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This is eerily close to a running joke my friend and I had back when we were teenagers in the 70s. We used to pretend there was a show, and the lyrics to the theme song went: We are the robots.... We are the nurses.... (don't recall what that references), We're the crazy frat guys!.... (Animal House reference), I am the Captain!.... (Love Boat reference) This is our space ship -- and the premise was somehow that Kraftwerk, a bunch of sexy nurses, some frat guys and a captain were all traveling through space.
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"What do you think- can a macaque own the rights to a photo, or does David retain all rights because it was his camera?"

If you're asking me? Neither. He had no deal with the macaque, nor would he be able to enter into one. And he was unaware the photos even existed until later.

503.03(a) Works-not originated by a human author.

In order to be entitled to copyright registration, a work must be the product of human authorship. Works produced by mechanical processes or random selection without any contribution by a human author are not registrable. Thus, a linoleum floor covering featuring a multicolored pebble design which was produced by a mechanical process in unrepeatable, random patterns, is not registrable. Similarly, a work owing its form to the forces of nature and lacking human authorship is not registrable; thus, for example, a piece of driftwood even if polished and mounted is not registrable.
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