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This Little Girl Wins At Disneyland Pictures

Every kid wants a picture with the characters when they visit Disney World, but Jennifer Rouch's 3-year-old daughter Lane manages to actually fit in with the stories she matches with the help of her mother's amazing costumes.

Jennifer makes all of the costumes from scratch and some of them are utterly amazing. The mother didn't just want to make cute photos that would make internet candy for Disney fans. -She actually came up with the idea after she noticed that her daughter was becoming increasingly shy.

Since Jennifer and Lane visit Disney World regularly, the mother thought that letting her daughter dress up like Disney characters might make her more comfortable around new people. The efforts paid off as little Lane certainly looks cozy playing with her favorite characters.

You can keep up with Lane's adventures over on My Disney Daze.

Via Fashionably Geek

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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6 Organization Tips to Make A Geek Girl's Life Easier

Geek girls have a unique set of organizational needs -combining all those girly possessions like hair ties and makeup with all those geeky items like electronics and gaming goodies. Over on Homes and Hues, we rounded up six handy tips that can help us nerdettes store our stuff in simplicity.

From using convention badges to hold up your hair accessories to organizing your unused cables with empty toilet paper holders, these handy dandy tips might be useful for some girls and some geeks, but for most geeky girls. Have any other organization tips for the nerd gals out there? Share them in the comments here.

Check out the full list of tips at Homes and Hues: 6 Geek Girl Organization Tips 

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The Katio Is A Private Kitty Patio With Its Own Bathroom

We here at Neatorama love cats, but like most people, we aren't exactly thrilled to look at their litter boxes day in and day out. If you live in a small space though, it's pretty hard to get away from the box though...until now.

The Katio is a new invention that lets you store your litter box outside of a window. It's weight tested to hold up to 300 pounds, so your fluffy friend will stay safe and its easier to clean because you don't have to bend over to get to the box.

Read more about the cool new design over at Homes and Hues: Katio Makes Pet Ownership A Lot Simpler

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A Beautiful Staircase You Can't Take Your Eyes Off

When a homeowner in Portugal wanted to combine two apartments into one, he hired Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos to renovate the space -including adding a staircase to connect the two units. While the entire remodel looks wonderful, the staircase designed by the architects is the rea highlight.

The U-shaped staircase has thick, white balustrades, which contrast drastically with the 3D, geometric floor in the foyer where the staircase sits. The white and black walls of the room and wooden stairs further accentuate the color palate, creating a warm, vivid space that's lively and inviting.

See more photos of the unique design at Homes and Hues: This U-Shaped Staircase Is The Focal Point of the Home

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16 Strange Ways to Prep Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Roasted turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato cassarole and pumpkin pie are all delicious, but eating them every Thanksgiving can get old. If you're looking to try something new this holiday, check out this Homes and Hues article that features 16 different ways to cook your turkey and your sides. 

From setting a massive fire around your turkey to grating and serving your brussel sprouts raw, these cooking techniques might not be traditional, but they are certainly delicious and sure to garner praise from your surprised guests. There are even great alternatives to having pie for dessert like pumpkin Jell-O or apple pie ice cream.

Check out all the kooky cooking methods at the link: 16 Weird Ways to Cook Classic Thanksgiving Treats


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This Apartment Is As Big As A Bedroom -But It Looks Surprisingly Comfy

This apartment in Paris is probably smaller than your bedroom, but given how little space it offers, it provides the resident with a surprsingly large number of amenities. With only 86 square feet, the residence includes a private bedding area, a wardrobe, a two-person table, a kitchenette, a cabinet, a bookcase and a full bathroom. 

Each of these comforts is hidden behind a sliding modular wall that makes the apartment look both comfortable and modern.

Check out more pictures of the cozy space at Homes and Hues: Living Comfortably In An 86 Square Foot Space


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This Firepit Doesn't Take Up Space While Not in Use

The problem with most fire pits is that when you aren't using them, they take up a lot of space. The clunky designs are nice to have, but they're hardly handy when your kids want to run in the yard. This cool Hole Fire Pit by Italian design firm AK47 let you have your yard and burn it too. The pit can be installed in any yard and aside from having a sturdy metal lid that lets you walk over it, it also has a grill attachment so you can grill up some snacks when you are using the fire pit.

Read more about the design over at Homes and Hues: A Fire Pit That Stays Out Of The Way Until You Need It

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Cuddle Your Precious By The Light of This Amazing Firepit

This firepit is sure to rule them all, or at least to wow them all. The impressive steel design featuring the inscription on the One Ring is available for sale on Etsy for $500. The black finish is tempered to withstand high temperatures, so your wonderful piece will stay in great condition for years to come. 

