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Don't just follow the recipe on the can: boil the pumpkin , sugar (or maple syrup) & spices down to get a better pumpkin flavor. And use grated frozen ginger. Or go a step further and follow something similar to Cook's Illustrated recipe which is half pumpkin and half candied yams.
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My chili, aka Pray for Death, contains lots of onions, garlic, and tomatoes, as well as a host of other things not discussed in the article. Competition chili does NOT have beans except as served on the side, but when I make Wick Fowler's for plain satin' I put in beans.
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What Eddie forgot to mention was that after being shot down over the Phillippines in WWII (the Big one as Archie used to call it), Russell was only able to save himself after making a radio out of a coconut.
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Years ago MrsO. placed the turkey into our oven, turned it on and the baking element burned out. Being Thanksgiving Day, getting it repaired was out of the question. The broiler element was functional, so we tried to roast the bird "upside down" as it were. It didn't work out too well, but we were able to make enough edible to have dinner that day.
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Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) said after Russell passed away: "and the other half of 'The Rest' is gone."
Russell never thought that "Gilligan's Island" would ever last... now over 50 years later, it's still being seen by countless new generations still.
Every now and then I check in on the "Gilligan's Island Fan Club" at where you can buy T-shirts and listen to the Gilligan Island Theme Song. There's also a link to hear Russell actually talk about his role on the show.
Thanks for the great article Eddie!!!
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Nah, you're certainly not alone. Though, I recognized all the ones here except the last two.

There's a balance to be struck on whether you want to spend your life watching TV or whether you want to miss half of what everyone around you experienced. There are a lot of jokes that only make sense when you know what's being referenced.
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In the past I always used to just say "getting interviewed is one of my weaknesses, since I tend to get a bit nervous in them". Really, I don't get nervous in them, but for some reason this answer always seems to make the interview go really well from that point forward.
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I don't like non-gun things that look like guns. They could impair trigger discipline. My habit is to keep my trigger finger outside of the trigger housing of my rifle. I don't want anything to alter that habit.
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Might have made a difference if he'd actually played music instead of just noise. Cows like music; they even give more milk when the barn is wired-up. 'Course, those might have been all steers; they only have good taste after the barbecue.
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It's funny... I remember hearing all the stories about the fighting between Vivian Vance and William Frawley. People seemed to have their opinions about who they liked and who they thought was the nastier of the two.

I never met William Frawley, but I did Vivian Vance a couple of times. I didn't really like her. She came off "flippit" and acted as though she was on a pedestal among those around her.

Nevertheless, it was a stroke of genius to cast both of them to play husband and wife (friends of the Ricardo's) because "I Love Lucy" became such a success.

When Vance was to rejoin Lucy in '62 on the new "Lucy Show" she agreed only to do it under the condition that her new character name was "Vivian". Part of her Ego I assume from what I remember.
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In "Lucy Is a Matchmaker" (1953), Ricky and Fred find Lucy and Ethel in a negligee salesman's hotel room. Ricky: "Lucy! You, here, dressed in that? You must be out of your mind!" Fred: "Ethel! You, here, dressed in that? He must be out of his mind!"
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