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The World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Version of the World's Largest Things.

Erika Nelson is the artist who created this traveling roadside attraction and museum. Her other special accomplishments:

Through her travels, she has written a Graduate thesis titled "Driving Around Looking at Big Things While Thinking About Spam", prepared a full meal utilizing foil and her automobile’s radiator and heat manifold, stood on a sideshow performer lying on a bed of nails with a genuine Kansas Cowboy at the last functioning "10-in-1" sideshow in Coney Island, found out what "The Thing" is in southern Arizona, drunk free ice water at Wall Drug, eaten Rocky Mountain Oysters, bought a Genuine Walnut Bowl from somewhere along I-70, seen Rock City, and been stuck in a traffic jam in Branson in front of Yakov Smirnof.

Somehow very, very fitting. Link (Thanks Yayo!)

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New Items from the NeatoShop:

55-Gallon Drum Luxury Sink.

"Kyle" bathroom sinks look like 55-gallon drums. The name's a misnomer, for sure. Since the base costs $1,790, and the basin $840, I would call them: "expensive-like-a-barrel-of-oil sink"! Perfect for those industrial-chic homes. Link (via J-Walk Blog)

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Brazilian Stonehenge.

Brazilian archaeologists have discovered an Stonehenge-like stone structure in the Amazon:

A total of 127 large blocks of stone were found driven into the ground on top of a hill. ... Well preserved and each weighing several tons, the stones were arranged upright and evenly spaced.

What impressed researchers was the sophistication of the construction. The stones appear to have been laid out to help pinpoint the winter solstice, when the sun is at its lowest in the sky.


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Sato Shintaro's Twilight Zone (Tokyo and Osaka at Night).

From the website:

These shots were taken in the streets of Tokyo and Osaka at night , and in them I have avoided the more aesthetically pleasing locations such as seaside areas and the well-known "subcenters" in favor of the everyday disorder of the streets. Take a brightly-lit busy street bustling with people and remove the people: the purpose of the lighting is lost and only the glow remains - providing a glimpse of the streets we know well from a less familiar perspective.

Link (via Fosfor)

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Double Amputee Conquered Everest.

Mark Inglis, a double amputee who lost his legs to frostbite 23 years ago, reached the summit of Mt. Everest, making him the first ever double amputee to do so.

Way to go, Mark! Link

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Fake Chinese Chip Scandal.

Chen Jin became China's national high-tech hero overnight when he "invented" China's first homegrown computer chip dubbed "Hanxin".

Turned out, he simply scratched away the logo from a Motorola chip with sandpaper and replaced it with his own!

Two years later, according to press accounts, the whistleblowers came forward. Some colleagues had a dispute with Chen and they began contacting the government. They claimed, according to the media, that migrant workers had simply scratched away the name "Motorola" from a chip and replaced it with "Hanxin."


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Koranic Tuna.

A tuna caught at Vanga, near Tanzania border and sold to a Kenyan man, is making a stir because it had the Koranic writing "Wallahu khayru razikiyna" (God is the greatest of all providers):

Mr Hassan said Islamic scholars had gone through the message and "there is no doubt that the almighty God is communicating with his people."

Meanwhile, at the Mombasa Old Town, the find has baffled the Muslim residents.


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Earthquake Rose.

From the website:

On February 28, 2001, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake, located some thirty miles below the surface of the earth and a few miles away from Olympia Washington, moved the ground for a bit more than half a minute. Damage was surprisingly light, due, in part, to structural retrofitting throughout the region, and also to the epicenter's depth.

A sand tracing pendulum, located at a shop in Port Townsend called Mind Over Matter (since moved to Sedona, Arizona), produced some very interesting patterns.

The smooth curves you see to the outside of the Earthquake Rose are what you normally see when someone sets the pendulum in motion to make a tracing...and without seismic assistance. You can see the patterns left when someone started it before the earthquake. This happy coincidence made what many people are describing as an eye...some even saying that it looks like Poseidon's you remember that he was the god of earthquakes as well as the sea?

The earthquake's handiwork is the design in the center. While it's tracery makes up the pupil of the eye, it also strongly resembles a rose, which inspired us to call it the Earthquake Rose.


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Penny Cost More Than One Cent to Make!

For the first time in US history, it costs more to manufacture a penny and a nickel than the value of the coins themselves!

The Mint estimates it will cost 1.23 cents per penny and 5.73 cents per nickel this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. The cost of producing a penny has risen 27% in the last year, while nickel manufacturing costs have risen 19%.

Link (via Something of Interest, Thanks Jason!)

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Blinged-Out Mercedes.

Leftlane News has awesome photos of this diamond rhinestone-covered Mercedes SL. Liberace would be proud. Link

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Largest Maps of the Universe.

Two new maps of the distribution of galaxies in the universe, derived from data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, revealed colossal structures and supported the idea that the universe is dominated by dark matter and dark energy.

