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"Coming soon to the Neatorama headquarters executive restroom: it's the Hello Kitty collectible electronic toilet seat!" It's about time. Alex has been promising he'd get rid of the coffee can toilet for years now.
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I love the way they act like there was no security before 9-11. It's more of a show now, but they still used to use x-rays and metal detectors back then.
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Very true RCXB. I've seen footage of them blocking public paths, sending guards out to harass people walking on the shore and more. It's disgusting what people think they can do just because they have money and someone else doesn't.
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Thought: if you don't want to deal with tourists by your house...then don't move right next to a world-famous landmark. People are so entitled these days.
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Yeah, don't do anything for yourself. Just sit there and look pretty. If your clothes are chaffing you or uncomfortable, just ignore it. The most important thing is that you look like a perfect little doll.
Orient every action towards men because ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you get married. It certainly doesn't matter that someone accepts the real you or cares about your opinions.

By the way, if you really abide by these outdated concepts than you really shouldn't be voicing your opinion -especially against a man. Who wants a woman who dares argue with a male?
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