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Federal minimum wage for tipped jobs is currently $2.13. If you don't make at least $7.25 with tips, the employer is supposed to make up the difference. In reality, if you can't make it up in tips, you might be let go. Both the regular minimum and tipped minimum have a long way to go before you can live on it.
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When I first took my kids to New York City, I explained city stuff to them, but it doesn't come natural. They still spread out across a sidewalk, took up the whole width of an escalator, and flashed their money in a crowd. They remember me grabbing them constantly during that trip. They are much more experienced now.
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Both Kroger stores in my town have the entrance and exits placed to make you go clockwise. But the layout of the actual groceries are opposite each other. In the north store, you go to the bakery first and end up in produce. In the south store, you go to produce first, and end up in the bakery.
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