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Honestly, my kids begged me to join them on Facebook (when they were younger), so I made a "non-professional" account for family and friends. Now they are disappointed that I don't see the stuff they post on Facebook, just like I am disappointed they don't read Neatorama. Different worlds, I guess, each with limited time.
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I dunno... I can be a traffic dodger without being hit by a car. Getting your draft status changed, or arranging a deferment ahead of time, is effectively "dodging" the chance of being drafted.
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I dunno, one and two lived good long lives. Maybe it was a good luck name!

Or most likely, they just found themselves calling the new cat by the old cat name, and went with it. My grandparents had a chihuahua named Cricket for about thirty years before I realized it wasn't the same dog all that time.
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I thought about that... and Eddie wrote his piece much earlier than I selected the Tarzan article. But they aren't really contradictory. The actual term "superhero" wasn't used until Superman came along, but Tarzan WAS the first "pop icon to attain global saturation." Tarzan had no super powers, another term that didn't come along until Superman. However, Superman benefited from the multimedia marketing strategy Tarzan followed.
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That appears to me to be one of those "correlation does not mean causation" things. It's hard to believe that watching a TV show causes teenage girls to be more likely to get pregnant, but it's rather believable that both activities could stem from a certain style, or lack of, parental involvement.
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Not only the height, but the pitch is all wrong. Even if the shoe were made of comfortable material, anyone who tried to walk or dance in them would be hurting bigtime.

Cinderella has made me uncomfortable ever since I read the Chinese version, which goes way back. The king never even meets the girl before finding her shoe, and becomes obsessed with how small it is. And you know how they accomplished that in China until the last century.
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For the most part, women's clothing is designed to please the eye while men's clothing is designed for utility and convenience. And that's why women carry purses.
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