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Lisa Frank Tarot Cards

Tarot decks are the stuff of mysticism, but they don't need to be dark and foreboding. As artist Ariel Hart demonstrates to us, even the vivid, brilliant artwork from beloved 80's and 90's artist Lisa Frank can make for a delightful tarot card deck.

It's sure a lot easier to hear about death when it's illustrated with a beautiful white unicorn. Finally you can predict your future with the rainbows, puppies and smiley faces of your past! 

Via Huffington Post

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

This Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a Cake

This lovely spread looks like a grilled cheese sandwich with a tasty bowl of tomato soup on the side, but that's far from the reality. In actuality, this is a grilled pound cake with melted chocolate and berry soup on the side. Naturally, the croutons in the soup are actually pound cake and the swirl of sour cream is whipped cream. You can learn how to make your own delicious dessert sandwich and soup over on Instructables.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The Real-Life Filming Locations of Famous Sci-fi Dystopias

It's easy to love sci-fi dystopian movies that bring us into all new terrible realities, without actually having to experience those realities for ourselves. If nothing else, they at least make us feel better about our own society. But many of those films set in terrible sci-fi worlds aren't actually filmed on sets, but in real-world locations.

That's why this Atlas Obscura article featuring 14 such film locations is so fascinating. It shows that some of the most haunting and out-of-this-world locations in our favorite dystopias are actually strange and wonderful places in our world.

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This Female Scientist Writes A Wikipedia Entry Every Time She's Harassed

Female scientists have made some incredible contributions to our world, but to this day, they still get harassed by their male colleagues. While that's simply not cool, Emily Temple-Wood's reaction to the harassment is pretty awesome.

Rather than letting herself sit around and get frustrated, she has dedicated herself to uploading a new Wikipedia article about a female scientist every time she gets an inappropriate email, some form of physical contact or any other unwanted attention from a male co-worker. She's been adding entries since 2012 and has since added hundreds of articles on feminine scientists from all backgrounds. While it would be nice if Ms. Temple-Wood went through her career without sexist comments, at least something great is coming from it.

Via NY Mag

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The Fastest-Growing Fast Food Company in Every State

No matter how you personally feel about fast food restaurants, there's no denying they are some of the most popular restaurants in all of America. Some might even argue you can tell a lot about someone based on their favorite fast food restaurant. If that's true, then you can certainly make some interesting conclusions about the mentalities and values of different states with this cool map illustrating the fastest-growing chain in each state. 

Before you get ready to argue about their results, keep in mind they set up these rules before choosing the winner for each state:

  • Each must have at least 40 locations nationwide
  • Each must have at least 10 locations statewide
  • Increase of at least five stores (except in cases of super-small states)

That being said, I can't attest to the popularity of any restaurants in other states, but the California one seems pretty dead on. I never even heard of Pieology until a few years ago and now it seems they're opening up everywhere.

You can read more about the results over at Thrillist.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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An Incredibly Realistic, Life-Sized Groot Costume

Sure, "We are Groot," but it takes a special person to actually become Groot -especially in a full-sized costume. On Instructables, you can learn how to become just such a special person by making your own cosplay. Note that when I say "life-sized," I mean life-sized based on the film, not human-sized -meaning 7'7". 

Of course, the project won't be easy, but you might be surprised at how cheap something this incredible can be. And, the end result is certainly well worth the effort.

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Life With an 8 Foot Tall Dog

Many of us remember reading about Clifford the Big Red Dog when we were kids and longing for a monstrously huge dog friend of our own. But the problem with Clifford was that he was quite possibly too big -he couldn't even fit in your house.

But Juji, on the other hand, is just the right size. He's big enough to ride on -like a horse, but still small enough to fit on a couch (though just barely). 

Juji was adopted by Christopher Cline and his girlfriend when Chris was going through a hard time. The pup brightened his spirits and soon enough, he started Photoshoping his regular-sized goldendoodle as a jumbo-sized pooch and the results are pretty much amazing.

You can keep up with Christopher and Juji's pictures over on Chris' Instagram.

Via Design You Trust

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10 Weird Pregnancy Facts

Two things are certain in a person's life -birth and death. But even though pregnancies are so frequent that literally every person alive has been through one, there's still a lot of things many people don't know about them. Here are ten strange facts you might not know about pregnancy.

