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My husband tells me these systems are indeed used for professional truck drivers. While they may provide valuable evidence in case of accidents, I’ve heard stories of trucking companies that routinely use them to find enough company rule infractions to justify not paying the drivers.
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They are Buzzfeed employees. The same folks get the privilege of doing all kinds of humiliating things, like try on one-size clothing and reveal secrets about their sex lives. The guys get to romp naked for videos, and recently were asked to measure their penises. I should hope they get paid decently.
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I can't think of anything that would make me want to sign up for a summer of unpaid labor more! This answers all my questions. It assures me that this agency cherished their employees, and has only my best interests at heart. And they are obviously masters at effective advertising.
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Yeah, sure, I enjoyed the eye candy.

But the text is kind of depressing. It's sad that global standards lean toward homogenization of beauty ideals, and that Caucasian features tend to be preferred. There are beautiful men of all races, body types, and (as I discover more every year) age.
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I never had the opportunity to go to preschool, or kindergarten. When my kids went, I realized that preschool is mainly to teach kids to enjoy school. What a wonderful way to start your education!
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The guy in the video is a Spanish comedian, a regular on this particular TV show. He’s telling a story about when he got a job at a seafood restaurant. The boss told him to clean out twenty paella pots. He got the brilliant idea to set them out by the sea overnight and let the surf clean them. He didn’t account for high tide, so the next morning all the pots but one were washed away, and the boss wanted him to pay for them. So he left, and never went back.
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That may be, but it sounds more "old-fogie-ish" to this old fogie. Neatorama has a wider variety of readers than many internet sites, including older folks who sometimes share content, and many of us have a line we don't cross in language or content. We also have a wide variety of content that will never appeal to everyone. I would much rather err on the side of giving readers more than enough information to make their own decision about clicking a link or video.
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I never talked to my parents about the pitfalls of relationships. Mom married the first guy she dated and it was darn near perfect until the day he died. But I have plenty of advice for my own daughters.
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