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The brain on the left is considered normal. The brain on the right is from a profoundly impaired person. The one in the middle is the guy with the math degree.
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It was a question that deeply divided my first and second grades classes: Addams Family or Munsters? It was even more important than Beatles vs Rolling Stones and Batman vs. Superman, because we all watched them every week.
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I doubt Dinklage cares about the extra charge for HBO. I got a free trial run of HBO last year that reminded me why a lot of people don't have it: because they have little children in the home.
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In my neck of the woods, $1500 a month will get you the biggest house in town and quite a few acres, but that's for sale, not rental. There ain't no rent that high.
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I'm pretty sure it was already cooked. The cat stepped in it, and he said he ate it anyway. Yesterday, the company that makes the security cameras offered to buy him dinner after the video went viral.
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Christopher Landry, we once had a huge number of non-skilled positions in factories that are no more. I know a lot of guys who spent years in the skilled trades such as construction, masonry, roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc. and by the time they are 50 their bodies are worn out and broken. Others are not so easy to train. Remember that half of the population is below average, and average is not all that intelligent.
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This argument is leftover from a time when toothpaste tubes were made of metal. Back then, if you squeezed the tube wrong, you'd never be able to get all the toothpaste out. Now that we have flexible plastic tubes, it doesn't matter as much. With plastic tubes, you can always re-squeeze it.

But the problem became a handy shortcut to represent the different ways people do things, and how irritating that can be.
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I was just lucky. I had read up on how to deal with kids in public, and was ready with all kinds of plans. Then both my kids were always really good in restaurants. I guess they liked the food too much! My youngest even wanted to be a waitress for a couple of years because all waitresses were happy to see her.
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