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I have a vague memory of the multicolored batsuits. No recollection of the reason, however. Good thing the article has an explanation.
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My mother was a hypochondriac, and my father traveled a lot, so I was on my own most of the time. I rode all over on my bike when I was 9, and when we moved to Milwaukee a year later, I took city buses. I rowed all over a lake by myself when I was 8. I survived it all just fine. Of course, I didn't let my kids do those things, because I wanted them to know I cared about them. But I would probably be considered a lousy mother these days, because they did have more freedom than seems to be permissible nowadays.
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I want to know, if you use the left lane to pass and are going 85 in a 65 to pass, does that driver get a (speeding) ticket for using the left lane to pass those that are going 65 in the right lane? They didn't bring that up in the video.
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Thank God someone is paying attention! California freeways are either 12 lanes wide and choked with too many cars or two lanes wide and filled with left-side drivers.
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I've had more than one geologist friend mention getting a dozen or more people a year asking them to identify a meteorite, and yet have only seen such people bring an actual meteor once or twice over their decades long career. A fraction of the people argue back when told it is not a meteor, occasionally devolved into insisting it fell from the sky for one reason or another and is hence obviously a meteorite. One has to wonder why if it was so obvious, they needed to check with a geologist.

But it is funny how common and similar such stories are among geologists that have any sort of public enough role (e.g. college or university professor).
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Sorry for being so mean to you/neatorama in my previous comment. That was very rude of me. My apologies. This is one of my favorite sites. I realize all of you at neatorama work very hard to bring us all sorts of interesting things. Thank you.
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I like the idea of building something that goes out and explores the world without you.

But I wonder if it could be made practical... Everything is expensive in Hawaii, due to shipping. If he had a friend living on the islands, he could keep sending the craft back and forth with small quantities of cargo. Just about anything from the states, and perhaps tropical fruits or such on the returns.
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Waayyy back, when I began work, resumes were only a thing for really fancy jobs. You usually gave copies of your school transcripts and a brief work history with some numbers to call for reference on a form printed by the hiring entity. When these new questions about work philosophy etc, became the norm, I never could understand why this wasn't the correct answer. Basically, I will do the work for money. Why did that become the wrong thing?
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I've notices also that many documentaries such as the 'Wildest _' series and Chernobyl Reclaimed add artificial drama. They will say something like 'little does this baby gorilla know there are predators lurking about' and jump between footage between a snake and the baby gorilla, but at no point are they in the picture together and were probably not even in the same vicinity. Complete fabrication that ruins credibility, and a waste considering the material is already interesting as it is.
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That is so cute, and sweet of the guy to just let them investigate him. I have heard though that if the ground isn't soft enough (i.e. pavement, etc.) they can't spray.
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My mother says that she used to be the same age a Elizabeth Taylor but was five years older when she died. Apparently Taylor lied about her age to get around child labor rules, at some point used her real age and later tried to appear younger.

Isn't this a sill concern these days?
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Every year my parents would have a litter of baby skunks in their yard. They had an acre of land to explore but they preferred to stay near the road. They never got squashed, thank goodness, but they were a joy to watch when they were having a 'play-time'.
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This is such a sad video. The young woman looked quite nice - like a cross between Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn, IMO - before she entered the 'little shop of horrors'. Looks like she became a stepford wife and her hairdo is an absolute catastrophe.
ew, ew, ew!
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The babysitting thing is the most annoying to me. Why do so many people say a father is "babysitting" when he's watching his own kids? That's just parenting, dude, you'd never call it that if you were talking about a mother.
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I don't mind trailers at the theater. To me they serve as a safety cushion in case you arrive a few minutes late. Where I have a problem with them is when you purchase a DVD or Blu Ray disk and you have to keep forwarding through them to get to the movie you paid $20 for.
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