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My guess is that the IRS will rule that any money given to a tipped worker at their workplace is a tip, not a gift. Then we'll just have to "cash them outside."
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Federal minimum wage for tipped jobs is currently $2.13. If you don't make at least $7.25 with tips, the employer is supposed to make up the difference. In reality, if you can't make it up in tips, you might be let go. Both the regular minimum and tipped minimum have a long way to go before you can live on it.
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My mechanic explained this to me just recently, as he had a client who never put more than a quarter tank in and then let it run to empty. He made a lot of money off that guy.
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My parents' first Volkswagen didn't even have a gas gauge. When you ran out of gas, you flipped a lever to open the reserve tank. It had a half-gallon in it.
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January, 1976. One of those old "instant-on" TVs, the kind with the tubes that always stayed hot, shorted out while I was asleep. I had too many posters on my walls, so the fire spread fast. It was a log cabin, burned completely. Everyone got out okay, though.
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I had to admit to my kids that I don't know much about World War I, because my world history classes never got that far along, and my American history classes were just Columbus, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II.
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My kids' school wouldn't let most kids take their boyfriend or girlfriend to the prom. Only registered juniors and seniors at that high school can go. So, few actually go.
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As of Sunday afternoon, it appears y'all agree with me that Sasha is a goner. She has 112 people predicting her death. Gregory is in second place, with Rosita and Eugene trailing slightly.
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