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I'm a female who plays games and have never cared who knows or what others think about my habits. To me its a non-issue. Things like this attention grabbing video sort of rub me the wrong way, these chicks want to be included yet want to be special. They want you to stand up and notice them. Notice that they have "nothing to prove". Well, which is it? .. make up your minds... honestly. Because where I'm standing, this looks like a lot of "we want attention, look at us!!"
Who cares if you game? Why make a lame video? seriously, I feel like a lot of females push themselves on the scene then give attitude when the scene reacts.
"No you're not"
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One persons 5 seconds of "yeehaw" is another persons heartache.
What jerks, that looks like such a nice little jam and honey stand, and the novel purple chicken looks like it was much loved for ambiance.
Hopefully the news attention will give that jam stand more sales than a giant purple chicken ever could. You fought the good fight Mr.Chicken. Rest now.
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Yay for equality! It's a pity that USA is so drenched in religion that the biggest question on everyone's lips is "When will someone try to destroy it"? Sad that we expect it, rather than just joke over it. I wonder if they have surveillance cameras watching it? It's almost like a speed trap, but for religious-fueled vandalism.
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I loved the beanie baby craze. It was really fun to go hunting for "rares" and finding them at flea markets, yard sales or taking a trip to small towns near the canada border where they had some semi-rare ones still on shelves. It was just a fun thing to do. For me it was never about the value, It was just a fun time, and a good excuse to get out of the house and off on a scavenger hunt/shopping adventure. I ended up giving all mine away to my Nephew. I kept one rare I found though, just because it has a story attached to it. Fun times. We need another fun fad like that.
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Flashback time for me. I had a tiny baby spider hatchling drop down near the driver-side window on the inside of my car yesterday while I was driving. Imagine having a major freakout, while still being a responsible driver. Biggest challenge of my life was staying focused and calmly parking my car so I could scoop it in a cup and let it out of the car. It was hovering right above my shoulder for way too long. Not an easy task, and I still do the creeped out dance thinking about it.
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Big hunk is my go-to dieting trick when I need something sweet. You can buy them in a bag of snack size big hunks and have (If I remember right) about 3-4 of the snack size ones for 100 calories. If its fresh its great. A sort of nougat/taffy with a hint of meringue and honey flavor to it and little nut bits. Its chewy. Really chewy, so watch your dental work. It's probably chewy enough to pull out a loose filling if you're not careful. I used to love to buy these as a kid. These and Abba-zabba bars. They might be more popular on the west coast than east coast.
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Zero TV'er here. I buy the shows I enjoy via amazon, netflix, or vudu. Regular TV is just so much crap. I don't need/want a crapton of boring sports, cooking or reality TV shows and adverts to try and find good sci-fi or fantasy series I enjoy.

When working around the house, TV just bugs me. I prefer OPB (public radio) programs or the news. Radio was designed around not being seen, so if you're a multi tasker who's not really watching the TV anyway, its just ideal. TV requires too much visual attention to get the full gist of whats going on. Radio has TV beat in this dept. Nothing better than a rainy day, working on a craft project, and listening to Moth Radio Hour. BLISS!
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Sounds sort of creepy, I wonder how they tested it?

Dolphin Mark: "Hey Bill... BILL. Did they capture you too?"

Dolphin Bill: "Yeah, Mark. I'm ok though. How about you?"

Dolphin Mark: "I'm fine... wait... you hear something?"


Dolphin Bill: "Wh...what was that...?!?"


Dolphin Mark: "What the hell, who's calling me?"

HUMAN: Biiiiilllll, MaRK.... BILL.... bill...BiLLLLL.....

Both dolphins: O_O
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I will crush you and send you to the deepest part of the ocean where it will take forever for people to ever find you again.

(No? That wasn't the message?)
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I am often amazed to think people still drink orange juice, but apparently its quite popular. What a waste of calories. I'd rather get my vitamin C somewhere else, and eat something of real substance. (Though the occasional indulgent Orange Julius still finds its way into my menu once in a great while)
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TV show makers can only blame themselves as far as I'm concerned. I get my series online through netflix, amazon or etc. The big reason for me is this thing called the "cliffhanger" once a selling point for TV (tune in next week, folks!), it is a MAJOR turnoff for me, and I'd rather wait till I can see an entire season to minimize the effect (of course the ender of the season always has one... ugh).

Maybe if TV shows wouldn't rely on annoying cliffhangers (making a single episode feel unfinished), I wouldn't prefer to watch the whole season in one go. Today's TV is so cliffhanger dependent its maddening to try and watch episodes as they're released. Better to just wait and do it in one big marathon chunk so you can move on.
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"It will contain notes of citrus, melon and honey, all famously evocative of newborns"

Sorry, I did not get the memo. Citrus, melon and Honey do NOT remind me of newborns. I only think of that horrible nasty baby-powder scent when I think of newborns. Oh, and the smell of poop.
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Meanwhile the person behind all the super-slow moving cars going through the drive through muttered a simple "FML" and slowly tapped their fingers across the top of the steering wheel while waiting for their turn.
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At first I thought it was a Magic eye type picture. (The ones you focus on, and then the image jumps out)... so I tried it, and it actually worked...though... I always see these in reverse, so I'm not sure what I'm looking at.
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I do use a fork, but this is a pet peve of mine... I'm talking about when random nobodies (elitist snobs of zero relevance to my life) decide for everyone else what IS the proper way to cook/eat/wear/drink/brew/sip/sample/etc something, or otherwise.

Screw all of that pretentious bullpuckery. I'll eat spaghetti with my hands if I want to and you can gasp and frown all you like while pointing at the rulebook and being a so-called expert because your friends agree you are. I honestly don't care.
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