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It's a fax machine template from telegraph days. A document was inserted between the perforated plates, and then a stream of dots and dashes was transmitted in which a dark perforation was indicated by a "dot" and a white perforation was indicated by a "dash". The receiving station would then use a pencil to poke a hole through paper in the designated perforations of the plates, creating a 'negative' and very low-resolution image of the original document.
"There's No Place Like" XL
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Why are chicken feet called "paws" but pigs feet are called . . . 'feet'?
I like 'em, but when I suggest cooking them, people look at me like I just proposed eating the family dog.
The feet have very little fat, but their rich flavor comes from the gelatin that's packed in the thick skin and the many, many bones. They are ideal for cooking with beans.
When I can get away with it, I will soak pinto beans and put them in jars, add a half a pig-foot, a couple cloves of garlic and a slice of onion. Close and pressure-cook at 15 psi for 30 minutes. The skin will become soft and chewy, while the beans have a very rich taste and texture.
After processing, complete the seals and then hide the jars where nobody else in the family will have to see them.
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"Haunting" is right. It's a beautiful song, and it is always perfectly evocative of the unreal feeling that the desert can bring. The lyrics don't need to mean anything, nor do they need to make sense. They become little half-formed thoughts that come and go in the quiet and isolation of the wilderness.
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Good take-away about the story there, but one should not omit the fact that her story is also about tons and tons of work. I mean, getting an engineering degree with an eye to law school? That's some ambition! She backed up all of her dreams with tremendous effort.
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In videos of this type, I can really do without the extra sound effects. I think it gives people a very false impression of the actual events. I think they used sounds from a lion killing a wildebeest, or something, to add to the video.
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They didn't include Zefram Cochran hitting the indicator lights of his first Warp Drive spaceship. I am disappointed.
Even today, with our computerized electronics, we may be able to overcome marginal performance of a component with percussive maintenance. The vibrations that are induced by percussion may create random fluctuations in the signal between components ('noise') that may make the actual signal more detectable. This is a phenomenon called Stochastic Resonance.
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This is like the Paradox of Zeno's Donut. The last donut in the box in the break room will be pared down by half and half again all day, never being fully consumed.
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On the nose! I remember reading a Time magazine review of StarWars when it came out. One of the things noted by the reviewer was that things had dings and scratches. It was a 'well-worn' universe.

The frontier aspect was also important. There are planets run essentially by criminal cartels, like Tatooine, because the Empire was unraveling at the seams. Such uncontrolled areas are the breeding ground for revolution.

Make a movie or sell toys? Post-cinema marketing is everything today, and so characters and extras are made to be easily translated into a line of action figures. The movie becomes a vehicle for selling stuff to kids, and is diminished. It is a gigantic product placement.
It also works this way for making money, so it's not likely to end.
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I would try to help the homeless man, but I would have to deliberately set aside my prejudices, judgement and fear. I first feel that the man fell because of self-induced impairment from intoxication, and so the fall is a natural consequence of his choices, and not a tragedy. I would also feel that falling is probably a frequent and normal part of the man's daily activities, and so he would be prepared to deal with it himself. Finally, I would be concerned that he would possibly misunderstand and attack me, or would somehow soil me by contact because of dirt or disease.
However, I have worked in my church's homeless outreach ministry for many years, and have come to regard many homeless or home-insecure people in my city as friends or frequent contacts whose situation is not as simple as I had first assumed. I have also come to regard their care and respect as my own responsibility: a privilege and burden gifted to me by my God, and so I am compelled to be compassionate and give assistance.
Because of this, I have had experience with the discipline of disregarding my natural defensive thoughts and attitudes in order to obey the command to follow the example of the 'Good Samaritan'. It is no easy thing, and I can understand the compelling impulse to ignore a fallen homeless, poor, smelly and strangely-behaving person.
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A friend of mine created the collective noun "A flatulence of politicians", which I think should be promoted for wide use (hot air . . . get it?).

I'd love to see the headline: "State legislature failed to convene due to insufficient flatulence"
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I had always wondered why childbirth on Star Trek was not facilitated either by beaming the child out of the womb or adjusting the artificial gravity to drop the baby. The latter method was featured in Robert Heinlein's novel "Time Enough for Love". It is almost a crime that neither Heinlein nor Lazarus Long are referenced in the text of the patent.

NOTE added in edit: Oh, the patent dates to 1965, and so predates the novel.
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I hate having stuff in my pockets, and my keys kept wearing holes in them. I finally settled on a system that is similar to the CERN Lecture Belt, but my family calls it the "Geek Belt". It is a nylon web belt on which I clip carabiners for holding a key ring and a USB Flash drive with a number of useful utilities, files and a couple of operating systems (it's a bootable drive). There's a case for my phone and also a larger case to hold a palmtop, my ID and credit cards. I also keep a knife clipped to it.
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I imagine that, had the route been filmed in 1923, it would have looked about the same. It's amazing how little has really changed in 60 years, although some of that may be due to restrictions on development next to railroad rights-of-way or something. Still, in 1953, one may have expected levitating trains and rocket ships by 2013, instead of a world unchanged but for the train's cockpit and the more casual attire.
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The HP iPAQ palmtop. I am making do with repairing mine with spare parts, etc found on eBay, but I can see the writing on the wall. I refuse to use a smartphone, because the PocketPC was really that . . . a pocket sized and pretty functional computer.
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I will attempt to clarify my earlier comment:
1. The behavior of the American who swallowed the pickled toe (shudder) reflects badly on the image of Americans traveling out-of-country.
2. The image that Americans project to the world has been in decline for many years, and so it is becoming more and more difficult to make Americans look worse.
3. The person in this story succeeded to make Americans look more boorish and uncivilized by his behavior, thus topping an already high performance bar.
4. This implies that his behavior was quite extreme in its offensiveness.
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