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These women will have to be strong, not only to compete, but to withstand Americans joking about Cool Runnings, female movie remakes, and Nigerian fundraising.
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If that were me, the first thing I'd do is go back to glasses instead of contacts, which eliminates the infection concerns. Besides, in a couple of years, your eyesight will have changed somewhat anyway. I would just hope the apocalypse happens after my future cataract surgery.
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I once lived in a duplex and discovered the attic was completely shared, and either tenant could access the other home from there. We told the neighbors about it, and made a pact to not use it that way (none of us had enough stuff to need the storage space anyway) and to warn future tenants about it.
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I grew up in Kentucky, a border state, meaning it was a slave state that did not secede with the Confederacy. In school we had textbooks produced for nationwide use that addressed slavery as the main reason for the secession. But teachers made it clear that if we wanted to pass the test, the reason for the war was "state's rights." Still, we knew better. It was an early lesson in political disconnect from reality.
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You know, we talk about how audiences were scared by mediocre effects (by today's standards) and attribute it to suspension of disbelief and the fact that we didn't have anything better. But then there's TV. On a black-and-white cathode ray tube, the creature was as clear as any other actor (meaning not all that much) and was perfectly believable.
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