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A family member of mine works for The Mill and he worked on a series of Audi ads. The ads take place in winter but if you look at the trees you will notice they all have leaves covered in CGI snow because SoCal doesn't have much snow in early Oct when it is 80+ out. The ad ends with the car in front of a house but the only thing real in the shot was a single tree, the house was fully CGI, the road surface was not as pristine as they liked so they changed that and the car was the wrong model. He said they actually do not need to shoot car ads any more they could just take pictures of the car and crop them into any other background combos they wanted.
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I think it's a question of what copyright laws should/are about. I was told once that originally copyright laws were designed to protect creators and encourage them to keep creating. Modern copyright laws seem to be much more about protecting corporate rights than protecting creators or creativity.
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While I think Axanar is being a little greasy (I contributed a small bit to Prelude to Axanar, but it was clear early on they wanted this to be their fan-funded livelihood) I could rant on and on about the USA copyright laws.
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I went to Canada back in the 80's and went to a restaurant/bedNbreakfast for supper called "The Waterlot". I and my husband had no idea how expensive it would be. We were starving. We had one of the most expensive meals but one of the best meals ever in our lives. Each dish would bring a waiter with a palate cleanser between dishes. The palate cleansers were sherbet in tiny cones and wonderful. But what impressed us the most (sorry, I know it's not a big deal but it was to us) was the deep fried parsley which was used as a garnish and a palate cleanser. We loved it so much when we got home we bought a deep fat fryer just so we could fry up the parsley. Yes, it needs to be water free and you only fry it for 5 seconds. It comes out like something that would shatter if you bumped it. Clearly, it's been dried and fried but there is something very satisfying about doing parsley this way.
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It's pretty too cool to watch the roots growing. And to see things like I had no idea the 38 I Accuse is actually a remake. Also watching the early innovations and then getting a sense of how the affected later stuff. Very interesting video.
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The Twilight Zone also handled this (as-well-as the related thought that someone belongs in a future era) wonderfully in Once Upon a Time. It stars famed silent movie actor Buster Keaton. The episode has all of the 1890s scenes done like a silent film, but the 1960s scenes are shot in modern ways, with sound.

The first two minutes gives a taste:
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Major props to this man. Scouting was part of my youth and it taught me many useful lessons. Sad to know of yet another troop disbanding. Troop 81 Syracuse NY RIP.
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