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This really sums up most "designers". I wonder how many toilets he's cleaned, and how many loo rolls he's changed. And how many dribbly widdlers he's cleaned up after.
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I started crying while watching this. How often do you see that many people devoted to something artistic where everyone is contributing and everyone is happy? I confess that it doesn't hurt that Foo Fighters is one of the only bands going today that I feel, without question, deserves every stitch of success that they get. And as an old, crotchety classic-rock fan, I don't say that often.
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Isn't it possible that some of these cats might not have been originally placed on the paper but were added later in the form of a 'doodle' by a bored reader or 2? Especially the last image in this article. The cat definitely looks like it wasn't done by the original artist.
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I remember my Dad telling me this years ago. Now at 76, I am experiencing this. Remember when you were a kid how summer vacation seemed like an eternity?
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Why is it "feminist propaganda" to point out that media portrayals of women are unrealistic? Female bodies are photoshopped to the point where no one even has an idea of what "real" much less healthy bodies look like. Comments like the ones above always proclaim their concern over obesity yet woman who age or aren't perfectly fit are criticized. This criticism isn't the same for men. Few men's bodies are commented on unless they are obviously unhealthy such as Chris Christie.

Neither Sonya Blade or Bikini Girl look obese to me. I do not expect the women in my life to be shaped like Victoria Secret models or the men in my life to look like The Rock. That's because very few people have the genetic disposition to that body type and or the need to train/diet for that body.
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