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If kidnapping is what you worry about, then Mom is in more danger than the children. But there's not much you can do to protect an adult that an adult can't do herself. The biggest danger for unsupervised children is traffic accidents.
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Great story. Now think about this: if a student can get through medical school without incurring mountains of debt, he might be able to serve his community as a general practitioner. GPs are sorely needed, but don't pay as well as specialties.
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I was supposed to be a latchkey kid growing up, but 1. the term wasn't used widely in the '60s, 2. we never locked our doors, so I didn't have a key, and 3. I rarely went home before suppertime.
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Tell me about it. My new neighbors are scandalized that the twins across the street are allowed to play by themselves outside, because there's a river right there! Um, they are seven, they can swim, there's two of them, and the the river is only a couple feet deep most of the time.
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I remember reading about a Muslim a few years ago trying to finish his lawn mowing before the sun came up during a summer Ramadan. Not only did he not finish by the time he saw the sunrise, but he was left pretty thirsty from the exertion. Poor guy.
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I was not aware that "Jew" was a slur. The joke here us that there's nothing you can say that will make you better than Jesus. Or at least that's how I took it. I will inquire, and if I'm wrong I will delete this post.
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We briefly toyed with the idea of a spiral staircase to save room when we remodeled the attic. I thought about getting furniture up there, then I thought about getting older, and we opted to build an entirely new room for a conventional staircase. Since this is just a loft bed, it might work, but if someone had a sprained ankle, they have to arrange sleeping downstairs no matter what kind of hassle it meant.
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I see what you mean. When you say the listener must get the math right, you mean the listener must understand the definitions and implications. Sadly, most people don't even think about it, because numbers are scary and they don't read the real data.

They see headlines that say, for instance, "This type of cancer is up 200%!" when the data says there was one case per million people last year, and three cases per million this year. Totally insignificant in the long run, but makes for sensational headlines.
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At the Olympic level, it's both. There are plenty of people in each sport who love the sport and train all their lives, and a few whose bodies are also perfect for it. Those people tend to rise to the highest levels. Like Michael Phelps, who has that seven-foot wingspan. He would be a great swimmer without those long arms and wide chest because of his training and drive, but would he be the best in the world? Who knows.
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There's no Trader Joe's here, but I found that store brands from Kroger and Aldi are often better than the national brands, and infinitely better than truly generic stuff. Putting one's name on the label really makes a difference!
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