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EEeekk! That crunching noise of the dry, dry snow just sets my spine to cringing! His wife sounds like a gentle and loving soul, married to this crazy man who she loves dearly. It's very sweet to see this.
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That's a terrible uniform, if it needs such constant adjustment. It did look better than the first TNG uniforms, which appeared to be extremely uncomfortable.
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Way down California close to Joshua Tree
Way back up in the desert with the sand and scree
There stood a log cabin made of mirrors and wood
Where lived a country boy name of Johnny B. Goode
Who never ever learned to read or write so well
But he could play the guitar just like ringing a bell
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5. Ignore the vegetarians.
I agree with the part about vegetarians. Those who deliberately restrict their diets for reasons other than illness deserve what they get. If they are vegetarian out of conscience, then they must celebrate under the cross they bear, knowing that they suffer for a worthy cause. If they are vegetarian for reasons of having a healthy diet, then . . . thanksgiving. The whole point is to eat to morbidity, drink too much and argue politics with relatives. It's not about health.
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Those glasses do not appear to have any lenses, or the lenses do not refract light very much. You cannot see any interruption in the (very attractive) line of her face through the frame of the glasses.
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That is some excellent work! I never would have figured that a winch of this type would work, even though the math actually works out quite well (given the mass of the car plus water, length of the lever arm, radius of the spindle embedded in the ice, etc). Without having seen it, it would never have occurred to me. Now that I know, I will keep it filed away, in case I have need for something like this.
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A really moving piece. I had to suspend disbelief with the radio, though. I am pretty sure these types of radios work on half-duplex mode (like a CB radio). If Anigaaq is speaking, he's holding down the microphone button, and so his radio cannot receive. That's why radio speaking practices include the call "over" when the speaker is finished. It indicates that the frequency is clear to receive.
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The article linked is really very cute, and quite a testament to the love this couple hold for each other. The comments were a bit disturbing, because many pointed out the many different ways in which the Victorian era was, well, pretty nasty for those who weren't white and wealthy.
Some people are maybe too serious. I mean, this is mostly an extended cosplay, and it's kinda cute.
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You know, I disagree with Bill O'Reilly in so many things, but I cannot help but feel that his recitation was absolutely heartfelt. As much as we may be at opposite views on many issues, his dedication and love for the words and spirit of the Address are clear. He and I find commonality in that dedication, and I find it in myself to respect him. Perhaps I can hear his other words in a new light tomorrow.
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That's a really tidy sheep barn. I'm impressed with the all-wooden walls and gates. Barns that I have seen have chewed-up pens and lots of welded wire instead of solid wood.
It's also interesting that none of the sheep have their tails docked, even the adults.
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I hate to think that you are right, but you probably are. The only reason Blockbuster would have purchased Netflix would be to kill it, so it would not compete with its core business.
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In that case, I suppose it (becoming an orphan) is more palatable than the loss of parental care by deliberate abandonment that we see in Hansel and Gretel (although that may have been a 'stepmother' scenario. I can't remember.).
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The urinal is so poorly designed. Having a hard vertical surface perpendicular to the urine stream is almost a guarantee for spashback. A better design should provide some surface that is almost parallel to the stream, allowing the liquid stream to merge with the porcelain surface and lose momentum. A projecting ridge in the center of the urinal's back wall should be provided to act as a 'landing spot' for the urine stream.
Simply saying "pee sitting down" or "stand closer" is insufficient. A good engineering solution is called for here.
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Never try to rob that store.
By the way, do you maybe have the wording wrong?
"That may be a bit easier if you’re wearing one of Garrison Bespoke’s bulletproof suits."
That may be a bit easier if you’re wearing one of Garrison’s bespoke bulletproof suits.
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Watching the stream, the sheep appears to be pretty clean, and the wool is being taken and spun directly by hand spinning wheels. Hand shears, too. No electricity at all. Pretty docile sheep.
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