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Here are two examples:

There's definitely an art and a ton of skill involved with this. For example, the thickness and shape of the soft tissue (muscles, lips, skin, nostrils, etc.) and cartilage (nose, ears) is decided (guessed at really) based on things like the person's ethnicity. The less they know about the person, the less accurate the sculpture is likely to be.

In the case of a fictional skull, it's almost purely art.
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Wow, that trailer looks horrible. And it bothers me that they misspelled Zzyzx. I'm guessing it's because they feared the film would flop without the phonetic spelling.
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One thing I don't think was mentioned is that the entire front of It's a Small World is painted with an animated video projection show at night. I don't know how frequently they do it and I wasn't even aware of its existence, but we were luckily walking by when it started and it was awe-inspiring. There's probably video of it on YouTube I'd guess.

Also, side thought: I think the title of this post is supposed to be "Christmas Time at Disneyland & California Adventure" (but I suppose I could be wrong).

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Absolutely fascinating. I'd love it if we could get a view of what their life is like, of course, without actually being physically present on the island (except for remote-controlled cameras, maybe).

Here's a direct Google Maps link to the location of the Primrose, for anyone interested:
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Reminds me of a public service message video I saw recently about sloths swimming in rivers. Humans often see them and pull them into their boat and take them away thinking they're helping when really the poor cute, ugly guys are just trying to get across the river. Instead they tend to end up far away and probably lost.
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Years ago I unintentionally made it a habit to not inhale or exhale when I yawn, yet I still feel the full physiological effects. Without aspiration playing any part in it, the one thing I notice every yawn (even as I type this) is how my eardrums seem to open up a great deal.

As it seems to me breathing actually has little to do with a yawn, I've always guessed that its purpose is to maybe heighten your hearing sense (and maybe others) at least temporarily so when going to sleep or waking so a mammal couldn't be so easily caught off guard around slumber time.

But that's just me.
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That's really what it boils down to: risk management.

People shouldn't be offended and think I'm saying every male who cares for children is likely to abuse them. The simple fact is it's much safer to leave your children with a female than a male because males are biologically much more likely to be sexually deviant and a molester.

It seems many people might just be ignorant to how commonplace abuse is, but many children everywhere are victimized every single day by relatives, family friends, babysitters, strangers, priests, and even other children. And, guess what: in almost all cases the perpetrator is a male who probably appears trustworthy.

Hypothetical analogy for all my dissenters: if you had to leave your child in a room with a Pit Bull or a Labrador, which would you choose? My bet is you'd avoid the Pit Bull. But why?
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I voted no. It's not due to blind fear, but sheer biology. As Dr. Drew has urged very emphatically, you should never leave your child in the care of a male. Of course a female could allow harm to come to your child as well, but it's incredibly more likely that a male will cause intentional harm, especially considering the type of psychology any male would have to have just to want to spend every day with someone else's child.

I'm honestly quite surprised at how many voters would be comfortable with it.
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Interesting study of human behavior.

Are those interviews intended to be silent? My ears almost burst a blood vessel trying to hear what they were saying. :-s
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