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As a consumer, we have more power than any government to stop child labor - just insist that products are made in factories that don't employ child labor/have humane working conditions/pay living wages, etc.

Oh, wait (checks cheap Wal-Mart shoes). Dammit, made in China ... never mind!!!
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Wow - that is easily my favorite video clip of the week! Great find, Miss C!

Does anyone know what's up with the chewbacca-like groaning in the background? That can't be the mom, right... (at one point she was slurping the new baby and I don't think she could slurp and burp at the same time)
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@Just Me: You're probably right, but I'm more inclined to think that serious dog bites and attacks are reported.

I'm not saying that all pit bulls are vicious or aggressive - your American bulldog, for once, seems like a sweetie pie.

But as a breed, pit bulls are generally more apt to cause significant harm when it attacks/bites than other breeds.
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Whatever you want to call it - pit bull or pit-bull like dogs, facts remain that they're responsible for a disproportionate amount of bites and attacks when compared to their population.

You can't hide the aggressiveness and damage caused by pit bulls by saying "pit bulls don't exist - they're made of many different breeds." It's like saying gang violence doesn't exist - you just have many different local 'hoods that are individually very violent. (Okay, the analogy isn't perfect, but you get my drift).

Re: temperament - different breeds of dogs are known to have different temperaments. Indeed, it's possible to breed dogs that are aggressive or meek by selecting the temperaments of their parents. Do this over a course of many generations, you'll get the generalized characteristic of a breed. Pit bulls were prized and bred for their fighting ability. It's no surprise that you get what you breed...

@Tyler: thank you for the link - it was very interesting.

Ask yourself this: you see two dogs you've never seen before guarding two roads. A chihuahua and a pit bull. Which road would you chose?

I'd take a chihuahua vs. a pit bull anyday (unless I know FOR SURE that the pit bull is a docile dog), because I know that the damage caused by the little yapper can't match the potential damage a pit bull can inflict.

We've had many dogs in our family, including aggressive breeds like chows and dobermans. And guess what? Generally speaking, those dogs ARE more aggressive than other breeds.
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@tedwilson: What's your definition of turnabout? I thought it was a perfect example of turnabout: scamming a scammer!

I'd argue that scambaiting is actually beneficial: by wasting the scammer's time and energy, he or she is that much less able to scam other people!
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@pol X: Your reasoning is that if a thing is shown to a USAnian they think it is from the US because that is where they saw it.

Smurf no! :) My reasoning was that an American animation production company Hanna-Barbera popularized The Smurfs into a worldwide fame.
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Exactly what it means: the Smurfs were popularized in America by Hanna-Barbera, which is an American animation production company, so it's natural to assume that they came up with the idea of the Smurfs as well as their other hits.

Obviously this wasn't the case, but unless you were really into it, you might not have known.

I agree with you on your last point. Indeed it is possible for things to exist, and even flourish, outside of the USA. :)
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Ah, classic Interweb phenomenon: oversimplify a complex question and overthink a simple one. Then go on a tangent.

If we wait long enough, Jesus and his godisimaginary link spam (deleted now) will show up....
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@Suzie: the article referenced that the original email and subsequent correspondence with the lady came from the same computer. Most likely, they're the same person.

@tedwilson: 419 Eater has an interesting post on the Ethics of Scambaiting.

Let me answer your question how is scamming one of them morally acceptable for the other person? with another question: isn't turnabout fair play?
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@Jerse: And there nothing wrong with arranged marriages. It happens to be a common practice in many cultures around the world.

Unless it happens to a child, which sadly in many cases, it does (see Child Bride of Afghanistan).

I disagree with you on a more general basis, namely cultural relativism, or the idea that because a different culture does things differently we cannot assign moral quality to what they do. Often, "culture" is an excuse for deplorable behavior and antiquated ways of thinking.
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@Morten: According to paperworks filed by PETA to the State of Virginia, they euthanize 97% of dogs and cats and other animals they took into their shelters. In 2006, they managed to place only 12 animals into adoption.

Link (this is an official state document, not put out by any industry front group)
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@Matthew L. Israel:

Thank you for taking the time to comment on this issue. I read your Response to Blog summary and found this passage:

The skin shock procedure involves administering a two-second shock(15mA or 45mA) to the surface of the skin of, typically, an arm or leg.The shock feels like a hard pinch. It has no side effects other than a very occasional reddening or discoloration of the skin that clears up in a few minutes or at most a few days. It is administered, in the average case, only once per week. With the help of this treatment, the behaviors of many students improve to a point where they no longer need the treatment. There are no negative side effects and many positive ones as has been found in a paper that has recently been accepted for publication, written by Wietske van Oorsouw incollaboration with JRC clinicians entitled, “Side Effects of Contingent
Shock Treatment.” [See]

So how did it go from 1 shock a week to 77 shocks in a three hour period?

The investigation by Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care found there was first degree burn due to the shock device. When the two students complained of pain from the shocks and requested medical help, they weren't seen by the nurse until the following day.

The investigation was pretty damning:

The investigation has found sufficient evidence to conclude that staff ... was physically abusive towards two residents placed in the program. ... allegation of physical abuse of the residents ... and ... by staff .... It is the judgment of the Department that staff ... had engaged in conduct which bears adversely upon his ability to provide for the safety and well being of a child.

The investigation found sufficient evidence to conclude that the Stoughton House staff were neglectful in the care of residents ... and .... The program staff failed to protect the health and safety of the identified residents. ... the allegation of neglect of the residents by all staff. It is the judgment of the Department that the staff had engaged in conduct which bears adversely upon their inability to provide for the safety and well being of a child.
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My mother warned me against this scenario - and yes, I was scared into never putting my arm out of the car window.

After reading the story, all I could think of was "Thanks, Mom!" (wave with two hands...)
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If that was a hoax, then the maker deserved a prize for creating an amazing illusion. I watched the video again - the way the fire danced on his hand is too good to be a CG effect.
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The way some atheists rant (like Safran, for example) makes me think that the same hamster that goes up fundies' pants are also up theirs.

The website is back up - though it's slow. I don't think Neatorama's farked it up - we're too nice of a blog to do such mean things. :)
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I remember this from a documentary about Vlad the Impaler: When he was thrown in prison, Vlad continued to impale lizards and mice that he captured in his cell! He just liked to impale things and watch 'em writhe and die.

Oh, and Tempscire wins the Interweb for finding the post!
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