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Do you know how much longer it would take to text "ghastly" instead of "bad?" And that's not even taking into consideration the need to spell it correctly! I am way too busy trying to drive to worry about whether I use a creative or a common word in my texts! I mean really! ;-)
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My father in-law once played this prank on his unsuspecting friend. The friend purchased a brand new pair of shoes - unbeknownst to him, my FIL bought two more pairs of shoes, each in consecutively smaller sizes. Every couple of days, he'd switch out the guy's shoes ... so he was perplexed as to why the shoes that once fit perfectly got smaller and smaller.

It was an expensive joke to play on someone though.
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Remy, don't know you outside your posts, but you seem like good people. Keep up the search for humanity and for empathy. I promise it really is out there.
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You don't have to horse me to read xkcd.

This reminds me of an early Smothers Brothers comedy album titled "Tour de Farce", which, being 9 years old, I needed my parents to explain to me was a take-off on "Tour de Force" (or, today, Tour de Horse). That was pivotal in starting my interest in wordplay and puns, do blame Tom & Dick Smothers.
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My cats seem to have very specific areas that calm them and make them happy. The cheeks near the whiskers being one (top of the head being another). I have one cat that seems to have never outgrown some of the kitten in him. He used to love to have our other cat lick the top of his head. It seemed to make him happy and I always attributed it to a memory of his mother grooming him.

My guess would be that it isn't so much the kitten that is stimulating this motherly grooming area so much as just the physical touch in that area. This act of "grooming" is likely make the kitten sleepy, much as a mother cat's touch would...

That being said --- very cute :)
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I didn't see Remy's copy as being "condescending." He felt strongly about it and that came across. He started the post by saying, "I think..." It's his opinion.
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(psst: the link goes to page two of the list.)

Also, as another B:BatB lover, I wondered why you referred to "golden age" Batman when most of what made this show fun was the "silver age" elements (which the first page of the linked article pointed out). I like that it included two of the 'meta/wacky' Bat-Mite episodes among the Top 10 (well, the Finale was a slam dunk), but while noting many of the stunt castings on the show, it failed to mention that Bat-Mite was voiced by Paul "Pee Wee" Reubens, in one of his finest performances.
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I'll never forget an incident in college. At the U of Maine, every Saturday night dinner was hot dogs and beans. A college chum was noted for his ability to produce gas after such a meal. We wanted to see if we could ignite the methane. One night he ate a lot. We sat around playing cards and waiting for the go ahead signal. He said he was ready. We turned off the lights and he bent over to let loose. At the same time a BIC light was positioned. A blue flame about a foot long shot out in the dark. We all were rolling on the floor laughing. We forgot to place a mirror so the gas producer could see it. Too bad it was before cell phone cameras and U-Tube. True story.
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One aspect of the show that I particularly appreciated was that the writers dove deep into the history of DC to find long-forgotten characters.

The series finale was outstanding.
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