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It *is* kind of not as straight forward as you'd think. Unless they're familiar with the clock face, it's understandable that they think quarters as 0.25.
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I agree with you on analog being easier on the brain, especially if you have to do quick math like "how many hours did I work if I came in at 9 am and left at 4pm" - I can just count the hours visually!
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Good point on the title - I've changed it so it referred only to children from the school and not for the entire city.

I'm not sure if the cultural composition of the school has anything to do with reading an analog clock, but that's definitely something to consider. Even countries that commonly use military time (I grew up in one) still use the same analog clock :)
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My friend did this in college. He saved quite a bit of money, but then one day he came back home to find the boat nearly fully submerged in water. Turned out, there was a water leak inside the boat. I remembered his life goal at the time was to find an apartment on dry land ...
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That's pretty clever. Most grocery stores around here already have self checkout lines, so I suppose self checkout using your own phones may be the logical next step. I wonder how they keep people honest though.
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It's actually kind of disheartening to see how San Francisco has devolved into a high-crime city. I've heard from a few people whose cars got broken into while parking in popular parts of the city.
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