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Back in the '80s, in the parking lot of the Great Adventure amusement park in New Jersey, I saw a car with the NY plate: "QQOQQOQO" which I assume was someone's attempt at what the xkcd strip above was depicting. I wonder how it worked for him?
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A 10" pizza is almost twice the area of a 14". However, if you are a fan of the crust, the value increase lineaerly but is still a good delal.

If you only focus on the toppings, they reducing the dimeter by 1.5, (3/4 inch on the edge)), gives a better result.
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When we lived back in CNY, there was a pizza place that sold a large sheet pizza with 32 decent sized square slices. You could get one half each with different toppings. Was very popular with the kids.
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In my early days i've seen the fight between Betamax and VHS... The early end of the Laserdisc... The end of 3D TVs.. Now i await the production of the last DVD player ... still awaiting the replacement of the blueray...
The most dazzeling aspect of all those techical achievements is that they still do not make better movies...
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Do you really believe they are genuinely suggesting she is possessed by evil forces? Or is it more likely there's an implied wink-and-a-smile going on here? Any clues in the humorous tone of the text that might guide you in this regard?
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I always had a feeling that Elvis' career would have died down even without the Army. Other acts were coming on strong and it was only a matter of time. Great piece Eddie.
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I was in fort Dix NJ for my basic training when Elvis arrived from Germany to muster out. I remember the WACs training near us were all excited to go over the the 2nd Regiment area and see him. I never saw him, but a buddy of mine caught a glimpse of him there.
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I have some mixed feelings about these guidelines.
I started my first job at 15. I got my driver's license at 15. I also had free reign to travel anywhere in town when I was 7. I frequently explored abandoned military outposts when I was a kid, and even found buried relics from those same outposts that eventually wound up in a museum. That being said, I also had to carry my brother after he sliced open his foot on one of those excursions, ain't all good.
Learned to swim at age 5, so rivers and stuff weren't a problem. I guess there isn't a good chart for this type of thing. The best option is to teach kids early on how to deal with life. Training them to swim, avoid poison, and avoid traffic are probably the best options. Life is dangerous. There's no way to protect your kids forever. Nobody makes it out alive.
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You can't delve into his family-business background, which obviously got him his first roles among other things, then turn around and claim he pulled himself up by his bootstraps with hard work...
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According to this chart, girls face very high rates of kidnapping until they hit age 40+...

So that's the earliest age at which you can safely start letting them walk home, alone. In fact the numbers peak at around age 22, so that's a terrible time to cut back on your around-the-clock parental supervision of them... You're better off leaving your 5-year old daughter on her own, than when she's teen-aged.
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Those poor ectotherms. They'll overheat and die if they can't regulate their body temperatures by going under the shade once in a while.

Also, I was taken aback when I first read the post. Triple digits! I was like" man, that's boiling temperature". And then I remember that they still use the old measuring system in North America.
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