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No, not boiling hot. The day temp in the Mojave desert is around 120 F (49 C) but the night time temp can be as low as 20 F (-7 C), so the water temperature is probably going to be warm.
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Thanks Deo - it's a balancing act. I try not to be heavy handed in squelching comments, if I can take the opportunity to engage the commenter in a constructive conversation. But I do admit, sometimes I'm a bit herpy derpy myself - and sometimes we will delete trolling comments to avoid derailing the conversation of a particularly controversial post.
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My Portuguese is non-existent, so I'll refrain myself from pointing out typos and such. I don't think such trivial things detract from the message that she's trying to convey.
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Obesity is a serious medical condition that affects both men and women, but body image issues are more prevalent in women. While it's easy to offer a flippant comment, I think these illustrations by Carol Rosetti goes to show some women's difficulties in dealing with body images and other issues.
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