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According to the Census Bureau, less than 30% of Americans graduated from high school in 1929. Yet most of those people went on to hold decent jobs and support a family anyway. Things have changed so much.
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I am intrigued by the theory that you couldn't kill Hitler if you traveled back in time. Maybe it happened. After all, there were lots of unsuccessful attempts on his life. In the end, the only one who could kill Hitler was ...Hitler.
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That seems like it would be more expensive in the long run than hiring an adequate staff of guards, between construction, maintenance, and repairs. And think of all the extra time it would add to normal operations, such as opening all the cells for meals. Plus, contact between guards and inmates is something that should be encouraged, not eliminated.

No wonder it's not in use now.
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When I first read your commen, I could have sworn you said

Tried this one the other day and made a bit of a mess, along with trying another suggestion I've seen that should let you kind of just squeeze out the egg from inside the shell.

I think the missing piece is it can depend on whether you cook the eggs too.

I had to laugh a while before I realized that wasn't what you said.
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Let's see... it would have to be a company that had a reason to keep Kimba out of the public eye in 1993, and that had the resources to keep their name out of it. Hmmm.
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They aren't promoting fat; they are selling underwear. To sell underwear, you work with the customers available to you, and that means women who are already the size and shape they are.

I was just admiring how well the top picture represents a variety of women's bodies while still showing them all as attractive. Take a good look: while none would ever be a supermodel, only a minority of them could be called fat. I don't look as good as any of them (age is a factor), but shopping at a place that acknowledges variety is far less intimidating than dealing with Victoria Secrets standards.
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One more- it's hard to get hairdressers to cut it off. I had ten inches cut off last week, and I had to keep reassuring the stylist that it was okay, that I really wanted that much cut. I'm not all that attached to the hair; I just haven't had a cut in a very long time.
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