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My then-girlfriend "borrowed" my sweaters in order to get rid of them. After we got married, she told me that she disapproved of many of my clothes and decided that the best way to make me dress better was to slowly "disappear" the ones she didn't like, and buy me better ones. :)
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I recall the story, probably apocryphal but interesting nonetheless: a fisherman came up to Ron Popeil and complained that his Pocket Fisherman is a terrible fishing rod. To which Popeil replied, "Ah, it's not for fishing. It's for gifting." That man is a marketing genius!
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Someone explained "reality" shows to me as not scripted like TV dramas, but they're definitely staged, as in the producers set up the confrontation/drama/whatever and see how the participants react (or even direct them on how to react).
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Bummer! Mine did hatch, even after keeping the box for over a year. The sea monkeys all died out within just a few days though, so you didn't miss anything.
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