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Unfortunately, this will never happen. Ilan Kroo's research at Stanford University concluded that:

Propeller designs did not achieve desired efficiency and the Mesicopter was never able to lift the weight of its own energy source.
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That's the problem with cutting & pasting, which is specifically requested that you not do when you submit the post. The better idea is to write a small excerpt, and then link it to your blog post :)
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Duplicates happen - I think it's part of the nature of the Web that things that are cool will come up again and again.

I thought it was vaguely familiar - with over 18,000 posts on Neatorama, even I don't remember what's been on! Maybe we need a Neatohistorian ...
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@Moodindigo: I've edited the baker's dozen entry to reflect the source and the medieval English law that made shorting your customer a crime punishable by the chopping of your hand.

@Mart: You're right - that was sloppy of me. A jerk is the unit of measurement of the rate of change of acceleration. Fixed now, thank you!

@Mitochondria: You're right, and Kirk never said "Beam me up, Scotty!" but for better or worse, both are immortalized by their misquotes.
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I don't know the details, but it's probably hard to source goods like souvenirs because a lot of them are made in China. Even if these people purchase the goods from US distributors, many actually came from outside the US.
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We are repulsed at the thought of how poorly these people live, but I think we have to keep in mind that there has been progress in improving their lives. Yes, they are poor but they were far worse before.

A nation does not become wealthy overnight.
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