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How exactly did they fit the statue into the CT scan machine? Photographer Jan van Esch snapped the pic above. From Robs Webstek:

In Amersfoort's main hospital, Meander Medical Centre, the nearly thousand year old mummy has been recently examined with a CT scan and an endoscope. Several hospital employees helped with this unique project in their free time. A gastrointestinal and liver doctor took samples of yet unidentified material and examined the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The hospital: "He made a spectacular discovery: at the place where once had been organs, he found, among all kinds of rotten material, paper scraps that were printed with ancient Chinese characters."
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I've actually had a package damaged by a train derailment. First I heard about it on the news, and then I got a letter saying that one of my 10 or so shipments got damaged because of it. UPS paid the insurance pretty quickly to boot.
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The second paragraph is just as good:

"Also on the deck, and also in the thrall of the night’s pleasures, was one Louis Helmburg III, an education major and ace benchwarmer for the Thundering Herd baseball team. His response to the proposed launch was the obvious one: he reportedly whipped out his cellphone to record it on video, which would turn out to be yet another of the night’s seemingly excellent but ultimately misguided ideas. When the bottle rocket exploded in Hughes’s rectum, Helmburg was seized by the kind of battlefield panic that has claimed brave men from outfits far more illustrious than even the Thundering Herd. Terrified, he staggered away from the human bomb and fell off the deck."
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Today, I learn something new: queen excluder, a barrier inside the beehive that allows worker bees to go in and out but not the larger queen bee.

I thought that the best hive innovation would be the bee smoker. Y'know, so you don't get stung by bees.
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