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She was famous and a little chastised, but I think the public shaming on the internet was much worse than she would have received via traditional mediums that may have put more responsibility on the Clintons.
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I think the majority of these people asked for it in some way or another, they may not have deserved having their lives ruined, but letting your dog poop on the subway and refusing to clean up, making crazy racist remarks on Twitter -most of them are far from innocent.
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I agree that it might send conflicting messages to include name and images of the people mentioned, but they were all such public stories that are so widely spread online I don't think it makes any difference to put the names in and it does add journalistic benefit since that information is so readily available.
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These are a lot wider than the average sushi roll and while I used a picture of the most sushi-ish one, there are some that look way more like burritos thanks to the fillings.
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I had a tenured professor in college that was so bad there were petitions circulating to have her fired -and it still didn't matter. I wish we had something like this.
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That's a bummer. We still have tons of fruit ones here in the states. I guess you should just make an effort to live on an ice cream diet next time you visit the states. :P
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There are whole teams that are female dominated like the suicide squad:

But it's like they're afraid of lead female characters on screen. I mean Marvel gave Agent Carter her own mini-series, but that's still not a full movie or series like they've dedicated to other characters. Black Widow still hasn't gotten her own movie and DC seems terrified to make a Wonder Woman show or film despite constant fan interest.

The weirdest part is that both companies go out of their way to hire a strong ratio of female comic book writers, but Hollywood won't do the same for movies and tv shows.

Personally, I think a Suicide Squad movie would be bad ass.
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A good shelter, even no-kill ones, know that there are some animals that are too sick or that have too many behavioral problems to leave alive. The no-kill shelters I'm familiar with will not kill adoptable dogs just because they've been in the shelter for a set amount of time.

The best dog I ever had was in the pound for three months. If they didn't have a no-kill policy, he would have been put to sleep.

Responsible dog lovers know that the solution isn't to put more dogs in shelters, whether they have a no-kill policy or not. They know the real solution is to spay and neuter animals, adopt rather than buying and to do anything they can to help stop backyard breeders and puppy mills.

Yes, no-kill shelters and rescue groups aren't perfect, but they're a symptom of the problem in general, not a problem in themselves. If things were perfect, there wouldn't be a surplus of adoptable pets.
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