would have made a hell of a film! Interesting how they arrived at his final makeup too, eh?!
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It may be even more of a shocker to you that these quotes were probably written by their fellow female students. Here are some links to images from yearbook staffs around that same era:

Notice anything these yearbook staffs have in common? They're made up of mostly women!
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Actually Stephen it's Stotch, so we were both wrong! BTW does watching every single episode of the show since it began plus playing every South Park video game ever made and seeing every other thing Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ever made, including Book Of Mormon, qualify me as a "true fan"? Because it probably should...
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Yeah, over six years ago Miss C posted an article about the same photo series. I think something that was posted six years ago but is really cool bears reposting, and thanks for reading Neatorama for so long that you actually remember that article from 2008 Nathan! That was before my time -;-
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