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This Guy Spent $1500 and Six Months to Make a Meh Sandwich

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We've all heard people claim they made something from scratch, but mixing up your own batch of cookie dough with ingredients you bought from the store is a lot different than actually milling your own flour, churning your own butter, etc. We tend to take the accessability of most food items for granted, but what would happen if you really wanted to make something completely from scratch? This YouTuber did just that by making his own sandwich and the result reminds us just how lucky we are to have food readily available at the closest grocery store.

Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Most Dangerous Roads on Earth

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Driving always presents at least some measure of risk, but it's one thing to have to worry about idiots that can't merge and a whole different matter to worry about the road itself. This great TopTenz list shows that your daily commute might occassionally seem dangerous when you see people pulled over after a fender-bender, but it's nowhere near the fearful drive some people need to take every day.

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9 Things You Must do to Your Home in Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year not only because the air is crisp and the weather is finally not hot anymore, but also because Halloween is coming. But that nice weather isn't going to last long and if you live somewhere cold, you'll need to get ahead of the snow to prepare for the winter. Over at Homes and Hues, we rounded up a bunch of things you need take care of before that cold weather gets here.

So don't miss our new article at Homes and Hues: 9 Fall Home Maintenance Musts

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Celebrate Our Facebook Milestones & Win Free Tees!

Hey gang, we have amazing news! Our Neatorama Facebook is just about to hit 100,000 fans and at the same time, our NeatoShop Facebook is about to reach 10,000. In celebration of these two major milestones, we're hosting an awesome contest to give our fans free tees. To be more specific, the grand prize winner will win five NeatoShop tees and five runners up will each win a tee of their own.

Whether you're a new fan or don't have a Facebook at all, you can enter just by visiting our pages through the form below. (You can also win by following us on Twitter or Tweeting about the contest). Of course, if you're not a fan, we urge you to follow our pages where there's all kinds of great content to keep you entertained all day.

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This May Look Like Cake, But It's Really Dinner

(Image credit: Darius Williams via Facebook)

A few days ago, Miss C brought you a treat that looked like a KFC dinner but was actually all cake. Now here's the opposite kind of delicious snack -one that looks like cake but is actually a whole dinner.

(Image credit: Bree Miller via Instagram)

Aside from the mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken visible on the completed masterpiece, these fanciful feasts also include fillings like collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and candied yams. And yes, that was a plural because more than one person has cooked up one of these fanciful concoctions.

The upper cake is a collard green and cornbread cake by Darius Williams of Darius Cooks. The recipe is in his cookbook Stories from My Grandmother’s Kitchen. The bottom cake is by Bree Miller of Bree’s Cakes. She tells us a little about it at Instagram.

Via Little Things

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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8 Absolutely Awesome Modern Castles

It's hard to deny that castles look freaking awesome. Unfortunately, buying a home built in medieval times is not only expensive, it also requires living in a drafty, uncomfortable home that was, well, built in the middle ages. But you can have the best of both old world architecture and new world comforts if you happen to seek out new castles built in the last century.

In the most recent Homes and Hues articles, we rounded up some of these amazing modern palaces for all the wannabe knights and ladies out there who still dream about living in a fantasy castle. 

So don't miss the full list of amazing fantasy residences over at Homes and Hues: 8 Amazing Modern Castles

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The Best Twists In Movie History

(Video Link)

There are some twist endings that you avoid talking about because you don't want to ruin them for other people, but then there are those that are so well-known they have become cliches. For example, even without seeing Soylent Green, you probably already know that "Soylent Green is people." 

If you're not afraid of spoilers that everyone already knows, you'll probably dig Flavorwire's great list of the best movie twists in cinema history -from Planet of the Apes to the Sixth Sense.

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Stupid Food Challenges No One Should Attempt

(Video Link)

It's never a good idea to chug a whole gallon of milk, gobble down ghost peppers or gulp down dry  cinnamon, but that doesn't stop people from trying. From disgusting to downright dangerous, these food challenges are utterly ridiculous and entirely unadvisable.

Don't like to watch your facts in video form? Then check out the full-length text article at TopTenz.

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Sloths + 80s Movies = The Best Tattoos

Redditor SecondSuitor has good taste. He likes sloths and he likes movies. That's why it only made sense for him to combine the two in his amazing tattoos. He even has a whole sleeve of them including The Labyrinth, Ghostbusters, The Goonies, Friday the 13th and more.

