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Instructables Hosts A Spectacular Failures Contest

I love learning new things on Instructables, but I'm not a talented doer like the people making the tutorials. That being said, everyone has their failures, which is why the Instructables' Spectacular Failures Contest is so darn delightful. While the contest is still relatively new, the entries have already made me feel better about my own skills as a creator and it might just make you feel the same. And, of course, if you have any of your own epic fails documented, you can always enter it yourself.

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Oliver the Goldendoodle's Halloween Costumes

Eighties sitcom fans everywhere will know and love this absolutely adorable Halloween costume worn by Oliver the Goldendoodle -that's right, it's Alf, the lovable, cat-munching alien.

Oliver is a multi-talented guy though and he also has many interests, which is why he couldn't be limited to just one Halloween costume. Here he is as the adorable and always hilarliously unfunny Fozzie Bear.

You can see more of Oliver's delightful costumes and just revel in his overwhelming cuteness over at his Instagram

Via Buzzfeed

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Vote for the Best Horror Movie in this Horror Bracket

What's your favorite horror movie? I'd love to hear your answers in the comments, but if you'd like to vote against other horror fans you'll want to head over to The Daily Dot where you can help vote for the top horror film of all time. Since Halloween is almost here the bracket is almost closed, so you can help narrow things down between Shaun of the Dead, The Exorcist, The Shining and Alien. Which one will win? Only time will tell.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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8 Easy Last Minute Halloween Decorations

For those of us who wait all year for the spookiest of holidays, it's hard to believe that Halloween is finally almost upon us. But if you're a bit of a slacker and still haven't finished decorating, don't worry, there's still time.

In fact, there are some downright delightfully spooky additions you can make to your decor in no time. We even did you the favor of roundin up quite a few clever, quick a creepy ideas you can do today and tomorrow to make sure your home is ready for all the ghosts and ghouls visiting over the weekend. So don't miss the full article at Homes and Hues: 8 Super Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make Last Minute

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Horrible Halloween Costumes Available on Etsy

This "Walter White" mask is one part meth-dealer, one part Leather Face and one part just-plain-no. And it's only one of the many WTF costumes Flavorwire discovered are available for sale on Etsy this year.

While it might be a little too late to have an item delivered on this list to your house in time for Halloween (though I don't know why you would though) you can at least get the PDF instructions to make this terrible Lady Gaga lobster hat.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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17 Totally Over-The-Top Halloween Costumes

Last year we brought you some easy last minute costumes and this year we also had some ideas for simple DIY kid's costumes, but if you're looking for something a little more inspirational -even if it's only to awe at, we've got you covered there too.

Photo Strip

I'm willing to bet not many of you have seen someone pull off a costume like this. Brooklyn resident Serra used a lot of ingenuity to get this costume together, but the end effect was delightful and entirely unique.

Dragon Dog

This dragon dog is just about as epic as epic can get -he almost looks like he's ready to breathe fire.

Batman in the Batmobile

Wheelchairs often provide dedicated costume-makers with so much more to work with. Need proof? Just check out this amazing Batmobile that Connor's mother Karen made out of his wheel chair.

Hiccup and Toothless

For more proof of just how much a wheel chair can add to a costume, check out this amazing Toothless wheelchair created for little Hiccup by the non-profit Magic Wheelchair.

Cinderella in her Carriage

When a little one is of a certain age, sometimes you just don't want to take him or her trick or treating without a stroller -but it kind of ruins the effect of a Cinderella when you put your princess back in a modern-day stroller. That's why Danielle of La Port City, IA opted to turn her simple stroller into a magic coach fit for a princess.

Work Loader From Aliens

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Little Oakley Did the Monster Mash

(Video Link)

When young animals are abandoned or rescued, many are often given stuffed animals as surrogate parents for warmth, comfort and companionship. Amazingly, the species that need this kind of comfort can range from bats to sloths to primates to even owls. Here's Oakley with his new cuddly friend that actually sings and dances to the Halloween classic, "The Monster Mash."

