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When it hit the metal grating, my first thought was to wonder if anyone ever tried cooking in lava. Kind of like Chinese "Beggar's Chicken", one could drop a chicken into lava, and then pull it out to cool. The residual heat could cook the chicken, leaving it inside a shell of rock to be broken after serving.
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A friend of mine once came up with a great word for a group of congressmen: a flatulence of congressmen. This would make a great news line: "Legislation could not proceed because there was an insufficiently large flatulence to meet a quorum."

(Maybe a flatulence of politicians would be more generic)
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Comments on the linked article mentioned the existence of "rat kings," in which many rats are joined together by their tangled or otherwise fused tails. A rat king can have a lot of rats in it . . . dozens. Brrr!
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