One of the teams, led by Chris Blake of the University of British Columbia, Canada, has created the largest map of the heavens ever produced. It includes more than a million galaxies and the farthest sits more than 5 billion light years from Earth.

The other group, led by Nikhil Padmanabhan at Princeton University in the US looked at 600,000 galaxies covering a similar region – about one-tenth of the sky. But both final maps rely on only 10,000 spectral measurements.

Link (Thanks Johnny!)

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Suntory's Blue Rose.

Florigene, a company owned by Japanese brewer Suntory (remember the Suntory Time whiskey commercial from the film Lost in Translation [wiki]?), has developed the world's first "blue rose" by using biotechnology.

For the first time in the world, SUNTORY has succeeded in creating blue pigment in roses by implanting the gene that leads to the synthesis of blue pigment from pansy. Unlike the roses created by using conventional breeding technologies, the roses developed by us have almost 100%* Delphinidin in their petals, which has allowed these new and very different blue roses to become a reality.


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Glasswing Butterfly.

Martina Koloska took this amazing picture of the Glasswing butterfly (Greta oto), as seen 'round the Net.

Link | More Pics (Thanks Riga!)

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Steve Oedekerk's Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle.

I missed this one when it came out in 1999 (and Neatorama wasn't around then, anyways).

YouTube link [video] | O Entertainment website (via PistolWimp, Thanks Yayo!)

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Google Fashion?

Neatorama reader Y.Y. Qian wrote:

Interesting, there is a fashion house named Google in a chinese city, but selling nothing to do with Google products (e.g even Google T-shirt).

Interesting, indeed! Link

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Claire Joyce's Glitter Art.

Neatorama reader Garth Johnson wrote:

If you like gum painting, you'll love the glitter paintings of Claire Joyce. She paints using nothing more than Elmer's Glue and sprinkled glitter on wood panels. She recently completed 3 4'x8' baroque glitter paintings.

Link | Flickr Photoset (Thanks Garth!)

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Life-Size Bread Sculpture a Hit with Pigeons!

Costanza Puente's latest work is a life-size self-portrait statue made from bread, on public display in the park of Chile's Catholic University Extension Centre. Understandably, her work is proving popular with the pigeons in the park.

Link (Thanks Yayo!)

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The Best Ping Pong Player is ...

Forget Forrest Gump - this is the best ping pong match EVAR!!

Link [video clip] (via SkyKam)

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Lamborghini as Wall Art.

(Photo Rick Loomis / LA Times)

Richard Moriarty bought this 1974 Lamborghini Countach 10 years ago. Now, sick and tired of having it towed due to stalled engine, he decided to hang it on his wall as art.

Because Home Depot doesn't sell kits to hang cars as artwork, Moriarty hired a 70-ton crane to lower the Italian sports car through a skylight in his living room. ...

Moriarty bought the car 10 years ago, paying a collector $60,000. But the upkeep was a nightmare. The gas tank had rust damage, and the engine kept stalling. "I got tired of having it towed," he said. ...

Then a five-man crew maneuvered the 1,000-pound, engineless vehicle through the skylight and hung it from a steel-reinforced wall with loops of half-inch-thick steel cable.

"It's a beautiful piece of art," Joiner said. But Moriarty, in flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt, wasn't quite satisfied. "I want to stencil some tire marks on the wall," he said. "Seriously."

A very interesting article at the LA Times: Link

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Myrtle Corbin, the Four Legged Woman.

The Human Marvels blog has this interesting story about Myrtle Corbin aka the Four-Legged Woman:

While at a glance one could plainly see four legs dangling beyond the hem of her dress – only one pair belonged to her, the other set to her dipygus twin sister. Born in Cleburne, Texan in 1868 - her condition was incredibly rare. The tiny body of her twin was only fully developed from the waist down and even then it was malformed – tiny and possessing only three toes on each foot. Myrtle was able to control the limbs of her sister but was unable to use them for walking and she herself had a difficult time getting around as she was born with a clubbed foot. Technically, the ‘Four-Legged Woman’ only had one good, usable leg.

Myrtle was a popular attraction with P.T. Barnum, and later with Ringling Bros. and Coney Island. Her popularity was likely linked to her showmanship – she would often dress the extra limbs with socks and shoes matching her own and this gave her a truly surreal appearance. Myrtle was so popular that she was able to earn as much as $450 dollars a week.

At the age of 19 Myrtle married a doctor named Clinton Bicknell. It was then that other aspects of her bizarre anatomy became evident. It seems that her twin sister was also fully sexually formed – thus Myrtle possessed two vaginas. She had four daughters and a son and it has been rumored that three of her children were born from one set of organs and two from the other. Whether this is true or not; it is medically possible. In Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine by George M. Gould and Walter L. Pyle it was observed that both vaginas menstruated – thus indicating both were possibly sexually functional.

Myrtle passed on May 6, 1928, surrounded by family and friends.

