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Most of these movies look like they started with a budget of zero, then came up with a monster from that. Especially the refrigerator!

Besides that: holy moley! A Cracked article on one page!
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I've seen some shooting stars. I'd never be able to find where they landed. Here's a snip from Korotev's page about meteorite identification.

I have heard many wonderful stories from people who swear that they saw the rock fall, that the rock wasn’t in their driveway yesterday, or that it split their tree in two. I can’t explain how your rock got to be where you found it, but I can say that it is not a meteorite. [Every rock that someone has described as “it wasn’t there yesterday” was just the right size for throwing. Really.] Not everything that falls from the sky is a meteorite.
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She had plenty of makeup on to begin with. If you ever look through a school yearbook from the early '60s, you'll see plenty of teenagers that look 30-ish because of all the hairspray and makeup.
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I bought my current car from my mechanic. It was never picked up after repairs, and since he was only out the repair cost, I got it cheap. Besides, I've used him for years and he guaranteed the car for a few months. Best deal ever, if you don't care about the model or color.
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I have been married more times than I care to admit, and never have I had an engagement ring. As a result, I've inherited several huge cluster rings from older women in the family who felt badly for me. I don't really care for diamonds, but I will pass the vintage jewelry down to my girls.
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Oooh, never. I pay $6-8 for a three-pound can, which weighs around two pounds now. Folgers is normally $12, Maxwell House $8, but I only buy it if it's on sale. How much for ground coffee in your neck of the woods?
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I know what you mean. I saw Rare Earth in a concert hall, then a bar, then a county fair, over the span of about 40 years. The last time I saw Jefferson Starship was in a stockyard. They were at Woodstock! ...then again, that was a dairy farm.
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I live in hill country, and my house is near the river. When we get substantial rain, the storm drain covers in my neighborhood just gush up with water running down from three counties. The covers have holes in them, so the whole lid won't wash away.
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