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Exactly. And the difference is that our wars today are fought by an all-volunteer force, even if they joined up because they couldn't get a job otherwise. And the military is paid for through regular income tax and other regular taxes instead of war bonds which would involve the will of the people. The more we pay for war out of the budget, the less we get for schools, bridges, social programs, etc. but many citizens don't realize that.
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A creature that can terrify you just by scowling is not "cute." But I can understand how her attitude changed completely when she saw the babies. It's empathy for a critter who's just trying to keep her family together and safe. Still, I can't stand possums. I've been surprised by too many big ones in my attic or basement or trees that were way too close and I didn't see until they moved. That's unnerving.
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In my previous career, I always called myself a disc jockey because it was pretty straightforward. Then some begin referring to us -or themselves- as "air personalities," which I thought was overly pretentious. I am not a personality, although I have one. It was another way of boosting an employee's ego instead of paying them decently. I happen to know that in several places, we were called "the help" behind our backs.
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That was the biggest part of the discussion on this video elsewhere. You know if someone doesn't wash their hands after using a public restroom, they probably don't EVER wash their hands.
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Makes sense to me. You train your reflexes to respond instantly while steering a bike, because if you had to take the time to think about it, you'd crash. Retraining a different method is a great experiment, as long as someone else is doing it.

The closest real-life analogy I can think of in my own experience is roller skating. I was pretty good at it when I was young. Then I didn't skate for twenty years, just walked. When I took it up again to skate with my kids, it took a good twenty minutes to realign my reflexes (which was quite comical), then suddenly I was as good as I ever was.
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My advice: look, but don't touch, as soon as you get into the room. More than once, I've seen the fridge missing a couple of items when I arrived, and then got charged for them. Once, I was charged within an hour of arrival! Now I always report a less-than-fully stocked mini-bar immediately, even though I don't use anything from it.
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That kind of thing is hard to track, because often the one who does the hiring is not the same person who supervises the new hires. Also, looks are pretty subjective. But what do I know? I work with a bunch of people I wouldn't recognize if I ran into them on the street.
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So the kids who get those slots are the ones who need preschool the least, huh? Here, preschool is open to all, but the school tries to reach out to those who need it most. You can get your kid in at age 3 if the child has a special need.

I thought I might get my youngest in at 3 because English was her second language. When I told them that, the teachers turned around and asked my kid something, and got an entire monologue that convinced them she was fluent enough. So she waited another year.
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I don't know what could be misunderstood about a threat to go to the police over a child playing in his own backyard. But yeah, I would go talk to the guy, and find out what his real problem is.
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