Image Via Stacy Rackley [Flickr]

1. It's Possible To Get Pregnant While Pregnant

Though it's very rare, some women have actually gotten pregnant with a second child while already carrying one. The technical term for this occurrence is superfetation and while it happens in some animals, it's almost impossible in humans as a pregnant woman's hormones are supposed to serve as a natural birth control against additional pregnancies. Of course, the word "almost" means that it does happen. Generally it occurs when the pregnant woman has released an egg a few weeks into the pregnancy, but before the first embryo has implanted and the hormones haven't completely kicked in to stop additional fertilization and implantation.


2. Vaginas Can Turn Blue or Purple During Pregnancy 

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy can be the change of a vagina's color from pink to blue or purple. The increased blood flow to the cervix and labia can happen as early as six weeks in.

Source Image Via Paladin27 [Flickr]

3. It Is Possible To Be Pregnant For A Full Year

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See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Love Peeno Noir? Try the Wine!

If you're a fan of the very fantastic Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then you're undoubtedly aware of how fantastic her roomate Titus Andromedon is. You probably also know that when he says "Peeno Noir," he's talking about his horribly great music video and not the wine that goes by a similar-sounding name.

(Youtube Link)

If his siren song makes you thirsty for wine though, don't worry, the actor who plays Mr. Andromedon (Tituss Burgess) has you covered with his all new wine, Pinot by Tituss. It might be the only wine in history with its own music video.

Via AV Club

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A Glass Slide Set Up on the 70th Floor

These days, it's nothing new to see glass viewing areas and sky walks, but riding a clear slide 70 stories up? That's something entirely different -and pretty nerve-wracking. But the US Bank Tower in LA is now proposing exactly that. Would you be up to riding the skyslide? And if you did, would you be brave enough to look down the whole way?

If you are, you'll also have to be willing to spend $33 just to experience the 7 second long ride -so I imagine the slide will be empty much of the time. I think I'll just wait to see someone experience it on YouTube.

Via LAist

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The Worst Items on Amazon

Amazon is a strange and wonderful place to shop. If you need a little reminder of how strange it can get, you won't want to miss this great Thrillist article with some of the most terrible items available on the website.

For example, this ridiculous jacket that doesn't just hold vapes, but actually is a vape. There's also Guy Fieri coffee pods, a cellphone shoulder holster and a pillow with a shirtless Nicolas Cage on it. Some of the items are a bit adult, but for the most part, they don't seem terrible until you read the description, so you're probably ok reading the article at work, but just be ready for some naughty items (I'm not going to even go into the picture up top).

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Political Polls Have Gotten Kind of Weird Lately

Usually political polls are limited to feeling out how voters feel about candidates or controversial issues, but this year there have been some particuarly strange polls. For one, the New York Times polled Republicans to discover that nearly 20 percent of Trump's supporters were against the Emancipation Proclamation. 

Even stranger, around 38% of Florida voters said that they think Ted Cruz could be the Zodiac Killer (10% of those believe he is). This is in spite of the fact that Cruz was born in 1970 and the Zodiac Killer was active in 1978.

These may be some strange polling topics, but I think you Neatorama readers could come up with better ones. What would you want to ask voters?

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One of the Strangest Ways to Support a Presidential Candidate

There are a lot of strange political fundraisers during presidential races, but this year might be the first time you can purchase a weed pipe to support a potential candidate. Bernie Sanders supporter Ariel Zimman has started selling ceramic pipes (and not the kind you use for tobacco) to raise money for her presidential runner of choice -who is likely the most pro-marijuana candidate out there. The pipes go for $30-60 and 10% of all proceeds go to the Sanders campaign.

It brings an all new meaning to the slogan "Feel the Bern."

Via The Daily Dot

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Some of the Most Amazing Waterfalls in the World

Nature is simply amazing. From outrageous animals to spectacular scenery, it's unbelievable what you can find out in the big wide world. One of the most impressive attractions are the waterfalls gracing rocks across the globe. Over on Travel and Leisure, you can check out 25 of the most stunning waterfalls everywhere -including the Fairy Pools in Scotland and the Mardalsfossen falls of Norway.

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Historical Portraits Are Better With Animals

History is cool and all, but it's missing something....furry. Now that's been remedied thanks to artist Christina Hess.

With Hess' amazing talent and ornate style, the portraits really capture the aesthetic of the historical portraits they are meant to imitate. She even has some takes on modern icons such as Steve Jobs and Elvis, which are still as delightfully accurate to the subject matter.

