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I think there's a big difference between DIY skills that you can call upon during an emergency situation (like changing a tire) and those that are not (like making your own bread, or changing oil).

I'd teach my kids how to change tires - they may need to do it one day, but not how to make your own bread. It's cheaper and easier to go to the store and buy one!

Re: tight lug nut. It's easier to unscrew an overly tight lug nut if you have a pipe to extend the wrench (the principle of levers) or if you step on the wrench and kick it down little by little (short bursts of torque rather than one long exertion). I once had to change a tire on my way to school and got that done in 10 minutes flat. Made it to my class :)
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@polx: "genius" is a term often bandied about when talking about savants. I didn't use the term in my description (though it appeared in the quotes) because I think you're right.

Darold Teffert, an expert in the field, described savants's memory and abilities as "exceedingly deep but very, very narrow"
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Methinks thou hath gotten it wrong, polx.

Language changes, mathematics was shortened to maths (in the UK) and math (in the US). Math itself is a recognized and bona fide word in the dictionary, along with mathematics. It is spelled in the USA without the s at the end.
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I've actually stopped watching TV. It just gradually happened as I got busier and busier with work, kids, and of course, writing for Neatorama. The Interweb is much more fun ;)
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Neatoramawontsendmeapassword, I quite like my Crocs flip flops (which my wife bought for me from Singapore of all places). They're quite comfortable!

BTW, why didn't Neatorama send you a password?
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Tim, I'm sorry to hear about your friend but I'm glad that you're still here with us today. I agree with you that Paul's photos are fascinating.

It's disheartening to see that the Internet knee-jerk reactions of put downs and dismissals at work even on Neatorama, but there it is.
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Thirsty McDrinksalot - you're absolutely right. There are a lot of other things that's weird about water (like I mentioned at the end of the article).

You mentioned water is a terrible conductor of electricity. Absolutely right, pure water doesn't conduct electricity. What's even weirder is that under certain conditions, water auto-ionizes.

Another thing that is weird is the formation of ordered water like clathrate hydrate.

The list goes on and on - but I think most people would get bored (or too boggled) past 5 things. Five is the new Ten now on the list-o-verse! ;)
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Re: homeopathy. Actually, I've always thought that homeopathy is bunkum. If you think about it, if water has "memory" than it remembers a lot of things other than the dissolved particles that homeopaths want it to "remember." It'll remember the copper in the pipes, and before that all the nasty stuff used to purify it, etc. etc.

I think the problem laid in how I worded the first sentence - I hope that it reads better now.

Re: "convention" - you're right. That was a typo. It should be "convection."

Dave Swaney - if you would elaborate on which point I don't know what I'm talking about, I can respond in a more intelligent manner. BTW, my science background training is PhD in biochemistry.
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I'm not sure that union salaries are to blame - high salaries can be justified by high productivity. But union work rules *do* impact the company's day-to-day operation negatively.

For instance, Detroit's union-plant daily absenteeism (meaning employees that just don't report to work) runs about 10% as compared to non-union plants's 2%. When one in ten of your workers just don't show up and can't get disciplined because of it, then of course you're going to run into problems as a company ...
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@doubter - data is from US Department of Energy, prepared for the Office of Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves / Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Petroleum Reserves. If you look closer, decline in petroleum production occurred before the black line.
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