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I live in the Philippines, a major banana producer. I definitely eat more than 75 bananas a year, probably 150 or so. I also love banana ketchup, which is the most consumed ketchup variety in the Philippines. And BTW, I hate Cavendish, it's bland and weak. I prefer lacatan and latundan varieties, which are way tastier. And also saba which is primarily for cooking deep fried! Yum!
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I once worked for a company that had too much turnover in the opinion of the senior managers. So they instituted a new rule: no one was allowed to quit anymore.

It didn't work.
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I disagree entirely. I've found plenty of morbid fantasies and dark imaginative depths here on Neatorama. I look forward to finding more.
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I am overwhelmed. I would not have been so gracious for the first gift as this boy, who apparently must glue his shoes to repair them as a normal part of his life. It makes you want to start a Kickstarter for him to raise a scholarship or something.
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Hmmm, not sure if this is a backhanded compliment, or a truly positive bit of feedback, which is rare to find online these days. Either way, keep on laughing! And if you wonder why I didn't mention the casting couch angle see Ezz's comment above.
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One of m favorite scenes is Mal Evans as the swimmer in search of White Cliffs of Dover (if I remember right) in the icy water at first with John pointing him in the direction and then all 4 Beatles pointing him at the end of the movie on the beach when all the chaos was going on. Great movie! Not as good as AHDN but exceptional in it's own right, especially the music. Awesome post Eddie.
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I used to fly models at Nothwick Park in Harrow. There was a crow that really didn't like my glider going past her tree. She was never bothered by power planes, but gliders really got her goat. Usually she just escorted them off the premises, but occasionally she'd savage one.
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The house across the street put out a sofa decades old with a free sign on it. Many people slowed down but none stopped. Till two guys in a VW Beetle. They looked up and down the sofa, back at their car, then took a hold of the sofa and lifted. "That things longer than their car", I thought, but soon I knew they where smarter than them all. They took the sofa, turned it upside down, and bounced it off the road three to four times then placed it back in the yard; picked up the change and bills, then drove off...
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I watched video for a few of these rescues. It's heartbreaking and heartwarming. Glad there are people out there with the resources and will to help.
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These are hard to look at, but thank God we have people that will do something rather than turn their head away because they can't handle the sight of a hurt animal.
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Just out of college, I had a job netting salmon at Bonneville Dam. One guy sat on top of a ladder watching the fish pass through the fish ladder. He had a button to press that would direct salmon into a chute that ended in a 6' x 6' tub. The rest of us would dip net the fish into a small dumpster filled with water and a fish anesthetic. The fish were knocked out, and then transferred to a tank truck of water. When the tank was full of fish, the truck would drive to a fish hatchery where the fish would 'ripen' before their eggs and milt were harvested. The whole process was probably quite stressful for the fish. I imagine this is a nicer alternative.
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How can we not include the illustrious career of Thomas Midgley, who invented Tetraethyl lead and CFC's? The life work of this one individual will probably keep killing people for decades if not centuries.,_Jr.
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