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The train is taking its passengers to the land of the dead. The boy got pulled back to life by the wave, which represents the hands of the paramedics. His parents on the train are happy to leave him behind.
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My family used to go to the Outer Banks every year. I've been a dozen times or so as an adult. Every time, I think about moving there to live, but it wouldn't be the same.
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I found carrots hard to grow in a backyard. The soil has to be deep and completely rock-free, they take a long time, and I don't care for that much bending over at my age.

The work in canning is worth it for preserving the superior taste of homegrown vegetables. But it also spoiled me and my family from enjoying the taste of commercially-canned food and out-of-season produce.
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That one made me think about how much we learn from experiments, even when they are misinterpreted. He didn't figure out what happened correctly, but he eliminated one wrong theory. Baby steps.
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My area was dry for about a century, until about ten years ago, when the yearly referendum finally went wet. But only inside the city limits: most of southeastern KY is still dry. Since then, the number of drunk driving arrests have gone down, and the town is rolling in money. The bootleggers either retired or went totally into drugs.
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Okay, that's Sri Lanka taking the selfie. I recognize Brazil, Japan, Israel, and Canada. The black and white may be Estonia, but I may be wrong because it's already a member of the EU. But who is the guy in the green jersey with the yellow glasses?
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There has been research into this. Class mobility has never been as great as we like to believe in the US (we mainly hear about the exceptions), but it has been diminishing over time.
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I can see why the 1596 toilet was rejected by the general public. You'd have to haul water in and haul water out along with the waste. That's fine if you're the queen and have plenty of servants, but not so great for the rest of us. Modern plumbing is a blessing.
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My guess is that his tracker only sent a signal every few minutes, or at least less often than the other cats graphed, resulting in fewer plot points to connect.
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