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Ok, this is witchcraft...plain and simple.

@ the rest of you folks ^^ Oh, jeez. I guess I'm not the only one who has been corrupted by the Internets. O_o
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ALS sucks. I had met people during my volunteering at hospitals and seeing them struggle trying to be understood always tore me up. I'm just happy to see a possible way to communicate being created.

The Eyewriter is awesome and open sourcing is kick ass!
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Back when I used to live in residence the guys I used to live with would have a rule where when two or more of you call out drop your pants and shuffle towards the car. The first one who makes it to the car wins the seat. Of course, we learned the hard way not to do this in public and only on campus where one doesn't think much about 4 guys shuffling towards a car with their pants around their ankles. ;)
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