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This is done all the time: Peking becomes Beijing, Bombay becomes Mumbai. Language (and spelling) change - unless you want to stick to the throwback of thou and yore.
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This reminded me of a story my father in law told us about his friend, who one day made a pretty penny and decided that he'd make his childhood dream come true: he put one of those whirly carvinal ride in his backyard.

One day, he decided to ride his own personal ride but no one was home. No problem, he got on the cab and turned on the ride with a stick. He had done this before many times, except this time, he dropped the stick and was stuck on the ride for something like 5 hours before someone heard his scream and turned the ride off!
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@ Robert: "If the French were rude to you, you’re probably just stupid or obnoxious or something."

I've traveled the world, and of all the cities I've visited (including remote places like Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia), Paris, France was the rudest and its people the most unhelpful.
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I'm not bothered with the re-post (it's a very neat piece of art - a good refind, GeekAlerts!) but I wasn't happy with the linkjacked source. I think sites like oomza should be avoided when posting in the future.

Please edit the link to the original website when you get a chance, GeekAlert.

Here's the previous post on Neatorama about Tim Noble and Sue Webster's Dirty White Trash [With Gulls] 1998.
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Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while - will resume regularly scheduled postings soon as soon as I fixed some plugin issues that come with upgrading WP.

If you guys see anything weird with the website, please let me know!
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It may be old, but I'm sure that it was the first time for many Neatorama readers.

I often see things posted on Neatorama spread on the Internet days or weeks later, and I'm fully aware that many time we're behind the curve on certain things.

It's the nature of the beast - I think Carruthers is doing perfectly fine.
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It's not a bad music to have stuck in your head, myleti - my favorite is pink martini's version. Probably b/c I like the band - they're the Neatorama of music!
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