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So you're saying that Napoleonic France and Al Qaeda are comparable?

A better comparison would be a war fought a century later: World War I. A neutral nation was trying to stay out of a war between nations that were, for the most part, conducting themselves as lawful belligerents.
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Crest of the Stars is only 90 minutes long--that's short enough to encourage me to check out.

I find that the 12-episode model is ideal for me. I don't want to commit to very long series these days.
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I once worked for a company that had too much turnover in the opinion of the senior managers. So they instituted a new rule: no one was allowed to quit anymore.

It didn't work.
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It's a tradition that dates back to 1813. After the Battle of Lake Erie, Canadians developed long, extendable, mechanical arms to reach across the water (which they could no longer control through conventional naval forces) and raid American territory for potatoes (for making poutine).
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