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True--it's never been any of those things (except incomprehensible when I write uncaffeinated) and, in fact, we haven't made a ton of money. But we've been financially self-sufficient for nearly a decade. Very few blogs have ever done that. And Neatorama has paid my kids' preschool tuition. I'm not sure how I would have come up with the money for that otherwise.
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Once when I took my much-younger children to visit friends in a foreign country, we discovered that the doorbells there are often approximately 6' high. They could run all the way there, but then they had to sit and wait for an adult to come to actually ring the bell. Just a thought.
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I didn't have any sound at first, so I didn't get it. But on the 3rd attempt, I got a 72-note streak, with a score of 1844. I was hoping to score 1812.
That's the funnest computer game ever and it doesn't take too long to play.
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VIPs and rich people have a second bite at hte poisoned cherry of air-travel, too. They're far more likely to travel by helicopter which seems often to be a rich man's way of killing himself.
Helicopters don't fly...they just beat the air into submission.
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I bought the very first edition of Barbie when it came out. It cost me 2 dollars! Man, I had to save my money for that doll! She had a black and white cruddy stretchy bathing suit that even I knew (at my young age) would fall apart as soon as it got wet. I gave it a hair cut since I didn't like the ponytail but found out the top of her head was sponge and had a comb-over (like Trump) to hide that fact. Ended up throwing it away. I never liked dolls but my BFF had one and the pressure got to me.
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Geez, I can't believe people like you, who go around taking advantage of the needy! Just because you "sell it at a discount", you're still profiting, thus taking advantage of those who are unable to get by on their own!! I hope that someday you're down-on-your-luck and some rich know-it-all sells YOU something "at a discount" that you probably can't afford, just so you'll see what it's like!!! People like you are exactly what's wrong with this country, where the rich get richer by taking advantage of the needy!!!! Thanks a lot, O'Bama!!!!!
Every sentence has one more exclamation mark than the previous one!!!!!!
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I used to be in a bad situation in which I had to frequently apologize for things I hadn't done wrong. When I got out of it, I intentionally broke myself of the habit of using the phrase "I'm sorry" for anything other than an apology for something that I was actually responsible for.

It has creeped back into my vocabulary lately, but I'm no longer as concerned about it.
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This takes me back, personally... my high school had a young and daring faculty factory band leader who acquired marching band adaptations of rock songs way back in 1969 when it was totally unheard of. We didn't have enough members to do good formations during halftime shows, but the crowd went wild when we started playing "In A Gadda Da Vida". We also totally confused the people on the street when we played it while marching in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.
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I'd bet Iceberg would be in the lead. I know a lot of places use it because it doesn't get that wilted texture as quickly as Romaine.
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My dad's going through this right now. My mother left him 3 years ago ("I'm not having fun anymore.") and moved to a different state so I am the only one who sees him. He doesn't know me but he recognizes me because I always bring him something sweet for him to eat. He tries so hard to speak but his words are lost or garbled. Sometimes he cries and I feel like I know why - he misses his wife. I hate this disease. I want my dad back.
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