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I know a programmer who once worked for Disney (actually, his company was contracted by Disney). The contract was so strict that he couldn't even put down the project that he worked on in his resume and the company can't put Disney in their "past clients" list.

My wife still loves to visit Disneyland though!
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Hah! That was great, you guys - Adam Koford has picked the winner. Congrats to streetattack for the winning caption "The sacred art of pandagomi is both complicated and beautiful."
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Ah! So that's what that strange thing was all about. A friend of mine who works in advertising sent a mysterious photo of the Lego ball (yes, made mostly of styrofoam) but no info as to what for ... Now I understand :)
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John Tierney of TierneyLab blog had a contest to determine the worst bad name ever, and the winner is: Iona Nipl!

The judges chose it because, in addition to being an embarrassing pun, it also set up an inevitable reply from people imagining they were being wittily original. I called up Miss Knipl and asked her how many times she had heard someone meet her and reply, “I own two.”

“I got sick of hearing it, but what can you do?” Miss Knipl said. “My mother never thought about that when she was naming me. It was her mother’s name. I came home from school a couple times crying and my mother said, ‘Oh, why did I do that?’ but it had never occurred to her how people would hear the name.”

Miss Knipl shed the pun when she got married and began using her husband’s last name. But then, after they were divorced, she went right back to her old name. It might have simpler to keep her husband’s name, she told me, but by this time she had come to appreciate the advantages of Iona Knipl.

“In school it bothered me, but now I think it’s neat,” she said. “It’s different.”
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Suparman is a common Javanese name - almost all moslems there have "arabicized" names, though they seldom use it. I'd say someone actually mis-translated his name into Arabic rather than the other way around ...
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Hahaha! You guys are great! Adam Koford has picked the winner: Congratulations to lordunger, who won the free book with this caption, “No one will ever find me under here.”
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Great stories, guys! It was tough to pick just three out of so many great ones, but Cliff had told me his picks: Congrats to William Mullins, Andini, and NeuroGirl! They'll each receive a personalized copy of Cliff's book.

Thank you to Cliff for his generous offer and to everyone for the great comments!
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@gl3nk: Well, there are other (non-Neatorama logo) shirts that are designed by artists like Mike Jacobsen and Matt Sutter (more artists to come).

@E: I think I've cleared up the confusion. The design is on the chest area of the shirts.

@NeuroGrl: I'll look into XS and see if we can do it with the current design

@Ola Amigo: We're thinking about pocket logo shirts - it should be no problem, but we will probably roll those out later.

To everyone who ordered, thank you!
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The winner has been picked! Congratulations to knox52 who won a free Oberon, courtesy of Tokyoflash. The answers were "yellow", "tibida", and "44". See the answer page here: Link
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