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They really like it! They've watched me build lots of things, so they've some to see me as handy around the home. Probably more than I really am.

They're just 3 and 5, so they haven't yet figured out that their daddy is odd.

The drawings in the photos are theirs.
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I kinda had a thing for Spock, but to quote him: 'After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.'
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Having just come back from Everest Base Camp in January and knowing 3 of the Sherpas that were caught in this avalanche personally, it is a hard fact to face but a true one. Most (not all) do this because it is their only option. When you walk through the Khumbu Valley, you notice its beauty but you also notice there is not much there to make a living off of. Very rich westerners are overly demanding and expect a lot out of these incredible Sherpas, they deserve more than just a paycheck, they deserve to be fairly paid and recognized for risking their lives every day and being glorified servants to the clients who come to climb.
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"Bonnie and Clyde lived in a time when many were stealing to survive."

Don't let the Government's 6.9% (under)estimate of unemployment fool you, it is far higher than that. We are still referring to this modern Depression as the "Great Recession". My ass.

Many people are stealing to survive today.
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I love how you think "There's the path..." and then he just goes in the completely opposite direction, on the least path-like cliff edge he can find.
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Even if the man's bladder had been full, it wouldn't amount to more than about a quart of urine. Since urine is approximately 95% water, the contaminants in the urine measure out to about 0.0125 gallons by volume. Mix that in 38 million gallons of water in the reservoir, and the contaminant level comes out to less than one part per billion. The EPA allows larger levels of many other much more hazardous substances in drinking water, so why dump this reservoir?
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Water goes from an open-air reservoir to homes without treatment? I do not disagree with dumping and refilling, but what about the inevitability of bird waste, insects and algae?

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Goddamn it, I never used to cry this much. And because kids make your brain mush, I didn't see the punchline until they punched it. I miss my brain.
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My last flight on SWA ended in a teeth jarring, headache starting, hard landing. The flight attendant picked up the intercom. We heard the click, then a pause, then, "Um," pause, "we're here." Everybody laughed, and probably saved the airline a ton of complaints.
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