Via Geek Girls

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Turtlecalls is Everything You Want It to Be

Admit it, you have always wanted the chance to get a call from a turtle. Well, that isn't going to happen, but you can at least help someone else achieve these dreams thanks to Turtlecall. No, Turtlecall isn't going to put a real turtle on the phone and leave the line silent until the receiver hangs up -that would just be silly. Instead, the service promises a call from someone pretending to be a turtle. For only $2, you can give someone that once-in-a-lifetime experience of talking to a turtle over the phone. Here's what that could sound like:

(Video Link)

Via Brian Izzary (the NeatoShop teeshirt ambassador)

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24 Great Plushies For Your Off-Beat Sweetie

Some people love to get chocolates for Valentine's Day, while others prefer flowers. But some of us prefer plush toys and for those people, this Buzzfeed list is a great source of inspiration for great plush gifts.

From blobfish and narwhals to giant carrots and jars of pickles, there are plenty of unique plushies here to keep anyone satisfied.

Even if it is a little late for Valentine's Day orders, you can always bookmark the list for your special someone's birthday or Christmas gift -or even for next year's Valentine's Day.

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Hilariously Awful Harry Potter Valentine's Day

There are a lot of women out there who would love to ride Harry Potter's broom and play with Sirius' wand, if your love interest feels this way, you'll absolutely want to check out these funny but all-too-naughty Harry Potter Valentine's Day cards.

There are way more great ones on the Facebook where they were first spotted, including a terrible Rickroll-inspired one.

Via Geek Girls

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Are You Ready for Some Otterball?

We're huge fans of the Puppy Bowl and even the Kitten Bowl (despite the fact that it's a blatant rip off), but if you're looking for some live animal sports, some new teams or just a little more water in the game, you'll want to head to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach to enjoy the second annual Otter Bowl.

(Video Link)

The otters in the otter bowl aren't just limited to boring old footballs and even toy balls, they even are given a special football made out of clams.

If you're looking for a little live animal championship entertainment but happen to be in San Francisco rather than LA, be sure to stop by the live Puppy Bowl at Gott's Roadside. Best of all, the athletes are all up for adoption there so you could even bring home a new best friend.

Via LAist and LA Times

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This Hungry Sea Lion Pup Headed Right to a Restaurant

When you're hungry and you don't want to cook for yourself, you go to a restaurant. But who knew that sea lions thought the same way? At least one little guy in San Diego does as he headed to a beach-front restaurant The Marine Room yesterday morning and sat himself in a booth awaiting service. 

While the waitstaff was slow to show up for work, the little guy took in the great view.

Unfortunately, he never got his order of fish and chips, but he was taken in by a rescue team -though only after executive chef Bernard Guillas took a few choice photos of the odd occurrence. 

Via CBS News

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Lemurs Love to Get High on Millipedes

Lemurs are everything depicted in Madagascar -adorable, fuzzy and pretty f-ing crazy. But now that insanity sort of makes sense now that we know black lemurs actually enjoy getting high, it makes a lot more sense. So how do they get high? As it turns out, despite mostly eating fruit, they have a soft spot for black millipedes as well. If there's any question about whether or not they're trying to get high or just trying to have a snack, there's no debate there as they don't even eat the poisonous bugs, but simply take a bite and then throw it on the ground.

The millipedes often don't even die, but they do spray a toxic cloud at the lemur, which then spreads it along its fur. Aside from a sweet trip, the lemur also gets the benefit of using the poison as a mosquito repellant.

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Hellpug and Company Just Need A Few Kitty Best Friends

We've seen The Gamorrean Pug Guard, Pug Vader, the Banthapug, the leads of Doctor Pug, Spock from Star Pug and a barrage of television show intros with pugs. Now Pupstar Sonoma (who previously created the Game of Pugs) has brought us the superpug movie we've been dying to see -Hellpug.

If you prefer fantasy pugs, the company has also created the Pugs of Middle Earth for you to enjoy so you should still check out the link and say "hello" to some of the most fantastically dressed pugs on earth.

Via Fashionably Geek

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Punk Rock and Metal Cats Decked Out in Vests

Self-expression is a huge part of the punk and metal scene and sharing your favorite bands and other interests on your vest or jacket is one of the best ways to express yourself. Of course, just because these scenes are mostly made up of humans, that doesn't mean cats don't know how to rock just as hard.

