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I've heard a few stories of security issues some of the hotels using smartphones or tablets to control everything. Either through cost savings or ignorance, the hotel network can allow anyone in one room to control or monitor any network controlled devices in other rooms.
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I loved True Blood when it first came out. But after the 3rd (or 4th?) season I totally lost interest in it. It just sort of dispersed it's energy and it's story line to become a mishmash.
And even though Northern Exposure isn't on these lists it's last season was agony to watch, IMO. When the star wants to bolt (for bigger and better prospects, right Katy McCoy/Kathleen Nolan? right Tasha Yar/Denise Crosby?) then it can easily ruin the show that wasn't broke.
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No one else has a problem with the non-identification of axes, scale, units? Even the relative lengths of these "arrows" are worthless without indications of scale (as very small differentials can appear very large, and vice versa).
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You need only ONE draw.
You must draw from the box now labeled (actually, now MIS-labeled) as "BW." WHATEVER color marble you draw makes it either the WW or BB box. But actually all THREE boxes have been determined. Since the other two boxes are also mislabeled, the one with the XX-label (either BB or WW) that matches your color MUST be the actual-BW box (since it CAN'T be the actual-BB box if your draw was a WHITE, and it CAN'T be the actual WW-box if your draw was a BLACK).
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1 Draw.
The key is each box must be labeled *incorrectly*. It gets a bit harder if the labels are just randomized.
First, you draw from the BW Box. Since it can't be BW, it has to be either BB or WW, so whatever color you get, put that label on the box.
The box you just identified is correctly labeled, so set it aside. So you now have 1 Colored box, one Blank box, and the BW label. Well, the Colored box doesn't match its label, so move that to the blank box, set it aside, and put the BW label on the remaining box.
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HIMYM ending should get 0 stars. It is an absolute cop-out, a finale that undid one of the best turn-around character transformation on TV, just so that the boring, least likable protagonist gets the girl in the end.

I'd take the Dexter ending any day.
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Funny. When I was an entomology lab technician at Cornell I had to cut down and cut up a couple small diameter sugar maple tress to use in rearing Asian Longhorn beetles for research. In the summer I went out with my chain saw wearing shorts, T shirt, and my LL Bean camp-mocs. I told the grad students who had to accompany me by safety policy that they did not see this. When I left the job, I went to a supply store and bought all the safety gear for the person who was to follow me.
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The bottles were reused, not recycled - there's a big difference, particularly in the amount of energy used in production.

Provided you can get the bottles back without too much fuel cost, which should be manageable using the existing supply chain and delivery runs, it's far better to reuse than recycle.
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I am so glad for the Internet and YouTube. In past days, people would work on such things in the obscurity of their own homes, with only neighbors and family to know about them. Now, the native genius, strength and talent of so many is made known to the world.
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I've complained about that plot hole myself a few times. Another big one is local police/militia/vigilantes. That is to say, when people start turning in a town/village/city and moving around out in the open acting in a manner that is clearly A) not normal and B) hostile toward other humans, there will be folks that will deal with that very obvious threat in the same way that they would deal with a pack of rabid bears running amok in the area. When the first few zombies become obvious, they'll be put down, long before they have a chance of turning more than a tiny portion of the local population, I would suspect.

Basically, the local police/militia/vigilantes are the slightly better equipped, better fed, and more numerous version of the rag-tag band of wanderers. The only downside to their activities will be the inevitable collateral damage of killing more people than have actually turned. In effect, they'd be more than 100% effective: they'd kill all of the zombies and several non-infected that they suspect might be infected. And once they start they will most likely remain in place for years after all of the infected are wiped out, so any new cases that appear will be dealt with even faster than the first set.
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It depends on the cat and tree, as I've had neighbors who's cat broke bones coming down a tree on its own, and that is a lot more expensive to deal with than getting someone to bring them down. Climbing down a tree too tall to just jump down is a learned behavior, and some cats aren't going to figure that out if the first time they need to use it is from a very tall tree after being stuck up there a long time. Also, cats' kidneys aren't very robust at dealing with dehydration, and being stuck somewhere for more than a couple days is risky for cat, yet doesn't do much to motivate cats.
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