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Personally, I think it's the best Star Wars film yet, but to be sure, I'd have to go back and watch some of the others again. Not that I would mind that... if I ever get the time.
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Yeah, it was hard to determine direction or steepness in the video without the commentary. I think it would have been easier to see it if she'd recorded in landscape mode.
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Funny, but... Honestly, if you are going to measure your child's height, get a sturdy meter stick for the marks and dates. Chances are that you're going to either move or remodel during those years. When I moved house, I transferred all the marks to a measuring stick. Now we have more marks in the newer house, and they are taller than the stick! Someone should market a 6-foot stick just for that purpose.
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Anesthesia works as intended for the vast majority of people. The only time I was put under was 40 years ago for wisdom teeth extraction. Smooth as silk for the time needed.
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"HIV/AIDS is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa." That piqued my interest. It's not a good news story if something horrible has superseded it, like war, suicide, or a new disease. So I looked it up, and it is good news because the cases of AIDS are down. The leading cause of death is now respiratory illness, and without a big surge in cases.
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Books don't really need to be "displayed" at all, unless you are actively trying to impress people. They need to be "accessibly stored." Most of my book are in my office, where no one is invited because it's always a mess. If they were in the living room, they'd be neater, but still not on display -just stored for my personal use.
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I think the cheese thing got started in cartoons because it's easier to draw than other foods. It has a solid shape, bright color, and holes to make clear what it is. Try to draw peanut butter or raisins or grains, and it comes out looking like ...you know.
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