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My cyberfriend Jockeystreet does zombie runs. They look like fun.

The obvious tactic in a zombie run is to trip or otherwise disable other runners so that they are consumed by the zombies. The obvious problem with zombie runs is that organizers tend to frown on this sensible, practical tactic. Also: shooting the zombies is considered rude.
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I find myself nodding to both facetedjewel and Nick Gisburne's comments, even though they contradict each other.

We really don't know enough about the family history and dynamics to judge. Either scenario is plausible.
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One common interpretation is that Darrin Stevens and Tony Nelson viewed the powerful magic of their female companions as threatening and emasculating.

I never understood those characters' decisions either. I'd wish myself into great wealth were I in their places.
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I watched a few episodes featuring the fourth and fifth incarnations of the Doctor when I was a teenager. I didn't get into the show because I found it confusing.

One of the great features of the revival is that it's possible to begin watching from the Ninth Doctor and more or less understand the series.
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