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My favorite Carson interview question was when after naming Jay Leno as his replacement, he had David Letterman on one last time and opened the interview by asking him "So just how pissed off are you?". I really do miss the REAL Tonight Show.
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Daaaaaang. Only the very hottest boys in high school had such rockin' pants. The rest of us were terribly jealous, even when we were joking that they could be used to house the homeless...
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The criticism on Moonlight is so apt! Never has a movie pandered so blatantly to every Hollywood liberal's pet cause. Every box checked, every bleeding heart affected. I would not be surprised if this movie wins this year's Affirmative Action Academy Awards (AAAA).
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My mom broke her leg 12 years ago on an escalator. Needless to say, she hasn't ridden one since. When I was in high school, one of my classmates told a story of bending down while on an escalator and the string from his hoodie getting caught. He was choking until someone hit the emergency off button. I always look for the button when riding or walking near an escalator.
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I had a dress get caught in an escalator one time. I was lucky because I wasn't thrown down onto the steps. It tore up my dress pretty good. The store tried to compensate me for the dress but I really didn't want to have much of anything to do with that store by then.
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With our on-demand video, having to find a movie or show under "T" for "The" always tweaks me a bit. At least now I understand why "The CW" is listed in the Ts, as it's a corporate name. It just seems like it'd be so much easier to always have it listed after the title, no matter what.
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I'm kidding, of course. But the Oak Island "reality" show is loaded with theories linking most of those to their island. Well, up until the "Al Capone" part, anyway.

Still not sure what happened to my term paper. Bermuda triangle? Dog ate it?
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IF there were a time machine I would choose to go back in time to when Jesus walked upon the earth. FACT! TRUTH! (now I am starting to sound like our 'so-called president') Help me!
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The Holy Grail was taken by the Crusaders to Oak Island. FACT.
Also the French crown jewels, Ark of the Covenant, the Golden Menorah, pirate treasure, Al Capone's tomb, my lost high school term paper, and Jimmy Hoffa's body.
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Out the money and the relationship? Ouch.

Also, stuff still gets stolen off porches and all that. Only lost one item this holiday season, so it could be worse. Ebay certainly isn't the only place selling stuff that doesn't arrive.
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jejeje at Dorothy Howe

she reminds me of George Burns aka one of the world's greatest comedians

George Burns had a 10-15 cigar a day habit and claimed that it was his cigar habit that kept him living. He would joke that if he had quit when his doctor told him to he wouldn't have lived long enough to go to his funeral. He smoked El Producto cigars because more expensive cigars are tightly packed and can go out.
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