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Top earners in the U.S. no longer pay a marginal rate of 90 percent, but pay a hair less than 40 percent. Also, investment income is taxed at a different, and much lower rate. The government must run on borrowed money, our universities and research institutions are being downsized, and the magnificent infrastructure that was built in the postwar decades is rapidly decaying, but proposals to raise the top marginal rate are met with strong resistance.
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I am very encouraged by the courage of these students. It is no small thing to break the bonds of custom and history for the sake of justice. Seeing this through shows a high level of personal strength and commitment, which will certainly follow them in their educational and professional careers. College recruiters and employers take note!
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The heat of Sriracha is more persistent, which I tend to dislike. It has a more complex flavor, especially with the garlic component, so it tastes better. Still, I prefer the transient heat of Tabasco.
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Lady Macbeth says to her husband:
"My hands are of your colour; but I shame
To wear a heart so white."
He is distressed and guilty over the murder that he just committed, but she is ashamed that he shows such weakness.
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The entire idea of books as a commercial product is being transformed. The means of producing copies of books in large numbers used to require expensive machines, and their dissemination entailed a transportation infrastructure with warehouses and retail outlets. Today, a "book" is really a body of words that can be produced, copied and distributed electronically by anyone. I hardly ever read books that I must pay for. I have enjoyed many hours of good and entertaining reading of amateur fanfiction. While the majority of these works are not worth my time to read, I have been privileged to read many epic-length works that kept me enthralled from start to finish. I have been moved to sobbing tears or nosebleed-inducing laughter by reading free fanfiction written by people who have day jobs.
There is no shortage of great writing in this new century, but the declining ecosystem of publishing "houses" with their printing machines, marketing and paper will need to learn to recognize and co-exist with a new paradigm of written expression.
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"Terrible Swift Sword" by David Pascal
This is actually a fanfiction based on the anime series "Saber Marionette J," but is really well written. Another fanfic, based on the Ranma 1/2 anime and the Battletech universe is "The Saotome Gambit." The original website host is no longer online, but it can be found at the Vanished Fanfic Archive (scroll down to the story link on this page).
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I've always wondered why schools adopt the 'Trojans' as their mascot, since Troy was famously the loser of their war with the Greeks. Maybe because it's easier to spell than 'Myrmidons?'
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You know, I didn't 'get' the 'tongues' thing at first. Now I understand! It's all an attempt to write "tongs" that went wrong.
Sorry. Not as sharp as I'd like some days.
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