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I heard it was a 500-year flood or something like that (0.02% chance of it happening every year - and this year is that year!)

Hope everyone is okay there!
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Sorry seekshelter - Akismet spam filter ate your comment. It's a good thing you told me about it ... Let's hope that it can learn that your comments weren't spam.
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Great job, Miss C! Super Neat!

@GCoastian: I like fact Neatorama is largely unpolitical (sorry Alex) and wish it would stay that way. In the upcoming political season, it will be refreshing to go somewhere the thick of battle is far away. I say this as a seasoned political operative - please have an oasis available…

Yup - I hear you. I try to keep it mostly apolitical, but every now and then it's fun to read people's comments on political posts. Now, if only I can get a conservative to write for Neatorama to balance out Stanhope ...
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@superbad: "In the last year or so, the price of a barrel of oil has doubled. Global demand has not come anywhere near doubling in that time, and global production has certainly not dropped by half."

That's not how supply/demand works - a doubling in demand doesn't translate to a doubling in price. Neither will a drop by demand in half cause the price to drop by half.

An increase in demand by a few percentage point over supply can cause price of oil to soar.
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Evar, as defined by the Urban Dictionary:

1. evar

An extreme emphasis of ever. See also nevar.
I will nevar succumb to you evil wiles! EVAR! Demon-sheep!

2. evar

Same as the word ever, however often times used on forums to diss people.
Best thread EVAR!!

3. evar

"In my opinion." Used as an emphatic word to imply universality, but is restricted to the speaker only.
"Pokemon Snap is the BEST. GAME. EVAR!!"
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Thanks to Eric Temple for letting me know about a bug in the game: there are two watches that fit the answer for the last question. If one doesn't work, try the other watch name, folks.

@Sniperman: knox52 won the last game
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Oh it's working all right: we've got comments in the answer page. You may have to refresh your browser.

Contest winner will be announced tomorrow or the day after.
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