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There have been stories of many dogs and cats doing this throughout the years, so there has to be some way that they recognize the importance. My guess would be either that they recognized their owner's smell when they were first buried or that they followed the owner's body as it went into a coffin and then into its resting place.
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Science consistently shows that dogs want to do whatever makes their owners happy, whether that means helping them hunt, herd, catch mice or wear stupid costumes. Some dogs genuinely love them and it's up to the dog owner to recognize if their pet really hates costumes. But even a fun collar can still technically be a Halloween costume and most dogs are fine in collars.

And baths? Few dogs want to be locked outside their whole lives -and that means they have to take baths sometimes.
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Yeah, that question pissed me off because there's a difference between tiddlywinks and pogs and pogs are way bigger and don't get flipped into a cup -so I answered based on what the picture actually was.
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I agree that intentionally breeding cats that end up with these types of defects isn't good, but people still do it -only they usually discard and euthanize the rejects like this cat. I like seeing people care for these handicapped animals, but I also feel more people should spay and neuter their pets.
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You're right medieval, he has the right to buy as much home as he pleases. He has the right to buy the world's largest swimming pool and fill it with Jell-O for one afternoon of fun. And the rest of us have the right to judge him for wasting money on things he doesn't actually need rather than donating that money to worthy causes. The rich have the right to spend their money however they please, but everyone else in the world has the right to judge them. And yeah, that house is too much house for three people -I don't even see how you can see that as an opinion, who needs that much space for three people?
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I agree. I saw on the link that commenters were saying he would probably be head over heels for the dog after that and even consider it his child though he'd never admit it. Sounds pretty accurate to me.
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Good point. I don't really think you should take legal advice from a map in the first place, I just think it's an interesting look at how confusing these laws are in the US.
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Well you have to question the brilliance of a marketing campaign where the almost ideal outcome is for someone to scream "ewww" and run off to wash off your product with soap and water.
Then again, if their end game was just to get people to talk about them, then they're already doing a great job.
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I'd actually be more impressed if she faked these. She'd have to go and get unique photos from travel destinations around the world that people wouldn't automatically be able to recognize, make beautiful, perfect-looking, incredible foods from around the world and photograph them so they look like they actually are in front of the places she visited. Then she'd have to PhotoShop them and add them to Instagram. And if you look at the fan photos and the ones she takes of her friends, she'd even be getting friends in on the hoax and hoping none of them blew her cover.

Sounds like a lot less work to just go to the places and snap a picture on your phone.
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That's true PlasmaGryphon, I have a friend from Canada who went through the process and because she was incorrectly advised by a lawyer, it took her 6+ years to get the whole thing cleared up and to actually get her citizenship. This despite being the mother of a child born as an American citizen and being married to a member of the armed forces. I can't believe what a nightmare it was and I don't think most people have any idea.

If it was more common knowledge, people would probably demand the process be simplified.
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I'd venture to say that most women easily get harassed 50 times a year just because some men feel they have every right to make cat calls, pick up lines, lewd jokes, unwanted physical contact and more. Add that in with being in a male-dominated field and I sincerely doubt she's been harassed any less than she claims.
Harassment doesn't have to involve someone grabbing your breasts or sending you a dick pic. As a man, you may not understand it, but it's not really your place to criticize her or act like she's crazy or exaggerating since you don't know what it's like to get harassed on a regular basis like practically all women do.
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Fair point, but I think it's a reasonable way to do things. If a new chain opens fifty and a giant one opened fifty, I would consider the small one to be expanding faster.
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