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Segway + Seat = SegSeat.

As if it's not bad enough that you can avoid the exercise of walking by riding a segway, now you can sit down while zooming around too!


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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Frog Egg Hatch Early to Escape Snake Attack.

Frog Embryos Hatch Early to Escape Predator. In this amazing strategy for survival, frog embryos will hatch early to escape from an egg-eating snake by recognizing the vibrational cues of such attacks!

Research by Karen Warkentin at Boston University:

The hatching response to egg predators depends on physical disturbance of eggs...

Dangerous and benign disturbances overlap in both frequency and temporal pattern elements. However, they can be distinguished using a combination of features. Embryos use at least two temporal pattern elements, the duration and spacing of vibration events, as well as a frequency cue, the presence of frequencies within a certain low range, to assess risk. These components are all necessary for a vibrational cue to induce hatching. Additional features of vibrations appear to further modulate the escape hatching response.

Link (Don't miss the video) - via Olgui

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Frank Zappa Café.

This cafe in Budapest, Hungary, is dedicated to Frank Zappa and has giant murals of him inside ...

Link - via grow-a-brain

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Flatworm's Complex Reproductive System.

You wouldn't know it by looking at the photo, but this marine flatworm has got to have one of the most complex reproductive systems known to man:

Each worm has both male and female parts. This thumb-sized flatworm from Kaikoura has between 226 and 229 penises arranged in a band around its thin body, and a central vagina.

Link - via digg

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Martian Size 11 Shoe Footprint.

Is that a footprint on Mars? This photo, taken by the Opportunity rover in the sands of the Meridiani Planum, look suspiciously like a size 11 shoe footprint.

It turns out to be the rover's tracks, or so they say ...


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Martian Bunny Ears?

While we're on the subject of weird things found in Mars, how about this photo of a ... bunny on the red planet?

Like a rabbit in a hat, the identity of an oddity that looks like "bunny ears" in a picture from Mars has eluded the science and engineering teams. The public, also fascinated with the mysterious object, has asked in a slew of e-mails: What is it?

It is a yellowish object measuring about 4 to 5 centimeters (about 2 inches) long that made its debut when Opportunity's eyes welcomed Earth to a new neighborhood on Mars in her mission success panoramic image. Meridiani Planum is a landscape unlike any other stop on our decades-long tour of the red planet. Still, it wasn't the conspicuous bedrock outcropping near the horizon that initially fascinated many people. It was the "bunny ears."


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Cat Warns Owner of Impending Epileptic Seizure.

Michael Edmonds suffers from epilepsy and can have seizures without warning. One day, he noticed that his cat Tee Cee would sit close to him and stare at his face right before an impending seizure:

We noticed that Tee Cee began staring at my step-father prior to a seizure and then ran to my mother to let her know all is not well, acting as an early warning system.

"Once assistance arrives, Tee Cee doesn't leave Michael's side until he regains consciousness and his warnings have proved invaluable to the family."

Tee Cee has now been nominated as a Rescue Cat of the Year for his ability to warn Michael of impending seizures!


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Gently Sloping Back Garden.

From the website:

The brochure described it as a gently-sloping back garden.

But when Alan and Jackie Carter prepared to move into their newly-completed four-bedroom house, they were horrified to discover what could only be described as a cliff towering above it.

Astonishingly, builder Bellway Homes had constructed both their and their neighbours' back gardens on two levels - with one part 30ft or more above the other.

Link - via Nothing to do with Arbroath

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Crepuscular Rays.

This photo, taken by Wolfgang Hinz in Lukla, Nepal, shows these stunning crepuscular rays or sun rays [wiki]. (Jacob's ladder, or rays of light shining through holes in low clouds, are a form of crepuscular rays.) From the website:

This gorgeous photo showing pre dawn crepuscular rays was taken from Lukla, Nepal in November of 2000. As the Sun rises (or sets), rays of light interspersed with darker bands (shadows) can on occasion be seen in the direction of the Sun. Rarely are they as spectacular as these. The shadows result from clouds below the horizon but can also be caused by mountain peaks, as is the case here. Crepuscular rays seem to converge toward the horizon, but in actuality, they're parallel.


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Rube Goldberg Meets the Flintstones!

A fantastic Rube Goldberg contraption made from stick and stones by Jesse Ferguson, Nate True, Bre Pettis, Andru Edwards and Jake Ludington.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Make Blog

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Giant Wall of Dust in Arizona Valley.

Last week, a giant wall of dust rolled across the Arizona Valley:

The wall of dust, which stretched from Apache Junction to Avondale, preceded a storm that dropped a quarter-inch of much needed rain in Tucson. The rainfall was a record for the date.

