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When you have a lot of food stored, you're going to have one of three things:
1. mice and rats
2. lots of pesticide
3. a cat
I think I prefer the cat. Of course I do, I have four of them. And no rats.
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Order medicine online? It would take a week to arrive! Half of us live in places you can't get immediate delivery. Of anything. Even if I asked someone IN MY HOUSE to go get me medicine, it would be tomorrow before it happens.
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I suppose they have as much right to appear exclusionary as minorities do (even if it is technically open to anyone), but think of the actual result. There are plenty of wide-open dating sites, where you are not forced to actually “date” anyone. Who will be attracted to this site? White supremacists. Well, at least they will know how to find each other.

By the way, minority dating sites, like minority scholarships, TV channels, and beauty pageants, were launched so they would not be overtaken and controlled by the majority in power, which so often happens when things are wide open.
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We have a kitten that had shoulder surgery, and he keeps re-opening the scar because it itches. Our latest scheme is to layer antiseptic, band-aid, and sweater. We got the smallest dog sweater we could find, and was afraid he'd get out of it immediately. But he loves it! It must be nice and warm to him.
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Well, see, there's a problem with the experiment design. Doing a double-blind study on boo-boo kisses is like studying placebos when the subject doesn't even know they are getting any kind of medication. You've buried the variable.
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I well remember that. Then, as the second and third movie came out, it became clear that Lucas was making up the story as he went along. He admitted as much after Return of the Jedi, and it took him forever to retrofit the story (poorly) for the prequels. If he hadn't sold out to Disney, we'd never see another Star Wars movie.
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When I get my hair cut once a year, it's "Straight, all the way around, above my shoulders, use whatever scissors you want, and yes, you can keep that 12 inches of hair and sell it."

Thanks, here's $30.
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I never heard of Nujol until last summer, when I got a box of old bottles for a dollar at an auction. I looked up the bottle, and its worth $24! Since that justified the bid, I haven't bothered to look up the rest of the stash yet.
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I wondered about that, but the linked article says, "after their flight from Cypress to London Gatwick." I thought it might be a town somewhere in Britain.

But now that I check around with other sources, it is indeed, Cyprus. I will correct that.
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