While the tattoos are all pretty incredible, there's something so fitting and perfect about seeing Sloth as an actual sloth.

Via Nerd Approved

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This Chinchilla Lives In An Endless Summer

Chinchillas are adorably cute, but terribly strange creatures that can't handle heat or exposure to the slightest amounts of water. They tend to be happiest in their homelands of the dry, freezing Andes Mountains. But this little guy is a rebel. He's like Olaf from Frozen and dreams of a warm day on a cool beach.

While Bubu may not actually be able to enjoy a pool-side soak out in the hot summer sun, his human was nice enough to mimick the experience as well as possible with a cute little private pool and a fancy coconut cocktail. It may not be 100% real, but it's enough to make me jealous.

Via Pets Lady

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Worst Fictional Employers

(Video Link)

Labor Day is a great time to relax and appreciate your life outside of work, but it also can be a reminder of how much you hate your job -particularly if you can't do anything about it. If coming back to your job made you feel depressed about your workplace, just remember, it could be worse. To make you feel better, Flavorwire compiled a list of the ten worst workplaces in all of pop culture. Unsurprisingly, Clerks made the winning argument for the workplace that holds the top place on the list.

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15 Awesome Sand Castles Inspired by Disney and Pixar

The kids may be back to school and Labor Day may already have passed, but summer doesn't technically end until September 22. So if you're one of those procrastinators that still needs to get out to the beach, maybe these awesome Disney sand sculptures will give you the motivation you need to enjoy a little more summer before the season crawls to a close.


To announce the release of Brave back in 2012, Disney World made this impressive sculpture. Keys to the Magic Travel even noted that she knew the sculpture was real because after it rained that day, the art already needed a little repair.


Hans Veneman spotted this impressive Wall-E tribute at the Disney-themed European Sand Sculptures Festival in Noordwijk.

Sleeping Beauty

You'd have to be asleep to not appreciate the beauty of this amazing creation displayed at the European Sand Sculptures Festival in Noordwijk also photographed by Hans Veneman.


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Strange Fast Food Creations From Around the World

We love some crazy foods here at Neatorama, but I think even John would balk at some of the crazy fast food options available at restaurants around the globe. This TopTenz article featuring some of he most outrageous creations out there -like the questionable lobster burger and lobster and caviar sandwiches above that are from Wendy's Japan.

And if you think KFC's Double Down is crazy, just wait until you see the hot dog versions available in the Philippines that features cheese, honey mustard and a chicken and cheese hot dog all sandwiched in a fried chicken "bun." Then again, as crazy as this is, I expect to see it hit American stores any time now.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Baconfest Was Everything It Was Cracked Up to Be

Did you know last Saturday was International Bacon Day? You would have if you went to the San Diego Baconfest that we previously wrote about. While they didn't feature any of the utterly insane bacon treats we wrote about a few weeks back, there were certainly some that could match them. Here's my account of the magical even that was Baconfest.

Upon entertaining the event, we were greeted by sampling booths by Hormel's Black Label Bacon -the event's biggest sponsor. While their bacon is good (particularly the jalapeno bacon that strangely tastes a bit like beef jerky), it was still the weakest part of the festival -even if you could just get handfuls of plain bacon to munch on. After all, if there's one thing better than bacon, it's bacon with other yumminess.

The festival was a lot bigger than I expected it to be -and a lot more crowded. In fact, it actually sold out the morning before the event. Even with the long lines though, there was still plenty of bacony goodness for all. My friend even figured out that there was something like 40 food and beer vendors. 

Of course, even with all those vendors and lines, not everyone could be popular. While there's nothing wrong with the idea of having fresh organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your door, a festival dedicated to greasy, cholesterol-filled meat might not be the best place to advertise it. 

One of the first bacon treats we encountered was actually one of our group's favorites from the whole event. The maple bourbon bacon stick was actually a thick slab of pork belly with a maple bacon sauce over it. It was heaven on a stick.

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12 Awesome Doctor Who Home Goods

We love Doctor Who -if you couldn't tell by the many, many Neatorama posts about stuff related to the show. If you're like us and can't get enough Who stuff, then you'd better check out our newest post over at Homes and Hues that features 12 different awesome things you can get for your home related to Doctor Who.

