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I'd be Indiana Jones. I'd save the girl and eat dates. My car would be the black Trans Am from Smokey & the Bandit, and I'd live in an underground museum. My best friend, Steve Austin, and I would hide out in our OSI secret base, a treehouse, and my kids would be named Randy Rhoads, and Alexis.
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Also, this could so easily be your little in-joke between you and your buds, because what girl would even notice that design as being from a cartoon?

(Farrier's wife excepted, of course.)
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Kid's pretty prescient, actually. Despite the lack of proper athletic prowess of a real basketball player, he's foreseen the advent of YouTube and its contributors' egoist self-commentaries perfectly.

Thumbs up.
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Sorry, but there's a difference between walking your dog and letting it run full speed, especially while observing that your dog "gets" physics. Where can I get one for my cat?
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The hilarity, it staggers the mind.

I need one that reads LMAOSHMSFOAIDMT. (Laughing my ass off so hard my sombrero fell off and I dropped my taco).
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Adam is right. This is some clever stuff as far as advertising goes. However, imagine that same shot with a bunch of lowlifes sitting on the one bench, and a tired, pregnant woman staring at the other one. Yeah, kind of exasperating, I see.
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If you switch the directions from Mordor to The Shire, that's also quite funny.

Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.
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It's like when my co-worker told me I just have to try those Loaded Chili/Cheese Ruffles, cause "they're the bomb."

I replied, I'd rather just have chili and cheese, not a fake taste. No for me.
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Agreed, John. Illegal at the time? Time matters not. Morality matters most and trumps time every time. It's like saying that the family of Rosa Parks owes the bus fare she never paid.
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My cat vanished recently, and before she returned, I got a lot of flak for not microchipping her. Hmmm, I wonder why their chip didn't work to the point where they'd given up hope.
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