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Yeah, don't do anything for yourself. Just sit there and look pretty. If your clothes are chaffing you or uncomfortable, just ignore it. The most important thing is that you look like a perfect little doll.
Orient every action towards men because ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you get married. It certainly doesn't matter that someone accepts the real you or cares about your opinions.

By the way, if you really abide by these outdated concepts than you really shouldn't be voicing your opinion -especially against a man. Who wants a woman who dares argue with a male?
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I've felt like that before. It's so weird how just knowing that supervisors can see you makes you paranoid even if you don't do anything wrong and they aren't that type of boss.
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"The officers did not make him feel welcome and shooed him out."
That's OK, he didn't actually have anything to report to the officers. He was just horsing around.

Sorry, I couldn't help it.
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That makes sense. It's hard to tell online without any tone of voice to indicate sarcasm.

But I just like to make references to stupid Kids in the Hall sketches.
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I've never heard of Jack the Ripper having sexual interactions with any of the victims. I understand it was the Victorian era so maybe they didn't include it in reports of the time, but it seems strange that suddenly there's a DNA sample that no one has talked about before.
I find it highly suspicious as well.
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Ummm, the comments section is a place to engage in discourse -hence the reason it's a public forum vs. an email. If you can't grasp that basic concept then you obviously know nothing about the internet. This assertion is further backed up by the fact that you think something should be deleted just because you find something wrong with it. Guess what? If the internet worked like that, there would be no internet.

If you can't accept these basic concepts then please get off the internet (and general society) altogether and go live in your closed-off world where no one ever disagrees with you.
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