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I was tired and in a hurry, so I just grabbed the first one with .pdf access.

I did an author search in the database Academic Search Complete. This one came right up.
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"As I see it, when you work, you're paid. So why stop at 35 hours?"

This makes sense to me. If I was limited to 35 hours a week, I wouldn't be able to work at Neatorama. Instead, I earn more money.
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is his ego worth the body count the Joker racks up each time he gets free (and he always gets free)?

Exactly. There's nothing ethical about letting the Joker live effectively unimpeded.
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The most effective means of dealing with a bully is to beat him into a bloody pulp, but if this works, well, that's adequate.

Hopefully the principal felt shame that bullying was going on at his school.
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