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After looking at photos of Le Petit Trianon, I suspect that the coop is modeled more on the style of Versailles (pronounced ver sails), Ohio than the royal palace complex.
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What I remember from grad school is that an apocalypse is a revelation of mystical knowledge to humans through a supernatural intermediary--regardless of whether the revelation is about the end of the world.

Still, the current popular definition of apocalypse is a world-shattering event.
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Starswill is addressing generalities, not absolutes. Yes, Applejack is a strict producer, but Pinkie Pie's work in the bakery is just for income. Her talent and passion lies in partying -- clearly the entertainment function that Starswill attributes to Earth ponies.

I agree that Fluttershy is atypical of Starswill's depiction of pegasi as Auxiliaries, but she's not normal by pegasi standards. The pegasi city of Cloudsdale is an intensively competitive place. The Wonderbolts -- the pinnacle of pegasi society -- is an explicitly military organization with its own regimented training academy. At both locations Fluttershy's identity as a true pegasus was treated with skepticism.
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