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Tons of great captions, guys! It was hard to pick the winner (Adam's away, so I'm filling in), but I like Nora's caption: "Mario Lied to Me!" so Congrats Nora!
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It's actually a trademark issue - not a copyright one.

When you apply for a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office, new applications are published by the office for public comment (i.e. to give trademark holders opportunity to peruse new applications to see if there are anything that may conflict).

Because a company doesn't normally want to spend its time watching the list, they contract services that specialize in doing so. Naturally, to justify their expenses, these services pounce on ANYTHING that resembles - or potentially resembles - the trademark they're paid to watch.

A trademark lawyer's bread and butter is to rebut new trademark applications on behalf of their clients (about 0.5 hours worth of work cutting and pasting a letter from their repertoire of past letters, and they bill for 7 hours) - they submit letters to the USPTO, which will then decide whether to grant the applicant the trademark or not.

How do I know this? I've trademarked stuff in the past - with a lawyer and by myself :)
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In addition to sedentary lifestyle, American people also eat more processed food and junk food. Though some people tell me that calories are calories, I think our body process different types of food differently (meaning that a 500 calorie fast food burger will make you fatter than a 500 calorie from a well-balanced meal). I may be wrong.

I noticed that I gained a lot of weight after I moved away from Berkeley. During my years there, I walked everywhere, but after I moved out of town and had to drive to school/work, the pounds just keep on keepin' on!

Exercise does help, but daily activity (walking/lifting/doing stuff rather than just sitting on our duffs) also matters.
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@Aeris: yeah, it gets reset to zero every month. So the slate is wiped clean monthly ... will it be your turn next time?

@Video Game Dork: that's an interesting idea but displaying the entire list will surely grind the server to halt! The top commenters list only list the 15 most prolific commenters, but they also show the number of comments made - so that'll give you an idea of how far off you are :)

@Fresh: With most browsers, all you have to do is login once and it'll remember who you are via cookies. :)
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Richard Preston is the brother of another writer I like Douglas Preston (who wrote the Pendergast novels with Lincoln Child).

If you like Hot Zone, check out the Cobra Event (also by Richard Preston).
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"True. But I think we can all agree that someone trying to get paid twice for the same wrong is not OK."

Is it the same thing? From what I understand the award money was all put into a trust for the long term care of the woman. Wal-Mart wants to recoup the money it has spent on medical expenses that has already happened. But it's as if the woman's medical expenses will just stop.

No question that Wal-Mart is acting within their legal rights. But it is seeking money that will determine the survival of the family. That's where I think morally it's not right.
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“Legally, Wal-Mart is in the right. But morally, I don’t think so”

That doesn’t make any sense. The law is based on common morality. Those people won money in a lawsuit that was intended to cover her care. Then, they greedily had her employer pay for her medical bills, which should have been paid using the money from the suit. This is insurance fraud.

Law and morality don't always go hand in hand. What is legal is not always morally right, and what is illegal isn't always wrong.
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