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The Daddle.

The Daddle is a Dad's saddle for horsing around... A superb way to monetize an age-old, free way to play with your kid!

Link - via Arbroath

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Archie, the World's Ugliest Dog.

Heather Peoples' Chinese crested dog "Archie" is ugly - really ugly. Actually, it's so ugly that it won the 2006 World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.

The competition was fierce - there were lots of ugly dogs. And hackers, too - what's a contest nowadays without a little hacking intrigue:

“The top four leaders were each missing around 35,000 votes. Clearly there was something very suspicious going on,” Vicki DeArmon, the California-based organiser of the event, said yesterday. “We were getting angry e-mails from owners and fans demanding to know what had happened. People were quite steamed up. There was a lot of finger-pointing — and paw-pointing.”

Way to go, Archie!

Links: Sonoma-Marin Fair Announcement | Gallery of Uglies Dog finalists | Times Online: Hacker | CBS5 Video Clip

Previously on Neatorama: Sam, World's Ugliest Dog and news of his death.

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Birds on a Tree.

Scott Fraser shot this video of thousands of European starling birds flocking and almost bringing down a tree.

Previously on Neatorama: Millions of migrating starlings create a "Black Sun"

Link [Google Video]- via digg

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Milky Way in the Desert Sky of Arizona.

This beautiful photo, from Earth Picture of the Day, is captioned:

The photo above was taken at 4:04 a.m. (local time in Arizona Time) from the Saguaro Astronomy Club -- about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. A Messier Marathon telescope was used to make this image showing the rising Milky Way seemingly adjacent to low clouds, which are being illuminated by light pollution from Tuscon. Note, the brilliant object at upper right is Jupiter.


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Janet Skiles' Illustrations.

Janet's a freelance illustrator from Illinois who has many more cool illustrations on her website: Link - via Ursi's Blog

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Hurricanes are Fueled by Global Warming.

What causes the unusually strong hurricane season of 2005? There are two theories: rising sea surface temperature and natural ocean cycles (such as El Niño)

A new scientific study suggests that rising sea surface temperature caused by global warming is responsible, instead of natural ocean cycles.

Using worldwide SST data since the early 20th century, Trenberth and Shea calculated the individual contributions of global warming and the AMO to Atlantic SSTs. They subtracted the irregular Atlantic temperatures from the temperature patterns in the rest of Earth's tropical and mid-latitude waters.

Their calculations show that about half, or 0.81 degrees Fahrenheit, of the Atlantic SST increase was due to global warming, while only 0.2 degrees owed to the AMO. The remainder of the increase could be explained by the aftereffects of the 2004-2005 El Nino and normal year-to-year variations in temperatures.


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Jan Peter Langkamp's Zig Zag Bench.

This configurable, modular zig zag bench is made by Dutch wood sculptor Jan Peter Langkamp.

Link | Jan's website - via cribcandy

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Chuck Norris Driving?

This went 'round the Net a month or two ago (we're very late on this one. It's one of the most watched clip on YouTube). Watch closely - do you think it's fake? Watch the pedestrians ...

The intersection in the video clip seems to be Westminster and Harbor [Google Earth] in Santa Ana, Southern California. - via Vudeja

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

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Jenny Chowdhury's CellBooth.

Artist (and engineer!) Jenny Chowdhury built this portable phone booth to provide privacy for cell phone talkers...

As I grappled with these issues of privacy, personal space and nostalgia for a "simpler time", the idea for portable phone booth was born. The portable phone booth, which I call the "Cell Atlantic CellBooth", is a wearable object you can carry around with you and set up when you need a moment to talk . The deliberate nature of setting up the booth and standing in place while one talks enforces the idea that the call is important -not something to do while picking up the kids, working out, or driving. Ultimately, I desired to recreate the illusion of privacy and stillness afforded by oldschool, 4-walled phone booths, but also to update the booth as a portable object that would fit into a modern life.

Link - Thanks Sergi!

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$100 Burger.

If you can afford Boca Raton Resort and Club's membership fee of $40,000 and additional yearly fee of $3,600, then this $100 hamburger is probably cheap for you:

Boca Raton Mayor Steven Abrams could barely speak between bites as he devoured the 20-ounce, $100 hamburger billed as the "beluga caviar of sandwiches."

At about 5 1/2 inches across and 2 1/2 inches thick, the mound of meat is comprised of beef from three continents — American prime beef, Japanese Kobe and Argentine cattle.

The bill for one burger, with garnishing that includes organic greens, exotic mushrooms and tomatoes, comes out to $124.50 with tax and an 18 percent tip included. The restaurant will donate $10 from each sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Link - via Random Citations, Thanks w.y.!

Other expensive foods previously on Neatorama: World's Most Expensive Cheese Toast, Sandwich, Diamond Cake.

