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Not only built to last, but with a car like that, you can repair it yourself (if you can get parts). It would be good it she had it fitted with seat belts, though.
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I like the old-fashioned tradition of surrounding your whole vegetable garden with a border of marigolds. It looks good, keeps nematodes away, and covers the ragged edge of where you mow the grass somewhat hidden.
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You have to have your documents for the administrators and hall monitors who watch for kids in the hall. Schools have grown so large that the people who run the schools don't know most of the kids, therefore one-size-fits-all rules have replaced commonsense supervision.

Also, schools have grown so large that it takes every second of the time between classes to get to the other side of the building. No time to go to the bathroom between classes, and you'd have to wait in line even if your classes were nearby.
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I don't think I'd want a stove like that. Mine has flames. My grandmother had a wood stove, the whole thing got hot, and each of her kids got burnt at least once.
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Joke I saw on Eddie Deezen's Facebook page:

Tom Brady's wife has asked him to retire. He told her No.

31 NFL Team Owners have contacted Brady and told him his wife was right.
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Because it's easier to defeat those who are in a weaker position. The hiring managers would have just been replaced by others who would follow the mine owner's orders. And they may have been convicted of murder if they attacked white men.

If it weren't for the racism, they could have included the Chinese in the labor union. Whether that would have helped depends on the outside supply of labor, I guess.
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According to the linked article, two people. Three others died from the earthquake some distance away. It's a fairly unpopulated area. I don't know how the boats fared.
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