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I don't usually respond to put down comments, but when I do, I ask for substantiation of the criticism. If you care to point out which one is incorrect, and link to articles substantiating your position, we'd be happy to update the article.
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There is a spectrum of personal responsibility when it comes to diseases. For some disease, the patients have little or no personal responsibility whatsoever - tis the luck of the genetic draw - if you want to call it that.

For other diseases, however, personal responsibility (or irresponsibility, if you want to call it that) is a significant factor. Skin cancer from tanning beds, for example, is one. Obesity is somewhere in between.

It's not my intention to lump all patients with obesity into a big bucket of "it's your own damn fault you got this disease," but for many overweight people, personal choice (what they eat and how much) matters.

I am, however, curious as to what you mean by "societal" and "governmental" pressures to become obese (if any, there's the opposite). Perhaps I misunderstood.

Regardless, part of the argument by members of the AMA who voted to classify obesity formally as a disease is to de-stigmatize obesity. If it's a disease, then obese patients can get treated (for example, it may open up federal funding for treatment costs) instead of just getting chided.
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