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I knew a guy who was an animator before digital and he punched a lot of pin-registered holes in a lot of sheets of animation paper in the course of his work which means he always had a ton of 'confetti' around which he used to hide in ingeniously mischievous places. One of the better ones was on a rainy day he'd fill your push-button, spring-loaded, automatic opening umbrella with it.
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I was inspired by a similar kind of video to order some nice candy canes from a place in Tallahassee a couple of months ago. Maybe I'll try this place, too. The process was pretty much identical except instead of cutting the drawn tubes into many pieces with a knife they folded them into canes. The tubes were fatter, too.
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I'm surprised at how clear and lacking of motion blur every frame was. They got a good look at that key moment. I was surprised enough to read up on it: "One of the issues with a camera like the gopro that makes them look very video-ish is the fact that they use shutter speed to control exposure and therefore end up shooting at a fast shutter speed in daylight- as many handycams do. "
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I think I figured out why the cat and the Phantom both have cat whiskers. He's the reincarnation of Snagglepuss. Or something. "The voice of Mudsy was provided by Daws Butler and was identical to his voice work for the character Snagglepuss, down to the use of Snagglepuss's catchphrases, Even. (In turn, that voice was an impersonation of actor Bert Lahr.)"
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Yes. What he said ^
The tires no longer touch the ground. Instead by going forward the tires drive the cylinders in reverse and the reversing cylinders are in contact with the ground.
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