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That must've been a lovely experience to have the author come to the school! We missed ya here, btw - I tried emailing you a while ago, but I don't think my email went through.
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My family and I went there for the first time last year, and I thought The Wizarding Worlds of Harry Potter in Hollywood was far more enjoyable than Disneyland (croooowded!).

We tried the frozen Butterbeer drink and it was good in small doses. Didn't try the pumpkin juice though. Next time!

The Harry Potter ride was technically impressive, but gave me motion sickness.
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Oh wow! That's definitely unusual! Looking into it a bit more, turns out the Gate Tower Building was the world's only elevated highway interchange that goes into a building. The unusual structure was built because the land owner refused to give up the rights, even though permit to build a highway at that spot was already granted.

Thanks for finding that madmolf!
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Yes, in the linked article, Mike Brown did say that this point of view is most prevalent with people working on the space mission to Pluto, so they're more emotionally invested in this classification.
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Canadians are obviously smart :) Supposedly Canada and Germany built very thick roads with solid foundation - at a huge upfront cost, but little maintenance afterwards. The USA went the other way, with thinner but cheaper roads.

A big culprit is actually the number of heavy trucks that go on our roads. Much more than in Canada, I assume.
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