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He's an airport employee -and he's thinking, "No way this will ever work." The thing is, HE'S already home, and doesn't have the incentive that the passengers have.
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Thanks for explaining that! I was wondering what it was. The author acted like it was mouth-watering, but a revenge lunch nonetheless. Salted plums sounds like treat that's good only in moderation.
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I can kind of understand that from Old World countries. They have an awful lot of history, and certainly a lot of 20th century stuff to cover in depth. You have to cut it somewhere.
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It's been a few years since I looked at Alibaba's catalog, and it struck me as a wholesale distributor. I guess they still retain some of that, even though they're targeting individual sales more now.

In the 1970s, I was already a bargain hunter in high school, and I'd find clothing for really cheap prices by mail order from Asia... but you had to buy at least a dozen of anything to get those prices. I became a bit of a hustler, wearing one cool dress and selling the others to anyone who admired it. You could do that in a small town with no fashion-forward stores. I would also custom-embroider clothes and make a tidy profit for a kid.
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I do that, and it tends to spoil you. Summer salads from the backyard garden are so delicious, but buying tomatoes in winter is an exercise in disappointment.
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Here we have a confluence of factors that made this a story:
1. The book was rare, so no one knew what was in it.
2. It was from a misunderstood, extreme, and eventually corrupt political movement.
3. The librarian didn't want anyone to read it. That's suspicious, but this guy didn't want people to read any library books.

It's no wonder this became a tempest in a teapot..
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I reuse bath towels, at least two or three times. But they never hit the floor. I have a family and lots of laundry. I'm not going to wash towels every day when they've only dried a fresh-out-of-the-shower body. Hang them on a proper rack unfolded in a ventilated house, and they will dry.
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