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First time I voted just show me the results. I’m having a hard time maintaining interest, especially after last week’s hour and half snoozer. I’m familiar with the comic and I get it, but I’m more interested in a group of humans banded together to fight zombies in a dystopian future than groups of humans banded together to fight other increasingly evil and malignant humans in a dystopian future. We pretty much have that now. The escapism piece of the entertainment is gone.
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Kind of a stretch to call it an earthquake when it is a starquake. Also, the Richter scale has all sorts of problems when you go above 7 or distances of a couple hundred kilometers, which is why it was superseded by the moment magnitude scale decades ago for medium to large quakes (but the name has kind of stuck enough to still show up in newspapers). Even the MM scale is silly to compare something like that to for a variety of reasons... considering the largest starquake ever released more energy than the Sun does in 100,000 years, and only a factor of four short of the energy from a moon sized piece of antimatter hitting the moon.

But a whole article could be written on the insane numbers involved with magnetars, taking some effort to find anything relatable while still reasonably accurate.
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People can be so kind. It's this sort of humanity that makes me cry tears of thankfulness. These people are blessed for their kindness. They truly know what it is to live their faith and to help ALL people regardless of their religious beliefs.
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A long time ago, I helped a Polish man travel in the US. He spoke almost no English, but knew German. Back then, I spoke some German, so I translated for him to the flight attendants. When we arrived in Chicago, I had the honor of calling his son and announcing that Papa had arrived.
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There are all sorts of terminology you could use to mess with the head of someone who associates the word microwave only with the oven. For example: microwave plumbing for piping around and dispensing microwaves.
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There is a difference between wanting to see English used correctly and correcting someone at an inappropriate time or context. The latter is where the idea of a grammar Nazi comes from, that someone acts like correct grammar is more important than responding to the actual topic at hand. There are also plenty of cases of people who act like they've made some sort of substantive attack on a statement by attacking the grammar instead of the content, and this is especially fallacious in a world where typos are easy even for people who very well understand spelling and the rules of grammar,
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I always thought Stu died from a beating he and John took after John mouthed off to some "Teddy boys". Stu took some kicks to the head and was never the same.
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