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As someone pointed out in the reddit thread, and someone did in this entry, this ad is likely from India where there is a religion called Jainism. To quote Wikipedia:

"For Jains, lacto-vegetarianism represents the minimal obligation: food which contains even small particles of the bodies of dead animals or eggs is absolutely unacceptable."

So yeah, while this appears to be very silly at first, it's really targeting a group of people who do not want to kill anything, even micro organisms for religious reasons.
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Oddly enough even anime was inspired by Twin Peaks. Soul Eater has a recurring reference in it to Twin Peaks, and horror manga author Kaori Yuki has listed Twin Peaks among her favorite series.
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I love Big Fun, but his prices are kind of high. Also, it doesn't mention what kind of MLP toys he has. Almost all bronies are only going to buy 4th gen ponies and and ignore all the other gens.
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Having worked six nights at our Boo at the Zoo, I assure you the Disney princesses line is a HUGE success. About sixty percent of all the little girls were princesses and the majority of those were Disney ones.
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As someone who worked at McDonalds at the height of the Beanie Baby and Bear Happy Meal craze I can attest to how insane it was.

Nowadays I buy Beanie Babies for a dollar or two at thrift stores to use for Cosplay props.
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