Check out more pictures and find out where you can get your hands on the firepit over on Homes and Hues: One Firepit to Warm Them All 

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You Can Finally Live Out Your Fantasy of Attending Hogwarts

Just about every Harry Potter fan has wished, at one point or another, that they could attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While muggles still can't take any courses in magic from the school, you can at least enjoy the feeling of staying in the school's famous dormitories thanks to the Georgian House in London, which has converted two of its rooms into Harry Potter dreamsuites. 

The suites each feature four beds and are adorned with all kinds of fun Hogwarts-inspired accessories like spell books, trunks, potion bottles and cauldrons. It's a perfect place to stay after you finish exploring the Warner Bros studio where the films were shot and King's Cross Stations' infamous platform 9 3/4.

See more pictures and learn a bit more about the suites at Homes and Hues: Live Like A Wizard In This Hogwarts-Themed Hotel Room

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22 Halloween Decorations You Can Put Up And Leave Until Christmas

I'm one of those people who loves holiday decorations, but hates the process of putting them up only to take them down a few weeks later. That's why I love the fact that Christmas decorations are starting to sneak their way into Halloween ones and vice versa.

These days, there are some great ways to decorate your house for Halloween that will still look seasonal if you leave them up until New Year's Day -and amazingly, not all of them are related to The Nightmare Before Christmas either!

So check out the full list of multi-seasonal decorating ideas over at Homes and Hues: 22 Decorations Perfect For Both Halloween and Christmas 

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Your Pumpkin Can Also Be A Disco Light

Ready to party this Halloween? Then head over to Homes and Hues, where you can learn how to make a fun disco ball with nothing more than a pumpkin, a flashlight, string and either a screwdriver or a drill. The effect is particularly cool if you happen to have access to a flashlight with a strobe effect on it.

Learn how to make your own cool light over at Homes and Hues: Ready Your Home For Halloween With This Cool Pumpkin Disco Ball

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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The Small Swedish Apartment With A Whole Lot of Storage Space

388 square feet isn't much, but with a clever renovation by Karin Matz, this Swedish apartment still feels surprisingly airy and roomy. The secret is the combined closet/bed/kitchen/storage area at the heart of the space that was actually inspired by popular Ikea designs.

The apartment sat largely unused for the last 50 years, even after the owner started a renovation 20 years ago, but had to stop the process due to a health problem. Now the property is a prime piece of real estate in the heart of Stockholm.

View more pictures of the space over at Homes and Hues: This Swedish Apartment Makes the Most of Its Small Space

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Reminder: Enter Our Instagram Halloween Contest & Win Free Tees

Got a great picture of your Halloween costume from this year or from Halloweens long ago? Then head over to Instagram and enter your costume in our NeatoShop costume contest. Just tag your image with @NeatoShop and you could win four tees from the NeatoShop. The contest ends at midnight PST on Halloween night, so upload your pic today!

For full details, including how the winner will be selected, read our announcement here.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Whiskey Elements Filters & Flavors Cheap Whiskey So It Tastes Expensive

What distinguishes a cheap whiskey from a good one? How long they've been barrel aged and what kind of wood was used in the barrels are the two main differences as a fine oak barel can help filter the whiskey while adding a more complex flavor profile. But the team from Time & Oak realized that there has to be a faster way to filter out those impurities and enhance the flavor.

After a number of prototypes, they created Whiskey Elements, a small oak stick that can be used to filter and flavor a cheap bottle so it tastes like a quality bottle of booze.

Read more about how Whiskey Elements work and where you can get your hands on one at Homes and Hues: Whiskey Elements Make Your Spirits Taste More Expensive

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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25 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

Are you ready for Halloween yet? Don't worry if you're not -there's still plenty of time left to get ready. Even if you put things off as long as possible though, you can still create a great DIY Halloween costume in no time. Here are a few ideas in case you have to make your own Halloween costume last minute.

Silent Movie Stars

Here's an easy one for men or women. All you need is a black and white suit or dress (if it's 1920's style all the better), some gray cream makeup and some black eyeliner and black eye shadow to add some accents. To really sell the concept, it helps to bring along a title card too like this couple from Shrimp Salad Circus did.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just about every gal has a sleeveless black dress. Add a tiara, some long black gloves, a chunky necklace, a tiara and a long cigarette holder (available at most costume stores) and you have a Holly Golightly costume. Of course, you need to have some serious hair styling skills to pull this one off as well as Redditor CampingIsIntense.



You may not be able to paint like her, but you can easily look like Frida with only minimal effort. Just grab a peasant blouse, put your hair up with a few flowers and then draw in a bit of a unibrow. Megan Rose shows how simple it is.

