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Only Dog Poop Can Go Into This Trash Can

Ben Koros describes the design challenge:

The biggest problem with dog waste disposal cans is, that they fill up on domestic rubbish way before time – thus even responsible dog owners can’t dispose their pet’s waste.

His simple but clever solution was to place a curve into the lid so that poop-filled plastic bags could fit in, but not regular trash.

Link -via Technabob

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Let the Wookimon Win

Pikachewie is one of Kody Koala's latest sculptures. It brings the best of Star Wars and Pokémon together:

I used a Jakks 2007 Electronic Pikachu and I covered him in Apoxy sculpt and made him look hairy. Their wasn’t a whole lot of material involved, just a lot of time to groove all of it. It probably took a good 10 hours to make the hair look perfect.

Link -via Kotaku

Previously by this artist: Yoshi Mech

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Man Finds His Car for Sale on eBay 42 Years after It Was Stolen

In 1970, Bob Russell's '67 Austin Healey 3000 disappeared after a date with the woman he'd eventually marry. But he never gave up on her and kept searching for the beauty for 42 years. Suspecting that the rare collectible car would be sold multiple times, he scoured online auctions for it. Finally, one morning, he saw his car for sale on eBay.

That was only the beginning of Russell's struggle. Next, he had to convince the dealer that it was indeed his Austin Healey and that the dealer had to give it back to him:

Russell said the car's vehicle identification number matched that of his Healey. In addition, he still had the original key and car title, as well as signed affidavits from friends, including the original owner, indicating that Russell had never sold the auto.

But one legal roadblock remained: He didn't have a copy of the stolen-car report he filed back in 1970. [...]

Turns out the original stolen-car report he filed in Philadelphia wasn't showing up at the National Crime Information Center because one VIN letter was entered incorrectly into the FBI's computerized index of crimes.

But thanks to persistent detectives in Philadelphia, Russell said, the report finally was located.

Once he got his hands on a copy of the report, Philadelphia police were able to reactivate the file. That enabled the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to impound the car.

Russell and his wife, Cynthia, drove to LA on June 16 and took possession of the car two days later after paying roughly $600 in impoundment fees.

Link -via Jalopnik | Photo: Michael Ainsworth/AP

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TARDIS Belly Dancer with a Lightsaber

Dawn Xiana Moon's dance troupe Raks Geek blends an assortment of geeky and dancing source material, including Doctor Who and Star Wars, belly dancing and fire spinning. If you're in Chicago on August 3 and 4, you can watch it perform at the Viaduct Theater.

Link -via Fashionably Geek

UPDATE 7/11/12: Braden Nesin, the photographer who took the above shot, has more information and pictures about this group and their photo shoot. Thanks, Braden!

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Town Turns Itself into a Virtual Library

Your town lacks space for a library? Try this virtual solution by Project Ingeborg in Klagenfurt, Austria:

An initiative called Project Ingeborg has placed 70 stickers equipped with QR codes and NFC chips in various locations around the town, Engadget reports. When you hold your smartphone up to one, it sends your browser to a website where you can download a free literary classic via Project Gutenberg or a similar public-domain service.

Here's the cool part: In many cases, the book is relevant to the location where you can download it. So, according to the Project Ingeborg website, you can download a famous play about a man's quest for salvation near the Cathedral, or a short story called "The Murderer" near the police station. And there are plans to expand the project beyond books, to include reference information, music, and works of art.

Link | Photo: Project Ingeborg

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Wolverine Riding a Pony Tattoo

Logan rides into battle on a pony (probably Blossom) in this tattoo by Chris Yoakum of Urban Body in Davis, California. He inked it for a man who wanted to remember his sister while she studied abroad for a year. Presumably that means that she is into Marvel.

Link -via Buzzfeed

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Lean with It

Paul Octavious's series Lean with It shows people leaning parallel to trees that have grown at angles. I agree with Christopher Jobson, who suspects that the human subjects are actually falling.

Link -via Colossal

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Who Watches The Simpsons?

I suspect that the correct answer is "Fewer people than there were fifteen years ago." Chris Weiermiller composed this mashup. I thank him for depicting Doctor Manhattan with pants.

Link -via Popped Culture | Artist's Website

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Game of Thrones Impersonator Is Surprisingly Good

(Video Link)

Steve Love is so good that he could dub over the dialogue from Game of Thrones and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Watch him impersonate Ned Stark, Robert Baratheon, Jon Snow, Varys, Littlefinger, Pycelle, Davos and Jorah Mormont.

