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When my kids were little, they'd admire the Kentucky mountains as we took drives to wherever. I told them that underneath all those trees were homes and people you couldn't see, like fleas on a dog. This map shows that is true- even though southeast Kentucky looks like a forest from the air (with obvious mountaintop removal scars), it's full of people back in those hollers with no city services and few utilities.
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No assumptions, just a hypothetical situation to explain a concept. I have green eyes (not hazel eyes like those in the picture-actual green), and I know how rare they are. Also, the post is about Americans, not the world. If you exclude hypothetical situations, we would be talking about blue-eyed vs. brown-eyed genes and white vs. racial minorities. My apologies.
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It's often hard to categorize people just by looks, but I see 14 of the 20 in the grid as Caucasian, although not all of them are "white." (There's a big difference between the terms. My daughter from India is Caucasian, but she is far from white.) How many Caucasians do you think there should be?
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Not necessarily -it depends on the population more than the dominance of genes. If your breeding population is 100 people and 90 of them have recessive green eyes and 10 have dominant brown eyes, the green genes will survive many generations. Two brown-eyed parents who each carry a recessive green gene can easily have a child with two green-eye genes. Besides, those 10 brown eyed people in the first generation may already carry a recessive green eye gene.

The "dominant" description of a gene only means that one gene will dominate the other in a particular individual. The survival of genes over generations has to do with numbers, not dominance.
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