Van Gogh

For red-headed male fans of art, you can always go as Vincent Van Gogh. Paint a few thick, impressionist brush strokes on a jacket, sport a collarless button up shirt and then apply a some broad streaks of makeup along your neck and face to complete the look. This cool costume was created by a friend of Redditor josh1510.


If you don't have any time to get tulle, but have crepe or tissue paper available, then consider making a pinata costume. Glue strips of the paper to a body suit and trim to make frills. For more detailed instructions, don't miss this post by Camille Styles.

Rosie the Rivetter

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11 Household Items You Can Use to Decorate Your Pumpkin

What do you use to carve your pumpkins? If you still use regular kitchen knives and a spoon, maybe you should try something a little different this year. You don't even need to buy fancy pumpkin carving tools -there's plenty of stuff around your home that you can use instead.

From power tools to spaghetti, you'll be surprised what you can use to decorate your Jack-O-Lantern. There's even a great way to make your pumpkin last longer so it doesn't become a mold-laden biohazard.

Check out all of the fun household items you can use to make your pumpkin look amazing over at Homes and Hues: Using 11 Common Household Objects to Decorate Your Pumpkin

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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When Technology and Travel Combine, Everyone Wins

The Bluesmart suitcase is the ultimate combination of tech and travel. The suitcase uses Bluetooth connectivity to ensure your bag is tracked if you check it and that it is light enough to be used as a carry-on if you so choose. The reinforced materials protect laptops and tablets and the suicase even features a battery so you can charge your portable electronics while you travel.

Read more about the impressive new design and how to get your own over at Homes and Hues: The Future of Travel Might Be Smart Luggage

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Breathe Clean With the Dyson Humidifier

Air humidifiers can be a must-have in dry winter weather, but shooting wet, still water into the air is a great way to fill your home with bacteria. The new Dyson humidifier uses a UV sanitizing light to clean 99.9% of bacteria from the water it injects into the air, keeping your air clean while helping you not dry out. 

Read more about the new Dyson product over at Homes and Hues: The New Dyson Humidifier Seeks to Clean Your Air While Adding Moisture

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This Cool Induction Plate Heats Any Size Container In No Time

Water, milk, hot coco can all be heated with this cool induction plate and rod set that works for any size and any liquid. It saves energy by turning off as soon as the liquid reaches the proper temperature and by heating only as much as you need -no more. 

The rods simple design means it's easy to clean, even if you use it to heat up soup, chocolate syrup or any other messy substance.

Read more about the neat design over at Homes and Hues: This Cool Electric Kettle Lets You Heat Only What You Need

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Congratulations to Our Pinterest Halloween Contest Winners!

We just wrapped up our Halloween Scream Time Pinterest Contest and I have to say, it was a huge success. You guys pinned hundreds of Halloween costumes, recipes, decorations and more to our This Is Halloween board and it was amazing to see all the wonderful things you shared. 

While it was easy enough to find out who had the most repins, picking an editor's choice winner from all those entries was hard, but we finally managed to slim it down to just one. That's why we thought it was only fair to not only share the two winning images with you, but also some of our the runenrs up. You can always visit the board to check out all of the amazing entries as well as new pins from our wonderful fans. 

On a side note, if you are one of our two winners, please check your Pinterest notifications or email me directly at jill@neatorama.com to claim your prize.

This precious Despicable Me pumpkin won Angela Ramage first place for the most repins.

And this creepy, zombie Snow White won Keno Sproule first place in our editor's choice category. (For more awesome pics from this photo series don't miss this great Fashionably Geek post.)

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Got A Great Costume? Share It In Our Halloween Instagram Contest

Have you already put together an amazing costume you're pumped to show the world? Do you have pictures of your best costume ever from previous years? If so, head over to Instagram and join in on the NeatoShop Halloween Costume Contest. All you have to do is add your image to your account and tag it with @NeatoShop so we can find it. We'll pick one winner based on costume quality, cleverness and your number of comments/likes, and that person will win four NeatoShop tees of their choice. 

Contest ends Halloween night, 11:59 PM PST. So get going!

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Cubicles Can Be Fun When They Look Like Little Tiny Cabins

Cubicles are one of the worst things about the modern office. At Neatorama, we deal with this by sitting around a campfire all day and all night. Sure it gets pretty smoky inside, but at least we have a good community feel and John roasts up a mean s'more.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have a campfire in the office, but these cool cubicles by MFRMGR are the next best thing -providing employees privacy and comfort all while allowing for interaction in the windows. Each cubicle is equipped with carpet, shelves and a closet to really help the workers feel comfortable in their own private space.

