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I think the idea is that kids don't want to do that. They want to play games, text each other, and surf the 'net during class. Since you can't trust some of them, you better mistrust all of them.

My kids' school used to be like that, but now they all use their phones in class -for classwork. School wi-fi is cheaper than outfitting classes with computers, and keeping their phones busy keeps students from goofing off with them too much.
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I'm with you on the vocabulary. I had to explain to my 17-year-old what it means to have "a chip on your shoulder" the other day. My kids have been reading too many YA novels and not enough adult literature.
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A quick and fun party game is to have everyone write down as many Tom Hanks films as they can in five minutes. According to IMdB, he's got 50, and that's NOT counting TV shows, made-for-TV movies, documentaries, or shorts.

Of course, if it's a really good party, you have to do this early before everyone gets too drunk to write.
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I never knew that the British Christmas pudding was that close to an American fruitcake. We just leave out the awful parts, like boiling it and burning it.

Last year, my SIL brought crackers to the family gathering. POP, confetti, funny hats -it was almost like New Years Eve.
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That was my first thought! Must be some of those newfangled "healthy" baked chips. Still a silly idea. Use newspaper or aluminum foil or tissue if you can't get wrapping paper.
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