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One more- it's hard to get hairdressers to cut it off. I had ten inches cut off last week, and I had to keep reassuring the stylist that it was okay, that I really wanted that much cut. I'm not all that attached to the hair; I just haven't had a cut in a very long time.
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I've been there! One station was next to a graveyard, a good half-mile from any other business and no houses close by. The spooky sounds were real, because there was wildlife all around. Not a great place to be alone and tired.
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My kid joined a Facebook group of students who are entering the same college this fall. She was appalled at all the personal information and pictures they were sharing, and their brags to those they will have to spend the next four years with. By the time she meets them, she'll know their entire life stories. It's just the way they grew up, oversharing everything. I told her, hey, knowledge is power. Keep yours.
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Yup. On any poll like that, you'd have a lot of people who would prefer to give you a long explanation of their thoughts. If you bluntly asked, "Do you believe in God or evolution?" a great number of people would say, "Now, wait a minute there..." because those concepts are not mutually exclusive.
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My husband tells me these systems are indeed used for professional truck drivers. While they may provide valuable evidence in case of accidents, I’ve heard stories of trucking companies that routinely use them to find enough company rule infractions to justify not paying the drivers.
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They are Buzzfeed employees. The same folks get the privilege of doing all kinds of humiliating things, like try on one-size clothing and reveal secrets about their sex lives. The guys get to romp naked for videos, and recently were asked to measure their penises. I should hope they get paid decently.
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I can't think of anything that would make me want to sign up for a summer of unpaid labor more! This answers all my questions. It assures me that this agency cherished their employees, and has only my best interests at heart. And they are obviously masters at effective advertising.
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Yeah, sure, I enjoyed the eye candy.

But the text is kind of depressing. It's sad that global standards lean toward homogenization of beauty ideals, and that Caucasian features tend to be preferred. There are beautiful men of all races, body types, and (as I discover more every year) age.
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I never had the opportunity to go to preschool, or kindergarten. When my kids went, I realized that preschool is mainly to teach kids to enjoy school. What a wonderful way to start your education!
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