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My mother was born in a log cabin because it was a quick-build method for a family just starting out. I lived in a different log cabin a few decades later because it was my parents' dream house. That didn't last long, because they are hella flammable.
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The picture reminds me of when my youngest was going through a Little Mermaid phase. I frosted her birthday cake blue and put Gummi sharks and crabs on it. One of the perks of having little kids is the excuse to do stupid stuff like that.
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I watched the video before reading the article, but I knew immediately that Obama's lips were wrong. I know the vast majority of people won't sit and watch a speech by anyone (they wait for the summary), so I wouldn't expect others to catch that.
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I came upon this at a buffet a while back. You pay going in, and they ask if you want to add a tip to your bill. I said, "I thought this was a serve yourself place." She said, "The waitresses refill your drinks." I looked at the quart of water they gave me that would never need refilling. So she said, "And they take your plates." I thought, but did not say, well, don't you pay them? The girl at the register wouldn't know what to say. So I said, "I'll leave a cash tip." Which I did, but I'm not going there again. I can serve myself at home, and the food is better. Besides, I don't want to pay $15 to feed a vegan kid one meal. If they are paying the "tipped worker rate" of $2.13 an hour for three women to clear plates at 100 tables, something is very wrong.
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People use mayo for tuna, egg, and chicken salads because those are subtle, delicate flavors that would be overwhelmed by anything that had any taste. If I want to glue things together like that, give me Miracle Whip! (Yes, I said it.)
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Another question to be answered is who is going to show up at the last minute to save Rick and Co. We know it will happen, we just don't know who. Will it be Aaron and Cyndie? Jadis? Eugene? Georgia? Heath? Sherry? Madison? Who knows!
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I don't think he's studied that enough yet. As I understand it, butterfly wings are colored by the reflective geometry of their structures instead of pigment.
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Barely two minutes into the video, they lost me. "... and all those who set foot on these shores had the opportunity to build a better life for themselves." Except for those who were brought here against their will to be sold to the highest bidder. And that 40-hour work week? That wasn't because of the success of the business. That was accomplished by labor unions.
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These kids are good. I have one kid that is more focused on winning than the rules. The whole game is "You can't do that. You can't do that, either. You can't move that way. No, that's not the way. You can't do that, either." For 15 years now.
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