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Bacon, Egg, and Pancake Cupcakes

Katalina of TheYouFinder bought a bag of gummi eggs and looked for a creative way to use them. After exploring her options, she decided to make these gorgeous cupcakes that come from a modified buttermilk pancake recipe but completely real bacon.

Link -via Tasteologie

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Urban Survival Vest

(Video Link)

Are you prepared to shelter in place for a few weeks? Are you ready to get out of your area quickly with all of the equipment that you need? What disaster scenarios are you ready for?

Like the Boy Scouts say, be prepared. This man is and he will tell you how to be ready to face hard living in an urban environment.

-via Everyday, No Days Off

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Fishbowl with Mountains

The design firm Aruliden produced this two and a half gallon fishbowl. It has mountain-like protrusions blown directly into the glass.

Link -via Boing Boing | Firm Website | Photo: Moco

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13 Dogs Jumping Rope at the Same Time

(Video Link)

Uchida Geinousha of Japan holds the Guinness World Record for having the most dogs jump rope at the same time. She's trained thirteen dogs to leap at just the right moment.

Link -via Christopher Jobson

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Bear with Chainsaw Arms

In gratitude for the attention that redditors had given to his work, the artist Zac Max let them decide what should be the subject of his next sculpture. Appropriately, they chose a bear with chainsaws for arms.

There's a lot of money being spent on research for prosthetic arms. Perhaps an easier solution would be to give people chainsaw arms. Oh, on some occasions chainsaw arms would not be practical. But at other times, they would be essential.

Link -via reddit

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R2-D2, c. 1921

Jordan Thomas is an artist who creates amusing and imaginative steampunk robot sculptures. His other works include characters from BioShock, The Wizard of Oz, and WALL-E. My favorite, though, is his R2 unit.

Flickr Photostream and Website -via Kicking Ewoks for Fun

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A Chopstick in Your Mouth Will Teach You How to Smile

Some firms in China train their customer service staff members to smile with a chopstick. Keep it between your teeth. Don't touch it with your lips. And above all, don't drop it. You. Will. Smile. Understood?

Link -via American Digest | Photo: Asianews

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Cat Vanishes from Colorado, Appears Five Years Later in New York City

Willow, a calico cat belonging to the Squires family of Boulder, Colorado, disappeared five years ago. Because she was microchipped, animal control authorities were able to identify her when she was found on a street in Manhattan:

How she got to New York, nearly 1,800 miles away, and the kind of life she lived in the city are mysteries.

But thanks to a microchip implanted when she was a kitten, Willow will be reunited in Colorado with her owners, who had long ago given up hope.[...]

Squires and her husband, Chris, were "shocked and astounded" when they got a call Wednesday from Animal Care & Control, which runs New York City's animal rescue and shelter system.

Willow had been found on East 20th Street by a man who took her to a shelter.

Link -via Popular Science | Photo: AP

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Tea Server is Master of Tea Serving

(Video Link)

This video of unknown origin shows a waiter gathering cups of tea. He needs a serving tray. No, strike that. You and I need a serving tray; this man does not. He stacks and pours fifteen cups of steaming hot tea in his hands without spilling a drop.

-via Blame It on the Voices

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Football Pancakes

We've previously featured the works of Jim Belosic of Jim's Pancakes, including his dinosaur pancakes, Tetris pancakes, and pancakes in the shape of a crane. Recently he made these dandy football pancakes. Does this remind anyone else of childhood games of paper football?

Link -via Nerdalicious

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Embroidered School Supplies

These Sharpies aren't functional, but you won't stain your clothes with them, either. Megan Whitmarsh made convincing plush replicas of office supplies, including a composition book, erasers, and notebook paper.

Link -via Flavorwire | Artist's Website

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Stormtrooper Helmet Made from Sneakers

The artist Freehand Profit made a stormtrooper helmet out of Star Wars-branded Adidas sneakers. It's his contribution to Star Wars Remix, a totally awesome Star Wars arts and crafts blog.

Link -via Nerd Bastards

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Star Wars Totem Pole Tattoo

I'm not sure what it means, but I like the idea of Star Wars characters on a totem pole. This tattoo by an artist named Chris 51 won best of show at the Norwich Body Art Festival in the UK.


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1:1 Model of a '69 Mustang. Each Part Has Been Duplicated in Paper.

Jonathan Brand's latest work is One Piece at a Time, a full scale replica of a 1969 Ford Mustang in paper. And that's not just the exterior. He duplicated in paper every single part -- even the internal components of the engine. It'll be on display at the Hosfelt Gallery in New York City from Sept. 20-29.

Link | Artist's Website | Exhibit Website | Photo: Ex-Chamber Museum

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Edible Harry Potter Wands

BrittLiv, the crafting maestro who brought us the dead Kenny doorstop and the pixelated trashcan, is now making edible art. She's created wands like those in the Harry Potter movies, but these are made out of fondant and flavored with chocolate. Yummy!

Link -via Craft

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Lamborghini Model Costs 12 Times More than the Real Thing

Robert Gülpen, a model maker from Germany, made a 1:8 model of the Lamborghini Aventador that's worth more than twelve times the value of the real car. This platinum and gold mockup studded with precious stones will be auctioned in December with a starting price of $4,789,000.

