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Ah, that's why it looked so familiar! Well, duplicates happen (especially when we have over 12,000 posts on Neatorama and multiple authors). Still, a very neat post!
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Duplicates happen. Neatorama now has over 12,000 posts, so we'll undoubtedly see some duplicates every now and then.

Plus, some people probably didn't catch it the first time around!
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You missed one crucial detail, tedwilson: 419 Eater got a scam email from one "Mrs. Miriam Abacha" promising $27 million dollar.

419 Eater turned the scam on them by scambaiting the sender. At no time did 419 Eater initiate the scam - they've just performed a remarkable turnabout.

Despite of the different characters that pop up, all of the emails come from one computer somewhere in Nigeria.
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Ah, sorry for the ambiguity. I've fixed the text to make it "more better" :). It should be: "how many Twelve 5-9 watch models are available?"

Good luck, guys!
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(Crashing the party aside) Betty is right: latex balloon is the leading cause of child suffocation.

We were warned about latex balloon when we had our first baby. Turns out if a piece of the balloon gets lodged in the airway, it's almost always impossible to get it out in time (special medical equipment is required) - my wife's pretty wary of letting her play with it ever since.

Another thing is hot dog. I've always pooh-poohed this one, till a close friend of mine said that he once witnessed a kid choking on a piece of hot dog and actually died before medical help arrived.
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Then can I bring a shaggy, dirty dog full of fleas into a restaurant because I claim that it is a "service animal"? What if a swarm of bees make me feel good, will that be okay? Where's the common sense, people?
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Everyone's Neat-O-meter is different, VMC. What's interesting to you may not be interesting to others.

Part of the charm of Neatorama is finding new things that you otherwise wouldn't seek out by yourself. I'm continually surprised at finding out neat and interesting things from other authors of the blog.
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Wow, that was bad! Sorry for the mangled wordings, guys. This and most of my other posts were written in the middle of a sleep deprived night. (I'm on night duty with the new baby) Not that I'm all that proficient in English to begin with. It's fixed now (hopefully).

Child abuse is a serious matter. I get that. And I also get that abuse doesn't have to be the physical kind to cause harm to a child.

BUT, if you read the article, you'll see that there were also "other domestic issues." This is a red flag for me that there may be more to this story.

One of the easiest way to get your spouse in trouble, in the heat of a domestic altercation, is to call the cops on him or her. One of my neighbors did this to each other when they were fighting. Over stupid stuff - and the cops knew it, but they had to respond.

Later on, both used these incidents as weapons against each other in the divorce and the child custody proceeding.

I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case here too. Note: "Columbia County District Attorney Jane Kohlwey said there wasn't enough evidence against the father to support felony charges. She said there is no physical injury to the child and that there is no evidence to warrant further evaluation of any emotional damage."
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I learned something about margarine's history from wikipedia:

In the United States, the color bans, drafted by the butter lobby, began in the dairy states of New York and New Jersey. In several states, the legislature enacted laws to force margarine manufacturers to add pink colorings to make the product look unpalatable, but the Supreme Court struck down New Hampshire's law and overruled these measures. By the start of the 20th century eight out of ten Americans could not buy yellow margarine, and those that could had to pay a hefty tax on it. Bootleg colored margarine became common, and manufacturers began to supply food-coloring capsules so that the consumer could knead the yellow color into margarine before serving it.

Those darned butter lobby!
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What's the qualification for "service animal"? Does the fact that a pet cat makes him feel better automatically qualify it as a service animal?

I feel that there's a hint of "let do what I want or I'll sue" attitude on the part of the vet, though I confess I don't know the details of the situation.
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@Suzie: being poor is no excuse for committing a crime. And mind you, this isn't a "I steal that bread because I was hungry" kind of petty crime - these are sophisticated (albeit grammatically deficient) enterprises.

And yes, Nigerian scammers cause significant financial damage to their victims. According to this Wired article, they scam $200 million from Americans (God knows how much worldwide) every year.
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As a consumer, we have more power than any government to stop child labor - just insist that products are made in factories that don't employ child labor/have humane working conditions/pay living wages, etc.

Oh, wait (checks cheap Wal-Mart shoes). Dammit, made in China ... never mind!!!
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