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While there are good uses of permission slips, I also watched them used for political games when I was in school. When the slips were issued by an administrator disagreeing with the teacher, it can be worded harshly enough that many parents will deny it. Ideally a parent would look into it or read the book themselves, but for a variety of reasons that doesn't happen and poorly informed decisions get made. I also had a couple friends that couldn't get permission slips signed for anything, due to parental apathy, not any sort of exercising right to decide one way or another. The administrators would then play games, saying the book or topic isn't appropriate curriculum the following year when some arbitrary number of permission slips didn't come back, even when it was a small minority.
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Ah yes, good old Livry, who would have been fine if people living in an age where they were constantly exposed to open flames had just been taught to stop-drop-roll.
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How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar
Caramelization occurs independent of melting. Consider the above photo exhibit A—neither brown sugar nor turbinado, but granulated white sugar that I caramelized without melting. It's dry to the touch, and performs exactly like granulated white sugar.

Except, you know, the part where it tastes like caramel.
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ikr? the world would be better off without any craftsmen or craftsmanship at all. everyone should drive yugos and eat at mcdonalds. we should all wear 2$ plastic watches from china, and get our clothes from the dollar store even if we have a lot of money. these people with their years of training and practice, their high quality materials and ingredients! just who do they think they are, and how gullible do they think we are? sheeesh.
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The description of the last building says: "...the weirdest thing about this building is that it was designed so each room is facing the central garden. This is a new approach that we’ve not seen in any other type of architecture. Although it seems to work, it is well off of the beaten path and is definitely a new direction for modern architecture."

I would just like to point out that this is exactly how Roman villas were designed, everything faced the central courtyard. Even houses out in the country didn't have exterior facing windows. Nothing new under the sun.
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It's my understanding that "mortician" is something of a regional term. In the Midwest, I call myself a funeral director & embalmer (or, for brevity's sake, "director"), never mortician. I have heard families refer to me as "the mortician," but only on rare instances. It does seem like an antiquated term (like undertaker). And yes, hearsetrax, we are all a little strange! But we are also very caring, empathetic people.
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@ Big O

some of my best virtual friends work the funeral trade I don't hear from them all that often
but they are indeed some of the most unique people you'll ever meet
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Reminding me of a class in college at the time girls began wearing short skirts. After the first class, the professor decided that if all the chairs were arranged in a circle, it would facilitate discussion. Before the next class began most of the young men, myself included, got to class early and took up seats on one half of the circle, forcing the girls to sit in the other half. Such dirty young men we were. Next class we got there early only to find the chairs back in their more familiar in line rows. True story.
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Apology to the producers of "Spinal Tap", but I wanted "HERE LIES BIG O, AND WHY NOT?" Mrs.O wanted just name and date, so that's what we have on our columbarium spot.
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