Read more about the clever designs over at Homes and Hues: MFRMGR Makes Cubicles That Feel Cozy

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This Penguin Cover Can Make Swiffer Sweeping A Little More Fun

Everyone who works in the office will tell you I'm pretty much the worst about cleaning up after myself. On the other hand, I am hardcore obsessed with anything adorable, so if we invested in this precious penguin Swiffer cover, I might actually get off my butt to start cleaning the kitchen here and there.

Of course, you don't have to use him on your Swiffer, you can also use him to cover your tissue box, though you will miss the chance to watch him slide around on your floor.

The company selling the penguin sells other delightfully adorable critter accessories for your home like this adorable bear pillow.

Check out more of their fun products and more pictures of the penguin at Homes and Hues: This Penguin Can Make Your Swiffer Fun

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Beautiful Bubble Lights Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Did you love bubbles as a kid? Then you might just fall in love with these playful lights by Alex de Witte. Each light is hand blown to look like a real floating bubble and the designs come in clear, frosted and a variety of hues so you can have one that looks like a real bublle or one that best matches your decor. 

See more pictures of these fun lights over at Homes and Hues: Alex de Witte's Beautiful Bubble Lights

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The Black Glass House That Reflects Its Surroundings

When you build a home in a stunning natural setting, it pays to blend in with the local beauty. This great home by Architect Ian McChesney is clad in black glass, providing ample natural light to residents inside while still offering them privacy and an amazing view. More importantly, the reflective texture helps the modern home fit in as it reflects the trees, sky and other natural scenery.

The home is also eco-friendly, helping the natural scenery stay healthy over the years. 

See more pictures of the lovely London residence at Homes and Hues: This Black Glass House Serves As A Mirror To Its Surroundings

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Over 20 Wonderful Decorating Ideas For A Halloween Dinner Party

Last week Homes and Hues presented some wonderfully horrific Halloween decorations for the outside of your home, so this week we've turned to the inside -specifically the dining room, bringing you some of the best Halloween decorations for anyone planning a dinner party in the next few weeks.

We've got everything from centerpieces to table runners and more that will have you covered whether you're hosting a classy adult afair, a kid's dinning celebration or anything in between.

So if you're planning to host a dinner party this Halloween or just want a few kooky ideas to spruce up your home for the holiday, don't miss this great Homes and Hues article: 20+ Ways to Decorate Your Table For A Halloween Dinner Party

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The Subtly Spooky Chair Perfect for All Year Use

Even if you live for Halloween, you still probably put most of your decorations away by December, but this delightful, monster-like chair is perfect for use all year long. That's because when it's not lit up from precisely the right angle, it looks like just another vintage wooden dining chair. 

The styling is perfect as creator Yaara Derkel was striving to design something that was creepy and strange, yet familiar and inviting at the same time. 

Read more about the Coppelius chair at Homes and Hues: The Spookiest Chair This Side of Halloweentown

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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There Are Only Five Days Left to Enter Our Pinterest Halloween Contest

You wanna hear something scary? There are only five more days to participate in our Pinterest Halloween contest. You can get all the details on entry here, but with less than a week to go it seems critical to remind you to get pinning and to repin your favorite items on the board to help vote for the winner. Don't feel discouraged if you're not into the popularity contest aspect -we're also choosing an editor favorite, so if you have something amazing, share it with us and you could win!

Again, visit this page to get all the details or head over to the board to start pinning now.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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This Apartment Has A Garden on Its Walls

Few city apartments give you any connection to nature, but this amazing apartment in Ukraine brings the vegetation inside by installing living gardens along the wall. Designers were inspired by the river view outside and the fusion of nature with a cityscape. The rest of the apartment features fairly minimalist decor, which only serves to attract attention back to the impressive living room and kitchen.

The resident's fascinating modern and  vintage furniture, artwork and other possessions blend right in with the unique and vibrant living space. 

For more great pictures, check out Homes and Hues: The Ukraine Apartment With Living Walls

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This Tampa Home Mesmerizes With Its Stunning Textures and Shapes

Stone, glass, wood and metal all go together perfectly in this beautiful lakeside home in Tampa. With floor to ceiling windows in the living room, seperate entertaining areas for kids and adults, and a crystal blue pool that has a pool house in the exact style as the the main home, there's a lot to love in this wonderful residence.

Inside or out, you're sure to feel at one with the relaxing natural surroundings, including rows of old oak trees that surround the house on three sides. It's rare for something so modern to fit in with such a traditional natural setting, but Alfonso Architects really worked wonders when they designed this house.

See more pictures at Homes and Hues: This Lakefront Home Provides Kids and Adults With Their Own Space

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