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Jim Mason's V8 Blender.

Neatorama reader Richard Joslin suggested this photo of a blender powered by a V8 engine (?), built by Jim Mason:

HOLY COW!!!! The gas-powered flame-throwing margarita mixer that puts the one you posted earlier look like NOTHIN!!!

I've seen it in action - it runs on an electric motor that actually moves the pistons up and down in normal fashion at very high speed - a tank of propane supplies the flames. There is also a stick shifter to control speeds in typical 4-speed auto configuration.

Link | Jim's other crazy stuff - Thanks Richard!

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Japan's Futuristic Underground Flood Tunnel.

A neat collection of photos of Japan's futuristic flood prevention system called G-CANS [wiki] in Edogawa:

The G-Cans project (Shutoken Gaikaku Housui Ro, means drain outer Tokyo metropolitan area.) is an underground infrastructure in Tokyo, Japan built for preventing overflow of the city's major waterways and rivers during rain and typhoon seasons.

Work on the project started in 1992; it consists of five concrete containment silos with a height of 65 m and a diameter of 32 m, connected by 6.4 km of tunnels, 50 m beneath the surface, as well as a large water tank with a height of 25.4m, with a length of 177m, with a width of 78m, and with 59 massive pillars connected to a number of 14,000 horsepower (10 MW) turbines that can pump up to 200 tons of water into the Edogawa river per second.

The G-Cans project is also a tourist attraction, and can be visited for free. The main water tank resembles a temple and has been used in some movies and TV programs to create mystic scenes.

Link - via Ryan Davis

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Joel Sartore's Close Encounter.

A very cool photo from the talented Joel Sartore:

Separated from them by a yellow wire he thinks is an electric fence, Whopper the trained bear impresses some Boy Scouts. His trainer dreams of setting aside enough wild land in California so that the state animal can roam as it did before it disappeared from the state in the 1920s. (California, 1999)

See his other works: Link

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Nick Koudis' Photography.

This one's titled "Learning to Cook the French Way". Take a look at Nick's other fantastic photos: Link - via KingBoy

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Wooden Bike in Kashgar, China.

Remember the tree branch bike previously on Neatorama? Here's another cool wooden bike: Flickr user Kenpower snapped this photo of a working wooden bike with unconventional "handle bar" on his trip to Kashgar, China. Link

And of course, you can browse through some awesome bikes on Make Blog: Link

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Lilek's Dorcus Collection.

Ah, funny retro fashion never ceases to tickle our fancy. James Lileks wrote about this one above:

Don’t think we listen? Oh, we listen! We asked you, and you, and you: what’s the fresh new look for the season? And the answer always came back the same: you want to look like an aging French gigilo trying to blend into a harlequin convention.

Here our man Yves contemplates his next move. Dinner at the Ritz? The Opera? Servicing a married man who will throw the money at him afterwards and get angry? Je ne sais pas! Whatever the night demands, make sure your waistband is equidistant from crotch to nape. And keep a hand in your pocket where you keep the knife. The streets c’est froid, mon ami - but stylin’!

Link - via Stuff on Fire

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Jason King's Gorilla Warfare.

In this series called Starlight Meadows, Jason King is trying to tell us a story "about an imaginary world, a very small imaginary world populated with people that appear to be half-animal, like a primitive mythology". The political commentary shines through his animal-masked subjects.

Link - via Glyph Jockey

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Lots of LCD Panels Here ...

This stock trading room's got some sweet monitors: 282,240,000 pixels spread over 147 21" LCD panels. Link - via digg

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Notorious MSG's Straight Out of Canton.

Cooks by day, rappers by night: New York Chinatown's rap group Notorious MSG is hilarious. If you don't like rap or don't appreciate satire, then skip this one.

If you can't get enough, see: Hot in the Kitchen Wok-umentary and Egg Rolls

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube], Notorious MSG's website - via Exploding Aardvark

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Living with 1,000 Rats.

Chronicle / Kurt Rogers

From the website:

Petaluma animal control workers expected to find a horde of cats when they knocked on the door of a 67-year-old man whose neighbor complained of stench. Instead, they stumbled onto a scene straight out the movie, "Willard."

About 1,000 pet rats -- ranging from 3-year-old adults to little, pink newborns -- shared the one-room house with Roger Dier.

Link - via J-Walk

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Gary McKinnon: the UFO Hacker.

Gary McKinnon hacked into NASA websites looking for evidence of UFO and found this:

I had remote control of their desktop, and by adjusting it to 4-bit color and low screen resolution, I was able to briefly see one of these pictures. It was a silvery, cigar-shaped object with geodesic spheres on either side. There were no visible seams or riveting. There was no reference to the size of the object and the picture was taken presumably by a satellite looking down on it. The object didn't look manmade or anything like what we have created. Because I was using a Java application, I could only get a screenshot of the picture -- it did not go into my temporary internet files. At my crowning moment, someone at NASA discovered what I was doing and I was disconnected.

