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It's funny, because when I was in high school, this is exactly the question I asked in a Law class, and everyone just sort of laughed and considered me a crazy person. I think the actual question I asked was "Is it morally ok to tattoo flames on a small hairless dog?"

My argument was that indeed, that it does cause some suffering to the dog, but after it healed, that would absolutely be the coolest dog anyone had ever seen, so it would probably get a huge amount of attention, and considering attention is like crack to a dog, it would be a net positive in its life. Not to say ALL dogs should be tattooed but I digress.

Mostly it's just hilarious to see that I'm not the only person who asked the question, and others didn't laugh at them and call them insane.
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that wooden spoon one is really dependent on pan and spoon, but for the love of god DONT DO THAT EVEN IF IT DOES FIT. Adding additional weight to the furthest edge of the handle is bad news by itself, but the odds of bumping a boiling pot of whatever off your stove by adding an extra flimsy handle to the whole mix is totally not worth the.. counter mess? that the hack is trying to cure. Just put a cloth down for your spoon if getting a little of your whatever on your counter is too much for your brain to handle.
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What a bunch of silly gooses

Newly Weds: If money's so important to you, don't have a wedding. Noone in the history of ever has made money on their own wedding. That's just stupid.

Kathy: If you don't know or respect the newly weds enough to get them a decent gift, don't go to the wedding.
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I've heard the original idea behind a lot of these strange riders are basically just to keep the production managers on their toes. I'm pretty sure it was Led Zeppelin that ordered at every concert a bunch of M&Ms with no brown ones, the idea being that if there were brown M&Ms, the production manager didn't read the rider correctly and the band could duck out to avoid a bad gig due to shotty managing.

Although I imagine it could also be a matter of just things that they like and examples of "living the good life" but at least some of those riders are for screening purposes.
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one day, I was walking outside at like midnight on a snowy night and I drew a heart in the snow on a car and took a picture of it for my girlfriend.

I always laugh thinking about what the owner of that car must have thought if the impression survived the night.
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