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Looks to me like the women knitting them in the picture are distinctly using two needles -thus they are knitted. But thanks for trying to argue a point no one cares about anyway.
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I agree. As someone with Celiac's disease, they have been so helpful at their restaurants, never making me feel weird or like a pain in the butt for having to have special accommodations. They really do make you feel special every time.
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Thanks for correction (and the attitude) uncleblob. I changed the article to reflect that fact. Next time maybe you could actually say it a little less rudely.
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Sorry, but whether you want to admit it or not, you're reading in to this. Zeon's text never mentions the women's size and the guy's post says he could have used a larger, intimidating woman go stand behind him, but he didn't, which mrans he's not talking about her. I think it's pretty obvious to most people that in that context he means a very tall one.

The joke has nothing to do woth the woman's size or even that he is pretending to marry someone (no matter what they look like) , but that he took a "family portrait" with strangers.

And sorry, but you can read into articles all you want to say we make fun of fat people, but we have three writers. I am over 60 pounds overweight, Zeon and I have been together for almost 10 years, so I guarantee he has no problem with overweight women. And I know Miss C never posts "mean things about fat people" and we're the three people eho write on the site, so it's not happening anywhere besides in your head. I know firsthand that it sucks to be overweight, but just because you're unhappy with your weight doesn't mean people are sitting around nd making fun of you.

Personally, I find it awesome that he hired a fat woman rather than having an imaginary trophy wife. Obviously this is how he envisions a real family looks, which is pretty body positive. But hey, if you're looking for negativity everywhere, you'll find it.
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Maybe it's a regional thing. I never heard of it until I started watching Doctor Who and while I sometimes see them in stores, they only started carrying them within the last five years or so.
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Sorry, I should have included a name, but I thought people would at least be smart enough to realize that something autobiographical would have been about the writer-seeing as how that's what autobiographical means.
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I know it's a tasting spoon, but what are they supposed to be tasting in it? An egg and mushroom and something else? It's not a solid mouthful. It's just a mess.
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That's true, there is voter fraud every year, but it has never made a difference. That's the important thing to keep in mind.

One thing I hate that they left out in the linked article is that the reason so many dead voters are registered is that it's so hard to remove voters from the registry in many states -but it doesn't matter if they're registered so long as they aren't voting and 99.99% of those deceased voters aren't running.
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That's the problem with right wing propaganda sites, people who read them want to believe that it's real and won't accept that it's not. To them, all the news outlets and websites that disagree with them are trying to hide the "truth."
Which unfortunately means there's no point in trying to change his mind -though maybe you're helping people who might actually see his links and not fact check them from believing something that's totally fictional.
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I don't think Zeon is being facetious because Mexicans aren't all cholos and cholos aren't all Mexicans. Assuming Mexicans are cholos is racist, dressing as one without making jokes related to racial identity just means you're dressing as a gangster. It's the same as saying that if someone wears gold chains, baggy jeans and a hoodie that they're being racist against blacks -saying that is racist because you're implying that those clothes define a race, wearing a gangster costume is not racist.

Another good rule is that if you're not of a particular race, don't jump in to weigh in on whether something is racist or not. People of other races don't need or want white saviors to jump in and protect them against perceived racism. If they think something is racist, they'll tell you -and you should listen.

And just as a general rule, don't change your skin color for your costume -unless you're going orange like Donald Trump.
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There have been stories of many dogs and cats doing this throughout the years, so there has to be some way that they recognize the importance. My guess would be either that they recognized their owner's smell when they were first buried or that they followed the owner's body as it went into a coffin and then into its resting place.
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Science consistently shows that dogs want to do whatever makes their owners happy, whether that means helping them hunt, herd, catch mice or wear stupid costumes. Some dogs genuinely love them and it's up to the dog owner to recognize if their pet really hates costumes. But even a fun collar can still technically be a Halloween costume and most dogs are fine in collars.

And baths? Few dogs want to be locked outside their whole lives -and that means they have to take baths sometimes.
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