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What do you wanna bet that this list grows with every woman he interacts with? Wait until he contacts a woman who has her own requirement: "Don't message me if you have a long list of mostly petty deal breakers."
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Sigh. I knew this would happen, as it does in so many threads about having children. It's such a monumental life choice that people who are parents and people who decide never to be parents both feel the need to defend their choice, when that decision is completely personal.

The truth is, some folks were born to be parents and reap great rewards from it; while others never want to be parents, and are completely satisfied without children. Then there are plenty of people in situations somewhere in between, including those who decided later that they made the wrong decision. Let's just be civil about it and refrain from attacking each other.
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Or even sooner...

Ring ring
You: Hello
Your grown kid: Mom! What do I do? These kids won't settle down, and I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks!
You: Ha! Enjoy your payback.
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This is so sad. You know it's been going on a lot more than two months, or he wouldn't have started keeping track. And the manner he presented it, and won't return her calls, means he's tried to discuss it before, and didn't get anywhere. And now he's afraid of her response. It's like a Hail Mary move.
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Having posted a few glow-in-the-dark animal experiments, we know the reasons for them. First, because it's an easy way to see if your gene-splicing techniques work. Then, it became a way to mark certain genes in the DNA sequence to pave the way for other, more useful gene-splicing experiments.
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Honestly, my kids begged me to join them on Facebook (when they were younger), so I made a "non-professional" account for family and friends. Now they are disappointed that I don't see the stuff they post on Facebook, just like I am disappointed they don't read Neatorama. Different worlds, I guess, each with limited time.
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