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I'd agree with you before I become a parent. Parenting is hard and, it *is* very much about control.

What this particular father did was very drastic, but as the article explained it was not the first thing he did. Only after earlier more reasonable attempts failed that he resorted to this.
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Ugh, sorry about that! I hate regional locks - it's a stupid restrictions from the era of old regional-licensing sort of thinking. It is the age of the Internet after all. Sigh.
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That comment hops, skips, and jumps to concluding that he's selfish for being a dad at an old(er) age. Also, pancreatic cancer is quite aggressive - the survival rate at 5 year is only about 15%, so chances are he was quite healthy when that girl was born.
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I wonder if this is because of complex sales tax rules on food items - I think in California, if you order take outs from restaurants, they don't charge sales tax. But if you order to eat in, they have to charge sales tax.
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