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I didn't gloss over your experiences, I told you they were different in that they didn't involve someone assuming you know nothing purely based on your gender. Offering new information isn't mansplaining and the fact that you think it is just proves that you don't understand the concept or why it's so problematic when men have had a history of literally telling women "not to worry their pretty little heads over it."

Your defending the guy in the motorcycle story shows that you really don't get it. Yeah, guys BS with each other, but they don't tend to go up to a random male stranger and act like he literally knows nothing. Try doing the exact same thing the guy in the story did to a male biker and you're likely to get punched in the face. And whether that bullshit comes from a place of flirting or the assumption that the woman really doesn't know anything doesn't make it better. Also, I don't know anyone who was impressed with the "I know everything/you know nothing" pick up technique in grade school, so anyone trying it as an adult really needs to grow the hell up.

I'm sorry that you think having emotions screwed you up for two decades. It's pretty hard to imagine how or why though when you literally have no examples and just complain that she "had me handle emotions like a woman would," which doesn't really seem like a problem. And sorry, but I didn't think we were having a contest over who had a worse experience, you talked about how I was being a hypocrite by criticizing medical professionals and I explained that many medical professionals still do stupid stuff.

Finally, I ignored the epidural question because the way you phrased it before didn't make it seem relevant to the conversation, but I get what you're saying so here goes. Yes, plenty of women get epidurals, but that just reduces the amount of pain you're going through and that drastically varies from woman to woman. I have heard of women who haven't had epidurals going through labor in five minutes and saying it was no worse than pooping. I've also heard of women with epidurals going through labor for 36+ hours and saying it was the most painful and awful experience of their lives.
You're right, the medic could have been talking from the point of reference of his wife's labor or the woman who delivered on the way to the hospital and had super easy deliveries. It was still an ignorant thing to say because no, you can't simply all women's labor experiences as being no worse than pooping, but hey, maybe he was the one guy on the list who wasn't actually mansplaining.
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Everyone has been talked down to by someone else. The difference with mansplaining is that the man assumes that he knows more than the woman just because of her gender. Do either of you really think that the guy trying to explain to the woman how her bike worked if she was a man, because I sure don't.

And PlaysWithWolves, yeah doctors and paramedics have experience with the medical side of things, but in these cases, neither of their pieces of advice are based on medical facts and these men have never and will never experience what they're trying to give advice on so yes, they would be better off staying silent rather than passing along incorrect information. I guarantee you any woman who has ever experienced bad cramps isn't going to tell you that getting a hobby will help.

Male OB/GYNs like this one are usually relics from a time before woman started taking over the field and unfortunately, they don't bother to read up on current medical science or even talk to their female colleagues about their personal experiences as people who actually have vaginas. I had a similar one who saw that I was thirty and hadn't had any children so he just assumed I never wanted to have kids. When I said I still did, he laughed and said "oh, so you're just a late bloomer." Maybe that was the case fifty years ago when he started in the field, but there are plenty of women these days who wait until their thirties to have kids. A quick look at his reviews online showed that he constantly made these types of outdated and offensive comments to his clients. Needless to say, I never went back.
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Fair enough. Unfortunately, it seems like most Americans who say we shouldn't have to tip don't actually tip when they go to restaurants, which isn't making a political statement (no matter how many times they claim it is), but hurting someone who is just trying to earn a living.
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Minimum wage SHOULD be enough to live on, but as long as federal minimum wage for tipped workers is so low, tipping SHOULD be compulsory and if you don't want to tip, you shouldn't use any services that require tipping. People want to make political statements (or just be cheap) about tipping and often end up screwing over the poor workers who have no say in it either way.
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I adore Kimmy Schmidt and I think it was way better than Santa Clarita Diet, which I think is entertaining -but not great. Even so I agree that SCD was way lower on the list than it deserved to be. Question: Do you like 30 Rock? Maybe you just don't dig Tina Fey.

As for the Iron Fist thing, I think that whole "controversy" was just drummed up by publications looking for something to complain about to drive views. As you said he was white in the comics. Personally, I didn't think it was the best show, but it was still solid. My only complaint is that Danny was so dull -all the other characters were so great but he was just meh.
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The ride in Hollywood added 3D because they thought it would be cool, but even if you like 3D movies, the eyes and mind aren't made to adapt from practical effects right in front of them to 3D screens immediately. It just doesn't work and everyone seems to get sick on the ride, which isn't the case in Orlando. I wish they'd drop the 3d all together.
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I thought it was good, but I had the frozen one, which I heard consistently was better than the liquid one. Which did you have?
The pumpkin juice was good though.
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Forgive me for over simplifying. I know Nixon created the EPA and many conservative individuals still support it, but our conservative Congress is doing everything they can to undermine it and many of their conservative constituents are going along with that.

It's great to hear from conservatives who aren't just following the party lines though and it is comments like yours that help remind everyone that greedy anti-environmentalists are the problem, not conservatives as a whole. You're right that we need to unify on issues not labels. Thanks for your comment.
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ikeya, I don't really have a problem with nuclear energy though I see why it is controversial, I know it can provide clean and safe energy overall. It was the other places that interested me.

medieval though, your argument against the EPA is that when they tried to help clean a heavily polluted waterway that has been polluted for almost a century, they made a mistake -in part because the people in the town would rather have the area heavily polluted than lose some tourist dollars so they rejected funds that would have let the EPA clean the area properly. They made one mistake and therefore they might as well not exist to clean up all the pollution businesses and individuals largely caused on purpose or at least through ignorance? And moreover, in the four sentences I wrote (only one of which even mentions the EPA) I should have been sure to write about this one mistake they made? Tell you what, why don't you go start your own site where you can talk about how the big, bad EPA polluted one water way in the almost 50 years they've been around.
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I posted this one because it's fun, but the list isn't very well researched. As i mentioned in my write up, I've never even heard of goop and his article only links to skincare products and I couldn't even find a recipe online. I'd argue that garlic ice cream would be the real gross food in CA and people living here have either tried it or at least heard of it.
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"If you drink a bunch and then gargle and suck Lifesavers for a while it'll nix it." If you're the kind of person trying to cheat a Tostitos bag's alcohol censor, you're not going to care if you drink and drive.
Yes people shouldn't drink and drive, but at least this is trying to discourage it and educate people about driving safety. You don't need to knock it just because it doesn't go out and put a boot on people's cars.
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The design is abstract and I think because it is the way it is a lot of people don't realize that it is a Holocaust memorial, but if you know that, you should be respectful no matter what the design. Having been there, I can say that wandering through the blocks can really make you feel disoriented and alone, which makes it a very effective tribute and it seems like even if you didn't know, the design should still make you feel reflective -not put you in the mood to juggle and take pictures of yourself.
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Looks to me like the women knitting them in the picture are distinctly using two needles -thus they are knitted. But thanks for trying to argue a point no one cares about anyway.
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I agree. As someone with Celiac's disease, they have been so helpful at their restaurants, never making me feel weird or like a pain in the butt for having to have special accommodations. They really do make you feel special every time.
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