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Ohohoho! :D

Congrats to you Alex for making this fine blog and to all the folks who contribute, post comments and visit. Hitting the big ol' 10,000 post mark and the 40,000 comments!! Yay!

High fives for everyone!
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It's true Marco that he has been on "The Simpsons" for some time, however, this would be the only time he was filmed actually talking about it on video.
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I have to imagine the first time I saw that scene I was also thinking of it being a harmonica. You know...even the evil guys like musical instruments.
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I've always wanted to go and see this just to see the two sides strut their stuff in an aggressive manner yet have the good natured decency to shake hands! This is how all tensions should be dealt out. Goosesteps, furious mustached huffing and then a handshake.

Besides, I'm sure both nations realize this is better than pointing guns at one another! Plus, the tourists coming in would certainly make it quite an incentive to continue this awesome tradition! :)
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It would certainly make one awesome joke if you bring in some fish for your significant other and then pretend you're eating it's brain. While he/she is gagging in disgust just say casually, "What? It's sushi!"

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Neat idea. I wonder if the story about the dolphin with no flipper on it's tail given a prosthetic may help this little girl in using a swimming prosthetic what will all the data and knowledge from the dolphin scenario.
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I'm amazed no one else had the thought after seeing the ginormous crab that considering the size of that beast...the trashcan hasn't tipped over. O_O
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It maybe old Anthony but the beauty is in the message. Everyday a person just learning to use the Internet stumbles upon the many horrors that many jaded/veteran Internet Users still remember.

You all know what I'm talking about... ;)
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I have to say that this puts my napkin origami (attempts!) to shame. I'm speechless by the awesomeness of this. Patrick you are AMAZING! :)
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I can just imagine him ripping his coat open revealing his suit. I'm sure at first the perps are either baffled and confused at an old man flashing them in a Spider Man costume and then shocked when they realize he means business.
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