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The Opening Credits For 'Star Trek: Discovery' Are Absolutely Jawdropping"

The only thing stunning and jaw dropping are those hyperbolic comments.
Apparently the same person who created the clickbait headlines in Yahoo News inflicted the same on this show.
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On the east coast the first episode was pre-empted by football so I didn't get to see it.
The rest I would have to pay to watch online, with commercials, so I guess I won't be seeing it until it comes to Netflix.
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Back in the 70's, an area of Los Angeles called "Westwood" was the "in" place to be if you were a young adult. The Village of shops, theaters and restaurants was built around the area of UCLA. I remember hanging out there a lot. On the edge of the Village, behind a smaller movie theater sits a graveyard - "The Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery". Most people who spent time hanging around in the village didn't even realize that the grounds were there a block from "Wilshire Blvd."

A LOT of celebrities are buried or interned there including Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn is in a crypt three rows up from ground level. Others interned in the same place are : Don Knotts, Natalie Wood, Richard Conte, Roy Orbison, Jim Backus, Dorothy Stratten (Playmate), Carl Wilson (Beach Boys), Lloyd Nolan, Lew Ayres, Darryl F Zanuck, Harry Warren, Buddy Rich, Ava Gabor, Truman Capote, Heather O'Rourke, Christopher George, Oscar Levant, Brian Keith, Peggy Lee, Billy Wilder, Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Lemmon, George C. Scott, Les Brown, John Cassavetes, Cornel Wilde, Minnie Ripperton, Eve Arden and Dean Martin , among many more.

If I arrived early and had some extra time, I would often visit the small serene park and just walk around (no... I'm not creepy!). Some of the headstones and tributes are very interesting to say the least. A main reason so many stars are here is because of it's proximity to the Beverly Hills area.

One thing I had always noticed was that there were ALWAYS FLOWERS left on Marilyn's crypt... not necessarily put there by Joe DiMaggio... but fans would bring flowers every day. They would even leave notes taped or placed on her marker. The same goes for Dean Martin's crypt after he passed on.

Westwood Village is not the same as it was back in the 70's,80's and 90's... but it's still there (just more commercialized and not as quaint)... but if you are ever in the Los Angeles area, it is a very nice and interesting place to stop, visit and pay your respects to Marilyn and all those who has entertained us for years.

Thanks for your interesting story Eddie!
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How ironic that both Joe and Marilyn could have had anyone they wanted for a spouse, one that would have allowed their husband/wife to do anything they wanted and would have done anything they wanted them to do and yet they end up together with a marriage completely doomed.
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Gary Kinder's book "Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea" gives an engaging description both of the sinking of the SS Central America and, decades later, the search for the wreck and initial recovery of the gold. only gives a paragraph to that search. To fill in some details, they used all of the newspaper stories and other written records, combined with their knowledge of the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic in general, to narrow down the search, which still took a long time. Once they found the ship they had to recover the gold from the deep waters. They didn't want to damage any of the coins, because that would reduce the numismatic value so invented an epoxy technique that would cover the coins for recovery. There was also a long lawsuit because dozens of insurance companies which had paid damages back in the 1800s claimed rights to contents. Later some of the financial backers and crew members sued Thompson for not providing enough of the promised payout. Thompson went on the lamb for years, and was finally caught in 2015. The US Marshals service called him "one of the most intelligent fugitives ever sought". He and his partner had been living for two years in a Hilton in Florida, living under false names and paying cash for everything. Going back to the ship, it's estimated only 5% of the ship has been excavated.
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For any Civil War buffs out there, the US officer Pickett mentioned in the story is, yes, the guy who went on to be involved in Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg.
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I had met Ernest Borgnine many times over the years, and Eddie's article is right... he was the nicest person you'd ever want to meet. He always asked about you and he would really listen with intent, responding back with definite answers, not just an "uh... huh".

I didn't know that he was married to Ethel Merman once. It's no surprise that the marriage only lasted days... my memories of Merman were that she was not a very pleasant upbeat person.
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Ernest Borgnine's strangest film has to be The Devil's Rain from 1975. He dons full Satan costume and makeup for this film and I have to say he looks pretty creepy...for a 70's flick anyway. It also starred John Travolta, William Shatner, Eddie Albert and Tom Skeritt. Here is the trailer...
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I actually saw this movie as a double bill at a drive-in in Pennsylvania. Just being at an actual "drive-in" was more thrilling than the movie. It was funny (and sort of sad) to see people start up their cars, turn their lights on and pull out of the lot during the middle of the movie .
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