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Teen Built Submarine from Pig Trough.

14-year-old Swiss teen and naval enthusiast Aron Kreier spent 4 years to build his own pedal-powered submarine made from parts of a pig trough.

Link to photo [article in German], News Article - via Fortrean Times

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Jinnai Tomonori's Tetris Standup Comedy.

Jinnai Tomonori can make anything funny - even Tetris. It's probably funnier in Japanese, but you won't need a translation to figure out what's going on ...

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Unique Daily

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A DIY Wood PC Case for Just 22.4 Euros!

SuperMegaMau made his own PC case from wood for just 22.4 euros.

The final result without components in it weighs about 6.6Kg (2.2 lb). There's no reason to buy cases :) The final price was 22.4 euros, I Doubt there are many cases cheaper than this one in the market. The varnish cans were practically new... They're good for some 30 more cases like this one ... lol

Any one can build one of these, considering that this was my first wood construction...

Link - via digg

If you haven't seen it before, check out Neatorama's Ultimate Case Mod page.

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Mouse Hitching a Ride on Toad.

Mouse Hitched a Ride on Toad. Torrential monsoon rains and lightning storms hit northern India hard. This mouse was caught in a flood, until he jumped on the back of some toad who gave him a ride... From the website:

There's nothing like a friend to help you out when times are tough... And this mouse found himself an unlikely ally when floodwaters devastated parts of northern India.

He hitched a ride to safety on the back of a friendly frog which ferried him back to the bank when the mouse was swept into a swollen river near Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh.


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Ghost Ship with Corpses Found in Barbados.

When the Barbados coastguard boarded a white ghost ship that washed up the shores of the island, they made a gruesome find: 11 petrified corpses of young men, huddled in piles in the small cabin. They also find a mysterious note:

"I would like to send to my family in Bassada [a town in the interior of Senegal] a sum of money. Please excuse me and goodbye. This is the end of my life in this big Moroccan sea," the note said, according to a Barbados paper, the Daily Nation. Relatives of those aboard have been contacting the Barbadian authorities from as far afield as Senegal, Spain and Portugal. They have added pieces to the puzzle - based on telephone calls with relatives before they boarded, and with people who stayed in contact with the boat during the first stage of the voyage.

Read the full story: Link - via grow-a-brain

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How Little Mister Apricot Got Stripped of His Title.

Last month, 4-year old Matthew Burgos won Little Mister Apricot pageant title in Stanislaus County. Then he did something that caused him to be unceremoniously stripped of the title by the Apricot Board (yes, apparently there is such a thing).

Matthew's crime? After he was crowned, he flipped off the crowd ...

At Mil's Cafe, now all the talk is what happened next, when Matthew was unceremoniously relieved of his crown. The reason - the unfortunate flip of the finger.

Matthew's mom understands why the apricot board took Matthew's title, but wishes some townsfolk would just get over it.

“I think it is ridiculous, I mean he’s four years old,” she says.

CBS 13 asked the Patterson Apricot Fiesta Board to comment, they would not, except to confirm the story. First runner-up Michael Montiel will now assume the role of Little Mr. Apricot. Matthew doesn't even know he's been stripped of the title. His mom and dad say he likely wouldn't understand, anyway.

Link - via Dlisted

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Stroke Gave Woman Jamaican Accent!

Linda Walker woke up from a stroke to find that her brain changed her Newcastle accent into something else:

The 60-year-old may have Foreign Accent Syndrome, where patients speak differently after a brain injury.

The former university administrator says she hates what has happened to her and now feels like a different person.

Mrs Walker said: "My sister-in-law said that I sounded Italian, then my brother said I sounded Slovakian and someone else said I sounded French Canadian.

"But the latest is that I sound Jamaican, I just don't know how to explain it.

Link - via Linkfilter | Foreign Accent Syndrome [wiki]

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DIY Paper Model of a Pirate of the Caribbean Ship.

The Disney Experience has a very cool DIY paper model of the pirate ship Wicked Wench from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland.

Link - via Boing Boing

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500 lb. Rubber Band Ball vs. a Car.

What would happen if you unleash a 500 lb rubber band ball rolling down a hill onto a junker car?

See for yourself: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Cynical-C

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Benson Comic by Peter Durston and Tristram Baumber.

Neatorama reader Peter Durston wrote about his comic "Benson" and how it started:

It all started in Australia in 2002, when the boredom of working at a call centre forced two guys to draw comics to keep their sanity. Since no talking was permitted, they would collaborate on the strips by taking turns to draw a square each. In this way, they created many hilarious comic strips, until one of them moved to London.

But did that stop them? No sir! Now they continue to create the comic strips by posting them back and forth to each other. Before each strip is completed, it's been around the world six times!

Link - Thanks Peter!

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Stars and Stripes Forever Played with Trombone.

This amazing rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever [wiki] by John Philip Sousa played entirely by trombones is done by Bones Apart, a group of four young professional female trombonists (Carol Jarvis, Becky Smith, Rebecca Harper, and Camilla Tveit).

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - a very cool find by Miss Cellania. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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Taking Photos of Fireworks.

Digital Photography School has a neat little primer on how to take good photos of fireworks:

Aperture - A common question around photographing fireworks is what aperture to use. Many people think you need a fast lens to get them but in reality it’s quite the opposite as the light that the fireworks emit is quite bright. I find that apertures in the mid to small range tend to work reasonably well and would usually shoot somewhere between f/8 to f/16.

