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I do that, and it tends to spoil you. Summer salads from the backyard garden are so delicious, but buying tomatoes in winter is an exercise in disappointment.
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I reuse bath towels, at least two or three times. But they never hit the floor. I have a family and lots of laundry. I'm not going to wash towels every day when they've only dried a fresh-out-of-the-shower body. Hang them on a proper rack unfolded in a ventilated house, and they will dry.
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Yeah, I had a friend who had Reyes Syndrome as a child, she barely survived. Now people say, "My doctor told me to take baby aspirin." But you will not find baby aspirin anymore. You will find "low dose" aspirin for heart patients, just not in the children's medicine section.
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Washington did not make that statement. He just said he couldn't come to Philadelphia. It was John in the next paragraph who explained to us why. Washington's letter said:

New Windsor May 29, 1781 / Sir, / A day or two ago I requested / Col. Harrison to apply to you for a pair / of Pincers to fasten the wire of my teeth. --I hope / you furnished him with them.-- I now wish / you would send me one of your scrapers / as my teeth stand in need of cleaning, and / I have little prospect of being in Philadelph. / soon.-- It will come very safe by the Post-- / & in return, the money shall be sent so soon as / I know the cost of it.-- / I am Sir / Y Very H Serv [Your Very Humble Servant] / G. Washington
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When your ten-year-old tries to pass herself off as an eighteen-year-old, I think that dressing her as a six-year-old is a reasonable parental response. Maybe she'll learn a lesson.

The "literally" refers to the t-shirt that literally says "I am 10 years old."
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Some of the things they say may sound complimentary on the surface, but this is a city. “God bless,” “Good morning,” and “Have a nice day” are all looking for a response. IF she had responded in any way whatsoever, the guys would’ve keep talking and following her. They would either try to solicit sex or ask for a dollar -and it never stops at just a dollar. Women know that.
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When my youngest daughter was seven, she trick-or-treated in a Darth Vader costume. She was smaller than most 5-year-olds, so we got a lot of comments on how cute "he" was. Then I called her by her name once and the whole crowd around us gasped, "It's a girl!" But I think that made it even better for them.
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Neatorama was never totally dumb, useless, or incomprehensible, so we can't blame those things.

When Alex "started up" Neatorama in 2005, everyone and his brother were starting a blog -millions, in fact. To have just survived this long is downright amazing. Remind me someday to write a chronology.
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At first I thought, "I should try this! The doorbell wakes me from a nap way too often!" Then I realized that the most likely doorbell ringers are the grandkids, and they can't read yet. They also like to push the button over and over until someone opens the door.
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When women say they are sorry, they can mean any number of things, like
1. I feel sorry for you.
2. Could you repeat that? I didn't hear you.
3. Could you repeat that? I can't believe you said that.
4. I'm about to tell you something you don't want to hear.
and, occasionally
5. I apologize.
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