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I discovered The Chin while watching Xena: Warrior Princess. He was great as Autolycus.

He also starred in a short-run series in 2000 called Jack of All Trades. It was reasonably good.
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In Texas, no one expects cowboy boots to be removed -it's not that easy to do.

Yes, but you should thoroughly scrape the mud and manure off your boots.

We rarely have visitors, but they're welcome to wear their shoes. What I don't allow and have to train my young children to do is to keep shoes off beds, chairs and couches. That's absolutely verboten.
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I once called animal control when a stray-ish rottweiler attacked my dog and me. Lesson learned: never call animal control. Take care of those problems yourself.
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When I was in high school, one-strapping was socially mandatory and safer. Two-strapping was an invitation to get yanked down from behind.

The recent high school graduates that I see have to use these flimsy, see-through backpacks with drawstrings as straps due to security rules. I just guessed that one-strapping those cords would be uncomfortable.
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