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I remember sitting at my mother's knee as she made her famous Chicken Grisser with pureiped sauce for dinner followed by her excellent dessert White Pistry Sweet Craps along with a hearty hot cup of Vanilla Pish and Sours with a small side of Mold Water for that extra special zing. mmm mmm! Those were the days...
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Isn't the problem completely obviated by the way that modern library discovery systems (i.e., super charged catalogues) work? These aren't A-Z indexes, rather they work by keyword searches that means that not every word in say a search limited to a title needs to be entered. The results are generally displayed by relevance rather than alphabetically, a la Google.
Such catalogues weren't common in '06 but are ubiquitous now.
As an aside, I'm a librarian at the institution in the picture, the Library of Trinity College Dublin :)
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I frequently run across a similar problem in genealogy research. Many electronic databases are constructed so as to be intolerant of cataloguing errors. I believe many physical historical records will be lost to researchers until the data search technology of the abstracts can be redesigned.
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I do not think they know what "per capita" means. The text says "Vermont is home to second most pot users per capita—10.69%" while the chart lists Vermont's "per capita" as 90. I thought they might have scaled it so CO is 100, but the numbers still don't work out (10.69 / 11.45 = 94%, not 90/100). Also, I know many New Mexicans, and can say for certain that less than 100% of them have expressed interest on marijuana via Facebook interest.
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That must've been a lovely experience to have the author come to the school! We missed ya here, btw - I tried emailing you a while ago, but I don't think my email went through.
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We saw that. MrsO and I let out a collective loud groan when it happened. That same guy goofed up a couple other times, but not as funny as that one.
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In 25 years as an Undertaker I loved writing obituaries. Fascinating lives within a word limit. Obituaries are a paper boat you sail to future generations. When there's a death in your family take the opportunity to tell the world about them.
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After going from Tarzan to the Marx Brothers, Maureen O'Sullivan had to be wondering whether any normal films were being made somewhere.
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[more nerd] and even if he did have the needed ocular implants, that's NOT how his visor works. It registers energy patterns, radiation, and various elements in the environment. He doesn't actually "see" with it. Not only is the view through Geordi's visor shown to us in the series - there's also an episode where Q gives him real sight briefly and he can finally see everyone and is moved by it. [/more nerd]
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[nerd]other people wearing wouldn't do anything since it require the ocular implants to transmit the visuals to the brain.[/nerd]
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Your last sentence is quite insightful. There is a vast difference between having a pleasure available whenever desired with a few clicks, versus having to wait until a certain time and if missed it was apparently gone forever.
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Wow! I learned something new. From Tales of Faerie:

Petrus Gonsalvus was given a wife-a wife selected for her beauty, not told what her husband looked like, and ordered to marry by the Queen. Yet, the couple got along, and may have grown to fall in love-in the illustration above, the resting of Catherine's hand on her husband's shoulder is a sign of affection.

They had seven children together-some of them with hypertrichosis (the only ones the public cared about).

The family attempted to live a normal life, but were exploited by a public that did not see those with differences as entirely human-tragically, the children who inherited their father's condition were all given away as gifts to other European royalty.
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