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Well, I'd wager there's plenty of people that think swaddling is monstrous, but it worked for my family. The baby doesn't want to be swaddled, but once it's swaddled and jiggled, and shushed, and nursed, it'll fall asleep AND because it's arms are tucked in, it'll stay asleep. As opposed to smacking itself in the head right away and waking back up.
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Hey, most movies are bad, period. Gattaca and The Andromeda Strain are probably my favorite "serious" sci-fi movies.

More on topic, anyone seen the tv version of Gaiman's Neverwhere? Amateurish would be kind.
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Alex, you're mixing apples and oranges.

One question is whether 30 years for a lifelong felon is appropriate. If he was a first timer, he'd have gotten a light punishment for stealing the donut and pushing the worker. But if someone commits a crime, serves time, doesn't change his ways, commits another crime, doesn't change his ways etc etc, then eventually he's shown he's unable to live by society's rules and thus should spend a significant part of his life in prison.

Nicole Ritchie by comparison received an appropriate sentence for her crime and criminal history. The amount of time she actually served is based on how much room the jails has to hold her. The jail's full, so it had to release people with light sentences early in order to keep the more serious offenders behind bars.
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OK, I'm emotionally scarred by the image I just saw while skimming Google images of "Trogdor." I don't remember which link it was, but the full-sized image was not the same as the thumbnail. I'm going to go wash out my eyes now.
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