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Sadly this movie isn't any stranger than some of the wacky stuff going on in the Marvel Universe these days, but now I'm dying to know what happened to those bloodthirsty guinea pigs!
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Hey, don't bite my head off, I just go with whatever video my article source has posted. But since you so "kindly" pointed out the official version I have updated it in the post. I hope your life is once again complete Jujube du Vaillant!
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Well you got me there. This was an edit, my original version: you won't be winning any Grammy awards making fart noises with your armpits. Maybe I'll change it back! ;)
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I totally agree Stephen, but you'd be surprised how many people use Sriracha on Mexican food all the time. I grew up ten minutes from the border in San Diego so it's a crime to put Sriracha on Mexican food when you've got all kinds of amazing salsas everywhere you go.
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That would be amazing, can you imagine how cool it would be to go to an art gallery and check out stereoscopic versions of classical works of art? An animated version would definitely be fun to see as well, with the battle scenes actually come to life before your eyes.
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I re-read what was posted and agree with you Smitty Smee, so I made some edits to up the compassion level in the article. Hopefully the article doesn't sound so insensitive anymore, and thanks for pointing that out Smitty! I truly meant no disrespect.
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Actually I was just joking, likening him to a psycho clown when he's really just some guy having fun with people. Personally, I think what he's doing is hilarious, and every town should have their own lurking clown! I guess I assumed people would get that I was joking...
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I agree Persephone, these are probably examples of the more stylin' dos of the day, but my dad was a musician throughout the 70s and 80s and a lot of his buddies were sporting these sweet styles, to go along with their rock and roll lifestyle I suppose. On my mom's side of the fam, however, it was all surfer waves, flat tops and bowl cuts clear into the 90s LOL
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Okay, we get it, you're a total nerd and you're totally pro butt cracks, I guess it makes sense for someone who is into volcanology to appreciate butt cracks.

Funny how you failed to mention that the guy who took the pictures is himself overweight when you tried to call he and I out as shamers of overweight people. And the guy who took the pictures also played in the MTG tournament, so your other point about shaming MTG players likewise makes no sense.

But we get it- you're the champion of nerdkind, and your opinion is the most important opinion ever. And heaven forbid anyone poke fun at the fact that dozens of butt cracks were on display at a MTG tournament, bravo for being a buzzkill!
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It's not about weight at all, and it's definitely not about MTG (a game I love and play myself), it's about keeping your butt crack in your pants! The message is clear- pull up your pants, cover your crack, nobody wants to see your butt hanging out of your pants.
The message he's sending is just that simple, sorry you missed the point Briahlen Havan.
By the way name calling is the best way to get banned from our comment section, but by all means keep wearing your ignorance on your sleeve by talking trash to true nerds like myself, in essence trying to bully me with your ridiculous comment.
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Very true dev, it's definitely specific to locations and managers. I wish I would have reported them, but I was 15 and the store closed less than a year after I quit.

I included my story because I was surprised to find that kinda stuff still going on at Little Caesars, working there put me off bread sticks for years! LOL
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