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I think that I could handle Austin. Not the Valley, though. I was offered a job there years ago, but realized that living there would be like living as an expat.

I'm actually surprised that Beaumont is so unhappy. I would have expected a bit of joy with the oil boom.
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The real reason why he didn't have a girlfriend was that he was really picky. For example, his "generous" estimate was that 5% of age-appropriate women are physically attractive.
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Well, I'm not sure how I would compare the value of money versus kindness, but I think that having money is totally awesome.

My advice to graduates would include the statement "make as much money as you possibly can."
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I didn't know that Churchill didn't say that line about the Royal Navy.

There's a line attributed to Carl Jung: "Superstition and accident manifest the will of God." For a few weeks, I've been trying to track it back to Jung's corpus, but I can find it in only secondary sources. Very frustrating. It may be a false attribution.
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True, San Francisco is not the capital of the UFP. But the treaty establishing the UFP was signed there.

I'm fairly sure that under canon, the entire UFP fits into a small portion of the alpha quadrant.

You need never, ever apologize for either geekiness or nerdiness at Neatorama.
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