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OMG, they're gorgeous! The design aesthetic is more than just manhwa (not manga BTW), there is a classic element to the style.
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I'm a bit sad that a 17-year-old who "reads like a fiend" considers "malice" to be an obscure word.

I don't know that I'd be in favor of adding any long series like this to the required English curriculum; there's only so much time in a year. They're fine works for adolescents, though, and at schools that offer genre-themed elective courses for senior year I think they'd be excellent options.
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Anyone visiting Southern California (Disneyland, Knotts, Seaworld, Legoland, etc) should take a day away from rides and visit the Aquarium of the Pacific. It is also one of the best dating destinations.
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"War Plans" are intellectual exercises for training and evaluation. A friend of mine was involved with one where colonels had authority to use tactical nuclear weapons. There was an interesting one where we were invaded by space aliens.
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"War Plan Red" is odd... The US has long had some single-minded obsession with invading Canada that I just can't understand... Happened during the revolutionary war. It was step #1 in the war of 1812, which went wrong and incidentally the White House was burned down. Then with the Oregon territory dispute of "54-40 or Fight!" fame, as if history had shown war to be such a great idea.

Whatever obsessed Napoleon with Russia seems to exist in US/Canada relations, too.
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She should know better, being based in the UK. The perfect doughnut (UK spelling) has no hole, is plumper, is filled with a generous helping of raspberry jam and rolled in granulated sugar. Cannot possibly be beaten by these newcomers with holes in.
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I met him backstage at "Young Frankenstein" on Broadway (It was a fun show, but just didn't have that "spark" the makes a hit). He was so nice. Even though he was 80+, he was sharp as a tack, and even remembered seeing me in "Belly Dancers from Bali-Bali" - I was shocked, because I didn't think it was ever actually released, but he said a director friend of his had a print.

I love all his movies - even the more esoteric ones like "Silent Movie" and "The Twelve Chairs".
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We've disagreed on movies once before. We obviously have different tastes (in comedy, at least, which is what we disagreed on last time). I stand by what I said about the "love or hate" thing, as I've seen the film evoke extreme reactions from people, particularly the female population. While many males I know (and some females) love it. Obviously I'm not speaking for the world, I'm making a generalization.

While I certainly don't think it's some cinematic masterpiece nor is it even a favorite of mine, I think it definitely has redeeming factors: John Ritter's last performance, for one. Bernie Mac would be another, and I like the kid too. I think the film provides comic relief for some people who are unable to relate to your average, saccharine Christmas movie (although that's just my guess). AND, I think the facts about the Cohen brothers were interesting and not "obvious."

So cheers to us disagreeing all down the line! :)
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Success has not spoiled the Grickle! I can understand him being awfully busy for a while - he has a day job at Laika Animation Studios that led to him becoming the co-Director of "The Boxtrolls" (Some of them looked a little familiar, didn't they?). It's nice to see him doing his simple shorts again (I see he also had a Halloween Short this year that apparently went mostly unnoticed). How long have I been a fan? I have a Space Wolf t-shirt.
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Now, that's one of the best 'pranks' I have ever seen. What a blessing for those dogs and their human helpers. Thanks, Neatorama for posting this video.
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