I also got access to Excel spreadsheets. One was titled "Non-Terrestrial Officers." It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I've never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.

Uncle Sam was not amused and tried to extradite him to be tried in the US.

Very interesting Wired Article: Link

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Made in China.

If you think your job sucks, at least it's not this. See larger photo: Link - via grow-a-brain

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Doomsday Illustrated: the Meteor Scenario.

What would happen if a large meteor hits the earth? This Japanese animation illustrates this doomsday scenario in terrifying clarity.

The earth's crust of 10km in thickness where ground in the earth is composed is wholly peeled off. This is called,"Earth's crust tidal wave". There is 1km width of the rock, and it flies to the sky it by the impact. The impact surges to the Japanese Islands and,as a result, the Japanese Islands are crushed. The splinter of the crushed rock easily exceeds the height of 1000Km. After exceeding the atmosphere it reaches space. Afterwards, the splinter of the rock falls again in surface of the earth. The edge of Crater completed by the collision of the meteorite is 7000m in height. It looks like a huge mountain range. The diameter of Crater has 4000Km. Crater is big to swallow a part from Guam to a Chinese continent. But,it was only an introductory chapter of the tragedy that would start in the future.....

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] via Boing Boing

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RIP Harriet, the Tortoise who Knew Darwin.

Harriet, who became famous for (probably) being studied by Charles Darwin, died at the age of 175.

Senior vet Dr John Hangar told Australia's ABC that Harriet, a Giant Galapagos tortoise, had died of heart failure after a short illness.

"She had a very fairly acute heart attack and thankfully passed away quietly overnight," Dr Hangar said.


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This ad for Vodafone lets you destroy various office desks (so you can be mobile and work anywhere, of course!): Link - via Milk and Cookies

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World's Shortest Hunger Strike.

Saddam Husein ended his hunger strike after missing just one meal....

The former Iraqi leader had refused lunch on Thursday in protest at the killing of one of his lawyers by gunmen, but the spokesman said he ate his evening meal.


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Tank Chair.

I've got just one word: AWESOME!

How the Tankchair was built

It took me 2 years and I tried everything I could think of. Pneumatic tires, bigger wheels, stronger motors, and my favorite, a hellish jet ski/snowmobile looking thing with wheels. The last one was ugly, expensive, and will make someone a strong anchor. My father-in-law was in my garage one day and I was complaining about my latest plight and he said, "Wouldn't it be neat if you could put some tracks on it? Like a tank?"

The light bulbs went off in my head and we hit the computer to see who has tracks out there. We found the tracks you see on the tankchair. I won't bore anyone with my next challenges but we worked them all out.

My wife went "hiking" for the first time since her accident, (over five years ago) and the smile on her face was a sight to behold. My wife has a smile that can rival a sunrise. We have taken the tankchair through snow, mud, sand, gravel, upstairs, and downstairs. This chair isn't the answer to someone who is paralyzed, but it can give them ALOT more options. Turns out that other people want a Tankchair so I'm going in debt and am going to build them. Everyone needs to be custom made because of different factors for the client. Their injury, weight, and physical size all come into play. The tankchair I built for my wife wont work for someone who weighs 300 pounds and has a T1 break. But I can build one for that person. It will just look a little different for their safety.

Link - via Neon Poisoning

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Pea-Sized Shell: World's Oldest Jewelry?

An international research team has discovered three shell beads that are between 90,000 and 100,000 years old and suspect that they're ancient jewelry.

Two of the ancient beads come from Skhul Cave on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Israel. The other comes from the site of Oued Djebbana in Algeria.

The finds, which pre-date other ancient examples by 25,000 years, are described in the US journal Science.

The pea-sized items all have similar holes which would have allowed them to be strung together into a necklace or bracelet, the researchers believe.


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A Morbid Ceiling Art.

Photoshoppery? Anyhow, very interesting and morbid idea... Found at Across-the-Board.

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Black Sun: Millions of Birds Block Out the Sun.

From the website:

During spring in Denmark, at approximately one half an hour before sunset, flocks of more than a million European starlings (sturnus vulgaris) gather from all corners to join in the incredible formations shown above. This phenomenon is called Black Sun (in Denmark), and can be witnessed in early spring throughout the marshlands of western Denmark, from March through to the middle of April. The starlings migrate from the south and spend the day in the meadows gathering food, sleeping in the reeds during the night. The best place to view this amazing aerial dance is in the place called "Tøndermarsken," where these pictures were taken (on April 5 from 19.30 to 20.30 local time).

Link - via Militant Platypus

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