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Disney's Retooled Pirates of the Caribbean Ride.

How about a fan-made video of the newly re-tooled Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland?

Link - also via Miss Cellania

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow Look-alike.

Ron Rodriguez looks amazingly like Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean - so much so that he won first prize (a car!) in a look-alike contest

Links: Herald-Sun News | SFGate: Day in Pictures | Celebrity Lookalike: Ron Rodriguez - via Miss Cellania

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David Hasslehoff's Jump in My Car.

That's right - The Hoff wants you in his car...

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

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Trading a Paper Clip for a House.

One year and 14 trades later, Kyle MacDonald had successfully bartered a single, red-paper clip all the way up to a house (shown on the left)

MacDonald began his quest last summer when he decided he wanted to live in a house. He didn't have a job, so instead of posting a resumé, he looked at a red paper-clip on his desk and decided to trade it on an internet website.

He got a response almost immediately — from a pair of young women in Vancouver who offered to trade him a pen that looks like a fish.

MacDonald then bartered the fish pen for a handmade doorknob from a potter in Seattle.

And so forth, and so forth ...

Link - via Metafilter

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Pimped Out Limousine.

All that's missing from this stretch SUV Limo is the pole... If this isn't big enough for all of your buddies, check out the LimBusine.

Link - via Ursi's Blog

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13 Crystal Skulls.

As an object, skulls are powerfully symbolic. An ancient Indiang legend said that there were 13 crystal skulls of the Goddess Death, and that they had to be kept separate from each other and hidden throughout history.

Archaeologists (and paranormal hunters, ok maybe mostly paranormal hunters) have discovered a few of them:

First, art critic Frank Dordland started investigating the strange skull. After a closer investigation, he discovered that the skull had a complicated system of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating unusual optical effects. The investigator was surprised to discover no signs of processing on the skull's perfectly polished surface. They couldn't be seen even with a microscope. Frank Dordland even addressed Hewlett-Packard, the famous company that specialized in crystal oscillators at that time, for a competent examination of the crystal. ...

Researchers found that the skull had been carved against the natural axis of the crystal. Modern crystal sculptors always take into account the axis, or orientation of the crystal's molecular symmetry, because if they carve "against the grain," the piece is bound to shatter -- even with the use of lasers and other high-tech cutting methods.

To compound the strangeness, HP could find no microscopic scratches on the crystal which would indicate it had been carved with metal instruments. Dorland's best hypothesis for the skull's construction is that it was roughly hewn out with diamonds, and then the detail work was meticulously done with a gentle solution of silicon sand and water. The exhausting job -- assuming it could possibly be done in this way -- would have required man-hours adding up to 300 years to complete.


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Fart-Free Beans.

Researchers from Venezuela discovered the secret to producing fart-free beans:

Flatulence is caused by bacteria that live in the large intestine that break down food not already digested higher in the gut. The gas the bacteria produce is emitted from the body as a fart.

Granito and colleagues found that adding these two gut bacteria to black beans, or Phaseolus vulgaris, before cooking makes them even less likely to cause flatulence.

What? Fart-free beans? Is nothing sacred anymore? What will I do with my anti-fart chair cusion?


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Bush Pilot.

This explains everything! Hit play or go to Link [Google Video] via Cynical-C

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Underwater Basket Weaving PhD.

What? You didn't think that it was true? Here's University of Central Arkansas' new degree in Underwater Basket Weaving and here's University of Portsmouth's syllabus on the course. :)

Let's let Wikipedia have the last words: Link - via zxcvzxcv

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Red Praying Mantis.

If you think the praying mantis we had previously on Neatorama was bad-ass, check this one out! Like the Matrix, man! From - via LightChaser

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The Most Amazing Dog in the World.

Faith was born with no front legs, so she learned to walk like a human. If you are having a bad day, think of this and never give up.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Metafilter

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Catherine Bujold's Moonbase Alpha.

Catherine loved the TV show Space:1999 [wiki] so much that she's renovating her house to look like Moonbase Alpha! (She calls hers Sorellarium after the Sorella Lamp made by the Italian company Guzzini in 1972, which is used as a prominent prop in the TV show).

Link - via Cynical-C

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Baby Born on 6/6/06 Named Damien.

From the website:

Suzanne Cooper's son was delivered at 6.59am and weighed 6lb 6oz (2.9kg) after being induced for six days. He was due on Saturday and husband Mike called the wait for his child 'a bit of a horror show'.

He had to persuade his wife, a 36-year-old special needs teacher, to agree to the name.

'The Omen is one of our favourite films and that's why I was keeping my legs crossed for a birth on the sixth,' she said. 'It does seem a bit weird I suppose – but he's perfect.' Damien was born at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Link - Thanks Tiffany!

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Homeless Chinese Farmer's Fantastic Robots.

Photo: Reuters / China Daily

Chinese farmer Wu Yulu likes making robots - has has made 25 robots in the past 26 years. Now, he is homeless and is forced to sell his home-made robots to pay off debts after his house burnt down.

All 25 robots are made of wire, metal, screws and nails found in rubbish sites, with some able to serve tea, light cigarettes and push rickshaws, the China Daily newspaper said.

"I couldn't sleep for several days after selling the child, but I had no other choice. I had to pay off my debts," Wu was quoted as saying.

"I love to play with robots. The cleverer they became, the deeper the emotional link I felt to them. Later, I began to call them my sons."

Link - via Boing Boing

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Light of Invisibility, Coming Soon!

Mark Frogley and Chris Phillips of the Imperial College London, discovered a neat quantum trick: a way to make a light ray that make things invisible.

