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I was wondering why it was called the Tower of Hercules. Wikipedia to the rescue:

According to a myth that blends Celtic and Greco-Roman elements, the hero Hercules slew the giant tyrant Geryon after three days and three nights of continuous battle. Hercules then—in a Celtic gesture— buried the head of Geryon with his weapons and ordered that a city be built on the site. The lighthouse atop a skull and crossbones representing the buried head of Hercules’ slain enemy appears in the coat-of-arms of the city of Corunna.
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Fascinating and very scary! The lightning is equally scary. This video clip by National Geographic shows instances of lightning (in slo-mo!) and hail in tornadoes.
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But but but! The pig rectum is what makes those dumplings taste so good :) (Oh, and what do you think goes into hot dogs?)

I think the bone you're talking about is the caudal vertebrae.
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I don't think so - it was all explained in the article itself.

And as far as I know, pretty much all Asian countries have their own versions of dumplings.
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... believing there were some parts of the pig they just throw away

There are no parts of pigs that get thrown away, I'm afraid. Except for the hoof and the squeal, they all go into making Spam!
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Perhaps because in the face of adversity, he did not resort to begging or violence, but instead tried to apply his love of reading to make a living? I think he's quite an enterprising young man.
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Indeed it is disheartening to find that sub-Saharan Africa continue to be stricked with famine. A lot of it has to do with drought, armed conflict and misguided governmental economic policies, though.
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What haunting images! Despite the flagrant abuses in (the now closed) mental institutions, every time I see a homeless person who's obviously mentally disabled, I wonder if we did the right thing in closing them down.
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