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As the season premiere nears, the results of the polls are sitting at Glenn being your number one prediction, with Abraham 26 votes behind in second place. No one else registered enough votes to be significant.
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I don't think age is as important in chess as it is in basketball. LeBron James could go to any playground and beat a team of 20-somethings. That would be closer to this scenario.

Also, I would hope these guys are way older than 50, speaking as someone who is way older than 50.
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The one I like that I see a lot of is: "Required: Five years experience in [some programming language that was launched two years ago]."

HR people say that requirements are more like a "wish list," and my husband says he's applied for jobs that he wasn't qualified for all his life, and got many of them. So apply anyway!
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Double-checked. Tussie-mussies came about in the 18th century, stuck around a long time, and her book is about the Victorian era. I think I've fixed it as much as I could!
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You'd have to be an incredibly dreary person to find an exotic outpost boring. Combine that with a superiority complex, xenophobia, and homesickness, and you've got a disastrous job. From what I've read about the rise of the British Empire, there were plenty of bureaucrats like that.
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