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I spent a lot of time in the midden of the state in years past. I once spent a week in Elizabethtown when my car engine blew out there. It was a nice place.
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There are two games of my youth that I would love to play: The Ancient Art of War and Enchanted Scepters. Sadly, they're not available anymore in any format that I can access.
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I recommend reading the original book. It's excellent. The first movie ends about halfway through the book, before it gets really interesting. The second movie (starring the late Jonathan Brandis) doesn't really do the second half of the book justice.
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The metric system? Too weird. Look, this creature can grow up to 0.00149129086 furlongs across and live at depths between 0.064622604 and 0.338025929 furlongs.

That's a lot easier to visualize.
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Yes, their teeth didn't line up perfectly, so they developed tooth burrs, which could then create mouth sores, which could then get infected. So it was necessary to stay on top of their dental needs.

One of our vets explained another complication. He said that rabbits are very sensitive to anesthesia. The difference between a rabbit being knocked out and being dead was very small, so rendering them unconscious required great care. Tooth trimmings were completed under sedation.
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