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Heh, you actually read my mind. I've been trying to grow NeatoPicto after a tough 2013 that threw me for a little loop, both on the blog- and the shop-side.
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Yes, a very specific tying of a string around your finger. I must say that people without children probably thought that it's impossible to forget that you have a kid in the back seat, but parents of small kids are often very sleep deprived (because of said small kids) that they're not thinking straight.
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I'm surprised at the effort to touch up the eyebrows - I suppose that's a big part of cosmetics nowadays (or perhaps, ever since cosmetics were invented).
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My father-in-law was comatose for weeks before he finally lost his battle to cancer. But even when he was pale and very near death, his face and body was very different then at (and after) the moment of death. There's definitely a very big difference between life and death, even if that "life" is just barely hanging by a thread.
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