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Hi guys! Please be patient - we're still send out stuff. The warehouse is jammed with orders and we're trying our best to ship them out soon!

We're very happy with the response and a little scared with the amount of shipping that still have to be done!

And to everyone who bought a Mystery Box: THANK YOU!!!
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If you don’t like the Unions then manage the situation, make them see that absenteeism will result in firings.

Unfortunately, it's next to impossible to fire someone who is in the union.

The management does deserve a large part of the blame, but the union basically acts like a dead weight on the company. When the times are good, like when GM had 40% market share of the automobile market, then having unionized labor wasn't such a big deal. 10% of your labor force didn't bother to show up? Just add an extra pool of labor.

But when times are bad, well... you see what happens to GM. The legacy cost alone is enough to hobble the company in the marketplace. Add on top of that the inflexibility and absenteeism.

The union is doing its job: it's trying to secure the best deal possible for its workers, but they're doing that at the expense of the company's well-being. Ultimately, both the fat cat management and the union will drive GM into oblivion.
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@b2witte and jackjumper: thank you! I've corrected the article. As I read it, the hourly cost of labor is $75, of which a significant portion is legacy cost of retiree's pensions and benefits.

@zav - you're right, obviously. It's corrected now.
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The winning bidder probably will try to pay it with a drawing of a cat or something ;)

@shawnisboring - we're busy sending out shipments! The first batch has gone out, more batches will go out this coming week!
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Thanks guys!

@Skipweasel: Well, the terrain of Southern California (homes abutting dry hills) is definitely to blame. There's also the Santa Ana winds, which can send embers flying miles away to start another fire.

I think the small fire suppression leading to big fire is more apropos to large forest fires - the type of grasses and brush that grow (and then get burned) in Southern California are largely driven by the cycle of rain/draught, not the presence or absence of small fires.
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I think it's pretty clever of Starbucks to call their coffee "venti" or "tall" or whatever - I mean, that distracts their customers from realizing that they're paying beaucoup just a small/medium/large cup of coffee by calling it something else.
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