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MrsO made turkey soup today. I tested it and it's pretty darned good. Look forward to some lunches with it. She will freeze some of it for a later time.
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I've lived in North Carolina all my life and candied sweet potatoes (yams) are always on the Thanksgiving menu. We grow more sweet potatoes than any other state is the reason, I'm sure! I don't ever remember a Thanksgiving with mac and cheese on the table.
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I was banned from AOL twice for chicken-chickening chatrooms. I couldn't help myself..once I saw the reactions doing something so stupid evoked in people, I was hooked. Chicken-trolling. The Chickening. AOL was coming down hard on me in those days for goofiness like The Chickening. They threatened to ban me for good at the third strike. It was glorious while it lasted. ~:>
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I propose a simpler solution. When someone brings up a political topic, say, "Don't talk about politics at Thanksgiving!" If he persists, jab him with the carving fork. Continue as necessary.
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Remembering years ago when WallyMart was selling a nice TV for what seemed like peanuts. The store was opening at 6 AM, and I went on my way to work early around 6:30 to buy one. They were all sold out! Found out later they only had like 10 of them. That was the end of my Black Friday shopping.
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My grandparents came over on 'the boat' from Scotland and lived half the year with my family and the other half of the year with my uncle. Every Christmas my Nana would make a plum (or figgy) pudding for Christmas. She would wrap coins in waxed paper and put them into the batter. At Christmas dinner she would put it on the table and then set it on fire after removing the holly sprig. The one who got the most expensive coin got to make a special wish for the coming year.
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The principal at one of the schools where I taught banned Bermuda shorts, so a bunch of the guys got together and showed up in short skirts. She almost had a heart attack, and most of the teachers had a great laugh. Their premise, of course, was that girls could wear short skirts, and since they couldn't wear shorts, they, too, would wear skirts. At first she was determined to suspend every one of the guys, but realized that was not feasible. Eventually, she caved on the shorts.
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