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This is actually a good explanation of how a 3d printer works. It even has (bleeped out) swearing, which is a major part of the experience of using and repairing a 3d printer.

One of the challenges of demonstrating and teaching 3d printing is that it's science fiction technology, but is not yet up to the level of science fiction. People who see it at my library often get really excited, then disappointed when it doesn't work like a Star Trek replicator by building objects instantly or operating without 3d files.

But over all, it's a lot of fun. Right now I'm trying to build a series of files that will let me recreate maps of every electoral college result in party-specific colors and heights representing the relative number of electoral votes by state. I'm currently not aggravated by my 3d printer, just SketchUp and MakerWare.
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We had daughters, not sons. But I had already decided that any boys would not be circumcised. Routine infant circumcision is not useful in the modern world.
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My wife and I were head-over-heels in love when I met her parents. They are very reserved people. My wife and I were apparently too affectionate in their presence.

Other than that, it went quite well. They think that I'm a bit odd (or perhaps more than a bit), but they've always been welcoming.
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There's an expression in Florida: the further north you go, the further South you go. And the further south you go, the further North you go. This map makes that geographically accurate.
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