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Speaking of cans, what is the only can in the grocery store as far as I know that has a very distinct shape? I noticed that cans of salmon do not have parallel sides like other cylindrical cans. Am I the only one that noticed this and did something to resolve the question? Being the curious sort I am I found a salmon industry web site and sent them an EMail asking them about the strange shape of salmon cans. They replied and explained the curiosity for me. I found it very interesting and hope you do too. The empty cans had to be shipped to Alaska for filling with salmon. Some smart person figured they could stack them inside each other and save a lot of space over normal shaped cans. This decreased the shipping costs measurably. I assume this still holds true. I think every can of salmon you see will be shaped like that. Or at least the ones with Alaska salmon. The next time you go grocery shopping pick up a can of salmon and maybe it will make you smile. That would be nice.
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OMG! The cat has beautiful eyes and truly is a lovely animal. I was not expecting the cat to look so atrocious while it was sleeping! Made me laugh out loud.

I had a dog that would drool and let slip the tongue of war - er, sorry - let her tongue loll about and slobber while dreaming. She was also quite proficient in passing gas, but that's another story not needing to be retold.

The funniest time was when the dog was fully awake and sitting right behind the cockerpoo. Both were staring at me, waiting for their treats. The big dog's tongue started to go south, ever so slowly. How I wish I'd had a camera to record that! The cockerpoo just stayed where she was and slowly, but surely, the big dog's tongue ended up resting on the top of the cockerpoo's head and continued sliding down... down... over her eyes and on to the tip of her nose. The smaller dog refused to move and lose her place in front of me but she made it known through her growls and groans that she was NOT happy.
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He doesn't seem to be aware that women sit in the outside seat when riding public transportation for safety reasons.

My personal favorite: "You can't see your own biases." Indeed.
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you think trampolines are safe for children

That's awfully specific.

Back when I was single, I had one memorable deal-breaker: if you think that astrology is real.

Now that I've been happily married for a decade, I could probably come up with at least a dozen deal-breakers since I've experienced my own good relationship and seen other people's bad relationships. But they'd be things like "if you use drugs," not "you like The Princess Bride."
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CUT TO: The day you're on your death bed.

You look into their eyes and remember all those Saturday mornings and all those diapers and how they grew from little wildlings into successful people with kids of their own. They hold your hand and express their gratitude for all the suffering you put yourself through for them and assure you your memory will live on in them and your grandchildren. This brings you fulfillment and the peace of knowing you lived a life worth living and made a difference in at least several lives.


You lay alone wishing it would all just end already. All the money you saved by not having kids isn't going to bring you comfort and love in your final hours, but, hey, at least maybe you'll be at peace knowing you're dying with lots of money in the bank and no one to leave it to except your cats.
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My mom babysat (NBA player and coach) Scott Skiles when he was a kid, my aunts and uncles were extras in the movie Hoosiers, and Dave Letterman's junior high English teacher was my junior high English teacher (several decades later).
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My great(10 or so, lost count) grandmother was the daughter of a man who came over on the Mayflower. She was already grown, so came over later.
Or, my great(again? many times back) grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War. His brother was the one Ft. Sumpter was named for.
Just missed it twice.
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This worked the first times tried it: We are being recorded, right? Good. My brother has had a stroke and will never work again. I do not care if you cancel his service, I am just calling to tell you that he will never pay another bill.
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I helped launch the pie-in-a-jar trend when Megan from found my post. (

Also, when I was seven I met the Captain's (of Captain and Tenille) dad. That's really stretching it, yes?
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I once got Cindi Lauper's autograph. Back in the 80s when she was fresh and new. It was the back of a matchbook cover. Long since lost...
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My first question upon reading the spreadsheet was "What did he say or do, exactly, to initiate sex?" I suspect that around 50% of the issue is her drawing away, and another 50% or so is how he chooses to get her in the mood.

Speaking from my own marriage, I can usually tell if my wife might be receptive before I initiate anything, and I know how to initiate in a way that will make her more receptive. With this guy, we have no idea, since he only records her responses and nothing of how he chose the time and his actions in the initiation.

It makes me think this guy is probably going about it all wrong and is either hiding it or unaware of it.
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As well, the wife's wise solution of sharing her personal problems on the Internet will provide her with the necessary tools to resolve their interpersonal relationship issues.
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Great article Eddie. I'm a huge SNL fan and there were things there I didn't know. One of my favorite memories was taking the NBC Studios tour and going to the SNL studio. A lot of history passed before my eyes. Oh and Beth...yes Obama did say the famous phrase however he wasn't president yet. He was still a candidate. Ford was the actual president at the time.
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It astounds me how opposite researchers' findings can be.

A couple of years ago a seemingly identical study found that inhaling the farts from other people can weaken your immune system. (I never found out if that means inhaling your own farts has a different effect.)

Now this study says it can repair your cells and help against diseases?

Which is it, researchers?! Should I go around sniffing other people's farts or shouldn't I?!
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I watched the Milton Berle episode on Netflix. His monologue goes on for way too long, then they finally cut him off and he flips out. It goes downhill from there.
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Likewise, small dogs are oblivious to their diminutive size. They just want to be loved and cared for and to do their doggy best, and why should size matter?
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