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People only look up words when they care about getting them right, and almost all these words are difficult to remember. I looked up "boutineer" last week (spellcheck doesn't know the word, Wikipedia gave me boutonnière).

But "gray"? I think that may be just people arguing about "gray" vs. "grey." The 50 Shades book did not help there.
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The linked articles explain how the adhesive would be covered by a protective "eggshell" that disintegrates on impact. That sounds overly complicated to me, but it addresses your issue. It would also serve to nab a vandal!

Anyway, Google admits this is just an idea that may never be implemented, and the patent is to protect the profitability of the idea just in case.
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Great idea. Now, when people consider a tattoo, they have to weigh the price and pain involved with the outcome. It sounds like the price will be in line with a one-year tat. But will the pain (and possible infection) involved be worth it?
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When my brother was in college, some guys in the dorm threw chunks of sodium in the toilet because the toilet would just throw them back. Until one of these geniuses got the great idea to flush one, and shards of porcelain went everywhere.
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