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My mother was born in a log cabin because it was a quick-build method for a family just starting out. I lived in a different log cabin a few decades later because it was my parents' dream house. That didn't last long, because they are hella flammable.
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People use mayo for tuna, egg, and chicken salads because those are subtle, delicate flavors that would be overwhelmed by anything that had any taste. If I want to glue things together like that, give me Miracle Whip! (Yes, I said it.)
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Barely two minutes into the video, they lost me. "... and all those who set foot on these shores had the opportunity to build a better life for themselves." Except for those who were brought here against their will to be sold to the highest bidder. And that 40-hour work week? That wasn't because of the success of the business. That was accomplished by labor unions.
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I have one of those beds that used ropes. I ended up drilling holes in the iron side rails and added 2x4s to support a box spring. When you stack a box and a modern mattress on a bed that wasn't designed for that, you end up with a sleeping platform that's about 40 inches above the floor! And it wasn't easy getting a 21st-century mattress to fit on a 19th-century frame, but I love the finished product.
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I wondered about 2016. It turns out that The Onion tried articles with different content that year for mass shootings, but I guess it was hard coming up with something new to say, so they went back to the rerun in 2017.
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My older daughter hatred math for a long time, because it just seemed like a lot of work for nothing to her. I tried all kinds of games to help my kids see the patterns in math, which my other daughter just got from the beginning. Then one day out of the blue, older daughter came home and said she suddenly "gets" math, and she loves it! She could see how the patterns fit together. She wanted to be a mathematician for a while after that ...until she found something else.
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Just curious, bob, which part of that long sentence is bullshit to you: the existence of white supremacists, that they are now coming out of the woodwork, or that idea that their brand of hate is stupid?
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