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I ran into this decades ago. The California Franchise laws require a specific statement to be printed in its entirety, in 12 point text, on the first page of an offering. I did so and had the examiner try to reject it because it was illegible. I got through it by asking her if anyone else complied with the letter of the law.
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I think my favorite pure Star Wars moment in The Last Jedi is Luke Skywalker confronting Kylo Ren. I mean holy shit how does this not solidify Luke (my favorite character of the entire SW universe) as having an amazing arc, from goofy, loveable (and annoying) farmboy to being THAT!
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Time. Yeah. Don't we all wish. My favorite is still Empire followed, believe it or not, by Rogue One. For me Return, Force Awakens and Last Jedi all rate about the same, they have some flaws but I love them because they are still definitively Star Wars. And they all have some great storytelling. I love the character of Rose in The Last Jedi but I still can't get over how [SPOILERS JUST IN CASE] the entire Casino World sequence just feels like it should be in an entirely different movie. RotJ is similar, I love the story telling but I've never been able to 'love' the Ewok sequences, they just bug me, like it has a completely different tone to the rest of the movie. Nonetheless, for me, they are all Star Wars movies pure and simple.
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I have to say, I think #20 has been so blown out of proportion. I don't think it really 'changed' what Star Wars is at all. I've grown up from the very first episode in 77 (I was 12) and it totally feels like it fits in 'my' star wars universe. If anything it just helped solidify what The Force Awakens did, even with its flaws, and that is they FEEL like Star Wars films. The 3 prequels never did (which is my biggest problem with them).
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"So if we know they’re irrational, why do we cling to these fears?"

- What is 'because they have kept me alive this long so far'?
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A young hot shot, heading for the big time.. trashes a small town... has to do community service... gets out... realizes loves the small town and its residents and comes back...? man, I loved Cars... er.. I mean, Doc Hollywood... (and before you comment, yes, I realized Cars came after Doc Hollywood.. but I really do love Doc Hollywood)
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Interesting facts Eddie!

Working for NBC, I knew Rodney for many years (mostly from his appearances on The Dean Martin Show and The Tonight Show). He was even funnier in person because he could say out loud the things you were thinking but wouldn't dare to say, even if it had a few bad words attached to it. I think I must have choked or spit snot thru my nose just about every time I'd have an encounter with him.

I had a suspicion about his drinking or smoking "something". Dangerfield always had bloodshot eyes and was impatient to finish everything he was part of as fast as he could. Now Eddie, you've cleared that fact up about his smoking.

I know that there weren't too many comedians that Dean Martin really liked, but Rodney Dangerfield was one of them he did. He gets my respect!
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Fact #22 from the IMDb:

In 1993, he married Joan Dangerfield (aka Joan Child), a woman thirty years younger than him, and a Mormon.
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I notice that videos taken with jiggly-phone don't show up-and-down very clearly. It looked like the big truck was coming down the hill at the right, then slowed down at the left. I see him sliding backwards 'uphill' until it his the light-pole.
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My favorite: Our house caught on fire the other day. My kids started running through the house screaming. My wife told them "'ll wake up daddy.".
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My favorite Rodney: Yeah, my sex life is terrible. My wife now only lets me make love to her once a month. I guess I shouldn't feel bad though - - I know a couple of guys that she cut off altogether....
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Rodney was also responsible for helping make huge stars out of other stand up comedians such as Andrew "Dice" Clay, Bob Saget and the late great Sam Kinison.
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Other things you didn’t know: the black and white swan costumes are not actually danceable (they would be impossible to partner in properly) and real ballet executives/producers live in one bedroom apartments with cockroaches
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