Using two powerful beams made this way, the team performed its vanishing trick: the artificial atoms became transparent to one beam when a second - coupling - laser illuminated them at the same time. "By shining an invisible powerful laser onto these 'artificial atoms', we have learnt how to control the motion of the electrons so they no longer absorb light - when the laser is switched on, the crystals instantly become invisible, only to return to their normal opaque state when the laser is switched off."


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Rodger Roundy's Artwork.

This one is titled "A Woman of Letters" and if you see closely, she's diving into a sea of alphabets... See more of Rodger's artwork here: Link

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Kids and an Open Can of Paint, What Could Go Wrong?

Forget buying your friend's kids a drumset, buy 'em a gallon of paint instead! Found at Factum

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Strangest Skating Performance Ever: Evgeni Plushenko.

From the 2005 Winter Skating Championships in Lyon, France. The skater is Evgeni Plushenko [wiki] and the song is Tom Jones' Sex Bomb. I have no comment, you'd just have to see it ... Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] via For Your Entertainment

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Kropserkel's Horse Head Pillow.

In addition to making top-notch costumes and replicas (don't miss the Lord of the Ring's Nazgul Armor, Cylon Centurion costume, and Brazil Information Retrieval Mask) conceptual art company Kropserkel also made this awesome severed horse head plush pillow.

Now you can make your friends and enemies a gift they can't refuse ... for only $70!

Link | Kropserkel's website

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Bible Diagrams.

Mark Poyser made some awesome diagrams of events, people, and places described in the Bible. That one above (too small to read, so visit the site) is the descendants of Adam as described in the Genesis.


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Sunny the Horse Needs Sunscreen.

Sunny, a police horse in Humberside, UK, has a sensitive skin that makes him prone to getting sunburns. After asking for help on the Net, a chemist mixed 5 gallon of SPF 50 lotion, which the horse uses everyday now!

Link - via Unique Daily

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Push Pin Lamp.

From Hot Gadgets:

Measuring in at 19cm x 19cm x 39cm our Push Pin Lamp adds a dash of color to all work spaces, or wherever you want to put it for that matter.

The lamp has a cork bottom that is great for sticking notes and reminders, too. Choose from red, orange, blue or green. The light bulb fits right into the push pin head, and to make this sucker light up you just press down on the top of the push pin.

Too bad it's out of stock right now! Link - via Luxury Housing Trend

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Volleyball + Trampoline = Bossaball.

What is bossaball?

Bossaball is a ball game between 2 teams. It's a mix of volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira. The court is a combination of inflatables and trampolines, divided by a net.

Link - via Deep Fun

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Monty Python Holy Grail in Lego.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Lego. Cardinal Fang put together the scenes of Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Lego. This one to the left is the fight with the Black Knight:

Black Knight: Oh, had enough, eh?
Arthur: Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no arms left.
Black Knight: Yes, I have.
Arthur: Look!
Black Knight: Just a flesh wound.


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Andrey Kuznetsov's Movie-Inspired Lubki.

Andrey Kuznetsov made fantastic lubki (singular lubok), a form of Russian folk arts, inspired by famous Hollywood movies!

Link - via Metafilter

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Stephen Hawking Asked, Regular Folks Answered: How Do we Survive?

Physicist Stephen Hawking asked this question on Yahoo! Answers:

How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?

And within a few hours, he received over 10,000 answers from regular folks!

Link - via Reality Carnival

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Ice That Sinks.

Yes, everyone knows that ice floats - but you can actually make heavy ice that sinks to the bottom by using heavy water.

The key to the trick is heavy ice. Many terms shouldn't be taken literally—a red quark isn't red, a peanut is neither a pea nor a nut—but heavy water is exactly what it sounds like: water that weighs more than normal. This is possible because elements occur in several different forms, or isotopes, made up of atoms with the same number of protons and electrons (which determine their chemical properties) but a variable number of neutrons (which contribute weight but not much else).

Hydrogen atoms always have one proton and one electron, but only one in every 6,400 has a neutron that nearly doubles the atom¹s mass. Using a complex process called H2S, it¹s possible to isolate this heavy hydrogen, also known as deuterium (D), creating water that¹s about 10 percent heavier than normal.

Chemically, D2O—as it's written—is real water. Algae can grow and thrive in pure heavy water. Specially raised mice have contained as much as 25 percent heavy hydrogen; beyond that level, subtle biochemical reactions make the heavy mice sick. (Researchers used mice because they are small. Raising a heavy cow would be expensive.)


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Jaques Rougerie's Sea Orbiter.

French architect Jaques Rougerie designed this floating rig that would look right at home in Jules Verne's story. So far, only a scale model has been built (this whole thing is from 2005), but the real thing will be a huge 51-meter tall floating platform.

The upper part of the Sea Orbiter will be a scientific station for studies of the climate and changes in water and the atmosphere. The station will make wave measurements and calibrate the precise position of satellite trajectories. The underwater part of the new vessel will be equipped with a fish-collection system for studies of the pelagic ecosystem, plankton biodiversity and fish stocks.


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Japanese Soldier Fought WW II Decades After It's Over.

In 1944, the Japanese Army sent then 23-year-old soldier named Hiroo Onoda to the small island of Lubang in the Philippines to lead a guerilla warfare.

In 1974, nearly 30 years after the war was over, he finally surrendered:

By the time he formally surrendered to Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos in 1974, Onoda had spent twenty nine of his fifty two years hiding the jungle, fighting a war that had long been over for the rest of the world.

Link | Hiroo Onoda [wiki]

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Sandals from Old Things...

When Make Blog put a post on sandals from old auto tire, that's creative!

But when Neatorama puts out sandals from old water bottles, that's just sad...

(Forgot where I got this pic - if anyone knows the story behind it, please let me know!)

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