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Anakin. I suspect has some mother issues stemming from her incessant addressing him as "Annie." This, no doubt, caused him great embarrassment whenever she called him Annie in front of his friends, who would start singing "Tomorrow" then seguing into "It's the Hard Knock Life." Deep resentment caused by such harassment probably led to his penchant for ruthless suppression of whole planets.
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I might add that if you are working in a factory, it's not a good idea to go to a nearby diner for lunch and have a couple beers before you go back to work. Someone told me that. (-:
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Anakin/Vader has the Force. Neither Luke nor Leia have it, though. That's why, for their entire lives growing up, they never exhibited any sign of it. So why was Luke able to perform all of those tricks later on? Because R2D2 also has the Force. In all of the movies, Luke can only use the Force when R2D2 is nearby.
R2 is from Naboo, along with Palpatine and Jar-jar, both strong Force users.
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Oh, my! This man is sooo clueless about 'personal space' and not touching people he does not know. He's lucky no one punched him or reacted in another negatively physical way with him. Had it been me I would have made a big stink. One has to wonder what was this guy's problem since he definitely felt it was okay to keep touching that man...
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Loved this story--I'd read about Granpa but wasn't aware of all the other cats. I think his secret is his heart is overflowing with loving kindness. Cats know.
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Back in October 1980, I was living in Tampa and went to the Holiday Inn to try and meet Bart Starr who was coaching the Packers then. The Packers were in town to play the Bucs on Monday night. While I waited in the lobby, I met an older man who sat down next to me and we started talking football. He was a GB fan and noticed I was wearing a GB hat. After about 20 minutes or so of telling him what a huge fan I was of Bart and he was the reason I was there, he introduced himself..."I'm Ben Starr. I'm Bart's dad.". Needless to say, my jaw dropped. We continued our talk which included stories from the Packers glory years and coach Vince Lombardi. It was the coolest thing ever!

When the Packers team bus arrived at the hotel, Ben Starr personally introduced me to his famous son. His arms were full so he was unable to sign an autograph but Bart (after being told by his dad that I waited several hours just to meet him) invited me up to his room along with his wife and dad. I remember thinking how cool this was while I was in the elevator with the first ever Super Bowl MVP and the QB who won the Ice Bowl against Dallas.

A few days later, I sent a personal thank you letter to Bart. He sent me back a personally signed 8x10 picture that I still have hanging to this day. He'll always be one of my greatest memories. A very awesome day indeed.
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White cat in the yellow backpack: "Here am I sittin inna backpack, far above the floor. Gee, I have to poo and there's nuffin I can do..." (Apologies to Bowie)
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Not terribly surprising, as the tunneling and constant traffic over the roots had weakened it so badly, but sad anyhow. I had several really charming hikes and walks in the area many years ago and remember all the fabulous trees. Thankfully, though we as a whole still don't know better than to do these things, the trees are now under the care of the park.
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My Nana was born at Bowmore on the island of Islay, an Hebrides Island offshore of Scotland. Her parents had a hotel/inn near the water's edge. The comment about the house not having square walls is a carry over from the superstition that the Devil cannot hide in a building with rounded walls. Islay has round churches because of this belief.
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It really has to do with litigation. I am sure they never even looked at it, (which would explain the no response). If they HAD looked at it and in any future ad they used something remotely like what this young man did, (which was spectacular), they would be open to lawsuits for copyright infringement.

And by "they" I mean they and their advertising agency. It's simply the way our law suit crazy world is.
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