Via The Huffington Post 

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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17 Amazing Foods Perfect for Your Next Halloween Dinner Party

If you're planning to serve up a little more than Halloween candies this year, be sure to head over to Homes and Hues this week, where we've collected some of the grossest and most tasty Halloween-inspired treats from around the web.

Whether you like Chinese dumplings, brie wheels, meatloaf, brownies, Shirley Temples or Jell-O shots, there's sure to be something you'll enjoy the taste of -as long as you can get past its horrific appearance. 

We've got appetizers, sides, main courses, desserts and drinks so your dinner party menu will be well-rounded, so don't wait another minute to head over to Homes and Hues: 17 Great Food Ideas for Your Halloween Dinner Party

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Cool Vintage Photos of People Reading

There's nothing quite like a good book and that was especially true during the Great Depression where entertainment was short and disposable income was low. Seeing people read during those tough times provides both a look at their realities and their escapes from reality. 

These awesome photos, featured on Flavorwire, show just how important books, magazines and newspapers were to keeping up morale and just passing the time.

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16 Super Easy Kids Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Halloween is our favorite time of the year, but it can be stressful, particularly for parents who don't have enough time or money to make or buy their little one the perfect costume. But you can make a pretty awesome costume for surprisingly little money and here are a few ideas for those who prefer to DIY over buy, but still want something pretty simple.

Russell from Up

A yellow hat, an orange scarf, a brown sash covered in badges and some hefty hiking boots can transform any boy into everyone's favorite Wilderness Explorer.

Windup Doll

Dress up your little cutie in his or her fanciest clothes, then add a gold-painted cardboard cutout of a windup key and you have an adorable little windup doll.

Wonder Woman

Every little girl is wonderful, but with a blue tutu, some felt stars and a Wonder Woman tee, she can actually become Wonder Woman as well. Throw in a tiara and wrist cuffs on older girls and you've got a full, fashionable ensemble.

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An Art Show About Nothing

Here at Neatorama, we're pretty big fans of Seinfeld, which is why I couldn't be more excited about Gallery 1988's "An Art Show About Nothing." 

If you love Jujyfruits, Junior Mints, Kenny Roger's Fried Chicken, pretzels that make you thirsty and soup Nazis, then you'll inevitably love the delightfully silly and whimsical art based on the long-running series.

If course, having looked at the art on the website and over at Flavorwire, I can't tell you if there's any triangle art there, but there does seem to be plenty of other great referrences in the show.

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Amazing Gravity-Defying Buildings

There was a time when skyscrapers seemed unbelievable -as though building something that tall was just asking for a major collapse. These days, skyscrapers may be old news, but there still are plenty of architects out there trying to defy gravity and human perception.

Over on Homes and Hues, we collected some of the craziest, most vertigo-inducing buildings we could find to challenge your senses. From tilted structures to cantilevered creations that appear to hover off the ground, it's amazing what modern materials can allow us to acomplish.

Be sure to check out all 7 crazy structures at Homes and Hues: 7 Amazing Gravity-Defying Buildings

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Fun Halloween Costumes Based on Famous Works of Art

We love some good art and some great Halloween costumes -and every now and then the two combine into somehting fantastic. This great Flavorwire article shows just how magical the blend of art and costumery can be.

One of the greatest things about these art costumes is the fact that a lot of them are actually easy, they just require a lot of creativity.


Of course, you don't have to go serious just because you want to go artsy...

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Incredible Pumpkins From the Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns

Last week we went to visit The Rise of the Jack-O-Lanterns at the San Diego Safari Park. This incredible pumpkin-carving festival features over 5,000 pumpkins carved throughout the week so there are fresh ones on display every weekend from now until Halloween. If you're not in San Diego, you can also check out The Rise in Los Angeles and New York and I highly recommend the visit. Here are some highlights from our experience though I get the feeling each event has unique attractions so what you see here is probably a bit different than what you might see in person.

At the start of the event you could see carvers making new pumpkins -in part I'm sure it was to show that the pumpkin works of art were actually real and carved fresh before the event, but it also helped emphasize the talent and creativity of the artists.

Still, as cool as these are, they are nowhere near as impressive as the ones actually inside the exhibit.

