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"Each kid has $2.5 million controlled by trustees, who can release money only for education, health care, a home purchase or a business start-up."

Is that all? If I took the mortgage, health care costs, and the fear of college costs out of my budget, I would have ...no worries, and enough money to quit all but one part-time job. To pay for groceries.

But then again, I'm over 40, so I'd get enough to quit all my jobs!
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It seems to me that if you need to pay someone $50 a day to walk your dog, maybe you should have a cat instead. It's not just the money- if you don't the time to interact with your dog even that much, he'd probably have a better home with someone else.
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Incredible. They nailed that scene frame for frame. Part of me had hoped that they would go ahead and do the rest of the movie, but the destruction would have been quite expensive, and since they donated money to ALS instead, I can deal with it.
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Old enough -are you kidding? But at least by the time I went to college, I had an electric typewriter.

Honestly, when I was in high school, my Dad forbade me from taking typing. It was considered a "vocational" class. Dad was afraid if I learned to type, I'd have a "fallback" career as a secretary or even worse, in the typing pool. I realize those are archaic terms all around now. Dad would be laughing if he saw how I make my living now -typing all day long, using the hunt and peck method.

My kids were taught to touch type in the second grade.
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I can tell you from decades of experience that rinsing your dishes is crucial if they aren't going to be washed in the dishwasher immediately. Dried-on food doesn't come off in most dishwashers. But if you've just had a big meal and run the washer immediately afterward, they'll be okay. My family uses dishes more than once a day, and the dishwasher is only run once a day, so we MUST rinse, or at least soak them.
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These would-be thieves made several mistakes.
1. They didn't have guns. In Texas!
2. They tried to rob a guy who already deposited the money in the bank.
3. They certainly picked the wrong store.
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What do you wanna bet that this list grows with every woman he interacts with? Wait until he contacts a woman who has her own requirement: "Don't message me if you have a long list of mostly petty deal breakers."
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Sigh. I knew this would happen, as it does in so many threads about having children. It's such a monumental life choice that people who are parents and people who decide never to be parents both feel the need to defend their choice, when that decision is completely personal.

The truth is, some folks were born to be parents and reap great rewards from it; while others never want to be parents, and are completely satisfied without children. Then there are plenty of people in situations somewhere in between, including those who decided later that they made the wrong decision. Let's just be civil about it and refrain from attacking each other.
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Or even sooner...

Ring ring
You: Hello
Your grown kid: Mom! What do I do? These kids won't settle down, and I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks!
You: Ha! Enjoy your payback.
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