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To answer the question: where there is a librarian in action, there is a library. Books are optional.

Bookless libraries are actually fairly common. They're good. But I offer this note of caution: promoters should not confuse their own level of technological access and that of their patrons. E-books and other electronic resources are awesome, but if a large part of your patron base lacks substantial computer skills, let alone access to e-readers, then realize that you are leaving those people behind.
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I don't think that's what she's saying--at least from the second quoted paragraph.

It strikes me as a testable hypothesis. There have got to be plenty of societies that still use the primitive eating methods the anthropologist describes.
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The menu itself seems odd to modern diners, as half the offerings were meat and the other half sweets... But where are the vegetables and bread?

We had a more civilized and refined cuisine back then before all these "health food" and "living past forty" fads developed.
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Yes, but subsequent research showed that even anonymity is optional to create a GIF. This phenomenon became clear when sites began requiring people to log in with Facebook to leave nasty comments.
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