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@twoeightnine: it's going to be better than last time. We've only run two Mystery Sales before this one, and there was a learning curve. I apologize if you were disappointed with the last Mystery Sale, but we've worked hard to fix the problem. I believe this one will be the best one yet.
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@gaby - your issue has to do with the November 2008 Mystery Sale, of which I responded here.

Though the tiaras and belts are actually quite expensive (worth $9.95 retail, believe me), I do acknowledge that they don't seem very Neatorama-ish to some of you. Got that - we will definitely learn from this experience to improve the next Mystery Sale.

Please note that positive or negative, your comments are listed here for everyone to read.
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Oddee copies stories? Wow, that's sad because I quite like what they have sometimes.

What the medical profession (especially surgery) needs is a checklist. A study by Dr. Atul Gawande showed that a simple checklist could halve the death rate at surgery. Funny thing was, hospitals and doctors resisted the idea, saying that it's just more paperwork.
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Yeah, love the Sixth Sense - it was my first exposure to M. Night Shyamalan. I didn't like the Happening, but that's probably because the premise itself is kind of ridiculous (and the ending too).
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What an amazing story! I wish I lived in a neighborhood like that, though I don't know if everybody in everybody else's business if you're that close to your neighbors ...
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