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To set the stage, New Mexico's views towards Texas started a long time ago. The Republic of Texas laid claim to part of northern NM, and in 1841 sent a force to try and secure the land and gain control of the Santa Fe Trail. Then during the Civil War, Confederate troops - mostly Texans - tried to take over the state, and briefly held Albuquerque and Santa Fe. (Arizona Territory, which had split a few years earlier from NM, side with the Confederates.) US was also suspicious about New Mexican statehood, in part because of the long Spanish culture dating back to the 1600s. There were many questions about if the NM population had "assimilated" enough to be US state. Imagine the resentment which might occur when a New Mexican-born American, who can trace their local family ancestry back to Imperial Spanish colonization in the 1600s, and who grew up in a Spanish speaking household, is called an immigrant. Texans seem to go out of their way to prove they are more American than the rest of Americans, and that cultural difference might help antagonize things. And there are still problems by the US breaking its treaty obligations to honor Spanish land grants. Quoting the 'Milagro Beanfield War' - “The war never ended in 1848”.
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It breaks my heart to know there are so many dogs and cats who only want a forever home and yet they are stuck in cages and sometimes euthanized.
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I once changed seats on an airplane so that I could sit next to crying children.

My goal was to shut them up and embarrass their mother. Sex with the mother was good, but transitory. The children's behavior was always problematic.
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I read an article a few years back about how much better cheetos are when they are hot and right out the pan. A man who worked at one of their factories said the fresh, hot cheetos were incredibly delicious. Too bad we ordinary people can't try them, too. I would be very interested to know what they taste like hot!
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Before Beethoven was born a common term for a cup of strong coffee was "a cup o' 60" you can read about in Ben Franklin's writings.
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