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growing up in the south we were always told that this was the mark of the beast, a sign of the apocalypse and if you got it you'd burn in hell forever. they said the same thing about listening to rock music, playing D&D, and being Catholic so whatever.
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Not sure I'd want it in my hand - too many nerve endings there. Maybe halfway down my forearm, an area already pretty scarred and tanned, no nerves there!
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Glad the few and hopefully enjoyed the above tale

Till next time,

"remember to take your daily dose of all things Neatorama and discover and enjoy the few & many most curious blogs out thar" =^)
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I'm working on a similar invention. I made a huge batch of borscht--too much to eat in a day. So I froze meal-sized amounts. That got me thinking: could I freeze borscht into popsicle molds? Dip the frozen borscht-sicles in sour cream and there's a new summer treat.
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The utterly fascinating thing is how stable the hummingbird's head is as it drink. Watching the body gyrate and shift just slightly and the head remains completely stable. Very cool.
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This is so obvious... If you double the expiration date of a medicine, you cut the profit of the companies by half (sort of, of course - if you don't need to discard an expired medicine, you won't need to buy a new box if needed at least not that often). The pharmaceutical industry is evil, profiting on people's life and death at their own will. See the HIV for example (or even cancer): instead of searching more effectively for an actual cure, they just prefer to let people live thethered to their "cocktails" (which aren't cheap) for life. Profit, of course, so they can "spend the money of the profit on new researches"... yeah, sure.
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My Rotary club bought "expired" tetracycline for pennies on the dollar. Sent it to San Salvador and saved thousands of lives after rebels destroyed water and sewage plants.
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Oh, wow! Thank you, Miss C!

This stained glass project took a long time. Because of the shapes of the glass, I had to spend far more time grinding than I wanted. I had to be especially careful with the black glass, as I had depleted the stock of every Hobby Lobby in town of it.

Right now, I'm saving up for a scroll saw. I plan to turn Ninja High School comic book covers into jigsaw puzzles, glue magnets on the backs pieces, then mount them framed sheets of steel.
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My Great-Uncle owed a deli. For those of you who are uninformed, that means a local establishment that sold all the ingredients for making sandwich as well as sandwiches themselves.

He bought so much wax paper prior to WWII that the family was still using it in the 70s. Why? Cellophane made it obsolete. Had his brand on it, however.
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