The temperature there dropped 25 degrees in 90 minutes, from the day's high of 101 to the day's low of 76.

Don't miss the video: Link

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Life in North Korea.

Russian webdesigner Artemii Lebedev recently visited North Korea, and took these (unauthorized) candid photos of everyday life in the Hermit Kingdom.

Link - via Metafilter

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Rare Rhino Caught on Film.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature's motion-triggered camera trap caught sight of this rare rhino in the jungles of Borneo:

The rhino is believed to be one of a population of just 13 whose existence was confirmed last year in a remote part of Malaysia's Sabah state, according to WWF. Very few other rhinos are believed to survive elsewhere in Borneo.

"The rhinos in Sabah spend their lives in dense jungle where they are rarely seen, which accounts for the lack of any previous photographs of them in the wild," WWF said in a statement.


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Bubble Ring.

We've featured a dolphin and a beluga whale blowing bubble rings before on Neatorama - it turns out that this guy in Japan can do it too!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] via TV in Japan

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Become Magneto with Magnet Implants.

A curious new trend in body modification is implanting magnet in a finger. Apparently, this gives the "implantee" a new sense of being able to "feel" electromagnetic fields.

According to Huffman, the magnet works by moving very slightly, or with a noticeable oscillation, in response to EM fields. This stimulates the somatosensory receptors in the fingertip, the same nerves that are responsible for perceiving pressure, temperature and pain. Huffman and other recipients found they could locate electric stovetops and motors, and pick out live electrical cables. Appliance cords in the United States give off a 60-Hz field, a sensation with which Huffman has become intimately familiar. "It is a light, rapid buzz," he says.

Link - via Boing Boing

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Lucky Hamster Survived Industrial Shredder.

Mike the Hamster is probably the luckiest hamster alive today: he survived an industrial shredder!

The rodent is thought to have got into a skip of rubbish that was taken to Recyclo recycling plant in Flintshire.

It survived a giant shredder used to destroy waste such as washing machines and was found in a sorting area with no injuries other than a sore foot.


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Aymara People: Backs to the Future.

We think it's natural to base our perception of time on our body's orientation and locomotion: we place the future ahead of us and the past behind us.

It turns out that this isn't universal: for the Aymara people of South America, time is the other way around - the past is ahead and the future behind!

"Until now, all the studied cultures and languages of the world – from European and Polynesian to Chinese, Japanese, Bantu and so on – have not only characterized time with properties of space, but also have all mapped the future as if it were in front of ego and the past in back. The Aymara case is the first documented to depart from the standard model," said Nunez.


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Da Vinci's Mechanical Hammer Paper Model.

This is a paper model of da Vinci's mechanical hammer:

This is one of the simplest machines designed by Leonardo in order to improve the human performance. A lever connected to the hammer is moved by means of an eccentric cam. At each turn of the handle, the hammer gives a stroke. As a matter of fact, the real hammer is supposed to be powered by a water paddle-wheel.

Link - via Paper Forest

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Lyrebird, Master of Mimicry.

To impress potential female mates, the male Lyrebird can immitate the songs of 20 other bird species, and other sounds like camera shutter, car alarm, chainsaws, and so on! BTW, that's David Attenborough, not his brother Richard.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube], Lyrebird [wiki] - via digg

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Tritare: Strums Like a Guitar, Rings Like a Bell.

Canadian mathematicians Samuel Gaudet and Claude Gauthier created a new "guitar" based on a network of three or more strings that can give "exotic overtones that a single string doesn't":

Gaudet notes that a conventional, two-anchor musical-instrument string generates a fundamental sound frequency plus harmonics. Those frequencies are two, three, or other-integer multiples of the fundamental frequency.

The tritare generates not only those harmonic overtones but also nonharmonic ones, he says. Listeners typically hear such nonharmonic overtones from percussion instruments—for instance, bells or gongs—which vibrate in more-complicated patterns than simple strings do.

Depending on how each note on a tritare is played, the sound can include a few or many nonharmonic ingredients, Gaudet says. So, he adds, the instrument offers "a richer sound than does a classical stringed instrument."

Link | Sound clips - via J-Walk Blog, Thanks Adam Beane!

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Two Turn Tables and a Time Machine: DJ is God.

In Denver-based Double Edge Film's short clip called Spin, a mysterious DJ is sent to reverse a series of tragic events - with unintended consequences, of course!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube], Double Edge Films website - Thanks Infinity!

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LoveFilm's Ultimate Film Desktop.