From shower caddies to remote controls, we can help you have every room of your house covered with Whovian goodness, so don't miss the full article on Homes and Hues: 12 Delightful Doctor Who Home Goods

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Previously Obese Animals That May Inspire You to Diet

Losing weight is never easy, which is why it can be so important to find some inspiration when you're trying to push through those hunger pains. Sometimes people get inspiration from other people who have gone through the journey, but it's easy to feel like those people would judge you for not being able to follow in their footsteps. If you're looking for a little motivation from someone who is sure to love you no matter how many times you take an undeserved cheat day, these ten critters who have gone through some serious weight loss might be just the ticket. 

Of course, even if these adorable weight loss success stories don't motivate you to drop your own spare tire, they're still adorable to look at.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Now Your Pet Can Join The Rebellion or the Empire

We've previously posted the adorable works of Etsy seller iheartneedlework (see her celebratory hats and Frankenstein costume), but these great Darth and Leia hats are too cute to ignore. 

On the other hand, if you prefer Frozen over Star Wars (to each his own, I guess), you don't want to miss this adorable Olaf hat featuring the character's trademark goofball face.

You can even make your kitty into an amazing Little Mermaid.

Via Fashionably Geek

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Treehouses With Stunning Views

There are many places on earth that are technically vacation destinations, but more fantasies made into reality. Exotic treehouse resorts often fall into the later category and if you aren't so sure about that, then this incredible list of treehouse hotels on Flavorwire will almost certainly prove my point. 

Whether you dream of sleeping outdoors in tropical rainforests or in scifi-like spaces surrounded by pines, you'll certainly see somewhere you'd long to stay in this fantastic article.

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16 Hacks to Make Your Move More Simple

Moving is never easy, but the process can be made more simple when you know what you're doing. Over on Homes and Hues, we put together a few simple, but wonderful moving hacks to help speed up and simplify your next move. 

From getting the boxes to your first night in the new house, these tips cover ever step of the way. Even if you're not moving right now, it's worth bookmarking the tricks so you can save yourself some time and effort later, so don't miss the full list here: 16 Brilliant Moving Hacks

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Get Ready to Scream When You Watch Rats Crawling Through Toilets

(Video Link)

There are a lot of urban legends out there that aren't true -particularly when it comes to rats. Sometimes though, these stories are all too true. If you've ever heard rumors of rats crawling up through the sewers and into your toilet, you might have hoped they were some of those mythical tales like rats the size of poodles. Unfortunately, it's actual an all too common for rats to come into homes through the toilet.

Here's an all new reason to always leave your seat down and always look down before you sit down on the can.

Via Gothamist

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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12 Outrageous Bacon Treats

If you couldn't tell by now, we here at Neatorama love bacon. That being said, these crazy bacon treats are almost too extreme even for us...of course, notice that I said almost, because these are all going to end up on the menu for our next Neatorama office party.


Arguably the most outrageous pork creation of all time, the Swineapple consists of a hollowed out pineapple stuffed with boneless, country-style ribs, wrapped in bacon and slow cooked on a grill. Josh Bush of It's All About Da Bacon made the original, and has since reworked the recipe multiple times to incorporate sausage, jalapenos and more.

Pork E. Pigskin

If you've ever had a whole roasted pig, you know they can be beyond delicious, but there are a lot of problems with making these yourself -they are huge, don't fit in the oven, take forever and they have too many bones with too little bacon. If you like the idea of putting a whole roasted pig on the dinner table, but don't like the hassle, try this Pork E. Pigskin instead. Grillocracy can explain how to make what they call the "cutest meal you'll ever enjoy," but the basic composition involves a hot pork sausage body, spicy sausage legs, ham ears, a pork rind tail and skin completely made of bacon.

No-Carb Bacon Burger

How do you make a bacon burger low-carb and beyond delicious? Cut out the bun and replace it with bacon. Grillocracy's crazy bacon bun burger adds a whopping 3 pounds of bacon to the mix, giving "bacon burger" a whole new meaning.

The 'Merica Burger

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We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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10 Seriously Weird Jobs

(Video Link)

People always think it's weird when I tell them I'm a blogger. Half the time they either don't understand what that means or how anyone actually makes money doing it. That being said, I'd hate to try to explain "professional sleeper" or "human manequin" -and if I was a professional sex toy tester, I'd just have to lie about my job because that's just gonna result in some awkward conversations.

