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It is rather difficult to calculate these costs. While taking the amortized cost of R&D from previous launches and multiplying them by a new number of launches isn't right, it still probably amounts to an okay ballpark estimate.

For comparison, estimates of the Apollo program cost total around $100-200 billion in current dollars. The estimated budget for the canceled Constellation program as over $200 billion. $11 billion has already spent on the Orion project which would still need to pay for launch costs.
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That was a great informative video. I thought the cost would have been much higher - maybe even in the trillion category! Good job, neatorama. This beats any article about that Kardashian family EVER!!!
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My HS girlfriend had a Bronco, alas it was black.

As for discontinuing the Bronco, according to Arrested Development they cancelled it because of the bad publicity with OJ Simpson using a white Bronco to escape. So they replaced it with the Ford Escape!
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Looks like Curran had a wonderful LA vacation.

So, is he available for hire? I see, in his future, a lot of paid vacations in exchange for GIF travelogues.
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I call this "Jerry Lewis Syndrome" - I named it because of his movies, but it certainly applies here as well. It's when a really funny guy gets too much control (of his film, show, etc.) and suddenly becomes unfunny. Even the funniest guy needs editing, directing, and someone to keep his egomania in check.
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Wow! Sounds exactly like a Jerry Lewis movie..."The Unfunny Nutty Talk Show Host".

The non-deodorant ads demand is awesome...advertise all the cigarettes you want but let me see just one as for Right Guard and you're all fired!
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If someone has the passion, ability, and available market then that's wonderful. My wife followed her passion of art and twenty-five years later loves her graphic design job yet today. But for many, Mike Rowe agrees with Miss C's assertion that following one's passion is not always good advice:
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Yeah, that question pissed me off because there's a difference between tiddlywinks and pogs and pogs are way bigger and don't get flipped into a cup -so I answered based on what the picture actually was.
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