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I used to think this is why women have to try on all clothing before buying and men don't. They just look at the size (or not) and take home what they need.

But after many years of real life, I learned that men just don't want to try things on at a store. They try them on at home, and if it doesn't fit, they ask their wife to go exchange it for something else they can try on at home.
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Their children have to be thoroughly versed in history and literature before they can even speak? And then you have to wonder what language the Tamarian literature, lore, and history is written -or spoken- in!
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My first apartment out of college was on the second floor. The living room had an entirely glass wall, floor to ceiling. Stepping near it made me really nervous, and it was only about 12 feet off the ground! My roommate and I couldn't afford a curtain that big, so we put a bunch of large houseplants there to form a barrier of sorts -it make us feel more at ease. I'm not afraid of heights, but having the glass all the way to the floor was weird. No way would I live in a cliff house, no matter how stable it is.
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I don't have anything online that I need to hide, either. I don't put secrets online. But I would never give away passwords, because that's just asking people to mess stuff up. My online passwords are about control, not privacy. I ain't handing over the keys to Neatorama to nobody!
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The Zoo America website has an entry about mountain lions, so maybe they have some already there to provide companionship for this little guy. I understand why he'll have to be a zoo animal, but it would be tragic if he were all by himself there.
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"Each kid has $2.5 million controlled by trustees, who can release money only for education, health care, a home purchase or a business start-up."

Is that all? If I took the mortgage, health care costs, and the fear of college costs out of my budget, I would have ...no worries, and enough money to quit all but one part-time job. To pay for groceries.

But then again, I'm over 40, so I'd get enough to quit all my jobs!
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It seems to me that if you need to pay someone $50 a day to walk your dog, maybe you should have a cat instead. It's not just the money- if you don't the time to interact with your dog even that much, he'd probably have a better home with someone else.
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Incredible. They nailed that scene frame for frame. Part of me had hoped that they would go ahead and do the rest of the movie, but the destruction would have been quite expensive, and since they donated money to ALS instead, I can deal with it.
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