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Congratulations Miss C, I hope the next decade of sharing your wonderful mind with the world is as good as the first! You've been a mentor and friend to me many times here on Neatorama and I'll never forget all the help you've given me over the years. Happy blogiversary, and keep on writin'!
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And you could have saved yourself two minutes of research, and all this typing, by simply keeping your nitpicking to yourself. Be productive, don' t just go around looking for any little thing you can find wrong with our posts. There's nothing worse than a reader coming along and "correcting" us for no good reason, I write lots of articles and don't really need someone playing editor when it's not warranted. Some of the pics are selfies, some aren't, who cares? Nobody but you, Chay, nobody but you.
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So you're a nitpicker? And that makes it better somehow? You should really get a life and stop leaving pointless comments on blogs. I don't think anyone else had a problem with what I wrote, it seems like you just wanted to pick a fight. Selfies, portraits, pictures, who cares? It's a silly article about a funny comedian chick who redid celeb pics, and I guarantee all of hers were selfies, which is what I thought you were referring to with your comment. Please refrain from leaving comments on my posts in the future unless they're productive, nitpicking or singling out one thing I've written is not productive.
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So you've never heard of a camera delay timer? I have a film camera that was made in 1973 and it has a camera delay timer you can set to release the shutter in 60 seconds so it's not some newfangled technology. And they're called selfies as in SELF PORTRAITS, as in the person sets the timer on their camera and takes a photo OF THEMSELVES. Pretty basic stuff here Chay 1.
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Yeah, I definitely assume when someone has the camera set up at the perfect angle while they're gaming that the video is staged. But it's more about the idea that most gamers have had their fit moments and taken it out on their console so they can relate. Basically living vicariously through the vids :)
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I couldn't agree with you more about Nestle rcxb, and I haven't bought a Nestle product for years. I also had pretty much the same reaction in regards to the rice. It seems like their economy is so screwed that making a few more cents here and there is enough to justify making and selling these fake foods. What really blows me away is how much time and effort they're putting in to faking these foods, don't they know that time is money?!
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Well 2 Master's degrees and common sense weren't enough to teach you how pointless it is to leave a "fail" comment on a blog!
Here's the news story about the incident, with an interview with the photographer and multiple photos that confirm it's real:


Of course, since you have two Master's degrees you probably know better than both of these stories, and the old couple who saw the whole thing, so my argument is invalid. Maybe you should get a job at Snopes?
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You should probably direct your comments about how un-awesome you found these photos to the people at Diply who put this collection together DannyJr, I didn't put this collection together since I'm not a writer for Diply. I did, however, find most of the pics to be pretty fun and awesome so I linked to the article here on Neatorama. Again not responsible for this collection, I merely linked to the article, so you're complaining to the wrong person.
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They're staged photos that serve as recreations of what the living conditions were like for Geoff and his sister growing up in a hoarder's home.

They're essentially "art installations" if you want to think of them that way, but really the main point of the series (as I see it anyway) is to illustrate how a child learns to work around the massive mess when they live with a hoarder.

Since hoarders tend to be solitary and reclusive individuals it would be really hard to set up a photo shoot inside a hoarder's home, although I'm pretty sure the actual trash inside a hoarder's home would be a lot more disgusting than the piles presented in these photos.
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I neither indicated nor implied that these subcultures are humorous, the whole point is how inherently strange they are, and not that they're "full of yuks". Many of the subcultures in the Cracked article are extremely dark and demented, so I chose to go with one that's weird but not nightmarish.

As for seeing things you wish you didn't know about- welcome to the internet, if you think that's bad you haven't been exposed to much online. It's easy to be offended by things you see online when you make assumptions, but according to all I have seen about this subculture Christian is actually in on it all, and the whole thing might be nothing more than a strange form of internet theater.

As for his autism- that is probably a lie as well, as there is no evidence to support this claim, yet there's plenty of evidence online to support the fact that he's making the whole thing up.
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Love that site! That's where a lot of the notes in this article came from. It's a priceless resource if you ever want to write your own passive aggressive note but don't have the time or energy to channel your own passive-aggressive energy.
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