Link -via OhGizmo! | Photo: Chiemgau Online

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If Kermit and Miss Piggy Had a Child

An artist with the moniker J-RYU refers to this piece as "Forbidden Love Child." Well, forbidden only in the eyes of some people. If you're in Los Angeles on Friday, you can see it at the Toy Art Gallery's "Brain Evolution" show.

Link -via Super Punch | Gallery Website

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Living with the Consequences: Safe Driving PSA

(Video Link)

If you drive just 5 MPH slower, you can shave 100 feet off your stopping distance. But are you willing to accept the consequences of doing so? This funny PSA from The Midnight Show explains to you in blunt imagery the price you'll have to pay for your thoughtful, careful driving.

-via Joe Carter | Official Website

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Man Rigs His Windows to Close Automatically When Trains Pass by

(Video Link)

Ed Rogers likes to keep the windows of his bedroom open. But he lives next to active railroad tracks, which makes his bedroom very noisy at times. So he assembled a machine that closes the windows automatically when a motion sensor detects a train on the tracks. The windows don't close quickly, but once they are shut, there is a noticeable decrease in noise.

-via DVICE

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Flying Spaghetti Monster Cosplay

Nancy Dorsner snapped a photo of this cosplayer at Dragon*Con. But...I thought that the FSM was...masculine? I'm confused. Or has the attribution of masculinity to the FSM just been a sexist tradition not grounded in proper theology?

Link -via Super Punch

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43,000-Piece LEGO Star Destroyer

Six years ago, we posted about the Rebel Alliance attack cruiser that Erik Varszegi made with 35,000 LEGO pieces. He's now topped that with a 8-foot long, 43,000-piece Venator-class Star Destroyer.

Link -via Geekosystem (where there's a video)

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Nyan Cat Cosplay

(Video Link)

Craftster user shdwstrm won at Teh Internets by making this awesome Nyan Cat costume for a convention in Toronto. The pop-tart body is, however, not edible, which is a disappointment. Presumably she's working on a second version that is.

Link -via Craft

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Manhattan in Marble

Yutaka Sone, an artist originally trained in architecture, carved a nine-foot long model of Manhattan into a block of marble. To gather information for the project, he used photos, Google Earth, and a few helicopter rides over the city. If you're in New York City, you can see it at his solo show starting on September 20 at the David Zwirner gallery.

Link | Photo: David Zwirner

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Moleskine Star Wars Battle

(Video Link)

Moleskine, the maker of iconic notebooks, is producing a model with a Star Wars theme. So it made this cute paper stop-motion animated battle between TIE fighters and X-wings.

-via The Mary Sue | Previously: Pac-Man Notebook

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Transformers Chest Hair

What could make this even more awesome? If the guy had shaved the Decepticons' logo into his back hair.

Link -via Geekologie | Photo: unknown

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Overcoming Selection Bias

During World War II, the Royal Air Force asked Abraham Wald, a statistician, to help decide where armor should be added to the UK's bombers. The RAF gave Wald information about which parts of its planes were typically hit. Wald's response was simple, brilliant, and surprising: armor the spots that hadn't been hit by German fire. Why?

This seems backward at first, but Wald realized his data came from bombers that survived. That is, the British were only able to analyze the bombers that returned to England; those that were shot down over enemy territory were not part of their sample. These bombers’ wounds showed where they could afford to be hit. Said another way, the undamaged areas on the survivors showed where the lost planes must have been hit because the planes hit in those areas did not return from their missions.

Wald assumed that the bullets were fired randomly, that no one could accurately aim for a particular part of the bomber. Instead they aimed in the general direction of the plane and sometimes got lucky. So, for example, if Wald saw that more bombers in his sample had bullet holes in the middle of the wings, he did not conclude that Nazis liked to aim for the middle of wings. He assumed that there must have been about as many bombers with bullet holes in every other part of the plane but that those with holes elsewhere were not part of his sample because they had been shot down.

Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo by Flickr user Martin Pettitt used under Creative Commons license

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World Clock Shows the Passage of Day and Night

(Video Link)

Justin Shaw loves the GeoChron, a clock that shows night and day changing across the world. But it's far too expensive for him to purchase, so he made his own. Read his instructions at the link if you'd like to build one, too.

Link -via Geekosystem

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Survey: Do You Think Most People Try to Take Advantage of You?

Social scientists at the World Values Survey asked people around the world "Do you think most people would try to take advantage of you if they got a chance, or would they try to be fair?" Responses varied widely in different countries. Click on the link to view a larger version. Do the results match your own impressions?

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ | World Values Survey

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Marie Antoinette's Automaton Dulcimer Player

(Video Link)

Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, was presented with this mechanical marvel in 1785. It's a machine in the form of a lady playing a dulcimer. The lady isn't just decorative, but an essential part of the musical performance. Be sure to watch the whole video to see other amazing automatons from the same time period.

-via How to Be a Retronaut

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Letter Birdhouses

Nishant Jethi learned that the house sparrow population has dropped due to a decline in proper nesting space. His response to this problem was to build little birdhouses sized just for them. They's shaped like letters so people can spell out words with them.

Link -via Bit Rebels

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