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That makes sense if you live in a city, I admit. Where I live, that's just going outside. The park is where the playground equipment, the skate ramps, and the baseball field are.
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I don't understand the misconception behind the chocolate question. How do Chinese people know when to stop eating chocolate? I would assume the same way the rest of us do -when the chocolate is all gone!
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Well, you never know about the weather. Boston is still expecting 15-25 inches. Southern Maine expects 18-24 inches. I guess no one getting 36 inches is a good thing, relatively.
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I love wisteria. Here in the South, some folks have beautiful arbors like these, and there's an old custom of beating them. Yes, wisteria reacts to stress by blooming. If there's a wedding coming up, the family will take chains and whip the woody stems a couple of weeks before the date, to stimulate blooms.
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Interesting -thanks for that! Do you know offhand how many French identified as Communist before the war? Because now I wonder if the Soviet role in the war influenced those 20%.
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Taking a look at the other countries’ costumes: The republics of the former Yugoslavia don’t have budgets for this, or else has never seen the pageant before. I see Lithuania has a new transparency policy. They probably had to build hangar-style doors for all of North and South America.
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I would guess there have been plenty of soundtrack screwups when someone used the wrong voice at the last second. You just try it again. But somewhere, there an audio engineer who is keeping the funniest of them for a blooper reel.
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I threw a birthday party at a roller rink a couple of times, where you paid per guest. It was nothing like $30 a head, and they only charged for the number of people who showed up and ate there (on top of a base rate). Still, I've learned that even if you ask for an RSVP on an invitation, only about 10% of families will bother. If I used a venue where I had to pay for each person's reservation, you better believe I would call each and every invitee the night before the paying deadline and ask if they were coming or not.
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I never had any Bratz dolls, so I was surprised that the doll face is so generically-shaped that such modeifications could be done at all. Apparently the eyes and the lips of the Bratz dolls aren't really shaped like that -just painted.
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