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These things are going to be so loaded with OnStars and Siris and Cloud-connected data uploads and GPS and 50 people remotely monitoring their every move that any idea that an AI robot going to be 'alone' or 'in the company of just one or two others' is a quaint plot point.
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Unmentioned in this post but there is also the resentment in the other direction that men feel toward people who use 'sorry' as a social ritual when they clearly aren't sorry.
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Top 2 interesting things about me related to Letterman. Number 2, when I was in college I had an autographed 8x10 of Letterman head writer Merrill Markoe (among other people I liked) on my wall. And the number 1 interesting thing: I once got a view mail letter read on air.
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I was wondering about that funhouse. I couldn't believe they'd make one so elaborate for this ad. I'm also surprised the movie went to Texas. I thought it was all shot around Hollywood.
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