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I was always a big fan of hers. I saw every episode of I Love Lucy as a child. I remember clearly where I was in elementary school the moment I learned from my teacher that she died.
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Loved this movie. My only problem with it was everyone was too unrealistically clean. I also liked Wyatt Earp starring Kevin Costner, which came out the following year, but felt much grittier and more realistic.

It always takes me out of the movie when everyone and everything is unrealistically out of their era. For example, in X-Men: Days of Future's Past, while Wolverine is in the past, all of the technology and the way everyone speaks is straight out of modern times.
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I'm curious, MissC, what part of it can you not picture being done? There's a helicopter (or quadcopter or some other variation of a drone) with a camera on it that flies backward as the team goes forward then flies up with the camera pointed down.

That final sequence was pretty great.

I love the use of drones in videos nowadays. People are doing some really creative things with them.
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Mythbusters tested it and decided it would not have been possible unless they strapped Rose's life vest to the bottom of the headboard.

Regardless, even if it was in any way possible, all it means is the prop designers for the movie should have been asked to make the headboard a bit smaller because Jack wasn't supposed to be able to fit. ;)
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I watched I Love Lucy practically most days of my life growing up and I've seen all the episodes many times.

I've been re-watching the entire series over the past week or two for the first time in many years, and I have been amazed at my brain for still knowing every episode so well. It's made me realize that a lot of quotes I hear in my head all the time actually came from the show without me realizing it. For example, every so often in my head I hear, "Hence the name: solitaire," so when I heard Ricky say it, it was a bit weird, like he took it out of my head, but really he's the one who put it there so many years ago!

I remember my sadness as a 10-year-old when my teacher told us she died. Lucy and the show will live on forever.
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Wow, the doctor gives shots himself? No doctor has ever given our kids a shot; they're always long gone and it's always a nurse's responsibility.

We're fortunate that our two boys have very thick, dense thighs, so when they get shots they only cry for about 10 seconds, mostly from the fear of being held down on the exam table.

I'll have to remember to throw tissues in my kids' faces if I need to get their attention.
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Pretty bold to just invent the reason I or anyone else had or will have kids. Their eventual presence at my end is a consequence of their existence, not the reason for it.

And nice to see you have the all-knowing all-seeing psychic ability to predict the future of all possible generations of families. You really shouldn't assume you know it all just because you are so familiar with you and your particular family's expected behavior.
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Not in Asian families.

My wife's aunt passed a few years ago now and her 4 children amd her grandchildren and siblings and nieces and nephews were all there, myself included

So, speak for yourself and your own apparently bleak eventual demise. Just try to believe it's not an impossible fantasy, but... from the sound of you I guess as far as your final destination is concerned my reality might as well just be a dream to you.
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It's a visual indicator to drivers that they're approaching or in a pedestrian crossing zone and they need to proceed with caution. Passing other cars in this zone is forbidden.
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Exactly what I was going to say. He didn't land on his feet, he landed on his back on the hood of the car and slid down onto his feet.

Thank goodness the guy's okay. Unbelievable that wench would almost run a guy over then claim it was his fault. Horrible.
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