Over at both Buzzfeed and Metal Sucks, there are a few great collections of punk and metal kitties decked out in their most rocking vests. They sure look cute, but with their vests and attitudes, these cats aren't to be messed with.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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When the Daleks Attacked Harry Potter

(Video Link)

The Harry Potter film series had some of the best actors in Britain -including David Tennant just before he was cast as The Doctor. While it's always fun to imagine actors playing their most famous roles in their other films, it's particularly easy with David Tennant, since the Tenth Doctor once wiped his memory so he thought he was human just to hide out from a particularly evil family of aliens.

This mashup with Harry Potter is perfect for those who love imagining that Bartleby Couch Jr. is just a strange and confused Doctor in hiding. 

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This Artist Created Portraits of Himself After Trying 52 Different Drugs

Artist Bryan Lewis Sanders wondered how different drugs may affect his perception, so he started a series where he did self portraits under the influence of (or shortly after doing) different drugs. At first he did the experiment once every day, but after a few weeks, he started suffering from lethargy and mild brain damage. While he's continuing the experiments to this day, now he's limiting himself to occasional drugs administered under the expertise of medical professionals.

While his artworks don't always portray how the drug makes a person feel while they are using them, they do illustrate how the artist feels while on the drug or at least while thinking about the drug. For example, the top image demonstrates Ambien, the middle one PCP and the one below on hash.

Needless to say, even if you do enjoy occasional recreational drug use, this is an experiment you really shouldn't try at home.


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A David Bowie Fan Art Tribute

The world lost a music legend yesterday when it was announced that David Bowie died at the age of 69 after battling cancer for over a year. It's never easy to say goodbye to someone you look up to, so rather than try to say it in words, we opted to say goodbye with the help of some of the many wonderful artists around the web.

Dolly Chops' Changes

This wonderful GIF is quite possibly the most popular image out there right now celebrating David Bowie's long and wonderful career. It was made by artist Dolly Chops to celebrate the musician's birthday just last Friday.

Mauricio Telles' McFries Creation

Artist Mauricio Telles has a whole series of artworks made from the boxes of McDonald's French fries. While I doubt Bowie was a big McDonald's fan, this strange portrait seems a delightfully perfect tribute to the singer's wonderfully odd persona.

Janey Jane's Nouveau Dedication

Art Nouveau is all the rage these days, but whether or not it's trendy right now, it's hard to argue that it seems a fitting style for artwork based on Labyrinth and that this poster art is simply fantastic.

Smooth Criminal73's Beautiful Intensity

David always managed to have a unique combination of beauty and intensity in his face -something difficult for artists to replicate well, but this pencil portrait of the rock star perfectly captures that striking look.

David Deb's Romantic Labyrinth

Continue reading

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Take A Bite Out of Luggage Theft With Monster Luggage

Luggage theft is incredibly easy these days as criminals just have to wait for a black rolling bag to pass by on the luggage carousel and snag it. If someone actually stops them, they just have to say "oops, it looks just like mine" and people will believe it.

You'll never need to worry about that problem with this amazing monster luggage from Etsy seller WaywardLeatherDesign. Sure it doesn't roll like you're generic black suitcase, but no one will "accidentally" grab your luggage ever again -at least not without worrying that your luggage might bite them.

Via Geek Girls

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Researchers Plan to Build 3D Model of Temple Destroyed by Isis

The Temple of Bel in Syria was an ancient structure built all the way back Mesopotamia. It managed to survive up until August of last year, when ISIS destroyed the building. Now as both a way to honor our history and as a method of resistance against the Islamic State, researchers from Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and Dubai’s Museum of the Future are working together to transform 2D images of the temple into a 3D model that will then be 3D printed and put on display in both London and New York. The replicas will be on display as part of UNESCO's World Herritage Week in April 2016 to remind people just how important the protection of our ancient structures is.

Via FlavorWire

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Erase Donald Trump from Your Internet With This Chrome Extension

Tired of hearing about Donald Trump? Whether you love or hate the man, there's no denying that there's just too much talk about him online right now. If you want to avoid the Trumping around the net, you can now install a Chrome extension named Trump Filter that will block all mention of the presidential candidate (presumably including this post ironically). 

Via The Hill

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Amazing Geek Dice Jewelry

Some girls wear their heart on their sleeve, but some geek gals like to wear their gaming accessories on their necks, wrists and ears. For those ladies, MageStudios has all the great geek jewelry you can bear to wear.

While their lady's jewelry is quite fantastic, don't feel too left out if you're a gentleman looking for a few dice accessories -the shop also sells cufflinks and other accessories like keychains

Via Geek Girls

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