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I've done some pretty harsh things with my kids like this, even cancelled a birthday party once. But I always talked to them and gave them the chance to do the right thing first. My motto: "You can learn this the easy way or the hard way." Take my advice right now or suffer the consequences.
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My local hospital demands a co-payment before surgery, or at least a credit card number they can hold. Yeah, they send out survey sheets afterward about your experience, but the idea of a refund would never come into it.
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This is mean but hilarious! I had to promise my daughter not to record her after wisdom tooth surgery, but I'll remember every detail until the day I die. She was amnesiac and emotional and suggestible. She started crying on the ride home. I asked why, and she said she wanted her mom. She was suddenly very happy to learn I am her mom. Then her sister yanked her chain all evening. Those are tales that will be told at every family gathering forever.
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I was a concert promoter for a couple of years. My job was to drive around Kentucky and staple posters to telephone poles. Which is illegal. That was pretty weird.
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I beg to differ with both of you. I have a yard sale every year. I price everything really cheap, but rarely haggle. Pay full price the first day, or come back tomorrow to get it half price -if it's still there. I get rid of a lot of stuff (family and friends who don't want to bother also give me stuff to sell). Decent things that I don't need go to people who want/need them. I don't have to carry as much to Goodwill or the dump. And I make enough money to buy myself shoes, jeans, and underwear for the year.

The caveat is that I live in a really poor area where people need to buy clothing for a quarter a piece or a $5 dresser for their grandchildren.
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