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I don't know why you get the registration page, VonSkippy - I never registered with the website and I can see it fine. Perhaps they just have a "roving" registration wall.
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A friend of mine used to sell the magic bullet to stores - he said it was one of his best-selling items!

Having an insomniac as a father in law, I'm the lucky recipient of many infomercial items. Here's an honest run down of stuff I've received (and used):

- RotoZip (a spiral saw): The one thing that the infomercial didn't tell you is how loud the sucker is. It's like a screaming banshee when you turn it on and cut into something. The bits have a tendency to wonder (if you don't cut in the right way - counterclockwise or clockwise, I forgot which). It worked all right, but other tools do the same thing better (like if you want to cut into drywall, then a drywall saw works just fine... without the ear damage that comes with using the spiral saw)

- Little Giant Ladder (folding ladder): Works perfectly fine, except that for a lot less money, you can buy a ladder that does the same thing at Home Depot. Heck, you can buy TWO ladders!

- George Foreman Grill: worked like once or twice, then it stopped working. Which is okay, because crud started to build up around the grill anyhow. I later heard that to shoot the infomercial, they run through dozens of grills.

- The Gopher (a grabber tool): Works pretty good, actually. If I had to buy something on an Infomercial, this would be it. The tool looks kind of silly, but it has come in handy to pick up toys and whatnot off the floor!
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Sometimes I wonder about Neatorama too - I've posted upwards of 10,000 posts in the last three years and it gets really tiring at times, especially before we have guest authors on Neatorama.

Now, it's kind of fun - since I get to read about new stuff on the blog (thanks, authors and commenters!) So fear not, Neatorama's not going away. Not for a while anyhow. :)
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It's very hard to hit someone in the nose, unless you're very quick or they failed to put up a guard.

To win, I recommend fighting dirty: don't let your opponent prepare his stance. Once you've committed to fighting, hit early and hit hard, preferably before your opponent can even put up a fighting stance.

If your opponent has long hair, grab it. Game over for him.
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@muerzin: I wrote my doctoral thesis on yeast prion (That's me on PubMed)

My problem with Macs (when I was using it back then) was superficial: I simply couldn't get used to the one button mouse. It seemed like such a waste of functionality (I right/left click on my PC mouse all the time) and I remember Jobs was so adamant in keeping it that way. I don't know if this is still the case today.
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