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Well, this was posted by someone who lives nowhere near a mall and hasn't for decades. I just used the picture that mental_floss used. I looked for a screenshot from Fast Times at Ridgemont High and didn't find anything pleasing.

I go to a mall a couple times a year in Lexington, but there is no "upstairs" to it.
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The drive-in folks didn't even care. With a double feature and cartoons, they knew we'd be there long enough to spend everything we had at the snack bar, which is like a full restaurant at a drive-in theater.
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One of my stepdaughters has a dog with a crooked snout and bad eye from an injury before she was adopted. Then later she lost one back leg. She is the happiest dog I've ever known.
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I never considered the Medbay as something individuals would own. You'd still have to go to a hospital, or maybe just an office, to use one. And I'm under no illusions that it would be affordable for the masses.
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It could very well be that, but what do you think Kimmel and his staff did? It's hard to confuse or misdirect kids when they don't know the difference between a city and a country. Besides, a couple of them said "America," they just didn't have any reason.
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