I don't remember all of the lines from the Jorah Mormont portion. Especially the last one. Maybe I stepped away from the screen at the wrong time.

Content warning: foul language. No nude scenes or gore, though.

-via Blame It on the Voices | Love's Twitter Stream

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Spaghetti Ice Cream

This culinary wonder isn't spaghetti, but an ice cream sundae made to look like it. Spaghetti eis is a German creation dating back to the 60s. It consists of vanilla ice cream formed into noodles and topped with strawberry syrup.

Link -via Offbeat Home | Photo: gillyberlin

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Hello Sonic the Hedgehog

If she can't defeat Dr. Eggman through conventional means, she'll just cute him to death. Sanrio and Sega unveiled this creation, the result of their latest forays into genetic engineering.

Link (Google Translate) -via Kotaku

P.S. This toy may not be available in the United States yet, but you can find lots of Hello Kitty and Sonic the Hedgehog items that are, thanks to the NeatoShop!

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My Little Stormtrooper

Fluttertrooper can't find those two droids, but he can find adorable bunnies for everyone back at the base to play with.

So suffice it to say that he's not getting that promotion.

Link -via Fashionably Geek

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Super Golden Friends

(Video Link)

Starring Bea Arthur as Batman, Betty White as Aquaman, Rue McClanahan as Superman and Estelle Getty as Robin. Kevin Bapp proposes that Cartoon Network pick up this show inspired by The Golden Girls. Four elderly superheroes retire to a home in Miami. It's perfect. Mr. Bapp, you are a genius. I award you two Internets.

-via Nerdcore | Bapp's Website

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The Wisdom of Kim Kardashian and Søren Kierkegaard Mashed Together

The words of Nineteenth Century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard flow seamlessly into the tweets of model Kim Kardashian in this joke Twitter account. Can you tell where one drops off and another begins?

Link -via Paul Overton

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Gloves That Translate Sign Language into Speech

[caption id="attachment_70383" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo: EnableTalk"][/caption]

Among the finalists at Microsoft's Imagine Cup, a student technology competition, is EnableTalk. These gloves, built by students in Ukraine, assess what the wearer is expressing in sign language and then communicates it through sound:

The few existing projects that come close to what EnableTalk is proposing generally cost around $1,200 and usually have fewer sensors, use wired connections and don’t come with an integrated software solution. EnableTalk, on the other hand, says that the hardware for its prototypes costs somewhere around $75 per device.

Besides the cost, though, another feature that makes this project so interesting is that users can teach the system new gestures and modify those that the team plans to ship in a library of standard gestures.

Link -via io9

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Famous Movies in the Ottoman Miniature Style

The sultan will give you an offer that you can't refuse. Murat Palta, an artist in Istanbul, made illustrations of famous movies in the classical Ottoman miniature style. Among those featured are The Godfather, A Clockwork Orange, Terminator 2, Alien and Kill Bill. Link -via Flavorwire

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Clark Kent, Crook

Is Clark Kent, AKA Superman, a nice guy? Not if you're his employer. Ed Yong argues that Kent has serious ethical problems:

When it comes to journalistic ethics, Mr Kent is not so super after all. He regularly reports about himself without disclosing as much. He deceives his employers by moonlighting during working hours as a doer of derring, leaping his contractual obligations in a single bound. Worst of all, he uses the privileged inside information that he gleans as a journalist for his own personal gain during his extracurricular activities. Here is a man who is faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, and about as transparent as either of those.

And that's just the beginning. Read about the nefarious activities of Lois Lane, Peter Parker and other alleged "heroes" at the link.

Link -via VA Viper | Image: Warner Bros.

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Physics Students: Batman Would Die If He Tried to Glide

[caption id="attachment_70377" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Image: University of Leicester"][/caption]

It would be Knightfall for Batman to actually try to glide using his cape. Physics students at the University of Leicester have calculated that he wouldn't be able to survive the aerial maneuvers displayed in the movie Batman Begins:

Due to the high speeds he would be travelling, his impact with the ground would be equivalent to him being struck by a car travelling at 50 miles per hour.

David Marshall, Tom Hands, Ian Griffiths and Gareth Douglas found that the wingspan of Batman's cape -- at 4.7 metres -- is around half that used by a hang glider.

If Batman jumped from a building 150 metres high, he could glide a distance of around 350 metres -- but the problem arises as Batman's velocity increases during his descent.

His velocity would initially rise to around 68 miles per hour, before reaching a steady 50 miles per hour as he gets down to ground level -- a speed too fast for him to land safely.

