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Just a few:

1. Long lines at big events for one sex while the other restroom is scarcely used.

2. Fathers with young daughters who need supervision going to potty. Or mothers with young sons, although that's usually not as problematic.

3. People who identify as something other than binary.
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This is not too far from me (my late husband went to EKU). I think we got more snow in my town, though. Considering the enrollment is 13K, this service is pretty personal.
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One of the advantages of living in a small town is that delivery guys will just leave a package by your door. Once I got home from work to find a large square box on my front porch that said "Apple" on the side. It was not orchard produce. You can't do that in a city.
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Lin Geng and May He are the couple who run the business, and the only full-time employees. They are from Australia. Geng always wanted to open a business, and after he was inspired by a YouTube video about making candy, the two of them studied under a master candy maker in Brisbane. They came to Canada because it seemed like a good place to make candy.
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Coffee until noon or so, then regular brewed black tea the rest of the day. One cup of spiced chai with milk and sugar before a nap or bedtime. My daughters have the kitchen counter covered in boxes of variety teabags of various flavors, most of which I don't care for.
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