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There are plenty of materials that change color in lighting, in part because fluorescent and led lighting will sometimes be missing parts of the spectrum. A variety of gemstones will look different in fluorescent lighting vs. in incandescent & sunlight. It just requires both the light source and the reflection/absorption spectra to have narrow-ish peaks & troughs.

I have a piece of neodymium glass on my desk that will be bright pinkish-purple in sunlight and one type of fluorescent lighting, and a grey-blue in other fluorescent lighting, and about any color in between with multiple light sources.
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You start off thinking, "That's pretty lame," but then it kinda grows on you, and you have to watch it to the end for absolutely no reason but that you can't stop.
Yes, the guitar bits were funny.
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Can't blame you for holding off on printing the story because it seemed impossible to be true. How is this not servitude? And if it's really all about "a modicum of financial independence" then why are they spending it all on luxury consumer goods and services? The wife in the linked New York Post article makes the following claim:

"That’s not to say I’m just frittering my bonus away. I also try to save my share for things that matter. My mother passed away shortly before we married, and I used some of the money she left me to buy my bespoke $4,500 wedding dress by the designer Naomi Neoh."

She used her inheritance to buy a one-time-use dress? This is a very screwed up population.
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As a science-y type of person (engineer, alas), I would not have included any of the characters in The Big Bang Theory. None of them are "excellent" depiction of scientists. Just because they spout quantum physics doesn't make up for the really bad characterizations. Yes, even the "real-life" scientist Amy Fowler.

My favorite film/tv scientist will always be Dr Ellie Arroway. She's a sympathetic figure who struggles with finding ETI, while wading knee-deep in politics and religion-vs-science issues. OF course it's what you would expect from Carl Sagan.

Also, I'm surprised they did not include any of the scientists in two recent science-fiction box office hits: Gravity and Interstellar.
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29, then 36. Allegedly I have very poor colour vision; both times I've been tested the optician has said I'm in the bottom 1% of the population. In one case he said he'd never met anyone with such poor scores on the Ishihara test.
I rarely notice any effects of this "deficiency". I suspect it ain't deficient, just different.
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The library where I am director was contacted by one of these caretakers from the Netherlands. He was hoping to connect with the surviving family members of "his" soldier. All he knew was the man's name and home town, so he tried our library at a starting point. There was a man on city council who did volunteer work at the library and who had the same last name as the soldier, so we asked if he knew the deceased. It turned out tthat he soldier was our volunteer's own brother! He had no idea people had been tending the grave all these years. The two have been corresponding ever since.
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I never knew the War of 1812 was "The Forgotten War", but I knew about the War of 1812.... same thing about the Korean War.
My guess is that the people who campaign for it to be acknowledged with public events succeeded, and that's why I know?
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Until Korea, "The Forgotten War" referred to the war of 1812, which resulted in the US National Anthem, the 1812 Overture, The White House being burnt to the ground by British Soldiers, Andrew Jackson's future presidency, and more. It has been so completely forgotten that a less-forgotten war has taken the title of "The Forgotten War" away from it...
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Just been discussing the Koeran War with our son - he's been watching M*A*S*H all week - he even managed to find it without the laughter track, which makes it even funnier.
Hard to remember it's that long ago - I vaguely remember the Vietnam War, my childhood drawings were of fighters with streams of fire coming from them. His youth was Sept 11th and the following conflicts, though since the way we use telly had changed so much in the intervening years I don't think he was as aware of it as I was of Vietnam.
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the fella trying to sue Brittany Spears for 10 mil is pretty funny considering there are probably quite a few rich individuals who would PAY HER 10 million dollars to hit on them while strutting around naked and farting. not me though, i'm broke.
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