Link -via Popular Science

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Classic Star Trek Gear in LEGO

With this medical tricorder, Type 2 hand phaser and communicator by LEGO artist Tommy Williamson, you're ready for the landing party. Also, put on this red shirt. Yes, I know that you work in navigation. But for just this mission, put it on.

Link -via Nerdcore

Previously by Tommy Williamson:
Cheeseburger & Fries LEGO Podracers
Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO

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Overly Attached Girlfriend

Christopher Jobson sums it up well:

It’s amazing how a few perfectly placed gestures, about 20 lines of black spray paint in this case, can completely transform two mundane boxes into something so fun.

This piece in Olsztyn, Poland is by Adam Lokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski. It's right outside your window at night.

Link -via Colossal

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Tigger Finally Apprehended

[caption id="attachment_70365" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo: China Smack"][/caption] Oh, bouncing is indeed what Tiggers do best. But you can bounce only so many times before the law catches up with you. This Tigger was caught while playing an escaped tiger at a zoo in China during an emergency drill:

June 2nd, Sichuan Chengdu Zoo, a tranquilized “tiger” being carried away by workers, as a caged Chinese tiger watches through the glass. That day, the Chengdu Zoo conducted a escaped dangerous animal training drill/exercise. The training exercise simulated 2 Siberian Tigers escaping from their cages, with zoo workers working together with forestry police conducting an emergency response.

Note the guard's good trigger discipline. Link -via The Firearms Blog Previously on Neatorama: Paper Mâché Rhino Escapes from Zoo

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Remixed Star Wars Tattoo Designs

Tattoo artist Joshua Couchenour has some excellent ideas for your next tat. They combine popular tattoo patterns and symbols with content that will excite any Star Wars fan. Come'on, let's head to the studio.

Link -via io9

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Family Fun magazine has a great idea for an entertaining sandwich. You'll need a croissant, sandwich filling of any kind, baby carrots, a black olive, a radish, a red bell pepper, cream cheese and toothpicks. You can find the recipe at the link.

Link -via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

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Shaving with an Obsidian Razor

(Video Link)

Some of you sissies are still shaving with sharpened shovels. But Mike Cook does it old school--as in using Stone Age technology. Watch him knap a slice of obsidian off a block and then shave his face with it.

Cook refers to obsidian as "the sharpest substance known to science." I don't know if that's true, but at the link, you can see electron micrographs of a surgical scalpel and an obsidian blade. The obsidian appears to have a sharper edge.


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Bicycle That You Can Pedal with Both Your Hands and Your Feet

(Video Link)

The Swiss-made RaXibo Hand-Tret-Velo comes with a pedaling system built into the handlebars so that you can use the strength in your arms as well as your legs. The only downside that I can see is that it would make texting while riding much harder.

Link (Google Translate) -via DVICE

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X-Wing Beard

I copy, Beard Leader. Move into position.

Next up: Millennium Falcon chest hair.

-via io9 | Photo: unknown

UPDATE 7/8/12: In the comments, knox52 informs us that this is a picture of and by Chad Roberts, a bearding champion and founder of the RVA Beard League. Thanks, knox52!

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Augmented Reality Girlfriend

(Video Link)

I weep that I went through my teenage years with nothing remotely like this technological marvel:

The character chosen to show off this augmented reality girlfriend tech is [Hatsune Miku], a voice synthesizer personified as a doll-eyed anime avatar. [Miku] is an immensely popular character in Japan, with thousands of people going to her concerts, so choosing her for this augmented reality girlfriend project was an obvious choice.

The build details for this hack are a little sparse, confounded by the horrible Google Translate results of the blog linked in the YouTube description. From what we can gather from the video and this twitter account, the build is based on an ASUS Xtion Kinect clone and a nice pair of video goggles.

Of course, from the way this guy treats Miku, it's no wonder that he lacks a human girlfriend.

Link -via Nerdcore

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"The art project that got me sent to the counselor in middle school."

Unfortunately, redditor winstonotsniw does not elaborate on the experience. But it's safe to assume that the counselor wanted to suggest scholarships for art school.


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Lampshades Made from Recycled Corrugated Cardboard

Graypants's lampshades are pretty enough in the daylight. But in the dark, they're stunning as light peeks through the corrugations in the cardboard.

Link -via Dornob

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My Little Flesh Wound

I've had worse.

The Black Knight always triumphs! That's why Beckie Forcier made this My Little Pony figure as a Father's Day gift.


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