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My dad was a master beekeeper for over 30 years and there were many times that he would get calls from homeowners to come and remove a hive of bees in their attic. Lots of people would actually have yellow jackets or hornets instead of bees. The great thing was IF they were bees he would relocate them to his property or a farmer's pasture so they could pollinate the flowers and make some fabulous honey. My dad passed away 3 weeks ago today. Caring for his honeybees was one of his greatest joys in life.
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Since I moved close to a section of the California Coast where otters hang out and beat up mollusks for their food, and learned that otters are semi-close relatives to weasels, I have gained much more respect for those weasely creatures.

But still, I'm working on a rewriting of the lyrics of that song to "Pop Goes the Otter"... so far, I have it rhyming with "sparking water", "Harry Potter", "the Devil's Daughter", "Welcome Back Kotter" and "lambs to the slaughter". It gets really dark.
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I taught high school for 32 years and I sometimes gave my students names. One guy named Sid became "Sid Vicious", a girl named Olivia Palm became "Olivia Newton-Palm" and so forth. The kids called me "Mister O" and when Kung Fu was on TV, I was "Master O". Fun times.
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Well we had a student parking lot (back in the 80's in Indiana) but no reserved spots. Lot was always full. And I have almost no other memories of that parking lot! I guess it was pretty straight forward and unremarkable!
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Yeah, as a Canadian living near a big city, it surprises me to learn that in some places, enough high school students drive to school that they'd get parking spaces. I don't know how the students at my high school got parking spaces, because so few of them drove to school. (Though part of the reason might be that in my area, high school ends in Grade 11, when students are 16-17 years old, just barely legal driving age.)
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That's funny. I have identical twin 2 1/2 year old granddaughters and wonder if they are up to pulling tricks on their parents.
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My private thought: I will eat everything shown here, with the exception of the Jell-o.
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True, but with a pressure cooker you put the heat on high until the nozzle on the top just starts to jiggle and then you turn down the heat to a much lower setting. But those things scare me. I liken them to balloons. Either could 'pop' depending on the circumstances, ya know? But I am a fan of crock pots. It makes a great beer chili!
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Any pan left on high will end in disaster. The good news about pressure cookers is that they rarely result in fires. If the same thing had happened with a regular pan, who knows.

On the other hand, electric pressure cookers and crock pots cost almost the same as a good stovetop pressure cooker and have extra safety interlocks.
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My mother loved to use her pressure cooker. I was always scared of it and refuse to use one even now decades later. After she got a full time job making supper fell to me and my brother. One day he was supposed to put a whole chicken with all the fixings (potatoes, veggies and spices/herbs) into the pressure cooker so we would have a nice cooked meal for later on. He put the thing on the stove on high heat and forgot about it. It exploded. The lid went through the window. The pot shot onto the floor and made a huge crater. Chicken grease and bits of meat, bone and veggies were everywhere. De-greasing a kitchen is no easy task. At least that was the end of pressure cookers in our house.
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For months, my job was to watch paint dry. Once I had the testing ego in down, it was easy duty. The trick was lots of sensitive thermocouples.
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I salute Neatorama for being smart enough to recruit Ms. Cellania! Thank you, Ms.C, for all you to to bring happiness, silliness, intrigue, and provocation to your followers.
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Congratulations Miss C, I hope the next decade of sharing your wonderful mind with the world is as good as the first! You've been a mentor and friend to me many times here on Neatorama and I'll never forget all the help you've given me over the years. Happy blogiversary, and keep on writin'!
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