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Y'know, it's always great to see these compilations. People are indeed awesome. The potential for achievement in the spheres of the physical, intellectual and spiritual are almost unbelievable, and it is uplifting to see the abilities demonstrated by humans.
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This seems like a terrible idea. There appears to be 100% access to the phones for the guy in the van. He could pull information from their phones while he has them, or install malware on them that will give him access to information at a later date.
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This is also the site of a hellish sulfur mine, featured at Kuriositas.com.
The men who work here, without protective gear or machinery, break chunks of sulfur that form when sulfurous steam is cooled into pools of red molten sulfur. They protect themselves from sulfuric acid vapor with damp rags over their faces, and carry baskets with chunks of sulfur on their backs, climbing and walking several miles in and out of the crater.
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In the '70s, I read a science fiction detective story in which a building was designed with computer-controlled reflective windows, which were supposed to reduce the need for air conditioning and save energy. The building's computer was programmed to change the position of each window to maximize energy saving. Unfortunately, the designer also had a grudge against a rival who worked across the street, and so wrote a subroutine that was set to focus a deadly heat ray at his office window on a particular date and time.
It was, I think, published in "Analog" magazine, but I cannot remember any other particulars.
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When I was in the second grade, we had a visitor who brought a live turkey for us to see. She told us a number of interesting things about turkeys, and then showed that when the turkey dipped his head to drink, his wattle went from red to white. It was like the blood would only run 'uphill' on a turkey's face.
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Personally, I think that programmers of any voice-command and reply system should adhere to a tradition of answering the key phrase "Close the pod bay doors, please" with "I'm sorry , I'm afraid I can't do that"

Whether Google Now, Siri or Cortana, that ought to be the way the device should respond.
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