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This is just right for Google. Once their Robotic drones are able to recognize house numbers, they can destroy us with pinpoint accuracy. We are hoist by our own petard!
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In northern England, when two herds of sheep need to use the same road, a sheepdog would be sent to the place where the two herds would meet. The dog would hold this "merging traffic" sign in its mouth by way of the comfortable wooden handle, to warn the other herd of the oncoming traffic.
Molecular Biologists Do It With Hot Probes 2XL
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Not tone deaf at all! I have almost no upper-range hearing in my right ear (can't hear crickets if I lie down with my left ear on a pillow) and am developing tinnitus in my left ear (sounds like cicadas all the time), but I still aced the test.
How tone-deaf can people be? I mean, I once tried to listen to a movie using only the right speaker on a set of ear buds, and couldn't tell if the people were speaking English or Japanese, but I can distinguish tones. If someone rates as "tone deaf" on this test, I can't imagine what their aural environment must be like.
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First, he's a guy. Those things he did would have been easier to take if he had been a young, attractive girl.
Second, he didn't sing. A nice song (especially sung by a young, attractive girl) makes all kinds of unusual behavior more tolerable.
Third. Those eyes! He has the eyes of a psychopathic killer! He could be eating a hot dog, and it would look like murder.
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Wow. I think here in the 'states, we use cut-out decals with reflective glittery stuff in them. Even then, some of the letters are put in out-or-order.
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As I was scrolling down, I first thought Belle was holding a severed head. Imagine my relief.
Pocahontas seems to have a number of trophies on her, including the compass of John Smith. Does this mean that her war-club has the blood of John Smith?
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So, kids, back in the olden days you had to dial the whole phone number for your local police department. No easy-to-use 911 dispatch.
That odd black disk was a sorta-kinda compact disk, except that it had grooves cut into it to hold an analog representation of the music.
That huge box that they threw into the tree? It was a radio! Yes, radios used to be thaaat biiig!
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Aah! Aah! I finally know one! Maybe!
It's a grain weevil trap. You attach this to a long pole and thrust it into a load of wheat or corn (in a silo or in a train car) and let it sit for a day, then withdraw it. Weevils can crawl into the holes, and you can then count the number of weevils in a load of grain. There is a rather complex formula for this calculation that takes into account the temperature and relative humidity inside the grain pile, since weevils are more or less active depending on such factors, and so other instruments are attached by means of the clips.
Trust Me I'm a Scientist, XL
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Thank you so much for the debunktion. I was about to run out and get my "Dear Leader" hairdo*, but now I will stay with my regular style.

* Kim Jong-Un 'do . . . an Un-do?
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He was going to . . . melt it down? Even though it's made of gold and such, it's also crafted beautifully. Surely anyone could tell that it is a work of intrinsic value and beauty, even if made of baser metals! To think that, were it not for Google, this artifact would have been lost to the furnace!
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Hmm. OK, let's do an experiment.
"I'm going out to get some milk and cookies from Voldemort"
(Sounds terrible. They'll be spoiled or poisonous)
"I'm going out to get some milk and cookies from Volde-Mart"
(Sounds . . . actually about the same. Who would buy food at a Volde-Mart?)

Nope, the "Mor" phoneme has no effect at all!
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