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For real, I thought that was against the rules for college football. Didn't Reggie Bush have a TD in college called back, because he vaulted over another player?
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There are some interesting pairs. CA is both bad for business; despit this, it has the most productive businesses.
[That could be because of natural monopolies, in theory. In practice I think it's that innovative tech companies seem to be ok with the business environment in CA.]
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"The mad engineers who built it aren't sure how fast a person will go down it, but they think"...well that's just nonsense.
1) It sonds like it's a 3-person slide (so you must be on some kind of raft or something.
2) The engineers who designed it no doubt built models. They know the max speed you can attain, and that's how they've determined factors like how high the walls need to be, how much water needs to be there, how high the "hill" can be, how deep the pool at the end, etc.

They may be thrill-loving, but they're not lawsuit-loving.
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I do plenty of things I don't care for, at work. My employer pays me, and if it bothers me, I stop doing it, and they stop paying me.

It sure doesn't look like it bothered him. Yes, he was called out for being a douche. And the employer can't *prevent* him from receiving this treatment. The best way to prevent that treatment is to not act as he did.

Screw him.
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I'm sure that humiliation and embarrassment work for entertainment and demonstrating that you don't care, but I'm not sure it's training your child to be a very nice, sympathetic person.
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As I understand it, Buddhists occasionally eat vegetarian. As a result, many Asian countries have created vegetarian versions of meats (based in seitan, tofu, lycoprotein from mushrooms, or various beans). I don't want this to seem spammy, but an example is here: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/veggie-today-concord?select=hqUH3-fA4WXJdDVcGtWK0A#hqUH3-fA4WXJdDVcGtWK0A

(I looked for others that I've been to, such as Golden Era, but their menu's been cleaned up to put meat-referential terms in quotation marks...)
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All the CNN coverage of the first persian gulf war, which was an informercial for cruise missiles, which you saw hitting specific windows in buildings in Iraq.

And when Chapman shot President Reagan.
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1) The article is more about Pauling, I think, than vitamins.
2) I don't know whether it's learned dependency, or what. Vitamins don't make me feel better. But if i stop taking my multi for a few days, I certainly feel worse (foggy-brained, low-energy).
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Well, Mary, just because there are high *rates* of poverty doesn't mean *everyone* in those areas is poor. (And twitter accounts are free.) But yes, poverty in the US is defined differently...

I'm suspicious of the study...the selection of the 300 separate cities and towns could bias things, as could his interpretation of the connotations of some words. ("Hope" could be an indicator of many negative things. "My only hope is..." or "I have lost all hope..." or even "I hope I win the lottery" which is a pretty desparate statement... Plus, sarcasm and cultural differences around the country would mess with his algorithms.) Still, I'm sure *I* would be less happy in Texas, than in just about any other state....
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1) Why does the cocktail party look like an Oneg Shabbat?
2) I first went to right elbow. But I wonder if this one has something to do with the fact that your *date* is there, and therefore your right arm is somehow associated with your date...
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