See: The Human Marvels

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Niagara Falls Facts: Do the Falls Freeze Over in Winter?

From the website:

The tremendous volume of water never stops flowing, However, the falling water and mist create ice formations along the banks of the falls and river. This can result in mounds of ice as thick as fifty feet. If the Winter is cold for long enough, the ice will completely stretch across the river and form what is known as the "ice bridge". This ice bridge can extend for several miles down river until it reaches the area known as the lower rapids. Until 1912,visitors were allowed to actually walk out on the ice bridge and view the Falls from below. February 24th of 1888 the local newspaper reported that at least 20,000 people watched or tobogganed on the ice. Shanties selling liquor, photographs and curiosities abounded. On February 4th 1912 the ice bridge broke up and three tourists lives were lost. ...

HOWEVER.... The flow of water was stopped completely over both falls
on March 29th 1848 due to an ice jam in the upper river for several hours. This is the only known time to have occurred. The Falls did not actually freeze over, but the flow was stopped to the point where people actually walked out and recovered artifacts from the riverbed!


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Alien Ex Voto.

Flickr user Baikinange has this neat pic of a Mexican man's ex voto (a votive offering to a diety, given for the fulfillment of a wish) to the Virgin of Guadalupe, for saving him from alien abduction.

Link (via BurkinaLoveFaso)

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monochrom's Multi-Player Thumb-Wrestling.

From the website:

It is possible to put together three hands of three players who want to indulge in thumb-wrestling. A nodal network is formed. In a game of three, the player holding tight the thumb which is furthest down is the winner. All other thumbs (further up) have a walk-over for the two thumbs furthest down are frozen already.

Since humans have two hands the left hand can be used to connect even more players to the network. Thus, various possibilities pop up.

Link (via DeepFun)

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Our Pretty Blue Planet.

Take a look at Mr. Deckart's collection of very neat satellite photos of our planet. Link (via Milk and Cookies)

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Is Our Universe a Child One?

US and UK scientists have proposed an alternative to the Big Bang theory of the universe:

The new ideas, reported in the journal Science, may explain why the expansion of the Universe is accelerating, the researchers say.

"At present the conventional view is that all of space, time, matter and energy began at a single point, which then expanded and cooled, leaving the Universe as it is today," said Professor Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University, New Jersey.

"However, this new theory suggests that there's a continuous cycle of universes, with each a repeat of the last, but not an exact replica.

"It can be thought of as a child of the previous universe."


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Flash Mob + Shopping = Team Buying.

A new trend in China: team buying - basically mob shopping:

... Ms. Li and her brother joined 15 strangers at the store to demand a group discount on a new television, refrigerator, and washing machine. Salespeople grumbled at the tactic, but the group refused to buckle. After two hours of haggling, and several walkouts by group members, the store manager agreed to a 10 percent markdown on the three items.

Li, a marketing assistant, went home with a smile on her face. "We wanted to save money, and finally we did it," she says. "It's in our nature, whether we're rich or poor, and if we can save money this way, why not?"

Welcome to China's newest shopping craze, tuangou, or team buying. By combining the power of the Internet to compare prices with the stealth tactics of the flash mob, team buyers are driving hard bargains in the world's hottest economy. Dozens of team-buying websites have sprung up to catch the trend, which first began in online forums and chat rooms.


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NFCTD Flash Puzzle.

If you like Flash puzzles like Samorost, you'll probably like NFCTD's eye-candy collage Flash puzzle. (Hint: For the first one, click on a flower, another flower, the heart, and an owl's face.)

Link (via Ursi's Blog)

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Which Bike Lock is the Best?

Scott Elder wrote a very useful review of the best locks for your bicycles:

... I always feel a twinge of fear when I leave my bike on the street, worried that upon my return, I'll find nothing more than a busted U-lock.

... —in the fall of 2004, bicyclists discovered that many round-key U-locks could be picked with the plastic barrel of a Bic pen. Kryptonite, which caught the most flak from the scandal, exchanged more than 380,000 locks for pen-proof, flat-key models free of charge, and lock competitor OnGuard, which had already phased out round keys, got a big sales boost. Today, flat keys are the norm.

... To find out which locks work best, I pitted nine locks against each other from Kryptonite, OnGuard, and Master Lock: five U-locks, two woven steel cable locks, and two heavy-duty chain locks.


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Mr. T: Treat Your Mother Right.

We've actually featured this clip before, but it just seems so appropriate for Mother's Day! Hit play or visit the YouTube Link (Thanks Sahan!)

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Heart-Shaped Potato.

If only you can give your Mom this heart-shaped potato for Mother's Day ...

Ellen Anderson said when she opened a bag of potatoes she purchased from a stand on North Main Street, she found the heart-shaped spud at the bottom of the bag.

"Only one person could make this potato like this, and that's God," Anderson said.

Anderson said she does not plan to eat the potato.


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