Link - via Make

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45,000 Bottle Rocket Fireworks.

Pile up 45,000 Bottle Rocket fireworks and light one, then run as fast as you can ... So, what do 45,000 bottle rockets look like? Why, just hit play or go to Link [YouTube] via Fazed

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Floating Magnetic Bed.

Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars spent the last six years working on a magnetic floating bed. He has a scale model now, but the real thing will probably cost about $1.2 million Euros.

Link - via OhGizmo

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Hamid Sardar's Reindeer People of Mongolia.

Hamid took some amazing photographs of the Tsaschin or Dukha, or simply the Reindeer People of Mongolia: Link, Homelands Article via Fogonazos

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Bill Clements, the One-Handed Bass Player.

Bill Clements is a Michigan bass player who lost his right hand and forearm in an industrial accident in 1989. This would have been a career-ending accident, but not for Bill, who started played again 3 months later.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube], Bill Clement's Website - via J-Walk

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Crate Tetris.

Wooster Collective has this neat little bottle crate tetris display made by Sam, Jerome, Ed, and Gab.

Link - via Cynical-C

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Self-Driving Car.

Many years after Hollywood's Herbie the Love Bug inspired a whole generation of viewers (and drivers), Volkswagen finally managed to make a car that can drive itself:

The remarkable car is the VW Golf GTi '53 plus 1' codenamed after the number '53' which Herbie carried when racing in his big screen adventures.

The GTi has electronic 'eyes' that use radar and laser sensors in the grille to 'read' the road and send the details back to its computer brain. A sat-nav system tracks its exact position with pin-point precision to within an inch.

laid out course on a test track.

On a race circuit, it drove itself faster and more precisely than the VW engineers could manage - and can accelerate independently up to its top speed of 150mph.

Link - Thanks David R!

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Sudoku Toilet Paper.

Why, it's the perfect thinking man's companion in the toilet: the sudoku toilet paper. When you're done with it, you know what to use it for ...

Link - via Betuman

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Gnarls Barkley's Crazy.

This official video of the pop hit Crazy by Gnarls Barkley is a Rorschach Inkblot Test [wiki] on steroids!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube], Gnarl's website - via Random Good Stuff

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Ann de Gersem's Chocolate Teapot Hat.

Ann de Gersem, the person who brought us the privacy skirt, er ... "life dress", also made this teapot hat out of chocolate:

A pink chocolate teapot hat? Pistachio green chocolate teacups with fur and pink foil? Dark chocolate whiskey snifter crystal ashtray bling? Ann de Gersem, a Design Academy Eindhoven MFA student graduates today with a collection of chocolate objects she designed in collaboration with the autistic employees of a Belgian chocolate factory. De Gersem, who isn’t autistic, wondered if the way autistics think could serve as a departure from conventional design methodology. Could autistic thinking lead to a new form of authenticity in design?

Link - via WMMNA

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Ruud van Empel's Photograph.

There's something weird in this series of photograph called "World" by Dutch photographer Ruud van Empel. Oh yeah, it shows creepy children in the woods and ponds!

Link - via Xayide

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Pirate Squirrel Poem.

by skwerly scouts club

O pirate skwerl, o pirate skwerl,
Trying to take the great black pearl.
Musket fire all around,dead skwerls on the ground.
The pirate skwerls will fight for rum, rum, the lovely rum.
Pirate skwerl Prizm, will take a stand against the demon skwerl band.
Shooting left and right,the demon skwerls will stand to fight.
Prizm falls, Prizm dies, never again to see the blue sky.
Now the demon skwerls are using hooks,
Launching themselves to every nook.
Now the pirate skwerls send out their best,
Putting Chipper the Ripper to the test.
Chipper, slaying left and right, the demon skwerls have lost this fight.
Now the pirate skwerls break out the rum, WHOOZA,WHOOZA!

More squirrelly things at Scary Squirrel World - via Frozen-One

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Jo Lawrence's Artwork.

Jo Lawrence playfully placed photos of old Hollywood stars on these household cleaning brushes. (Is that Rita Hayworth in the center?)


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Wire Furnitures.

Barry Griffiths makes furnitures out of wires. First, he fashioned the wires into a series of cubes, which he then coupled into more recognizable shape.


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Extreme Yoyo.

Metacafe has this video clip of the most amazing yoyo performance I've ever seen....

Does anyone know who this is and where this takes place?

Link[video clip]

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Ann de Gersem's Life Dress.

Need a little privacy? No problem, just puff up your privacy skirt and you'll be in your own little world soon enough ...

Link - via Frozen-One

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Digital Clock T-Shirt.

What time is it? Consult your shirt... That is, if you have this digital clock t-shirt (runs on 4x AAA batteries, which will last about 12 to 36 hours).

Link - via UberGizmo

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Zev Perlmutter's Little Fat Fridge.

Zev Perlmutter made this awesome fluffy fridge from plastic and styrofoam - it runs on an electric cooling system!

Link (Navigation's difficult on this Flash site: First, click on "Exhibition" link on the left-hand side, then click on Schulchan Aruch, then click the image in the first column, second row. Phew!)

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Woodworking While Blind.

John Cook refused to let his blindness get in the way of things, like woodworking:

For more than 30 years, Cook has created masterpieces from scratch. But, he never sees the finished product.

"My hands are my eyes," says Cook, "I can see imperfections, unevenness that your eyes cannot see."

Link - via Nothing to do with Arbroath

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