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Pop up restaurants are temporary restaurants, sometimes popping up for just a night in someone's house, or a store that doesn't have restaurant equipment. In this case they're calling it a pop up because it will only be there until the end of August.
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Haha, lazy editing. Despite my misspelling I love him too, ever since the days of the Airtight Garage and Blueberry released in the U.S. through Marvel's Epic Comics imprint. I hope he forgives me for misspelling his names!

Thanks for being kind with your edits Joseph, I really appreciate it!
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Here's all I could find about it, and as the saying goes don't shoot the messenger, I'm just relaying something I read on another site to you, I truly have no way of knowing how much is true and how much is bull:



the important bits:

But enterprising young people with technical skills learned to duplicate records with a converted phonograph that would “press” a record using a very unusual material for the purpose; discarded x-ray plates. This material was both plentiful and cheap, and millions of duplications of Western and Soviet groups were made and distributed by an underground roentgenizdat, or x-ray press, which is akin to the samizdat that was the notorious tradition of self-publication among banned writers in the USSR. According to rock historian Troitsky, the one-sided x-ray disks costed about one to one and a half rubles each on the black market, and lasted only a few months, as opposed to around five rubles for a two-sided vinyl disk.
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I had a friend who "worked" dice punishment into the game by placing his d20 in a bag full of crappy d6 and beating them mercilessly against the kitchen counter. The d20 never seemed to learn its lesson though, and now that I think about it maybe that guy just had some serious anger issues...
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That's why we need to get virtual reality headgear in every house, because before you know it kids will be walking on treadmills or riding stationary bicycles for hours on end as they game, and then they'll have no problem getting enough exercise!
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Iris- I truly meant no harm with this statement, nor did I mean to make fun of anyone who has diabetes. I'm well aware that not all people with diabetes are obese or fast food eaters, but it is true that eating too much fast food is a major cause of type 2 diabetes, which is all I meant by saying their food is diabetes inducing.

I'm sorry you took my humor the wrong way, and missed the fact that I was clearly making fun of the fast food companies and not people with diabetes, and I hope you'll see that this is a simple case of reading too much into a silly blog article.

"Delicious diabetes" is taken totally out of context, it should read "delicious diabetes inducing goodness", which really has nothing to do with the disease, or those with the disease, and has everything to do with the fact that fast food is delicious and yet causes type 2 diabetes and is terrible for our bodies.

Again, I'm sorry you took my humor the wrong way, and I hope this clears up what I meant.
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*towards its perpetuation

And what does "in today's internet" mean? The internet isn't a place...and you don't need a comma after internet and before ignorance, since it would be considered part of the same independent clause i.e. "It is sad that in today's internet (sic) ignorance often goes unnoticed, which in my opinion...."

here regarding grammar- comma is unnecessary when you place the statement in parentheses.

often goes unnoticed which, in my opinion, goes a long way- the comma between unnoticed and which is completely unnecessary, since which is not an independent clause

Perhaps you will be shopping for the same book on grammar, E Cheung?
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Well, at least your nitpicking comment was actually somewhat productive, and a lot less mean than what I'm used to dealing with.

I've edited the article so as not to offend any more nitpickers out there who might read it and have something to say. By the way- don't, run-on, I'm, it's.
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Now that's a sharp look, but it probably makes playing kissyface when the lights go out a bit harder when the chaperones can see you from across the room!
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He was definitely being sarcastic, and try as I might to have my sarcasm come through in a post it's hard to convey sarcasm effectively without going over the top.

I probably should have added a few more "totally" and "really" type words to sell my sarcasm, but I def wanted his sarcastic statement to speak for itself.

Stan has always been really sharp so he must have detected George's sarcasm and handled it as best he could. His replies to fan mail were usually much longer and more meaningful, so this was just his way of shrugging off George's sarcasm.

My favorite sarcastic part of George's letter, oh so undeniably sarcastic- "in what other mag could you see things like a hero falling down a manhole..." Scathing!
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I'm not sure why you consider this "jumping on the bandwagon", it appears you're simply unaware of this art movement.


Hyperrealism sprang from the photorealism movement in painting and sculpture from the 1960s and 70s, but where photorealism is simply making something look as realistic as possible hyperrealism adds a narrative and emotional element to the work.

So when you walk into your average wax museum the figures are just standing there looking like their human counterparts, aka photorealism, while most of Bobby's works contain an emotional element that makes them come to life even more than a simple photorealistic sculpture.

While it's true that not all of Bobby's works would fall into the category of hyperrealism the vast majority contain a narrative or emotional element, such as Jack's screaming face and axe, which make this a more appropriate title. However, like the names of many artistic movements it's subject to personal interpretation, and tends to make nitpickers foam at the mouth.

In the future if you have a question about a terminology, or why someone decided to use a particular term in their post, it would probably be best if you just ask without all the snark, and without using potentially insulting phrases like "jumping on the bandwagon". Otherwise good question and I hope I answered it to your satisfaction!
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