If you like Virgin's "Flex Your Music Muscle" and Lonely Planet's "Cities", then you'll like LoveFilm's "Ultimate Film Desktop", with references to 100 movie titles for you to find.

Link - via Mighty Optical Illusions Blog, Thanks Vurdlak!

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Spanish Casle Illusion.

We missed the boat on this one: a very cool color optical illusion at that has been going round the web for weeks...

Link - Thanks Yayo!

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Leadbelly. Leadbelly was an influential folks and blues musician with a pretty colorful life:

Lead Belly's boastful spirit and penchant for the occasional skirmish sometimes led him into trouble with the law, and in 1918 he was thrown into a Texas jail for the second time, this time after killing a man in a fight. He was released seven years into his twenty year sentence after writing a song appealing to Governor Pat Neff for his freedom. This is how the legend goes but in reality Lead Belly was due for early release due to good behavior.

For many, their introduction to Leadbelly was through Nirvana. In 1993, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain covered Leadbelly's song "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" [YouTube] for MTV Unplugged.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube], Leadbelly [wiki] - Thanks Jason LaRay Keener!

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Pearson Ford Fuel Depot: Gas Station of the Future?

Pearson Ford Fuel Depot is part dealership, part alternative fuel depot:

Along with gasoline and diesel, the one-of-a-kind station -- part of a dealership near busy Interstate 15 -- offers a full range of clean-burning alternative fuels from ethanol to propane to BioWillie, a brand of biodiesel made from soybeans and promoted by country music legend Willie Nelson.

This forward-thinking fueling station was the West Coast' first "BioWillie" pump (above is Willie Nelson himself in the grand opening of the station).

Link | Clean Air Article - Thanks David R!

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NES Controller Cell Phone.

Sam Garfield modded this NES controller into a cell phone using Nokia 3200 parts:

As the night went on and the idea evolved, I thought to myself; “Self, why not make the controller into the actual phone?” Self thought this was a great idea and we set to work. My first idea was to use an actual GSM radio and build the other electronics and antenna. I ditched the idea when I remembered my old Nokia 3200 which I had sitting around.

The Nokia 3200 was advertised as the “American Idol” phone or some such nonsense. Because it has interchangeable face plates, the case was removable. In addition, each button actually has two digits on it, so there are half as many buttons as normal. These two facts make this the perfect phone for modifying - easy to get to electronics, and less buttons = less cutting.

Link - Thanks Sam!

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Dog Goggles.

Remember the dog helmet? Your dog also needs stylish googles!

Doggles are superbly made sunglasses. For dogs. Do not adjust your computer, you read that correctly. Incredible though it sounds, many vets and dogtors agree that canine eyes need protecting from the sun just as much as ours. All Doggles boast rugged polycarbonate (shatterproof) anti-fog lenses with 100% UV protection, and are ggggreat for dogs with eye disorders such as pannus and light sensitivity. Doggles are genuine doggy-health must-haves, and most dogs will readily accept them after a short adjustment period.

Link - via SciFi Blog

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Lawmaker: Use Eye-Eating Fungus to Fight Drugs.

Fusarium keratitis is the eye-eating fungus that caused contact lens solution maker Bausch & Lomb to recall its product (apparently, using their product can lead to fusarium infection, which can cause blindness).

But get this:

That same week [the recall was announced], the House of Representatives passed a provision to a bill requiring that the very same fungus be sprayed in “a major drug-producing country,” such as Colombia. The bill’s sponsor was Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) and its most vocal supporter was his colleague Dan Burton (R-Ind.), who has been promoting the fungus for almost a decade as key to winning the drug war.

Thankfully, everyone seems to be against it. For example:

The CIA has been against the use of Fusarium to kill drug crops since at least 2000. At that time, one official told the Times, “I don’t support using a product on a bunch of Colombian peasants that you wouldn’t use against a bunch of rednecks growing marijuana in Kentucky.”

Link - via Fastback

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Jerry Garcia Guitar by Doug Rowell.

Doug Rowell made many cool carved guitars - this one is Jerry Garcia in Roses.

See many more cool carved guitars: Link

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James Christensen's Sleeper Lost in Dreams.

There's something quite fantastic about James Christensen's bronze sculpture:

In dreams, it is said that wings represent a release of creative forces, that they give us the ability to understand and transcend the human condition. In religion, wings appear on angels, faeries, spirits and demons. In mythology, winged creatures are often messengers of the gods; they are a symbol of freedom and spirituality and a character having one wing is said to be lost in dreams.

Link - via Crumpled Wings

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