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Looks like the ranking is all in how you categorize these foods. Notice there are no sausages. Salami, bratwurst, liverwurst, pepperoni, breakfast patties, and the like are supposedly listed separately, but if they were grouped as "sausage," you'd see it in this list, I'd bet.
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Regarding #3 at the link: I never cared one way or another whether someone said "more than 100" vs. "over 100." But it used to drive me nuts reading ad copy and seeing "Over 21 items on sale!" What does that mean? 22 items? It's just silly. "Over" or "more than" makes sense when followed by a big round number like 100 or 1000, but if you get more specific than that, you may as well get specific and exact.
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Yeah, certain dialects. I hear this all the time: "Where are you located at?"

If you drop the preposition, it has the same meaning. "Where are you located?"

Common sense tells me that you're still being redundant. You could just say, "Where are you?"

None of this will change in Southeast Kentucky. The only people I have any business correcting are my kids and those I supervise in my job. And they all have better grammar skills than I have!
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At first I thought: How can this be realistic? It's only two minutes long! But I see the video courteously included flash forwards. When I have to call certain services, I have to schedule it and get work done ahead of time to allow enough time for a PHONE CALL ...and make sure my phone batteries are charged.
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Why are mini Hershey’s ranked so low? They are darned expensive! I can’t believe Skittles, Nerds, and Sour Patch ranked higher than almost all the chocolate bars!

Trick-or-treaters who don't like chocolate are welcome to donate to the nearest adult. And remember kids, y’all are lucky to get any free candy at all.
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A lot of recipes like this are just an excuse to form a delicious deep-fried batter crust. When my grandparents were young, in the 1930s, they had pumpkins in the garden. Grandma plucked pumpkin blossoms (you have to limit the number of fruits per vine to get them to a good size) and fried the flowers in batter, like she'd seen her own mother do. Word of that got around in the tiny coal camp, and suddenly the neighbors were bringing them groceries, because they were obviously starving if they had to eat pumpkin blossoms!

It's the same idea behind rosettes, or more recently, funnel cakes.
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These poor babies. Even if a pet has no experience with a veterinarian, they can smell the fear and sometimes sickness of other animals that preceded them. If we could only explain it better to them!
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