You can see the full list of weird jobs at the link, but if you don't want to watch something, you can always read it at TopTenz.

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The Best Books Assigned in High School

Ernest Hemmingway is a great author, one of the handful of writers commonly assigned to high schoolers that I actually enjoyed reading. I'm sure many of you other heavy readers feel the same -books are great, but assigned reading isn't always so good. That's why I love this great list of the best books assigned in high school. I personally would add Catcher in the Rye, but as all these things are subjective, I know not everyone agrees. That's why I'm curious to know what you guys think -what's the best book you were assigned to read in high school?

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The Facts Behind Disneyland Urban Legends

We've featured a whole lot of Disneyland facts, but one thing we haven't yet discussed are the many urban legends surrounding the park. This great LAist article tackles the subject, and reveals that some of the strange stories you may have heard about the Happiest Place on earth are, in fact, true. 

For example, the park is home to a large quantity of feral cats and people have been killed in multiple attactions across the park (though most were only declared dead at the hospital, which is the normal operating procedure for most hospitals -not a consipiracy on the part of Disneyland).

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How to Get 86% More Burrito for Free At Chipotle

If you love getting the most bang for your buck when you go out to eat, you'll want to discover this great Chipotle hack to get you 86% more buritto for free. Best of all, the process is pretty easy -just order a bowl with a double tortilla wrap on the side, then order half and half with the beans, rice and meats, and be sure to add the fajita veggies and corn salsa on top. Voila!

Via That's Nerdalicious

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Awesome Facts About Apocalypse Now

If you know anything about Apocalypse Now's creation, you probably already know that it was a pretty strange scene from the start. Even if you know about the drugs, blood and money problems on set, you probably still don't know all the fascinating facts from this great article. 

For example, did you know that Robert Redford, Jack Nicholson, Steve McQueen, and Al Pacino were all offered the role eventually played by Martin Sheen, but they all turned it down? Additionally, Harvey Keitel was cast in the role before Sheen, but he was eventually fired.

Check out the rest of the strange and interesting trivia over at Flavorwire.


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10 Weird Facts About the KKK

(Video Link)

The KKK is hardly a group to look up to, but like the Nazis, they're still interesting from a historical and political perspective. This article about the racist, terrorist group by TopTenz includes all kinds of fascinating facts, including the fact that even the KKK hates the Westboro Baptist Church, that Superman once took on the Klan or that the group even once tried to start their own country. You can watch the video above, but if you prefer to read, here's a text version of the article.

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10 Awesomely Cool Clock Designs

Clocks may have less relevance now that everyone is constantly glancing at their phones and cable boxes that have built-in time keepers, but that doesn't mean they aren't still useful -especially when it comes to adding a little style to your home.

That's why we decided to round up some of the most beautiful, creative and just downright cool clocks ever in our newest Homes and Hues article.

From clocks that look at you to those you can look through, these cool clocks are sure to make a statement even in an age where few people actually care to check the time anywhere but their phone screen.

So don't miss our round up of great timepieces over at Homes and Hues: 10 Crazy Cool Clock Designs

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Awesome Business Cards Perfect for Librarians

Sunday was Book Lover's Day and while we unfortunately missed it (in our defense, we were celebrating our tenth anniversary), other blogs didn't get distracted and had ample coverage of the event. One of the most fun articles celebrating the date was posted over on Flavorwire, where they shared some of the coolest business cards inspired by books.

Whether you're a librarian, writer, English teacher or just a fan of good literature, there are a whole lot of business cards to love in their list.

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These Tea Dragons Are Hoarding Tasty Leaves

If you drink tea, you know how delicious the different brews can be -and how unique one flavor profile is from another. That's why these amazing tea dragon illustrations by New Zealand artist Strangely Katie so perfectly capture the spirit of different tea varieties. 

As a tea drinker, it may seem strange to see your favorite brews portrayed as dragons, but when you look at the pictures, you'll likely notice just how strangely accurate the artist's depictions of each blend really are. Oolong should be a wise, mellow friend and Jasmine is refined, beautiful and serene. 

Via That's Nerdalicious

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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