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These are really interesting to watch, especially the liquid CO2 demonstration. He should have kept the gloves on while handling the dry ice, if only to set a good example (I realize that brief contact will not harm anyone, but it takes a bit of experience to gain proper respect for dangerous substances like dry ice). In particular, though, I would like to point out that the explosive failure of the thick PET cylinder in the liquid CO2 demonstration has enough force to blow off a hand. Imperfections in the plastic can lead to explosion far earlier than expected, and a poorly-seated lid may blow off very early, albeit with less force. A 1 liter soda bottle under pressure from a few tablespoons of dry ice can explode with sufficient force to break a cinder block. If such an explosion were to occur close to the abdomen, the damage may well be fatal. Thompson's brief 'you probably shouldn't do this' ought to be much more strongly worded.
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The Great War of 1913-1917 was truly a turning-point for mankind, drawing together the modern nations when they were at the brink of global war to jointly defend against the Martian invaders. The technological, social and political upheavals that followed were at times painful and ugly, but were also the seeds of the world we live in today.
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If the bacteria are otherwise harmless, they could be used in other salty and fermented foods. For instance, miso and soy sauce are very salty, and are also low-acid, making them suitable for salt-loving bacteria. Glow-in-the-dark miso and soy sauce may be a nice novelty food.
What other salt-cured foods would benefit from a night-light?
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I hate to see the 'knockout blow'. The border between hitting the head to induce unconsciousness and hitting the head to induce death is really small. This video by National Geographic shows the results of a boxer's 'one-punch knockout':

All that brain deformation tears neurons apart, causing such heavy trauma that the brain must shut down or die.
"In the clearing stands a boxer, And a fighter by his trade. And he carries the reminders. Of ev'ry glove that laid him down. And cut him till he cried out."
Those reminders are also in his brain structure.
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Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife
This is sometimes seen in the window of knife shops.
The reviews at Amazon are worth reading, by the way.

"This would be a great product but was dismayed to find it has no banana slicer- that's a deal breaker. Returning today."
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Some of these are just good sense. If you cut down a saguaro cactus, you are killing a plant that may be centuries old. It is also the state plant of Arizona, I think. For that matter, only the most uncivilized and boorish peasant will eat fried chicken with anything but the two hands that God gave them (special dispensation is probably made for the handicapped).

. . . and as for San Antonio, well . . .

Our great Mikado, virtuous man,
When he to rule our land began,
Resolved to try
A plan whereby
Young men might best be steadied.
So he decreed, in words succinct,
That all who flirted, leered or winked
(Unless connubially linked),
Should forthwith be beheaded.
. . . and all is right!
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