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aaannd . . . it's time for a shameless plug.
This is an idea I posted at Halfbakery.com: Make Your Carpool a Barbershop Quartet.

A two-CD set and instruction book could lead a carpool through the process of assessing singing ability and range, basic breath control and other technical considerations. The second CD would then teach the group some classic Barbershop standards.
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1. I like how the guy gets out of his car, not to check on the cyclist, but to make sure his car wasn't damaged by flying bicycle parts.
2. The next woman in the crosswalk appears to be eager to be the next victim, since she is crossing against the light!
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Thank you for posting this. It is fascinating to see that such experiments are still running, and to see some of the extremes of performance in otherwise-familiar devices. Neatorama often helps to stretch the mind.
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When he starts to present his thesis, after establishing the setting, the audience stops laughing. I think they suddenly realize that they are not listening to an entertaining speech, but one that drew them in with humor, and then turned it all around with a profound truth.
This is the way a good speech or story often works; by starting with a setting that the listener thinks they already understand, and then revealing the hidden parts that the listener never considered before.
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The one on New Mexico is sad and true. Sam Steel was the name of the first prospective graduate of New Mexico State University, except that he was murdered before he could actually graduate. A street. among other things, is named after him. I like to say that he is a tribute to 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory'.
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This may also mean that most of the dairy cows around the world are susceptible to some disease in the same way. This level of monoculture of livestock can have devastating effects at times.
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Engaged to Unidentified is a sweet and funny story about a high school girl who suddenly finds she is engaged to a boy from somewhere out in the mountains.

Description from Crunchyroll.com:

Yonomori Kobeni is a high school student who leads a pretty normal life... and then the day of her 16th birthday arrives. Despite having very little presence, her fiance, Mitsumine Hakuya shows up suddenly along with her sister-in-law, a little girl named Mitsumine Mashiro. Without any prior explanation, they begin their peculiar life together. Kobeni's older sister, Yonomori Benio, who has has a sister complex and is a bit of a pervert is thrown into the mix and things get even weirder. Kobeni's life is no longer normal.
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