It seems appropriate that while there we traditional signs around the event, the main one was made from pumpkins -it also seemed oddly appropriate that like Halloween pumpkins, one of the letters had gone out.

This pumpkin sentinel was on guard to protect his other carved friends.

Each area had a theme and the first theme was Under the Sea and here was the welcome sign.

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Horrifying Zombie Mouth Cupcakes

We love terrifying Halloween food, but it's hard to make something mentally scarring without a ton of experience. If you're brave enough to try the DIY approach though, Instructable user SemadarG has put together a handy tutorial on how to make your own nightmarish cupcakes like the one above. 

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Awesomely Creepy Halloween Decorations

There are some people who like to put a few cute, cartoony window decals up before Halloween night and then there are those who really want their home to be truly horrifying. If you are part of the second group, then you certainly won't want to miss this collection of amazingly scary decorations we rounded up for Homes and Hues.

From ghosts and graveyards to cannibalistic barbecues, these decorations are sure to scare the pants off of your guests no matter how old they are, so don't miss the full collection of terrifying treats at Homes and Hues: 8 More Horrifically Haunting Halloween Decorations

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Viral Pinterest Photos That Are Fake

Most of you have probably never heard of the moon melon -unless you're a regular Pinterest user. In that case, you probably know that this Japanese melon will "switch flavors after you eat it -everything sour will taste sweet, everything salty will taste bitter, etc." Of course, there's a reason most people haven't heard of it -it's not real!

And this pastel, rainbow-colored snake is also not real (though it is a pretty Photoshop). If you've ever seen something suspiciously cool on Pinterest, you won't want to miss this collection of viral Pinterest photos that are actually totally fake.

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Fun Panda Fashions

I know it's a brave thing to say in today's political climate, but I can't help but say it -I love pandas. Ok, I'm just kidding about the bravery thing as practically everyone loves pandas but how can you not love something that's black and white and cute all over?

If you feel the same, then you absolutely must head over to this great InventorSpot article where you can find 24 awesome panda-inspired fashions.

For those who prefer the red version of the panda, don't worry, there are plenty of fashions inspired by those cuties online as well -like this great scarf by RedPandaKnits. Either way, it's a great way to make sure your style is unbearably cute.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Bioshock Wedding

A bride chooses, a slave obeys and this bride and groom couldn't have chose a more awesome wedding theme than Bioshock. Sure, it might be a little creepy to see a Big Daddy walking down the aisle and I'm sure their grandparents had some complaints about "kids these days," but this couple's wedding is something they will remember forever -along with their guests.

Fans of the game will certainly recognize a lot of the stylistic choices and referrences in the Flickr set showing the entire wedding and there certainly are a whole lot of them!

Via Fashionably Geek

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11 Awesome Rugs to Help Set You Apart

Whether you're going for a theme or just want to "tie the room together," rugs are critical accents to a home design. And over at Homes and Hues, we've rounded up some of the greatest rugs we could find around the web. 

From plush animal skins to tributes to Matisse, these rugs cross the entire gamlet of style and class. Kids, artists and frequent fliers alike are sure to find something they like in this list. 

So don't miss the whole list over at Homes and Hues: 11 Rugs to Set Your Home Apart

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The Creepiest Films About Cults in All of History

We've all heard of cult films, but it takes a particular accomplishment to make a cult classic about an actual cult. Over at Flavorwire, the greatest cult films in history have been compiled into one great list of creepy flicks -including one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen in my life, Martyrs. Of course, you can also expect the famous cult films everyone remembers like Rosemary's Baby and Children of the Corn.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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This Guy Spent $1500 and Six Months to Make a Meh Sandwich

(Video Link)

We've all heard people claim they made something from scratch, but mixing up your own batch of cookie dough with ingredients you bought from the store is a lot different than actually milling your own flour, churning your own butter, etc. We tend to take the accessability of most food items for granted, but what would happen if you really wanted to make something completely from scratch? This YouTuber did just that by making his own sandwich and the result reminds us just how lucky we are to have food readily available at the closest grocery store.

Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Most Dangerous Roads on Earth

(Video Link)

Driving always presents at least some measure of risk, but it's one thing to have to worry about idiots that can't merge and a whole different matter to worry about the road itself. This great TopTenz list shows that your daily commute might occassionally seem dangerous when you see people pulled over after a fender-bender, but it's nowhere near the fearful drive some people need to take every day.

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9 Things You Must do to Your Home in Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year not only because the air is crisp and the weather is finally not hot anymore, but also because Halloween is coming. But that nice weather isn't going to last long and if you live somewhere cold, you'll need to get ahead of the snow to prepare for the winter. Over at Homes and Hues, we rounded up a bunch of things you need take care of before that cold weather gets here.

So don't miss our new article at Homes and Hues: 9 Fall Home Maintenance Musts

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Celebrate Our Facebook Milestones & Win Free Tees!

Hey gang, we have amazing news! Our Neatorama Facebook is just about to hit 100,000 fans and at the same time, our NeatoShop Facebook is about to reach 10,000. In celebration of these two major milestones, we're hosting an awesome contest to give our fans free tees. To be more specific, the grand prize winner will win five NeatoShop tees and five runners up will each win a tee of their own.

Whether you're a new fan or don't have a Facebook at all, you can enter just by visiting our pages through the form below. (You can also win by following us on Twitter or Tweeting about the contest). Of course, if you're not a fan, we urge you to follow our pages where there's all kinds of great content to keep you entertained all day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This May Look Like Cake, But It's Really Dinner

(Image credit: Darius Williams via Facebook)

A few days ago, Miss C brought you a treat that looked like a KFC dinner but was actually all cake. Now here's the opposite kind of delicious snack -one that looks like cake but is actually a whole dinner.

(Image credit: Bree Miller via Instagram)

Aside from the mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken visible on the completed masterpiece, these fanciful feasts also include fillings like collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and candied yams. And yes, that was a plural because more than one person has cooked up one of these fanciful concoctions.

The upper cake is a collard green and cornbread cake by Darius Williams of Darius Cooks. The recipe is in his cookbook Stories from My Grandmother’s Kitchen. The bottom cake is by Bree Miller of Bree’s Cakes. She tells us a little about it at Instagram.

Via Little Things

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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8 Absolutely Awesome Modern Castles

It's hard to deny that castles look freaking awesome. Unfortunately, buying a home built in medieval times is not only expensive, it also requires living in a drafty, uncomfortable home that was, well, built in the middle ages. But you can have the best of both old world architecture and new world comforts if you happen to seek out new castles built in the last century.

In the most recent Homes and Hues articles, we rounded up some of these amazing modern palaces for all the wannabe knights and ladies out there who still dream about living in a fantasy castle. 

So don't miss the full list of amazing fantasy residences over at Homes and Hues: 8 Amazing Modern Castles

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The Best Twists In Movie History

(Video Link)

There are some twist endings that you avoid talking about because you don't want to ruin them for other people, but then there are those that are so well-known they have become cliches. For example, even without seeing Soylent Green, you probably already know that "Soylent Green is people." 

If you're not afraid of spoilers that everyone already knows, you'll probably dig Flavorwire's great list of the best movie twists in cinema history -from Planet of the Apes to the Sixth Sense.

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Stupid Food Challenges No One Should Attempt

(Video Link)

It's never a good idea to chug a whole gallon of milk, gobble down ghost peppers or gulp down dry  cinnamon, but that doesn't stop people from trying. From disgusting to downright dangerous, these food challenges are utterly ridiculous and entirely unadvisable.

Don't like to watch your facts in video form? Then check out the full-length text article at TopTenz.

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Sloths + 80s Movies = The Best Tattoos

Redditor SecondSuitor has good taste. He likes sloths and he likes movies. That's why it only made sense for him to combine the two in his amazing tattoos. He even has a whole sleeve of them including The Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, The Goonies, Friday the 13th and more.

While the tattoos are all pretty incredible, there's something so fitting and perfect about seeing Sloth as an actual sloth.

Via Nerd Approved

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