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This takes me back, personally... my high school had a young and daring faculty factory band leader who acquired marching band adaptations of rock songs way back in 1969 when it was totally unheard of. We didn't have enough members to do good formations during halftime shows, but the crowd went wild when we started playing "In A Gadda Da Vida". We also totally confused the people on the street when we played it while marching in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.
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I'd bet Iceberg would be in the lead. I know a lot of places use it because it doesn't get that wilted texture as quickly as Romaine.
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My dad's going through this right now. My mother left him 3 years ago ("I'm not having fun anymore.") and moved to a different state so I am the only one who sees him. He doesn't know me but he recognizes me because I always bring him something sweet for him to eat. He tries so hard to speak but his words are lost or garbled. Sometimes he cries and I feel like I know why - he misses his wife. I hate this disease. I want my dad back.
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Remycarreiro, I saw my dad get gobbled up by Alzheimer's. It is heartbreaking. Thanks for your courage in mentioning your experiences here. You're stimulating discussion and understanding. That always helps.
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We had our honeymoon in Ireland - on a narrowboat 'cos no one knows they're there so they're peaceful and isolated.
Anyway - we had to get a taxi from the airport and back...Dublin to Tullamore. It was the only bit of the whole experience that I didn't enjoy - the driver was tailgating at 80 to 90mph on the motorway. The tension was broken by being overtaken by a hearse. A few miles later it was on the hard shoulder with a Garda car with the blue lights on. I can only imagine the conversation...
"So - who's that in the back?"
"That's Mr O'Shaughnessy."
"The late Mr O'Shaughnessy?"
"Oh, to be sure, he's definitely late."
"What's he late for?"
"His funeral - that's why we were hurrying."
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Always told my high school students about the sisters who could crack their toes making rapping sounds of "spirits" during their sessions. My younger daughter learned that she could do that and would duplicate the sounds at our dinner table. Not to the amusement of her Mother.
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This reminds me of a very old joke. A Texan goes to Harvard and is walking on the green when he comes upon a group of preppies. He says: "Excuse me, but could y'all tell me where the library is at?" One preppy sneeringly responds by saying: "We, here at Harvard, never end a sentence with a preposition." To which the Texan says: "Well, excuse me! Could y'all tell me where the library is at, A-Hole?"
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I and my friends were shopping for an urn for my soon-to-be-late wife's ashes. The funeral director told me about this service. I said, "Hey wow, I can have a diamond made and present it to my next bride!"
I came home and told her what I said. She was so proud of me.
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We had a cat who loved Froot Loops. Every morning daughter #2 (who would only eat Froot Loops for breakfast) would leave a few loops floating. Leo would delicately pick them out, using only one claw. Another cat so loved cantaloupe that if I left one on the counter, he would eat through the rind. One was crazy about peas, and could smell them cooking through closed windows and doors. Another loved Chinese food. Still another loved pretzels. I could go on, but you get the idea.
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The Great War of 1913-1917 was truly a turning-point for mankind, drawing together the modern nations when they were at the brink of global war to jointly defend against the Martian invaders. The technological, social and political upheavals that followed were at times painful and ugly, but were also the seeds of the world we live in today.
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