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Loved this movie. My only problem with it was everyone was too unrealistically clean. I also liked Wyatt Earp starring Kevin Costner, which came out the following year, but felt much grittier and more realistic.

It always takes me out of the movie when everyone and everything is unrealistically out of their era. For example, in X-Men: Days of Future's Past, while Wolverine is in the past, all of the technology and the way everyone speaks is straight out of modern times.
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Good movie but there a few I think are better such as The Man who Shot Liberty Valance, The Unforgiven and my personal favorite Destry (w/Audie Murphy) which was the remake of Jimmy Stewarts Destry Rides Again.
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Thought: if you don't want to deal with tourists by your house...then don't move right next to a world-famous landmark. People are so entitled these days.
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It's not the only place removed from Google. The Bohemian Grove, party site of the rich and richer, does not appear on Google Earth, even though it has several large parking lots, an amphitheater and a hundred or so buildings.
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"While the snow fell, the colonists quickly sawed lumber and built clapboard houses."

It's my understanding that the Pilgrims made heavy use of the empty Patuxet houses in the first winter. Plymouth was largely built using a Patuxet settlement wiped out by small pox.
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He is an amazing kid and a cancer survivor(diagnosed at 6 months) on top of everything else...All the hype his letter got was a great distraction for this momma because of his upcoming cancer check up. If all goes well, little man will get a clean bill of health!!!
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At the US pro hockey games I've attended, there are screens around the rink that display the lyrics to the anthem being sung. Sadly, I know of some fellow Americans that don't know their own national anthem (or think it's too hard to sing). "O, Canada" is a great anthem and I sing along at the game too.
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There's a city called Worcester in Massachusetts. Whenever you hear advertisements that use the name, you get all sorts of different pronunciations, with war-sess-tur being the most common. But in Mass, they call it Wis-tahhhhh.
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The umeboshi one is particularly interesting, with its field of red salted plums and a single small ball of rice. It is exactly the opposite of the way I've seen this served. Normally, it's a field of white rice with a single salted plum in the middle.
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My dad remembered arranging the closing Curzon Street in London on a Sunday morning to crane in a new computer to the top floor. It was to do teachers' salaries for the whole of the UK. Took up several rooms.
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now our TVs come WITH computers that you can control it from another computer that has a tiny TV that you can also make phonecalls! Computer-ception!
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"Blackbird" is one of my favorite songs as it is. Shown in this context and I could barely talk for about 5 minutes after I watched it. So terribly sad.
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During Marvel Comics' takeover by the assistant editors, there was a terrible villain named "Goody Two-Shoes", who was (barely) defeated by the Thing. I'll admit that he was not a 'regular' super-villain, but he is up there with Paste-pot Pete.
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