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I answer the phone at my library a lot. When I take down patron names for holds, it can be frustrating when trying to understand heavily accented English. "My name is Gtdfdahtiekds." "Okay, Mr. Gtdfdahtiekds, the book will be on hold for you at the circulation desk."

I don't baristas a bit for getting names wrong.

Just going by a common name like Frank at the coffee shop is a good idea.
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We stopped having cable or broadcast TV before the kids were born. Their experience of TV is very different from mine growing up. There's no waiting a week for the next episode. New ones either exist or they don't.

There are two features that I really like about this lack of formal TV. We can control what they watch carefully. I remember a few weeks ago we were sitting in a hotel lobby which had a TV. It was on Good Morning America or some equivalent. And the show brought up a sexual topic. It wouldn't have shocked me before I had kids, but it really took me by surprise at the time. I can cut out all of that content easily.

They also have almost no experience with commercials. When they visit their grandparents and watch broadcast TV, they're mesmerized by commercials and suddenly want a bunch of toys they were previously unaware of.
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