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I remember that day well. I was working my way through college. Because of my age (and that fact that I was a rock fan) I had been pretty oblivious to Elvis' comeback years. People were seriously crying like a family member had died, and I just didn't get it.

After all, I had just seen Star Wars.
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According to the linked interview, no. BUT except for the first concert where this was mentioned, women didn't wear the underwear to the concert. They brought underwear specifically to throw, many of the panties with messages written on them. I suppose those were clean. The quilter said the loads of fabric she received was not funky.
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I once inquired as to what my niece and nephew would like for Christmas. Nephew was about four.

SIL: He would really like a drum.
ME: Yeah, haha, like that's going to happen, huh?
SIL: No seriously, he'd really like that.
ME: Don't tell me you're okay with that!
SIL: Sure, it's fine.

So I got him a drum. I was too polite to inquire about their feelings on it later, but I secretly both laughed and cringed when I bought it.
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A lot of readers in Finland and Alaska objected to #6, since they've seen a 2AM sunrise. The train raised all kinds of questions, smoke, no locomotive, one train has a working engines on both ends, and the engineless train doesn't have a track.
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That's sad. We got our cat Tommy because he came to our door hungry and exhausted two years ago. He was a neighborhood stray, about 12 weeks old (probably dumped), with a bad limp. His shoulder infection took two surgeries to fix. He's a happy cat now.
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Backcombing tangled your hair something fierce, so you didn't do it often. I knew plenty of older women who went to the beauty salon once a week and that was the only time their hair was washed. They slept in a turban to keep those beehives from coming undone. The other secret was hairspray -lots and lots of it. That stuff was nasty. I'm glad that fell out of style by the time I was old enough to want a 'do.
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We were discussing the day JFK died at work. One of my co-workers mentioned she hadn't been born yet when that happened. So we switched to when RFK was assassinated. She hadn't been born yet then, either! It made the rest of us feel so old. The kicker is that the conversation happened 26 years ago.
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