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My first question upon reading the spreadsheet was "What did he say or do, exactly, to initiate sex?" I suspect that around 50% of the issue is her drawing away, and another 50% or so is how he chooses to get her in the mood.

Speaking from my own marriage, I can usually tell if my wife might be receptive before I initiate anything, and I know how to initiate in a way that will make her more receptive. With this guy, we have no idea, since he only records her responses and nothing of how he chose the time and his actions in the initiation.

It makes me think this guy is probably going about it all wrong and is either hiding it or unaware of it.
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Two observations. 1. That woman is very brave to eat anything with barbecue sauce for a video while wearing a white top.

2. I've never really understood the chicken wing craze. For most of my life, chicken wings, like gizzards, were only eaten when you couldn't afford any other part of the chicken.
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I recommend reading the original book. It's excellent. The first movie ends about halfway through the book, before it gets really interesting. The second movie (starring the late Jonathan Brandis) doesn't really do the second half of the book justice.
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AA has been voted the worst airline in the world, and THIS is what they come up with to attract more customers? how about better customer service? how about not losing baggage, and keeping to flight schedules? pretty it up all you want, but that won't help. what is it with companies who just want to change appearances, but not business practices? they obviously think we're idiots (mainly because we have been for so long).
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Worst idea ever.... Hey guys - instead of investing our glimmer of profit on something that will attract customers, like promotions, more flight options, or affordable air fair.... lets change the picture on our signs and letterhead, and paint flags on our planes! Shiny colors wooo!.. Have fun flying the company further into the ground Tom Horton.
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