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I'd actually be more impressed if she faked these. She'd have to go and get unique photos from travel destinations around the world that people wouldn't automatically be able to recognize, make beautiful, perfect-looking, incredible foods from around the world and photograph them so they look like they actually are in front of the places she visited. Then she'd have to PhotoShop them and add them to Instagram. And if you look at the fan photos and the ones she takes of her friends, she'd even be getting friends in on the hoax and hoping none of them blew her cover.

Sounds like a lot less work to just go to the places and snap a picture on your phone.
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That's true PlasmaGryphon, I have a friend from Canada who went through the process and because she was incorrectly advised by a lawyer, it took her 6+ years to get the whole thing cleared up and to actually get her citizenship. This despite being the mother of a child born as an American citizen and being married to a member of the armed forces. I can't believe what a nightmare it was and I don't think most people have any idea.

If it was more common knowledge, people would probably demand the process be simplified.
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I'd venture to say that most women easily get harassed 50 times a year just because some men feel they have every right to make cat calls, pick up lines, lewd jokes, unwanted physical contact and more. Add that in with being in a male-dominated field and I sincerely doubt she's been harassed any less than she claims.
Harassment doesn't have to involve someone grabbing your breasts or sending you a dick pic. As a man, you may not understand it, but it's not really your place to criticize her or act like she's crazy or exaggerating since you don't know what it's like to get harassed on a regular basis like practically all women do.
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Fair point, but I think it's a reasonable way to do things. If a new chain opens fifty and a giant one opened fifty, I would consider the small one to be expanding faster.
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I would believe that about Trump supporters, except that 38% of them also said they wish the South won the Civil War and 29% said whites were a superior race. Given those stats, I imagine many of them really do believe slavery should still exist.
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Fair point. I do particularly like the tea suggestion as the link has reasons why it is better than alternatives for cleaning the floor. Also, things like ketchup seem good because it's cheap and traditional brass cleaners do cost more.

That being said, I do think peanut butter seems like more of an emergency/nothing else works type of solution because it's not as cheap as many alternatives.
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Actually, correcting colloquially accepted words and expressions in an informal environment is not only the definition of being a grammar nazi (which, BTW, the capitalization of Nazi in this phrase is widely debated since it is not actually a reference to real Nazis or the Nazi party), but also just wrong. Language is always evolving and many common and proper words and phrases we use today were considered wrong 100 years ago. Snuck is actually in the Oxford English Dictionary and used more commonly than sneaked in Canada, meaning there it's actually the preferred form. Here in America it's almost as common as sneaked, meaning either is acceptable.

Regardless, you can act as though your comment was to somehow benefit the writer all you want, but it was not productive (nor was your catty follow-up response). In the end, the entire point was trying to prove your own intelligence which you really don't need to do here. Corrections for the sake of proving one's intelligence aren't beneficial to anyone but the one making the comment and almost universally unappreciated by everyone except that person.
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