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Print Your Own Records

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The in last couple of years, the music industry has seen the phoenix-like return of the vinyl LP. Once thought to be as extinct as the dinosaur or Leif Garrett's musical career, record labels have return to their jilted ex with gold-digging abandon.  While vinyl might be a throwback to a more analog time, it doesn't mean technology is standing still.  Enter Amanda Ghassei and the 3D printed record!

Using a 3D printer and a lotta know-how, Ghassaei has found a way to convert digital audio files into 3D printable 33rpm records that play on standard turntables with regular needles and at regular speeds.

How does it sound?  Check out the clip of Aphex Twin above and behold the future!

Link via Consequence of Sound

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Asparagus: Hangover Cure?

A study from The Journal of Food Science has just been released detailing a study from 2009 which insists that eating asparagus prior to a night of imbibing may help curb hangovers.

...amino acids and minerals found in asparagus extract may alleviate alcohol hangover and protect liver cells against toxins.

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Bacon Jam Recipe

Sometimes we cannot sit idly by and wait for the world to package up and offer us yet another bacon-related product. People, sometimes it is up to us, the interweb nation, to get up from our WoW marathon, hit the kitchen and get makin' with the bacon...jam.

According to the article, bacon jam is "akin to mayonnaise" in so much as it is not just a full on lard fest. The Patch provides a full recipe for you to test drive and why not? Don't we owe to ourselves in this season of giving to give the gift of bacon? In jam form?
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Yule: The Pagan Holiday!

It's the longest night of the year--and for our friends the Pagans, it's their time to shine in the holiday spotlight. Arguably one of the original holiday celebrations, Yule has been as misunderstood as the Pagans who honor it as a sacred day. So strap on your Liberty Cap, and get ready to learn a little about Odin, a little bit about the Oak King, and even a little more about yourself. Christie Haskell gives us a quick little primer in all things Winter Solstice. (And no, I will not pun on the word Yule.)

Growing up Pagan, the best part was I got to open my presents days before all my friends!

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Some Airplane Don'ts

As you're in sitting in the USAirways Terminal at PHL, nervously rehearsing how you are going to tell your parents you won't be going back to law school, take these five tips from Jeff Blake of The Houston Press to heart. It may be an awkward holiday for you and yours, but why should your fellow passengers have to suffer?

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Cut and Paste Holiday Letter

So you thought the Mayan Apocalypse would bail you out from writing the annual state of the family address inside your Holiday Cards. Well, seeing that you've also decided to spend more time on your Mayan "Bucket List" in lieu of shopping for presents, Tiny Mind Gazette has a handy little cut and paste form letter to save your precious bacon. Now go out there and buy me something sheer already!

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How to Open a Door: A Tutorial

Has this happened to you? You've just got home. You need to get inside, but wait... there's a door standing between you and the inside of your domicile. Every year literally hundreds of people need to use a door. Thankfully Tiikuri has discovered this instructional video from a wiser time, the late 70's. Life might not come with instructions, but now opening a door does...

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App-ocalypse: Essential End of The World Apps

As we rapidly approach the end of the Mayan calendar, iMeet has provided us with a user friendly guide for the apps which may be the difference between life and zombie-fueled death. (Personal comment: Do you really think you can get by without downloading GoogleMaps, iPhone folks?)

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Which Wes Anderson Character Are You?

Teen playwright/hopeless romantic Max Fischer? Washed up oceanographer Steve Zissou? Child runaway Suzy Shakusky? Family bird Mordecai? Find out which Wes Anderson character defines you as a person. (Awesome 60's inspired soundtrack not included.)

Follow the entire flowchart at Flavorwire. Link

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Hobbit Venn Diagram

Luckily for us Peter Jackson paired all of this down for the three part film adaptation...

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UK Christmas Sandwich Review

UK Holiday fans rejoice! Finally someone (The Poke) has come along to review Christmas sandwiches from your favorite shoppes (notice the Anglo-friendly spelling). Today's platter: Harrods.
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Stress Relieving Animals for College Finals

The end of the college semester usually means pulling allnighters, lots of energy drinks, and an end of the world paranoia brought on by 18 credits of stress. Last week at the University of Minnesota, the school's Center of Spirituality and Healing added an alternative anxiety aid to the mix: therapy animals. Behold the calming power of Woodstock the chicken.
Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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