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It can happen. Let's say there are ten bad profs in a small liberal arts college. If the first two or three bad profs are booted out, the remaining bad profs would either leave the college or dial down their "badness". This leaves half-decent and/or strict profs as targets. Even cordial profs can be booted out by bullies. It happens all the time, good teachers hounded out by soccer moms with agendas, delinquents who feign abuse, and political interest groups.

Say prof ABC is a cordial teacher in a college. She is fair and grades to the students' abilities and does not shirk in giving Fs to bad students. A small clique or fraternity boys can influence the class or school to vote her out if she threatens to flunk one of their members.

I have seen it firsthand. A college teacher I had was a cool philosophy prof, but he was a vocal atheist, and the religious students pressured the student government to remove him from all undergraduate classes. He ended up teaching analytic philosophy to grad students.
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I would agree with this. It almost looks like there are places the hole and cutout are slightly different shapes, although it might just be the lighting. Although in a well equipped shop, something similar could probably be done by water jet cutting or EDM, which I've seen to produce some crazy cutouts of sheet and thin metal before.
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My immediate guess (as an amateur wookworker, very little metalwork experience) was that each actually used 2 coins. The pres was ground/cut out of one, no worries about keeping the pres part pretty... only the surrounding coin would matter and be kept intact, and then the background was cut/ground away from the other. Leaving one with a hole and the other with just the pres "cut out".
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Years ago I used to drive minibuses for a Saturday club for kids with disabilities. We used to meet in a park in Barnes, London. One day we were all out playing on the grass when a bloke turned up with his dog - which was using a wheelchair after an accident left it without working back legs.
The kids adored it, and it became a frequent part of the programme.
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A teratoma isn't actually an 'embryonic twin'. It is a strange type of tumor in which stem cells differentiate wildly into different tissue types. It is common for teratomas to contain teeth, hair and other familiar structures.
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