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Yeah, even as a local Savannah station viewer I had no idea what this commercial was about until I read it here. Thanks for the update. (oh and after you see Jamie Casino banging on your TV with that hammer about 100 times a day you tend to see him as just another fly by night TV lawyer)
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Conch Ceviche:


•1 lb. ground Conch (Available in our Market)
•1 - 1/2 Large White Onions, Chopped
•4 large Tomatoes, Chopped
•4 Green Peppers, Chopped (Green, Yellow & Red for Color)
•8 Pepperoncini Diced
•1/4 cup of Pepperoncini Juice
•2 cups of Lime Juice (Fresh Squeezed is Best, or use Key West Lime Juice)
•Salt & Pepper to Taste

Wash ground conch and squeeze all excess water out. Place Conch in a glass container (do not use metal as an off flavor will occur). Cover ground conch with lime juice and chill for several hours, preferably overnight. Drain excess lime juice not absorbed from conch. (Don't squeeze it out, just tip the bowl and let excess run off) Add vegetables, pepperoncinis and pepperoncini juice. Salt and Pepper to taste.


Refrigerate for at least 4 hours prior to serving. Keeps great for 4-5 days. Serve with crackers (we recommend Triskets!)
Recipe serves 12-14 guests.
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Somebody is missing the obvious. The living astronaut was on the far side of the moon and a living person was on the far side of the earth oppsite him. 12,715.43 km + 3474.8 km + 384,400 km = 400,590.23 km. Lonely and cold.
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Because I loved it so much as a child I dedicated myself to watching every episode on DVD. After three seasons of watching him yell accusations at Samantha and the rest of the family I couldn't take it anymore. I realized my childhood favourite was nothing more than a domestic squabble with magic thrown in. Remove the magic and add some love and you have That Girl.
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Here's your plot: Jib's father is sunk by and evil speedboat and Jib has been trying to win a race to redeem his father's memory. After losing so many times he decides to move to the Bermuda Triangle to live like a hermit. There he discovers his Great Grandfather Ghostship who teaches him how to use his sails. Jib enters a big round the world race and the speedboats run out of gas letting Jib sail to victory. Jib wins enough money to hire someone to raise his Dad from the depths and they sail happily ever after.
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