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"Via" means "by way of." It's just an acknowledgment of where we find something to post about. It's often only a link site, and sometimes has no added information at all. But we still like to thank them.
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I think the idea is that kids don't want to do that. They want to play games, text each other, and surf the 'net during class. Since you can't trust some of them, you better mistrust all of them.

My kids' school used to be like that, but now they all use their phones in class -for classwork. School wi-fi is cheaper than outfitting classes with computers, and keeping their phones busy keeps students from goofing off with them too much.
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John asked you to check your email because I wrote you a letter, using the email address in your Neatorama profile. Is that address out of date?

Our engineer checked your comment history, and all of the comments have been posted from the same IP address. Does anyone else have access to your computer?

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I'm with you on the vocabulary. I had to explain to my 17-year-old what it means to have "a chip on your shoulder" the other day. My kids have been reading too many YA novels and not enough adult literature.
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Realtors in my town take horrible pictures of even perfectly nice houses. When I had a house for sale, I took pictures myself because the ones in the ads were so awful. But neither realtor would bother to lift one more finger than they had to for a commission under ten grand, so they never got replaced. And checking through the other ads in town, I found that none of the local realtors cared about photo quality.
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So you're trying to tell us these are photographs? Okay. I went to the link, and they still look like illustrations to me, except there's one closeup where you can see the guy's eyelashes. The "behind the scenes" page seems to be borked. Honestly, I'd like to see the guy's body without paint...
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