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Fascinating, but what an awful website. Can't just click and view, you have to click on a thumbnail, then on the image to see it in full res - but now you can't progress, you have to go back and do it all again for the next page.
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Once while home from school for several days, thanks to boredom I memorized about half of the first handbook: How Girls Can Help Their Country – Handbook for Girl Scouts (1913). It was priceless, both for useful info (I can still recite all points on the mariner compass) and wacky:

"How To Secure a Burglar With Eight Inches of Cord

Make a slip-knot at each end of your cord. Tie the burglar's hands behind him by passing each loop over his little fingers. Place him face downwards, and bend his knees. Pass both feet under the string, and he will be unable to get away."

"Place him face downwards" gets me chuckling every time.
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Nice misdirection. I got that "attend" would have been written by a medical professional and that the smelling salts actually killed him. Therefore I looked at Ursala.

One of his best.
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6 of those movies I personally can do without ever needing to see again.

Kind of shocked that Raiders of the Lost Ark didn't make the list. Also I would have had When Harry Meet Sally.
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I got through Gone with the Wind once. Never need to revisit it. Same with Shawshank Redemption and It's a Wonderful Life. I get why people love them but I've never been a fan. I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark over 100 times so you can guess what would be at the top of my list. :D
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Caique's are an incredibly playful breed of bird. They can get very bitey as adults though. Plus they should live around 25 years, so they aren't for the faint of heart
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Heh. I remember we found the Pizza Hut logo guy really disturbing back then... due to the fact that both of his eyes were drawn on one side of his nose. :P
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Ah, but for the days of walking through metal detectors with a pocket full of change and meeting loved ones as they deboarded the plane.

Small correction for the millennials out there: The "we take all uses of 'bomb' seriously, even jokes" thing was in airports before 9/11. At least, in the ones I flew starting in the '90s. It may have been just to make us feel more secure (as the video says), but it might have also been "don't cry wolf" put into law.
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Oh, I must disagree with you. I only use Macs but I never use their original keyboards which are pure junk. Buy a good keyboard and you'll never have to buy another one unless you spill something sticky on it.
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My youngest daughter does this, too. She tries an outfit, doesn't like it, and throws her clothes in the laundry. We've trained her that worn clothes go in the laundry basket to be washed. But she struggles to understand that clothes that have been worn only a short time aren't dirty.
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Even though I have not used a library for research in over two decades, I mourn the passing of the card catalog. I fondly remember using it to find the right shelf of books and spending afternoon lifting quotes from relevant chapters.
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Holy crap. That first one seriously made me cry. I'm going to go hug my cat now and assure him repeatedly that he'll never end up alone in a cage. :(
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