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I well understand what y'all are trying to say, with four possibilities in a family of two children: the possibilities are FF, FM, MF, and MM, each with a 25% probability. If you eliminate FF by having one known boy, that appears to leave a 1/3 chance of the other possibilities. But in reality, you would also have to eliminate the FM, because the known boy is the first known, reading left from right. That would only leave two possibilities, MF and MM, at 50% each.
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My husband is a retired truck driver, and there is no end to the stories of how trucking companies avoid paying drivers. He quit because after expenses, fines, deductions, impossible contracts, and shady practices (a couple times the trucking company went out of business while he was on the road!) he often didn't even break even, much less get paid for his time.

You're right, we are only hearing one side of this story.
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We don't know -yet. The theft happened about a month ago, and the Montana authorities just didn't know if he has been caught elsewhere, according to the story. I'm sure he'd be charged with at least truck theft, if they've caught him.
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The number of cooks who actually made these dishes is not as many as you'd think from the surviving cookbooks and recipe cards. Even then we laughed at a lot of these recipes, which were blatant advertisements for Jello, Campbell's soup, and other products (like Hellman's here). A young housewife who tried to make a lovely mold for dinner would soon learn it wasn't easy or appetizing enough to be worth the effort.

There were a few really tasty and easy recipes that survive from that period, like using mushroom soup to substitute for white sauce in casserole dishes (like tuna and noodles, or that green bean stuff people have at Thanksgiving), Swiss steak, Swedish meatballs, and jello with fruit.
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I remember the Wild Mouse at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville (it was called Hocus Pocus for a while). It was the most exciting thing I could imagine -as a child. Seeing it as an adult years later, I though "meh." Still dangerous, but not nearly as big as I remembered.

There are no rides there anymore -just the original zoo.
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A long time ago, my two-year-old announced loudly that she wanted to use a fork for breakfast, although she couldn't pronounced the "r". This was in a hotel atrium among about a hundred people, who turned to look when they heard "I WANNA FOCK!" So I loudly answered, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH A SPOON?"
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