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When I was a teenager in the 90s, the cool people that I wanted to be friends with were into anime. I tried quite a bit, but my interest was really forced and did not endure.

I think that the difference now is that instead of borrowing whatever anime is available on VHS tapes, I can choose pretty much any anime ever made and watch it on my computer. I can get very selective and find stuff that is precisely what I like.

I did enjoy Macross II, which is from that era. I have a big poster of Ishtar and the Macross fortress hanging in my home.
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I'd love to visit Isle Royale. It looks like a fascinating and beautiful place.

Maybe it would be possible to hike in with a snap-together kayak and paddle through the interior lakes.
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I think that they way she handed him a sword indicates that she knew what was going to happen.

Unless he married a woman who casually hands him swords. In that case, I'm a bit jealous.
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I just watch TV on my computer. But I now watch TV differently. Instead of following multiple shows, I watch one show from start to finish.

I got on an anime kick over the summer and have been watching little but anime since then. That would not have been possible when I was a kid.
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I like John Updike's response that some authors clearly do write symbolism into their works. T.S. Eliot comes to mind immediately. I recently read "The Wasteland" for the first time and came away asking, "Why is this guy considered a genius?"

But there's no shame in writing symbolically. Authors should just be self-aware about it.
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