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JStuckey - the system ain't perfect. Obviously, some worthy submissions to the UQ didn't make it. Editors try to catch worthy subs that got downvoted for whatever reason, but we can't catch 100% of the good ones ...
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One sad truth about life is that being poor is actually very expensive. Poor people are nickled and dimed so much that it's very difficult to dig themselves out of the hole.

And what's worse than being very poor is being a working poor.
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That's a neat story - I failed to see the resemblance of the two buildings, but that's probably because I'm not visually adept (i.e. if it's not the same angle and background, I'm completely lost!)
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I believe that we all have a doppelganger somewhere in the world. I've run into these "copies" and am always surprised at how similar they look to some people I know. It's kind of freaky!
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Hi Katie - it's possible that your website's host decided to nuke our emails. Email has lost its reliability since ISPs decide to delete them as spam, even though they're obviously legitimate.
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