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Why does everyone else's kids seem to get real plates and utensils, while our kids eat off of plastic with a (shudder) spork? Are we afraid that our kids will take metal utensils and turn them into shivs in metalshop class? Because metalshop was cut out of the curriculum years ago.
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Dr. Doom! I don't know if he finished his doctorate, after that terrible accident that left him scarred.
Dr. Frankenstein does have a MD or PhD, I think. He may be trusted with your life, since he can restore life to your dead body. On the other hand, he may put someone else's brain into it . . .
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I am overwhelmed. I would not have been so gracious for the first gift as this boy, who apparently must glue his shoes to repair them as a normal part of his life. It makes you want to start a Kickstarter for him to raise a scholarship or something.
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Just out of college, I had a job netting salmon at Bonneville Dam. One guy sat on top of a ladder watching the fish pass through the fish ladder. He had a button to press that would direct salmon into a chute that ended in a 6' x 6' tub. The rest of us would dip net the fish into a small dumpster filled with water and a fish anesthetic. The fish were knocked out, and then transferred to a tank truck of water. When the tank was full of fish, the truck would drive to a fish hatchery where the fish would 'ripen' before their eggs and milt were harvested. The whole process was probably quite stressful for the fish. I imagine this is a nicer alternative.
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If it helps, 'doki doki' is an onomatopoeia for a beating heart, and is used as a synonym for becoming excited. It is also used in the sense of 'my heart beats faster for you'.
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Multiple circular saws. Helicopter. Trees. Power lines.
What could go wrong?
(Actually, these guys are professionals, and they seem to know what they're doing. Still, it's hair-raising to watch)
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Proverbs 26:26-27
(26)Though his hatred covers itself with guile, His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. (27)He who digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him.
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