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Some people have already figured out that we take the number of hearts a comment gets into account. It won't help an entry that isn't funny, but it does let us see what others think.
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Algiers! Duh. Autocorrect done made a fool out of me again. I probably spelled it like you did (I often type in anagrams), so my computer assumed it knew what I meant. Fixed, thanks.
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Whether or not the Babe actually settled down after his marriage to Claire is not definitely answered, but if not, he was certainly more discrete. And if he did, that could be attributed to many things, like aging, or maturity (those are two different things!), or the fact that he had two growing daughters by then. Or maybe Claire made him completely happy.
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True! You wouldn't believe how many otherwise interesting videos I've passed on posting because of the videographer's language. I'm no prude, but there is a tipping point when it comes to sharing.
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